A Walk Down Memory Lane: Bratz Music

28 Apr

I seriously LOVE Bratz music! #bratz

Their music is seriously GOOD. It sounds professional. Even if people don’t necessarily like the dolls, many people enjoy their music. Their album, Bratz Rock Angelz, even made it on  Billboard 100’s list!

Their music is better than most songs geared towards children. Even teens and adults can enjoy their music. Monster High is cool as a doll line, but their music is a little cheesy. No offense. 😛

So, I’m going to post all of the Bratz songs I’ve collected on this article! Have a listen!


List of Bratz Singles and Albums:

Show Me What You Got featuring BoA Kwon and Howie D (Backstreet Boys)

Look Around featuring Verbal (M-flo) and Christina Milian

Bein Who We Are

Rock Angelz

Genie Magic

Forever Diamondz

Fashion Pixiez

Girlz Really Rock

The Movie OST

*There are also songs that you can hear on the Bratz movies! Almost all of the albums above have a movie to go along with it! There are also songs that appear on the Bratz Kidz and Bratz Babyz movies as well.

Bratz Yasmin

There are four main Bratz. This is Yasmin’s playlist. Yasmin’s music has R&B sounds, hip hop, and pop. She even has some alternative hip-hop and rap sounds. She and Sasha have a similar sound, but Yasmin has the most beautiful voice out of everyone. It’s fitting considering she wants to be a singer. She’s also a writer. So all of the music is up her alley. Some of the artists that she likes include Black Eyed Peas and Nicki Minaj. Yasmin’s style is all about blending different styles into one graceful look. She’s into vintage and bohemian looks, complete with Autumn tones. Her nickname is “Pretty Princess” because she royally rules. She’s known for being the quiet shy one, with a regal air, but an open mind. Her music is all about being strong and about looking at a person from the inside, especially through the eyes. She really seems to believe that everyone is special. Yasmin is the sensitive, soulful type.

Bratz Sasha

There are four main Bratz girls. The songs in this playlist are the songs performed by Bratz girl Sasha. Sasha’s taste in music ranges between hip hop, to pop, to rap to even rock music! She says she loves all music but her nickname is “Bunny Boo” because she loves the hip hop thing, so that pretty much gives away which genre is her favorite. Some of her favorite artists include Beyonce, J-Lo, and Katy Perry. 😉 I’d say the most distinct thing about her music is her powerful voice. Sasha wants to be a music producer and also would make a great choreographer as she loves to dance. She also hopes to have her own fashion line. Her Passion Fashion is Street Style-old school and new funk, as well as daring, avant-garde, and experimental. Her music is all about her attitude, her fearless personality, and not judging a book by it’s cover. Often, it seems she’s misunderstood. She’s also very supportive of her friends and always has their backs, as is evident in many of the songs. She’s the party animal of the group, which is obvious, because she has the most solo songs out of them all! Sasha knows who she is, what she wants, and knows how to get it. She’s also not afraid of confrontation, is fiercely loyal, and destined for success. She’s the Bratz girl with all the attitude.

Bratz Cloe

There are four main Bratz girls. Cloe is one of the four. Cloe has the least amount of songs. She’s got a lot of pop rock songs, but she also has some dance pop sounds. The guitar is heavily noticeable in her songs. She’s not the most distinct singer, but her music is charming. Her songs are fun and friendly. She’s all about staying young, alive, and strong. She mentions doing what you want, how you want to do it. But she believes in treating people with respect. She usually doesn’t like any particular artists; just any artist topping the charts. But recently, she has had a thing for Lady Gaga. Her style includes sparkly fabrics and animal prints-anything dramatic. Her nickname is “Angel” because she’s sweet and her head is always in the clouds. Also, she always looks “divine”. She’s the dreamy, romantic, but she’s also tough. She’s the sporty one of the group, and her songs give off that energy. Cloe likes to see life through a different lens-which is why she likes cameras. Cloe is a drama queen, and wants to be an actress. She also likes to paint and draw.

Bratz Jade

There are four main Bratz girlz. This playlist is full of songs performed by Bratz girl Jade. Jade’s songs are mostly pop, but she’s got some rock songs. Her favorite artists are Gwen Stefani, and now Jessie J. But she’s “performed” songs that were originally performed by other artists such as Natasha Bedingfield, Linda Perry, and Christina Aguilera. Jade’s personality throughout the songs are about being yourself and standing out, no matter what others think. She’s considered to be the “ultimate fashionista” so that’s definitely a strong theme. Jade’s nickname is “Kool Kat” because she loves cats and because she’s on the “cutting-edge of cool”. Her style is always new, anything quirky, cutting edge, and always unexpected. She wants to be a fashion designer or a scientist. She’s kind of the nerdy one, so it’s no shock she has “nerd-like” themes like being the “odd one out”. Jade has her rainy days, but she still seems to remain positive, and so most of her music is all about positivity and expressing one’s self. She seems to be about her friends, and loves hanging out and having a good time. Her personality is loud, funny, and anything but boring.

Other Bratz 

The other Bratz that have had songs were Roxxi, Sheridan, Eitan, Fiana, and Anna.

There have also been songs from characters in the movies and tv shows. These characters include Madam Demidov from the movie Bratz Girlz Really Rock, the Dwarfs from Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales, and Alonce from the Bratz TV series.

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