Hasbro’s Magic Jinn Toy

30 Aug

Magic Jinn toy boasts telling the future.

Magic Jinn toy boasts telling the future.

I recently saw the commercial for Hasbro’s toy Magic Jinn on Cartoon Network. This toy supposedly can tell you what you’re thinking. The commercial went something like this:

(Enters Creepy tent) “Are you thinking of a reptile?” You say “Yes”. The thing asks, “Does the reptile still exist?” The kid responds, “No.” And then he asks, “Is it a dinosaur?” Kids say, “Yes!”

Basically, these toys can read your mind. There’s some sort of divination involved with this toy. Is it just me, or does this toy seem a bit creepy, especially the voice?

I haven’t personally tried the toy myself to see if the toy is as psychic as it claims to be, but so far the commercial makes me shiver. This toy even has a 3D iphone game that goes along with him! The actual key to this toy is that it’s really a game. He asks questions that you answer, and thus he guesses what’s on your mind from the questions you answer. You have to try and outsmart him so that he doesn’t guess correctly. I’m really wondering how hard it is to outsmart him…from an adult perspective.


The original Arabic word for Genie is “Jinn”. So I’m assuming he’s some spiritual creature toy…even scarier.

As creepy as this toy sounds, I’m itching with curiosity to see if I can outsmart this toy.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the toy. Do you think I should buy and try to outsmart it? Or leave it alone, it seems scary?

And how many of you already have the toy? Let me know more about it!


4 Responses to “Hasbro’s Magic Jinn Toy”

  1. Cynthia 2013/09/18 at 15:42 #

    Hi, I saw the commercial of the magic jinn too, and it looks creepy, I am a religious person and I have some Knowledge about jinns,so my advice is stay away from this kind of toys and people that read minds or the hand, this kind of creepey things, jinns exists and they are not like the genie of the lamp, they are worst, there job is to deceive humanity.


    • generationnext 2013/09/18 at 21:37 #

      That’s what I thought. Completely creepy. I just get the feeling something bad will happen playing with that toy.

      The voice is also really hypnotic…

      I understand freaky Halloween toys are popular now, but this one scares me.


  2. Bonnie 2013/10/24 at 20:25 #

    This toy is just fun!!!. I love the way it talks, very dramatic. I have stumped the Jinn, but it usually gets the right answer. A toy is just a toy.


    • generationnext 2013/10/24 at 20:37 #

      I know it’s just a toy. It’s just creepy. lol It still might be fun, it’s just the commercial makes it a little creepy. Listening to the voice…it just gives me shivers.

      But I’m sure the actual toy sharpens the mind and can be a lot of fun.

      So you stumped the Jin? Please share that story! lol


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