How Well Do You Know the Bratz? Quiz

4 Nov

Bratz 2001

The Bratz have returned to the scene this year, and it brought me back down memory lane. I have been going back through my lovely Bratz memories, my amazing doll years.

In honor of the Bratz return, I’ve done a little review: Bratz Are Back Again in 2015: What Happened to the Bratz?

I’ve also been down memory lane before: Memory Lane: Bratz as Popstars and Rockstars

I had Bratz when I was a tween. We didn’t have the generic toys, you know, the princesses and baby dolls. We had cool, hipster toys.

I used to be a super huge fan of Bratz. I was one of the more fortunate individuals because I had my own computer back then. I would look up everything regarding Bratz. And I mean everything!

I actually learned about Bratz before their debut. I remember when their website was under construction. At first, I thought they were going to be the newest cartoon on TV. The art was so different from any I’ve seen of DOLLS, so I never would’ve guessed that soon the Bratz DOLLS would be released.

Well, since I really loved these dolls, and since my brain is going back in time, I decided to do a little QUIZ.

I want to see what other Bratz fans know about these amazing dolls. How much of a Bratz fan are you? How well do you know the Bratz? There are some obvious questions I can ask about their wardrobes, but there is also some trivia out there as well. See if you can answer them all!

There will be up to Forty (40) questions in all, in no particular order. How challenging each question is depends on what you know and how far back you’ve known about the Bratz (or how good your research skills are 😛 )

Okay, are you Bratz fans ready?

Let’s do this!

  1. Bratz has always had doll lines representing different countries around the world. What was Bratz’s first “destination” line?
  2. What was the first Bratz movie ever?
  3. In their Flashback Fever line, the Bratz came with a mini CD. Can you name all of the songs on it?
  4. What was Bratz’s original slogan?
  5. What were the settings within the first Bratz commercial?
  6. What year were the Bratz Boyz introduced?
  7. What are Dylan and Cameron’s nicknames?
  8. What flag did Jade have on one of her shirts in the Flaunt It line?
  9. Can you name at least two of the Bratz Beach lines?
  10. How many dolls were released to tie into the Formal Funk Line?
  11. What was the Bratz first CD to ever be released?
  12. True or False. StoopidStudios is the first to ever do a Stop-motion show for Bratz.
  13. When Bratz were first released, they used to have their own rooms on their main website. Can you name at least one item they had in their rooms?
  14. When Funk N’ Glow was released, the website tied in a famous pop star’s song instrumental in the background. Can you name the artist and the song that was tied in?
  15. What was the first Bratz car called?
  16. Before Dana became a major part of the Bratz line, she was an exclusive. What was the playset she came with?
  17. Which two Bratz Boyz came after Cameron and Dylan?
  18. Before Bratz kids, Bratz were small in another way. Do you know what they were called?
  19. Which Bratz song did Christina Milian feature on?
  20. Which music video of Gwen Stefani’s did Bratz appear in?
  21. What were the three music videos made specifically for the Bratz the Movie Live Action film?
  22. What was the Bratz’s first ever video game?
  23. Can you list all of Cloe’s songs from Bratz’s Rock Angelz album(s)?
  24. Bratz had stuffed animals at one time. Do you know what they were called?
  25. Which two dolls from the Bratz were named after Isaac Larian’s (the CEO of MGA, the company behind the Bratz) children?
  26. Many of the Bratz movies were told from the point of view of one Bratz girl. Whose point of view was Bratz Starrin and Stylin supposed to be from (based on the book) AND whose point of view was Bratz Rock Angelz from?
  27. Which Magazine ad did Carter Bryant, the original designer at Bratz, first find the inspiration for the dolls?
  28. What were the Bratz’s “favorite singers” during the Rock Angelz era?
  29. In Bratz Style Starz, which major pop star did each Bratz doll represent?
  30. Who was the Bratz’s target audience in 2001 and why?
  31. Can you name each of the Bratz’s favorite songs from the Bratz Rock Angelz album(s)?
  32. Which Bratz dolls were included in the Bratz Rock Angelz line overall?
  33. Which doll was the first new doll after the first four dolls debuted in 2001?
  34. Who played Sasha in Bratz Rock Angelz movie AND in the Bratz series?
  35. Which Kpop star and Backstreet Boy featured with the Bratz on their song “Show Me What you Got”?
  36. What was the Bratz Nickelodeon reality show called in the U.K?
  37. Which Bratz dolls had real eyelashes?
  38. What were the names of the first Bratz twins?
  39. Fabulous Bratz is meant to take place in what American city?
  40. Before Bratz CIY, it was DYO. What does that stand for?

*Bonus* Bratz had a live concert tour in real life. True or False?

So how many do you think you got right? Let’s see!


1.Tokyo A-go-go

2. Bratz the Movie Starrin and Stylin

3. I will Survive, These Boots Are Made for Walking, Stayin’ Alive, Last Dance, Respect

4. The Girls with a Passion for Fashion Bratz 20015. The Mall and a Bedroom

6. 2002

7. The Fox and The Blaze Bratz boyz dylan8. British Flag BratzFlauntitJadeFrom20019. Beach Party, Sun kissed summer (answers may vary)

10. 10 (Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, Jade, Dana, Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, Koby, Fianna)

11. Show Me What You Got featuring BoA and Howie D (In Japan only)

12. False. A Japanese stop-motion series was released for Bratz in 2003-2004. Bratz stop motion13. Jade-skateboard, Cloe-Acoustic Guitar, Sasha-TV, Yasmin-plants (your comments can vary)

14. Madonna-What it feels like for a girl

15. F.M. Cruiser

16. Salon N’ Spa

17. Koby and Eitan

18. Lil’ Bratz

19. Look Around (featuring Christina Milian and Verbal (M-flo)(Teriyaki Boyz)

20. Rich Girl

21. Daechelle-Fearless, Prima J-Rockstar, Janel Parrish-Rainy Day

22. Dress Up, Get Down, and Be A Bratz Superstar

23. You Think, Grow Up (Blah, Blah, Blah) with Roxxi

24. Bratz Catz

25. Yasmin and Cameron

26. Starring and Stylin-Yasmin, Rock Angelz-Cloe

27. Seventeen Magazine Steve Madden ad steve madden shoe ads 5

28. Yasmin-Black Eyed Peas, Sasha-J.Lo and Beyonce, Cloe-Anyone topping the charts, Jade-Gwen Stefani, Roxxi-Green Day

29. Jade-Jessie J, Cloe-Lady Gaga, Yasmin-Nicki Minaj, Sasha-Katy Perry





30. Tweens between the ages of 10 to 14, Tweens were more into music than toys, which caused companies to lose that demographic in the late 1990s.

31. Sasha-Who I am, Cloe-You Think, Jade-Looking Good, Yasmin-Rock the World, Roxxi-Stand Out

32. Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Roxxi, Eitan (exclusive), Meygen (exclusive)

33. Meygen

34. Tia Mowry


35. BoA and Howie D

36. Bratz Design Academy

37. Girls Nite Out

38. Roxxi and Phoebe

39. Las Vegas

40. Design Your Own

*Bonus* TRUE.

If you answered questions 1, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 24, 32, 33, 37, 38, 39, and 40 correctly: You know your Bratz toys! I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a large collection to go with that store of knowledge! You are a true toy collector and no one can top you when it comes to knowing all of the Bratz lines that have ever been released.

If you answered 2, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, and 22 correctly: You are a Bratz veteran! You have been in the Bratz fandom a long time and there isn’t one epic moment in Bratz history you don’t remember. Chances are, you are an adult now and the Bratz are quite vivid in your mind. You have become so wise on Bratz knowledge, you could probably work for MGA by now!

If you answered 7, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, and 34 correctly: You are not only interested in Bratz dolls, but all the things that go behind the scenes as well! You notice things most people overlook in the Bratz universe. You know what inspired the Bratz and made them come to life! You read everything that comes with the Bratz and show a sincere interest in the little things. This definitely means you are not only an investigator but detail-oriented as well. Bratz fans look to you to tell them what’s happening with the dolls.

If you answered 3, 20, 21, 23, 26, 29, and 31 correctly: You like the dolls, but you enjoy the Bratz entertainment as well. Movies, music, books, you know them all too well. You are very aware of Bratz’s relationship with pop culture and it’s easy for you to spot the Bratz in the media. If anyone remembers how popular Bratz were, it’s you!

If you answered 11, 12, 19, 35, 36, and Bonus correctly: You are a globe-trotting Bratz fan! You just didn’t settle for Bratz merch and entertainment in your own country, you wanted to know what was happening with Bratz around the world! You realized that Bratz became a world-wide phenomenon and you wanted to experience it all!

If you answered half of them right, you knew the Bratz more than most people around you! You may have felt that you were a little too obsessed with them and what was going on around you regarding them at the time. But you may not have been interested in anything that was beyond the surface of what was given to you regarding Bratz.

If you answered them ALL right, type up that resume and purchase that ticket to California, MGA and Bratz needs YOU! You are Bratz’s number one fan! Would you like to add anymore questions to this list?

I hope you all enjoyed the quiz! It’s just a little fun for Bratz fans!

Leave me a comment and tell me how well you did, whether you learned something, or whether you thought the questions were too hard. I would like to know!


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