MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013!

26 Aug


Watched the VMAs for the first time in a LONG time. Music is finally having a turn-up in many ways. There are people who actually can SING, though there a couple of “Oops” in the music industry. I’m sure some of you watched it, so I’m not going to go over every little moment that was covered.

But I do want to highlight some points on the VMAs that stood out to me.

Boy Bands Are Taking Over

Nsync Returns at the VMAs?!

Nsync Returns at the VMAs?!

1)The return of Nsync?! WHAT? That was really one of the main highlights of the VMAs. A complete and utter shock that I didn’t expect, but was completely glad I caught. It’s ironic to see them considering how many boy pop artists that keep popping up out of nowhere…not just in this country but in others, like Korea…

2)Too much One Direction-ness. They must have put that camera on them a thousand times. Couldn’t believe they actually won a VMA for the song “Best Song Ever”. Really creative…I think the crowd thought so too. They were the only ones apparently booed.

3)  Austin Mawho? Another Justin Beiber? Oh wait…he’s not a boy band. But he might as well be.

The Only Winner of Color

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars was literally the only person of color that WON a VMA…

Something is really wrong with that. I would pull the race card, but when I looked at some of the black artists, I understood why. 2Chainz sucks. He’s not talented. Where are all the talented black people? The ones that actually don’t use autotune and write meaningful lyrics instead of utter crap? Rihanna and Bruno Mars were the only talented ones nominated. At least, Rihanna’s song was meaningful.


I always look at Brooklyn as a place for the underdogs. To have the VMAs there just shows how far VMAs have come. It doesn’t matter where you come from, music is universal, ya know? Or should be…

Movie Trailers

The Divergent: Another Hunger Games feeling or Seems unique? I’m getting tired of the Teeny bopper movies directed to a female tween audience…to add the number of apocalyptic themes. But I am excited about Shailene Woodley. She played Felicity, the American Girl doll.

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus


Nuff Said.

Miley Cyrus Twerking (I still call it Juking) Robin Thicke? Ewwww. It was awkward! But oddly entertaining and unforgettable. Kept thinking, “Is she drunk?” But here’s the deal:

After reading most of the comments. Most people complain how “there were children in the audience” and how bad Miley is an influence on their children. Most people also mentioned how Miley is growing up, and some people are saying that that’s not growing up, it’s slutty and trashy.

To me, I feel last night’s VMAs weren’t appropriate for children in ANY way, not just from Miley’s perspective, but Lady Gaga’s, Bruno Mars’s song, and all the profanity that took place. People are tripping about morality when it comes to slutty dancing from Miley, what about Lady gaga? What about all the cursing that took place in front of young children. Do people know what Bruno Mars’s song means? Many of the comments here are offensive and vulgar and lack morality. People have double standards. Twerking is bad, but profanity is good and a way of expressing oneself? Some people were even tripping over the gay talk, if they were anti-gay and their “morals” told otherwise.The VMAs overall was overblown, but guess what? 10 million people watched it last night, and everyone got paid. People may complain about it, but guess what? It’s making Miley Cyrus the most talked about celebrity last night. Negative comments give just as much as positive. If Miley hadn’t done anything, or Gaga, most people would’ve said “It was boring, same ol, same ol VMAs.” There has to be someone with all the “personality”. After all, Miley isn’t a singer, she’s an entertainer. She gave us a few laughs and made us forget about our own problems for a few minutes…and now we’re thinking about hers.

All singers influence our children. Miley isn’t the only one. Gaga too. Do you want your kids to walk out like her? And with all the cursing, you want them to come out saying those words? Miley’s taking the weight for risque dancing when I think the whole show was classless and tasteless, and it just reflects what people want to see because 10 million people watched it!

The point of saying Miley Cyrus is growing up, is not to say that growing up requires that, but that plenty of grown people do stuff like that everyday, and no one says anything (i.e. Madonna, Lady gaga, Katy Perry). People go around saying those people are “awesome”. And yet, Miley, who was probably inspired by them, gets out there, and it’s an issue. Remember when Britney kissed Madonna a couple of years ago? It was considered inappropriate. Now, it’s praised as a way of embracing sexuality. Britney got more crap than Madonna did for it. People say it’s trashy to act that way, but there are plenty of trashy artists out here who do stuff like that and make millions.

Porn stars, pole dancer, and playboy supports this. They think this is ok, which is why many try to imitate it. It’s what they call “art” and “self-expression”. Miley is grown, meaning she’s expressing her wild self. The self she wanted to be, more like Gaga and Katy and kesha.

Overall, i agree emphasis is on fashion, wild music videos, wild performances, and less on talent. Miley Cyrus isn’t very talented, just rich. She wasn’t even a good actress. But I guess she has to do something to make a living, and with all that personality and need for attention, why not act stupid?

Many people were pointing out the SMITHS’ Reaction to Miley, what about the OTHER reactions?

2) Lady Gaga doing her wig thing..

3) Katy Perry took a step back from the traditional female pop star look in her performance, and went for something more…comfortable this year.

Mackelmore, Mary Lambert, Jennifer Hudson

Gave a beautiful performance! I really felt that they were truly connected and probably one of the most talented performances of the night!


I really enjoyed Ariana Grande’s performance along the red carpet! Truly a talent that was under-rated and downplayed. I wish more emphasis was put on the red carpet.

The only thing that really annoyed me was all the State Farm promotion…just reminding me to pay my car insurance bill…

So that’s my spin on the VMAs. Feel free to share yours!


One Response to “MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013!”

  1. Soragirl6 2013/08/31 at 14:45 #

    I agree that people are so busy saying Miley was a bad influence. But all the VMAs was not appropriate for kids. Gorilla by Bruno Mars? The whole song is about sex! Lady Gaga did almost the same thing as Miley. The only sad thing with Miley is she didn’t really do anything a five year old couldn’t have done…lol She seemed to put absolutely no effort in her performance. And Kevin Hart, was so not necessary to put in the show. The only reserved performance was Macklemoore. Katy Perry did do something different than normal. Justin Timberlake’s was the best, but thats too be expected.

    And I did notice that many white people were getting nominated for “black” type of genres, but very few black people won or were nominated.


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