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Brand New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer @ D23 Expo Japan 2018! + New Utada Theme Song!

11 Feb

A brand new Kingdom Hearts III trailer just dropped…and I’ve been trying not to get over-hyped, but…this trailer snatched my soul.

Let me share the trailer with you all so you’ll get the feel of what I’m feeling right now.

Wow. There was so much to take in, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll try to talk about everything. But at this point, Square, Disney, and Tetsuya Nomura can just take my wallet.

The following review will contain some spoilers. So if you haven’t played all of the in-between games, and you still want to play them, be cautious when reading or just enjoy the trailer above and all the trailers below the article. I can tell you right now that playing all the games are important if you don’t want to be confused playing this new game…Get the HD remixes if you have PS4!

If you want to catch up with the Kingdom Hearts timeline, click this article—> Kingdom Hearts Timeline Completed

Now, let’s talk about this trailer.

First, I want to talk about this long catchphrase or sentence that has become KH3‘s staple: “Don’t Assume Your Dreams Are Just Fantasy. If You Can Imagine a World, Believe In It and Dive In.” I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I’ve been trying to see how this may relate to KH3, aside from all the sky-diving I keep seeing in the trailer. This catchphrase is longer than “You never know what will happen next” from Kingdom Hearts I. And in that game, we never knew what was going to happen…

Second, more Toy Story. I’m still in awe with how it looks. Read my last article on KH3 to see more. Click the link. Everything looks amazing in that world!

Third, THE RETURN OF MARLUXIA. I thought he was dead! Then again, I don’t know if he fell back into darkness after the organization regained consciousness again. Axel, I mean Lea, is back (as we saw in KH Dream Drop Distance). And just as it was left last, Sora doesn’t remember Marluxia because he has no memory of Castle Oblivion (Chain of Memories).

Fourth, the Monster’s Inc world! It looks fantastic! I’m so excited for this world. Just the way it’s set up is so cool. It looks like we’ll be running from helicopters, sliding down the doors, and fighting tons and tons of heartless, nobodies, unversed, and nightmares! And we have a monster form! Sora’s monster form looks awesome!

And the Dreameaters are back from Dream Drop Distance! I’m fine about that, just don’t bring “drop” mode back. With other people in our party though, how will the Dreameaters play a role? That’d be interesting to see…

Fifth, in the Tangled world, we’re going to be fighting with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider! And there’s an ARIEL (from the Little Mermaid) command move! Maybe a summon? Or it could be like the amusement park and teacup commands we used to see back in the other older trailers. I just hope we don’t return to that world. No hate, but I want to see something new. Though it would be cool to see Atlantica with the Unreal Engine. Maybe they can re-do all the games in the future, like what happened with Crash Bandicoot.

On a positive note, I see some similarities to Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Fragmentary Passage 0.2 when it comes to a lot of the commands. That game got me amped up for this game. Shotlock really got a makeover!

Fourth, it appears Vanitas (from Birth By Sleep) has returned! And yes, we all knew Ventus has been sharing a heart with Sora. That’s why Roxas looked the way he did and why he didn’t really have any memories, unlike the other Nobodies. That’s probably why Sora was able to wield a keyblade even though he wasn’t formally chosen like Riku.

Fifth, my only disappointment-no official release date. But it’s great just being reminded that the game is set to come out some time this year. It may be pushed back, but just having that release window there…it’s comforting to know that it’s coming soon.

Sixth, I’m just now noticing this, but the keyblades change as we enter the new worlds! So does that mean we don’t have to wait to complete a stage to use a keyblade relevant to that world? That would be pretty cool, as long as we can switch keyblades whenever we want. Sometimes, I didn’t like the keyblades specifically chosen for some worlds in older games, as some of them were weaker or didn’t have the best stats. But if we can get new keyblades as we switch worlds, and we can change keyblades when we want, great! And maybe customization will be back from Fragmentary Passage 0.2! It would be awesome if we could customize our keyblades!

Finally, UTADA IS BACK! We were worried for a minute. Remember that article I made about that dilemma? If you don’t, click me. I would like to think that articles like that really helped in pushing for Utada’s return. I’m so happy she decided to make a new song for the game in this saga. I don’t know how I feel about the song overall, as it doesn’t feel like the other songs and we haven’t seen it put together with the opening footage yet. It’s a modern-sounding song and it seems to be the slower version (considering there’s always two versions of her songs in the games). At this point, I’m just glad I’m not going to be hearing Simple and Clean and Sanctuary again. And I’m happy to hear her voice again.

And then that bit with Riku and Mickey at the end of that trailer? Why are they back in the realm of darkness? And what does he mean by “the other me”? Don’t tell me he has a nobody or some other form too! That’s just a theory, don’t quote me. So many questions!

So, those are my thoughts on the trailer and new theme song! What do you readers think about this new trailer? Did you notice anything new that I didn’t notice? Please share your comments with me!

Enjoy other older trailers that gave us amazing reveals!


Kingdom Hearts III Due for Release 2018! + D23 New World and Trailer

15 Jul

Last month, Square-Enix dropped a random trailer at one of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestras.

Yes Kingdom Hearts fans! Yes! This game will be released next year, 2018! We don’t know if it’s a worldwide release or the Japanese release date (as they’ve broken up release dates before), but we know something is coming out as soon as next year!

People, we have waited more than 10 long years for this game to drop. It has been 15 years since Kingdom Hearts I dropped, 12 years since Kingdom Hearts II was released, and years between the side games. We’ve been ready for this. A lot of us are older now (but we’re still into this game). We have more responsibilities, and can’t really focus on this game as much anymore. However, we also now have the money to buy this game. We just need it in our hands.

Tetsuya Nomura showed up at D23 Expo this year, all cool and collected like his character Riku, and expressed how much pressure he felt after the Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra. He felt how much we’ve been anticipating this. We were tired of all the teasing trailers with no release date. Even though we still don’t actually have a date, and things could be moved back, we know they are aiming for 2018.

The “brand new world” happens to be a Pixar classic and fan favorite. Many Kingdom Hearts fans have asked if we could enter a Pixar world. Toy Story, I know, was among the most asked for. It translates really well into this game. So far, most of my dreams are coming true.

All I need is confirmation from Utada Hikaru that she is returning to help with the theme song, and I am good to go.

New things I noticed:

  1. You can actually have more than THREE party members! In the original trailer, we saw that we had three. In this trailer, we had FOUR!
  2. New Keyblade transformations and attacks!
  3. New keyblade!
  4. This Toy Story seems to take place after the first movie since we see the aliens from Pizza planet in Andy’s room. We don’t see Jessie or Bullseye (yet).
  5. We are fighting Heartless and Nobodies in this game.

So, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about D23 and what you think about it coming out next year! Do you think it might be rushed because of the hype? Or are you just happy the game is coming? Let me know!

To see a timeline of all the Kingdom Hearts games, click here.

Check out a video regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 HATE already!

Kingdom Hearts III Trailer REVEALED!!!!

15 Jun

Look at my background and you know I’m a major Kingdom hearts fan. Unfortunately, I’ve been behind on my Coded and Dream Drop Distance game. But, after a LONG wait, the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been revealed! It’s still under development but so far it is SICK looking. Note: LOOKING. Remember KH II? It LOOKED cool, but reneged on the story development. Spike TV’s E3 show revealed it THIS WEEK!  How could I have missed that? Maybe because I hardly watch tv anymore…

If you don’t know what Kingdom Hearts is, you were probably born in 2007…Or you’re not a gaming fan.

The story combines the forces of Disney and Square-Enix. When it first came out, most people thought it was a joke, some crazy fan fic, and no one thought it would sell. This game showed how two very different companies can join forces and create a spectacular development. Kingdom Hearts was the first video game that brought to life several movies at once, and it still is. It had the coolest graphics back in the day.

It was a good idea because it brought in both fanbases. It was attractive to kids, and equally fun for adults, and nostalgic for Final Fantasy fans. It was breath of fresh air for the FF series.

The story follows a boy named Sora, and his friends Kairi and Riku, who wanted to travel worlds when one day their island was swallowed up, and Sora ended up in another world. There he meets Donald and Goofy as they search for their King Mickey. Sora realizes that he’s also separated from his friends, and so joins them to find his friends, traveling from Disney world after Disney world.

This trailer brings me back to my memory of when I first got this game.

When I was younger, I first saw the trailer on Disney Channel. I used to watch Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. It came out when I was in 7th grade. I was 12 years old. I first saw the behind the scenes on Disney 411 (before it became Disney 365). It captivated me, but I hated asking for things in my household. Then as a flipped the channel to Cartoon Network, the commercial came on with the Utada Hikaru song playing. It was soooo catchy, and I saw all the Disney characters. Then it showed up on Toonami. Then more commercials. So many commercials that I memorized the commercial’s song. One day, my mother was EXTREMELY sick. My uncle came to visit. He asked what we (My sister and I) wanted to cheer us up. We were thinking, not sure. We just said, “uh, Kingdom Hearts?” At first, my uncle tricked us by saying he was just kidding and that he’s not getting us a game. We were disappointed but we put it at the back of our minds. That night, he came home with the game. I remember turning on the PS2. I remember putting in the game. I remember pressing START. I remember seeing that same opening, that song, that was in the commercial, and they had the lyrics in the booklet that came in the box. And since, my gaming world had changed. I was so obsessed with that game, I talked to all my friends about it, both girls and boys. At the time,  7th grade girls didn’t seem interested, and called me a loser. But it’s cool. I found out my freshman year of college, one of those girls became a MAJOR Kingdom Hearts fan after hearing me talk about it so much! In college, I tried to play it cool. “Oh no, I don’t play it as often because I’m so busy now.” When she looked disappointed, I got quiet. She said, “Well, now I’m a major fan.” I felt ridiculous for trying to be something I’m not. See? That’s a lesson kids: embrace yourself.

So, yea, get to the trailer already, right?

Most of you will be happy to know that this is will be released on the XBox 1. YAAAAYYY! The problem is everything has to be downloaded. What if the server crashes? Also, it will be released on the PS4. Didn’t I tell you they were waiting for a new gaming console? If you don’t remember my last article on DDD…PS4 is on my wishlist to myself.

But who wouldn’t prefer to play it on a new console? Hopefully, this means KH III is coming soon.

I hope I’m not too late on this. But I’m glad I spotted it!

Since I didn’t see the E3 myself, shucks, I will post a review from one of my favorite Youtube KH fans, Neogamespark.


I don’t do “Adult” Stuff. I’m Just a BIG KID.

10 Feb

So recently I was attacked by my mother who feels that instead of doing the “adult” stuff she used to do in the ’80s, I enjoy stuff for kids. She tacks all kinds of “mental” disorders to my enjoyment of video games, toys, cartoons (Japanese anime, I try to explain the difference), sometimes reading children’s fiction and manga/comic books, and playing laser tag at my local bowling alley. Don’t get me wrong, I go to clubs to buy $10 dollar drinks. I’ve only been to one concert, and that was for Utada when she was in town. I prefer to spend my “happy time” doing things I love. I hang with friends, but I’m not always under them like she was. I need my space for introspection and relaxation. My more extroverted mother doesn’t get that. She can’t really understand people who think differently from her. Just like she can’t really understand my love for ALL KINDS of music. Every time I listen to rock music, or K-pop, I’m considered “weird” or demented because I’m a black girl who doesn’t care about Beyonce or the latest in wack rap music. I’m tired of being called the next Michael Jackson and  I’m tired of being pinned with the Peter Pan syndrome.

Not to unload my familial issues on everyone, because that’s not the point of this article.

The point is it’s ridiculous how there’s this “code” that defines you as an adult. Like you have to make these certain “rites of passage” to be considered a successful adult and your own personal quirks are not included. You’re not allowed to like what you like, regardless if what you like is timeless and wholesome. It’s as if what I like harms anyone, which it doesn’t. I do enjoy doing adult things like taking vacations, spending extra time with a lover, and partying all night, but why can’t I also enjoy a good Disney movie, an interesting video game, and a well-made toy also? I feel people who let go of their childhood interests are only making themselves older. Some of them even look older. My uncle gets the same hounding, and he’s 10 years older than me! He was working on being an entrepreneur, and what did my family tell him? Get a real job.

The thing that really fires me up is when people want to pin immaturity with interests. I always thought one’s “actions” defined maturity. And I can name many people who do “adult” things irresponsibly. Like drinking and driving…To me, THAT’S immaturity. Or drinking so much that you miss work altogether…Recently, something like this happened on youtube where a girl age 17 attacked my channel saying that I was in my 20s and liked kiddie things, calling me immature…but what kind of action was that?

To me, we are living in the 21st century and all kinds of “old” and  “outdated” rules are being demolished, especially the societal behavioral standards that are just outright dumb.

What “rites of passage” am I talking about? Some are very important, but some are downright stupid.

1) By age 8 you should know how to ride a bike and should know how to clean a home.

2) By age 12 you should have had a crush or boyfriend/girlfriend

3) By age 14 you should no longer be playing with toys (not even looking at them)

4) By age 17 you should have your driver’s license, and should be full-bodied

5) By age 25 you should have a job, college experience, or marriage with kids, and this is where you shouldn’t have time for cartoons and video games.

Well, I have a job and college experience, but I still like what I like. And what I choose to do with my money and time is my choice. Ya know, it’s as if  people don’t like to see others happy. When they’re miserable and lonely, they want you to feel their unhappiness.

BTW I can’t stand my family.

So have any of you had this experience where you’ve been pinned with the Peter Pan syndrome? Leave a comment and let me know! Shout out to all of my Big Kids!


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance coming soon!

10 Feb

Just in: the next Kingdom Hearts installment has finally been announced: Kingdom Hearts 3d: Dream Drop Distance.

Is this FINALLY Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that combines the Final Fantasy franchise with that of Disney creating a successfully popular RPG. It follows the hero, Sora, as he travels through various Disney worlds, trying to keep the darkness from swallowing the worlds. In Chain of Memories, he enters a castle of memories that ends up swiping his memories, so he’s forced to get his memories back, which is through the same worlds  Throughout the series, the designers, Square-Enix, have created several games for the franchise, most of which are considered “side stories”. Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Coded. The only games that Tetsuya, the official creator of the series, said were important were Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. The others are considered “side games”, considering that they only REVEAL more of the older stories but they don’t ADD to the actual storyline. And they keep seeming to grow in numbers in the game, adding more and more confusing plot twists.

With that said, fans are getting a little irritated.

They’re wondering about Kingdom Hearts 3D. Is this finally the REAL DEAL? Many fans are crying that if it is KH3, why is it going to be on another portable console? They would expect it to be on one of the next gen consoles that are BIGGER in storage space and size, like PS3. They also know that more effort will be put into it than the last games if it is put on a bigger console. Though really, Birth By Sleep didn’t disappoint. It was pretty good for a portable game. However, people want Kingdom Hearts to go out with a bang, and if this is 3, many will be sadly disappointed. At the same time, if this is not a 3, many of the fans are going to be whining about how they’ve just introduced, yet again, another “side story”.

It’s just safe to say that either way, the fans won’t be satisfied with this game 100%. BUT if you take a peek at this game, the gameplay is not only promising, it looks like it’s moving Sora’s story along, AND we’ll be going to new worlds (one of my personal Disney movies will be in this game! So I’m SUPER excited):

This game looks like it will be awesome. I understand the fans’ concern about it not being a sequel, or not really moving the story along. I, too, started playing this game at age 12 and now I am a grown-up person who doesn’t have as much time for fun and games anymore (well, half of my time), and I’m not getting any younger. Neither do I want to die before I get to find out what is going to happen next. I also am getting more and more responsibilities. So I can understand the frustration fans are having when they say “Hurry up, I’ve had this since I was 12!”. This game came out when most of my generation were tweens. Now, we’re all adults, and this game still hasn’t reached a conclusion. And the funny part is, many in my generation still play the game. Maybe we just have a hard time growing out of childish things. We haven’t completed the “rites of passage” where we give up all of our childhood loves yet…not until we actually have no time left for it anymore. We’re breaking that old tradition, I suppose.

Some fans are just angry that the story is getting more and more confusing with every new “side story”. Now the story seems to get a whole new chapter every new game that just keeps getting more and more complicated.

But I think the fans should chill. Think about it. If you’ve loved it this far, do you really think you will stop loving it? You might not have as much time for it, sure, but it doesn’t mean it will completely fall away from you. Besides, rushing the release of Kingdom Hearts is the worst thing to do. Besides, the complication of Kingdom Hearts is the best part. There are several reasons why I think KH3 should not come out as soon as we want it:

1) Okay, we’re getting older. So, just stop playing if you think you can’t keep up with it. Square-Enix now has to cater to the younger crowd. Our time is up. So, they have to sort of reintroduce the story to the new-comers, and make it appealing to the new generation. What better way then to make a bunch of games? But the only way to do that without having it end quickly is to put in a bunch of side games. Without them, the story would’ve been over several years ago. And this series would be invisible to the next generation. Not a smart business tactic, right?

2) What great gaming series only has three games? What legendary gaming series doesn’t have a bunch of side games dedicated to the fans? The fans asked for more info about the Black Organization, and they released 358/2 Days. We asked to fight with new characters besides Sora, we got Birth By Sleep, what more do you want? Plus, think of all the Disney Worlds they can make use of? Disney has so many movies. And they’re going to get more as the years progress, so they are trying to make use of as many of the old movies as possible before our generation grows completely up. After they’ve done all the movies catered to us, they can then focus on the next generation. We have to be patient with KH3.

3) Last time the fans complain, Kingdom Hearts 2 came out way sooner than it was supposed to. And fans now claim that as the worst game in the franchise. Well, if the fans hadn’t been pressuring Square-Enix to hurry up and release it, they would’ve been able to take more time on the game. To add, people saw so many spoilers online it spoiled the game for many people. But aside from that, they didn’t give the company enough time to develop the game, or receive feedback. The longer they wait on releasing the game, the more time they have to work on it. These side games are sort of like tests to see exactly what the fans like v.s. what the fans want to discard. This is a chance for them to use their creativity to the full and expand it to all kinds of platforms.

4) Expectations were WAY to high for KH2. They don’t want to release KH3 too soon, not knowing exactly what will “work”, and it turns around and ends up being a disappointment, like with KH2. They want to make sure that the game goes on the next big platform, one that will have new age technology. Sure, for now PS3 and XBox are the next gen game consoles, but who knows what will be invented in the future…if you’re willing to wait that long. By waiting to come out with the game, the game has the chance to come out by the time an epic gaming system is released.

5) Do you really and truly want the series to end? A great majority of fans say they’re ready to hear the end of the story already and solve the mysteries of Kingdom Hearts. They’re anxious, and tired of waiting. They don’t want to be dead before the series ends. But when it’s over, think about it. No more Sora, Donald, and Goofy. There will never be another gaming franchise like this, one where two extremely different companies come together to make the most spectacular game a success. And even if they DO have another saga, it, more than likely, won’t have the same characters, story, and may not even have the same appeal. Be careful what you wish for. Once something is over, it is over, and the joys that came with it are too. All of those Kingdom Hearts forums? A thing of the past. Closed. Or losing traffic. All of the cosplay and merchandise are going to skyrocket in prices online, and will be very hard to find. And if this was the only game series you played, tough luck. You are now a bored little cookie. Think about that mental picture, and then come back to me and tell me you want the series to end. TRULY.

So everyone, watch out for commercials dealing with the next game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, coming soon!

Kingdom Hearts Prank Call by Friday Night Cranks

20 Sep

With all the hype and fun centered around Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, many people are using the series to their advantage (because it’s a drug that most people have on the brain nowadays…well any Kingdom Hearts fan). Some people say they can’t take the game seriously, but that’s because they’ve never played the game…I mean, sure, first off a game with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy seems….well, so childish. But has Disney EVER failed to deliver when it came to excellent storylines and magical worlds and a fun time? No way. Not even for people over the age of 18. Well, Kingdm Hearts is one of those games that works. It’s like watching anime…Shojos and Shonens. Can anyone take those animes seriously?….

So anywho, some ways people have used the arrival of Birth By sleep to their advantage is by science project with building gummi ships, learning how to make Paupu Fruit cookies, and even creating school plays from it. But the best one so far was using the series plotline as a prank call.

Know anymore Kingdom Hearts jokes and pranks? I used to watch TeamJohnnyCake, the best parody makers of KH EVER….but one moved to Florida to work in Disney World….

Birth By Sleep on the PSP Review

12 Sep

This game…is awesome….

Did I finish it that fast? No. That’s how good this is. This game to me, is better than Kingdom Hearts 2, which despite it’s anticipation rate, didn’t deliver quite what everyone expected it to. Well, it was a great game, and delivered more than Kingdom Hearts 1 as far as gameplay. But it was much easier to beat and the story was more confusing. It just seemed to be trying to explain heavily what went on in Chain of Memories…which confused people who didn’t realize that Chain of Memories was a mandatory game. I mean, who would think a game where you go back to the same worlds you did in Kingdom Hearts would be so important? Even in 358/2 Days, a repeat of worlds and heavy dose of missions caused some exhasperation.

But Birth By Sleep is like a fresh spring of clear water. A brand new story, all new characters, multi-player modes, brand new worlds, and new gameplay and fighting styles….adding weapons. The music still has the same appeal as well. My favorite opening song, Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru, showed up on there too.  The bosses are challenging and fullfilling, and it takes about 4 days to beat one story….about as long, if not longer, than Kingdom Hearts 1. Well, the good thing is no Kingdom Hearts game takes just one day to beat. At least 3 daysof your time are mandatory. If someone says they beat it in two days, they are lying and never played the game. Even if you whipped bosses smoothly without dying, you couldn’t beat the game in 24 hours. Not even 48 hours.

I would say Birth By Sleep is everything I expected it to be. But I’m waiting for some surprises as I continue through the game. I know the storyline will definitely be a major plus of this game, as many questions that were left in the last four games will be answered. Maybe not all, but some will.

So, for all who want to know if they should get this game. This is a definite must. It’s a shame it’s only for the PSP. I think Square-Enix listened to the demand of the fans for this one. 10/10 From me.

I Need My Drugs….Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

11 Sep

Should I begin this post by explaning how much of a fanatic of Kingdom Hearts I am? This game was the game that transformed me into a serious gamer. I had always played games, such as Crash Bandicoot and Street Fighter, with my playstation since the age of 9. When I got my PS2, I was still playing other games religiously. But those games bored me. Maybe because I easily became good at them. Then I got my first RPG: Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts was no ordinary game. Aside from the fact it managed to successfully combine Disney with Final Fantasy (which I always loved the graphics but never bought the games for FF), but it also successfully managed to make the game long and challenging and complicated, but still understandable for kids my age. And now, I’m grown up….and I still love this game.

Of course, it has darkened in it’s tone. Apparently, the same kids who were playing it also grew up to love it because it seems the tones of the story get darker and more complicated. And trust me, this game is like a drug.

I think most video games are for people who love to play video games and know how to play them. But this game requires that you play religiously…well, because it entices you to play, even if you don’t want to. The story is so good and long, and the gameplay free and fun, that you just want to know what is going to happen next, what new boss you’re going to fight next, and what new weapon or style you will be using. It’s for a wide-ranged audience, which adds to it’s appeal. I mean, they have Disney and Square-Enix working on it, two companies that demand nothing but the best. Of course, some themes from both companies are ever present:

*Mickey Mouse, duh (Disney)

* Dudes with spikey hair (Square-Enix)

*Magic (Disney and Square-Enix)

*Odd, I’m sorry, original style, weapon blade choices (Square-Enix)

*Rivalry (Square-Enix)

*Romance (Disney)

*Journeys (Disney and Square-Enix)

*And finally….Villains with scheming purpose (Disney and Square-Enix)…often with silver hair, who have a hard time dying within the series…they just keep coming back in the next game! (Square-Enix)

There are more themes that are normally prevalant throughout Disney’s and Square-Enix’s series of themes, but these themes are the more obvious ones.

So, the next installment in the Kingdom Hearts series was released September 7, 2010! It is entitled Birth By Sleep. When I get to playing this game, I will do a thorough review of it. But for now, I will give you what I know about this game. It is supposed to take place 10 years before the start of Kingdom Hearts…in my opinion, it might have been longer than 10 years realistically, but we’ll go with 10 years. Well, this would mean that Sora is about 4 years old in Birth By Sleep….so, obviously he isn’t the main character yet. There are decidedly three main characters….One has blue hair, one has brunnette hair, and the other…looks oddly like Roxas…and the boy that Lexaeus saw in 358/2 Days. This game might be the game that reveals it all…and I’m too excited for this game…

I’m also jealous of everyone who has gotten it over the past few days. Even in my college classes, all I kept seeing was people playing that game. PSPs flopped everywhere…..and I have to wait to get mine…I have to wait until I get paid…Isn’t it sad how I would rather spend my next check on entertainment rather than paying off my bill for college?

See how video games can be addictive drugs? I recommend his drug though…it’s good.

Kingdom Hearts Saga continues (including in 3-D)!

10 Aug

Ahh, refreshing. The truth I’ve learned about this world is while something/someone dies, something/someone is also being born. And that’s what I have to say about Generation Next: We are the generation of Rebirth. Expect a Renaissance in science, technology, and Enlightenment in the future…

So anyway, I brought that up because I received news about one of my favorite video games of all time: Kingdom Hearts, of course. And even through my trials and sorrows recently, I was able to feel happy today. The exciting news is that Kingdom Hearts is going 3-D.

That’s right. It’s going to be on the Nintendo 3Ds.

I haven’t seen the 3DS myself so, I’m going to have a looksy right now….

This is the hands-on review:

So far, the reviews have been positive. According the IGN review, it’s better when you see it in person. KH 3D, according to my theory, might come out around the time of the release of the 3DS. Who knows, but both were announced this year for NEXT year. So look for the game and console next year, 2011….

But for this year, you can look forward to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep coming to North America September 7, 2010…that’s right in one month. It takes place before Kingdom Hearts and Sora, again, is not the main character. The story is focusing on Xehanort.

AND NOW THE REAL GRAND FINALE!!! AMAZING! Can’t WAIT! Hope I’m still around for it….

Well that’s the grand news.

Another title to look out for, which still hasn’t been announced for America, is Kingdom Hearts Coded and Re: Coded. I know the Re: Coded version is going to be on the Nintendo DS, which I’m thankful for, because that’s what I have.

I still don’t have a PSP…but it’s coming soon…maybe…

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