Bye Bye Bratz dolls, See you in the Summer of 2015!

18 Jan

MGA just announced that as of January 2014, Bratz will be going on hiatus for the whole year in the USA so they can “re-build” the brand. Any other dolls made this year will be international exclusives. So that means that every country but the USA will have Bratz dolls on the shelves. That explains the lack of promotion and dolls on the shelves. I went into my local Target and didn’t see hardly any Bratz dolls on the shelves…If your shelves have been looking the same, it’s for this reason. I know a lot of kids aren’t even into the Bratz anymore, so I think that’s part of the reason the dolls aren’t on the shelves. BUT it’s also good to know that something progressive is being done about it.

Since the Bratz re-launch in 2010, Bratz haven’t been exactly what fans have been seeking in a re-launch. When Bratz were released in 2001, they had an extremely edgy, urban appeal. They were truly fashionable. They were diverse, the quality was impeccable, the detail was taken into account, and they appealed to a wider audience. Bratz dolls were the only dolls I wasn’t embarrassed to own as a tween. Teens in my high school owned Bratz dolls. Even boys thought the Bratz were cool. In 2005, the Bratz moved away from being urban to pushing further along the edge with lines like Pretty N Punk, Tokyo-ago-go, Midnight Dance, and Bratz Dynamite. Bratz wore fashions that made children feel more grown-up, and I admit, made parents a little uncomfortable at the influence these dolls had on their children.

Then MGA had the stupid idea to suddenly file a lawsuit on Mattel because they felt that the Myscene line was basically stealing their idea. Then Mattel fought back by stating that the Bratz designer was still an employee with Mattel when he gave the idea to MGA, which according to contract, meant that Mattel truly owned the rights to the Bratz dolls. At first, Mattel won, and the reward was that all Bratz dolls should be removed from shelves. MGA filed an appeal, and they won. So, Bratz came back on shelves. However, while they were gone, Mattel had already made plans to take their hold on the doll market.

The Bratz were released again in 2010, promising a new look. But that “look” was less interesting. Many of the clothes were recycled from MGA’s Moxie Girlz line, and some were just poor quality. Not to mention, they were hardly anything like the artwork. The prototypes were often better than the final product (Star Stylez is a good example). The Bratz instead took a more modest turn to their look. Almost every outfit with a skirt had “safe” leggings. I believe their intention was to appeal to parents, but they quickly discovered that parents don’t matter. Parents will usually buy anything their children like. The children are the ones who have to play with these dolls at the end of the day. And the children like Mattel’s answer: Monster High and Ever After High. Though, admittedly, Monster High’s sales have also been suffering compared to its release. The latest trend has been “fairy tales”. Disney has really been taking the market, along with technology, particularly the I-pad and other tablets. Among all this competition, Bratz in the last couple of years have been just like any other fair-weather doll line, like Liv and Mystikats.

MGA really screwed up when they decided to create Bratzillaz, four teen witches. Seriously? Who wouldn’t see them as copy-cats of Monster High? It was obvious they were desperate. It made Monster High more popular.

But MGA is used to set-backs. It’s not easy being competition to a multi-billion dollar company like Mattel. Mattel owned Disney toys in the past, American Girl, Hot Wheels, some Lego products, man, just about every big toy you can think of, their hands are dipping in the profits. MGA had the same problem with their initial launch May 2001. The Bratz didn’t become successful until Christmas 2001. Yet, they never gave up. I have confidence that MGA will come back on fire. There is one thing that I like about MGA that most doll companies lack: They always listen to their fans. Back in 2003, when Bratz came out with their first single, “Show Me What You Got” in Japan, I emailed MGA and asked if the Bratz would come out with an album in the USA. Two years later, they released Bratz Rock Angelz. I even asked for Tokyo dolls, and that came out too! They always gave me everything I asked for, and I was just 11, 12, and 13 years old! This is what made me love the Bratz so much. The company treated me like my opinions mattered, like I was a valuable customer, and I was just a kid! They always answered every email personally. Of course, they were a much smaller company then. But at the time, that was important to me. It’s what made me so excited about the future of Bratz and helped me support them. Even though I knew I was just one voice, that made me feel like they considered my ideas. I felt like I’d made a difference. Even now, MGA isn’t the kind of company to ignore it’s fans. They realize that they are not up to par.

Fellow blogger Bratz Boulevard posted this quote:

So, here’s the deal with Bratz. We finally got the go-ahead to give it the time and backing to make it awesome. We want to really dig in to the direction of Bratz, what makes the brand awesome, and bring that back full force! In order to do that, and to have the epic come back that the brand really deserves, we are taking a year off. We are giving ourselves and the buyers a chance to cleanse palates of expectations so we can come back in 2015 and deliver something cutting edge, disruptive and awesome.

Again, they heard the complaints. The Bratz need to disrupt the “peace”. All of the dolls are safe, it’s time to make an impact. The Bratz have the potential to do this.

Bratz are expected to come back around July of 2015.

A fan on facebook made this statement:

MGAE is currently overhauling the Bratz line, in preparation for their return starting July 2015…Toys R Us is predicted to be the first store to get the brand new dolls (as most of the Toys R Us stores we visited have emptied them out and MGAE has NO Bratz in their Redlands, CA DC at all). You should start seeing prototypes of the new dolls around May or June of this year…

I have one gripe. In the same breath that the company expresses their concern for the brand, they begin to file ANOTHER lawsuit against Mattel. This time, it’s for espionage. In other words, they believe Mattel employees have been SPYING on them. Here are the claims according to ABC News:

1. Mattel’s “Market Intelligence Department”

MGA alleges Mattel’s Market Intelligence Department “willfully and deliberately misrepresented themselves to gain entry into the private showrooms of Mattel’s competitors,” including MGA, at numerous trade shows. The showrooms are off-limits to competitors, the suit states. MGA alleges Mattel’s supervisors and senior executives provided training and financial support for this spying.

2. Fake business cards from Kinko’s

In its lawsuit, MGA accuses Mattel employees of going to Kinkos and printing fake business cards, “and had Mattel accounting create mocked-up invoices, so they could flash ‘evidence’ of their fictional business cards and lie their way into the private showrooms of competitors.”

3. Illegal video tapes

Mattel is accused of buying small video recorders, “paid for by Mattel,” and bringing these cameras to photograph and videotape what they saw in those private showrooms, the lawsuit states.

4. Rewarding employees for stealing secrets

MGA alleges Mattel employees stole “confidential competitive information – including price lists, advertising plans, and unreleased product attributes,” according to the lawsuit. It also claims the company rewarded the employees who swiped the information.

5. “How to steal” manual

MGA alleges that Mattel provides “express instructions” in an 11-page “how to steal” manual created by Mattel executives. It states that the manual taught “Mattel’s corporate spies on the most effective means to steal their competitors’ trade secrets.”

The court filing states that federal litigation between the two companies has spanned nine years, “racked up” more than 10,000 separate docket entries, involved two multi-month jury trials and 11.5 million pages and 400 depositions taken during discovery.

Whether any of this is true, I don’t believe this is the time for MGA to be getting into ANOTHER tangle with Mattel. To me, it’s a cheap way for them to pin down competition while they re-build the brand. I understand they are angry that Mattel ripped their brand to shreds in the last couple of years, but I don’t think it’s right for MGA to try to do the same. It leaves a sour message.

While these cheap dirty tricks seem very Mattel-like (I mean, Mattel was able to buy out American Girl brand and many other brands, as well as harass some of their competition in the past), that’s even more of a reason for MGA to fight Mattel the fair way. If MGA is really afraid of spies, get tighter security.

As I said once before, I think it’s smart for MGA to get a new team. Honestly, I do believe Carter Bryant was the genius behind the brand. But they can find someone to replace him. I have some ideas of my own for the 2015 release, but I’m not quite sure if a re-release is even going to happen. 2015 isn’t here yet, and sometimes, when you step out of the scene, it’s hard to come back at all. But we’ll see. At least when they try to come back, they will be working hard to make it strong. MGA admitted that they rushed the release of Bratz because they were eager to get Bratz back on shelves. Well, it kind of showed. To add, this is a new generation. They have to keep that in mind. These kids don’t remember the Bratz. They have to re-appeal to them.

Let me get on with some of my ideas:

1. Visual Movie or Webisode Promotion

Yes, this will cost money, I know. But if you observe the toys that are selling right now, they all have movies or webisodes to promote them. All of the Disney Princesses, as well as Sophia the First and McStuffins, are the most popular toys! The Disney isle is huge in every store I go into. Movies even contribute to American Girl’s success in the last couple of years. Bratz need a visual complement to the dolls. They need a “story” that children can be entertained by and something they can re-imagine in their playtime. Children aren’t quite as creative as children in the past were, where imagination wasn’t “handed” to them. MGA has to consider that. I suggest movie promotion instead of webisodes to avoid being compared to it’s competitor, Monster High.

2. Artwork that matches the line

This is very important. Please don’t mislead fans with false advertising. When we see artwork that looks cool, we expect the dolls to look just like the artwork. The artwork has been beautiful, but the dolls don’t match, which makes us all lose faith in the art. We’re not buying art, we’re buying dolls.

3. Check the Underground

Stop checking the runways. Start checking underground club fashions, and sub-culture looks, like Scene or Emo styles.

4. Focus on Quality

We don’t care about deadlines. It doesn’t matter how many dolls you produce. What matters is the quality of the dolls. We want to see quality. We want fabric that feels real, hair that is manageable, and detail. We don’t want PAINTED ON LEGGINGS. Come on MGA, you have to admit that was low in Star Stylez. That line had a lot of potential. But you just had to paint Cloe’s legs…

Also, don’t cheapen the brand by putting Moxie Girlz outfits on the Bratz. It was my biggest issue with Bratz Party Cloe and in Project Bratz. Please, think of something different…It’s just a lack of creativity when you recycle clothes like that. And they’re always picking on Cloe! Don’t do that to her!

5. Get a Male Designer

No offense, but males are edgier. Females are too concerned about the latest fashions, and how positive of an influence the dolls are, and how cute, and yada yada…Get a male designer. They always do the best job.

Well, I guess I’ll be seeing the Bratz either on ebay or next year. I’m a bit caught. I’m excited about 2015, which is 11 whole months from now, but I’m a little shaky. The Bratz being gone a whole year seems like a long time away from retailers. I hope I’m around to see these dolls. A lot can happen in a year!

I’m also shaky because of this court case. If this little plan of theirs backfires, they’ll be paying damages dearly, which means less money to the Bratz brand. And Mattel may fire back. MGA is going lawsuit-crazy. They need to just calm down and focus on making their brand stronger. Mattel is secure. They have many brands to work with. MGA needs to focus it’s head and let Mattel rot in it’s own negativity. If Mattel really is this rotten, they won’t get away with it long. If MGA gets better security, they can avoid further issues. But please, enough with the lawsuits.

Leave me a comment and let me know some ideas you have for Bratz 2015! Tell me what you think about MGA’s “break”. Do you think it has to do with the dolls or the new lawsuit? Or maybe both?

Maybe I should be careful posting my suggestions…Mattel could be listening RIGHT NOW…I can say this: When I talked to Bratz on FB, they really liked my ideas! YAY!


Bratz 2001

Bratz 2003

Bratz 2005


25 Responses to “Bye Bye Bratz dolls, See you in the Summer of 2015!”

  1. Gemma A 2014/01/18 at 12:56 #

    I think it is good they are having a break and another re-launch. I hope they come back wearing some alternative fashions like you said drawing from different underground subcultures. I would like to see Emo, Lolita and Cyber Goth fashions on the dolls.

    I also hope they re-work the dolls a bit giving them extra articulation and better quality hair. I would personally like to see the glass eyes Bratzillaz have on the Bratz dolls too.

    I think the break is a good thing, and I am looking forward to what MGA come up with. However they cannot afford to mess up this relaunch again.


    • generationnext 2014/01/18 at 19:25 #

      I think glass eyes would be a great idea. I’m personally satisfied with the articulation, but I hear a huge number of fans who aren’t.

      I would like Emo, Lolita, Cyber Goth, and androgynous, Steampunk even. Just something edgy that screams Bratz to me! Hopefully, this whole year they will be drawing inspiration from fans. I suggest they do drawing contests so that fans can send in ideas to MGA. They can make inspiration boards based on their studies and these fan ideas.

      I’m a little sketchy about the re-launch, but we’ll see what happens.


  2. Sylver 2014/07/08 at 14:11 #

    Hi there!

    First of all I want to start off by saying that I agree with this article. It’s very well written and it brings up some good points.

    To be honest what I’d like to see (which is unlikely to happen though) is Bratz dolls return to their old molds (before 2010). This for both girls and boys. In my perspective they had way hotter bodies before and I was disappointed when they lost that appeal. There are enough baby dolls out there with flat chest and wide bellies and no muscle definition for the boys (the Moxie Line, yes, we already have one, thank you very much, we don’t need Bratz turning into Moxiez). I know it’s targeted at little girls (yadda, yadda, yadda), but even so, I do believe even little girls would find the sexier version more appealing. Because at the end of the day, parents buy these toys because children want them and not vice versa.

    What initially drew me in to purchasing these dolls (emphasize on the word PURCHASE = money for MGA E.) was the feeling that I would have loved to wear most of their outfits. How many people can say they’d feel comfortable wearing a glittery dress with polka dots (or whatever the Bratz have been wearing since 2010)?

    Also another complaint which I’ve been hearing from countless other collectors as well is the very bad and cheap quality (in the hair, in the plastic of their bodies, in their clothes). The hair feels rough (not silky and smooth like it used to feel), the plastic used for their bodies feels like the one from cheap knock-offs (it used to be really nice and shiny) and the clothes… Lack of detail, hardly any lines (collections) with more than one outfit nowadays (they used to come with 2 outfits – mix ‘n’ match right? Who doesn’t love that?).

    I’ve always emphasized on this next point and now is just as good of a time as ever: We need more Bratz Boyz. Only 2 to 5 Bratz Boyz a year are not nearly enough, not to mention that last year (in 2013) there were none. In 2004 there were 28 Bratz Boyz! If they could do it once, it means it’s definitely possible. Even if we assume they’re not sold as well, they could still double the amount and make at least 10 per year (how hard can it be?). There are so many arguments in favor of more Boyz. They could make so many things and come up with so many styles. Think about it: Up until 2011, they didn’t even make a red-haired Bratz Boy (excluding Harvey which is a baby).

    These being said, I really do hope they will make a great and somewhat miraculous comeback in 2015. This brand is the one I grew up with and the only line of Dolls which I’ve actually started collecting insanely (over 300 Bratz dolls all produced before 2010). Of other types of dolls I only have maybe 2 or 5. Before Bratz I never even imagined I could like dolls mostly because they were all so girly and pink and utterly useless.

    I know the Bratz line has a considerable amount of fans, each with their own likes and dislikes and obviously I don’t expect MGA E. to tailor these dolls according to my preferences, but darn it, wouldn’t it be nice to have the old style of Bratz dolls back to their former glory?

    Thanks for reading,


    • generationnext 2014/07/08 at 14:17 #

      You make a good point about how many outfits come in one package. And the lack of accessories, too!

      The Boyz get pushed aside all the time. They were actually fashionable unlike most male dolls.

      The articulation of the bodies, the quality, and the lack of detail in clothing is a main concern for many Bratz fans, including myself.

      Thanks for your insightful post.


  3. joy 2014/07/19 at 18:32 #

    I love the bratz till the end! The thing they really need to do is bring back the bratz series and your ideas are perfect I really hope they see them


    • generationnext 2014/07/20 at 03:13 #

      Thank you. I miss the series!

      I’m a Bratz fan heart and soul as well. Bratz thumbs me up sometimes when I post my ideas on facebook, so I think they are thinking about what I’m saying. They really do listen to their fans.


      • joy 2014/09/28 at 18:58 #

        Have you ever tried working for mga! They could really use you


      • generationnext 2014/09/28 at 21:48 #

        I might think about it in the future. lol :)


  4. Crystal Rubley 2014/08/29 at 17:16 #

    I’m OK with the break as long as the Bratz do come back as a teenager and adult its the one toy that I have every liked the most and would collect I even loved Lil bratz because they were small and fun yo play with.I wish they had these bratz when I was a little girl and now that I have my own daughter I want the get her into them…basically its my excuse to play with them lol…but I even more enjoyed the cartoon shows and movies and always watched them and in still do so I hope that you will bring that back too. I loved bratz dolls and always have and was sad to see them go, and I like them so much better than monster high or my scene or most Barbie’s.I love the way the dolls look and all there different fashions…I never had a problem with these dolls I wish I could afford them all, the only thing I didn’t like was when I didn’t see the Lil bratz on the shelves anymore….I would love if your company brought all this stuff back…..thank you from a huge bratz fan and maybe Disney would even work with your company and have a doll for every Disney princess now that would be awesome….


    • generationnext 2014/08/29 at 22:11 #

      I also hope that Bratz brings back Lil Bratz or Bratz Kidz. I think you can tell them your ideas through email or fb. They really listened to my ideas. They responded and gave me a “Like”. I’m sure they will listen to you, too.

      I’m sure they will come back teenagers. They have to appeal to a new generation of tweens, of course.

      I really hope they don’t blend with the Disney Princesses as they are entirely too girlish and pastel-like. I think that was the problem with the Bratz before: they were too safe and entirely too girlish. They lost all of their individuality and quality. But if MGA makes a separate line of Disney dolls, that would be cool. :)

      Thanks for your comment. Comments are always welcome. :)


    • Logical 2015/04/02 at 15:33 #

      I agree with bringing back Bratz Kidz and even possibly Bratz Babyz. I liked the teen Bratz, but when i got tired of them, i used to play with my Bratz Kidz or Bratz Babyz. I hope Bratz come back with the same style and edge as they used to have before 2010. And i would also like if they had the same box art from 2001 along with the free poster and/or charm. I believe this is what really captured the attention from then. The free, collectible charm, and a free poster. That’s what got my attention aside from the doll and clothes and accessories.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. jessmaio 2014/09/25 at 09:47 #

    I was a huge bratz fan when I was younger, and there was something so special about the brand that excited me every time they released something new. After 2010 the bratz lost their special touch.
    I used to love watching the bratz series and movies the most, because I connected with their characters really well and saw them in my dolls. I think if MGA decided to create a new bratz movie (with the same bratz personalities and concept, they were awesome), then kids will be more intrigued. Bratz Rock Angels was what made me obsessed with bratz for many years, so why couldn’t a new movie draw attention to new kids as well? But I would be pretty disappointed if the characters and concept is much different, I loved the ‘real life’ teen situations, fashion, burdene and the tweevels and bratz magazine. They all need to come back!
    As for the dolls, releasing a line that corresponds with a new movie would be a successful move, e.g The bratz genie magic dolls had beautiful costumes and had bohemian impressions which really matched the movie and looked magical. So something different, unique, and funky is what I would like to see on the shelves. Maybe a 90s inspired line – or even reimagining the 2001 bratz dolls with an urban look!


    • generationnext 2014/09/25 at 18:21 #

      I think a new urban line would be awesome. I gave them a couple of other ideas that the MGA seemed impressed with.

      I think they will bring back all of the same characters. Honestly, in 2008 and 2009 they were ordered to remove the Bratz from the shelves. 2010 They came back, but not as fierce, to add, there was some competition by then. But they’ve had the tweevils and the usual for years since they were re-released. They are going on a break, but I doubt they are completely transforming the line. I believe they are just making improvements. But we won’t know until 2015.

      Thanks for commenting. :)


    • kimberly burks 2015/04/04 at 07:52 #

      well said Jessmaio. their look was beautiful. my daughter loved them and we tried to find some last Christmas but nothing and now i know why. can’t wait to see them.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Shemiah Timmons 2014/11/23 at 11:16 #

    They should have some up to date clothes on maybe give some of the twins some time to shine and of course the main dollz new heels


    • generationnext 2014/11/23 at 12:41 #

      They always make new twin dolls, it’s just Roxxi and Phoebe are the most popular. And yes, the dolls definitely need some new heels. They all seem recycled lately…

      Thanks for commenting. :)


  7. Mikaela 2014/11/30 at 02:48 #

    I was really excited when the Bratz came back in 2010 but when I got Cloe out of the box I wasnt happy I was really disappointed I didnt like the new body mold. I also miss how the dolls would come with an extra outfit and shoes. I dont think parents would mind if the Bratz came back a little more sexy the way kids dress today I dont would be a problem I have loved bratz since 2003 now im 16 I would like if they had a Hipster line or like Indie, urban. The 2010 bratz were basically moxie girls just different face


    • generationnext 2014/11/30 at 10:05 #

      Agreed. They were the Moxie Girlz done all over again. I also hated the new articulation, the new bodies. They cheated us with outfits and accessories. It definitely wasn’t worth the prices they are charging (sometimes 16.00 US dollars or more!).

      They recognized they needed to improve some things, and so we only have one month until 2015! Stay tuned for more info.

      Thanks for commenting. :)


      • Logical 2015/04/02 at 15:56 #

        I agree. The original price of Bratz dolls back in 2002 when they were first created was 10.00 to 15.00. It was a really cheap price, considering how many outfits and accessories came with the doll. The play sets that came with the doll back then ( The Stylin’ Hair Salon or The Stylin’ Salon N’ Spa w/ Dana for example) were only 20.00 bucks or less. The price was cheaper, and it all came with an abundance of accessories plus a free doll. The Stylin’ Salon N’ Spa from 2011 had no detail whatsoever and had very few accessories yet people had to pay so much and there wasn’t even a free doll. Even though i’m posting this comment and its April of 2015, i really hope the comeback in July will come with a bang. Because after their comeback from 2010, they’ll need it.

        I really hope they have more accessories and play sets like the Stylin Hair Salon and the Stylin Salon N Spa in the future! I also hope they come back with the same bodies, faces, and box art from before 2010 and maybe even before 2005 :3


      • generationnext 2015/04/08 at 22:26 #

        Tell me about it! Prices were ridiculous for playsets. I hope they return to even the Formal Funk and Funk N glow days.


  8. martin 2014/12/03 at 17:49 #

    This article was so fun to read its amazing and you definitely know about bratz…. but im a little bit concerned that these monster high dolls are taking oveeer! they are so popular right know and honestly they are so well done.. with lots of color everywhere + bunch of details… how can bratz make a comeback and compete with monster high knowing the fact that they possess everything edgy and interesting at the moment? I would love to see bratz with afros…crazy heels…with outfits inspired by pop or internet culture…. anything that makes parents mad!!! xoxo


    • generationnext 2014/12/03 at 18:12 #

      Monster high is a great line, but it has one weakness: Monster limitation and high school limitation. Every line is going to look ghoulish and be centered around high school, but that doesn’t open the way to much variety, does it? This is why Ever After High was created because there are people who don’t want Monster everything. To add, they are running out of monster ideas and just rehashing warecats and warewolves over and over, to add, attack of the pink to appeal to the more girlish. Then, Disney is cutting into the market as children prefer fairy-tale dolls to the edgy dolls.

      Bratz is a human line that is capable of being Monster High, Ever after high, and more! The possibilities are endless. Once monster high is out of ideas, Bratz will keep finding them. Monster High’s fairy tale dolls still look ghoulish, and they aren’t capable of having Japanese lines or Bollywood lines without them having a ghoulish tint.

      Monster High does have some killer details, but Bratz became popular for their detailed fashions, which monster High lacks the same detail Bratz had in fashion in 2002. Bratz are not fantasy dolls, but a bit more realistic in fashion, but they can be anything. Monster High is only edgy because they are monsters, but do they have tattoo lines, punk lines, cyber lines, spy lines? Nope. Monster High is still girlish at heart, with all the pink and frills, just monsters doing it. Bratz is girlish in a much edgier way, without the frills, even if they are humans.

      If Bratz are going to come back strong, they have to take advantage of that weakness instead of imitating the trend.

      I’m glad the article was a fun read and I appreciate the comment.


  9. macchickgeniusAlexis 2015/02/15 at 23:35 #

    I really enjoyed this article! I’m 19 years old now and still LOVE my dolls (Bratz, American Girl, & Lee Middleton). The Bratz 2010 re-launch was…sad to say the least. The fashion was something I could not relate to at all. I was also sad about the Babyz and Kidz being gone as well. I hope the new Bratz take note of today’s teen fashion. I would love to see similar clothing to Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21, and maybe some ideas from what Ariana Grande wears. She’s very fashionable and my clothing defiantly relates to her and the stores I mentioned. I would also like to see the girls a bit older. Maybe in the college age. “Bratz Go To College!” kind of movie or something similar to that :P I’m basically just rambling now but I really enjoyed reading your post :)


    • generationnext 2015/02/16 at 01:22 #

      I’m hoping will bring back their edge rather than follow any trends.

      I’m 25 and I still love all of my dollies. My childhood was incomplete, so I’m enjoying it now. XD I’m also hoping for a college movie of some sort,, but something tells me they will be back in high school.

      Thanks for reading and I really appreciate your comment. :)


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