In “Mr. Rodger’s” Neighborhood, We Slaughter People When We Can’t Get Our Way (Save Our Men Part II)

24 May

Mass killings seem to be popular trend among young men between the ages of 12 and 25. For the past decade, I have heard nothing positive about young men. It seems to be the agenda for young men to resort to violence to solve their problems.

Mr. Rodger

The latest attention-seeker is a young man assumed to be Elliot Rodger, who sprayed people with bullets simply because he was a “sexually frustrated virgin”. Basically, he killed six people because some girls on his college campus rejected him. NOTE: He never claimed the lives of the girls inside Sorority house he was targeting. He banged on the door twice, but the girls had sense enough not to open it for his crazy behind. So, he decides to take it out on innocent people outside. It has come out that everyone he targeted were Sorority girls, blondes, and male jocks. Tragic.

His whole idea of college was unrealistic. Several sources show him saying, “College is the time where you have sex, and enjoy your pleasures”. Last I heard, college was to get an education so you can find a decent job. Some people are focused and don’t want to DATE in college. I know I didn’t. I guess he’d been watching too many college movies…

A lot of these kids have unrealistic views of college (and life in general), thinking, “Oh, I’m going to go to a party school and party like on tv”. Then they get there, and realize it’s like LIVING AT SCHOOL. Working all the time, studying all the time, and always tiresome. The parties are only fun if you know someone well enough to get invited. Most Freshmen are lonely. Some Universities won’t even let you drive a car your first year. You have a curfew. The people you stay with may get on your nerves, as well as classmates. It’s no different than a high school you may attend…only some people are stuck there.

Now, I really understand that rejection can be hard. I’ve been rejected several times, as a woman! It’s not easy to take. For some, it’s like a break-up. But men, don’t limit your options, either. This guy was obsessed with supposed “beautiful, blond” girls. There are many other beauties without blond hair. There are red heads, brunettes, black women, Asian women, Hispanic women, many kinds in the world! If you’re that desperate to lose your virginity, explore! Don’t limit yourself to women who don’t notice you, or women who are already taken, or women who don’t want to date or have sex before marriage. And there are some average-looking women who are just as desperate to lose their virginity as you are. Then again, this guy was so racist (according to his book), he probably wouldn’t even give other nationalities a play…

Rodger called himself a “nice guy finishing last” but I don’t believe in “nice guys” because no one is that “nice”. Calling yourself a nice guy is as misguided as a girl looking for “Mr. Right”. There are no “Mr. Rights”. A bit of who you are attracted to is a bit of who you are. He was attracted to spoiled, stuck up women because HE HIMSELF was a spoiled, stuck-up, narcissist that wanted his way. So people, keep that in mind when you choose. If you have a bad temper, more than likely your significant other will, too. If you are selfish, your choices will be selfish. And Mr. Rodger was very superficial. So, he was attracted to superficial people, girls who ignored him because he wasn’t “superficially perfect”. I know I’m not superficial, so when I see any sign of a guy who is, I run the other way. Might be why I’m single…

Imagine how many “nice girls” he might have passed up simply because he wanted a hot, blond slut, instead of an African American or Asian woman?

He was attracted to girls who were dating guys that “bullied” him, supposedly. He was teased for being “scared of girls”. To cope, he would retreat into “violent video games.” WOW. Ironic.

His parents were divorced, and he hated his step-mother. Same old, same old excuses.

You young men need to be a little more like women sometimes and find some happiness in being single. Who says you need a woman to be successful? Men are taught that women are the most important thing in a man’s life, when they aren’t. Women don’t define that. If I were a part of the Men’s Rights Movement, I would encourage men to be more cautious in selecting women. There is a lot at stake. Don’t be so quick to jump in the bed with these sluts. They’re carrying all kinds of diseases and motives. Enjoy not having the headache and the arguing and the mounds of children. Those women are about as crazy as Rodger himself. Men who try to glamorize such a life are really hiding the truth. It’s not as great as they make it. Don’t be so weak-minded as to think you’re missing out on something. You aren’t. You don’t have to live the life everyone else is living, be an original thinker. Start valuing women more than yourselves. Learn to value yourself first.

Too bad I’m a woman.

You men need to be proud of being virgins. Actually, stats show that there are more men who are virgins than women. And women, stop being sluts for these men. Show some respect for yourself. It takes two to create a problem like this. I would date a virginal man in a heartbeat because I would love to be his first. Forget these other bed-hopping men. They are not to be trusted and will probably be killed by some psycho girl who got pregnant by them.

Instead of looking it as weird, look at it as RARE and VALUABLE. These men are valuable, someone that is special. Women, hop on it.

Unless he’s a psycho-maniac…though, I think the boy just snapped.

Don’t listen to men who laugh at you. What do they know? Forget the haters and what they have to say. Don’t be weak to them. Stop trying to be like them, make it so they’re trying to be like YOU.

What is also disturbing about this Rodger fellow is his “racist comments”. I feel these comments and him flashing his money was over-compensating for what he lacked. He wrote a book about his sexual issues, and wrote some pretty racist things about Indian American and African American people. Check this out.

But I don’t fault him totally in his book. As an African American, I know the type he is talking about in his book. That African American male makes our people, African American people, look bad. Our young boys are having sex at 13, and no one is doing anything about it. He hardly seems to take responsibility for his actions. That girl could be pregnant, and what is he doing? Exactly what people expect “monkeys” to do…brag about it and ditch the hoe.

Didn’t Rodger end up killing his roommates or some of these men who were successful with girls? Men, be smart next time. Don’t tell people your business and who you slept with. You might just live.

If he hadn’t died, I bet this book might have been a best-seller…if he wasn’t a psycho.


I already thought something was wrong with our young men, but now I want to take more action. I want to bring this problem to the streets.

I wrote an article a while ago about these young men and their “murder” problems. And since people want to draw the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” card and “video games don’t influence children to kill, they just naturally have a mental disorder”, I decided to start addressing the people responsible, since people want to point to people.

And the people responsible: YOUNG MEN.

So maybe the problem lies with our young men. Read that article below.

Save Our Young Men

This newest young man was a spoiled, well-to-do child, driving a BMW, who was mad because he couldn’t get his way with the ladies like he could with his daddy’s pocketbooks (his father being a director for the Hunger Games). So, he gets a gun and decides to try and kill all the women who rejected him. He didn’t get farther than six people, but he claimed six too many.

This weirdo is a part of a common group of mentally deranged young men who seem to get a kick out of finding weapons, killing someone, and trying to leave an attention-getting message to the public. A self-entitled personality emerges among these men.

Who wants to do the honors of telling me where this trend comes from? If it’s not the video games, what is it? Who’s giving them these ideas? Men of the world, inform me. It seems to me most people who defend guns and video games tend to be, wait for it, YOUNG MEN. Suspicious. But they have nothing to do with the problem?

Maybe the PROBLEM is most young men think of shooting and life as a game. The problem is the way young men view these video games and these guns. They aren’t realistic.

Misogyny Kills

And are we, the people, just going to ignore the REAL issue?

My question is this, for you parents: How are YOU raising your sons? Are you too liberal (not the political side you take, don’t get it twisted) when it comes to how much freedom you give yourself?

How much are you a part of his life? What are you teaching him is important?

The problem I see with young men today is that society is traditional in their expectations of men (he has to have a job, a wife, kids, has to know how to barbecue, fight, and has to have a degree to be successful) while outer circumstances are changing (men can be stay home dads, possibly single without kids, use peaceful tactics to protect his family, can enjoy whatever cooking methods he likes, and make millions without a degree and be successful).

Men get more demands than women do to be the “bread-winner” of a household but jobs are still hard to come by, especially jobs that pay a decent wage.

While women have the option to work or stay home, they don’t necessarily make it easier on men. Women have changed, and they expect the world to open their options. But some women make it impossible for men to change and be open to other options. Just the other day, I was reading a sexist article by a woman called, “What I expect a Man to Know how to do”. She called herself a “feminist” but really, she’s not a feminist, but sexist.

To add, men have pressure from both genders. When a woman says she hates men, women agree, even if men don’t. But when a man says he hates women, guys call him a faggot, and girls get angry and start attacking him. They are not treated equally to women on every occasion, and so the real issues a swept under a rug.

Men suffer from inferiority more than woman do. Women were made to feel inferior by men, but it’s because men themselves have always felt inferior to one another. This inferiority complex comes strictly from their values. They are encouraged to value the same things. Women all have different values, and hardly have anything in common when it comes to values. But men are taught that there is only one way to be successful. Because men have stronger core values and strive to fight to be on the same plain, they are more than likely to murder because of their feelings of inferiority. Women are less likely to kill because they see success as very different from one another. Men have to evolve into the kind of people that recognize that every man can live his own life and choose whatever life he wants.

Then again, people have more to worry about when a male says he hates women. Men are afraid people will laugh at them, women are afraid people will kill them.

On the flip side, some young men honor aggression and sex like it’s their God. They have no control. They think things like this are important. They expect women to give up their bodies, risk having children they aren’t prepared to have, and be happy about it. Or they just don’t care. Perhaps this young man didn’t have a girlfriend because women knew HE WAS A PSYCHO. Guys, if you are in his situation, perhaps you should seek help.

No, pride is the noose that hangs man, so they won’t seek help. Society has to step in and handle these men. These young men WON’T listen, so stop the wasted talk. Action is all they understand. Stop waiting until the next young man murders someone. Let’s get a hold of these crazy kids before it’s too late. We need to be more watchful of these kids.

As a result of all of this pressure in society, along with influences from peers, movies, and video games, we have kids with new-found “mental disorders”. My suggestion is that they all get institutionalized. I suggest their minds be “re-wired” to be a little more “realistic”.

Look at how these men think. Doesn’t this show who the real problems in society are? YOUNG MEN! CODE SERIAL KILLER!

Avoid this man at all costs:

He’s a youtube user with the same values as the killer above. He’s racist and sexist. He thinks of women as nothing more than sex tools. Women, stop showing yourselves to him. Boycott your bodies to this filth. I was never against women showing skin until I read his comments. He hates white people and thinks they are inferior to black people. And guess what his age is? Wait for it. 22! Twenty-two! Do we not see a problem here? It’s time to start removing these men from society.

Men who hate themselves end up hating others. Simply put.

Those are just examples. So please, check out your young people, especially our young men. Everyone is right. Guns don’t kill people, young men do. And it’s time for the world to get a hold of them. Stop giving guns to our young men. They are too irresponsible to handle it.

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