GN’s Top 20 Favorite Far East Asian Artists: 20 Countdown

8 Jan

GN is a major fan of World music, especially music from Asia! I like J-pop, C-pop, K-pop, J-rock and any other genre! I also like Asian American artists as well! This article reveals a list of my Top 10 favorite Asian artists. They are all from different genres, so maybe you might find one new artist on the list you like!
Check out this article about the world’s most unique artists:

Generation Next


As most of you readers probably know, GN loves foreign music. I love music from around the world. I listen to music from France, Turkey, Russia, Tanzania, Brazil, Spain, and many other countries around the world. But my favorite countries rest in Asia. Yes, GN is a big-time fan of Asian music.

As a Black/African American, most would look at me and wonder what made me love music from other lands and nations so much. I only speak English fluently. My parents never raised me to like foreign music. Well, not directly.

When I was younger, my parents would always take me to Mexican Food restaurants. I grew up eating Mexican food because they liked it. And you know what kind of music I would hear playing? Spanish music. After getting songs stuck in my head, I began to enjoy the music. I began listening to the music on my…

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