Korean Ferry Updates

19 Apr

This is live footage about the ferry disaster in Korea. It’s not fair. So young. I hate that ignorant, selfish captain who saved his own skin before everyone else.

I hate to see this happening to South Korea, and at this moment where Korean culture is shaping many parts of the world. And to think this all could have been avoided. They had kids on the ferry! They should have been more prepared. They should have done their jobs. If the original captain was sick, they should have cancelled the trip and refunded everyone’s money!

After reading this further, it was almost as if the so-called “back-up captain” had no training at all. He barks out the wrong commands, and then saves himself! Who hired this guy?

All I can do is cry for those families. Between this incident and the Malaysian plane incident, I don’t want to just sit back and watch anymore. We need to get stricter about people doing their jobs and we need tighter security in the world. We need to DO something to prevent these things from happening. 😦

I wish I could have saved someone.


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