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Youtube Debut: GenNext’s Response to Find Your Love in Japan’s “3 Questions A Japanese Guy Has For Black People in the US”

13 May

Hello readers!

This is GenNext letting you all know that I’ve opened a Youtube channel that puts my words to voice!

My Youtube Channel will not replace my blog at all. I feel the blog is more effective when it comes to getting my words across. However, it will be useful when I’m trying to respond to certain topics or when I feel something needs to be expressed vocally.

Lately, my first video posts have been to a Japanese man named Nobita from the Youtube channel Find Your Love in Japan. Several months ago, he posed THREE questions for black people. Being an African American myself, I felt that I needed to respond.

As a warning, his perception of black people isn’t very pleasant. I believe he’s reacting to some hate comments he’s received from prior videos about black people.

Even though I’m just now responding, I do feel that the delay was necessary. I feel that in order to change someone’s perception and to educate people on who you are and what you stand for, you have to think clearly and thoroughly about it.

As with everything I do, it’s lengthy. XD I felt that I needed to go into detail to answer his questions fully.

Here’s his video:


Here’s MY response:

My Comments Regarding His Thoughts on Black People and Racism…


Question 1: Why are [Black People in the US] So Obsessed with the Past?


Question 1 (Part 2): Why are [Black People in the US] So Obsessed with the Past?



Question 2: Why Do [Black People in the US] Avoid Facing Facts?


Question 3: Why Do [Black People in the US] Threaten People Who Disagree With [them]? Why Do [Black People in the US] Get Violent?


So let me know what you all think about this discussion. If you were able to read and listen, I thank you. You are free to comment and give your thoughts (but of course, I’m free to respond). Open thoughts are welcome!

I may not be able to respond to everyone right away (because of life), but I will eventually get to you, so hold tight!

College or Job blues? Which to choose?

23 Feb

Okay, so I’ve recently been struggling with a life decision. It’s weighing on my health and I’ve been seeking all kinds of advice. The last place I wanted to seek advice from is the internet…so I’m choosing my blog.

So here’s the thing…I’m living in a situation that is emotionally intense. I’m always nervous, and always walking on egg shells in my own home. I want out. But I’m not sure of the best course of action. I just don’t want marriage to be my only option out. I’m not interested in anyone and I want to get out of my situation on my own hard work.

So here are my two options: College or Job


Okay, so this is definitely my first option. Going to a good University and getting my piece of paper seems to be very important today. It’s hard enough to get a job in this economy, but to add many of them want people with experience or a little more education. I’ve already been to a 2 year college (it was very local and it was cheaper). However, I want to go to a 4 year college.

But I have several concerns about it. For starters, I’m thinking of going away and staying in the dorms. The problem is there is no money for it, and financial aid didn’t cover all of the expenses of the University I wanted to attend. I could take out a loan, but I’m afraid of having to pay it all back. What if I don’t find a job after graduating college? I’ll be stuck with a loan that will be hard to pay back. I’ve heard of several of my friends who got their Bachelor’s and Masters and still can’t find employment.

Now, I could go to a local University, but they don’t have on-campus living around my area (go figure) and I’m trying to get out of my situation. So that brings me to option 2. The local college I went to didn’t even give out loans…

The biggest pro with going to college is I can choose a career to build upon, and it can be something of my choice, something that I enjoy. I realized I don’t really want to go into the profession I originally went to the 2 year college for. I can start over, and do something I love. Also, with a degree, it would be less of a struggle to find a job (as I don’t have much work experience), and get paid a decent salary to sustain myself.


Now, this was my option 2. I could work full-time, save to move out (with the preparation of a credit report, as you can’t get anything without that), and live out on my own for the time being. I could re-enroll in a local college when on my own. The issue would be choosing hours in college while trying to work full time. This means no sleep, right? But I guess the sacrifice would be worth it at the end. My great-grandmother had to do it. So did many of my other friends and relatives. To add, some jobs give you benefits if you go back to school…and they even help you.

But also every person I know that worked and went to school had a harder time going back. Many of them dropped out of school. I don’t want to go to school just to drop right out. And let’s face it: School=respect.

I could just work very hard, and try my best to climb the ladder where I work. But that’s very hard to do. To add, I have insurance to pay on my car, and my cell phone bill to account for. I can’t rely on family to do that for me.

So it’s all very confusing. Advice is needed…my age…21 years.

What would be the best course of action guys? Any options on jobs that could be good for me in this case? Or any options on courses to study in college? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Anyone else going through the same thing? Leave a comment and share your experiences!

I don’t do “Adult” Stuff. I’m Just a BIG KID.

10 Feb

So recently I was attacked by my mother who feels that instead of doing the “adult” stuff she used to do in the ’80s, I enjoy stuff for kids. She tacks all kinds of “mental” disorders to my enjoyment of video games, toys, cartoons (Japanese anime, I try to explain the difference), sometimes reading children’s fiction and manga/comic books, and playing laser tag at my local bowling alley. Don’t get me wrong, I go to clubs to buy $10 dollar drinks. I’ve only been to one concert, and that was for Utada when she was in town. I prefer to spend my “happy time” doing things I love. I hang with friends, but I’m not always under them like she was. I need my space for introspection and relaxation. My more extroverted mother doesn’t get that. She can’t really understand people who think differently from her. Just like she can’t really understand my love for ALL KINDS of music. Every time I listen to rock music, or K-pop, I’m considered “weird” or demented because I’m a black girl who doesn’t care about Beyonce or the latest in wack rap music. I’m tired of being called the next Michael Jackson and  I’m tired of being pinned with the Peter Pan syndrome.

Not to unload my familial issues on everyone, because that’s not the point of this article.

The point is it’s ridiculous how there’s this “code” that defines you as an adult. Like you have to make these certain “rites of passage” to be considered a successful adult and your own personal quirks are not included. You’re not allowed to like what you like, regardless if what you like is timeless and wholesome. It’s as if what I like harms anyone, which it doesn’t. I do enjoy doing adult things like taking vacations, spending extra time with a lover, and partying all night, but why can’t I also enjoy a good Disney movie, an interesting video game, and a well-made toy also? I feel people who let go of their childhood interests are only making themselves older. Some of them even look older. My uncle gets the same hounding, and he’s 10 years older than me! He was working on being an entrepreneur, and what did my family tell him? Get a real job.

The thing that really fires me up is when people want to pin immaturity with interests. I always thought one’s “actions” defined maturity. And I can name many people who do “adult” things irresponsibly. Like drinking and driving…To me, THAT’S immaturity. Or drinking so much that you miss work altogether…Recently, something like this happened on youtube where a girl age 17 attacked my channel saying that I was in my 20s and liked kiddie things, calling me immature…but what kind of action was that?

To me, we are living in the 21st century and all kinds of “old” and  “outdated” rules are being demolished, especially the societal behavioral standards that are just outright dumb.

What “rites of passage” am I talking about? Some are very important, but some are downright stupid.

1) By age 8 you should know how to ride a bike and should know how to clean a home.

2) By age 12 you should have had a crush or boyfriend/girlfriend

3) By age 14 you should no longer be playing with toys (not even looking at them)

4) By age 17 you should have your driver’s license, and should be full-bodied

5) By age 25 you should have a job, college experience, or marriage with kids, and this is where you shouldn’t have time for cartoons and video games.

Well, I have a job and college experience, but I still like what I like. And what I choose to do with my money and time is my choice. Ya know, it’s as if  people don’t like to see others happy. When they’re miserable and lonely, they want you to feel their unhappiness.

BTW I can’t stand my family.

So have any of you had this experience where you’ve been pinned with the Peter Pan syndrome? Leave a comment and let me know! Shout out to all of my Big Kids!


U.S. Congress is now trying to FREAKING CENSOR the Internet?!

18 Jan

Recently Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and many other websites, especially including WordPress have been trying to fight a new law the U.S. government is trying to pass: SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). Has it been difficult to search? Many of them have censored out everything to protest against this law. I know on this website alone, all “Freshly Pressed” articles have been censored out.What do I think of this? As a blogger, what do you expect?

Well, for one thing I do see why the law was released. First off, because we’ve (as in all of us; the people) been illegally downloading movies and music, we’ve been taking from the mouths of celebrities (the famous people) who work hard to produce music and movies for us and thus expect to make a profit. We haven’t been supporting them.

Of course, not to be mean, but what is the music industry anyway? How does that contribute to our society? When the music industry started to truly kick off as an actual business around circa 1904, you think those singers made any money? No. They were broke as smoke. And before then, people only sang in church or when with family or just to perform. And in some streets, they were considered beggars and sinners. Why was this so? Because the music industry serves no greater human purpose but to entertain us. Can we not entertain ourselves? Entertainment is an extra medium, that yes we need to an extent, but something that we can do ourselves. It’s the same with the movie industry. It’s not like a doctor who saves lives, or a teacher who shapes our nation, and yet those people don’t make nearly the money entertainers do. To add, the celebrities aren’t even making the quality materials that are WORTHY of buying. For instance, the music industry for the past couple of years have been totally drowned in “auto-tunes” which alters the pitch of the voice, thus the quality of the voice is gone. Just about anyone can be a singer with auto-tunes. SO why buy something like that? If you want people to buy your stuff, make stuff that’s worth buying. But see, the way things are now, when people make quality stuff they charge a price out of this water because no one wants to do hard work without a price. Again, we can make our own music, we’re just paying them to do so because they offered. We can make our own videos with the right equipment, we just choose not to. We would rather watch other people. But it isn’t a necessity.

All that being said, the music industry was bound to go downhill when some new technology was introduced. Thanks to the internet, one person who has the money to buy something, can post it up and share it. It’s a bit like carpooling; everyone rides in one car to save on gas. Music and movies took the hit to this “carpooling”. There has been a decline in sales for many artists, aside from concert revenue, which also has been declining a bit due to the fact we can watch it on youtube.

Now, I understand that this law protects online intelligence. I can see that when I decide to draw a great picture, and post it on DeviantArt, I will get the credit. At the same time, to me when you share things online, you’re asking for people to “steal” it, because you have given them permission to “share” it. What does share mean? Share-the full or proper portion or part allotted or belonging to or contributed or owed by an individual or group. So when you “share” things on the internet, you have said that the group owns it, therefore you have already given up your rights of ownership. If you don’t want that, DON’T POST IT ONLINE! It’s simple. Don’t obstruct others’ rights to maneuver on the web, and cause further harm to businesses.

The main thing is the damage is done. When internet was released, there were no stipulations. Now, it’s a multimillion dollar industry. And what do people go on the internet for? 1) To talk to friends on social networking sites 2)To listen to their favorite music and/or download 3)To watch movies and/or download 4)To research the latest in bad news, or to do any research. With the piracy act, I can see the music and movie sites going downhill. No website wants to risk being sued or losing millions of people who are very guilty of piracy. Social Networking sites would have to be responsible for every single individual that posts up “pirate” material. That’s hard to do. They also would go under. The only things that would still be around is research…and that’s too boring to do all day. Basically, computer would revert back to it’s origin: a way to further business opportunities and school intelligence. It would no longer be a thing of entertainment. Many people might not mind that. However, it destroys business and marketing tools that could be of benefit to an advanced society.

This is a battle between the old way vs the new. We’re living in 2012. We can’t go back to the old days and how it used to be. We’re far too advanced of a society to revert backwards now. It would be pointless to do so at this point. Censoring the internet will not convince people to buy things, it will only further limit people from having the experiences they once had. It will stop the spread of knowledge that promotes many artists. It will only make people listen to the free radio. But it won’t get people to buy it. Music and movies are an extra expense to patron. Fans will only decrease, and people will go back to the old way of things: Making their own music so they won’t have to buy it.

Or who knows, maybe people will cooperate and start buying the materials. But I know before internet, I didn’t know anything about world music. I listened to my first Utada Hikaru and BoA song and was sold ever since. It introduced me to a new world of music, sound, and language. I’ve been a patron of Asian music ever since. I will admit that at first I downloaded without paying because I was a punk kid. But now, I’ve grown to love the artists so much that I support them with my money. It helped promote those artists around the world. Censoring the internet prevents people from knowing or understanding those artists.

The one thing that did catch my interest was the Protect IP Act. Not to say that I’ve gotten my IP address stolen, but I was banned from a website, and so was my sibling, and I wanted to know why they banned us both. They told me that we had the same IP address, and said we were sockpoppeting…that scared me. It was almost like they knew we lived together without me saying anything. We couldn’t be two individual people on the same website without them tracking us.  Because we had the same IP Address, we couldn’t prove we were two individuals. So this Act sparks some interest in me. However, I do realize that it’s my choice to use the internet. If I don’t want people to know my IP Address or things about me, it’s my choice to remove myself from those places that can track it. Plus, this act will stop me from playing my favorite online game Wizard 101. No thanks.

To conclude, I feel that the internet should be a marketplace with a free exchange of ideas. I think people should be responsible for the choices they make regarding the internet and it’s use. I don’t feel the government needs to regulate it. I feel if people don’t want their “thing” stolen on the internet, they shouldn’t use it or post it. Celebrities in the music industry have to keep up with the ever-growing industry, it’s a part of the hard-boiled career they chose. It’s changed since 1970, and it’s going to continue to change. If you don’t want people to post your music from their paid downloads or from your hard copy CDs, you have to find a way to make music in a form that can’t be downloaded. DVD business owners can probably try to ship their investments elsewhere. Maybe even try to make a website and CONVINCE people to buy your stuff. That’s fair, and much better than forcing people to. The business industry is changing, and things will change. We can’t stop it. It will fail. We just have to find ways to advance along with society. Online games already got the message. After several days of playing Wizard 101’s free trial, I bought it. Maybe other places need to hop on the bandwagon.

This sort of reminds me of the Prohibition Act of the 1920s. All that did was create MORE crime. It was a dumb move then, and this is a dumb move now. We have FDR, who loved alcohol, to thank for that one being uplifted. Maybe the next president can give us some hope for a better future.

GO and sign the PETITION for free internet use:

The Fight for the Right Government: Speak Up, Speak Out!

12 Feb

If you haven’t heard, Egypt has been working really hard recently to uproot their president from his high throne and bring a sweep of change in the country. As an American, I think this is important to watch and observe.

Egypt Fights Back!

Let’s think about the issues that activated this revolt:

1) Government Corruption

2) Rampant poverty

3) Unemployment

These are some of the main issues…and the main issues actually sweeping the United States. Mubarak has been president for 30 years, before the generations of people actually protesting. The cries of his people he didn’t seem to be hearing. So the young people of the nation, and plenty others, created an internet campaign that blew up into a national and international revolution.

Why international? With the help of technology, the world interconnection system, these ideas of revolt are spreading, influencing other nations to fight back too. NOW is the time to speak up and act, more than in any generation before. This global issue needs to be fixed by the people of the world. It’s no longer about countries…it’s about people. And this is why I respect the nation of Egypt. They have shown the world that they are not PUNKS. They have shown the world that it takes one voice (or internet campaign) to make a difference and to change your nation and even the world.

In the United States, we aren’t even allowed to have a president rule for 30 years. But yet and still, we have similar issues. We have the privilege of freedom of speech…the same privilege that other nations are fighting for…and what do Americans do with it? Do we use our voice to improve our nation? What about all of the other nations? are you now making the appropriate steps to change your living and change your nation? Some people will argue that there’s nothing wrong with their nation to speak out about, which is good to have a positive outlook. Others will argue that there are plenty of problems. But if you have a problem, the Egyptians showed the world what you can do: revolt.

It was about time the president stepped down. When he made the challenge “I will NOT leave my position. I will not leave Egypt. Not until I’m buried underground”, I was saying to myself, ‘Be careful what you wish for’. The perseverance of the Egyptian nations is one that will go down in history. It will encourage the world to stand up.

You know, before internet, American youth were thought of only caring about music, movies, and celebrities (nothing important), compared to other youth in other nations who were interested in politics and issues in their world, and making a change. Now with the world becoming closer…well the two are integrating. More Americans are interested in politics than ever before, and more people around the world are interested in music and the celebrity world! It’s funny. Even during the world cup, that was the first time I ever even heard of Americans tuning in to see the World Cup. That was always thought of as an international thing. But Americans finally joined the world in that world-wide sport…it made me realize how our worlds our changing. That’s why this is the perfect time to do all you can to make a difference, whether in your community or nation. Create a history for yourself and change your future.

Employee of the Year: The Computer

21 Jan

Digital World–Taking Over one job at a time!

I’m sure this isn’t a new topic, but it is one that is over-looked in day-to-day society as a contributing factor to many of the employment problems today’s society has: computer is taking over.

Yea, sure, we can blame the lack of jobs on the recession, the over-creation of products, but no salaries that are enough to pay for all of these “inventions” or “products”. But we also have to consider the fact that you’re not out of a job only because businesses can’t find people who can afford their products (and so have to close due to the lack of consumer demand), but that technology is actually TAKING your job.

It’s always been an economic trend in history for there to be a war, an era of advancement and technology, and then an economic crises following. The Great Depression and the ’70s were prime examples. In the ’20s, there was a wave of technological advancements such as the credit system. And the misuse of that system was a contributing factor to the Great Depression. The ’70s also had a wave of advancement, especially with the car industry, but then we ran out of oil for all of those cars. Soon after, there was a recession. And in both eras, the issue was that the industrialization of products were moving faster than the rise in salaries that could afford those products….

But this is probably one of the worst cases in history. In those eras, the advancements didn’t just get rid of jobs, they also replaced the jobs. With the rise of the computer, it’s really devouring jobs that were once handled by humans, and actually cutting down on the employees. I can name several examples.

Travel Agencies

Why hire a travel agent, when you can buy your tickets online. When is the last time anyone really needed a travel agent to book their flights? The computer industry has completely replaced this job. For babies born in 2011, according to a Yahoo news article, Travel Agents will soon be a thing of the past with computers.


Online banking is growing in numbers and catching on to people. People even pay their bills online. It’s a better way to keep up with finances. And if you want to remove some money from the bank, use the ATM. The only reason anyone would go to a bank would be to open an account, which can also be done over the phone or online.

Drive-Through Windows and Waiter Jobs

Recently, when on the expressway, I went to a McDonalds that had the computer take my order! No lie! And when we pulled up, it automatically sent the food to us! Look for that job to be gone in the next couple of years. In some Japanese sushi bars, they don’t even have waiters. Sometimes, they have automatic menus where you press the button at your seat telling it what you want, and the order is automatically sent to the chef, and sent back to you on a conveyor belt. They’re called Rotating Sushi Bars. Chicago just opened its first one.

Rotating Sushi Bars-Who needs Waitresses?

College Teachers

Sure we need them now, and we might need some in the future, but with online classes, I’m sure there will be a shortage of teachers because what’s not appealing about doing classwork AT HOME? And if you don’t have a car (or don’t feel like getting up), you can easily get your degree online. You just have to remember to meet certain deadlines. Even though, people generally go to college to have the “experience” because of social reasons, but it won’t truly be necessary if you want a degree.

Record Labels

Come on, music can be spread online and uploaded and promoted by the individual artist. Youtube already has those connections to promote individuals. Some people try to get under record labels because familiar artists are under them. But in recent years, many record labels have folded. The most they would need would be equipment and a video team. And electronic equipment is taking over the voice already, so who needs singers? Soon, who’ll need dancers? We can digitize bodies and movement now (prime example is Tron and Beowulf).

Toy Industry

Certainly not as exciting as having a cell phone, video game, or a computer. Online dolls seem more sensible to little girls than actual dolls: they’re free (or included in mommy’s internet bill every month). Action Figures just don’t cell like they used to. Boys would rather be playing their favorite character on a video game where virtually they can travel to different worlds and places without using their imaginations. No more tearing up the house to build cardboard cars and toy houses. It’s all on the computer. And it’s seriously hurting the toy industry.

Social Organizations

Wanna get in touch with old pals? It’s no longer a big deal to go to school reunions. We have facebook now, where people can get in touch with old buddies online. With facebook and youtube, social clubs and organizations are useless. You can find people who like the same things you do on online forums.

Newspaper and Magazine Industry

News won’t really be gone because we need journalists who can actually get access to certain areas so they can get the latest in news. BUT there will be a shortage of journalists because of online news and blogs, such as this one, that more people read than ever to find out the latest in news. There’s even Yahoo Answers that can research for people and give quick answers. Which is the reason that…

Libraries really don’t need to exist anymore. You can find everything online now, including summaries of books that you don’t want to read, but have to for a school report. I don’t remember the last time anyone in my college classes actually read a book for class. If they do read, it’s a fictional book strictly for entertainment, and eventually, the book is made into a movie.

Arts And Crafts Industry

Maybe just for day-to-day fun, but digital art is becoming a popular thing now. Soon, what will be the point of knowing how to paint and draw? Cartoons are being replaced by digital media or just becoming live action shows.

Department Store Clerks

There will be a shortage soon. First off, Walmart is devouring stores itself. Second, people are ordering what they want online more often now. Therefore, some people will eventually not be needed. Stores are starting to become more and more empty. The only ones who go are those who don’t have credit or debit cards. But possibly, it eventually will be the complete way to shop.

There are so many other jobs that are subject to leaving! And all because of the computer. People have been the main contributor to this massacre of jobs. That’s progress for you. It hacks away at the old and begins with the new. It’s really something to consider if you’re looking for a long-lasting job. You may not want to think of these jobs as long-time careers…unless there’s some “revival” in the near future.

Well, I’m curious to know…anyone else have any other job ideas that they feel might be replaced by computer? Do you feel the computer can truly get rid of jobs, or will they be back? Are you excited for the computer to take over? Do you think it will open doors for new job opportunities in the future? Do you feel there should be restrictions on computer usage? Share your thoughts and comments!

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