BoA, Korea’s Princess of Pop: The Pop Conqueror

10 Jan

I’ve been having a terrible week, so please forgive me if everything seems a little foggy…

Throughout this terrible week, only one woman has been able to ease my mind and take the stress away. After getting a whiff of her performances, I just couldn’t help but be in awe. She put a smile on this heart-broken face of mine. Her name is BoA Kwon.

BoA is known as Korea’s Princess of Pop. She debuted at the tender age of 13, way back in 2000. She is one of the biggest Korean stars in the world. She’s a veteran by now. As mentioned before, she has a long, fabulous resume, and she is only 28 years old!

BoA is a Pop Conqueror of sorts. BoA, in her lifetime, has managed to not only grab the Korean market, but has also conquered Japanese charts. She has also been one of the first K-pop artists to make their U.S. debut. She was SM Entertainment’s first artist to step into the American market. She was actually SM’s first major international star. SM Entertainment has always been known for their groups, but BoA was their female break-out artist.

What draws people to this diva, of all divas, is not just because of her tomboyish looks, no. Not just because she’s pretty. No. But this woman can SERIOUSLY DANCE, and she sings quite well, too. She has always given dynamic performances.

One day, I hope that I get the pleasure of seeing this amazing woman live.

Because she made me so happy today, I wanted to take this time to share with you some of my favorite performances, music videos, and songs from her. Honestly, when you see her on stage, you can’t help but be entertained. When I see her shine on stage, I always say to myself, “Man, this is how a performance SHOULD be.” I definitely wouldn’t mind spending money to see her perform. She’s amazing, what else can I say?

If you want to learn more about BoA:

A Fun Game: The BoA “Double” Challenge -This was a little game I constructed based on BoA’s music videos. BoA always usually has two different versions for her music videos because she always releases a Korean version and a Japanese version. While many seem identical, there are slight differences. Can you spot them?

BoA’s first U.S. Movie Debut – BoA made her first American movie debut back in April 2014. Unfortunately, tragedy struck one of Korea’s ferries around that time. But perhaps you still can find it on Netflix.

BoA’s Japanese Comeback September 2014 & A Group of Her Music Videos -BoA made her Japanese comeback in September 2014. It was her first album comeback in YEARS. In honor of the comeback, I posted all of her music videos, starting back from debut.

Finally, BoA has made her official KOREAN comeback as well!

I hope you all enjoy the videos I’m sharing today!

My favorite live performances:

BoA has Janet Jackson listed as her inspiration, but she was also highly inspired by Michael Jackson. I remember, in an interview, BoA mentioned how much she loved watching Michael Jackson’s music videos as a little girl. BoA often adopts androgynous styles, and admits that she’s more of a tomboy. These looks suit her so well. The above videos are some of my favorite performances because BoA gave them her all. You can really tell. “Divinity in Motion”-Michael Jackson

BoA has done “Only One” with several SM artists, including some from Super Junior and EXO. But I’m sorry, Shinee’s Taemin is the best to me. He’s smooth in his movements, and he creates the atmosphere while he dances with BoA. They have so much chemistry dancing, and he makes the whole performance sexy. We can clearly understand this song with him dancing. The dancing is so intricate, and yet BoA does it perfectly even while singing!

“The Shadow”, to me, was her best dancing, hands down. I especially love that shoulder move. ❤

This era (2005) was one of my favorite eras from BoA. “Moto” and “Girls on Top” were some of my favorite performances. BoA was just adjusting to her new, edgier image. “Girls on Top” was the song that introduced me to DBSK (TVXQ). I remember them performing it with BoA. That was back in the day. This song showed a tougher side. I love the street style so much.

This is my second favorite era from BoA. She had made her Korean comeback after YEARS of focusing on her Japanese releases. Let’s face it, she’s a bigger demand in Japan. But she FINALLY returned to Korea with Hurricane Venus. I absolutely LOVE this album. I was so addicted to it. Her performances were dynamic.

“Spark” had that twinge of Janet Jackson. She brought the “house down” in this performance. Sexy, sleek, and mature, I love it. “Spark” also came from the “My Name” era when BoA underwent a “transformation” of sorts in 2004.

“Atlantis Princess” was SOOOO cute. I love this dance so much, especially when she wore that ponytail. One part in the dance has her put one leg in front of the other, and flick her head slightly. That ponytail gives it the perfect touch. I remember the album Atlantis Princess. It was my first Korean album, actually.

“Girl in the Mirror” from The Face tour was one of my favorite performances from the tour. Honestly, this was my favorite tour from BoA. She danced so well. So much energy was put into every song she performed on this tour. It just didn’t get the respect it truly deserved. BoA said that she had more of an influence in the performances for this tour. In fact, this was the first album BoA played a heavier hand in.

“Lazer” IS my favorite BoA song. It was my ringtone, my theme song, it was just AMAZING. I love this song so much from her Identity album. A LOT of people had negative things to say about that album, but it was one of my favorites. I liked her image for this performance, but the whole performance was just fun and unique.

“Lady Galaxy” happened before Lady Gaga, I’ll have you know. I love this performance. It was very futuristic at the time. I love the sound. It was from the Made in 20 tour and album. BoA had just turned 20 years old.

“Rock With You” was designed at a time when Pop/Rock was becoming a thing in western countries. Boa designed her own Pop/Rock style song. She gave it her own individual touch. I absolutely loved this song when it was first released. The performances are very creative. The performance shows a combination of Rock and Pop, with the band playing initially, and then later BoA kicking the mic stand down to dance.

This was one of my favorite songs and performances from the Outgrow era. It’s high energy sound and performance enthuses me. It’s sexy, too.

That was my favorite ballad by BoA. It was from her Valenti album, released in 2003. That was the year I became a BoA fan. I just love the lilting melody. It’s wistful and romantic at the same time. It soothes me. BoA’s vocals are amazing, too.

One of BoA’s few English songs. I love this song and Mondo Grosso’s contribution. I was addicted to this song. It was seriously way ahead of it’s time. This kind of music is in popularity right now.

“Look who’s Talking” was originally made for Britney Spears. I absolutely love her performance of this song. I remember when she first performed it on MTV Iggy. I’m telling you, I was so excited. It’s so hard to find MTV Iggy’s version nowadays. “Eat You Up” is one of my favorite English songs from BoA. Her dancing is just spectacular.

Expect is such an epic song. The performance is also epic. From the Love and Honesty (2004) album and tour.

Respect: How can BoA dance like that so close to the edge, doe? “Silent screamerz” is one of my favorite songs from the Outgrow era, even though it was performed for Made in 20.

This song was in honor of 9/11. When I first heard this song, it brought tears to my eyes. This is why I love BoA AND Koda Kumi, a J-pop star.

B.I.O is my favorite song from the album Valenti.

Remember Y2K? That was when BoA debuted. It seems like it was only yesterday. I didn’t become a fan until 2003, but I remember when those clothes were in style and when commercials used to be just like the one above. 😛 BoA showed off her tomboyish charms since debut. For a rookie, she was immaculate in her dancing and performing, and she was just 13. What does that mean for the rest of you rookies out there? No excuse. 😛

My favorite Music Videos:

“Eat You Up” and “Energetic” were both from her U.S. debut. She showed her amazing dancing skills when she debuted in America. Of course, they’re my favorite.

I first heard about “Be the One” because everyone thought it was going to be the opening for the video game franchise Kingdom Hearts. Of course, I knew of BoA long before, but that was the first rumor before the final release of the song. This song and dance is just epic even thought it’s in one completely white room.

You just can’t like BoA and not listen to “Listen to My Heart”. It was seriously one of her break-out songs in Japan. I love this song.

Trivia: No.1 was filmed in Japan for both the Korean and Japanese versions. It gave a glimpse of BoA’s Japanese success and how she catapulted to international stardom.

When I seriously saw this MV, it made me dizzy but I was addicted to it. I loved the mirror effect. It inspired me to make the BoA “double” challenge.

“The Shadow” and “Only One” are two of BoA’s best dance music videos. That dance, doe.

Both songs above are from the Identity album. I seriously loved this era. So mature, so individual. I loved BoA’s new haircut.

“Lose Your Mind” has an edgier sound than many of her works prior. BoA likes that about this song. I do, too. I loved the high-energy dancing.

“Shine we Are!” showed BoA’s excellent dancing skills and she didn’t even have to try so hard.

“Quincy” was the first time BoA tried her new “transformed” image in Japan, back in 2004. It was SO awesome. I love this sound and look.

“Believe in Love” was made for the Astro Boy anime. I simply love it. It’s addictive.

The “Look Who’s Talking MV” is so cool because I get to see how hard BoA has been working, especially how hard she worked for her American debut. Her dancing is on point even bts.

BoA’s debut MV. BoA always worked hard, even as a child. She was very much like Michael Jackson. She had been training under SM Entertainment ever since she was 10 years old. It’s no wonder she is such a genius with performance and music.

Another video that is “Jackson”-inspired. I love the concept for this video.

Some Favorite songs of mine:

I love the Bratz, too!!!!!


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