Young Black Male Hangs Confederate Flag in Dorm Room

14 Nov

The world was going crazy about this young black male who decided to hang a confederate flag in his dorm. Initially the boy had it in the window. The school had him take it down, claiming that it would send a “racist” message to others and that it was inappropriate. The boy defended his rights by stating that for him it wasn’t a symbol of racism but of southern pride. He didn’t see the flag as something offensive. I know it’s late for me to post this, but I just felt the need to write about this.

The young male actually is not only valid in his opinions, but he has many logical reasons why it shouldn’t be a problem for him to hang it.

I am going to outline the points I feel defend his rights, and then further talk about it.

1. The Confederate flag wasn’t the only flag that supported racism or slavery. The United states flag supported racism and slavery as well as other flags of different nations.

2. The Confederate flag was designed not to fight against slavery, but to protect freedom to secede from the state if one chooses.

3. Hanging a flag with a negative reputation is a symbol of neutrality, puts an end to TRUE racism between both blacks and whites, and dissolves barriers between the two ethnicity groups.

4. What do we call white Africans born in Africa who migrate to America?

5. Wealthy black people in the South had slaves, and many supported slavery because they were getting rich off of the slave trade as well.

6. Black people have adopted way more offensive things from slavery that they have turned into something positive. Why make a big deal about this?

Confederate Flag-a Symbol of Racism?

The Confederate flag for many black people remind them of the Klu Klux Klan or another pro-racist affiliation. While those people apart of that group have put a negative stamp on the flag, it meant so much more to people of the South during the actual Civil war. In fact, most of the people who fought in the Civil War were poor farmers who didn’t even OWN slaves.

I also feel racism existed under many flags flown all over the world. The Turkish flag, the United States flag we know today, the Grecian flag, and others. I feel the flag is what you make of it, but if a person’s intentions is to embrace history and southern pride, especially a non-bitter African American, why is it so offensive?

It’s almost as if people want black people to hate white people and to blame ALL southerners for their enslavement. Would it also do good to hate the African flag, the same flag under which many other blacks sold other Africans TO Americans in the first place?

Why can’t others see this as a way for him to break the barrier that divides African Americans and Caucasians? He’s waving a flag of neutrality, not defeat or self-hate. He loves the south and where he comes from. What’s wrong with that?

To add, why would a school, especially a school that teaches history and government, block his right to fly whatever flag he wants to, especially if he isn’t harming anyone? So if I were a teacher giving a demonstration about the Confederates, would I get in trouble for bringing the flag as a model?

Maybe Americans see this flag as a threat. It is true that the flag promoted the separation of the South and North. Maybe they see it as a symbol of the separation of the USA?

Some Blacks Proudly flew the Confederate Flag

While most people only know the surface scope of black people in the south, many aren’t aware of what was lying underneath. Yes, many Africans came to America as slaves. But there were many that came as pioneers, and there were many blacks that OWNED and BENEFITED from slaves. This was especially obvious in the city of New Orleans. Many African Americans had different kinds of rights there. Many were wealthy, owned businesses, and could afford large plantations. Who do you think ran those plantations? Other slaves. Where do you think they bought the slaves from? Africa. And those same black people were also strongly Confederate during the Civil War. Not because somebody forced them to be. But because slavery was a lucrative business in those days, and they were used to their comfortable lives. Some blacks were proud of their Southern heritage, especially if they were wealthy.

Don’t believe the down-play. There were African American slave owners that whipped their slaves and sold them too. Of course, African Americans were never treated equal to whites, no matter how rich they were. But that was certain throughout the whole nation, not just the South. So what’s the difference if I’m flying our regular American flag instead?

Adopting More Offensive Habits

While so many black people want to trip on this young man, there are many black people today who have adopted even more offensive slave habits. One of those habits start with calling each other “niggas”. Another such habit is the lack of enthusiasm when you mention the word “read” and “school”. Black children still like to sit at the back of the bus, even though they don’t have to. So while this educated and positive young man is hanging one confederate flag, that can represent anything, the same people responding can’t read or spell. And throughout their comments, they excessively used the word “nigga”. But black people today will argue that they made the word more “positive”. Why can’t this man make this flag more positive? Both are symbolic of racism. I don’t see the difference.

We even adopted some habits that are considered “positive”, like Christianity.

I personally feel that other African Americans can learn from this young man. They need to learn to melt the bitterness in their hearts. They need to examine themselves, and remember what slave “habits” they’ve carried on.

Check out the video:

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