Got7 7-Question Quiz!

9 May

In honor of K-pop boy band Got7’s first U.S. tour, GN has dedicated the WHOLE week to Got7!

Got7 has made their way to California and Illinois. Next, they will be hitting Texas!

Got7’s first U.S. Tour

If you don’t know who Got7 is, mosey on over to this link —->Got7, the Korean “New Kids on the Block”

For Got7 fans still anxiously waiting to see their idols in Dallas, Texas, this quiz is sure to pump you up!


So let’s begin, shall we?

The quiz should be relatively easy for Got7 fans! But for those new to the group, perhaps you’ll learn a bit about them.

Question 1: Can you name all seven members by their full REAL names and stage names?

*Bonus* How did each member get their stage names?

Question 2: How many siblings does each member have?

Question 3: True or False: Every member is from Korean.

Question 4: What K-drama series did all Got7 members star in?

*Bonus* What was the name of the boy group in the series?

Question 5: List the members from oldest to youngest.

Question 6: What was the EXACT date that Got7’s first EP dropped?

Question 7: When did each member first make their appearance as idols?

Was it hard? I think some of the questions may be challenging. But give it your best!

ANSWERS BELOW: To reveal the answers, you have to highlight the white space below! Or click the link below the white space!

Question 1: Im Jae-bum (JB), Mark Yien Tuan (Mark), Jackson Wang (Jackson), Park Jin-young (Jr.), Choi Youngjae (Youngjae), Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Bam Bam), Kim Yugyeom

*Bonus* JB’s stage name is an abbreviation of his real name; Mark’s name is his birth name, as well as Jackson, Youngjae, and Yugyeom; Park Jin-Young has the same name as his producer, so he is thus called “Jr.” since he is the younger version; Bam Bam’s name comes from his mother who wanted him to be strong like the young baby in the cartoon “The Flintstones”.

Question 2: Mark (3), JB (0), Jackson (1), Youngjae (2), Yugyeom (1), Jr. (2), Bam Bam (3)

Question 3: False. Jackson is from British Hong Kong, China; Mark has lived in Paraguay, Brazil, San Francisco, California, USA; Bam Bam is from Thailand

Question 4: Dream Knight

*Bonus* Got

Question 5: Mark, JB, Jackson, Jr., Youngjae, Bam Bam, Yugyeom

Question 6: January 20, 2014

Question 7: Jr. and JB first made appearances on the K-drama series Dream High 2. Yugyeom, Bam Bam, Mark, and Jackson first made their appearances on the 4th episode of the YG survival reality show Who is Next: WIN.

Click me to find results too!

Hope you enjoyed the quiz! And I hope IGot7s are having a blast in the U.S. watching Got7 meet with fans AND showcase their talents!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you got all the answers right! If you did, you are true blue Got7 fan!

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