Syrian Civil War-Should the US plunge in?

31 Aug


The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing battle between the Ba’ath government and it’s supporters, and the rebels that want to get rid of the party. It began March 2011, when demonstrators, apart of the Arab Spring, demanded the resignation of Bashar al-Assad and an end to the Ba’ath party rule. Assad’s family has held the presidency since 1971, giving the Ba’ath party reigning power in Syria.

Soldiers fired on the demonstrators across the country, and soon the protesters realized that they had to defend themselves with weapons. Russia and Iran supports the government, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia supports the rebels. As of June, the death toll is 100,000. 1.8 million have fled the nation. Many protesters are imprisoned.

The United States stands on the side of the rebels. While the great majority of Americans believe War with Syria is a bad idea for this country, the USA believes that what the Syrian government did to it’s people is wrong. Anyone who believes in the Constitution believes it’s wrong to kill people who are peacefully demonstrating, and it’s wrong not to hear the voices of the people. The government’s reaction to the crisis was inhumane, and revealed just how much control it has over the people.

The rights of humans in Syria are greatly controlled by the Ba’ath party. They “censor websites, detain bloggers, and impose travel bans”. People have been reported to have been kidnapped and tortured in prisons by the government. There are even laws that discriminate against women and girls. Many children are being raped and killed as a result of a law allowance called “Honor Killing”. The nation is in bankruptcy due to funds being misappropriated.

While none of this is right, from a global human perspective, and I feel sympathy and compassion for those people, and it’s apparent our president does too, the USA is barely healing from the traumatic events of 9/11. The war in Iraq left many scars, and our economy isn’t strong, though it’s getting there. This country can’t afford to go to war in another country. People can barely find jobs. The fear is that this country will focus on the problems of other countries so much that the problems in this country will get ignored. The fear is it will put the USA in further debt, and instead of helping us recover, it will destroy the nation’s economy. One of the main problems with the USA is their habit of trying to “police” other nations. The USA always wants to butt their noses in things they have little knowledge about.

To add, if we do decide to intervene, we might make the situation worse and more violent. Anti-American ideas are common in such nations as Syria, and we’d be putting our military right in the middle of the violence. Many Syrians are beginning to hate both the rebels and the government because both groups are bringing violence into peaceful neighborhoods. So helping either side could just worsen the situation, and cause more violence in peaceful neighborhoods.

But those Syrian rebels need all the help they can get, truly. Who else will be in their corner? All of the money and armed forces are in the Syrian government’s hand, and unless we step in, the government will win, and those people will never be free. We all live on this Earth, and we do have a duty to help our fellow humans, as well as protect their human rights.

But would war really solve Earth’s problems, or increase them? War could mean more lives will be gone, more nations will be in debt, and possibly World War III. And who’s to say once we help the Syrians, they won’t take those weapons and eventually use it on us? We really don’t know who’s the good guy or the bad guy, and the rebels have been known to be just as responsible for the deaths of civilians as the government, such as the Hama Massacre. Then again, none of this would’ve happened if the government didn’t open fire on it’s own people.

So Let me know what you all think? Should we help the Syrian rebels fight the injustice in their nation? Or should we mind our own business and tend to our own problems? I hope one day all Arab nations find peace with one another. But I think the US should just sit back and wait for the UN or some other nations to step in.


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