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Bratz dolls VS. Feminists: “Oversexualized” or “Empowering”?

16 May

Lately, I’ve been going back into the history of Bratz, where Bratz experienced a tremendous rise in the toy industry and where Bratz took a tumble downhill. As a major Bratz fan, I still have a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that these dolls are not going to be produced anymore, that they are discontinued, and that they are no longer popular. In 2016, MGA, the owners of the Bratz doll brand, announced that they were discontinuing the Bratz dolls after a less-than-glorious comeback from their hiatus the year before.

As a way to find a sense of closure, I’ve been researching all kinds of news articles on the Bratz, news that have been out since 2001. I’ve been going back into my own “archives” both online and offline.

In a former article, I reviewed what happened to the Bratz in the last couple of years, based on all the information I have: Bratz Are Back Again in 2015: What Happened to the Bratz?

While flipping and clicking through everything, I’ve come to realize that feminists, moms, and Bratz dolls were never far a part from each other, but feminists and moms never really met eye to eye with the Bratz. It doesn’t surprise me that “soccer” moms are against the Bratz. Their name is “Bratz” after all. Parents may have heard the name and assumed that the dolls encouraged their girls to rebel against their parents.

However, I’ve found the Bratz to be a very empowering line of dolls in totality. That’s why it shocks me to read about so many feminists who are really against this doll brand. In fact, many feminists have openly been against the Bratz since debut. Therefore, I’ve concluded that the details that go into the Bratz’s  recent decline in popularity have at least a little to do with active feminists. How so?

Before I get into the details, let’s review how the Bratz came to be, how I got interested in the Bratz, and how (and why) they got so popular in the first place.

Bratz: The Urban Fashionistas

Carter Bryant was the original designer of the Bratz dolls who came up with the idea for the dolls after looking at a Steve Madden shoe ad in Seventeen magazine, photographed by Bernard Belair.

Bryant liked the “cartoonish” yet stylish look of the ad and wanted to create dolls with a similar appeal. To put it simply, Bratz were never meant to look realistic, but they were going to be displayed wearing the latest teen fashions.

Carter Bryant has also shared with me that he was inspired from the urban and punk scenes he always loved. He is an edgy man at heart and wanted to bring that to the Bratz doll line. When he brought the dolls to MGA, Issac Larian, the CEO, was skeptical at first, thinking their heads and feet were weird. But when Larian showed the dolls to his daughter, Jasmin Larian, she thought they were cool. The Bratz doll Yasmin was named after her.

At the Turn of the 21st Century, tweens (kids between the ages of 10 and 14) lost interest in dolls. With pop music spreading around the world, many girls were growing too “old” to be interested in toys (though I’d say it’s worse now than it was then, now that there’s this emphasis on smartphones and tablets). The doll market was experiencing a decline back then just as it is now. Many doll companies were interested in turning the new pop culture trend around in their favor. They wanted to make “up-to-date” dolls specifically for tweens so they could bring them back into the market.

Barbie was dominating the toy market, but by the 1990s, she was considered babyish.

Barbie was also criticized by minority ethnic groups for “lacking diversity” and outshining her more “diverse” friends. To many, Barbie was a sign of “White Supremacy”. After all, she was invented at a very tense racial time (1959).

Since the 1970s, feminist writers began examining entertainment designed for girls. Barbie came under fire several times throughout generations of feminists.

Feminists have been wanting to encourage self-love since then. Barbie was criticized for having unrealistic body proportions (like bigger than average boobs, a tiny waist, super thin lips, full hair, tiny feet, etc), body features that didn’t seem realistically attainable for every woman.

Bratz wasn’t the answer to everything missing in the doll industry (according to feminists), but they did solve the “diversity” problem.

The Bratz were released wearing “urban” fashions, a huge trend among youths at the Turn of the 21st Century since the rise in popularity of African American hip-hop and rap artists and labels in the 1990s. White people had also jumped on the urban trends (thanks to groups like New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys). Bratz had bigger lips than the average doll. They wore the “latest trends”, which often included cropped tops, baggy pants, and mini skirts, as well as tons of makeup. The dolls came in a variety of different “colors” and hair textures even if their actual ethnic backgrounds were left ambiguous.

I was a tween at the time of the Bratz debut in 2001, the target demographic. I was one of the children that stopped playing with dolls at 10 years old (thought I still liked to collect them as a hobby). I would say books, video games, anime, and internet consumed my life rather than pop stars and MTV. I still liked certain doll brands, like Magic Attic Club and American Girl, but I never played with the actual dolls. I mostly bought the books, not the dolls. I completely lost interest in the regular Barbie doll (though Generation Girl Dolls peaked my interest for a short time).

To me, as someone who lost interest in playing with Barbies at 10, Bratz were amazing. As an African American, I was happy to see dolls with full lips, full thick hair, and urban fashions commonly worn in my own black community (and not the cookie-cutter suburbanite outfits I often saw on my Barbies as a kid in the 1990s).

That’s why it was perplexing to find that most of the articles kept describing the dolls as “oversexualized” and “materialistic”. I couldn’t understand it at 11 years old. “What’s so sexual about them?” I kept asking myself. Their clothes were cool and urban to me, not sexual. I couldn’t see how baggy pants and beanie caps (included in the 1st edition of Bratz) were even “sexual” in nature. The dolls carried a lot of sass and attitude. They seemed bold and confident to me. The quality was impeccable and very realistic at the time. If anything, these dolls were gender-defying for me! They were not prim, perfect, pink, and prissy. They said “So what!” to fashion norms and boundaries that told girls to be “presentable, lest you tempt the manfolk”.

It truly surprised me to see so many feminists set against the Bratz.

As I got older, I began to understand the feminists’ concerns a little more than I did as a child, but I still don’t agree with many of their assumptions about the Bratz.

Let me give you a little history about myself.

I’m not your typical doll collector. I’m not only an adult, I’m an androgynous tomboy. As a child, I was a complete tomboy. My parents, particularly my mother, would often dress me in dresses, but she was very strict about how I should eat when dressed up, how I had to wear each article of clothing perfectly, and she schooled me on the people I had to please (particularly friends and neighbors). I got verbally (and sometimes physically) assaulted at times for wearing the wrong shoes with the wrong outfit. As I got older, because of these experiences, I began to reject social femininity. When I got more control of my fashion choices, I made sure to avoid dresses and skirts as much as possible.  I became mostly uninterested in clothes and makeup. I prefer to dress comfortably. I became convinced that “femininity” was all about conforming socially, pleasing others, and dressing the part in every situation. Social femininity was translated as “threatening” to me.

So it might make people wonder how I could be interested in such a fashion-conscious doll line like the Bratz.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t see what many of these news journalists and feminists saw in the Bratz. When I first saw the 2001 1st Edition Bratz, I saw their art versions, which displayed four girls in urbanized fashions in the sickest artwork ever. They all wore baggy jeans and sporty crop tops! If anything they looked like tomboys with makeup on!

The clash of femininity and tomboyishness made me feel thrilled and excited. Bratz did renew my interest in fashion, but not as a way to please or impress others. Bratz made me realize that fashion could be used to express oneself, to express ideas, to express art. Bratz inspired me to take my boyish looks to the next level which was why I got interested in different androgynous looks. I became unafraid to look different. I became unafraid of the controversy.

I was an outcast in middle school and high school. I was different. I was not only a tomboy, but a Black girl who enjoyed world music (like Japanese and Turkish music), among many genres including rock and roll, and enjoyed anime and video games. I never dressed up, so everyone thought I was weird. I looked like a 10 year old because I was so petite and never did my hair in the latest styles (which made me look even younger). I wore glasses and didn’t care for contacts. I would wear the same clothes year after year. I didn’t care, as long as they were clean. Many people thought I was a lesbian because I didn’t date in high school. Most of the guys thought I was too skinny to be attractive anyway. I didn’t have curves. When they discovered I wasn’t a lesbian, that confused them even more.

When Bratz were introduced, they were just the kind of thing I was looking for in the world. The Bratz not only renewed my interest in fashion but in the fashion doll industry in general. The dolls also helped me come to terms with my own individuality.

I always loved dolls, even in high school. I didn’t play with them; I just liked collecting them and taking pictures. I collected a lot of 18″ dolls mostly. After the Bratz came out, I was looking for fashion dolls like them. There were few dolls like them though.

I wasn’t ashamed of liking dolls, though I’m certain many teenagers would’ve been. I think after dealing with being forced to fit standards as a child, I had this counter-culturalist in me just waiting to break free. I didn’t think I was feminine at all, and so I rejected it in myself and in others.

Even though they were just dolls, Bratz helped me understand myself. My interest in them revealed something about myself. I realized I hadn’t lost touch with my femininity or my own sense of woman, I just had a different kind and that was okay. I realized that there were many ways to define  “being a woman”.

Bratz helped me at a difficult time, when I felt like I had to fit all of these standards. Unlike me, Bratz could do whatever they wanted to do. They had the courage and bravery, despite the backlash, to just be. It was obvious by their outrageous fashions, their exciting movies, and strong music that they just didn’t care. Much of their music still inspires me, like Bratz Forever Diamondz “Yasmin”‘s “Hang On”.

To me, the Bratz had a very strong empowering message of teaching girls to be confident and comfortable with who they are, no matter what anyone says.

When I saw their outfits, though, they seemed to wear mostly costumes rather than “regular” fashions. They reflected the latest styles with a twist. I was impressed with the detail, the various accessories, and the quality (hair that felt soft and thick, jeans made from actual jean material, etc), as well as the creative and bold themes.

Bratz also set many trends and broke many fashion rules. I liked Bratz because they reflected my own liberation from society’s norms. And at the time, they were the only dolls doing this.

Nowadays, there are many dolls empowering girls in many different ways. Many dolls out today have been inspired from the Bratz. Still, I have a special place in my heart for these dolls because they encouraged me to be bold and different, to be innovative and creative, and to think outside of the box.

My other favorite part about Bratz was that a blonde white girl wasn’t at the center. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with Barbies, too, which I’ll go into further later. But Bratz offered me something I never could let go of, something I could relate to more personally.

Bratz had a variety of different characters eventually, of many shades, with most being dolls of color. I was so happy when MGA released Felicia, an actual dark-skinned doll that was designed beautifully and stylish! Many other Black characters have been in the Bratz franchise as well.

Sasha looks gorgeous in her “natural” hair!

Even though the Bratz dolls came in many shades, Black and Latino culture initially influenced much of the doll brand. From the styles, to the music (as you could tell above), to the full lips and thick hair, down to the urban fashion, Bratz were meant to appeal to a wider ethnic demographic.

In the early 2000s, gangster rap was just sizzling down. Many people outside of the black community (and even some of the old-school generation within) looked down on “urban” fashions and felt it represented “deviant” culture. This is partially why Bratz carried even more controversy at debut. Many people compared them to “urban thugs”. But most of the fashion was widely accepted among black and Latino/Hispanic cultures.

The more rebellious Bratz appeared, the more I loved them. Did it mean I was a bad girl and that I didn’t want to follow any rules? Of course not. But I did recognize that I don’t have to let others define me or decide the type of clothing I needed to wear socially. The Bratz showed me that I can represent alternatives in fashion and let that make its own statement.

Of course, we do have to consider some things socially when picking our clothes, but adding a little creativity and imagination to our wardrobe also adds to our individuality (along with our personalities). Bratz taught me that.

Eventually, Bratz brought in wild lines like Tokyo-ago-go, Space Angelz, Rock Angelz, Pretty N Punk, and many others to the mix. That just gave me more courage to speak out and embrace my individuality.

Some Feminists’ Issues with the Bratz

It baffles me how many people don’t realize just how influential feminists and moms were when it came to the Bratz’s 2015 transformation and sudden decline. Yes, other factors contributed to the Bratz dolls’ decline in popularity (such as the ongoing court battles between Mattel, owners of Barbie, and MGA, owners of Bratz). But the recent comeback, as well as the one in 2010, was obviously specifically “watered down” to appeal to moms and feminists, which didn’t go over so well with many of the fans of the brand.

The moment MGA released the first batch of dolls in 2015, MGA shared a facebook post called New Bratz dolls Tell Girls “It’s Good to be Yourself”. The article states that the dolls give a message that “won’t make parents cringe”. MGA must have realized that moms and feminists didn’t approve of the original Bratz and they wanted to ease the criticisms. Women have a lot of power and influence in the retail industry, believe it or not. MGA posted that article to show how Bratz have become more “innocent” in the last couple of years. They tried to put less makeup on the dolls, they made the outfits cuter, and made the eyes bigger so they wouldn’t look sassy or like they have “attitude”. It still didn’t work. Feminists still felt they were “underwhelming“. All it did was make the fans less interested in them and made the feminists criticize them even more.

The few feminists that are/were supportive of the Bratz have mostly been supportive of Bratz’s ethnic diversity and “ethnic” features (such as large lips, thick hair, and slanted eyes).

But most of these feminists overlook any of the positive regarding these dolls.

After reviewing many articles from feminists about the Bratz, I’ve learned that they take several issues with them (issues I find confusing):

  1. Their usage of makeup
  2. Their “sexualized” clothes and features
  3. Their unrealistic body proportions
  4. Their name
  5. Their “materialism”
  6. Their slogan

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Now, many of these comparisons are made right alongside the Barbie doll. As mentioned before, feminists’ first gripe with the fashion doll industry came with Barbie. Barbie has been pretty influential in girls’ lives and she has been an icon of fashion and materialism. She has been a staple of femininity for even adult women. Many feminists have examined how Barbie influenced girls and were afraid the Bratz, who seemed to carry some of the same “problems”, would influence girls much the same way.

But here’s where I think some of these feminists miss the mark.

Yes, sometimes girls often imitate their dolls in various ways and grow up to be inspired by these dolls. However, from my experience working with children and being a child during the Barbie and Bratz era, I would definitely say it depends on the context and the way the dolls are presented. It also depends on one’s own life experiences. Barbie and Bratz gave me two different vibes and that influenced my perception of the dolls, myself, and womanhood in general.

I don’t think Barbie and Bratz give a similar message at all. I think the feminists that think they do only know that the Bratz are considered fashion dolls, but know nothing else about them otherwise. These feminists may have seen one or two lines with the Bratz in more “conventional” fashion, but more than likely they didn’t dig deeper than that.

Let me explain why Bratz and Barbie are so very different and how this affects each of their messages to girls.

Bratz Vs. Barbie

I will share the history of both brands a little more because I believe the very inspiration behind the dolls shows how each was meant to affect girls.

As mentioned before, Bratz was designed to represent a “cartoonish” and yet stylish look, while also reflecting underground subcultures in fashion. Their inspiration came from an ad in a teen magazine.

Barbie was thought up by Ruth Handler, a woman who often watched her daughter Barbara pretend her paper dolls were adults. Ruth saw an opening in the market for adult-designed dolls rather than the usual baby dolls and paper dolls available.

When visiting Germany, she saw the Bild Lilli Doll, based off the popular German comic strip character. Bild Lilli was a beautiful bombshell woman who worked but was not above using men to suit her aims. The comic strip and the dolls were designed for adults, but kids would often take the dolls and mix and match her fashion.

Arguably, Barbie is the inspiration for all fashion dolls that came afterwards, so all fashion dolls will be watched by skeptics. But the intention behind the doll is significant when it comes to the art and presentation of the doll.

Barbie was designed to be an adult figure for girls to imagine and aspire to be. Initially, she was presented as an ideal adult female figure (more so from the White upper-class perspective).

I can honestly tell you, as a 6 and 7 year old, that was exactly what I thought of when I played with Barbie. Barbie may not look totally realistic in her proportions, but she looks realistic enough from a child’s perspective, and she looks realistic enough for women to “aspire” to “obtain” her look. Sure, her breasts are bigger than the average woman’s, especially on someone that thin, but breasts like that didn’t seem impossible to me as a child. In fact, Barbie looked like many of the blonde women I saw on Baywatch (which I often caught glimpses of on tv in the 1990s).

Thus, it was obvious in my mind’s eye that Barbie fit a perceived beauty standard.

In my mind, Barbie had several differences from me. She was blonde, tall, white, and wore clothes only the wealthy could wear. I never aspired to be blonde and white like her, however she reminded me of all the adult women around me. I didn’t see too many women who deviated from the “norm” socially as a child. I would always imagine doing what my mother did when playing with my Barbies.

When I played with Barbie, I didn’t see myself, and that influenced how I felt about her as I got older. As I got older, I saw that I was not growing into an adult like Barbie. I began to disconnect with the doll. I saw my mother and everything she was: a glamorous working woman who could do anything she put her mind to.  I didn’t see much substance in Barbie at all, though. And that may imply that I really didn’t see much substance in the women around me. It implies it and it is true.

However, even though I couldn’t relate to her, I admired her pink empire. I longed to live her wealthy, high-class life, a life my broke Black behind would have a difficult time achieving.

In the 1990s, she came with literally everything. But she had no “real” set personality, no real individuality. All of her friends were just ethnic versions of her that you could hardly find in stores. They literally often wore the same outfits as Barbie, though it would sometimes be in a different color. As a kid, I wanted to be more “successful” like her, but I knew that I was too different to want to be like her completely. I wasn’t girly enough to pull of being a Barbie. Many of my other friends wanted to have straight, blonde hair like Barbie. They wanted the perfect body when they grew up, like she had. They wanted to drive pink cars like Barbie. They wanted to live in mansions like she did. They wanted a handsome boyfriend like Ken. Many of them ended up doing those things in the future, perfectly fitting the social package. I can amusingly say that they often look like clones of one another, trying to outdo each other when it comes to the latest trends.

Bratz, in contrast, never had a body to “aspire” to obtain. They literally looked like cartoon characters. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting heads and feet as big as theirs. In fact, big heads and big feet are normally considered ugly in America! The Bratz made it look cool. As someone who had big feet, I appreciated that. But I never heard anyone “aspire” to have a big head or big feet like them. It became clear that their proportions were not designed to fit an “ideal” but rather they literally were made to be disproportionate.

Sure, they were skinny. But their breasts were not large. Even being skinny, no kid would honestly think their bodies are normal enough to pay attention. My friends and I would always make fun of the Bratz heads and feet. We didn’t sigh with envy, that’s for certain. But the outfits were super creative. It was hard not to anticipate what they would think of next.

Each doll was different in some way from the other. Not only were there dolls of various colors, but each doll had their own wicked fashion sense and personality. They were very individual and not outshined by the “white” doll. The four core dolls were treated equally at debut, which I appreciated.

The Bratz were not designed to fit the usual beauty standard. They were meant to reflect the underground cultures, cultures that have developed a sense of community to help them cope with being an outcast. Therefore, in my mind, Bratz produced the opposite response of wanting to “imitate” and rather encouraged individuals like me to be “themselves” and strike out boldly. At 11, I was thinking that if each Bratz girl looks different, and has her own passion for fashion, that means all of us are different. We don’t all have to look and be the same. It encouraged me to find my own unique sense of style, not be the doll I saw in front of me (unlike with Barbie).

Barbie’s other media entertainment, like her movies, showed her as a gorgeous, glamorous lady who could do anything. Bratz movies showed four individual sassy teens who liked to hang out, dress up at times, dabble in their hobbies, and go on amazing adventures. The Bratz never seemed as shallow as Barbie.

Bratz Boyz were a stark contrast to Ken. Though they are all fashion dolls, the Bratz boyz weren’t just accessories for the girls. They had their own lines, several individual ethnic appearances and personalities, many different hair textures and styles, and just as much detail as the girls. Boys were not ashamed to admire them. Girls saw more than just boyfriends in these dolls. In fact, only one of the main characters “crush” on a Bratz Boy. But that boy has his own interests, his own personality, and his own style.

With the differences settled, let’s address these issues feminists have with the Bratz directly.

“Too Much Makeup”

Feminists across the board have been very critical of the Bratz’s overuse of makeup.

Some feminists believe that the Bratz have perfectly made-up faces, which teaches girls that they have to wear makeup to look perfect.

Among feminists, makeup in general has been controversial. Feminists are determined to break the social expectation that encourages girls to be too interested in their appearance. Unlike men, women are often expected to appear perfect, without flaws. This has been linked to women being treated like objects rather than creatures of “substance”. Many jobs around the world won’t hire women or will fire women if they don’t wear makeup. Feminists have been pushing for women to embrace their natural features and colors without a “mask”. They have been pushing for businesses to remove the makeup standards/policies or equalize them (pushing men to also wear more makeup).

One look at the first Bratz dolls, and a feminist would definitely think the Bratz’s usage of makeup further encourages these harsh makeup standards in young ladies. As someone who doesn’t wear makeup, I completely understand this concern.

On the other hand, feminists also preach against body-policing and believe that women should be free to indulge in whatever they enjoy. If a woman truly enjoys makeup, does that make her a product of the patriarchal system and less feminist?

Some feminists recognize that makeup can be used artistically. Many feminists believe that if women truly enjoy makeup, and don’t look at it as a necessary tool to hide their “flaws”, then it isn’t necessarily anti-feminist.

Some feminists don’t think women should be controlled to either extreme considering some companies also control how much makeup a woman wears, which isn’t fair either.

Still, there are feminists out there who believe a real feminist would not support makeup at all and they often do shame women who wear it.

Admittedly, Bratz are designed with a ton of makeup on. However, I think it would be unfair to compare Bratz’s use of makeup to other fashion dolls’ usage, like Barbie’s, or any other usage of makeup that is deemed designed to make someone look “perfect”.

When looking at Barbie, for example, Barbie’s “makeup” has consistently been painted on her face to give her the ideal packaged look for every generation. She is literally considered “gorgeous” with it on. She has the perfectly colored cheeks, darkened eyelashes, and perfectly lined lipstick. Her face is clear of blemishes, moles, freckles, and any other “imperfections” she could possibly have. Her eyebrows are perfectly arched and tweaked. Even the best makeup artist can’t get a real girl’s face that beat. Barbie is plastic perfection. Any girl who admires her will want to be plastic perfection as well. Her made-up beauty fits a conventional standard, yet no woman can ever really look like her 100%. Real women get older. Real women have wrinkles, freckles, beauty marks, moles, scraggly eyebrows, and all the other distinct features. And yet, real women do make themselves up to look like Barbie all the time.

Bratz’s use of makeup is/was entirely different.

For starters, the makeup wasn’t designed to hide any “imperfections”. The Bratz doll Yasmin had a mole under her left eye. Her makeup didn’t hide that mole. Other Bratz dolls had moles and freckles, too.

Though, admittedly, a lot of the Bratz makeup was polished, there were many times their makeup was experimental and could hardly ever really be called “perfect”.

Take Bratz Space Angelz Cloe for example.

What is perfect about her makeup? Nothing at all! Her lipstick is asymmetrical, hardly what I would call “designed to appeal”. It would be fair to argue that anyone who wears their makeup like this is looking for attention, but it’s hardly the sexual or attractive kind. While Barbie’s makeup was clearly created so she could look pleasing out in public, this makeup is hardly would I would call public-friendly.

Any child who imitated this would end up getting stared down by the public, and maybe even teased and mocked. I’m sure most children were/are aware of that. But it’s clear that the makeup is different and unique. Keeping that in mind, it’s easy to see that the Bratz are giving a different message with their makeup. They are showing just how artistic and creative it can be, even if it isn’t necessarily attractive! They are showing that it’s okay to do something different with makeup! It definitely doesn’t give the message that girls have to wear makeup to appear normal. In fact, the above doll line made makeup seem very unusual, almost abnormal. Even makeup’s rules were bent by the Bratz dolls!

Much of the Bratz’s other makeup was used to match up with the theme or subculture they represented. Pretty N Punk, for example, represented punk culture. Many punk princesses wear dark makeup to show their edge and fierceness. They don’t wear it to appear “attractive” or sexy or perfect. Male rock stars often wear eyeliner and black lipstick, too, and I’m sure it’s not to appear more attractive and perfect.

Most guys might think these styles are cool, but hardly any of them would consider these girls “bombshells”. It’s easy to tell that their makeup was purely designed to better make a statement rather than to appear perfect, without imperfections.

Again, Bratz used makeup in a variety of ways, even in more conventional ways. But because of their constant changes, they never managed to give the impression that they wore makeup to please others. They never gave the message that a girl had to wear makeup to appear attractive. They literally seemed to just be having fun with it. As a tween, I liked that.

Bratz may not have been the fresh-faced, innocent-looking, demure dolls mommies wanted, but they weren’t exactly anti-feminist either.

By feminists criticizing the Bratz usage of makeup, it’s as if they are placing a rule on who gets to be a feminist. So, are they implying women who enjoy trying different makeup tricks aren’t feminists? This leads to greater questions about modern feminism.

Sure, makeup was created by men and is a reminder of the “patriarchy”. But so is everything in our societies. Does that mean makeup is bad and can’t be used for positive and creative purposes? Absolutely not!

Overall, I’m not sure where some of these feminists are going when they attack the usage of makeup on these dolls. I think most of them are purely ignorant about the brand.

Bratz Are “Over-sexualized”

All the articles I’ve read from feminists, especially from Jezebel, have said that the Bratz are “hyper-sexualized” dolls. What exactly makes a doll sexualized? Short skirts? Cropped tops? Makeup? Pouty Lips? Glossy eyes?

And if they do, what exactly makes these things sexualized?

They are only sexualized when people sexualize them. To say that a doll with a short skirt is sexualized is indirectly saying a woman who wears a short skirt is sexualizing herself.

That would go against most feminists’ mantra: “My clothing is not my consent”.

Haven’t we gone beyond policing a woman’s attire and attributing her wardrobe to sexual and physical attention from the opposite sex? So why is it condemned when dolls reflect just that attitude?

Arguing about dolls being over-sexualized may be more appropriate for Barbie to a certain degree because of the “intent” of some of her lines. Most of her early attire is for the physical attention of her boyfriend Ken (though even she has moved beyond that point). Barbie has been a sex icon for most men for centuries. She was inspired by a “Call-Girl” doll, Bild Lilli, a doll meant for adults. Barbie has literally had lingerie lines. She has had “pregnant” dolls.

Barbie, sex icon

Sure, Pregnant Midge isn’t wearing a fitted skirt and a lot of makeup. But she’s pregnant! This opens the doors to other controversial subjects that kids really aren’t mature enough to be exposed to (though children often witness their mothers pregnant all the time).

Barbie is meant to be a blonde, gorgeous adult woman who does “adult” things like have sex and get pregnant. And she allows girls to imagine their lives as “adult” women through playtime with her. Children who play with her are reinventing an adult lifestyle. Sometimes, this produces controversy.

But even with Barbie, should we police all of her fashion styles and attribute it solely to sex and seeking male attention? Not all of it.

If we want to talk about something being sexualized or “hyper-sexualized”, we have to consider the context of the lines the dolls are released in.

The Bratz, on the other hand, have never initiated a sexual response to anyone who played or collected them. The context of their clothing, the intent of their lines, have never been to produce a sexual response. They were intended for a tween and teen audience. They were meant to showcase the latest fashions and the most revolutionary styles out in the cultural world.

In fact, if you look up “Bratz as a sex icon” on Google, hardly anything sexual comes up except these feminists’ articles! While Barbie has many photos of a sexual nature, Bratz don’t!

Most men do not see Bratz as sexually attractive. First off, their bodies are too disproportionate to even be considered “real”.

If you want to argue that Bratz’s skirts are too short, short enough to look like underwear, let’s consider the fact that Bratz hardly wore skirts in the past.

To me, the Bratz have mostly been presented as “fashionable”, not sexy. And if fashionable is considered sexy, women and men have a problem. Clothing itself is a problem. Taste and preference is a problem.

Dolls are designed to mimic the real world around us in some ways. If we don’t want dolls to mimic the styles we find “sexualized”, then we as women need to stop wearing makeup and fashionable clothes that are too sexualized. We need to go back to the point where our skirts were below the ankles and our collars were high. But feminists fought to move away from that point. Why? Because it was uncomfortable to walk in those long, horrible skirts. The collars were itchy and hot in the summer. And it didn’t stop women from being objectified or from being looked at as sex objects.

What is considered sexualized is subjective. In the above Bratz photos, I’m still trying to scan them for any hint of sex and I don’t understand it. Someone else may be able to spot it. If some of us, like myself, can’t spot it as easily, that means it’s not as “overt” as these feminists make it out to be.

Arguably, feminists come from all walks of life, from many different religious and moral backgrounds. Some feminists are Muslim or Hindu and believe in a certain form of modesty. But there are many village women out in the world who often go topless or wear crop tops, and it isn’t considered morally indecent. It’s mostly considered practical in the heat!

If we can honor that women come from all walks of life, we should also be able to understand that the Bratz represent those women that actually enjoy using fashion as a form of self-expression and connecting with group culture, especially sub-cultures. We should understand that the Bratz wear their short skirts and crop tops and think nothing of it.

The short skirts that they wear are simply fashion statements. The Bratz’s legs seem freer, which is why the Bratz give off the image that they are liberated from societal norms. But their lines are hardly ever to cater to male or female sexual fantasies.

The Bratz do often wear cropped tops. But cropped tops aren’t always worn for sexual attention. If we’re going to say that, we might as well condemn every woman who wears one in the summer, on the beach, or at home relaxing. Bikinis should be outlawed then. They’re revealing. If that’s the case, return to the 1800s idea of “fashion” when bathing suits weighed 8 lbs!

But women will not regress. Women have many reasons for wearing the fashions they wear and it is not always to seek male attention. Feminists are the ones who’ve educated the world on that. So why can’t they accept the Bratz dolls for wearing it?

The Bratz’s cropped tops are no different from the ones sported by empowering and feminist female pop stars and figures today.

And yet, most feminists’ honor these women as strong and empowering influences on girls. Are Alessia Cara and Pink seeking male attention with their cropped tops?

It’s true that fashion sends a message to others about us, even if it doesn’t tell others everything. However, if we look at the context of the lines produced, we can clearly see the dolls’ intended nature, even if they’re wearing cropped tops and mini skirts. From the Bratz, we can obviously see they are fierce, independent, and revolutionary dolls that simply want to take fashion to the next outrageous level.

When we look at Bratz fashion lines like Tokyo-ago-go or Pretty N’ punk, what message are the lines sending?

Bratz Tokyo a-go-go tells me that the Bratz are ready for a wild and fun Tokyo adventure, not a date with a hot guy. Their cropped tops don’t hint at any sexual message in this line. Pretty N Punk tells me that the Bratz are ready to listen to some rock music and party at a rock club.

Neither of these lines give the message that they want a male’s attention or that they even want to look sexy at all.

Many of the feminists that complain about the Bratz often complain about anything “too revealing”. If you wear skinny jeans, you’re sexualizing yourself to some of these feminists!

That’s why they were on my list of 7 Feminists That Make Me Cringe.

These feminists also associate makeup with sexualization. I think makeup makes people look older, especially children, but that doesn’t mean it’s specifically for looking older and hotter to the opposite sex. There is kiddie makeup out in the world that’s toned down and it’s a lot of fun to share makeup moments with mom. Spa dates aren’t sexualizing to a child.

Face paint can be a form of makeup as well. Face paint isn’t sexualizing. Bratz have often used makeup that way.

What really kills me about these feminists’ accusations is how they equate “features” to sexualization. I find it interesting how “big lips” and “glossy eyes” are associated with sexualization. Bratz have a vague “ethnic” look about them. They were meant to relate, again, to a wider ethnic demographic.

But some of these feminists have associated the Bratz’s big lips and eyes with sexualization. What?

Black women have bigger lips than other races. Are they sexualizing themselves when they wear lip gloss or lipstick on their lips? I think this goes back to a Eurocentric standard of modesty, where thin lips and big eyes are considered “innocent”, while full lips and almond-shaped eyes (more similar to other ethnic groups) are considered immodest and ugly.

I can understand how the Bratz could encourage thin-lip girls to get surgery just to blow their lips up. However, thin-lip dolls can just as easily encourage big-lip girls to get surgery to reduce their lips. I think the Bratz, who are widely looked at as unrealistic in form and design, make big heads, feet, and lips, once considered undesirable traits, more acceptable.

I grew up having big feet. Big feet run in my family. Many of the women in my family wear size 11. The smallest feet in my family have worn size 9! Most people have called me “long feet”. When the Bratz were released, I didn’t feel so bad about it. Their feet were obviously exaggerated though.

To me, the eyes showed attitude and confidence, not flirtation and sexuality. So if a woman glosses her eyes, she’s trying to flirt with someone? This contradicts everything feminists stand for!

 Unrealistic Bodies

Feminists have attacked dolls with skinny bodies for years. This is because many are afraid girls will strive to have unrealistic body weights, starving themselves or getting surgery just to appear skinny.

Bratz have very skinny arms and legs.

I can understand why feminists fear this. After all, many people desired to have Barbie’s figure after being exposed to her. However, we have to also analyze what the standard of beauty was before Barbie was released. Being slim, blonde, with thin lips, perky breasts, and blue eyes were always standards of beauty since the 1950s and 1960s. The media played it up. Barbie just reflected that standard in a perfect doll form.

Bratz’s body design never reflected a particular standard of beauty from the very beginning, skinny or not. No one ever desired to have large feet and huge heads (at least in the west) with a skinny body. It never has been an ideal (at least in the west) and never will be.

If we look at Bratz as a doll brand separately from Barbie, objectively, Bratz don’t look realistic enough to begin with to cause children to want to look like them in real life. That’s like assuming little girls would want to look like a Powerpuff Girl just because they like the cartoon. Children are smarter than that. They know when something looks unrealistic.

Barbie and Jem dolls had more realistic appearances, appearances that seemed to fit media standards, so I can understand how individuals could strive to look like them. Bratz dolls have larger than life heads with huge feet. They look like they walked out of carnival fun house mirrors.

If you’re looking to bring body politics into the Bratz world, you’ve got a few things to consider.

First off,  keeping that in mind their cartoonish look, they aren’t supposed to have realistic bodies. They are supposed to look weird and sort of funny.

Second, you have to consider what kids see when they look at dolls that obviously look disproportionate. I think children get the same vibe from these dolls that they do from characters in My Little Pony. Humans don’t have purple and pink skin, so we can’t be like the Equestria Girls. That’s the vibe I got as an 11 year old when it came to Bratz. In fact, I thought it was cool that they looked like funny, but edgy cartoon characters. Being skinny was not even a thought. I’m skinny, but their type of “skinny” was like watching Anamaniacs characters walk around.

Therefore, it’s simple to conclude that their “skinny” bodies do not honestly matter because the bodies aren’t mean to reflect real bodies at all. They could’ve easily had thick bodies with extremely small heads and feet. It would still look like figures in a fun house mirror, not a real body representing real figures.

The only thing the Bratz mimic about humans are their fashion, accessories, hobbies, and personalities. Just like cartoon characters.

Please don’t come and tell me that Gumball toys, based off of the cartoon, make kids want to become clouds, cacti, and fish. Please. Those characters obviously look strange. The Bratz are more similar to them. Kids obviously know that the Bratz bodies aren’t normal and they recognize that they would get teased if they looked that way.

It’s not the same with Barbie or other fashion dolls like her, like Jem. If kids looked like them, they would be “praised” by beauty-conscious individuals.

“Bratz” for a name

Moms may have more of a problem with the name than feminists, but a few feminists have expressed their disdain for the name as well.

Sure, a “brat” is someone who is usually depicted as spoiled, misbehaved, and demanding. It doesn’t sound pleasant over all.

But considering Da Brat was one of my favorite female rappers in the 1990s, I didn’t have a problem with it. Like Da Brat, the name seemed designed to represent their urban, tough, and sassy attitude. It reflected their nonconforming nature. To me, Bratz represented individuality and the beauty of diversity (in style, ethnicity, and interests). The name just made their sass pop.

Da Brat took gangsta to a whole new level with her tomboyish looks!

Again, I can see how this makes the former generation uneasy. After all, they’re still getting used to gay marriage. They wouldn’t be used to a name like “Bratz” being used more positively. To the older generation, nonconformity is dangerous.

But as advocates of nonconformity, it shocks me that there are so many feminists who are so against the Bratz, name and all. I get that we want our little girls to be pure, wholesome, and solid citizens in society. But there should also be room for girls to be bold, innovative, expressive, and revolutionary. I think hijacking the name Brats, adding the “z”, and the halo is the definition of revolutionary and innovative.

Their Emphasis on Materialism

Bratz came with hundreds of accessories and clothes throughout their run. In many of their movies and in their TV show, they are often depicted shopping for outfits for each occasion.

This leads many feminists to believe that the Bratz encourage materialism.

I believe that, as humans, things are apart of our life. Sometimes, things have significant meaning in our lives. In many cultures, family heirlooms are passed through the family and they end up having personal meaning.

Of course, the Bratz’s accessories aren’t as meaningful as a family heirloom, but their items do reflect items we use or see in real life. It’s kind of cool to see miniature-sized items.

Material things are especially a part of being in the 1st world west. I do believe that our lives have been changed for the better by modern conveniences such as cell phones and tablets. I believe that makeup and fashion constantly updates, which says a lot about our culture, so people do spend a lot of money to look good. But I don’t think these things make a person bad or materialistic.

A materialistic person is someone who only cares about material things and can’t live without those material things. The Bratz have shown many layers throughout their shows and movies. Though they do love to look good, they also enjoy their hobbies and connections with friends and family.

Sure, the Bratz have shown that they love to shop. However, they often emphasized being resourceful or finding innovative ways to get the items they wanted. Shopping in bargain bins or designing their own styles were just some of the things Bratz have been shown doing to express their resourcefulness.

The Bratz have shown interest in other things such as sports, music, science, animals, among other things. I don’t think they’ve emphasized material things all the time. Furthermore, I think their use of material things haven’t necessarily made them seem spoiled or privileged.

However, there is nothing wrong with wanting or owning nice things and trying to enhance the quality of your life by collecting something you love or enjoy.

I personally find the Bratz items to be fascinating and enjoyable for playtime. Who wants a doll that comes with nothing? Kids want to bring the world of their dolls to life with mini models. Mini items add to the overall experience each doll line brings.

If we want to question whether we are instilling materialistic values on our children, we shouldn’t be buying them expensive I-phones and tablets. I’ve seen worse behavior come from children demanding the latest technology than from the influence of a Bratz doll.

“Passion For Fashion”= Obsessed with Appearance

Feminists believe the slogan suggests that the Bratz are completely focused on outfits and nothing else substantial.

But isn’t it possible for an individual to be interested in fashion, as a practice, and still have substance?

And why can’t there be substance in fashion?

I can understand if people mostly focus on fashion just to be pleasing or attractive to others. But the Bratz use fashion for many purposes, mostly to showcase many ideas and subcultures, not just to look “pleasing” or “attractive”. Quite frankly, many of the Bratz’s outfits don’t look pleasing. Midnight Dance, Pretty N Punk, and Space Angelz are not really of the “pleasing” sort, though some of the Bratz’s outfits are.

It’s clear the the doll brand is emphasizing not being concerned with pleasing others. Bratz are encouraging individuals to enjoy fashion without fitting into fashion molds. Fashion doesn’t always equal attraction and attraction doesn’t always equal fashion.

I believe the one thing that is lacking among girls today is passion. Girls are not encouraged to be passionate about the things they like and want. They are encouraged to scatter their interests, which makes it difficult for them to master a practice. The Bratz encourage girls to be all about their passions, despite what others think.

I also find it odd for feminists to be against having a “passion for fashion” when we consider the fact that the majority of fashion designers are male!

Females are still in the minority

I think the Bratz’s kind of passion for fashion encourages girls to be future designers and inventors. They don’t encourage girls just to buy clothes, but to also come up with their own ideas, to think outside of the box, and to express themselves in unique ways.

Using myself as an example, I don’t think I would’ve embraced my own gender expression as well had I not been introduced to the Bratz dolls. I don’t think I would’ve thought it was possible to see the individuality in fashion. I don’t think I would’ve found my own social identity.

When feminists began criticizing the Bratz, it affected the overall design of Bratz. MGA made things worse by dragging the brand into court with Barbie’s company Mattel, but feminists began growing in influence and they are the reason the latest Bratz design changed into something long-time fans could hardly respect or appreciate. MGA expressed that they wanted Bratz to have a “better image” for girls. Who made the Bratz image look bad? Why would they decide that the Bratz image wasn’t good enough? Someone had to be criticizing the brand in order for them to make that statement on Facebook. We have to acknowledge that feminists had some hand in the drastic change.

In my opinion, Bratz moved from a more ethnic look and vibe to a more “Eurocentric”-friendly design.

I know it seems like I learned a little too much from a line of dolls, and it may seem that I invest too much time appreciating these dolls, but that is partially why I have a special connection with this brand. I really feel if feminists’ had really and truly understood the meaning behind the Bratz, if they’d actually given them a chance, they would see that the Bratz are/were not too far off from feminists’ goals.

I just hope that when, or rather IF, the Bratz return, they will return to their original authentic design. I hope they truly produce something earth-shattering, regardless of what anyone says. Even if feminists disagree, for me, that’s truly empowering.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think/thought about the Bratz controversy, feminists’ involvement in it, and the future of Bratz.

American Girl’s Girl of the Year 2017: Gabriela McBride! + ‘Girl of the Year 2017’ Is Set To Last More Than A Year!

31 Dec

In West Philadelphia, born and raised

On the playground is where I spent most of my days…

You readers like that ‘Fresh Prince‘ reference right there?

That’s the first thing that came to mind when I heard about American Girl’s newest Girl of the Year 2017.

If you don’t know what American Girl is:

American Girl is a premium brand for girls and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT,, a creations company that inspires the wonder of childhood. Headquartered in Middleton, WI, American Girl offers an inspiring world of dolls, content, and experiences that nourish a girl’s spirit and help develop her strength of character. Best-selling lines include Truly Me™, Girl of the Year™, Bitty Baby™, WellieWishers™, and the classic historical character line BeForever™. The company sells products through its award-winning catalogue, on, in its proprietary U.S. experiential retail stores, and at select specialty retailers nationwide. Outside of the U.S, American Girl products are sold in specialty boutiques at select Indigo™ and Chapters™ in Canada and El Palacio de Hierro locations in Mexico City. By inspiring girls to be their best, American Girl has earned the loyalty of millions and the praise and trust of parents and educators.

If you’re a fan of the American Girls, but have been out of the American Girl loop for awhile, you probably don’t know why I made that reference in the introduction. Let me introduce to you GABRIELA MCBRIDE.


Gabriela is a true talent who gets creative for a cause. She is considered a quiet, creative girl growing up in a family of artists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (exactly why I made that Fresh Prince reference). Her mother is especially passionate about the performing arts. Her mother is founder and director of the arts center Gabriela loves and her dance instructor.

Gabriela is also interested in the performing arts (particularly tap, hip-hop, and ballet) and poetry. Aside from dancing and poetry, Gabriela also helps run a sandwich shop.

Gabriela has a reason she’s so quiet: She struggles with stuttering.

In the first book, Gabriela is said to be “going into the 6th grade”. Still not sure of her age, but she may be the “oldest” Girl of the Year produced.

Gabriela is a true creative talent who uses the power of poetry to help her break down barriers and overcome a personal challenge with stuttering.

Gabriela inherited a love of the arts from her parents, especially her mother, but spoken word poetry is becoming her own passion. Although Gabriela often finds herself in a battle with her own words because of her stuttering, she discovers that her poetry, filled with wit and honesty, helps her speech flow more easily and gives her the confidence to find her voice to help save her beloved community arts center from being torn down.

American Girl Press Release

Despite Gabriela’s struggles, she’s still witty, honest, and courageous!

Her book cover and synopsis are out. Are you ready? {insert drumroll}


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Yes, believe it. Finally, finally American Girl has released their first African American Girl of the Year character!

After seeing the name Gabriela trademarked, most assumed the character would be of Latin/Hispanic heritage. It turns out it was set aside for an African American character.

Gabriela is set to have a series of FOUR books (yes, four, 4). The first book will be out in January. The next one comes out in March. The other two will be released throughout the rest of the year.

Book synopsis 1: Gabby loves expressing herself — especially in the dance studio — but lately, poetry is becoming her art form of choice, and for good reason: Gabby struggles with stuttering, and spoken word poetry helps her speech flow more freely. Still, compared to how confident she feels on the dance floor, speaking up can be scary. When the city threatens to close her beloved community arts center, Gabby is determined to find a way to help. Can she harness the power of her words and rally her community to save Liberty Arts?

Teresa E. Harris is the author and it is her first time writing for American Girl.

*This will be updated as more information is released.

And now, what all American Girl fans have been waiting for…

The reveal of the doll!



More items and one of her books will be available Spring 2016.

Gabriela’s doll is really adorable in these pictures, but…

This is where my excitement diminishes. I came to the realization that she’s not just a doll of color. I came to the realization that if I look beyond her color, I have very mixed feelings…


Gabriela McBride is considered by many of the American Girl Fan Community to be the LAST GIRL OF THE YEAR.

For those who don’t know, there have been rumors that American Girl plans on ending the Girl of the Year line after Gabriela (possibly to make room for their rumored Contemporary line). I’m not sure how true the rumors are, but it is a FACT that there will be changes to the Girl of the Year line in 2018.

In American Girl’s press release, they stated:

Additional Gabriela products and books will be available starting in spring 2017, and—for the first time—the new Girl of the Year collection will be available for a full 12 months and beyond.

On facebook, American Girl has confirmed that they have plans to release their next girl of the year in 2018. So does this mean Gabriela will be available along with the new Girl of the Year?

American Girl said they don’t have plans to retire the GOTY line, but they’ve been known to hold back from revealing a retirement or archival before.



One part of me is happy that she will last long enough for me to save for her collection.

Another part of me is sad that I may not have a Girl of the Year to look forward to next year. It was sort of an American Girl tradition.

And another part of me is just a bit frustrated with the design of the doll and her collection…

Here…at this moment…I have to analyze this objectively.

This Girl of the Year is really mediocre as a doll in comparison to dolls prior.

Here I am, being the Negative Nancy. Call me a self-hating black woman, a coon, whatever. I’m know I’m going to hear it all. I don’t care. I can’t fully accept her as a “great” Girl of the Year character, not under the current circumstances (with this possibly being the final GOTY doll).

If you’re an American Girl fan, you can probably better understand where I’m coming from. Newcomers may find her to be a great doll addition. And she isn’t garbage, but she has flaws.

I fell in LOVE with Gabriela’s story. I love the fact that she loves poetry and how she uses poetry to overcome her own disability. I think she’s a good role model for girls. I fell in love with this story so hard, even though I haven’t read it all, I want to buy two copies.

However, I have my hang-ups.

First off, this doll is #46 from the Truly Me line. She doesn’t just look like #46. She IS #46.


Truly Me #46

I always thought that doll was beautiful. I was sad when she was retired. And I am personally happy to see her return (especially because I don’t collect the Truly Me dolls). But I know plenty of people who said they already have this doll. This means there will be quite a few people who aren’t interested. It always leaves me uneasy when I hear that people don’t want to buy a doll of color. It’s especially bad because Gabriela is the only African American character (in 15 years) to have been produced (or rather “picked”) for the line AND she is supposed to remain in the line through 2018.

Some fans have expressed that American Girl, LLC has put a lot of effort into making the Caucasian American Girls look different and unique, but clearly didn’t do the same for Gabriela. Some feel they didn’t really plan on making an African American character for the line. Some people feel the company rushed production of her because the demand was so high. Basically, they pulled out a retired doll, put clothes on her, gave her a story, and called her Gabriela. Some people feel Gabriela is recycled and doesn’t reflect the same effort the company has put into former Girl of the Year dolls.

I can see their point. Maybe they have given up caring because they wanted the line to come to an end. Maybe they recognized the popularity of #46 and wanted to make her into a character.

Regardless of the reason, this part has been disappointing for most fans.

I don’t have #46, so I feel compelled to get Gabriela, but I wish she was designed in a way that would compel others to want to buy her.

The second problem I have with Gabriela is the fact that she is a DANCER.

I have to be fair about this. I talked about Isabelle being another dancer, I talked about Lea being another tropical princess, so I can’t let this slide.

This Girl of the Year is supposed to last for more than 12 months, she is the ONLY African American character, and you stick her with one of the most unoriginal themes? It doesn’t hurt the story, which incorporates poetry and overcoming disabilities, but it certainly hurts the collection.

Marisol was a tap dancer, ballet dancer, Mexican folk dancer, and jazz dancer. Isabelle danced ballet and modern dance. And now Gabriela! How many dancers does Girl of the Year need?

Because other “dancing” dolls came out, I’m not really interested in the majority of Gabriela’s playsets or accessories.



What would I need with two ballet barres?

I just can’t get excited AGAIN about another dancer when American Girl has done the theme TWICE before.

I know there are other people out there feeling the same way. And I just don’t like the idea that the first African American character in this line is not unique enough to be a MAJOR sell-out this year.

The final insult is that American Girl has stated on their facebook page that they don’t have major plans to release a movie for her! It takes at least a year to create a movie, so if they haven’t thought of one now, I don’t know if she’s ever getting one!

Still, she’s going to be around in 2018, so only time will tell. But she clearly seems slapped together.

Despite all of that, there are some American Girl fans who are excited about Gabriela. Some are even willing to buy her even though they already have #46! Some people like her dance collection the best out of the three. And some people are new to American Girl and missed collecting the other dance items.

Since Gabriela will be out more than one year, at least none of us have to worry about her selling out within one year. People will have the opportunity to save up for her and have a chance to get her between this year and next year.

That wraps up my review of the new Girl of the Year.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you all think of the new Girl of the Year and my article!

“An American Girl Story-Melody 1963: Love Has To Win” Disappointed This American Girl Fan

29 Dec


I know. This movie was released two months ago in October 2016, and I am just now giving my review on it. I have my reasons.

For those who don’t know, American Girl is a widely popular doll brand that is known for its historical line of dolls and books, contemporary lines of dolls and books, and baby dolls for toddlers. The historical line is the oldest line in the brand. It has been around since the mid-1980s and it continues to impress upon the minds of little girls even to this day. Parents also love the dolls for their educational value.

Prior to Melody’s movie, four other historical American Girl characters have had movie adaptations produced by WB, HBO Films, and New Line Cinema. The original four movies (made for Samantha, Felicity, Molly, and Kit) were full-length, feature films. Melody’s movie and Maryellen’s movie are short films.

I loved the original four movies a lot. They really brought the characters to life. Of course, American Girl no longer has the budget for those kinds of films anymore, especially since they began focusing more on making new dolls (which is good enough for me).

Now, their movies are made by Amazon and are mostly released through Amazon Prime.

Set in Detroit during the Civil Rights Movement, “An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win” examines the joyful life and troubled times of an irrepressible 10-year-old African-American girl whose vivid imagination and creativity reinforce her optimism. When shocking national events threaten her sense of security, Melody must find inner strength to restore her hope for a better world.


Tina Mabry


Alison McDonald

Before I begin, I just want to inform new readers that I’ve always been a HUGE American Girl fan since the 1990s. I love toys and I love history. Combine the two, and you have one of my favorite doll franchises. I also want to remind readers that, as an African American, I am very happy that Melody was released. I loved her book series and the doll with her accessories…Just amazing.

But because I’m an American Girl fan and an African American at the same time, I can honestly say….I couldn’t really LOVE this movie. I don’t hate the movie, I just…don’t love it like I was expecting to.

Go ahead and chew me up. Call me self-hating, coon, liar, whatever. But before you decide to stop reading right here, just read me out.

One of the reasons I took so long to write this review was because I honestly wanted people to decide for themselves what they think of Melody’s movie. It was American Girl’s first movie dedicated to an American Girl doll of ‘color’, and I wanted people to mostly think positively. I didn’t want to shatter any dreams or feelings with my thoughts. I want Melody to be as successful as possible because I hope American Girl will continue to make more dolls of color in the future. I bought the movie on Prime because I wanted to encourage American Girl to make more movies with girls of color in lead roles.

I also waited to write this review because I saw how many people actually liked the movie (mostly people who never read Melody’s book series) and I knew they would just chew me up and spit me out for saying anything negative about this movie.

Last, I just really couldn’t find the right words to express how I was feeling. I tried to love this movie. I tried to force it, just because she was a girl of color and because I related to the message. But the American Girl fan in me just couldn’t attach herself to it.

The only reason I decided to share my opinion was because a fan emailed me and asked me.

*The following article may contain some spoilers.

It’s not that this movie was garbage. Far beyond that. In fact, it had its pros. Let me just run down the list of pros I saw.


The Message

Out of most of the other American Girl movies, Melody’s movie was one of the few that actually talked about a serious issue. The only other American Girls that presented issues that relate to our modern world were Kit (we were in the midst of the recession at the time) and Chrissa (bullying is still very serious). And Melody’s story was much deeper than all of those stories combined because real events were intertwined in the movie (particularly the Birmingham Church bombing).

Melody’s movie was designed to relate to issues young black children are facing today, and honestly, without the 1960s period outfits and references, I could see her being a girl in 2016/2017.

As an African American, I was happy that African American history was being represented by a movie, an American Girl movie at that. American Girl is a popular brand and it means a lot for such a brand to bring attention to girls of color and their struggle for equality.

The movie downsized the events that happened in the books, making the message clearer.

Marsai Martin

Marsai Martin was the actress that played Melody. She brought a lot of fire to Melody’s character (fire that wasn’t really felt in the books). Marsai is an intelligent and bright child herself, and I think she really shined in the movie. She had all the attitude, strength, and intelligence that I loved and that I feel all girls of color share. She had spunk.

Promotional Value

Melody’s movie has brought a lot of attention to the doll itself. Even though Melody has been out since August, a lot of people didn’t hear about her until after the release of the movie. There were many people on facebook inquiring about Melody after this movie was released. Hopefully, this will help Melody sell better than Black dolls prior. If Melody sells well at the end of this year and in 2017, American Girl may consider making more Black dolls in the future. This will shut the mouths of all the people who claim “black dolls don’t sell”.

Educational Value

The movie was educational for all races. For black children, it helped them connect today’s events to past events. This helps them see history as something that’s interesting and a major part of their modern lives.

Children of other races could learn to understand black people better through this story, through a beloved American Girl character.


Unfortunately, there were quite a few things that disturbed me about this movie. Please, don’t take offense. It’s just my opinion. I really felt there were things that would’ve made the movie better, but you readers are welcome to disagree.

The Cast

I felt everyone did a pretty good job with their acting. My problem was the lack of key characters from Melody’s stories.

Without Melody’s REAL family (and not that small family in the movie), her life felt empty. In comparison to older American Girl movies, her cast was the most butchered and horribly downsized. This made Melody’s family life seem lonely rather than bustling and close-knit, like in her books.

To add, by getting rid of most of the IMPORTANT characters, they left out potential black actors and actresses. Instead, more than half of the cast was WHITE. Not only was this totally opposite Melody’s story (which could’ve boasted an all-black cast), it was completely disappointing that black people still couldn’t get a chance to shine in this movie. There are few black actors and actresses getting screen time as it is. It’s especially rare in children’s films.

Maybe they added different races because they wanted to relate to more races of people, but I felt that using Melody’s real story would’ve related to more people. Melody’s life was similar to how most people lived in the 1960s and all of those 1960s references would’ve been appealing. Why switch it up so much?

They probably wanted to highlight the racism experienced in the 1960s, which was rightfully highlighted, sure. But I feel that racism was tackled well enough in Melody’s story, from an authentic and realistic perspective, and with mostly black people involved, for them to adapt it.

I’m not saying it’s bad to have white people in the movie, and maybe I should be grateful the lead characters were black. But wouldn’t it have been amazing if most of the cast was black? With Melody’s real family highlighted? Maybe that’s just my opinion.

Lately, it’s all about pushing agendas and less about telling the story.

Yes, I know that in American Girl movies prior, some characters were removed from the story. But the key characters were always present or at least mentioned. The family life could be “felt”. Melody’s family in the movie just didn’t feel like her family.


This is something that really bothered me. As an American Girl fan, and not just an African American, this bothered me a lot.

NONE, and I mean NONE, of the characters really seemed like they came from Melody’s stories. In fact, they all felt like totally new characters from a completely different story. Even Melody really wasn’t Melody.

In the older American Girl movies, all of the characters had the same personalities and interests as the characters in the books. It truly seemed like they brought the characters to life. The movies just weren’t teaching history; they were also telling a story.

Melody in the movie was NOTHING like the girl I grew to know and love in the books. Some people may have liked her better in the movie, but I didn’t. It’s not that Marsai didn’t do a good job with what she was handed, the problem was what she was handed.

Melody has been described as a sweet and hopeful girl. In the books, she was sweet, thoughtful, and caring. In this story, she seemed feistier. In the movie, she was a bit of a know-it-all. Melody wasn’t really a know-it-all kind of character in the books. I think they combined Melody with her sister Lila (who was in the STEM program in the book series, loved to read, and was super intelligent).

Melody was interested in singing (which they got right), but she also loved gardening. In fact, she was gifted with planting. In the movie, they made her more interested in sewing and space (giving her Maryellen’s interests). Gardening was a key part of her character, more than singing in the church choir, and they completely removed it. This was the first time I hardly recognized an American Girl in her own movie. The only thing “Melody” about the character was her outfits. I guess that’s all the doll company cared about when they allowed this movie to be produced.

Another thing that bothered me was the omission of Melody’s siblings. Having Melody’s siblings would’ve taught kids more about the 1960s. I understand that this was a short film, but somehow, in Maryellen’s short film (a movie for the strawberry blonde character from the 1950s) they managed to bring most of Maryellen’s siblings into her story. Why not in Melody’s? The Baby Boom was still in full swing in the 1960s. It would’ve made sense for Melody to have more siblings.

Dwayne and Yvonne did much more to add to Melody’s life than did Maryellen’s siblings, and yet Melody’s family was omitted.


I felt cheated because I played this “quiz” on that told me songs from the book would be in the movie. These songs were “written” and “composed” by Melody’s brother in the book series, so I thought he would be in the movie. I didn’t really hear all the songs in the movie, but even if I had, I would’ve been more upset. Dwayne influenced Melody’s music interests so much, it just didn’t feel right to keep him out. He would’ve showed the new generation how black people influenced modern-day music through his affiliations with Motown. He could have represented that part of history that is unknown to the new generation, but a part of history that influences them even today.

Yvonne was a particularly empowering young woman. Her role in the book series was really interesting. First off, she was the first in her family to wear her hair all-natural (an afro). She was a real civil rights activist (not just a participant). She went to college, she risked her life to educate people in the south, and she marched on Washington with thousands of people just to hear Martin Luther King give his most famous speech. I was torn to bits when there wasn’t anyone in the movie to represent her.

Yes, I know American Girl is on a budget. They can’t make their movies too long, with too many people. But I would’ve rather had Yvonne than any of those brats in Melody’s (fake) classroom. Again, how was Maryellen able to get away with having most of her siblings, but Melody’s movie had to succumb to the budget?

Finally, I want to talk about Melody’s mom. I’m happy that she was a hard-working African American woman and that her role revealed the struggle African Americans experienced in the USA. However, I found Melody’s mother to be more empowering and more authentic in the book series than in the movie. In the book series, Melody’s mother wasn’t a struggling seamstress working for racist white people. She was an educated, black teacher, teaching at an all-black school. Melody’s mother graduated from Tuskegee. The movie sort of combined Addy’s mom with Melody’s (maybe to make up for the fact that American Girl, LLC has overlooked Addy as a potential for a good movie all of these years). I was not pleased with this.

I feel that Melody’s mother was over-dramatized in the movie. The book series was more authentic. Maybe it felt more authentic because the panel that worked on the books lived and understood that time period. Maybe it felt more authentic because my own grandmother and her friends had gone to school and became teachers in the 1960s. When I read it in Melody’s stories, I immediately connected with Melody’s mother. But the movie was dramatically trying to show us a racist society. While they did that, they took away Mrs. Ellison’s strengths. Even though the 1960s was a harsh time for African Americans, many were educated by then, many were successful, and many lived comfortably, especially in the North.

I would’ve liked to see Cousin Tish’s salon brought in the movie and I’m still crossing my fingers for the playset in the future.

I also wanted to see Big Momma, one of the most important figures in Melody’s life. She is the one that taught Melody how to sing!

Melody’s friends barely appeared in the movie, and when they did, they were mean little brats. They weren’t supportive like they were in the books.

So much was missing from the movie because the key characters that shaped Melody’s life in the books were not there.

The Story

In the older American Girl movies, the stories were flipped, butchered, and changed around. Scenes were added and scenes were taken out. However, the heart and inspiration was clearly evident. Key important events were not taken out.

For example, Molly’s struggle with her hair was taken out of Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront. However, Molly getting the role as Miss Victory, the most important part of her Changes for Molly book, was in the movie.

There are more examples I could name, but the point is most of the older movies brought the important events from the book series to life.

The new Melody movie was so focused on pushing agendas and highlighting modern-day issues, it failed to actually tell Melody’s stories. Melody was used as a tool to tell an entirely different story unrelated to the released American Girl. And that’s fine. But I watched the movie looking for one of my favorite characters to come to life on screen. I was disappointed when I found I was being introduced to a completely different story with a completely different character in Melody’s wardrobe.

First issue, none of the events in the movie happened in the book. Melody never went to an all-white school in the book series. She attended an all-black school. Her school provided encouragement and support to the students, especially when it came to combating racism. In the books, when the church bombing happened, her teacher talked to the students to console them. Melody’s friends were there for her when she was frightened by the events.

Melody’s reaction to the bombing was different, too. In the movie, she was angry and bold. She posted clippings about events in her all-white school. In the book series, it hit her much deeper. It struck fear in her. It made her afraid to walk in her own church. That felt more realistic, considering she was 9 years old. These different reactions revealed that the two girls were actually TWO DIFFERENT characters. They didn’t react the same to situations, they didn’t have the same personalities. To me, they are two different “Melodys”.

I know the new story relates better to modern black girls. But I feel that they cheated Melody and spent less money on her movie than movies prior. I feel that her stories were butchered the most out of any of the other American Girl characters. And because of that, I don’t feel Melody’s story was really told.

Authenticity and Realism

While some modern day African Americans may find the movie to be more realistic, especially in relation to today’s events and some major occurrences in the past, I found the book series to tackle the Civil Rights Era in a more authentic and realistic fashion overall.

Considering the book series was meant to be told from the perspective of the average 9 year old, living in Detroit in the NORTH during the 1960s, the book series relates more to the real African American story. In the book series, there were many cases of racism in stores, when trying to buy property, or when trying to fix up black neighborhoods. But most black people lived in all-black neighborhoods in nice brick houses. Most children attended all-black schools. Most black families were close-knit. Families were large because of the Baby Boom. The book series had a naturalness to it that felt more authentic.

The movie was definitely what happens when “Hollywood” gets hold of something. With Hollywood taking hold of Melody’s story, everything became more dramatic. Racism and oppression became key themes, but strength, optimism, community, and hope were not added as themes as they were in the books. Especially not the community involvement.

I wish that theme had been brought out because I don’t feel enough African Americans are encouraged to get involved in their own communities. Some have given up hope that they can do anything to make a difference. I really hoped that there would be emphasis on community involvement and I was let down there.

Maybe these things don’t bother most viewers and American Girl fans, and I wouldn’t say it made me hate the movie. But I definitely felt disappointed and didn’t really have the same overwhelming happy feeling so many other people had after watching it. It was decent for a kids’ movie, but it just didn’t live up to former American Girl movies.

After this, I barely wanted to watch Maryellen’s movie. I was afraid it would also be butchered, and if it wasn’t, I would be mad that Maryellen’s movie was closer to her true series and Melody’s wasn’t. So far, I’m not a fan of the move to Amazon Prime. The movies are short, I don’t like paying for Prime just to watch these movies, and I would rather have a hard copy, like I did with other American Girl movies.

Anyway, sorry to be negative about this. I still love Melody and I still support American Girl bringing attention to dolls of color in the future. I’m just not a huge fan of this movie. I don’t think this movie really catered to the fan base and mostly catered to newcomers to the brand.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the movie. Do you think I’m being too petty about it? I am one of those people that can’t read the book series and fully enjoy loose adaptations. 😄 Do you agree with me? Are there any points you appreciated about the movie? Anything you disliked? Please share.

If you haven’t read the books and don’t plan on reading them, I think this movie would be good to watch. If you’ve already read Melody’s series, tread with caution and remember that this movie is a pretty loose adaptation.

Monster High dolls’ Reboot: “How Do You Boo?”

21 Nov

‘How Do You Boo?’ This is the new slogan for the new Monster High reboot. It doesn’t make much sense to me now…Let’s see if we can make sense of it later…


As of summer 2016, following the Welcome To Monster High movie, Mattel (the company that produces Monster High) decided to give the go and have the MH franchise rebranded, rebooted, revamped (however you want to call it).  The new “reboot” also comes with a brand new story retelling the origins of the MH series with a few new characters and some returning ones.  In particular, the main crew, except Ghoulia and Deuce, returned upon launch of the new reboot with new face molds, brand new fashions, and other characterizations.

The biggest question many Monster High fans have is: Why try to reboot an already successful brand after only SIX YEARS? It is the question that plays on my mind as well. It baffles me how Mattel, when the brand is at its height, in such a short time frame, even thought this would be a prosperous business idea. What demographic research have they been studying?

Despite the fact that I couldn’t fathom the idea of a reboot at this point, I still took my time creating this review of the product, thinking maybe I should give this a chance. I gave it a chance, and so far, this reboot fails to impress me.

So, right now, I’m going to let Mattel have a voice. Apparently, Mattel had these things to say:

“A bona fide pop culture phenomenon and a massive global franchise in over 60 countries Monster High is ranked as the third biggest fashion doll brand a $1 billion franchise annually and a top 5 global property for girls! Monster High empowers girls to express their individuality and form friendships that last beyond a lifetime.”

Great, we know this, and this is why we’re confused about the necessity for a reboot…

Now entering its 6th year in the market, in 2016 the brand will embark on an exciting new chapter to maintain its relevance to the ever changing consumer. As an exciting disruptive everygreen brand Monster High will continue to represent via the monster metaphor what it means to be different, unique and empowering girls to be themselves as Mattel leads the way in creating, maintaining and driving strong girl empowerment brands.

“exciting disruptive”…Hey, that sounds just like the Bratz’s producers (MGA) at relaunch….right before they failed to be disruptive…

Apparently, Mattel’s reason for changing the new Monster High dolls was so the brand can be “relevant to the ever-changing consumer”. This could mean two things.

First, it could mean they want to appeal to a new generation. In my opinion, it wouldn’t make much sense to reboot the brand just to appeal to the next generation as the old Monster High is still pretty relevant to kids today…After all, this brand is just six years old…But maybe they see the brand as having a different meaning than it did in 2010 at launch…

Second, it could mean that much of the Monster High fan base have been expressing their boredom with the line and Mattel wants to make it “relevant” to these “ever-changing” consumers.

I’m likened to believe that the real story is that they started Monster High to be a competitor to the Bratz dolls and capture the tween audience when Bratz were removed from shelves. Now that the edgy trend is dying, and Bratz became a thing of the past, Monster High’s old image and story is no longer “relevant”. But that is just my theory…

The key elements that make the brand disruptive will remain but now infused with more play in the product whilst adding renewed focus on the core characters and stories as well as marketing what the brand stands for. The brand will have a fresh new look with new contemporary colours and graphics whilst still incorporating the iconic signatures that make the brand unique and relatable to the core audience of 6-10 year olds.

Supposedly, they said they wanted to keep “key elements that make the brand disruptive”. So far, I don’t understand what they are talking about. Are they talking about the fact that at least they will keep them monsters?…That’s the only thing that makes this brand disruptive anymore.

Monster High was originally designed to capture the tween audience. After all, Garrett Sanders made the doll franchise after observing tweens and teens shopping at Hot Topic. And it has been popular among girls 10 to 14. It’s pretty obvious that Mattel has shifted their demographic focus from the tween audience to the kids with this reboot (the same mistake their competitors at MGA made). This is probably why so many people are complaining. There are many Monster High fans that are over the age of 10! It’s almost as if Mattel forgot who they directed this brand to in the first place. The new reboot looks like it’s made for kids.

They also claimed to focus on the core characters, but they didn’t relaunch Ghoulia as one of the main core characters…In the original, she was one of the core characters. Her name is even in the original theme song.

If they mostly focus on the core characters, it also means they don’t really plan to bring any extra character stories to the table. It’s probably because fans have been complaining about Mattel regurgitating new monsters all the time without focusing on the dolls they already have within unique doll lines…

The brand will also launch an exciting new multiyear brand campaign and new consumer rallying cry “How Do You Boo” encouraging consumers to embrace what makes them unique and share how they Boo. Working with celebrities and brands spokespeople the campaign will communicate what it means to boo, to be yourself and start a movement encourage girls to do the same.

So, Mattel explains that the new slogan “How Do You Boo?” is supposed to encourage us to embrace what makes us all unique and to share that. But Monster High always encouraged people to embrace what made them unique before they changed to this cheesy slogan. So why this slogan? Still no answers. I don’t get what this slogan is supposed to mean..How is “Boo” relevant to embracing what makes us unique? Are they asking how we scare people? Are they asking about our own special “scare”?

Maybe it’s supposed to go over well on Twitter…

So far, you can already tell where this reboot is headed and you probably can guess I’m not a fan of it.

Upon rebooting, the MH look very different from their original counterparts.  The Monster High dolls are no longer the glossy eyed freaks of nature that haunted the shelves of every store…No…They are now doe-eyed little monsters that hardly seem as if they could haunt anything.  In fact, to refer to them as haunting is laughable…

Let me compare the old dolls to the new to show you all the unique differences between them. Let me know if what I’m seeing is just my imagination. In my opinion, the Monster High dolls look more like Elementary School kids now instead of saucy teenagers…


Some people like the cute look better, just like they liked that “anime” that came out.

Let me just be honest: this reboot smells like a failure to me.  I’m pretty sure it’s a failed attempt at competing with the Disney Princess line. With their old Bratz competitors out of the way, I’m sure Mattel is less interested in keeping up with the outdated edgy trend and more interested in keeping up with the Disney Princess/Frozen/Descendants franchise that is getting the attention of consumers these days.  Keeping that in mind, while I find the reboot to be laughable…I’m not at all surprised that the reboot happened this way and so soon.  In fact, I predicted that Mattel would eventually run out of a way to keep MH interesting and would maybe have to reboot the whole thing eventually.

Monster High: The Halloween Trend

And considering how Mattel is not the kind of company that cares about originality, diversity, or anything else unless it is a selling trend (which is also something I had mentioned at this article 14 Ways Mattel Can Screw Up A Doll Line), it also does not surprise me that the Monster High dolls look more like little monster Barbies. After all, the same producers of Barbie created the Monster High. I’m surprised anyone is surprised about the outcome of this reboot, considering this fact.

I want to talk about which parts of the reboot I liked and which part I didn’t…

But I’m going to be honest with you…I haven’t quite found a whole lot of things to like about this reboot.

Monster High’s Doll Features

Monster High’s newest dolls, as I’ve explained before have changed…Honestly to the point that it seems like a totally different line from Monster High.  It is hard to believe they are called Monster High. When I look at these dolls, none of them actually look like Monsters. Seriously, they look like…well…normal little girls.  Seriously, Mattel? The one thing that made MH unique, you take it away? What business sense does that make, exactly?


I guess freaky is no longer fabulous…but at least they’re cute right?…(*puke*)

One of the features that are distinctively different (and disgusting) is their eyes. Their new eyes give no sense of personality or attitude. They just look like a bunch of goo-goo-eyed girly girls made only to stand there and look cute. There is no message behind them; no depth or mystery.  Just enlarged eye pupils that scream “we’re kid friendly”.

Other parts of the new features of MH that seem to be lacking are the details and quality.  Let me use Frankie as an example. Frankie had one of the most detailed bodies, with the various stitches made to seem patched to her skin and the bolts aligned with the detailed patch work right on her neck…But now the patchwork that was so nicely constructed on Frankie’s neck looks like someone put a bunch of stickers together. It hardly looks like patch work. And poor Lagoona Blue.  Her old doll had webbed hands to represent her water monster greatness, but now her fingers are just your average fingers with no distinction from any of the other dolls.   Skelita Calaveras’s new look is what troubles me the most. For a skeleton…she seems to have a very fleshly face in comparison to her old look which maintained a bony structure. Observe.


Old Skelita: Absolutely flawless design capturing a skeleton with such style and grace. Too bad, this version no longer exists.

New Skelita: Someone on the design team apparently failed anatomy because last time I checked skeletons do not have noses as noses do not have bones. SMH Be honest, does she seriously look like a skeleton?

New Skelita: Someone on the design team apparently failed anatomy because last time I checked skeletons do not have noses as noses do not have bones. SMH Be honest, does she seriously look like a skeleton?

What really takes away from MH’s monstrous look is the articulation of the dolls; they hardly have the monstrous body articulation the originals had, neither are the articulations distinct from one another.

Maybe this all has to do with budget cuts? Quality sometimes decreases when a company is struggling with a line. But seriously…The big doe-eyes were quite unnecessary.

Can I also mention how all the dolls upon reboot have pink lips now? Thank goodness Deuce is supposed to be a guy who is uninterested in make-up, otherwise he also would have pink lips like all the rest of them.

What message is Monster High trying to send by making the monsters look “normal”? Well considering the slogan is no longer “Be yourself, be unique, be a Monster” or “Freaky Just Got Fabulous”, I guess Mattel no longer cares to promote such values any longer. They care more about how someone “boos”…whatever that means.

I got the hint from reader discontinuedtoylines regarding why they made such drastic changes to these features. And it was just as I feared: the soccer moms have struck again.

Apparently, monster high was too “scary” for children (though the original target demographic should’ve been old enough to understand how harmless these dolls are). Some parents really thought this doll was designed for their 8 year old child, when the original target age was 10 to 14. That being said, Mattel couldn’t risk getting on parents’ bad side, not in this declining market. I guess they had to sacrifice a quality doll line just to stay in parents’ good graces.

Monster High’s Doll Clothing And Accessories

The main appeal of Monster High was their freaky fabulous fashions that were made to accentuate the monsters in various unique ways.  The outfits usually had just as much details as the body, and the accessories are always to die for.  With the reboot, while the outfits are not typically hideous, they are simply uninspired and ordinary compared to the original outfits for most of the lines. There’s no pizzazz and the detail has been downgraded, especially when it comes to the accessories.

Let’s compare the relaunch with the original launch, shall we?


Original Launch

In the original launch, each of the girls have their own style and flair. They have accessories that simply bring out the best in each outfit. Not one part of their outfit resembles the other, which shows that the monsters are very different from one another both by personality and monster hybrid.  The patterns do a good job in captivating each monster, letting us know which monster they are while still making them look fabulous. Now let’s look at the new monster high reboot.



The new monster high dolls for the 1st wave of the reboot have a lack of interesting and diverse clothing accessories in comparison to their original dolls. To add, look at the patterns. They do not give me any indication as to which monster any of them are. For example, Cleo looks like a tree monster to be sure.  Clawdeen looks like a leopard or a cheetah. Seriously, look at her pants. Leopard/Cheetah print? I thought she was a werewolf…or is she now a werecat?  Of all the outfits presented, Draculaura (who usually had one of the most adorable pieces in the line) has the ugliest outfits in this reboot. Compared to her original look which was just spooktacularly vampirous and cute at the same time, the way her outfits are put together now are simply just tacky.  I should also mention that Draculaura and Frankie have basically the same shoes on in different colors with the first wave of the reboot.

Most of the other lines (besides Shriek Wreck) resemble this 1st wave reboot.  Most of them are boring enough to literally make me yawn. I think the most disappointing of all of the MH reboot doll lines was Monster High’s Electrified line. You would think that more would be electrifying about these dolls besides their hair…


Of course, there was one line that stood out from the rest. Of all the lines set to be released for the MH reboot, Shriek Wrecked has given some good fashion details…


In comparison to MH’s past lines, however, it lacks a lot of sass. The fashions are really girly, lacking the edge that MH’s past lines had.

Compare Skull Shores, a past line, to Shriek Wreck: skull-shores

As you can see in the above Skull Shores line, the original MH looked sassier and more grown up in the past. While in the Shriek Wreck line, they look much younger. And don’t get me started on the quality; painted on gloves for Lagoona is not a good sign.

And for crying out loud, will Mattel just cool it with the pink?! JEEZ! Monster High has gotten so pink, it’s sickening!

Still, Shriek Wreck is the best to date. It’s just not interesting enough to turn my head. I’m just not interested in buying any of the dolls (I would’ve gotten Rochelle had they not given her painted on gloves).

The lack of sassiness and diversity in the new dolls’ appearances could have something to do with the “feminist” movement. On Bit**Media, a feminist website, an article was written by feminist Deb Jannerson about how much she disliked the Monster High’s makeup and clothing, claiming they were “hypersexualized, heavily made-up dolls with über-Barbie proportions”. I’m sure there are more feminists out there who think the same way.

Feminists tend to hate anything that appears to them to be overly “sexualized”.  They don’t often see how an empowering female can appear in diverse ways. It’s gotten to the point they seem to lack an imagination entirely and can’t see how the dolls resemble “cartoons” rather than real humans. And they aren’t even MEANT to be human!

Seriously, hasn’t anyone else noticed how long the skirts are in comparison to the originals? That smells like the feminist agenda written all over it. It’s that “agenda” that encourages doll companies to make their dolls look more like “normal” girls. But for fans, who fell in love with monster high because they were NOT normal, because of their short skirts, the make-up, the glossy eyes, the things these feminists call “hypersexualized” and “heavily made-up”, the details are what made Monster High an edgy and scary cool work of art. With this reboot, all of that has been taken from Monster High, making them look more like scared little girls. I’m not going to say all feminists feel this way. But even a small group of feminists who feel this way have a way of forcing their beliefs on various doll companies, television or movie industries, and book publishers.  Do not underestimate the damage the feminist movement can do.

Now, I know what you guys are thinking. ‘Well, they might give more detailed fashion lines in the future like Shriek Wreck, so let’s not jump to conclusions’, right? You’re probably right. There are other lines that have to be seen. But so far, even some of the other future releases that I have seen after Shriek Wreck left me unimpressed. Nothing has motivated me to want to buy any of the new MH releases this year or next year. Absolutely nothing.

Monster High Story: New Story And Characters

So aside from the doll relaunch, a brand new Monster High story was born.  Meaning the story that was once Monster High is no longer its story.  Remember when Frankie was the new girl at Monster High after being born just a few days before attending the school? Well, yeah, that story no longer exists in this new reboot.  All the movies and TV specials that came out, fleshing out the monster high characters, you might as well toss them because none of the relationships and situations that were in the original stories are relevant now.

In the old story, Monster High was an already established school. Mistress Headmistress was the strong empowering female leader of the school in the original story.  In the original story, it was a normal school like ours, except everyone who attended were monsters. But now that story has been changed. In the new story, it is Draculaura and her father who turn their home into what we know as Monster High. Mistress Headmistress has been replaced with Draculaura’s father, a male figure (How peculiar for Mattel to do this during a modern era for women. And what this also means is that Mistress Headmistress may no longer be a character or doll in the future MH series). Anyway, the school is now a boarding school and all the ghouls live with each other in this school. Yep, no one has unique houses that they go home to. They just all come to this one school and live(I wonder how the playsets will look…).

Also, in this new reboot, Mistress Headmistress is not the only character that has failed to be apart of the new series reboot. In the original series, Clawdeen had two sisters and an older brother (along with a few other siblings). In this reboot, however, she only has little brothers. What does this mean for the future of Clawd, Howleen, and Clawdia (Clawdeen’s siblings in the original story)? It may mean that we may never see these characters or dolls in the future.

And with this reboot, Ghoulia is replaced by a new zombie character known as Moanica D’Kay. Unlike Ghoulia (who speaks zombie language), apparently Moanica speaks like a “normal” person (I guess Mattel really wants to put more emphasis on being “normal” and how great it is).  And with an added touch,  this new character’s signature color is none other than the color PINK…

Also new to the stage of new characters, Spectra is replaced with the character Ari Hauntington (which I’m pretty sure is Ariana Grande in monster form). It’s quite interesting because Spectra’s name was going to be Von Hauntington originally.

Check it out: Spectra-Von Hauntington

Ari is a typical Mattel character. She’s girly, shy, and she sings.  Typical recipe for selling points, right? Not to mention she can also solidify herself into a popstar named Tash. And let me say that her other form looks just like Barbie.  (I predict that Ari Hauntington’s human form may also have a doll…she looks like a “seller”).  There are also some new characters that were introduced in the Welcome To Monster High movie such as Raythe and the Skeleton Boys, Skelly and Bonesy.


“She’s a Barbie girl, in a Barbie wooorrrlldd”…That should definitely be her theme song.

So, what do I think of the story change? I personally don’t see why it was necessary.  Sure the movie animation was nice, but the new story feels less relatable compared to the original story.  To add, I hate how the story butchered Clawdeen’s family…

Did anyone else notice that the males in this series seem even less relevant than they did before?

And it isn’t just the story, but the look of the webisodes that have had a change.  Normally, I typically like stop motion and Monster High’s stop motion would actually be pretty good. However, only the characters had their original face molds.  To add, when I compare stop motion webisodes with MH’s cartoon web series, I honestly like the cartoon web series better.

One reason I prefer the animated web series is because the stop motions only make use of the characters that have dolls.  Therefore, there is limited characterization within the web series. That also means most of the characters will be females (because naturally most of MH dolls are female), most of them will consist of the main characters without showing their interactions with other characters, and there may not be much story in each episode in comparison to the former webisodes.

So, the new webisodes will not do much as far as fleshing out the characters’ personalities and relationships.  This bothers me a bit because the webisodes were originally really good at showcasing Monster High’s diversity. Even though not all of the characters had dolls from the web series, they were still very entertaining to watch.  After the first few watches of the stop motion series, I honestly lost interest in watching anymore. Its only entertainment value lies in the fact that it is stop-motion, a cool way to bring animation to inanimate objects. But it is not something I would enjoy following for the next few years to come.

What bugs me even more is the change they made to the webisode animation style caused Mattel to cancel “The Lost Movie”, the movie that was supposed to be an animated crossover between the Monster High Characters and the Ever After High characters.

To see what “The Lost Movie” looked like in its early stages:

It’s ironic that they used the same marketing tools that competitors MGA used for the relaunched Bratz. The Bratz flopped after such awful marketing strategies. Mattel is following them right into the fire.

Overall, the new Monster High reboot may be perfect for children 8 years and younger. After all, the girls look like cute little 7 year olds, the clothing is age-appropriate, and the web series totally relates to little kids (including a webisode in which the girls in stop motion learn how to ride a bike for the first time. EVERY kid can relate to that)! Best of all, none of the girls have icky boyfriends (little kids hate that stuff, right?). And at last, parents may be pleased to see that Monster High looks “normal” and feminists will be pleased to see that MH dolls no longer objectify them by wearing too much make-up and almost all the skirts go to the knees…There is absolutely nothing daring about what they wear, which is a win for both parents and feminists alike, right?

But for some people who are tweens, teenagers, and adult collectors(the actual consumers), this reboot may be seen as a serious joke. I’m one of those collectors who find this reboot to be one of the most laughable doll reboots in history.

Leave a comment in the comments’ section below and let me know what YOU think about the new Monster High reboot. Do you love it or is it going in your failed reboot archives, like it is going in mine?


‘Fantastic Beasts (And Where To Find Them)’ Is Fantastically Magical (Movie Review)

21 Nov

I haven’t been this satisfied coming out of a movie theater since I went to go see the first Hunger Games movie.


At a time when immigrants still had to travel through Ellis Island to land in the USA, a time when bell caps and bobs were a fashion trend, a time when mothers would make their children take off their own belts just to spank them with it (and there were hardly any abuse laws), the movie invites us back in time to the 1920s.

Mix magic and mystery with a little history, and you’ve got the gist of this movie.

The movie is inspired by a published book of the same name, and is meant to be both a prequel to and spin-off of the Harry Potter series, taking place 70 years before the start of the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling, of course, is the author of both. She also took the role of screenwriter for this film. It’s no wonder the movie was so interesting and engaging.

Five films have been planned for the series already. Warner Bros. is in charge of it again, which I’m thankful. (Sidenote: I wish they would also go back to producing American Girl’s films as well). They love to take on projects dealing with New York (remember the Dark Knight?)

Harry Potter put magic in the hands of youth. This movie is putting magic in the hands of experienced adults. Yet, though most of the characters in the movie most were adults, the child in all of us was released. I felt that I could see myself in the only main character without magic. I was spellbound.

We are introduced to an interesting protagonist, who distinctly but humbly leaves his head lowered in most cases, named Newt Scamander. He is a “beast rights activist” of sorts. He travels from England to the USA to collect rare creatures and release rare creatures back into their natural habitats. He captures these beasts within his briefcase. Walking the streets of New York City, Newt stops at a meeting that seeks to hunt down “witches”, sparked by disastrous events that have been happening in the city. While among this crowd, one of the creatures escapes Newt’s briefcase, causing mayhem at a New York City bank. This is the beginning of a fascinating and complex story.

The pacing of the movie was not bad. There are many scenes dedicated to showing off the visuals, especially when focusing on the beasts themselves. There were a lot of action scenes, magical scenes, mysterious scenes. There were few plot holes, aside from things deliberately left out. It was well-told.

Even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan, anyone could appreciate and understand this story. It was written in a way that can introduce newcomers to the franchise. The story only makes slight connections to the Harry Potter series.

For Harry Potter fans, there are quite a few “easter eggs” throughout. Mentions of Hogwarts, the spell “Alohomora”, and Dumbledore are just some of the familiar things mentioned in Fantastic Beasts. Mostly, though, Fantastic Beasts may feel like an entirely different series. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone in the US), Fantastic Beasts is a textbook that Harry and his friends had on their reading lists. It’s a book describing the magical beasts in their universe. But the stories seem unique from one another, though the heart is still there. Everyone can go into this series with a fresh outlook with few expectations as a result.

David Yates returns as director and David Heyman returns as producer along with Lionel Wigram. With this team, this movie turned out to be a success.

I recommend people see this movie. It can be good for the whole family, but it may go over the heads of very small children.


Betty Spaghetty Makes A Return in 2016

18 Jul
Artwork by Jordanswintart @ deviantart

Artwork by Jordanswintart @ deviantart

Betty Spaghetty is due to return this August, just in time for the fall quarter. The newer, re-vamped version has appeared at the Toy Fair and it seems a few people were able to share their findings on Youtube.

For those of you who don’t know who (or rather what) Betty Spaghetty is (probably those of you who were not ’90s kids), Betty Spaghetty was a line of bendable, stretchy dolls meant to look spaghetti-like, only with funky, colorful clothes and various facial expressions. It was a way to play on the fact that kids often ‘play with their food’. You know how kids add “faces” with different food items onto their sandwiches? Or maybe play “Godzilla” with their dinosaur crackers? Yeah, same concept, only this time manufactured into a toy line.

Elonne Dantzer was the genius who brought these dolls to life. Her real inspiration behind Betty Spaghetty was Lego toys. She wanted to create a “girls’ Lego” (before Lego Friends came to stores), playing on the fact that you can put Legos together and take them apart to create things. The character was meant to be “cartoonish” in style, with a very expressive face and bendable body, something little kids could really enjoy. She was originally supposed to be “Bendy Boop”, but after a test session with a little girl, she became who we know today.

Ms. Dantzer explains more about it at The Blade.

The Ohio Art Company, the company who took on the idea, first brought these dolls to stores in 1998. The main ‘Betty Spaghetty’ character was a blonde, perky teenager who loved fashion (Hey, this was the 1990’s, okay? You can only expect the stereotype), but she came with friends and a little sister. The dolls were rubbery, including the hair, which was fun for kids who loved to style hair. The hands and feet were removable. They had various accessories as well. In each box, Betty had a new facial expression, which was always my favorite part of the doll line.

Betty Spaghetty was discontinued in 2004. Back then, there was strong competition in the doll market (With a strong push by most toy manufacturers to appeal to the tween market at this time, Betty, targeted to kids as young as four, didn’t stand a chance).

Betty tried to make a comeback in 2007, but she had no luck with sales. I guess the world wasn’t ready for her return just yet. And of course, the internet didn’t create much of the sensations it does today.

Now, the dolls are slated to make another return. Let’s see what’s happening now.

My first thought was…Lalaloopsy Girls anyone?


I watched the Toy Fair video, saw pictures of the dolls, watched the commercial, and visited the official website. I’m still certain that this revamp is a new product with the Betty Spaghetty brand stamped on it for press coverage.

First off, the new dolls are no longer created by Ohio Art. Moose Toys is now in charge. They created the Shopkins and there is a striking resemblance between the Shopkins and the new Betty dolls. I guess that’s why they took over the Spaghetty dolls. They’re a company known for putting “faces” on normal grocery items…

Now that there’s a new company involved, there are several differences between the original Betty Spaghetty and the newer dolls. The differences I see really take away the charm the brand once had. I have a problem with companies that try to revive something without really understanding the essence of what they are bringing back into the world.

There is only one pro that I see: Betty is more diverse in her presentation. And it’s not like the original Betty Spaghetty didn’t have many friends with different ethnic backgrounds and shades. But they were clearly sidekicks. Originally, blonde “Betty” got all the attention. Now, Betty is mostly customizable and she often has different hair colors, like blue hair. This relates to a wider audience.

Of course, I’m only looking from an early perspective. When they arrive on shelves, I may have better opinions about them.

The real problem is that not only am I unimpressed, I’m simply not feeling nostalgic with this release, either. So, who are they literally trying to appeal to here? I don’t understand who would want these dolls with so many other more interesting ones floating around and with the original Betty Spaghetty floating around on the second market.

These dolls just don’t feel “Betty” enough. They literally seem to be reaching with this comeback. Let me just run down the significant differences for you.

1) She’s Not Truly Bendable Anymore

maxresdefault (1)

Yes, these dolls are not truly bendable. Even in the video above, the commercial, and several pictures, it seems like the presenters struggle to bend their arms and legs for an easy bendable pose. Betty Spaghetty is supposed to be tall and lanky and spaghetti-like. She’s supposed to be noodle-skinny. She was so thin, you could add beads to her arms and legs. These girls are short, with big heads and a body proportion that rivals Monster High, Ever After High, or the re-vamped Bratz dolls.

Really, the presenter showed no effort in demonstrating Betty’s bendable poses. It’s probably because that was the last thing considered when making this doll. They clearly wanted to emphasize the fact that these dolls have a ‘mix-and-match’ function. The only thing noodly about these girls is their rubber hair. Whoopie.

The arms and legs on these dolls only manage simple poses. The only thing familiar about the body is the rubbery feeling.


 2) The Doll Clothing Lacks Funk

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update: Originally, I wasn’t fond of the clothes because I thought they were boring. I mean, can you blame me? That Toy Fair did nothing to boost Betty’s reputation.

However, I’m not excited about the new dolls either. They aren’t as boring as they once looked, but they are still more boring than Betty originally was. They just lack funk.

The 1990s is over, I know. But I think the funky style suited Betty well. Betty Spaghetty dolls are supposed to be teenagers. These new dolls’ outfits look made for little girls. They’re colorful, but not cool. I absolutely dislike blonde Betty in a “princess” costume. Ugh.

These outfits are just too typical.

On the main website, it looks like they have 12 dolls released so far: Chef Betty, Cupcake Betty, Princess Betty, Fairy Betty, Popstar Betty, Cafe Lucy, Skate Lucy, Beach Zoey, Hula Zoey, Ballet Betty, Pink Ski Betty, and Blue Ski Betty.

A sister brand to the Shopkins for sure…

Though they revamped some of Betty’s older lines, like the ski line, it lacks all the flavor of the original. Blonde Betty herself is super “feminine” and is not the fashionista she once was.

They still don’t have tons of jewelry or the make-up that Betty had, which made all of her clothes pop, made her colorful, and even more FUNKY.

Betty always reminded me of Claudia from the Babysitters Club, if any of you all remember the series…Her style was just so original and cool.

The new Betty Spaghetty dolls aren’t ugly, just too sweet and childish for my tastes.


images 518UP+Cc3jL._AC_UL320_SR268,320_

Even the first revamp had a better selection. I’m sick that it didn’t take off the ground like it should’ve…Especially after seeing these new dolls.


3) Their Faces Lack Expression


Betty Spaghetty had many different facial expressions in every release. Sometimes she would look surprised or excited or happy, and other times she would look solemn or even scared. She seemed to have a little personality all her own. Her lips weren’t the only things that GAVE her personality. Her EYES even gave her personality.

The new dolls? Not so much. First off, they have noses. The original Betty was cartoonish, as intended, and didn’t have a nose on her roundish, shiny face. The new “Betty” seems like an attempt at a CGI cartoon.

The new dolls’ expressions are all pretty much the SAME. There seem to mostly be three types of faces: solemn smile, regular smile or chipper wide grin. The eyes are all the SAME. They lack color as well. Betty and her friends used to have individual expressions and often those expressions were related to the line they were released in. The new Betty dolls all look…the same.

They’re not wearing make-up, so they don’t have any extra art or color to their faces, aside from some blush to make their cheeks rosy. And it’s not bad to be fresh-faced, but the new dolls don’t look as funky, colorful, or creative as the original Betty.




4) They Don’t Look Like Teenagers


Betty Spaghetty was tall, wore makeup, and shopped. She looked like a teenager. Her clothing lines reflected a teenager. The new Betty Spaghetty dolls look like kids. I’m not going to say all teenagers should be tall and lanky, but the clothing and lines for the new Betty dolls (like the hula outfit, the inline skating one, etc) look like something a child would wear. At least bring back Betty’s essence. Being a teenager is far more glamorous for kids. Why? Because it’s something they can…IMAGINE. They can’t imagine being who they already are. That’s the problem with toys like this. They lack imagination. They lack vision. They lack creativity.

Do you really expect me to believe that “ballet-princess-fairy” Betty is a teenager? 😄 I don’t think so.

I know Betty Spaghetty was always directed to children 4 years old and older, but these dolls don’t seem ready for playtime no matter the age. The only things kids can do with these dolls are braid the hair and change the clothes. The accessories are not ugly, but most of them are common in any toy line. The bodies aren’t even bendable. It’s not like you can put beads on the arms. They are too thick and don’t bend. Boring. I can’t see any kids wanting to play with these toys for long.

5) Betty is not Really Blonde Anymore


It looks like one blonde doll is still in the line as Betty, but according to the main website, there are TWO types of “Bettys”. One has blonde hair, the other has blue hair.

This is kind of confusing and I think this is bad. People will be looking for blonde Betty which will take away sales from the blue-haired doll. Why didn’t they give her a new name instead of making two Betty dolls? They have Lucy and Zoey. I just don’t understand why there needs to be two dolls named Betty.

The sad part is blue-haired Betty has better clothes than “princess-ballet-cupcake-chef” Betty. The new blonde Betty is girlish and childish, while blue-haired Betty is a “popstar” (though gag me with the fairy one) and takes on Betty’s “ski line”.


I understand the diversity thing, but Betty was known as blonde. Even in the commercial, I saw blonde Betty getting the shine among the other dolls, but then at the end, I see the blue-haired doll…

Maybe they want Betty to have diverse hair colors? Which is cool and all, but the problem is the dolls’ facial expressions and skin are not that diverse. Most people will decifer the differences by hair color, and most people assume blonde Betty is Betty…


It seems like companies are out to revive the 1990’s. Companies are out to revive old products in general because lately only popular brands sell well in the toy market (and just about every market today). But I feel if these companies lose the heart of the brand, there’s no way they can truly revive a product the way they wish.

Perhaps Moose recognized that Ohio Art had been unsuccessful with the original re-vamp and felt that they should try to design and market Betty dolls differently. But I doubt these will do any better.

I’m also considering the fact that Moose couldn’t make their new dolls like the original Betty. If Ohio Art still kept the copyrights to the original design or the original creator pulled the original designs, that would mean Moose had to start their designs from scratch and would have to make their Betty dolls look different. I feel that if they couldn’t get hold of the original designs, why make these dolls?

I think it’s just time to hang up on Betty Spaghetty. The new generation hardly plays with dolls, but the dolls they do enjoy have an even bigger brand name in the toy market with the proper marketing tools. If Moose Toys make Youtube videos for Betty like they do for Shopkins, maybe they will reap some success. It already seems set up for a CGI release or something like that. But I doubt it will stay popular for long.

Visit their website

As more information is revealed, I will be updating this article.

What are your thoughts readers? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

What Do Your Zodiac Signs’ Colors Say About YOU?

22 Jun


Many of you have probably heard of your “astrological” or “zodiac” sign before. You probably know whether you’re an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces, right?

But many of you may not know that the signs we’re most familiar with are our “star” signs or Sun signs and that we have 9 other important “planetary” signs in our astrological natal charts.

For those who don’t know this, this article may be too confusing for you.

To Learn more about this, move on over to this article first: Introduction to the Planets, Signs, and Aspects

For those who are aware, this will be a good, simple read.

We’ve all heard that certain colors are associated with certain Sun signs. Well, those colors are not just for the Sun. We could exude other planetary energies if we wear the colors associated with our other signs. This could bring balance to our wardrobes and allow us to have some variety.

I created this color guide so that everyone can bring out the best of their natal charts and so people won’t feel so consumed by the colors of their Sun signs.

First, let’s start off with the colors associated with the 12 signs:

Aries, vibrant and bold 
Other: violet, blue, black, and white, gold

Taurus, calm and sensual 
Main-pale Pink, Green
Other: pale Yellow, pale blue, pale purple, white, brown, black

Gemini, bright and social
Other: bright green, burnt orange, blue, pink

Cancer, caring and dreamy 
Main-Silver, Grey, white
Other: purple, green, blue

Leo, dramatic and dignified
Main-gold, orange
Other: purple, red, copper, baige, rose pink, yellow

Virgo, intelligent and down-to-earth 
Main-brown, green
Other: dark blue, grey, white, rust purple

Libra, classy and easy-going 
Other: pale green, purple, white, pink, white, pastels

Scorpio, magnetic and powerful
Main-shades of red, black
Other: dark Purple, dark gray, seaweed green, dark blue

Sagittarius, adventurous and wise
Main-Purple,light and dark shades, dark blue
Other: blue, green, dark brown, black, red, yellow

Capricorn, cool and goal-oriented
Main-Black, dark brown, dark gray
Other: indigo, dark purple, navy, dark red, brown, white, dark green

Aquarius, spontaneous and altruistic
Main-Electric blue, turquoise,aquamarine
Other: blue, green, purple, neon pink, red, electric colors, strange colors

Pisces, imaginative and perceptive
Main-Sea green, shades of purple
Other: mauve, silver, white, blue, violet, all decided by their moods

If we combine the colors of the signs with the planetary meanings, we will begin to understand how we can bring out the best in our outfits and ourselves.

Next is how planetary meanings can resonate with the colors in your clothes:

The Sun-Rules the ego and the basic self, the inner identity. Wearing the colors of our Sun sign will feel the most natural. To the world, it will seem to fit with your general identity. Reflecting who you “are”, you are likely to attract the right opportunities to yourself that will make you content, happy, and confident in your skin. People have developed their identities since they were children, so wearing the colors will seem to bring you back to your youth. At the same time, because you are one with yourself, you will have more confidence, which will make you seem like an authority figure to others. These colors would be perfect to wear for any occasion, especially when you need a confidence boost.

Example: When Sun is in its rulership sign of Leo, wearing bright and bold colors like orange or gold will fit well with their natural dramatic identity. They will definitely be able to attract attention and adoration, which makes them happy and confident!

J-Lo looks naturally aglow in orange! It suits her regal personality!

J-Lo looks naturally aglow in orange! It suits her regal personality! It won’t be hard for this Leo to get attention!

The Moon-Rules the home, moods, feelings. When we wear the colors of our Moon sign, we may be conveying several energies depending on our feelings and mood. The moon is the innermost part of us. It’s very personal. If we wear the colors of our moon, it’s almost like a mood ring reflecting our general moods and feelings. At the same time, these colors could attract circumstances that could improve our overall mood and feelings. We may also feel more connected with our family, culture, and home environment when we wear these colors. The colors could go well with our home décor to improve the overall mood of our homes. These colors would be perfect to wear when feeling down or feeling inspired.

Example: When the Moon is in Scorpio, its falling sign, the people influenced tend to have brooding or deep feelings all the time. Their feelings are extreme and overwhelming at times. Dark colors reflect this brooding mood and depth of mind. But it can also be healing and powerful for them to wear such dark colors. These colors may remind them of darker memories, but these private individuals may still find comfort in black or dark red for home décor and fashion styles. It keeps the busy-bodies away.


Beyonce expresses her inner fierceness in this dark red leather coat! Moon in Scorpio at its finest!

Mercury-Rules communication and the conscious mind (thoughts). When we wear the colors of Mercury, we’re revealing the natures of our thoughts and helping ourselves communicate better. Any creative ideas will be expressed easier through the colors that resonate well with our thinking patterns. We would also attract the right circumstances and people for easier communication and mental stimulation. These colors would be perfect to wear when giving a speech, going to work or school, going to a party, or roaming about the neighborhood.

Example:  When Mercury is in Libra, light pastel colors reflect their cool and diplomatic thoughts on matters. They can better present diplomatic ideas when wearing colors that are soft on the eyes. Most people will be able to listen to them when they aren’t loud or flamboyant in their color choices. They will also attract diplomatic and easy-going people, the perfect types for socializing and helping to create a scene of harmony.

Leonardo is showing off his cool Mercury in Libra side. Doesn't this outfit scream "laid-back"?

Leonardo is showing off his cool Mercury in Libra side. Doesn’t this outfit scream “laid-back”?

Venus-Rules Beauty, love, art, affection, aesthetic sense, values, harmony. Venus rules over the color scheme, taste, and style. When we wear the colors of our Venus sign, we are introducing to the world our own individual style and taste!  As a result, we are also sharing our own unique charms and physical beauty. Venus refines us all. When wearing these colors, we tend to look more refined and elegant to the outside world. Venus softens any rough edges and adds an appealing glow to us. These colors would be best to wear on a first date or a night out with friends. If you want to look fabulous all the time, wear a hint of it every day! With Venus colors, we can look quite sexy in a subtle way.

Example: When Venus is in Aries, her detrimental sign, bold red could bring out this individual’s beauty, charms, and graces. They just really look good in red! These people usually like the color red, along with blue, purple, black, and white.

Lily James looks both natural and lovely in red! (Sun and Venus in Aries)

Mars-Rules energy, ambition, drive, aggression, and sex. As a malefic planet, Mars can be tricky. It can be intense or cruel and yet powerful. When we wear the colors of Mars, we are bringing out our own fierce energy and ambition. We will be attracting the right situations to us to help us reach our goals! Unfortunately, we’ll attract competition and enemies, too. Yet, this intensity can make us appear strong and sexy, and not the subtle kind of sexy. Steamy hot! Our greatest passions come out in the colors represented by our Mars signs.

Example: When Mars is in Gemini, these individuals will show their fun but scattered energy and drive when they sport bright and vibrant colors like yellow. They will certainly attract plenty of people who are interesting, and it will be because they look bold and interesting! They will be able to ease any sort of boredom when they wear vibrant colors. Situations will come towards them that promise a good time. Who wouldn’t want to hang with someone in bright yellow? Seems like a fun person! Of course, these people are taking a chance when they sport such a bold color. There will be people who think this color is too loud. But they still manage to blow off some steamy sex appeal in bright colors.

US actress Uma Thurman poses as she arrives for the screening of the film "Sils Maria" at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI (Photo credit should read ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Uma Thurman definitely looks interesting and bold in yellow! She really brings out her Mars in Gemini energy. Doesn’t she seem more approachable?

Jupiter-Rules luck, expansion, beliefs. This is the greatest benefic. When we wear the colors of our Jupiter signs, we attract all sorts of fortune! We attract the right opportunities to expand our horizons when we step into these colors. Anything that does some good in our lives could ultimately make us happy. Therefore, wearing these colors will bring smiles to our faces and give us a boost of energy. These colors may also put us in touch with our beliefs. Our beliefs will be taken seriously if we reflect what we believe.

Example: When Jupiter is in Scorpio, these people attract the opportunity to get involved in some deep and intense experiences that will change their world forever when they sport dark colors like black, dark red, and purple. They also reflect their deep beliefs when they wear these colors. I mean, anyone looking as intense as a Scorpio must have some deep thoughts, right? These people enjoy shaking things up and living life on the edge. A dark color like black and dark red is enough to make them smile!


Britney shows us sexy and edgy in this hot dark red sequined stage ensemble! It’s no surprise she’s Jupiter in Scorpio

Saturn-Rules structure, form, limitation, and responsibility. When we wear the colors of our Saturn, it may take a while for us to warm up to it. But we won’t regret it! We will bring out our professional talents when we wear these colors and will attract success. These colors will thus make us look more mature. If you want to look wiser, wear the colors of your Saturn.

Example: When Saturn is in Sagittarius, wearing the color purple would put them in touch with their more mature and wise side. These people want to learn from the world and teach others or inspire others. In purple, the combination of passionate red and subtle blue will help them find experiences and students to teach.


Madonna gives us the adventure but still carries her “diva” wisdom in purple. Saturn in Sagittarius can make even the most outrageous outfit seem sophisticated.

Uranus-Generational Planet. Rules change, spontaneity, and innovation. When we wear the colors of our Uranus signs, we reflect the changing attitudes of our generation and our sense of rebellion against the norm. These colors could bring us closer to inspired thought. Free your inner rebel in these colors! There’s probably more that we can do with this color than ever before. Now is your time to get innovative and start integrating these colors in spontaneous ways!

Example: When Uranus is in Aquarius, its rulership, these individuals are growing up at a time when anything is possible! They want to be seen as unique and original, so bold electric colors best help them get in touch with their generation’s message. These are the times to dip into some new unusual colors that have probably never been heard before and start trying new things with them!

Definitely representing the Uranus in Aquarius generation!

Definitely representing the Uranus in Aquarius generation! Kylie Jenner made a bold fashion statement with turquoise blue hair!

Neptune-Generational Planet. Rules imagination, artistry, illusion, fantasy. Most of these things are found in books, movies, magazines, tv shows, the internet, and in stores. We are all influenced by entertainment and other art forms, even if we don’t realize it. That’s how subtle influence can be. Neptune could rule over the fashion worn by our favorite celebrities in our favorite movies or music videos. It also inspires fashion designers and what they put out in stores. When we wear the colors of our Neptune, we may very well be wearing the colors most popular among the celebrities! We are recreating our generation by wearing these colors and inspiring others in later generations.

Example: When Neptune is in Leo, bright and bold colors like orange, gold, and yellow reflect the glamor of the time period.

Marilyn Monroe perfectly captured the glam of Neptune in Leo! She was everyone's "dream" girl!

Marilyn Monroe perfectly captured the glam of Neptune in Leo! She was everyone’s “dream” girl!

Pluto-Generational Planet. Rules power, obsession, transformation. When we wear the colors of Pluto, we are revealing the deepest part of our generation. We will be able to attract powerful positions and transformative situations when we embrace the colors of our Pluto. Pluto can make us all intensely sexy in a mysterious and magnetic way. We may reflect our deepest secrets and obsessions. Not too many people may feel comfortable when wearing colors that reflect their “dark side”, but it may lead to healing if we come to terms with our deepest fears and bring it to light. Then we show we don’t fear it anymore.

Example:  When Pluto is in Sagittarius, the color purple shows the generation’s obsession with travel , foreign cultures, and wisdom. They show that they want to combine passionate adventure and cool intelligence together in their lives when they wear purple.


Zendaya manages to look cool and empowering in purple!

So try and combine your planetary energy with your sign energy and see what magic you can create!

Leave me a comment and let me know what combinations have brought out the best in you!

Ever After High: Is Darling Charming Apple White’s “True Love”? I Don’t Think So!

16 May

darling and apple

In this “progressive” age, there is recently a push for films, tv shows, and even webisodes to be more “inclusive” and universal. This means not only are people focused on race, culture, religion, and gender, but also sexual orientation.

Ever After High webisodes, inspired from the dolls, can’t even escape from the pressure to conform to the latest trend.

Iphone 5 Ever After High wallpaper

A little summary on the EAH series: The series follows the descendants of popular fairytale characters who attend the high school to follow in their “parents'” footsteps. Throughout the series, however, they learn that they can be in charge of their own destinies. Apple White is one of the main characters and she is adamant about following the “Royal” destiny, the destiny written for her in the Storybook of Legends (basically a contract in the fairytale world), which encourages her to live out her life like her mother (Snow White) did. Raven Queen is her polar opposite in every way. She is represented as the “Rebel” deuteragonist. She was supposed to become the Evil Queen and villain in Apple White’s shining tale, but has decided that role doesn’t “fit” her. She is actually a “good girl”. She has “rebelled” against the Storybook of Legends and decided to re-write her own destiny.  In the movie Way to Wonderland, Raven Queen ripped out the pages of the Storybook so that she and other characters could write their own stories. Though the series was originally advertised as showing two different points of view, the actual series has mostly leaned toward the “rebel” side of things.

The Ever After High characters are all teenagers. Their high school was created by the “Grimm Brothers”, based off of two real-life German storytellers who were among the first to actually collect and publish the fairytales we know today. Of course, their versions were always more gruesome.

dragon games

In the recent Ever After High movie Dragon Games, Apple White had been choking on a piece of poison apple (given by Raven Queen’s evil mother). She ended up passing out (like Snow White did in the story). Daring Charming, her supposed “true love”, tried to kiss her, but his kiss didn’t work. So over struts Darling Charming, his heroic sister determined to be a knight. She gives Apple White “CPR” (which many think was a kiss). There is a magic light and then Apple awakens. This seemed to many to indicate that Darling Charming was actually Apple White’s “true love”.

This may seem like a proud day for the LGBT community. In so many respects, it is. It really is one of the few moments where two females in an animated show actually touched lips. It’s a step forward in showing children that the act is very normal.

But as progressive as it seems, I highly doubt that the creators really intended to turn Darling Charming’s “CPR” into Apple White’s “true love’s kiss”. There are several indications in the webisodes and throughout the movie that reveal the REAL intentions of the scene.

As told in recent fairy tales, “true love’s kiss” can only work when the person kissing the princess has prior romantic feelings for her. In Apple and Darling’s case, neither one of them have ever shown signs that they were romantically “in love” with each other prior to the CPR.  Therefore, how can it be that Darling is Apple’s “true love’s kiss” in this case? The only “loving” feeling Darling Charming has had is the love of friends…and it was that love for one of her friends that led her to try and save Apple’s life.

Friendship is a recurring theme throughout the Dragon Games movie, as with all of these movies and shows nowadays. With Frozen proving that the love of a sister is more powerful than romantic love and with My Little Pony‘s “Friendship is Magic” motto, Ever After High wants to use the same effective message to increase the bond of their female characters. They seemed determined to prove that the love between friends was just as powerful, if not more powerful, than “romantic” love.

Second, as the series seems to lean toward the “rebel” side of things, it’s also likely that the movie seemed to be showing that “true love’s kiss” isn’t necessary and is basically non-existent. Though it’s still considered pretty “magical” in the fairytale world, it is really looked at as an outdated joke, especially among those characters that want to re-write their own destinies.

Third, let’s look at the scene in totality. Yeah, sure, when the “kiss” (or CPR) happened, there was a magical “light” and she ended up coughing a “heart” out. But if Darling really was her true love’s kiss, wouldn’t the surrounding characters have reacted in a stronger way? “True Love’s Kiss” is a big deal in the fairytale universe (even if it is seen as mostly a myth). Darling Charming, as well as all the other characters in the movie, treated the whole scene as if it wasn’t a big deal, not as if the characters assumed Darling was destined to be Apple’s “true love”. Everyone was happy that Apple White was “saved”, but they didn’t acknowledge or question why Darling was the one to awaken Apple. Darling didn’t even think anything of it. Usually, when something is emphasized, like “true love’s kiss”, the narrator usually highlights it so that all surrounding viewers can fully understand what is being implied. But in this scene, the other characters (Even Darling!) just laugh it off nervously and make Apple believe it was Daring. As the series is continuing to encourage that all characters can write their own destinies, this scene seems to be another nod to that revolutionary idea rather than the idea that Darling is her “true love”.

The magical light and the coughed-out heart could’ve been the aftereffects of a broken spell. I believe the irony was the fact that true love’s kiss wasn’t needed and that a simple, unmagical solution, such as CPR, was enough.

On Darling Charming’s profile, she states she likes “guys”. How could Mattel “intend” to make her Apple White’s “true love’s kiss” if they already set up her profile that way? Even if she was into girls that are pure of heart, Apple White has shown herself not to be “pure of heart” in any way (And I theorize that she’s REALLY the evil Queen). I mean the girl is vain, looks in the same magic mirror that the evil queen once used, manipulates people and situations to achieve her own selfish desires, and does not have Snow White’s features (“hair black as ebony wood” is missing).

Finally, the scene in Dragon Games scene seems to be a play on the Grimm Brother’s story of Snow White. After all, they are the ones who “created” Ever After High.

The reason why most people have associated Snow White‘s story with “true love’s kiss” is because of Disney. What is irritating is that most people are only familiar with Disney’s version of these tales. It was my main gripe with Alice in Wonderland. Trying to explain to others how the 1985 Alice in Wonderland version was the most accurate adaptation is still a challenge…

The original story of Snow White mirrors Apple White’s situation in the movie. In the original Snow White tale, Snow White also choked on a poison apple. No one could revive her, NOT EVEN THE PRINCE. Snow White was actually awakened by the Prince’s SERVANTS! While carrying Snow White’s coffin, they stumbled on some roots and the poison chunk was lodged out of her throat

Read about the original story here: Grimm Brother’s Snow White

Considering Ever After High puts a lot of emphasis on “changing” destinies, the confusion surrounding the tales fit with the EAH series in a strange way. Because there are so many versions of these fairytales, it further shows that the characters have many destinies they can follow and can even write their own futures. If we were to assume that the “kiss” (CPR) makes Darling her “destined” true love, it would contradict with the message behind the Dragon Games movie and the message of the whole Ever After High series. That message encourages the characters to decide their own futures. Therefore, Darling is only Apple’s “true love” if Apple feels she should be. At this moment in time, Apple has not shown any romantic interest in Darling before or after the scene.

An EAH fan brought something to my attention as well: What may have lead Apple White to believe that a “kiss” was in her destiny may have been due to the fact that her mother told her a distorted view of her own tale. Snow White was asleep when the poisoned apple was lodged out of her throat. She really didn’t know WHO saved her! In the story, all she saw was a handsome prince standing before her. He did explain what had happened but from his perspective. She may not have known that a bump in the road is what saved her life. If Apple White were to truly follow in her mother’s footsteps, the reality is that Apple White is NEVER GOING TO GET “TRUE LOVE’S KISS”. But seeing as the story focuses on choosing our own destinies, hopefully she discovers that she can create her own “happy-ever-after”.

One fan of EAH, Sorafanchick,  made an interesting comment on Youtube about the controversy:

My theory is that in the EAH universe their  “destinies” are actually moreso “written destinies” rather than literal fate. These were “written destinies” in the Storybook Of Legends that characters were at one point forced to fulfill. These written “destinies” were formed into a contract and placed in the Storybook of Legends.  By signing The Storybook of Legends, each character was supposed to seal their “written” destinies, vowing to live just as their parents did and vowing to follow the laws of the Fairytale world. Remember Legacy Day? But when Raven tore the pages out of the Storybook of Legends and gave it to everyone in the Way to Wonderland movie, this allowed everyone to write their own destinies and make their own choices as to how their destinies should be fulfilled. This also gave Apple the freedom to choose how her destiny will be fulfilled.  Of course, Apple has always been more conservative than the others.

In the movie Dragon Games, which of course, comes to us a few years after the original “Legacy Day” webisode, the Dragon Games movie teaches Apple White that even if she does follow in her mother’s footsteps…how she chooses to go about doing that is her choice.  This means that she doesn’t have to do exactly as her mother did to gain the same results of “happily ever after”.  She learns that she can still fulfill the destiny “written” for her, and yet still she can also choose how and when that “written” destiny will be fulfilled.

I will also talk about Apple’s excitement with “true love’s kiss” and what may have happened as to why she believed this would happen in her future if she chooses to live like Snow White.
In the original Snow White story, I don’t believe Snow White actually KNEW how she awakened that day. (It is only the readers that are made aware that a piece of apple was lodged in her throat). The only thing Snow White saw when she awakened was a handsome prince standing over her. So I believe in the EAH series that Snow White believed her prince awakened her, thus she may have told Apple that a Prince will awaken her with “True Love’s Kiss” as well (with Snow White still actually being unaware of how she herself was awakened).
I believe that Mattel played on this trope, too. When Apple White awakens she is a little bewildered and then she also wakes up to see Daring standing over her (just like her mother Snow White did). Apple then asks “did my prince wake me up?” lol Only her friends know that she was not awakened by the prince, but Apple is left not knowing how she awakened.

Raven’s mother wanted to force the “written destiny” to be fulfilled, hence why she sent a poison apple and hence why the things transpired the way they did in Dragon’s Games.  This caused Apple to temporarily fall into the same situation her mother once was in.  Just as Raven’s evil mother wanted. But the difference is that the people around Apple make their own dreams and destinies come true, and instead of waiting for destiny they took matters into their own hands. Rather than wait for destiny to be fulfilled (with [the prince’s servants] carrying Apple or a Prince’s kiss), Apple’s friend Darling, who is the most heroic and clever of the team, realizes that there may be another way to awaken Apple White.  She decides to use CPR so that Apple White can cough up the poison. In turn, this saves the day.

I do believe that sometimes Mattel does play around with the literal fates of the characters. lol The reason for this has a lot to do with Mattel wanting to highlight the character’s fairytale stories while still giving each character their own free will to choose how the story will end or begin.  After all, mostly the characters are identified more so by their respective fairytales rather than anything else in the EAH franchise, right?  So some things will seem a part of their “destinies”, simply because the characters are meant to represent certain fairytales…which means there will be bits and pieces from their original fairytales inculcated within the webisodes and movies. Their original fairytales were how they were born and how they became to be who they are as of right now. This is why Apple White pretty much ended up in the same situation as her mother at that one time.  But how she was awakened and how her story at that time ended was totally different from the original Snow White story.  This shows us that how the characters’ own personal story is told in their FUTURES, regardless of their pasts or regardless of their origins, is still entirely up to the students of EAH no matter how many times their parents try to force their “written” destinies upon their children. We are ALL influenced by our own past and origins…therefore it will always be apart of our world…but what we do with our past and origins is actually entirely up to US.  We can’t control our past and origins, but we can control our futures.  I think this is the lesson The Dragon Games was teaching and really what the entire EAH series is teaching us.

I don’t believe Darling Charming was set up by Mattel to necessarily be Apple White’s destined true love.  If this is what Mattel wanted, they would’ve given more hints and there would have been some sort of astonishment from Apple White’s friends about it.  But nothing was said.  In fact, Darling herself was not astonished that she was the one to awaken Apple. Even if actions do awaken true love instead of the being itself…, still I would think that the characters and especially Darling would have given a bigger reaction than they did. After all, being someone’s true love’s kiss is usually a BIG DEAL in the fairytale universe, right?  But because there was hardly any reaction to this scenario that took place, to me this means that Darling’s CPR was not meant to be something important to the destiny of both characters.  To me, this means Mattel didn’t intend for this situation to mean anything life changing…hence why they never made the characters react to the situation.

No one was astonished that it was Darling that awakened her.  Darling herself was not astonished or amazed or questioning why it was her instead of Daring, either.  Instead, everyone carried on as if it was no big deal.  And usually in movies and stories when a person awakens their “true love”, doesn’t this cause the characters to feel some sort of connection?  Darling just moved on and didn’t really care. She performed CPR and that was it. Her mission was completed.  That is how it felt to me.  And then no one else really cared to say anything and everyone just kind of chuckled as if they realized “True Love’s Kiss” was not needed after all.  This also led me to believe that the characters did not see this as “True Love’s Kiss”; that Mattel was not technically trying to imply Darling is Apple’s true love. The casual reaction from everyone led me to believe that Mattel wanted to play on storybook tropes, using empowering feminist messages that men are not the only ones who save the day; that other women can too in their own special way. Mattel has always encouraged that women can also save the day, and in this case they wanted to show that Darling Charming has her own way of saving Damsels in distress.  Instead of a kiss, she used something as simple as CPR to do the trick, which actually turned out to be what helped.  She defied storybook stereotypes; that only true love’s kiss can awaken the princess….I think this is what Mattel was intending to show in this regard.

For both lesbians and non lesbian women, the situation still redefines the idea that a princess must always be kissed by a prince. 🙂    I just do not think it was Mattel’s original intention to make Darling Charming Apple’s true love in the future, and my reasons why are as I stated above.  If anything, I believe Apple and Raven have a stronger future together than Darling and Apple. Even one of the producers have acknowledged this pairing on tumblr.

And I agree, regardless of the intentions of the creators, it still really is a step forward. However, I believe that companies are still trying to “play it safe” and stick to friendship stories. Now, if this was Raven kissing Apple…then I believe it would mean something.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

For all the most up-to-date information on Ever After High: Royal & Rebel Pedia is the best wiki for it!

Frozen 2’s Elsa: Gay, Traditional, or Remaining Single? I’m For Single!

13 May


Fans of Disney’s Frozen have been petitioning online for Elsa, the deuteragonist of the film, to finally find love in the sequel-only not with a man. Those among the LGBT community and beyond have been pushing for films to be more “inclusive” and have been pushing for homosexual romances to be seen as “equal” to heterosexual ones. They especially feel children’s shows should embrace the message. By allowing children’s programs and movies to openly represent homosexual relationships, the target generation may start to see it as beautiful and pure rather than taboo.

Many have zeroed in on Elsa. Elsa has come to represent alternative lifestyles. She seems to be a role model for those who don’t fit the “norm”. She steps out of society’s rules in several ways. For one, she’s one of the few Disney heroines without a love interest. Elsa also represents ‘freedom and tolerance’. When Elsa “let it go” in the film, it seemed to send the message that told kids, “It’s okay to be yourself. Don’t conceal what’s inside”. This especially relates to the LGBT because most of them often feel they have to “conceal” or hide who they are to feel more “normal”. So for them, if anyone is to represent LGBT, it should be her. There is plenty of art online that expresses this. 

There are many who are for the push and many who are against it. The conservative, religious folk just feel it isn’t right for their kids. There are also those fans that already shipped her with Jack Frost.

Where do I stand?

I’ll be clear. I’m against it.

I’m not against it because I hate homosexuality. I’m not a homophobe. In fact, a homosexual character in a Disney movie in the near future would be fantastically progressive and is sure to send a statement worldwide.

However, I don’t think Elsa should be that character.

First, I’m sick of Frozen. Disney milks that movie a little too much. It was a “plot-hole” of a story and never really deserved the praise it received. I have more to say on this at the Frozen Review and Frozen-A Feminist movie or a Sexist One? And if I’m sick of the movie, I’m sure others are. It wouldn’t do a homosexual relationship justice. It would be stuck to a sequel, second base to most heterosexual relationships.

Second, Disney’s sequels aren’t usually too good. Do I have to remind you of Tarzan 2? Have you seen the Little Mermaid 2? Nah, Disney should stick to originals. Why place a homosexual relationship in a movie that may not even have a well-developed story? It’s cheap to stick it in a sequel. It makes it feel insignificant and takes away the message that homosexual relationships should be treated equally to heterosexual ones. And if the movie flops, that will kill the cause.

Third, what’s wrong with a character being single? It’s bad enough for women to be damsels in distress, but let’s not forget that women are also often stereotypically clumped with the romance genre. It was refreshing to see a female character that showed no interest in romance and had no issues with betrothal or anything marriage-related (like Merida). Just a refreshing story about a woman who wanted to break free and show her strengths. Anna’s relationship was so distracting and pointless, I almost wish SHE had also been single!

I side with those who want Elsa to remain single.

Some excellent arguments were best summed up by commenter Raygirl from the comments section of the article ‘Why it Doesn’t Matter if Elsa or Any Movie Character is Gay’:

If she becomes gay, the movie will only sell in America…but the movie will be banned in other religious countries. So how is this going to be another billion dollar movie? If we’re thinking from a business perspective making Elsa gay can break the movie’s reputation and interfere with revenue. And its not because of what I believe [is] right and wrong. But rather most of the world is not as progressive or tolerant of gay people like Americans. Elsa would do better being single, for the sake of making worldwide success. If they make her gay, this movie will be a financial flop worldwide and will be filled with criticism.

Why must Elsa find love? Part of her appeal was being a single independent woman. She had different interests other than romance and proves that love does not always have to be romantic. The first movie proved that. By giving her a romantic love interest it will deviate from that message: that love does not always have to be romantic to save the day. The bond between sisters saved the day. I think they should focus on that.

…Why must we change [her from being single and independent to suddenly being a romantic] to fit an agenda? Why don’t they ask for a brand new character that is gay? Elsa was inspirational because she was single… By saying she should be gay or straight, people are insinuating that a person should never be without a romantic partner and that being single is somehow “sad”. Why is her being alone such a bad thing? Why is being single not good enough for people? It’s like the world suspects if you’re not straight, you’re gay and there is no room to be single or even in-between! I’m tired of people assuming a single woman or a man who refuses to marry or date is classified as “gay”. This just reinforces such stereotypes and doesn’t leave room for the imagination nor does it leave room for people to be okay living a single life regardless of their sexual orientation.
She was a loner and wanted to do her own thing. If this were to change, people like me would no longer relate to what made her character so great in the first place. She wasn’t focused on love, she focused on the powers inside of her.

In response to those who feel Merida, Disney’s and Pixar’s Brave heroine, already represents the single ladies and gents:

Why should I have to choose between Merida and Elsa? I like that both of them are single independent women with different personalities. It gives us single people variety to have two different types of women portrayed as single in Disney movies. We’re not all tomboys like Merida, y’know. Some women like wearing sparkly dresses and love our sisters. Are more feminine women like Elsa destined to just be in a relationship? Or can’t any of these women choose to be single? My question for you is why don’t you and many others ask Disney to make a brand NEW Disney princess who is lesbian? Does it have to be one that was already established as a single independent woman in their original form?

Now that she has come to terms with her powers I don’t feel it is necessary to make her a romantic necessarily. In fact, there is so much we have not learned about her powers! I want to see that part of her evolve rather than some offsetting romance. It was bad enough with Anna’s romance. Anna’s romance, in my opinion, interfered with the developing sister relationship in the first Frozen. I don’t want the same thing to happen to my favorite character Elsa.

…I have never had a romantic relationship. And I’m in my 20s. And I plan to keep it that way. My best friend is Asexual and my other best friend is handicapped. They also have never had relationships. My handicapped friend used to cry because she knew she could never date and get married. When she saw Frozen‘s Elsa she was so happy to see a story like Elsa’s and was relieved that Elsa was single. If Elsa had a romantic partner, this would make people like my friend feel bad. So you see, there are people that relate to Elsa in more ways than you realize, that are hoping romance won’t be shoved in their faces. To me relationships don’t mean “Happily Ever After”. My “Happily Ever After” and many others come from being with my friends and family more than some romantic partner. Friends and family will be in your corner no matter how you look or no matter your “sex appeal”. This is why I have chosen to be single. And many others feel the way I do.

In response to someone who related “sexuality” to skin color and gender:

…In Disney movies, the romances technically do advance or interfere with story plots. In fact, most times in Disney’s case the romance tends to be one of the focuses of the story. In the original Frozen, I would have never thought it was a sister story because they focused more on Kristoff and Anna’s growing love life.

A black person is only black by skin. But being black does not reflect a way of life nor a person’s behavior. A woman is only a woman by body, but this also does not reflect her behavior or way of life.
When it comes to homosexuality, it is very different. This reflects not only a feeling and a behavior, but it also reflects a way of life. Therefore, it will alter the story in more ways than being a woman or being black. Including a subtle sexual/romantic theme is the same as including a religion. If people asked for more Jews in Disney movies, this would change the behavior and feeling of the character.

Ari Moore from that same website’s comments section made this interesting note as to why she thinks Elsa should be single:

Loving [oneself] is different from loving someone else for me because my love for myself is unconditional. The love for people however is very conditional.

…The princesses don’t find love, they kind of just meet some random person and do a lot to have that man. Recently it has not been that way but it was like that for a time. To be honest, I do not believe in love and I think stories where there is a love interest is silly and [it is] why women are so ridiculous when it comes to love. To be even more honest, women don’t love, they love the idea of love and men just lust. You can really like someone but I do not think it is love. I think stories about love are setting people up for failure in that aspect because no one really knows what love is. Yes, love stories sell but they should not. It is like false advertisement for the real world because the world is much colder than these fairy tales that disney recreates.

I really just had to put some shine on these words. They really put something on my mind and shaped my view of the whole situation.

While many people may argue that romance and romantic relationships are universal and relate easily to others, nothing is more universal than being single. We are ALL born single; we have all been single at one time. Everyone will not experience relationships or romance. We are only in control of ourselves and the love we have for ourselves. It is the most powerful message for both heterosexuals, homosexuals, bi-sexuals, and asexuals. Heterosexual people don’t often relate to homosexual people and homosexuals don’t often relate to heterosexual lifestyles. But they BOTH can relate to being single. Single people come from all backgrounds.

I think an even better idea would be to give Elsa another female friend in the film but leave their relationship ambiguous. This will allow viewers to see what they want to see and it will satisfy everybody.

So readers, what do you think? Do you think Elsa should remain single or get a female love interest? Or perhaps you’re more conservative and would like Elsa to suddenly follow a traditional route?

It all depends on how you feel the character should evolve. At the end of the day, Disney is going to go with what sales anyhow.

It’s interesting how a children’s film can spark so much debate… Why not let the kids decide? Throughout all of this, no one asked what the kids wanted. These movies are for children who haven’t yet developed an interest in romance.

If you believe that Elsa should stay single, too, sign this petition: #SingleForElsa

Another great article on this topic: Why I’m All for Disney Keeping Elsa Single in Frozen 2 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Who is HE and What Does He expect from YOUR Relationship? By the signs (Masculine Identity)

21 Mar

If you don’t understand much about zodiac signs and you are new to planetary signs, aspects, and houses, read the introduction here.

Mars is the planet of war, aggression, drive, assertion, energy, force, the sex drive, and male sexuality. He represents how we express our passionate natures and how we obtain anything we desire. Mars also represents drive, energy, and freedom. Mars is instinctive about survival. It can also represent frustration and aggression. Mars wants us to compete, to fight, and to climb over obstacles in life. He wants to accomplish something and be independent. He thrives on the rush of the moment. Really, he just wants to release some tension.

The sign he enters shows HOW we express our passion and drive. The house he enters shows WHERE we express our passion and drive. The aspects show how difficult or easy it is to use his energies in our life and how much of it we use.

Ever heard of the saying “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”?


In a man’s chart, Mars is his ruler. This is more of a socialized condition than anything. We have all of these planets in our charts and are capable of using anything for survival. But in our society, men tend to connect more with Mars than women do. Even though women are more active today, women still shy from most of the principles of Mars and women still expect men to be more active and driven than they are. Thus, Mars tends to tell men a lot about their own status as “men” and their identities in relation to their peers. Mars is considered one of the social planets, though not quite as sociable as Venus.

Mars also reveals what men expect out of their relationships and his own sexuality, which is mostly what I’m going to discuss in this article.

Why are men so associated with Martian sexuality (and not women)? Mars is supposed to be the planet that represents sex directly. But since women are more encouraged to channel their yearnings into romance, the actual act is far less important for them. Men, on the other hand, are taught something different. The article 5 Lies that Distort Male Sexuality by Jamie Utt and Men’s Sexual Response by David Delvin expresses that men are often taught to see sex as something for their own pleasure “rather than their partner’s”. Men are often encouraged to see sex as a conquest and to have as many partners as they can. Thus, relationships are seen more as a game or a battlefield. Their role is to try to be the conqueror. This is very similar to the principles associated with Mars.

Men are taught they have to be “in control” sexually. Men feel pushed to be adequate sexually. As a result, men are likely to take sexual risks to build their experience and confidence, regardless of the consequences. They are not shamed for exploring their sexuality to the fullest. On the other hand, a man who can’t have sex for whatever reason will feel a heavy burden. He will feel more pressure to perform and others will make him feel like a loser. Men will more than likely feel “unhappy with their partners” and “disaffected with life” if their partners are not having sex with them. A man will also usually feel “desolate” if the object of his affections reject his sexual advances.

Mars can be a very powerful planet for men, blessing them with freedom, strength, energy, and leadership abilities. But Mars can curse them with rivals and enemies, competition, aggression, violence, tension, and loneliness.

Readers may remember my article regarding men and Venus.

Why Does He See in YOU? by the signs

Venus and Mars are two relationship planets in our charts. For most men, Venus is projected onto women. He may often expect women to express qualities he himself doesn’t feel “allowed” to express. Men with Mars in his ruling signs (Aries or Scorpio) or in his exalted placement (Capricorn) have a harder time living up to the principles of Venus and will project their energies more. Men with Mars in detriment (Taurus or Libra) and his falling placement (Cancer) have an easier time with Venus and don’t project as much.

In a man’s chart, Venus represents his feminine ideal, a woman he is drawn to and attracted to. This is the woman he thinks is sexy, good, and perfect.

So if men project Venus on women, how can Mars influence what they expect from women? This is a tricky question and yet simple at the same time. Though men are drawn to certain women because of feminine energies, they still feel they deserve to be catered to by even the most passive woman. Quite frankly, men aren’t so soft. A softer woman would have trouble keeping up with his sex drive, wouldn’t understand his activities, and wouldn’t have the energy to make themselves useful in his life. Venus is superficial. Sometimes, Mars helps us see beyond the superficial and understand what people do and how people really behave.

Women can benefit  from reading this article. This article is useful for women who have a hard time understanding the male mind and may feel confused when dating a man. They may notice that though a man may say he is attracted to her and would often talk about how special she is, he may expect her to treat him the total opposite! So, women may find men difficult to please in this way. Well, women, worry no more! If you look into his natal chart and observe his signs, aspects, and house placements, you will understand him better.

Because men project Venus, this can create some conflict with Mars, especially if there are harsh aspects between the two planets. A good example of this complicated love life would be shown through Michael Jackson’s music. He has Venus in Leo with his Mars in Taurus. Having Venus in Leo, it’s clear he was drawn to dynamic women in his lifetime. Many of the women he was drawn to (as well as those drawn to him) wanted to be a “star”, much like the sun-ruled Leo! In songs like “Dirty Diana” and “Billie Jean”, he mentions women wanting “fortune and fame”, seeking him out just to get media attention. Though he may later dislike these women, he’s initially drawn to them allowing them into his life in the first place. So why does he dislike her later? When thinking about this question, we first have to observe how he sees himself. In music videos like “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Bad”, we can tell that he’s really a peaceful guy like his fixed earthy Mars in Taurus suggests. He’s actually really affectionate and artistic. He doesn’t seem himself as aggressive. He’s more easy-going and pleasant. MJ would rather use his music to impress a girl rather than any bold or assertive tactics. He’s really a loyal, stable man who hates drama! The problem is he keeps attracting drama to himself!

For MJ,  the “drama girl” is him projecting his own “dramatic nature”. He’s only perceiving these women as dramatic. But we can never truly know what’s going inside of a person. We aren’t them. Each person has their own natal charts that may reveal things we may not even expect from a person. The woman he perceives as dramatic and attention seeking may see herself as someone else entirely and may just be reacting to him!  Inside, he’s the one being drawn to the fame, attention, and drama. It’s his internal “Drama King” that has led him to people that bring drama to his life. This is probably why he’s the “King of Pop” in the first place!

In a gay man’s chart, he tends to balance both his masculine and feminine energies well in a relationship, considering he may not feel the need to be the dominant one or the submissive one. He may even use both energies interchangeably. Still, he may feel pressure to conform, like all the other men. Society will make him feel out-of-place if he’s not like other men. He may also feel he has to defend himself more, causing him to express more assertive and strong-willed tendencies. He may not project his Venus on a potential  partner, but he may end up projecting Venus on women in general or on close female friends.

In a woman’s chart, Mars tends to reflect the qualities she would rather project on men and reveals her idea of the “ideal” man.

What Does SHE See in YOU? By the signs

Venus in a woman’s chart will reflect her social identity, what she expects from a relationship, and her own sexuality.

Who is SHE and What Does She Expect from YOUR Relationship? By the Signs

So now that you know more about Mars in a man’s chart, we can learn how each man utilizes his own Martian gifts, how each man defines masculinity in his own terms, and his own sexuality through the signs.

Mars signs:

Mars in Aries

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Leo

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Libra

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Aries


Male Identity: Mars first enters his own domain when he enters the sign of Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign. Here he is at his best, free to be as forceful and assertive as he would like to be. He can get the most accomplished here.

The men with this position often express traditional masculine qualities quite easily without even trying. It’s so natural for these men to live up to the standard that men should be leaders, should be assertive, and should be active. These are their basic personality qualities! Even if these men don’t feel very masculine, they still feel it is important for a man to believe in himself and keep a sense of independence. They often can’t help but be the alpha man in any group they go into. They are the ones coming up with all the ideas. They are the ones putting plans into quick action. If they aren’t the ones in charge, they will bump heads with whoever is or leave that group. Of course, they often need a side-kick to handle the details and to keep things going long-term, otherwise they tend to get bored, looking for some excitement or starting some trouble.

These men are confident. They can do anything they put their minds to. They are usually full of energy and ready to take on the next big challenge in their lives.

They are so original in thought and action, they are usually found starting new businesses or being the first to get involved with a new business venture. They are unafraid of the unknown. They take risks, and it usually pays off for them. They may like jobs with some sort of risk factor involved, like firefighting, military, or criminal justice.

However, they should be careful when taking physical risks. These men like physical challenges, including sports. Though they may like any sports, they mostly like sports they can play independently. They don’t like watching sports as it bores them to sit still too long. Most of these men enjoy extreme sports (like skateboarding, snowboarding, and biking), Martial Arts, Olympic sports (like swimming or track and field), and/or other sports that allow them to use their energies to the fullest, independently, and in a competitive environment. These men may also like aggressive sports like wrestling, boxing, football, and/or hockey. The only problem these men might have with hockey, basketball, and football would be working on a team. These men tend to be ball hogs, impatient, and a little too cocky when playing with teams. When they lose, they tend to blame others for the loss, causing fights. They may even jump from team to team until they find the “perfect” team that actually WINS. They have no patience for losers. Some of them have a hard time seeing their own mistakes. With their love of speed, they may be interested in races of all kinds.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Aries in sports: Sports & Mars

These men tend to be athletic and physically fit, but they may have a few accidents because they push themselves too hard and they move head-first into things (with their feet tumbling under them).

Even if they are not athletic or physically active, they really need an outlet for their energy, otherwise they will be irritable or causing trouble just to release some tension and ease boredom.  Some of these men may get involved in creative activities if they don’t like sports too much. They may be in a band, touring around. They may get interested into carpentry or electrical work. Regardless, it has to keep them busy and motivated.

They can have bad tempers that flare up and disappear. They tend to make a scene when angry and be passionate about that anger. If someone is angry with them and confronts them, this just makes them angrier! They tend to be impulsive and jump to conclusions.

They need to be careful of getting involved in illegal activities just for the rush. These men see themselves as living a hectic, adventurous life. They may say they’re tired, but they wouldn’t have it any other way! Their drive for “rush” could easily be channeled into taking legal risks, like riding a roller-coaster that has just opened for the first time or traveling to an adventurous destination. These men like to take up dares and like to dare others. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as they learn the art of moderation. Trying to tell a Mars in Aries man this is the biggest challenge.

These men are headstrong. They don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. They hate rules and obstacles. Even though they tend to fit the social standards of masculinity, they really don’t like conforming to social standards. These men want the freedom to do whatever it is they want. If they want to cook or garden, they want to do it and they won’t let anyone make them feel shame about it! They challenge any system that seeks to control them. Of course, we have to live in a world with other people. So, these men always feel like they have to fight to be respected and to do whatever they want to do. In fact, for them, life always seems like a fight. Some of this is because they’re always picking a fight! They just can’t be “normal” and end up shaking up the system without trying to.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Aries and how they fight and argue.

These men are generally brave. Even when they are afraid, they face their fears courageously. They don’t like to be intimidated.

Friends find them to be fun, exciting, and energetic, but also independent and aggressive. Partners may find them to be highly independent, too.

These guys only honor and respect another man’s independence. But when it comes to anything else, they will overstep another man’s boundaries to get what they want. They challenge other men.

These men always have a young boy inside of them. They love playing around, playing video games, and playing sports no matter how old they are. Their youthful natures rub off on their bodies. They never seem to get old!

Relationships: With such a headstrong, independent, and assertive nature, the biggest challenge in their lives is merging with others. Finding love is an even greater challenge. Regardless of their Venus sign, these men really need a partner that can keep up with their active lifestyle. They also need someone who can pick up and move around, try new things, and make things light and fun because they tend to be out-going and tend to be involved in new things, both in their career and in their personal lives. They can drain partners dry or leave partners in the dust. These men often want love, but they need to be able to do what they want, when they want to. Their headstrong nature makes them difficult to reason with. It’s hard for them to accommodate and sacrifice things they desire for others. People may think they are selfish, but they are actually just really ambitious and easily irritated when settled. They know themselves and know what they need. They need to keep moving. These men need a relationship without a whole lot of baggage tying them down. If a partner is the baggage, they will drop the relationship and not even bat an eye about it. They don’t have patience to really sit and talk about feelings. They have a playful streak and they need a partner that can have fun. They can’t deal with partners that are too mature or too fussy (even if their Venus sign suggests they attracted to mature individuals). They DO NOT like being told what to do. They won’t take it from anyone, not even their partners. If they are bossed around, it’s sure to set off a war. They hate being judged and they hate being controlled. If you want to avoid their aggressive side, it’s best not to provoke the Ram. Partners will end up “bumping heads” with them often.  No matter how much they may want a stable relationship, with a loyal partner, these men need some thrill in their lives. They often tend to like the rush of going after partners and trying to get that person to date them. But when the flames mellow out, they often itch for some excitement. They may suddenly seem to get bored. These men must be careful of cheating. They also need to be careful of constantly finding themselves in poor situations with people they hardly know, just for the rush of it all. These men need a lot of independence, even if they do end up with women who keep them busy. They need their own hobbies, friends, and career. They don’t like being with partners that have the same career. They feel a little threatened when they feel dependent on others, too. This makes them grouchy. They will often only look for partners that make less or an equal amount. They can be really competitive in this way. On the other hand, some may not care, as long as they get to enjoy what they like to do.  As independent as they are, they will do anything for someone they love. They tend to be self-motivated, so they work hard. They take care of their partners well.

This man constantly feels a spark between himself and Mars, the planet of action, desire, and aggression. Mars is exciting and thrilling to this man. Mars comes right at him and makes him feel invigorated. At the same time, Mars is always getting this man into trouble. Power struggles often occur in this relationship. Mars can irritate him, yet he keeps coming back for more excitement! Maybe this man just likes the rush of it all. Mars has a way of provoking the fire out of him, for better or worse.

These men approach love interests confidently or in a straight-forward way. They just tend to come right out with it. They will do anything it takes to get what they want. They will be persistent and they love the challenge. If they are rejected, they may be a little moody and resentful for a minute, but they quickly get over it. Or they may wait (impatiently) until you come around.

When going on dates, these men tend to prefer to do something fun. They can’t stand sitting down all night at a restaurant. They need to at least get up and dance. They often offer to take potential partners to amusement parks or clubs. They may invite them to ride in their car or on their motorcycle. They may also like an adventurous hike up the mountains or horse-back riding on the beach. Whatever it is, it will be exciting. They like to show off how brave they are. It’s hard for them to admit when they’re scared. They aren’t really the most chivalrous men. They often forget to use their manners and they can be honest to a fault. They have a “first come, first served” mentality. They love independence, to be able to open their own doors and pull out their own chairs. They often forget that others don’t really feel the same way.

They may feel that all men want to be able to do what they want to do without anyone criticizing them. They may feel that all men hate being bossed around. They may think most men hate talking about their feelings and most men hate having to open doors and pull out chairs just to please dates. They may think all men are active and that all men have a youthful streak about them. They would be shocked to discover that there are men out here who don’t feel the same.

Male Sexuality: These men see sex like they do their usual lives. They often see sex as something under their control and they have sex when they want to. Their need to act upon it depends on their desires. When they are turned on, it happens fast. They tend to have a need to satisfy that desire right then and there. Otherwise, they will feel really frustrated. Some of them see sex as a conquest or a game. Many may like the excitement of having as many sexual encounters as possible.

Despite their quick urges when the fire is ignited, they don’t need sex all the time. They are quite independent from the act. They usually don’t get addicted or obsessed with one partner. Once they have sex, they move on. They don’t form emotional attachments; they just see it as an outlet for their burning desires and unsettled energy. Other energies in the chart have to keep them attached to their partners.

They are quick in the bedroom. Once they are turned on, they get it out quickly, passionately, skipping the foreplay. They do not take their time and they can be a little aggressive about it. They often forget to take the time to please their partners. If they do remember, they are active participants in the act. They still may be the dominant one without even trying. They are super sure of their actions and confident that they can please. Still, they love the rush of being around a partner who is equally as passionate. If you want them to respect your sexuality, you have to dominate them and show some sexual confidence.

If you like a man who is assertive, independent, active, and fun, you will love these men. If you need close intimacy, some time to relax, need stability, and want a mature relationship, this isn’t the man for you. If you have a lot of aspects to Mars or Mars in the 1st house, you may relate to this description. Mars rules over Aries. Any planets or house cusp placements in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this position.

Celebrities: Steve Jobs,  Andre 3000, Russell Crowe, Clint Eastwood, Tobey Maguire, Michael Pitt, Prince, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, Marquis de Sade, Russell Brand, Russel Crowe, Iggy Pop,  Malcolm McDowell, Zachary Quinto, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Confucius, Allen Iverson, Erik Satie, Nat King Cole, Kris Humprhries, Larry Bird, Otis Redding, Mos Def, David Cross, Ron Jeremy, Rod Serling, Idi Amin, Dr. Seuss, H. R. Giger, Tony Goldwyn, Lee Scratch Perry, Jeb Bush, Bruno Mars, Christiano Ronaldo, Kevin Costner, Hayden Christensen, James McAvoy, David Letterman, Jay Sean, G-Dragon (Big Bang), Sam Smith

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Mars in Taurus


Male Identity: Mars enters the domain of Venus, his opposite planet, when he moves into Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Mars doesn’t feel very comfortable here. Mars is in detriment. Taurus is an easy-going energy. Mars is active and assertive. Taurus takes its time and finishes things on its own time. Mars wants everything done now. Venus is the planet of beauty and charm. Taurus lends the men with this placement attractive qualities. Mars would rather impress others with its actions.

Just because Mars isn’t comfortable here doesn’t mean these men aren’t masculine. In fact, the men with this placement see masculinity in the context of the traditional. These men believe a real man is physically strong, makes money, has lovers, and has a steady life. They feel that men should always have something to own. Their fathers and/or other men they admire have a strong influence on them. They tend to model themselves after the people they admire. They tend to have a fixed way of viewing masculinity, too. They can be possessive of even their ideas, not wanting these ideas to be changed by anyone. This is a threat to their masculinity.

The issue is that Mars in Taurus men have a fragile masculinity because they are often too concerned about coming off “feminine”. They have such a strict code regarding masculinity, they often have a hard time breaking the “masculine” rules. The funny part is they often break these standards without trying. It’s hard to live up to social standards in every way and these men have an inner soft side. This could make them uncomfortable in their own skin. They want to be seen as tough and strong, like they perceive men are supposed to be, yet they also want to appreciate the beauty around them. The problem is they care too much about how they will be seen by others. In this way, they won’t take up any dare or chart their own destinies for fear of losing their masculine security. This makes them seem like they have a fragile masculinity that is threatened by anything. They have a strong sense of ownership. They define masculinity on their own terms and don’t want anyone taking that away from them.

The men with this placement are usually charming, attractive, and down-to-earth. They are best described as laid-back. They are usually slow to anger and reasonable. They tend to have a way with women. Even if they aren’t interested in women, they know how to attract the right people to them. They may have quite a few female friends.

These men are about the material things. Even if they don’t have a lot of money, they tend to judge others’ worth by how much money or material things they have. They can be very superficial and physical. Many of them have a passion and desire for material things. They feel threatened around people who make more money or anyone who looks better. Some may equally reject money for a more natural life, loving farming and the outdoors. Some of these men could be the rugged types.

These men love to indulge in pleasures. They are often caught up in food, drink, and other finer things (they must be careful of getting involved with alcohol and drugs). They tend to be artistic in some way. They could be interested in music, painting, sketching, sculpting, or any other creative outlets. They appreciate beauty and they like to fully experience and enjoy it. They tend to care a little more about their appearance in comparison to other men. Even if they don’t, they have a specific style. They may enjoy one brand or style over other brands or styles.

These men are practical. They work hard for what they want. They like stability and understand how important security is. Unfortunately, they do have a lazy streak. They prefer jobs where they can be creative and have plenty of time to relax and take it easy. They like to take their time and they patiently go after whatever it is they want. Results may not be immediate, but they know they will get what they want in time. They are rooted in their jobs, too. They prefer jobs that can last a long time and help them pay the bills. They also need to be able to get the material things they want. They really hate working under others. They hate to be pushed around and working according to other people’s schedules. If anyone approaches them, a soft, charming approach is better than an aggressive approach. Fortunately, they don’t get angry easily. Don’t think this means they are easy to push around. Keep pushing him, and the raging Bull will emerge. And that side is hard to calm down! These men can hold a lasting grudge if angered. Still, they are more than likely to give the cold shoulder before they get into a physical fight. The problem is that these men let their anger build up inside. When it finally does spill over, it’s uncontrollable!

When it comes to sports, they tend to enjoy sports that help them show off their physical strength. They may like wrestling and boxing. They can be good at any sports, really, because they have a lot of staying power. If they love a sport enough, they can do it for a living. However, they are likely to choose sports that are considered “normal” like basketball, baseball, or football. No matter what sport they choose, they aren’t necessarily the competitive types. They play for the fun of it. They hate to play sports with people who get too caught up in the game. They certainly don’t want anyone blaming them for anything going wrong in the game. They tend to only like sports they are really good at, so they are not likely to face that problem often. They are good at any physical training. However, they do need time to relax, even from sports. They may enjoy watching sports more than playing them.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Taurus in sports: Sports & Mars

These men, again, are slow to anger. They are only likely to get angry when anyone challenges their sense of ownership. This sense of ownership could be taking their money away, their home, or even their lover. It could be making them feel like less of a man. It could be embarrassing them in front of friends or family members. It can be insulting their race, culture, or country. Whatever the case, they want the ultimate respect. They have a “tribe” sort of mentality. They can be fiercely protective of the things and people they love. If people are angry with them, however, they will avoid confrontation at all cost.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Taurus and how they fight and argue.

It can be challenging to respect them at times. They are very opinionated. They are also stubborn and have a hard time admitting when they are wrong. They tend to be really shallow in their thinking. They do have a lot of common sense, though. It’s just their thinking on matters never float beyond the surface.

These men are strong, sometimes even physically. They can endure a lot. When they channel their energies, they are determined to get whatever it is they want accomplished. Because of their charm and strength, they are capable of conquering empires. They make some of the world’s most notorious leaders. They are good at making others feel at ease in a crisis and good at building up those who are weak. They are rock solid.

Around their fellow male peers, they are generally the strong, silent types. They tend to be the leaders, being the glue that holds their friends together. They can be a little conceited and stuck in their ways. Other men may find them to be oily or too focused on their possessions and/or talents. At the same time, many of their fellow peers find them to be real and authentic. They seem to understand what it takes to be a “real” man and they seem to get all the ladies, so men respect and admire them. Partners may find them to be charming and laid-back, but difficult to move or shake.

If they really want something or someone, they will try their hardest to get what they want. However, they try to avoid open competition. So they will attempt to get what they want in a smoother way. Mostly, they like to have their own things rather than receiving left-overs.

Relationships: Due to their steady nature, these men tend to like steady relationships. They usually want something that lasts. They don’t jump into things too quickly, but once they do, they expect their partners to stay with them forever. This doesn’t mean they don’t cheat. They have an appreciation for beauty. If they feel their partners aren’t pleasing them physically, they may search for this pleasure in others. It’s also hard for them to resist others’ charms. However, these men are less likely to want to put up with the drama and the consequences. They may try to keep both partners away from one another, trying to avoid the changes that could occur. They should be careful of this. Drama is sure to follow.

These men generally want a relationship that is relaxing and chilled. They need their partners to be patient with them. They don’t like to be bossed around. They are stubborn. They hate to be moved when they don’t want to. They tend to get comfortable in relationships easily and may take lovers for granted after awhile. This isn’t intentional. They just want to indulge in the pleasure of the moment and they often forget to give as much as they receive. They aren’t fans of change. They like a steady routine and they want to come home to a warm meal and clean, comfortable sheets. They also need pleasure in their relationships. They want partners who will cater to them. They like everything to go their way. If they do something nice for their partners, it will be when they want to do it, not when their partners want them to do it.

This man always seems to feel a spark between himself and Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and art. Venus is so charming and attractive, this man can’t help but feel the heat. Her feminine wiles drive him mad with lust! Venus is not only beautiful, but loving and peaceful. She shows an appreciation for everything, and this excites him. Of course, to be around such a soft creature, this man has to soften his approach to matters and refine his own nature. She doesn’t share the same depth or sense of excitement he has after all.

When approaching potential lovers, these men tend to take their time. Sometimes, they wait until the person comes up to them. They may like someone for a long time before they ask them out. When they finally do, they use their charms, good looks, and money to woo others. They may like to show off their talents or their possessions. These men may like to sing a song or recite poetry. They may be down-right romantic when pursuing someone. They are smooth. They are also persistent and use the same method over and over until the person breaks. They don’t take rejection well. It tends to make them fall hard. Once someone rejects them, that person will not get another chance.

When taking someone on a date, they tend to like a place that is both romantic, peaceful, and pleasing. They may like to take their dates to a jazz club or to a restaurant that plays tasteful music. They may like to go to or have outdoor barbecues or have a picnic. They may cook at home or order a lavish dinner and invite someone over to their place. They will allow their partners to choose whatever they want on the menu. If they don’t have a lot of money, they will more than likely make lunch or dinner.  They may find a place that’s less expensive but still really tasty. These men may like to go to museums (on a quiet day), art galleries, or to large parks. Whatever place they choose, it will be chilled and romantic. They certainly know how to make their partners feel comfortable. They use their good old-fashioned manners. They are usually soft-spoken when around someone they like. They tend to treat partners gently and they are always calm. They never cause a scene when trying to impress someone, so partners can count on them to behave.

Again, these men have a traditional view of masculinity. They believe it’s the man’s job to pay for everything. They believe men are supposed to be strong, both physically and inside. They believe all men are the same and all men want the same things. They believe all men hate to be pushed around and like to chill and do relaxing activities, like watching the game on T.V. It would make them uncomfortable to meet men who think differently from them. In fact, they would find those men strange.

Male Sexuality: These men see sex as a pleasurable activity. They can only do it when relaxed. At the same time, if they are too relaxed, they may not want to do it at all. They are slow to build their passion and energy. They need a lot of physical stimulation. They take their time, enjoying every moment with their partners. They prefer sexual partners that take their time pleasing them in every way. They are patient lovers.

They need to have sex with a partner they are attracted to. It’s hard enough for them to build their passions. It’s even more challenging when their partners are unappealing. They need someone who puts some effort into turning them on. They tend to be very physical.

Once they get started sexually, they can go all night. They tend to have a strong sex drive once it is ignited. They can try many positions, but they never do anything too taboo.

If you want a man who is strong, stable, practical, easy-going, this is the man for you. If you are bossy, not really a physical person, prefer to move at a faster pace, and/or you like to change up things often, this man is not the one for you. If you have Venus aspecting Mars or Mars in the 2nd house, you may relate to this description. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so your Venus sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Venus sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, you can read Mars in Gemini to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Andy Warhol Bruce Willis, Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Christian Bale, 50 Cent, Muhammad Ali, Chuck Norris, Fidel Castro, Tim Burton, Lenny Kravitz, Billie Joe Armstrong, Leon Trotsky, Babe Ruth, Stephen Colbert, Stanley Kubrick, Vince Vaughn, James Maslow

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Mars in Gemini


Male Identity: When Mars enters Gemini, he’s entering the domain owned by Mercury. There are many things Mars has in common with Gemini, and some things he’s not so comfortable with. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Gemini is a busy, busy energy. Mars likes to keep busy. But Gemini is so scattered it lacks focus. Mars likes to accomplish things and likes to focus on one thing at a time. Mars is very direct.

The men with this placement carry a certain boyishness forever with them. They are talkative, playful, sporty, and love to play pranks. They are quite mischievous. They are clever and witty. They notice everything. These guys are social creatures. They don’t like spending time at home alone. They would rather be out, getting into something.

The men with this placement can be of two types (being a Gemini and all). They can be super smart, loving to read and express their opinions and thoughts or they can have a hard time sitting still long enough to read and engage in a decent conversation. These types are easily distracted by everything going on around them. When bored, they get tired. They must be careful of nervousness and headaches due to absorbing too much around them. These guys can be very superficial. They live such a scattered lifestyle they often don’t have time to develop themselves and reflect on the deeper things within. They are thinkers, but they mostly focus on trivia or little tidbits.

Men with this placement can work at many different jobs. They can work two jobs at once. They have a lot of skills and they learn quickly. They mostly like jobs that keep them busy. They only care about money in the way they can use money to explore all there is to explore in life. But they aren’t really materialistic.

They might be interested in all kinds of games. They may love chess, board games, or video games. They are interested in PC games and apps, too. They often have the latest technology, if they can afford it. If they can’t, they will find a way to try something new. They have plenty of connections. They aren’t shy and easily talk to people.

If they are interested in sports, they usually like to play sports that help them make use of both their physical and mental energies. They tend to like soccer/football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and American football. They really love to play. But they never take sports seriously. These men are capable of coming up with their own sports games if they wanted to. They are so resourceful and versatile. They can take a football and make it into something else entirely. These guys are so active, they can make a game out of anything. They tend to be physically thin and athletic-looking as a result of their changeable energy. They may also be interested in sports sponsored by the community. They will side with their local teams before any international teams. They don’t often have the patience to sit and watch sports unless they are watching it with others.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Gemini in sports: Sports & Mars

These men have an open-minded view of masculinity. It really depends on their social group (and it depends on who you’re asking). If they are around macho guys, they will develop a macho attitude. They tend to want to fit in and maintain a certain neutral social status. If they are around more open-minded guys, they will be, too. No matter what side they take, they are really curious about everything. If they could have it their way (and not have to worry about losing their social groups), they would try everything. And I mean everything. They are not against trying make-up, cooking, and/or hair-styling. They still may love women. Still, these men want the freedom to experience everything at least once. They can be very impressionable as a result. It’s easy to convince them to try anything. They must be careful of peer pressure to get involved in drugs and alcohol. Those things don’t always make a person cool and it can have lasting damaging effects on the body. These men love to party and club. But deep down, they’re kind of geeky or nerdy. They could own a motorcycle and love rock music, then turn around and love comic books and Disney movies.

These men don’t get angry easily. They would rather laugh things off than get too serious. Still, you’ll know when you’ve rubbed them the wrong way. They have a sharp tongue and can find some unheard of curse words, too. The only thing that makes them angry is when someone constantly picks with them and constantly talks about them to others. They can tolerate a lot, but they will blow up eventually. If someone is angry with them, they will try to talk their way out of the confrontation or manipulate the situation in their favor.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Gemini and how they fight and argue.

Around their fellow male peers, they are fun, wiry, talkative, and hilariously funny. They can equally be annoying, mischievous, and immature. Peers may also find them to be two-faced. It’s not that they are, but they can easily adapt into any crowd. They like being around all kinds of people. Partners may find them to be fun and humorous, but a little fickle and unpredictable.

As far as respecting another man’s boundaries, this also depends on who you’re asking. Again, they want to maintain their social connections, but they want to try everything. They are likely to overstep someone else’s boundaries and lie about it or never tell anyone about it. They’re good at telling lies. They know how to keep a straight face and use the right body language. They always have shifty eyes, so it would be hard to tell just by looking at their eyes. The funny part is, as much as they lie, they really hate liars.

Relationships: These versatile men tend to want to experience everything they can in a relationship. This often makes it difficult to tie them down to one relationship. They are always curious and itching to try something new. Often these men think it’s impossible not to cheat, but really it’s all in their minds. They are a mental sign after all. They are so influenced by others, they let society influence their thinking. These men often watch or hear about men cheating. Since it’s so glamorized, these men itch to try it. With the right mental readjustment, they can begin to see the versatility within one partner. Of course, it would be easier if they could find a partner who equally likes to change things up all the time. If they can find several people in ONE person, they will be happy in a steady relationship.

This man constantly feels a spark between himself and Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and reason. Mercury is constantly talking, learning, and moving, so this man’s relationship with him is never boring! Of course, things move so fast for them, they can hardly take the time to fully enjoy their relationship. In fact, at the end of it all, they feel a complete hang-over, both mental and physical exhaustion. But hey, if you’re going to live, why not live fully?

These men approach love interests in a “now you see me, now you don’t” kind of way. They come around their love interests at social gatherings, use their mental game (i.e. flirting), and try to get into that person’s mind. They can be a little coarse in what they say. But they are adaptable. If one method doesn’t work, they will try a new approach. They must be careful of lying just to impress someone. They are better off showing off their clever wit and intelligence. People love men who make them laugh. Mars in Geminis are experts at lightening the mood! They are charming and friendly. They must remember these qualities work better than lying. They don’t take rejection as hard as other men, especially if they have someone else they’re interested in. Even if they’re not interested in someone else, they leave and then come back again! They may even suggest that they at least be friends with the person they’re interested in. Still, they hate to be embarrassed in front of their friends. If it’s easier for their friends to get dates, and they constantly get rejected, they will be moody and depressed. Sometimes, these men joke around to hide their pain. They really must handle these feelings. Otherwise, their feelings will turn from sadness to resentment, then anger, then outright aggression.

When going on dates, they tend to like to try a combination of things all at once. Partners should be prepared to use all of their energy. They like to go to places that are both fun and interesting. They may like going to cultural festivals, clubs, amusement parks, or even museums. Sometimes, they may try to do all of this at once! Fortunately, they are adaptable. If they see that their partners aren’t having fun or maybe having too much fun, they will drop any plans they had and go with whatever their partners want. Still, if they were to ask you out, their partners had better wear some sensible shoes just in case. The Mars in Gemini guys floats between the perfect gentleman and the mischievous rude boy. They may open doors and pull out chairs. Then, somewhere throughout the date, they may play pranks and tease their dates. This, of course, depends on how comfortable they are with their dates. If they are just getting to know their dates, they will be more polite. They are socially-aware. If they know their dates well, expect the unexpected.

These men tend to think all men cheat. They tend to feel that all men want freedom and want to try new things all the time. They probably think all men have the same interests and are all more curious than women. They may even think men are more open-minded than women. They may be surprised that other men have different views regarding masculinity.

Male Sexuality: These men see sex as a fun activity. Again, they like to try new things. Sex is on their bucket lists and they want to try everything regarding the subject. They really need a partner that’s just as open and experimental as they are. If they can’t explore everything to the fullest with one partner, they will find ways to get what they want somewhere else. It’s a sure reason for them to cheat. They may find other ways to experience various sexual activities through porn or through various partners.

Of course, sex is mostly a mental thing for these guys. They don’t really need a physical person to experience sex. They would do well with virtual sex or even “sexting”. They can also easily divert their attention from sex by focusing on something else until a later date. Once turned on, though, they may want it quickly.

These men are easily influenced by other men’s ideas of sex. They are even more influenced by the men around them, like their friends or family members. If their friends are exploring sex, they will want to as well. They will feel more rejection if they can’t explore what they think other men are exploring. They will feel like they are missing out on life.

If you love a man who is fun, smart, flirty, and adaptable, you will love these guys. If you dislike talking and need stability, he may not be the one for you. If you have Mercury aspecting Mars or Mars in the 3rd house, you may relate to this description. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so your Mercury sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Mercury sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer, you can read Mars in Cancer to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

CelebritiesTyler the Creator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Martin Luther King Jr., Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Day Lewis, O.J. Simpson, John McEnroe, Bernie Madoff, Damon Wayans,  Louis Vuitton, Tom Brady, Joseph Fiennes, Nigel Barker, Jason Momoa, Eli Roth, Ghostface Killah, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ed Sheeran, Seungri (Big Bang), Daesung (Big Bang), Kendall Schmidt

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Mars in Cancer


Male Identity: When Mars enters Cancer, he enters the sign ruled by the Moon. Mars falls in this sign. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. The Moon is the planet of emotions, most associated with women in general, the mother, the “motherland”, and our early home environment or our roots. Mars is a masculine planet, associated with independence, which separates him from his roots. These men often feel a pull. They want to be close to their families, to keep traditions strong, but they also want to be independent and be seen as their own man.

These men have two conflicting views regarding masculinity. They both have a traditional and non-traditional view of masculinity. They often have traditional views when comparing themselves to women and children. Like their fathers and grandfathers, they believe it is the man’s job to protect their families, provide security for their families, and make their fathers proud of them. They often feel like their masculinity is decided by these factors. On the other hand, as individuals, they have interests that the world may not be ready to consider “masculine”. For instance, these men may be interested in domestic activities such as cooking and gardening. These men may prefer creative jobs (like music, designing cartoons, or painting) instead of an office job (though they may settle to maintain security). They may be extremely close to their mothers. In fact, they may even deeply admire their mothers! These men are also more in touch with their emotions. Society isn’t ready for men to enter into this kind of world. Thus, these men often feel weaker than other men or bullied by other men for being “different”. These men have to learn to accept themselves and trust their instincts. They really are ahead of the world. They have to learn to be comfortable with that. These men still have people who admire them, even if they don’t realize it. They seem genuine and they express themselves well. They tend to relate to the “average guy”. They understand men on an intuitive level, a level rarely reached by other men. They have the ability to get in touch with the masses, which can help them in any career they get into.

These men may have insecurities with feeling weaker than other men. In order to feel stronger, some of these men may abuse those they feel are weaker just so they can feel stronger. They may try to place strict codes between men and women, fearing female domination. They are also really sensitive. They do have to be careful of women controlling or abusing them, but they should be careful they aren’t getting too paranoid.

They tend to be really protective of their families and friends. If anyone messes with the ones they love, they will get angry. They are uncontrollable when angered. Their emotions get so involved, they take it out on anyone around them. Since showing emotions are shunned by men, these men channel it into physical aggression. They are instinctive in a fight. On the other hand, some will let others bully them only to later get back at that person in a round-about fashion.

As much as they love their families, sometimes they can’t get along with them either. Their fathers tend to be hard on them or causing commotion within the home. They often fight and argue with female relatives due to differences. Domestic violence may be common in their households. Their mothers may be the dominant figures in the home and may try to make them feel “less than”.

Just don’t hit them too personally. If you can avoid the things they are touchy about, you will avoid their tempers. They also absolutely HATE betrayal and disloyalty. Some will give you the cold shoulder, others will confront you. It all depends on their mood.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Cancers and how they fight and argue.

Generally, though, these men are quiet and sweet. Most of them keep to themselves and enjoy doing activities within the home. They tend to be “book smart” and often spend a lot of time reading. They tend to have educated opinions. They may enjoy carpentry, as they love building things. It makes them feel “manly”. They are good when it comes to fixing things around the house.

They instinctively think about the needs of others. They often do things for others without really thinking about it. When their friends or family members need them most, they are there.

When it comes to sports, they can be extremely athletic or uninterested. It all depends on how they were raised. If their families taught them to love sports, they tend to be interested in the sports of their homeland. They may feel a sense of “family” with sports teams. They may have a love of soccer/football, American football, baseball, basketball, rugby, or other sports that remind them of where they come from.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Cancer in sports: Sports & Mars

Again, they love creative jobs, but they also like the medical professions and psychology. They may also be interested in criminal justice because they like protecting others.They may love teaching because they do well with children.

Around male peers, they tend to be quiet loners. If they have close friends, they will be understanding, supportive, and like another brother. On the other hand, friends may find them to be too sensitive and easy to anger. Partners will find them protective and sweet, but a little complex and hard to read.

They tend to respect others’ boundaries. They do not steal what they feel is another man’s. If they really want what someone else has, they will try to persuade the other party to see things their way. If they are unsuccessful, they will leave the situation where it is. They may find a “backyard” method as well, avoiding conflict.

Relationships: They may not admit it, but they get super attached in relationships. Mars intensifies their emotions. These men need loyal partners. They need a partner that they can trust. They usually pour everything out for their partners. If they even sense disloyalty, they are not the nicest people to be around. Usually, they are protective, generous, and caring. If they feel their partners have changed towards them, they get threatened. When these men get threatened, they get angry. They want a relationship where they feel a connection with their partners. They like to have a lot in common with partners because they like to do things together. They may seem a little clingy and smothering. They are overprotective sometimes. They are just trying to do what they feel they are supposed to do. You can tell them to ease up, just say it nicely. They may attract strong partners because they like to feel secure with someone, but they equally hate being dominated. They don’t like being pushed around. It would be best to feel like an equal in their relationships to avoid arguing and fighting.

These men constantly feel a spark between themselves and the Moon, the luminary associated with emotions, instincts, and habits. They can’t quite define their relationship with her. It’s tumultuous and dramatic, at the same time, familiar and secure. Their feelings reach a stronger height than ever before, making them feel an indescribable rush and a passionate desire. Yet, they feel out of control and out of touch with reality when with her. They know this relationship is rocky, yet they feel a certain chemistry with the Moon. Perhaps they love the roller-coaster ride.

When approaching someone they like, they have a difficult time. They are shy and they have a boy-next-door appeal. They tend to try an indirect approach. They may send the person they like sweet little gifts, like flowers. It will be signed “anonymous”. It will be difficult for others to decipher their feelings at first. The more intuitive souls will know it’s them immediately. They try to keep it hidden as best they can until the person recognizes them. Of course, they can be moody when they like someone, especially if that person has yet to notice them. They may try to get the person alone so that they can talk with them. They must remember to always be themselves and have a little more confidence. They have a lot to offer, just like any other man.

When taking someone out on a date, they tend to like a nice, quiet, and intimate setting. They may invite the person over to come to their house for dinner. They may take their dates to a nice, cozy restaurant, perhaps the family restaurant. They may pack a picnic basket and have a picnic in the park. They may take their dates to a cultural festival, enjoying the sights and foods that represent their nation. They may just ask where their dates would like to go. They can be quite the romantics. They can be chivalrous when around their partners. They will be protective, too. They are the types to give their jackets to partners that are cold or spoon feed their partners at the table. They walk on the side of the street that is the muddiest. They will even carry their partners if they are tired!

They believe all men want respect. They tend to believe that all men should think and feel as they do. They tend to encourage men to support other men and build each other up. Of course, they also recognize that all men are different from one another. They recognize how unique they are and wouldn’t be surprised to find men who are different from them.

Male Sexuality: These men see sex as a way to unleash their passions, desires, feelings, or to build their self-esteem. Regardless, they get super involved with their partners sexually. When they are in love with someone, sex usually follows. They may be attached to their partners after a sexual encounter. They feel they have given of themselves during the act. If they have many sexual partners, they may feel this way with all of them! However, it would be difficult for them to accept any of these partners cheating on them. They should be careful giving their hearts away to too many partners. They can’t have them all.

On the other hand, some of these men can be absolutely loyal sexually. They are even more loyal when children are in the picture. Some tend to like the idea of getting a woman pregnant and starting a family. They must be careful of spreading their seed too far and wide. It will break them eventually.

They tend to have sex when they feel the “emotions of the moment”. They don’t often stop and think. They are passionate lovers when they want someone. They can’t control themselves once turned on. It’s best for lovers not to be alone with them if they aren’t interested in sex. On the other hand, they want to please their partners and won’t be pushy too often. They may enjoy foreplay with their partners, but they are serious when they have sex. They can be both gentle and rough sexually, but they aren’t likely to be too taboo. They like all positions, but their favorite involves chest-to-chest contact.

If you love a man who is protective, caring, and security-oriented, you will love these men. If you can’t take too many emotions, not really a family girl, or want someone extremely confident, they may not be the man for you. If you have Moon aspecting Mars or Mars in the 4th house, you may relate to this description. Cancer is ruled by Moon, so your Moon sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Moon sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Cancer, Moon in Leo, you can read Mars in Leo to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Michael Phelps, Chris Brown, John Mayer, Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher, Roger Federer, Ryan Reynolds, Pablo Picasso, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Robin Williams, Al Capone, Notorius B.I.G., Ludacris, Noam Chomsky, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, Kendrick Lamar, Jr. (Got7), Busta Rhymes

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Mars in Leo


Male Identity: When Mars enters Leo, he enters the Sun’s domain. Mars’s own sign, Aries, is exalted when the Sun enters it. This shows that Mars has a lot in common with Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Mars is a masculine planet and the Sun is considered a masculine planet. The Sun represents the father and manhood. Mars is the masculine principle. Yet, when two dominate forces combine, they are bound to bump heads eventually. Leo is all about “attention” and putting on a “show”. It wants lovers and admirers. It wants to be important. Mars is only concerned with accomplishing goals, overcoming obstacles, and getting what it wants. It’s a planet of action, not “displays” of action.

These men tend to be proud of their masculinity. They tend to put on a big show, flaunting themselves around as the alpha man in any group. They really do like to show off. Actually, they don’t really have to try. They are natural leaders in any room they go into. They carry a sense of confidence that is enviable. They tend to have a lot of personality, too. They can be funny, almost clownish. It is hard to ignore them.

They believe confidence is the key to being masculine. They believe the alpha man in any group is the man who is the most popular, the one who wears the best clothes, has the most money, and is extremely attractive. Basically, the man who stands out the most. When they meet men who best them in this way, they feel threatened and they get competitive. However, they will never show their weaknesses in public.

These men are destined for fame and attention. When they want it, they know how to channel their energies towards accomplishing great things. Their goal is to earn honor and respect. They want to be proud of whatever they do. They are often considered good role models as a result.

They have an inner child inside of themselves. They are playful and light-hearted. They also make great fathers because they tend to keep their kids motivated. They really want young boys to look up to them. They want to guide children in the right direction. They must be careful not to invest their ego too much in other people’s lives. They don’t want to try and take the shine from someone else. They should avoid being bossy and commanding.

They do well in jobs that help them express their unique natures. They may do well in politics and management positions because they like being in charge and they tend to be good at organizing events and people. They may do well in the fashion industry as they tend to make sure they wear the latest styles. They could be great as a sports coach or athlete. They would be great in entertainment. They always have an entrepreneur deep inside at all times. They are always trying to strike it rich and they can see the business opportunity in anything. They have a creative mind.  Regardless, these men really strive to be the best in whatever field they get into. They are adventurous and enthusiastic when they get a business plan going.

They are really big kids at heart. They love sports of all kinds. Their problem is they may feel they have to be the star on every team. They have a hard time taking a backseat. The good part is they really strive to BE the best. When they are the captain or quarterback, they are good at motivating their team. They could outshine the cheerleaders! They enjoy watching sports, but they always have an idea of how they could’ve played better. They tend to support the “best” team rather than a team that has had consistent losses.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Leo in sports: Sports & Mars

The less athletic guys may have many creative interests. They may be in a band in their spare time or they may enjoy planning house parties. They love to party. These guys are gregarious by nature. Their birthday parties tend to be a huge deal! They tend to have an adventurous life. They need to be careful of gambling and taking financial risks. They also should be careful of taking physical dares. This isn’t always bad. They should just make sure everything they try doesn’t bring physical damage to themselves.

These guys are generally positive and upbeat. But their tempers can be ferocious and dramatic (though their bark tends to be worse than their bite). A jab at their pride is sure to set them off. They don’t like to be humiliated. They hate to be told what to do in any way. They don’t even like when others get an authoritative tone. They have a hard time working under others as a result.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Leos and how they fight and argue.

Around male peers, they tend to be loud, flamboyant, and confident. They almost seem invincible. Of course, drama seems to follow these guys. They seem really popular and jovial. They are always center stage. Male peers may equally find them to be arrogant, to be braggarts, or to be all talk and no show. Some may even find them annoying. Partners find them exciting, funny, and romantic, but maybe a little dramatic and self-centered.

They don’t like taking another man’s possessions or lovers. They have too much pride to have someone else’s leftovers. At the same time, they could learn to let others shine every once in a while.

Relationships: The Mars in Leo man is just as passionate and dramatic in relationships as he is in life. He’s actually very romantic. He wants his relationships to be fun, passionate, and suited to all of his needs. In every instance, he has to be the center of attention in his relationships. He may feel he represents his relationships. He must make sure to remember that a relationship consists of TWO people instead of one person. When they remember this, they can be generous, playful, and attentive to their lovers. They really have a strong need to be attractive and they strive to the best lovers they can be (even if it’s just for show). The more pompous Mars in Leos want to be taken care of. They are often like the literal lion. They let their lionesses do the hunting, but they eat the meal first, otherwise there will be a fight! These men tend to want partners that are attentive, humble, submissive, and caring. They want to be treated like kings, with their partners feeding them and doing the hard work for them. If they are more like the humble lions, they tend to want to be the ones to take care of their partners and their families. Their pride won’t allow anyone to take over. They feel it’s the man’s responsibility to not only be the king, but run the kingdom. Most Mars in Leo men are loyal partners, but some take many partners to stroke their egos. They mostly need partners that make them look good in some way.

These men constantly feel a spark between themselves and the Sun, the luminary associated with the self, our main concerns, and vitality. When with the Sun, this man believes in himself. The Sun supports anything and everything he does, and this boosts his confidence. With the Sun around, these men feel invincible. His goals come first and take first priority. Maybe he seems a little self-centered, but he’s always full of life, thanks to the Sun’s warm support. The Sun is always on the same page. On the other hand, the Sun may take away all the shine in their attempt to support the man, which may cause some conflict and tension. As long as the Sun’s intentions are positive, this man will feel invigorated.

When approaching someone they like, they are usually either dramatic or romantic. They tend to pull out all of their game for the one they want. They are the types to announce their interest in public, in front of others. They will send dozens of roses, shed tons of money on gifts and expensive dinners, and will be there when the car breaks down or repairs need to be made. Some of them may expect to be appreciated for all that they do. If they are rejected, they will feel taken for granted. This is because they really do too much to win someone else’s heart. These gentlemen have to be reminded that it was their own choice to be elaborate, knowing they may not win in the end. They really don’t like losing, not even when trying to impress someone they like. They will really get bitter if they see that person with someone else. It really hurts their pride to be rejected. They are really sensitive deep down.

When going on a date, these men tend to like to have a lot of fun. Whatever they do and wherever they go will be amazing and unforgettable. They tend to take their partners to lavish, expensive restaurants. They may take their lovers to fancy operas or concerts of choice (with V.I.P passes). If they have less money, they will still try to make the night as special as they can. With their playful natures, they may enjoy the day at a fair or amusement park. They may play all the games just to win prizes for their dates. Whatever they do, they will add flair and drama to it. They want their partners to find them to be the most impressive suitor of all. They must remember not to splurge too much on their dates. They can be really chivalrous. They generally treat women with the ultimate respect when trying to impress them. Sometimes, they over-do it. Their problem is letting all discussions focus on themselves. They must try a little harder to pay attention to their partners and show some interest in them as people.

These men tend to feel all men should be the leader in a relationship. They may think all men want to be catered to and taken care of. They would be shocked to find men who think differently from them. They may still be stubborn about their ideas.

Male Sexuality: These men see sex as a part of making love and receiving pleasure in their relationships. They generally like to be the dominant partner. They love foreplay and creating an interesting scene in the bedroom. These men love the attention from their partners no matter what. Sex is just another way for them to shine. They tend to be playful and fun sexually.

They want their partners to think they are the best sex partners ever. They like to share information about their sexuality or their experiences with their friends. Some may care more about their own pleasure. Others may care what their partners want, making sure the overall experience is amazing for both parties. Whatever goes on in the bedroom, they want to make sure mostly positive things are said about the experience. They may be reluctant to jump in the bedroom with someone if they aren’t sure they can perform at their best.

If you love a man who has a lot of personality, someone fun and entertaining, playful and generous, you will love these men. If you need to be the dominant one, dislike drama, and don’t like a whole lot of attention, they may not be the men for you. If you have Sun aspecting Mars or Mars in the 5th house, you may relate to this description. Leo is ruled by Sun, so your Sun sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Sun sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Leo, Sun in Virgo, you can read Mars in Virgo to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Michael Jordan, George Clooney, Robert Redford, Frank Sinatra, James Franco, Channing Tatum, Quentin Tarantino, Derek Jeter, Ne-Yo, Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Duke Ellington, Anthony Kiedis, Ralph Fiennes, Ringo Starr, Leonard Cohen, Steven Tyler, Seal, Marlon Wayans, Lamar Odom, Conan O’Brien, Neil Young, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Henson, Joel Osteen, Bob Fosse, Dennis Rodman, Jon Stewart, Youngjae (Got7)

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Mars in Virgo


Male Identity: Mars enters the other area belonging to Mercury when it enters Virgo. Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Mars has some things in common with the mutable sign, and some things he doesn’t really feel comfortable with. Virgo is a busy, hard-working sign. Mars likes to keep busy and get things accomplished. But Virgo is earthy, practical, and a little more cautious. Virgo is also scattered. Mars doesn’t hesitate to jump into things, regardless of the consequences. He’s also direct and focused.

The men with this placement work hard. They speak well and they are usually polite. They are very intelligent. Their idea of being masculine is earning respect through hard work, sacrifices, and humility. They always try to maintain a mellow existence, no matter how famous they get, no matter how much money they make.

These gentlemen keep themselves busy, even if they aren’t working. They mostly work to improve themselves and the craft. They may have hobbies that they cater to. They may get involved with their families. They try to do something productive every day.

These men seem so humble that other men often think they are easy targets and that they can be pushed around. These guys do have an “innocent” way about them. They have a strong moral code, a strong sense of righteousness, and they are generally good men. They just need to be careful of letting other boss them around and they need to learn to stand up for themselves.

They are funny, witty, and pay attention to all the details. This makes them seem a little oily. They are perfectionists who cater to every part of their appearance. They make sure they stay healthy and fit. They can be critical of others as well. They have often stung others with their sharp criticisms. But they are good at giving advice and helping others, even if what they say is too sharp.

They have such a keen eye for detail, they can work in any field. They make excellent game designers and producers because they know how to put together complex games using sophisticated software. They are often seen in politics because they speak well, are humble, and understand the “average” person. They could do well in the medical fields because they are health-conscious. They make excellent authors and critics as well. They are good at acting because they completely capture every detail of a character. Whatever job they take on, they complete every task effortlessly or try their best to.

They may like any sports. Mostly, though, they’d rather watch sports than play them professionally. They aren’t the competitive types and they tend to be particular when getting down and “dirty”. Some of them have hidden health issues they are trying to overcome as well. But those that are really athletic enjoy solo sports that allow them to use their mental expertise. They may enjoy Olympic sports like racing. They may enjoy measuring distance and discovering clever ways of beating their opponents. They are interested in animals, so they may be interested in being a horse jockey. They may enjoy extreme sports tremendously because they are excellent at calculating the best moves to make on ramps and for tricks.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Virgo in sports: Sports & Mars

If they aren’t interested in sports, they tend to be interested in chilled activities like watching tv, surfing the internet, playing games on their phone, or video games. They usually have hobbies and projects they like to work on.

These gentlemen rarely lose their cool, but they do get frustrated, nervous, and fussy. They rarely like working with others, especially people who are unreliable or inefficient. They hold a lot in and aren’t confrontational, but their anger often boils over and turns into a tantrum if not handled. The main things that irritates them is when they are criticized or pushed around for too long. But very little bothers them or gets under their skin. They get a little irritated when they can’t finish something they’ve been working on or when someone interferes with their routine. They have a system for doing things. They are men who like order. If that order is out of wack, they will be out of wack. Other than that, they are generally easy-going and can endure a lot.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Virgos and how they fight and argue.

Around male peers, they are generally quiet and humble. They are funny and tend to get along with most guys they know. Some guys may find them to be a little critical and judgmental, but very few people have a bad word to say about these men. At least they are honest. Somewhat, they are loners, so they don’t really give people anything to talk about. Partners find them to be reliable, responsible, and dependable, but workaholics.

They tend to respect other men and their boundaries. They usually have no desire to overstep someone else’s grounds. They are too smart to walk into territory they don’t belong. If they do want what another man has, they use their brains and wait until that item (or person) is available.

Relationships: They tend to be family men. They make great boyfriends and husbands. They focus a lot on the details of their partners, making sure their partners are well-cared for. They are attentive and helpful. When a car needs to be fixed or their partners can’t find something important, they will be around to help. Of course, they can be a little critical of their partners. If their partners change up their routines, they can get really sharp. They also tend to point out little things that seem “out of place”, like a hair strand sticking up or untied shoelaces. It comes out as “too honest”. This may aggravate their partners. They also don’t spend a whole lot of time with their lovers. They are always so busy. It would be best for their partners to have “busy work” to do as well. First off, they respect others who work hard. Second, it will be the best way to ease loneliness. Working with them on a project might be a way to spend more time with them. Of course, they have to be in charge of the project because they are very specific about their ideas. It would be great to suggest that these men set aside some time to spend with loved ones. A lot of it could be shyness. They often want to be the perfect lovers and often don’t know the best way to show that without messing up. They really need a partner that is tolerant and easy-going to make them feel at ease. They don’t need demanding types.

This man constantly feels a spark between himself and Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and reason. The information this man receives from Mercury is useful and inspires practical action. This man may feel that life moves a little fast with Mercury, but Mercury has a lot to offer. This man can’t deny that a lot more gets done when he’s working together with Mercury, even if the projects don’t last very long. Being around someone so intelligent and reasonable really makes this man feel strong and motivated.

When approaching someone they like, they get a little nervous and shy. They usually try a simple approach. They start off with a pleasant greeting and then simply ask the person out somewhere. Some may give compliments. They usually make sure they are dressed well and they pull out their best manners. It’s best if they prepare ahead of time, though. When they get nervous, they may sweat a lot or stumble. Some are smoother than others. Others are attentive. These types observe the people they want long before approaching them. They often find the right words to say. They usually offer to help the person they like with something and move in from there. If they are rejected, they generally get really hard on themselves. They often have to know the reason for the rejection and will try to fix it for next time.

They usually like to take their dates wherever their dates want to go. Of course, if they could have it their way, the date would be simple and inexpensive. They generally want partners who aren’t extremely materialistic. They don’t necessarily feel that a man has to spend a lot of money to please someone. They would enjoy a nice walk in the park. Being an earth sign, they appreciate nature. A day at the Aquarium would be something they would suggest. It’s both interesting and soothing. They like to take their dates to quiet dinners in clean environments. They might even enjoy a day at a fair. Wherever they go, it will be perfect. It will be romantic, but not dramatic or cheesy. It will be nice but not super expensive. They are always well-mannered in public, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

These men may feel most men are laid-back but generally like their routines. They may feel most men dislike partners who are dramatic. They may be surprised to find that other men have their own ideas about masculinity.

Male Sexuality: These men view sex as something a man should understand. They see it as healthy and a good stress reliever. They take a lot of time and effort to perfect their skills. Of course, they may seem a little nervous or cautious about the act as a result. They always want to make sure they perform well, just like they do at work. They tend to be very good at making their partners feel comfortable. They are self-serving, getting more excited by their partners’ pleasure.

They are particular about who they have sex with. Again, they want it to be a healthy activity. They generally are more cautious with more experienced partners. They are careful with people who have had too many partners. The individual may be hot to him, but he has enough self-control to deny a partner sex if he feels the person is “unclean”.  But they have a curious side and they love to learn. They may be more experimental than most earth signs.

If you love a man who is chilled and helpful, you will love them. If you need a lot of romance and you require a lot of attention, he may not be the one for you. If you have Mercury aspecting Mars or Mars in the 6th house, you may relate to this description. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so your Mercury sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Mercury sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Virgo, Mercury in Libra, you can read Mars in Libra to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Ben Affleck, Charles Manson, Friedrich Nietzche, Trent Reznor, George Michael, Matt Damon, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke, Eddie Vedder, Ernest Hemingway, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Bridges, Quincy Jones, Jerry Garcia, Wiz Khalifa, Evel Knievel, Idris Elba, Joe Jonas, Chris Hemsworth, Taemin (Shinee), BamBam (Got7), Carlos Pena, Jr., Logan Henderson

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Mars in Libra


Male Identity: Mars enters another one of Venus’s signs, Libra-the cardinal air sign. Mars feels uncomfortable in this position. Mars is in detriment here. There are a lot of things about Libra that rubs Mars the wrong way. Though Libra is one of the extroverted, masculine signs, Libra is like Venus in the fact that it is passive-aggressive, balanced, and superficial. Mars has not time for indecision, moderation, and superficiality. Mars wants to come to quick decisions, go after whatever it wants with fierce intensity so that is can get what it wants faster, and doesn’t really care what anyone looks like while doing it. Libra cares about others; Mars is an independent energy. Libra baffles the planet Mars. Still, Libra is an energetic and positive placement, so Mars can have some fun along the way at times.

The men with this placement often don’t feel as tough or aggressive as other men. They tend to have a lot of energy for pleasurable activities, but they never put their foot forward too hard or too fast. Their idea of manhood tends to be contrary to society’s view of manhood. They feel that what makes them masculine is their cool, easy-going, and creative nature. They believe that masculinity is mental and that a real man is smart and good at negotiating. They mostly feel masculinity is a social thing rather than an instinctive, physical, or biological thing. They are logical and reasonable in the way they see masculinity. They can understand how masculinity can be defined in many different ways.

These men don’t see the need to be as competitive or boastful like other men. At the same time, they feel uncomfortable when they don’t fit in. They tend to either make themselves feel more unique or they over-emphasize their masculinity to overcompensate for their weaknesses. What’s most important is being attractive. They really want lovers in their lives and they strive to be respected by their partners.

These men are super intelligent and love to read. They generally love open discussions. However, they tend to get heated in conversations, turning them into debates or arguments. They always feel like they need the last word. If they are proven wrong, it angers and disappoints them. They can even get resentful. Though they generally hate arguing and fighting, they often start them without intending to.

They are actually really good leaders. They are good at bringing opposing parties together for one common goal because they aren’t too dominant, they are persuasive, and they are team-oriented. They are good at motivating others. This is because they are motivated by others.

They are generally better-suited to jobs where they can be creative and easily work with others on a team. They may enjoy the music field. They could be excellent painters and sculptors. They do well in politics and office jobs. They would make excellent lawyers because they are fierce debaters and are often determined to win in a conversation. They don’t do well in jobs that are hard or laborious unless they work with someone else. Any job they take on, they have to really love. Otherwise, they will be unmotivated and lazy.

They love sports, watching it and playing. They try not to take it too seriously, though. On the other hand, if they were to work at something they love, and if they loved sports, they may choose it as a career. They still don’t want their favorite hobbies to feel too much like a hard job. They generally do well on teams. American football, basketball, hockey, and soccer/football are all sports they do well with. They may love sports that take grace and intelligence like fencing. They may enjoy extreme sports or even Olympic sports because of the balance required. Though they would rather do something they love, their drive isn’t as strong. They may be indecisive, switching from sport to sport. They usually seem dispassionate about sports, even if they play it for a living.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Libra in sports: Sports & Mars

If they aren’t interested in sports, they are definitely more creative. They also love to socialize and party. They love that life of luxury and ease. Their social life is very important to them. They get irritated and nervous when they are alone too long. They often have a hard time doing anything alone.

These guys are passive-aggressive. They get mad, but they never address it. They will wear a smile or keep a cool head even when angry. But they may find some under-handed way to get back at the person they are angry with. They may also manipulate other people to side with them. They are stronger in numbers. They can be superficial and judgmental, staying away from people who they deem as rude and inconsiderate. In fact, it makes them angry. It makes them angry when someone criticizes the way they look. It makes them irritated when people are loud and flamboyant. It frustrates them when others are unreasonable or difficult to talk to. They don’t often realize when they are guilty of being loud, unreasonable, and critical. They will physically fight if their strong sense of justice is attacked. They believe in fairness. They will fight for their loved ones as well. However, they hate fighting and being on another person’s bad side. They quickly “do the right thing” and apologize for their behavior (unless they strongly feel they were right). Some people may take this kindness as weak and fickle. They just don’t like holding a grudge. They really want to be well-liked. Sometimes, they often blame others for their own behavior rather than own up to their own anger. They hate to lose their cool.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Libras and how they fight and argue.

While these men fancy themselves as unique thinkers, they secretly have a desire to be seen and respected as other men are. They don’t necessarily want to compete and keep up with other guys, but they often feel like they have to so other men will leave them alone. They are generally really cool, fun, and laid-back around friends. They make excellent friends because they are supportive and friendly. They are down for doing anything as long as their friends want to do it. But some people may find them to be phony, fickle, and indecisive. It’s hard for them to make decisions and they always let others pressure them.

They are passive-aggressive about respecting another man’s boundaries as well. Most of them never overstep another man’s boundaries. They just don’t have the competitive drive to do it and they hate drama. Still, if they want something, they know how to manipulate the situation in their favor. They tend to be excellent strategists. They know how to get things in the palms of their hands without stealing what is someone else’s. With their powers of persuasion, most just hand it to them!

Relationships: Relationships were made for them. Libra is the sign of relations and they usually have a strong desire to be in a partnership. They hate shouldering the weight of the world alone. It’s difficult for them to do anything alone. They often feel more confident and courageous when with a partner. They often spend a lot of time with their partners, getting frustrated when their partners are too independent. On the other hand, they are quite indecisive and often feel that things would be better if they were with “someone else”. They always dissatisfied in relationships because their standards are so high. Their issue is that they haven’t discovered who they are and what it is they really desire. They should learn to decipher what it is they really want before they get into a relationship. Their social status is also important. They want partners that make them look good in some way. At the same time, they want partners that are better than they are (financially, physically, etc) or more dominant. They want balance in their lives.

These men always seem to feel a spark between themselves and Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and art. Nothing inspires them more than the lovely Venus! She’s graceful, charming, and a pleasure to be around. She’s so classy, refined, and cultured. These men can’t help but feel lust for her. Yet, if they want to keep her beauty and refined nature, they must show how much they appreciate her. This means they must calm their excitable nature and learn to relax-something really challenging when this man is around someone so alluring!

When approaching someone they like, they are generally awkward actually. They always try not to come on too strong, but they also want a partner badly. Trying to keep both sides balanced makes them seem a little uncomfortable when asking someone out. They generally try to look attractive and try to get love interests to meet them half-way. They may try to use their money, talents, or skills to impress a lover. Whatever it takes, they will try to use it. They may not always be direct, but they will be smoother than normal. They generally try to do something with someone they like, like work on a project together, so their interest can get to know them. They generally get depressed and resentful when rejected, especially if all of their friends are dating. If they let this resentment sit, it can turn to aggression. They may not take it out on the person, but others around them will hear about it.

They are true romantics when it comes to dates. They may do whatever it takes to please their partners. They may take their love interests to luxury dinners, on romantic boat rides, or to a play or opera. They will make sure the day is a classy and artistic event. They always come with gifts, too. They are always chivalrous, easy-going, and mild when on a date. They try to be on their best behavior. Everything has to be perfect.

They may feel that all men like women, even if they aren’t interested in them romantically. They may feel women influence a man’s decisions on everything. They would be uncomfortable to find men who think differently.

Male Sexuality: These men see sex as a pleasurable activity and suited to love-making. They need a sexy, attractive partner to be motivated. If they are arguing or angry at a partner, they will not be sexually attracted to their partners and may desire other partners. These men love to please their partners thoroughly when on good terms. But when things get sour, they often cheat. They have a hard time resisting others’ charms as well.

They are balanced sexually. They love the pleasure they can get from sex, but they aren’t particularly passionate lovers. They set the perfect scene and are charming in the bedroom. They are experts with foreplay and know how to make their lovers comfortable. They are never too experimental or taboo. They would rather try positions that are easy and comfortable.

If you love a man who is charming, romantic, cool, and attractive, you will love this men. If you’re looking for someone stronger-willed or decisive, they may not be the men for you. If you have Venus aspecting Mars or Mars in the 7th house, you may relate to this description. Libra is ruled by Venus, so your Venus sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Venus sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Libra, Venus in Scorpio, you can read Mars in Scorpio to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Alexander Skarsgard, Kobe Bryant, The Dalai Llama, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bill Gates, Freddie Mercury, Eminem, Bill Clinton, Frank Ocean, Sigmund Freud, Nelson Mandela, Jean Reno, Zac Efron, Roman Polanski, Abraham Lincoln, Alfred Hitchcock, Winston Churchill, Jean-Michel Jarre, R. Kelly, Gore Vidal, T.O.P (Big Bang), Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Rain, Mark (Got7)

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Mars in Scorpio


Male Identity: Mars traditionally rules over Scorpio. It’s not surprising. Both have intense and passionate energies. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. On the outside, Scorpio is a quiet energy. Within, Scorpio boils with watery feelings that are channeled in a powerful way. Mars can certainly find an outlet for all of his intensity.

These men are intense and powerful. Rather, they really want to be powerful. Their idea of masculinity is being powerful within. They tend to seem really scrawny and weak on the outside, but on the inside is a force that is hard to control. These men are charismatic and easily influence others. Everything they do, they put passion behind it. They tend to be ruthlessly ambitious. They often don’t pay attention to the toes they step on. They sometimes don’t care. When they want something, they will get it, no matter what it takes. As powerful as they are, they are generally quiet and secretive. No one hardly ever knows what’s going on in their lives. They may hold deep, almost scary feelings within.

Scorpio is a sign of transformation. They are fully in control of their actions. They can channel their energies to overcome any habits or obstacles. They tend to make powerful changes on the inside first. They always start with their attitude. The changes slowly start to affect their outer life. Before you know it, they will seem like different men entirely. They have a lot of insight and they reflect deeply on themselves.

They do amazing in jobs that give them some power and influence. They may really enjoy being involved in politics or in their criminal justice system. They must be careful of getting involved in criminal activities, thinking that it will give them power and influence (because it really doesn’t). They may also be interested in the entertainment industry, though they may prefer to be producers and song-writers, working away from the limelight. If the limelight gives them influence, they will go for it, but they may meet some roadblocks along the way, due to their strong-willed and ruthless natures. These men are so fierce about their privacy, it is likely they will give the paparazzi more juice with their rage. It’s best if they influence events from behind the celebrities. They may even do well with journalism. They are excellent at uncovering hidden secrets. They would be excellent entrepreneurs. They are good with businesses and handling resources. They tend to know underground trends and can almost predict success. They would be good at inventing things. They could be good at banking or treasury, but they should be careful not to dip their hands in the funds. They have the drive and focus to put their passions into anything they set their minds to.

These men may like sports, but most are independent and don’t care to play around with others. They may also get too worked up and serious about a game, causing it to be less fun. When they play sports, they will do anything to win (even underhanded things). They may enjoy powerful sports like boxing, wrestling, football, and hockey-sports where they can crush their opponents. They may even like daring sports, like extreme skating or skateboarding. They may enjoy martial arts of all kinds.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Scorpio in sports: Sports & Mars

Most, however, are not extremely athletic. They tend to focus all of their energies towards major projects or their goals. This can make them geniuses in their craft, highly creative, and super successful. They tend to be interested in deep, dark subjects, like monsters, aliens, and other supernatural subjects. They may get involved in conspiracy theories. They may be interested in science, particularly loving chemistry. They make passionate debaters and they tend to their research on everything.

Mars in Scorpios don’t get angry too often. But when they do, it is one of the scariest experiences for those who know them well. Of all the Scorpion placements, Mars in Scorpios are the scariest. The list of things that will set them off: Invasion of privacy, talking about their loved ones or hurting them in any way, insulting their intelligence, personal perceived injustice, and stripping them of their power and control. They may not seem angry once angered. They may say something sharp and cutting or nothing at all. But they will get revenge. They will exact their revenge. Whatever you did to them, they will do it back. They will not stop until they have you suffering. When someone hurts them, they see that person as having power over them for a moment. They won’t rest until they’ve taken back power from their enemies. They don’t pick fights with people. They usually don’t start drama. But they will never back down from a fight. At the end of the day, they are water signs. Emotions run deep and spill over.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Scorpios and how they fight and argue.

Around male peers, they are secretive and quiet. They mostly hang with other men like themselves, those who make them feel more powerful. Their friends may find them to be strong, intense, and mysterious. They may seem a little too serious as well. But they can be fun, as they are daredevils at heart. Partners may find them magnetic and sexy, but a bit controlled or controlling. They are mostly loners.

They have an interesting perception of “boundaries”. If they want something, they won’t let anyone stop them from getting it. They respect other men who fight for what’s there’s, but they have no qualms with trying to fight to take it from them. These men have to literally be defeated in their efforts. And then, they won’t be happy campers. They will be resentful and hard to reach until they get over it and transform themselves (which they do to make themselves stronger). Their emotions run so deep they can hardly control it.

Relationships: In relationships, they are fiercely attached to the ones they love. Unfortunately, they often try the field before realizing the one they really want. They have strong desires. They can seem a little possessive or controlling. They really want a deep and meaningful relationship. They want to feel “complete”. Somehow, they long for a partner that can really transform their lives. These partners give them the rush they crave. Many times, they jump from partner to partner, only to find shallow individuals. If they can find that individual who is so much more than a pretty face, they will feel completely submerged in that person’s existence. They are generally quiet guys without too much going on at home. They like quiet, secretive partners who respect their boundaries. They respect and admire passionate, ambitious partners. Sharing is caring for them. They love partners that give to them as much as they will give in return. They tend to give their all, body and soul, for someone they really want. Yet, they always keep their most personal feelings close until they can trust whoever they are with.

This man tends to feel a spark between himself, Mars, and Pluto. Mars is the planet of action, desire, and aggression. Pluto is the planet of transformation, obsession, and power. When this man is with Mars, he feels a lust for life! Mars makes him feel thrilled and excited. Pluto, on the other hand, makes him feel powerful and in control. When in charge, he can’t handle himself, making his relationship pretty tense. Pluto changes this man for life. His relationship with both of them lead him towards the edge. Even when things get a little crazy, he can’t escape. While he feels in control, Pluto really has control over him, making this man obsessed with the rush. This is a dangerous relationship-but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When approaching someone they like, they tend to be persistent and honest. They are all about breaking defenses and finding weaknesses. “No” is not enough to stop them. If they really like someone, they will do whatever it takes to get that person. They will wait patiently, trying to find an opening. They will try to make you go out with them at least once. They see rejection as an obstacle that they have to overcome. They may constantly change their tactics. You almost have to make yourself unattractive in order for them to stop and they will leave like they’ve never even liked you. They are all or nothing.

When taking someone on a date, they are really down for anything. They aren’t particular about dates. They usually ask where their dates want to go. It helps them learn a little more about their dates and see where their dates’ minds are. Let them know the time, place, and day. They will take their dates there. They mostly want to take their lovers to their house or to a hotel somewhere so they can get “intimate”. They may want to chill out, watch movies, have a few drinks, and get to know their dates in a quiet, private setting. They don’t really think about manners and chivalry. They mostly try to be themselves. They don’t like fake charms.

They may feel all men are passionate creatures who want what they want. They may perceive all men to have the same strong desires they have. They may feel all men can’t be trusted entirely. They wouldn’t be shocked to discover other men who think differently, but they would think those men have a hard time understanding the true nature of men (as they see it) and may feel those men are more superficial.

Male Sexuality: When turned on, these men are passionate. They usually want to have sexual contact immediately. They see sex as a way to release their desires for someone. They generally an unrelenting in sexual pursuit. They may be a little ruthless and selfish sexually, trying to dominate and control their partners. They like to have a little control. On the other hand, they respect a sexual partner that is a challenge. They may be interested in dark or taboo sexual practices. Sex is usually not a light-hearted experience with them. It’s emotionally deep and involved. They become really attached to their partners and want their partners to become obsessed with them, too. Of course, when they desire anyone they will go after them. This could lead them into the world of cheating if left uncontrolled. They often have little control over their urges, but they are in total control of their actions. If they want someone, they go after them unrestricted but act as if they are cool about everything.

If you love a man who is passionate, driven, sexy, and magnetic, you will love them. If you don’t like to be controlled or dislike anything too deep, you may not like them so much. If you have Pluto aspecting Mars or Mars in the 8th house, you may relate to this description. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, so your Pluto sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Pluto sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Scorpio, Pluto in Sagittarius, you can read Mars in Sagittarius to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Bruce Lee, Ryan Lochte, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Leonardo Dicaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Marilyn Manson, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Joseph Stalin, Charlie Sheen, Mark Zuckerberg, Benicio Del Toro, Usher, Jean-Paul Sartre, Karl Lagerfeld, Deepak Chopra, Bobby Brown, Martin Scorsese, T.I., Billy Idol, Howard Stern, Danny Devito, Mao Zedong, Bill Murray, Frank Zappa, Hunter S. Thompson, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dr. Phil, Ravi Shankar, Dylan McDermott, Richard Pryor, Terry Gilliam, Louis Tomlinson, Lloyd Polite, T.I.

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Mars in Sagittarius


Male Identity: Mars enters the placement ruled by Jupiter. Mars has a lot in common with Sagittarius. Mars likes freedom and independence. Sagittarius likes freedom and independence. But like most mutable signs, Sagittarius scatters its mutable fire in various directions. Sagittarius is too freedom-loving. Mars needs focus and drive, otherwise he gets into trouble. So, there are things Mars is comfortable with and some things he’s not comfortable with here.

Men with this placement see masculinity in the context of a man’s freedom, his beliefs, and his experiences. As men, they feel it is important to explore the world, study and develop helpful philosophies, and grow as a person and bring their knowledge to others. These men feel they have a lot to teach other men about being a “man”. These men scatter much of their energies everywhere, lacking any focus. They really hate to be fenced in.

They tend to have a love of cultures and language. They may be have strong beliefs regarding either their religions or philosophies. They always want to be their “own” man, keeping their thoughts independent from others. Though they want followers, they often fear losing their individuality and others’ high expectations. Though they always have high standards, expecting to gain “bigger and better” from the world, they don’t like when those standards are placed or forced on them.

These men tend to have a lot of personality and are good at making others laugh.

They need a job that offers them freedom and plenty of new experiences. They may enjoy archaeology because they get to explore cultures and history. They may also enjoy planning cultural events or cultural festivals as a Cultural Affairs Specialist. They may want to hit the open road to nowhere. They may enjoy teaching or missionary work because they get to share their ideas and beliefs. They may enjoy getting involved in the entertainment industry, since they both love luxury, traveling, and entertaining folks. Whatever job they take on, they don’t want to follow another person’s rules and they want to work their own hours.

They tend to be sporty by nature, loving adventure and the great outdoors. Their positive, out-going, and happy-go-lucky nature makes it easy for them to take chances. They may enjoy extreme sports tremendously. They may be interested in horse racing, as it makes them feel free and rugged. They may love motorcycles or race car driving. They may love basketball and football and any other team sport, but they have a difficult time being tied down to teams. They may switch teams just for the experience. They also lack discipline. They play sports for the fun of it and will only do it professionally for the glory and luxury it offers. They really do everything for the fun of it. They don’t want to take anything too seriously (except maybe their beliefs).

This website is good for understanding Mars in Sagittarius in sports: Sports & Mars

They are usually happy men, but they can be super attached to their beliefs and ideas. They get so wrapped up in them, they often spark controversial debates. They even get angry with people who disagree with them. They need to learn not to take their ideas and beliefs too seriously. They also must learn to reason with others and listen more. They can be too preachy. They need to be careful of angering others on purpose. They can be blunt and they tend to mock others’ ideas when they disagree. They definitely would get angry if these people start standing up to them! They don’t mean to bully others, though. They just don’t know when to get serious until it’s too late. They aren’t particularly aggressive, but they will fight when angered.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Sagittarius and how they fight and argue.

Around their fellow peers, they are fun, lively, and adventurous. They always have a story to share. Friends may also find them to be independent and absent often. They aren’t the most reliable and may often make promises they forget about or aren’t able to keep. Some of them may find them flaky as a result. They tend to boast and exaggerate as well, which can annoy some of their friends. Partners may find them exciting and intelligent but hard to pin down.

These men see boundaries as something that is literally “claimed”. But they don’t waste their time with items or people who are already “taken”. If they are coerced by someone, they will jump on the opportunity. But they won’t waste their time chasing down anyone or anything that is unavailable. They aren’t that focused and don’t take anything too seriously.

Relationships: They mostly don’t care for relationships. But if they were to have a committed relationship, they need to have their freedom within it. They like to do things independently from partners and they are often gone from home. They don’t want anyone tying them down. They want their relationships to be fun and light of drama and baggage. Arguments are sure to get them running. They need a partner that will either have their own lives, be willing to pick up and move with them often, or will not nag them if they don’t come home.

These men feel a spark between themselves and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, and abundance. His ship only runs on happy faces. When around Jupiter, nothing can bring him down. Jupiter encourages this man to test the waters, the lands, and the skies! Yet, everything he wants and desires, he gets from Jupiter-and more! Jupiter motivates him to get more out of life than the ordinary, and this man can’t help but feel inspired. Jupiter is definitely his good luck charm.

They generally approach someone they like with confidence. They often boast and exaggerated their abilities. They really try to shine in front of someone they like. When rejected, they may be a little disappointed, but they quickly move on.

When going on a date, they like to have fun. They generally know how to turn even the most boring events into a fun time. They are funny, lively, and positive. They may like taking their dates to luxurious restaurants. They tend to over spend and shower their interests with everything. They may enjoy an adventurous hike up the mountains or horseback riding on the beach. They may enjoy a day at an amusement park. They generally like new experiences. They would likely go to a newly opened amusement park. They may enjoy a place full of culture. They may enjoy restaurants designed like castles or restaurants that serve gourmet food from other nations around the world. They want their dates to experience something they’ve never experienced before. They aren’t generally the most well-mannered. They have a rugged appeal. On the other hand, some may boost up their manners to give their dates the ultimate dating experience.

They think all men need space to roam. They also feel men want to experience life. They may not feel men can be faithful. They may feel all men want their beliefs respected. They often can’t accept when others think differently from them, but there are men who do have different thoughts on masculinity.

Male Sexuality: These men see sex as a chance to display their experiences. They may feel it’s important for men to be sexually experience. They may have some great philosophy surrounding sex. They may see sex as an opportunity to the Divine’s will and “spread the seed”. Of course, they often don’t want to be tied down with all of their “seeds”. Though they may want many experiences with many lovers, they have a hard time attaching themselves to these lovers based on sex. They may never have the same sex partner twice! Other energies in the chart have to keep them attached. Their moral beliefs have to influence them a little more. If not, you won’t find a sexually faithful man out of him.

Sexually, they see it as a sport and want to try everything. They may not want to try everything at once, but they want to explore their partners fully. They are open-minded and down for anything, as long as they don’t wake up to a clingy, emotional partner in the morning.

If you like men who are fun and exciting, you will love them. If you need more intimacy and want a family man, they may not be the one for you. If you have Jupiter aspecting Mars or Mars in the 9th house, you may relate to this description. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so your Jupiter sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Jupiter sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn, you can read Mars in Capricorn to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Jon Hamm, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Lil Wayne,  Javier Bardem, Jules Verne, Gianni Versace, Guy Pearce, Michael C. Hall, H.P. Lovecraft, Elliot Smith, Ted Bundy, Dick Cheney, Arsenio Hall, Billy Dee Williams, John Cassavetes, George Takei, Charles Mingus, Louis CK, Liam Hemsworth, Lil’ Wayne

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Mars in Capricorn


Male Identity: When Mars enters Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, he enters his exalted position, his most effective state of being. This may shock people, considering Saturn is falling in Mars’s sign Aries and considering Capricorn is really not like Mars. It’s not that they have similar natures (that’s the role of Mars’s rulership signs). Mars is most EFFECTIVE in this sign, meaning he gets the most accomplished and finds the best channel for all of his energy. Usually, Mars is impulsive, passionate, and fast-paced in getting what he wants. In Capricorn, he can still be ambitious, but he’s able to channel his passionate energy towards goals and his career. He finds outlets for his anger instead of impulsively jumping into senseless fights he’s not prepared for. Capricorn allows Mars to be focused but slows down his pace a bit so that he can really accomplish MORE. But Capricorn doesn’t slow him down too much. Mars can still be a leader in this cardinal earth sign, but he’s more responsible with his actions. Capricorn disciplines Mars so that Mars can accomplish a great deal more. It may feel a little suffocating for Mars, but Mars won’t disappointed. Mars has to make some sacrifices in this sign, but it’s well worth it in the end.

These men have a “survival of the fittest” mentality when it comes to masculinity. They believe only the strong survive. They don’t have patience for weakness and excuses. They believe a good man is a man with goals and ambition. These men are willing to work hard and endure hardship. They are good at overcoming obstacles and pushing through barriers. These men are often focused on climbing the social, political, and professional ladder of whatever field they are interested in. They are not happy with a mediocre position in life and they want to be respected and recognized. But these men are generally cool about everything. They are sure-footed when approaching life, planning every step carefully. They are very capable of taking care of themselves.

They are not all serious. They tend to have a sarcastic wit and a sense of humor that easily relates to people.

They are suited to any career out in the world. They are good at focusing their energies and they work hard. They may not choose careers that seem reachable, but they are practical and tend to reach the impossible with their sensible minds. Really, anything is reasonably possible for these guys. They are “the man with a plan”. They may be drawn to professions that get them recognized and respected in the world. They may be drawn to politics, the entertainment industry, the medical or science fields, journalism, managerial positions, and CEO positions.

They may like sports and some see it as an excellent channel for their energies. They are also good at planning their moves. Some may choose a sport as a career. They may be interested in sports that are popular, where they see the chance for fame. They may enjoy football/soccer, basketball, baseball, and American football. They may also be interested in sports that require discipline, like fencing or martial arts.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Capricorn in sports: Sports & Mars

The men who aren’t interested in sports could be involved in anything that gives them an excellent challenge and a chance for respect.

These men don’t get angry easily. Not too much gets under their skin. Even when angry, they try to find a healthy outlet for their feelings. They must be careful of hiding anger or holding anger inside. Most times, they confront individuals once they’ve calmed down. They get more frustrated with people who are unreasonable and too emotional. They mostly hate when others attack their physical security. No one should interfere with their goals and do other petty vindictive things. It’s childish to these men. It’s sure to anger them. But they would rather cut you out of their lives than lose their cool over small issues. Just about every issue is a small matter to these men. They have other things to worry about than to hold grudges and focus on squabbles.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Capricorn and how they fight and argue.

Around their peers, they are generally cool, funny, and laid-back. Most of their friends find them easy to get along with. Others may seem a little hard-nosed and ruthlessly ambitious. Some won’t even help their friends if they feel it will stop them from achieving their goals or if they feel their friends would be better at the job than they are. Partners find them sensible and easy-going but a little too controlled.

As far as boundaries, these men will push as far as they can go. If they can get away with it, they will overstep another man’s boundaries until someone stops them.

Relationships: These men want stability in their lives. They want as few problems as possible. They don’t like drama. They want their relationships to be drama-free and they want partners that add or enhance their lives in some way. They don’t want a relationship to interfere with survival or their goals. The practical things come first for them.

These men feel a spark between themselves and Saturn, the planet of restriction, pessimism, and structure. This man thrives when faced with the limitations Saturn places. He feels a need to test Saturn’s boundaries, and yet Saturn proves to this man his limits. His relationship with Saturn is a challenging one, yet always solid. Saturn is trustworthy and never fails him. While he wants to rebel against Saturn, he will long for that security net when he does step out of those boundaries. It’s too exciting to feel like he’s not allowed to do something, more than it is to know he can! He’s the man who likes rules just so he can have the satisfaction of breaking them (and then setting those rules back up again).

When approaching love interests, they keep a calm, cool, well-calculated approach. They try not to seem too desperate. Still, they are ambitious. They like to impress love interests with their good manners, their businesses, or their status. They may show off their knowledge regarding the work they do. They want their lovers to think of them as capable and competent.

They like to plan their dates with their love interests. Once everything is planned, they will be open to doing anything. They don’t like a spontaneous rendezvous. And once they’ve planned where to go, they don’t want to randomly change things up. They like to stick to their plans. These men are naturally composed and responsible, so they tend to be well-behaved without trying. But they would never immediately consider themselves chivalrous or polite. They are more responsible and dependable.

They may feel all men want to be strong and want to feel successful in the world. They may feel men are less emotional than women. They may be shocked to find men who think differently from them.

Male Sexuality: Once turned on, they go after their love interests honestly. They may have strong desires, but they don’t always act on their desires. They have a lot of self-control and can set their desires aside while they focus on more important things. They don’t let themselves go too far. They don’t like baggage. They are practical about starting a family and don’t like doing things on a whim.

They have to be in control and on top of their sex lives. They don’t easily let themselves go. They like to be the dominant partner. They also like experienced partners who know how to dominate every once in a while, but they have to be prepared for whatever is going on. They need their partners to know what they’re doing. He needs to feel secure with his sexual partner.

If you want a man who is cool, slow to anger, and goal-oriented, you will love this man. If you need someone more sensitive or someone who is less controlled, they may not be the men for you. If you have Saturn aspecting Mars or Mars in the 10th house, you may relate to this description. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so your Saturn sign will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Saturn sign within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, you can read Mars in Aquarius to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Marvin Gaye, Brad Pitt, Aleister Crowley, Walt Disney, Bob Marley, Marlon Brando, Robert Pattinson, David Bowie, Rafael Nadal, George Harrison, Jim Carrey, Edgar Cayce, Ewan McGregor, Taylor Lautner, Woody Allen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Usain Bolt, Shia Lebeouf, Tom Selleck, P-Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson,  John Wayne, Gavin DeGraw, Big Sean, JB (Got7), Yugyeom (Got7), Ross Lynch (R5), Drake Bell

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Mars in Aquarius


Male Identity: Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Mars has a lot in common with Aquarius. Aquarius is an independent and free energy. Mars likes independence and freedom. But Aquarius is rooted and doesn’t have the passion or drive Mars is used to. Saturn cools Aquarius’s normally erratic nature.

Men with this placement see masculinity as motivated by society. And they don’t feel they should be defined by society’s social ideas. They are society’s truest rebels. They define masculinity in any way they want to, according to their own interests. They don’t like feeling controlled at all. They are very progressive men. They may be large supporters of the herbivore movement. Yet, they may be interested in what any other man is interested in, too.

They are open-minded and like to try new things. They are always interested in the latest technologies, theories, and ideas. They make engaging conversationalists because they are so involved with the world and so knowledgeable about what’s going on. They are intelligent and inventive. Many are geniuses. They are involved in some of the most interesting activities.

They are outgoing men, social, and friendly. They hardly ever spend time at home. They especially love to be surrounded by friends, clubs, or associations. They like working in a team for a common goal.

They could be good in jobs that can help the world in some way. They may be humanitarians, working for charities or programs that help others. They may like volunteer work. They may like being involved in politics as they are outspoken and like to have a say in their laws. They may enjoy the entertainment industry where they can be creative and innovative as well as outspoken. They work well with technology or the latest inventions. Their career choices may be various, but always unusual and interesting.

They like sports, especially if they get to work in a team. They are active people. As long as they have their team, they feel unbeatable. The only issue is they can’t be too stuck to a group. They don’t want to lose their individuality. They may be interested in unusual sports or progressive sports. They may like daring extreme sports. They may like bowling and golf. They may still love normal sports, too. They like to change things up all the time. One day they may like one sport and will change the next!

This website is good for understanding Mars in Aquarius in sports: Sports & Mars

Aquarius is too cool for anger. They don’t see the point in getting mad. They would rather avoid people who try to upset them. They never try to upset others, but they can be straight-forward, which can anger some folks. If they do get angry, it’s because they feel their freedom is being taken from them. In this way, they will fight fiercely! They often tend to use non-violent but intelligent ways to fight opponents. They will not be suppressed. They use their voices to speak out against anything they feel is unfair. They have the connections to make their enemies feel shame.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Aquarius and how they fight and argue.

Around male peers, they are friendly, easy-going, and fun. They are always down for anything which makes them great companions. Of course, they have a strong need for freedom. They may seem eccentric or quirky at times. Partners may find them open-minded and easy to work with but hard to tie down.

Aquarius men have no desire to take what is someone else’s. It’s not worth it.

Relationships: They don’t want anyone trying to tie them down or control them. Relationships will only work with these men if they have the freedom to do what they did before a relationship. They see relationships as just another friendship. They prefer to be friends with partners. They don’t like drama and they get irritated when things get too emotional. Anything that threatens their freedom angers them. They need to maintain some autonomy and at least have their own hobbies and friends. They are always involved in some activities and they tend to surround themselves with associates. Their partners need to be open-minded.

These men constantly feel a spark between two conflicting energies: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet of restriction, pessimism, and structure. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, eccentricity, and upheaval. These men feel free when in a relationship with Uranus. They feel wild, like nothing in the world matters. They like that Uranus breaks the rules and encourages them to counter life with their own way of doing things. At the same time, they need rules to break them. Saturn respects their boundaries and keeps them separated from the chains of emotion. Saturn is logical and cool-almost cold. With too much Uranus, life never settles down and can become a little dangerous. They can’t really achieve much with so much change. With Saturn, life is stable and allows the man to achieve his goals in a structured manner. Without it, every cause will be lost.

When approaching someone they like, they tend to be cool and relaxed. They mostly try to make friends first and then they try to move in on someone they like. They can be a little awkward when trying to ask someone out. They may “slip it in” in the middle of a conversation.

They generally like to try unusual and distinct activities. They will more than likely take their dates to interesting cultural festivals or conventions, like the KCon or the anime convention. They may take their dates somewhere meaningful like to a museum or in a park. They generally try to take their dates to places that can help them strike up a good conversation. They are generally open to anything and willing to change things up mid-date. They are actually really polite and easy-going. Of course, they are progressive men and prefer to treat their dates as equals. They don’t care to open doors and pull out chairs. They just treat people the way they want to be treated.

They may feel that all men want freedom and need their “own thing”. Of course, they feel each man is an individual. They certainly don’t like to be compared to other men. Still, other men may feel differently from them.

Male Sexuality: They have an open-minded view of sex. They are open to experimenting with anything. The quirkier the better! Still, they don’t need physical contact to enjoy sex. They see sex as a mental thing rather than a physical or spiritual thing. The thought of sex excites them more than the actual act. They actually have a hard time letting go in the actual act, especially with rowdy, passionate partners. Passionate people scare them a little.

They also don’t like the emotional baggage that comes with a sexual relationship. They fear their partners getting too attached or being weighed down with children. They prefer to keep “sex friends” who agree to keep their feelings out of it.

If you love a guy who is intelligent, involved in his community, and all about fairness and equality, you will love him. If you need emotional attachment and are easily jealous, they may not be the men for you. If you have Saturn or Uranus aspecting Mars or Mars in the 11th house, you may relate to this description. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, so your Saturn and Uranus signs will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Saturn and Uranus signs within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Aquarius, Saturn or Uranus in Pisces, you can read Mars in Pisces to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Pharell Williams, Leonardo Da Vinci, Drake, Gerard Butler, Serge Gainsbourg, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, Cary Grant, Lance Armstrong, Gary Oldman, Axl Rose, Mark Wahlberg, Ang Lee, Jamie Foxx, Julian Assange, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Hefner, Snoop Dogg/Lion, Howard Hughes, Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood, Adrien Brody, George W. Bush, Akon, Sacha Baron Cohen, Justin Theroux, Tennessee Williams, Rush Limbaugh, Trey Songz, Karl Rove, Kim Jong-un, Taeyang, Harry Styles, Silento, Jonghyun

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Mars in Pisces


Male Identity: Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mars likes Pisces’s freedom-loving energy (thanks to Jupiter), but he’s not too fond of Pisces’s passive nature. It has some things in common with the sign, but there are a lot of differences.

These men are much more passive than other men. They are quite, humble, and nice. Their idea of being a man is heavily influenced by the men in their environment. Being ruled by Neptune, they are easily influenced by others. They must be careful of being swept up in drugs and alcohol or any other addictions. They can easily get involved in “brotherhoods” that make them feel stronger or more powerful. They feel stronger in numbers.

They have a love of peace, solitude, and freedom. They are really loners who mostly stick to themselves. They often prefer pleasant company. They get stressed around demanding people. These men “go with the flow”. They may seem like easy targets to bullies. One of the reasons they are pushed around is because they aren’t as assertive as they should be. Instead they just “let” things happen.

These men spend a lot of time dreaming. They always want to escape from the hardships of life. They try to keep their spirits up and they tend to be unrealistic. On a positive note, these guys are truly compassionate. They are great listeners and will be there for their friends in a crisis.

They are creative types. They are well-suited to a career in music, drawing, or other forms of art. They may do well in farming or working off the ocean or sea (being a water sign and all). They may do well in religious fields, the medical fields, or teaching because they love bringing hope to others. They may work for charity organizations. They need a flexible routine because life really weighs on them. Sometimes, they feel a burst of energy; other times they are completely inert. They need a lot of time alone to recharge their energies. They absorb so much in their environments, it’s hard for them to relax. They need moments of isolation and meditation to keep them going. They also need positive people surrounding them at all times. With the right support, they can be involved in any career.

They athletic ones tend to learn sports easily. They absorb their surroundings and learn quickly. They don’t really like tense environments, but they love to have fun. They may be interested in playing any sports for a living as long as they can find a good team with a reasonable coach. They can be sensitive so they need to be around people they can get along with. They may be interested in sports that allow them freedom, like football/soccer or any sorts of racing. They often look to sports to inspire them and save them from a harsh environment. Sports can be an outlet for the aggression that they hold inside.

This website is good for understanding Mars in Pisces in sports: Sports & Mars

They tend to have many different interests. They can get interested in anything. They are open-minded. Still, they must set up boundaries.

They don’t get angry too often. But they hate to be backed in a corner by more aggressive souls. The usual passive fish can turn into a shark if pushed around too long. Their anger is almost psychotic because it has usually been burning deep within. They are not usually aggressive, but they can turn aggressive if pushed too far. They can also be manipulative and vindictive if they aren’t able to fight physically.

Mars Signs-What’s Your Fighting Style? is a good article to read to learn about what angers Mars in Pisces and how they fight and argue.

Around male peers, they are shy but caring and helpful. They often let their friends push them around. Some friends may find them manipulative and weak-willed. Partners will find them humble and sweet. However, they seem to lack drive and ambition.

They usually don’t overstep another person’s boundaries. They hate confrontation. Still, some can manipulate situations in their favor.

Relationships: They generally want their relationships to be calm and chilled. They are often looking for the ideal partner. They want a partner that is understanding, accepting, and easy-going. They also really need patience. They prefer partners that have the same interests. They don’t like bossy, demanding types. In fact, it makes them super nervous to be around those people. They are normally calm, but they may turn aggressive around other aggressive people. Mars in Pisces men have a tendency to reflect the people around them. They spend much of their time dreaming and they are artsy individuals rather than ambitious. They don’t want anyone shoving them, but they may appreciate a light push or some support when it comes to reaching their goals. They are more motivated when they have someone to back them up. They also need a lot of time alone. They have moments where they really want to be around their partners and moments where they don’t to be around anyone. This may not mean they don’t love their partners, they just need time alone to recharge and figure out their next plan of action in life.

This man always feels a spark between Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, and abundance, and Neptune, the planet of imagination, dreams, and delusions. This man needs the optimism from Jupiter to keep going in life. Without it, he often feels defeated. Jupiter gives him everything, saving him from himself, and he never wants for anything. Jupiter offers him a chance to move out of an ordinary existence. Jupiter offers him many different experiences. At the same time, Neptune’s dreamy nature is super stimulating. When dreaming of all that he can do, it excites him in ways nothing else can. He doesn’t care what anyone says, he desires Neptune and longs to make his own dreams come true through him. Neptune brings out his creative potential. However, neither relationship is very realistic.

They don’t approach the ones they like easily. They always seem a little nervous and shy. They may be indirect. They may send secret gifts, may spend a lot of time the person they like, and may try to find common ground. Actually finding the words (and the courage) to ask someone out may take forever. They may end up getting a friend to help them out a bit. If the person they like is nice and quiet, they will find it easier to approach the individual. Usually, their approach is quiet and smooth. They are simple about asking someone out. They may buy flowers. They may promise the world for the people they are interested in.

When they take individuals on a date, they like to be comfortable and isolated. They don’t like too much commotion. They may still like to do fun things, just alone with their dates. Still, they may not prefer to take too many risks unless they are really comfortable with their dates. If their dates make them feel extremely comfortable, they will do anything for that person! They tend to like going to places they can “escape”. They may like the movies because it’s dark and usually quiet. They may enjoy isolated dinners or quiet picnics in the park. They may enjoy going to a museum on an empty day. They may enjoy a concert or music festival. They may pick their dates up for a motorcycle ride to nowhere. They really want to feel like the harsh world melts away when out with their dates. They are generally quiet guys, so they don’t have to try to hard to have good manners. But they get nervous when trying to remember to be chivalrous and may be clumsy as a result.

They may feel all men are awkward in relationships. They may feel most guys want to “escape” from the world (possibly through t.v. or video games). They may not feel men are as strong as they “act”. They would feel uncomfortable around men who think differently, though they wouldn’t be surprised to find differences in the world. They tend to see things in people others don’t often see.

Male Sexuality: These men have many different fantasies in their minds. They want sex to be like in their dreams, favorite movies, and/or in porn. They may be disappointed in the real world and may constantly be dissatisfied sexually as a result. These men may move from partner to partner trying to find the ideal sexual partner only to discover that it takes work to find a sex partner that is “ideal”. For one, communication is important. People can’t read another person’s mind. Second, in reality, everyone has needs and different body types (and functions). They may not see this scenario realistically (especially if they watch porn), which causes the disappointment.

Sexually, they are all about pleasing their partners and being pleased. They are open to all sorts of sexual experiences. They may even be interested in really eccentric sexual practices, like S&M. They may have secret desires that they would like to unleash. The best sex partner for them is someone who makes their dreams come true.

If you like a man who is sweet, compassionate, easy-going, and artistic, you will love these men. If you don’t like men who dream their lives away, looking for someone driven, prefer someone more assertive, or you consider yourself a more practical type, they may not be the man for you. If you have Neptune aspecting Mars or Mars in the 12th house, you may relate to this description. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, so your Jupiter and Neptune signs will alter your expression.  You can read the description of your Jupiter and Neptune signs within this page. For example, if you have Mars in Pisces, Jupiter or Neptune in Aries, you can read Mars in Aries to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Aries or Scorpio will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Che Guevara, Lebron James, Heath Ledger, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Keith Haring, Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Denzel Washington, Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Miles Davis, Josh Brolin, Christoph Waltz, Ian Curtis,  Socrates, Chris Isaak, Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, Vincent Gallo, Paco Rabanne, Desi Arnaz, Michael Cera, Phil Spector, Zack de la Rocha,  Ralph Nader, Art Tatum, Danny Boyle, Corey Haim, Enrique Iglesias, Tupac Shakur, Jackson (Got7)

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