Trayvon Martin’s Case: Zimmerman–Verdict is Not guilty; More about Race or the Law?

14 Jul




Child victim?

Child victim?

This is the news that’s been blasting EVERYWHERE. George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin, a teen boy who was found dead with a pack of skittles on his person, has been ruled not guilty of murder or manslaughter. Evidence supported Zimmerman, no evidence supported Martin. To add, he’s not alive to defend himself.

Many people are blaming the prosecution for lack of evidence and not creating that scenario that could convince the jury. Prosecution was focused too heavily on pulling the “heartstrings” rather than bringing the facts and focusing on how Martin was stalked, or instead focusing on him feeling threatened, and therefore acting in self-defense himself. none of that was brought to the table. They were focused on him being a “child”. And yet, when photos were released with Martin with guns and drugs, and when it was revealed that he was the one to use the racist term “cracker”…the feelings of the courtroom was swayed. The Defense had the strongest position. They proved that Martin assaulted Zimmerman violently. The prosecution failed to focus on Martin’s motivation for attacking Zimmerman in the first place, which was indeed “self-defense”. If he felt a man was stalking him, he was protecting himself, right? But as he is not alive to say that, and evidence proved that Martin started the fight, Defense packed the punch. Many are proud that the jury full of women weren’t moved to be so subjective. They weighed the evidence, and saw that objectively, the Prosecution has nothing to go on.

Some people are focusing on the jury. How many black people were on the jury? How many were already biased? We won’t know for certain now. Jury information will not be released so soon, which protects the rights of those individuals.

The real question is, Would things have been different if Zimmerman was Black?

In San Francisco, a peaceful march and protest is taking place, most of it’s participants are black, and it is against the verdict.


Fox News this morning began to attack the Liberal side of thinking, the Democrats, and how they have created a picture of racism in the media, stirring up racial tension, when it didn’t exist, and stirring it up before the case began. They stated that most black people are Democrats and are more moral than factual. Fox News also attacked Al Sharptan for being active throughout all this, encouraging black people to think this was a race issue. They called him a “pimp” getting attention from the media by acting as a modern-day civil rights activist. They feel the “racism” that these activists see is an illusion and it is delusional. They stated that there are more problems within the black community that they should be marching for and yet haven’t tackled, such as black-on-black crime that kills black youth every year. And yet, “let someone of a different race do something, and now it’s a race issue, and should be tackled”. They claim that the protesters can’t admit when a black person is proven wrong. Fox News didn’t believe the case should have even existed. They stated that any strong attorney would never take such a  case because it was a viable self-defense claim. They feel it was not handled abusively. Evidence showed that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman, pounding him into the concrete. The Stand Your Ground law, however, was brought to question, as it is so easy to claim and could have been used by the Prosecution to defend Martin’s case. But sadly, it was not used. Fox News used the O.J. Simpson case as an example of black bias, only it was just the opposite. The courts showed he was guilty plain as day, but since the jury was mostly black, he “got away”. They feel some black people only support black people and not true justice.

Ann Coulter was invited to share her new book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama on Fox News.

Book about how Liberals encourage racial tension long after racism has died down

Book about how Liberals encourage racial tension long after racism has died down

I happened to read the book myself. As the young African American I am, I feel she was pretty bold to speak out on what she felt was unfair. She feels that black people unfairly pull the white card in every situation. I felt hurt that she thinks that the protests are more black than anything, because I know that black people fight for the problems in their own communities, but she spoke some truth. I know by saying this, black people will probably hate me and tell me I’m self-hating. But that is just the problem with black people today. They are ignorant about law, and refuse to see objective truths. They lack insight. They are unreasonable. They believe they are right without doubt because their ancestors were right. Any attack on their way of living is racist. And yet, black people attack other cultures and their way of living on a daily basis. If a black man attacks a white man, it is considered viable by the black community. Black people NEVER give white people the benefit of the doubt. They never side with white people. The problem with black people is justice isn’t BLIND, and it should be. And while, I do feel that justice was not served for Martin truly, I feel that black people should be more objective. Black people must admit that this is more about race than the law. And if black people had taken a more educated, logical perspective, and less emotional, maybe the prosecution would’ve used a different approach that could have held Zimmerman responsible for something. Black people want to riot immediately against something they have jumped to conclusions about anyway. Media has egged it on. People are waiting for a riot. They are waiting to blame someone. But maybe the problem is in how we raise our children. Martin was seen with guns and drugs. Do we raise our children to be violent? If the boy had been clean-cut, would it make the difference? If Zimmerman was truly racist, wouldn’t he have targeted more than one black person throughout? Would he have been equally suspicious if a white boy with a hoodie was walking in the neighborhood?

Fox News last night was taking a different tone than this morning. Last night, they were more supportive of more justice being served, and they blamed prosecution. After rioters acted in aggression, the same aggression that killed Martin, Fox swerved in the opposite direction. Rioters have been setting small fires and busting out windows. Isn’t that behavior the exact thing that haunts the black race? African Americans of old never harmed other beings to get their point across, and were way more effective. The rioters compare this to Emmett Till. The difference is Till never acted in violence like Martin did.

In conclusion, the one thing I agree is that media has hyped this to be about race. But, regardless if it’s racial profiling, Zimmerman’s verdict? I don’t feel it was right. That brings me to my next part. I also feel many NAACP members focus less on improving communities and come to view only when they feel racism is an issue, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a real issue.


CNN has been taking a different approach than Fox News. They felt that Zimmerman should have gone down for something. While he did defend himself, he killed a MINOR. This is where I feel that the Justice system never produces enough justice. The morale of this is questioned. No one asked, Why was Zimmerman carrying a gun in the first place?  Couldn’t it have been solved another way? You’re a big muscular dude, and a skinny little 17 year old boy was a threat to you? While this wasn’t factual, I think it was an issue cleverly disguised by someone who used the law to support himself. Was there no way to reason or talk with the boy? Was there really no way to run? And maybe Zimmerman wouldn’t have been attacked if he were not stalking the boy. Did they think about that? While I do think Martin could’ve handled the situation differently, he was a minor, immature, and lacked wisdom. Zimmerman is the adult. Couldn’t he have used a gun as a last resort and in a less deadly way? Zimmerman began by lying about what happened. And while I don’t think his profiling is racial, I think he was profiling a young male with a hoodie.

CNN set up their own jury. Most felt that enough justice was not served and blamed the Prosecution for not focusing on the real issue. Is it okay to kill a minor? Also, is the defense system so loose that anyone could claim self-defense, and yet, be committing acts of murder? Should laws be stronger in that regard? Gun laws also become another debate, as well as the Right wing vs left Wing debate.

The major question is where is Martin’s justice and would the verdict had been different if Martin had lived? He would be around to defend himself, and he would be the ultimate link. Without him, the case is automatically put in the living’s hands. The evidence is perfectly placed in his favor from his perspective, and the justice system only produces the facts, not possibilities. This is why so many people don’t trust the justice system. It doesn’t always support the dead, and can support the killer.

However, even if Zimmerman is proven “not guilty”, he isn’t innocent. He has to live with the animosity of the people left behind. He will never be able to return to a normal life. His life could be threatened. He has blood on his hands. He took a life. He may not be behind bars, but he will be a prisoner in his own community. He will never be trusted, and he will always feel guilty. People will never let him forget this.

So are there truly any winners? I think not.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the Martin vs. Zimmerman case!


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