f(x) Amber’s MV #ShakeThatBrass Stands Out Among Female Solo Artists in K-pop

12 Feb

Amber Liu solo

f(x)’s Amber has finally released her first solo music video and, so far, it caught the attention of fans from many different K-pop fandoms from many different labels.

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Many Youtubers have stated how “unique” Amber’s video is in comparison to other K-pop MVs released by other female K-pop stars, especially in comparison to other female “group” idols who have gone solo.

The song and music video has generally received positive reception from both fans and newcomers.

There are SIX reasons why many people considered this mv unique and why it stood out:

1) Amber herself made the MV unique. She was not dressed in skimpy, overly sexual attire. She did not dance overtly sexy nor overtly cute, which is usually the case in K-pop, especially solo debuts. She was her genuine self, and nothing seemed forced. Amber is known as the “tomboy” of the f(x) group, but that is all the more reason the feeling of the MV was so different. She was seen wearing baggy, colorful clothing. Therefore, emphasis was put on the story-telling, the talents, and the overall happy feeling of the song. Her personality shined more than anything.

Amber Liu solo debut

2) Amber plays basketball in the MV. This may not seem like much, but how many K-pop females play sports in their music videos? Really, tell me, who ever did it before Amber? None of the other females. In K-pop, it’s very rare to find women who are sporty or tomboyish.

3) All of those cameo appearances, doe! There have been cameo appearances in other MVs (like from Sistar’s Touch My Body). But this MV is just packed full of K-pop idols! It will certainly draw in a crowd from many different fandoms. Amber seems to be living the dream she always wanted to live since her debut: “Creating a stage where there are no restrictions is my dream. And it doesn’t even have to be on a real stage, a street is fine. Just as long as it’s a place where everyone can join in and have fun!”

4) All of those cameo appearances, doe (again)! And from different labels, too! Has SM EVER allowed artists from different labels to feature in their videos? This is like giving promotion to their rivals, right? Either Amber has so much creative freedom, she can decide who and what she wants in her MV, or she’s just good at charming the pants off of the people at SM. This makes this MV stand out ten times more! I honestly saw some artists from JYP, B2M Entertainment, and plenty others. Amber brought K-pop together in a unique way. The atmosphere was friendly, and that’s appealing to fans.

5) The song is upbeat, fun, and fabulous for all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The song is absolutely catchy. There are also quite a few famous dances, such as the “Nae Nae”.

6) For those who weren’t prepared, YA FOUND OUT Amber speaks perfect English. Why? Because she’s from the USA, that’s why. So, she’s also one of the first female foreign artists from a group to go solo as well. This also makes the song stand out, especially for those who weren’t prepared for such perfect English…


1) Amber herself (of course)

2) Taeyeon (who featured and supplied her amazing voice and gorgeous looks)

3) g.o.d.’s Joon Park, who starts the song off playing his instrument wonky. Amber had to straighten him out.

4) Got7’s Jackson Wang…Dat face doe! XD Priceless! I mean, he is “Wild and Sexy”, after all…


Hyoyeon (SNSD)

Min and Jia (Miss A)

Brad (Busker Busker)

Woori (Rainbow)

Aron (NU’EST)

Rome (C-Clown)

Ellin (Crayon Pop)

Irene Kim (Model with pastel hair)

Ahn Young Mi (Comedian)

In Amber’s performances, the following ladies made an appearance:

Red Velvet’s Wendy (Woot! She finally gets a chance to showcase her own individual talents! Get it gurl!)

f(x)’s Luna ( 😉 I guess they heard the fans’ cries, since so many people asked for Amber to perform with one of her fellow members. Such a surprise!)

I feel that Amber’s solo is turning out to be exactly what fans were hoping for. Some fans have said they were hoping for more, but most people were pretty satisfied.

Check out how K-pop fans reacted to Amber’s “Shake That Brass”!

Amber’s other song, “Beautiful”, is also amazing, and many people should check it out.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you all think about Amber’s new solo debut!


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