Oh, SNAP CRACKLE POP! f(x) Amber’s Solo Mini Album “Beautiful” Drops February 16, 2015!

10 Feb

amber liu solo

Excuzie, Attention ERRbody! f(x)’s Amber Liu is the first f(x) member to debut solo. Her album will drop February 13, 2015 online and February 16, 2015 for hard copies! SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP! The anticipated debut is really happening, and fans are eagerly counting down before her debut.

On February 12, 2015, before her official debut, she will begin radio programs to promote “Beautiful” and will also have a “Mention Party” for fans on Twitter only. Amber will then start promoting “Shake That Brass” on KBS’s Music Bank, SBS’s Inkigayo, and MBC’s Show Champion.

She will be the first female from a SM Entertainment group to debut solo. This is for some, who were expecting other more “Korean” members to debut first (or more well-known members to debut first), surprising news, but for most fans, it was one of the most anticipated solo debuts in K-pop! Many fans were wishing Amber would have a solo debut for years now.

If you don’t know who f(x) is, mosy on over to f(x), The Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight.

Most people know Amber Liu as the charming and immensely popular tomboy of the f(x) group.

Amber Liu solo

From watching music videos, people might only know her as the “rapper” of f(x). But, as most of my readers know, I have done some research on the woman and have gathered a “portfolio” of sorts revealing all of her talents, both recognized and “hidden”.

Click this link for that portfolio —>Just How Talented is f(x)’s Amber Liu?

This album features Girls’ Generation (SNSD) member Taeyeon and Eric Nam, one of Amber’s best friends.

Amber is promoting the songs “Beautiful” and “Shake That Brass”.

“Beautiful”, also the title of the mini album, is a song Amber said she has “held on to for three years”. The song was written, composed, and arranged by her. Amber has always received praise for her lyrical abilities. She wrote the song “Good-bye Summer” for f(x)’s Pink Tape album and “Summer Lover” for f(x)’s Red Light album.

On Amber’s Twitter, she gave a hint as to what “Beautiful” means.

Amber beautiful

This song is a soft ballad with a rap, just like “Good-bye Summer”. It’s different from the upbeat pop songs f(x) usually promotes. Amber’s “angelic” voice shines through. She released a lyric video for the song.

The second song, “Shake That Brass” will be featuring Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation (SNSD). This is the song that will come with a music video. The first teaser for the mv shows Amber’s unique humor and youthful spirit. The second teaser shows a more “cool” side to Amber. The third teaser shows Amber’s charm and popularity. She seriously knows everybody in K-pop and is well-liked. The song is more upbeat and quirky than “Beautiful”. She also had a hand in the song-writing for “Shake That Brass”. The overall mv combines these elements, creating the perfect introduction for Amber as a solo artist.

So far, I really like that two different songs will be promoted. In this debut, Amber is revealing two different sides to her already: one that is meaningful and personal, and the other that is fun and humorous. It really gives me high expectations for the album. I assume we will be hearing a variety of different genres and we will be exploring the many layers of f(x)’s Amber. This is really her time to shine.

The one thing that’s very “f(x)” about the debut are the colorful outfits. Amber brings out her lively personality in vibrant colors and tomboyish couture. She sports some “red, white, and blue” which pays homage to the nation she was born and raised in. To add, Amber is back to her blonde hair. Of all the hair colors that Amber sports, blonde is the most common hair color she has had. It fits with her sunny nature, being a Cali girl and all…

Amber Liu solo debut

Amber blonde 1

Amber blonde 2

Amber blonde 3

With blonde highlights…

amber blonde 4

amber blonde 5

Amber wears glasses, so she makes use of them in the first teaser.

So far, the reception has been overall positive. Very few people have negative things to say. That is a plus. Who can really hate Amber, doe?

My only anxiety about group artists going solo is the threat it has on the security of the group. I hope f(x) will promote and make music together, despite solo debuts.

Other than that one anxiety, I love me some Amber! ❤ In fact, I love the whole Liu fam! Follow Jackie Liu’s Youtube Channel, Jackie X Soy as well!


I look forward to this album and am making plans to purchase the mini album ASAP!

To Order Your Own Copy, click ME!

To order on online, click ME!

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