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American Girl Characters as Teens and Adults? A Glimpse Inside: Julie Albright’s Natal Chart!

23 Sep

Greetings GenNext readers!

American Girl is a doll brand that is known for historical and contemporary lines of dolls, such as Beforever, Willie Wishers, and Girl of the Year, that are designed to relate to girls today as well as teach life lessons. There are thousands, even millions of people, who have become fans of the brand since the company’s debut in 1986. The target age of American Girl is between 5 and 14. They have doll lines for every single age group. However, there are many adult fans, like myself, who grew up with the brand and still love it. Some adult fans are drawn to the positive and empowering message American Girl sends. Many adult fans are drawn to the historical line because it makes them nostalgic.

Of course, the heart of the brand are the characters.

Because many of the books are told from a 9-12 year old perspective, many fans often wonder: Who will the American Girls be when they grow up?

Of course, they are just fictional characters. Any of their futures can be written. Samantha’s was sort of written in The Titanic (American Girl: Real Stories From My Time) . 

But there wasn’t a whole lot of details in the book.

Despite the fact the stories are fiction, the stories were inspired by real people and the events they live through are very real or realistic as well.

It’s natural for people to be curious.

Even if we never get a book series about the characters’ adult lives, there is a way we can find out without having to wait for a book series: Through the Natal Chart!

I have actually been studying the American Girls’ natal charts for TEN (10) years now. I’ve been contacting authors to get more information about their birth times and I’ve been rectifying their birth charts. I have been working hard to piece together the American Girls’ lives. Even now, I’m working on this project.

And my findings were very enlightening.

I was inspired to want to do an article after I read a review about American Girl’s 1970s character Julie. The article focused on “Generation Xers” and how Julie teaches some often sad lessons about their growing up years.

Lessons from American Girl Dolls: The Divorce Generation by 

Three paragraphs in the article stood out to me.

We never know why Julie’s parents have divorced, which shouldn’t really surprise us. The stories are told from the child’s perspective and, as Judith Wallerstein’s research on children of divorce revealed, most children never fully understand why their parents have split. Julie, a spunky, adaptable child, does learn resilience, but I found myself wondering, as Wallerstein does, how Julie will learn “to create a long term loving relationship, how to resolve family conflict, how to build trust, when to compromise, when to stand firm, and as [she] grows, how to choose a lover and how to commit to another with realistic hope that it can last?”

Wallerstein’s question points to the yawning gap in Julie’s story. We learn only about the first year after her parents’ divorce. The book does not describe the life long shadow of divorce in Julie’s life. How will Julie traverse between two worlds as she matures, hopefully go to college (if either parent can help her pay for it), perhaps get married, and even raise children herself while negotiating the reality of her parent’s split worlds? As a Gen Xer in 2013, Julie would likely now be helping her divorced, Baby Boomer parents think about Medicare and aging, agonizing about how she will practically, financially, and emotionally handle caring for either or both of them should they become sick or debilitated, and taking care of her own kids. Not to mention what her obligations might be for any stepparents in her life.

I also found myself wondering about Julie’s inner life. What does she think about the big questions in life? Does she believe in God? Might she have become more or less religious after the upheaval of her parent’s divorce? Sociologist Melinda Lundquist Denton revealsthat many children of divorce will experience a change in their religious lives, but we hear nothing about Julie’s. I recently co-wrote a report, Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith?, in which we present more than a dozen family scholars and theologians addressing the impact of divorce on the long term expression of faith. The finding was that people who came of age in an era of widespread divorce mark the beginning of a generation that often claims to be “spiritual but not religious.” Yet, children of divorce became “a kind of broken leading edge,” with spiritual stories quite often characterized by loss or suffering.

It’s interesting you brought this up Amy!

And the points I highlighted? That’s similar to what I’ve been analyzing in ALL of the American Girls’ charts! I decided that I would share my findings with other American Girl fans. This will just be for study, just to share some knowledge I gained.

I plan on actually doing a natal chart review for all of the American Girls, but I decided I would start with Julie since she is the character that inspired the article.

I will do a poll to see which character to do next at the end of this article. Any newer American Girl characters that come out within the next couple of years will have to wait unfortunately.

I have observed the contemporary characters as well. However, American Girl has told me they don’t have birthdays for all of the Girl of the Year characters. I’ve only analyzed the ones that do. Furthemore, a lot of them would still be children today, so we’d basically be predicting a future that hasn’t come yet. Though we’re predicting the Beforever characters’ “futures”, we kind of already know the results of their “events”.

Still, I’ve discovered some interesting things that could possibly influence even the contemporary characters as they age. But I’ll save it for another study.

For now, I will be focusing on Beforever characters.

I’m not going to focus on their Best Friends for three reasons:

  1. They don’t have enough development and information to do a proper rectification. They only had one book each.
  2. All of the other lead Beforever characters don’t have best friend character dolls, so it wouldn’t be fair. Marie-Grace and Cecile are an exception because both acted as lead characters in their own stories and had their own friends.
  3. I figured I could put the best friend characters in with the lead character somehow, since they are usually connected with the lead character in some way.

Now, on to Julie!

The following article will be my brief review of Julie’s chart and her potential adult life.

When thinking of the American Girls as adults, I had to think to myself: What is the difference between the life of an adult and a child? What makes an adult?

I thought of these several differences:

Career and work or Higher Education

Relationships (Romantic partners)

Marriage life



Family and Home-making

Adult Children with Aging Parents


*The following review may contain SPOILERS.




Sagittarius Rising

The “rising” sign is always connected with the first house. The first house tell us our “querent” or what we seek in life. It is our outlook and how we see ourselves in the outer world. It represents our outer life.

Julie will always be a person who wants to explore what life has to offer. She will have the full high school experience and will want to have a full adult experience (meaning she will go to prom, have her first boyfriend, go to college, drink when she’s 21, etc).

She will always be on the move. Julie will be more outgoing as she gets older and is able to do more by herself and get around more without permission. As a teenager, she probably won’t spend much time at home. As an adult, she may move far away from her parents or hardly see them due to her travels. There is definitely a lack of stability sometimes.

It’s likely she will move around a lot. She will be restless. She might have several homes in several different cities, states, or countries! This could be a burden on her partner and especially her children unless they enjoy traveling with her. She might just enjoy taking long vacations and having great adventures with partner and children.

She might be interested in foreign cultures or exotic religions. She would definitely be interested in going to college. By the time she’s of college age (1984), she will have more opportunities to go to University and pick up a study of her choice than other Beforever American Girls. More than likely, she will take up any study that gives her the opportunity to travel or meet foreign people. She might even go to University in another country for some time.

Because of Sagittarius’s ruling planet Jupiter, expansion on a physical level is likely. Julie may gain some weight as she ages.

She may be someone who acts childlike even as she gets older. She has a positive but idealistic view of the world and she might seem to lack seriousness, even as an adult. She might have quite a bit of letdowns, but her positive attitude will be able to see her through the most trying circumstances.

Extroverted rising signs are considered quite attractive. She will definitely attract a lot of people to her in her lifetime. Julie might enjoy throwing parties, which could make her rather popular. And Julie will probably invite everyone, no matter the background!

Jupiter’s sign, house, and aspects are important to analyze to get a fuller picture.

Julie’s Sagittarius Rising quotes:

Everything will turn out groovy. I just know it. -Julie at American

Even though change is hard, it brings the chance to grow. -Julie at American

I’m bright and sunny on the outside, but on the inside, I’m a real fighter. -Julie at American

I try to make everywhere I go a little brighter.”- Julie at American

“I keep every day colorful by looking on the bright side.“- Julie at American


House 2: Capricorn

As Julie gets older, she will become practical, responsible, and cautious about spending money. Her children might find her to be strict with handing out money, but she will just be interested in knowing where her money is going. Julie will have few items to truly call her own throughout her life. Living in an apartment for most of her life, and having to figure out what she should pack from going to both parents’ homes, might have taught her to live simply. She will expect that of her own family.

However, she may have a few items that show off her and her family’s status, like trophies, certificates, and other accolades lying around the house or put up in a decorated and special place.

As far as earning money, Julie could inherit money or valuable possessions from her parents or grandparents, especially from her father and father’s side of the family, but she will definitely make sure that she’s in control of her own money and is capable of making her own money. She’s not likely to rely on a spouse or her parents to make ends meet. She will have this opportunity more than other Beforever girls who come before her.

Julie will more than likely become an important figure in life and could probably make money from her social standing alone. Julie might make money by giving financial guidance or counseling. She might be good at giving financial advice. Her resourcefulness will come in handy as she gets older. She might work in marketing, financial departments, at a bank, etc and make money from that at some point in her life.

Julie could go for being the boss of a company or her own company. She’d definitely be interested in being an authority figure or climbing the ladder in her field. It’s likely she will make some money from it.

Julie might develop some skills she learned from her parents and make money off of that. She could seek to be a basketball player, based off the skills she learned from her dad, and get far. It’s likely Julie will play basketball in high school. She may get a scholarship out of it.

She could take useful business skills from her mother.

Being a politician is also an option, but she would definitely choose a solid profession before she’s old enough to run for office.

Despite Julie’s entrepreneurial spirit, she’s not likely to go into a profession that’s out-of-the-box. She might choose a job that’s very “real” and promises retirement, health benefits, and security.

Saturn’s sign, house, and aspects are important to analyze to get a fuller picture.


House 3 Aquarius

The third house rules over siblings (even adult siblings), neighbors, the community, and communication.

Julie will be very progressive as she gets older. It’s likely, even at the time she’s a young adult (1980s-1990s), some of her ideas will be unusual and unique. She would have the ability to make changes in the world around her. She might use her voice to speak on issues and try to encourage changes in the world around her.

She could become an inventor or she could work with communication inventions. She might play a part in social media or cell phone technology. She might have many ideas on how to improve these forms of communication.

Julie will continue to have an unusual relationship with her sibling. She may be able to be as quirky and unusual around Tracy as she wants to be, even as she gets older.

She might still feel different from Tracy in many ways. At some point in life, they will develop completely separate and independent lives. Tracy will more than likely go off to college or move out before Julie, which will allow them to develop differently. Their lives will eventually seem nothing alike.

Tracy might always find Julie to be the unique one in the family. Julie might take on causes and ideas Tracy doesn’t really understand at the moment, but eventually everyone will get it.

Julie has a very scientific mind and can work with scientific ideas and studies if she chooses to. Her mind is always thinking ahead.

Julie might live in a very unusual neighborhood and might have some strange or aloof neighbors. If not, her neighbors might consider her unusual or the odd one in the neighborhood. She might be rather detached from her neighbors, being friendly but not really caring what’s going on with them. She might not want to get too personal. Neighbors might have the latest security devices and technology, as well as interesting holiday decorations. Heck, Julie might choose a neighborhood to live in simply for its unique points. Julie might be involved in Block Clubs or community events. There may be a neighborhood watch wherever she moves.

Wherever Julie moves, it’s not going to be a boring place. She might like living in a city her whole life, but if she moves to a suburban area, she would like her block to be unique. In a rural area, she would stand out because she would make sure she’s up-to-date with the latest technology.

Saturn and Uranus’s signs, houses, and aspects are important planets to analyze to get a fuller picture.


House 4 Pisces

Having this position, it’s likely Julie’s home would be connected with water in some way. She might continue to live in California, where she could be near the beach. She might live in a location right off the ocean, a lake, or river. If not, she would probably have an aquarium or a pool. If Julie doesn’t live near water throughout most of her life, she might decide to live with a water view as she grows old. Having water near her home would always be a selling ticket for her.

She would also like everyone to have access to the different rooms in her home. She wouldn’t want feet to be a problem. She’d probably have many sofas and chairs where people can kick up their feet.

She might live in a very spiritual home or near a spiritual area. Her home might be a very tranquil place, a place to unwind. Julie will want the ideal home. Julie might eventually develop a very spiritual home as she grows older.

Julie might have quite the bohemian life where even her home isn’t as solid as others’.

Julie’s home might have a lot of fragile trinkets in them, such as glass figurines.

Julie might have many forms of entertainment to help her and her family escape the world. This could come in the form of movies, music, fantasy books, and plenty of art.

Throughout Julie’s life, she will make sacrifices for her family. She will give up everything she wants and desires for her family. She will forgo all of her plans if it means making her family happy and more secure. She would end up being a selfless parent. Everyone’s feelings and needs would come before her own. She would never complain about it, even if she feels tired. Hopefully, her family recognizes her breaking points and shows mercy on dear mom Julie.

More than likely, she’d end up being the daughter caring for her parents as they age. She might even move in with one of her parents or have them move in with her. She will not be able to refuse if they need her.

Julie may have felt she grew up with a weak and ineffectual family because of the divorce. This will affect Julie’s own family. When she starts to develop her own family, she may have issues with being an effective mother figure. There may not be enough boundaries in the home. All responsibilities might fall on one person or there may not be enough communication about roles and responsibilities. Members of the family may not think about personal space. The whole house might be run by too many people. There may be too many people living within the home. Many people who enter the home might find it to be chaotic somehow.

The home may also often be a little messy. It’s not likely Julie will keep to a rigorous cleaning schedule (especially if she’s set to be an important figure who is always on the go, moving around). This isn’t to say she will be dirty or junky all the time, but she will sort of go-with-the-flow. She might rely on her children or spouse to help with chores and they may not really deliver what they promise or they may do a sloppy job.

Afraid of disappointing her family, Julie may not lay down the law as often as she should. She may be afraid of being critical and hurting her family’s feelings. She really fears breaking her family apart. But actually, by not setting boundaries, she could create the damage she wants to avoid.

In order to bring her family closer, Julie might have her family volunteer together with her. She might get them listening to music and dancing during family nights. She might indulge in spiritual practices with her family. This may not necessarily be religious, but she will want to build her family’s faith in the world in some way. Seeing as Julie wasn’t raised in a religion, it’s likely she will just believe in a general universal being that cares for others and may not care to follow any particular practices regarding that belief. It’s likely she believes in many Christian beliefs since that’s the dominant belief of the country, but she may also be interested in tales or spirits and other mythological beings. She has also shown interest in astrology and may share her findings with her family.

She will not only enjoy watching movies with her family, but filming her family during important events. As the video camera becomes more publicly available in her adult years, she will more than likely want one.

Julie may try to create an atmosphere of kindness, compassion, and creativity in her home.

As Julie ages, she may develop confusing feelings about her country (with events like the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the election of Donald Trump). Julie may constantly have conflicting feelings of love and hate for her country.

Jupiter and Neptune’s signs, houses, and aspects need to be analyzed to get a fuller picture.


Saturn in Pisces

With this position, Julie might have a hard time dealing with day to day life. She might constantly feel out of touch with the world around her and may drift in many places before finding herself. It may be hard for her to feel as successful as she would like early in her life. This could mean she has a hard time keeping a home, starting a family, developing successful relationships, keeping a job, etc. All of it might seem extra stressful.

Throughout life, Julie will have lessons in overcoming irrational but deep fears caused by her past, overcoming oversensitivity and negative emotions, a wandering imagination, and setting boundaries. Too often, Julie will let people into her life who will use her and take advantage of her. Too often, Julie will forgive and forgive until other people have basically stopped caring about her needs. She will be afraid to hurt others, and yet she will hurt others because she’s afraid. Julie also feels responsible for everybody, even when she doesn’t have to be. She feels obligated to help people when they’re suffering, and as she gets older, she might overassist.

Julie has some scars from the past that causes many self-destructive behaviors. She might quit life at times, giving up on everything when the going gets too tough. She might shun society as a whole because she might feel she can never be apart of it. She might get into addictive behaviors. This may come out in her teen or early 20s years. Saturn return (occurring in her late 20s or early 30s in the 1990s) will have forced her to grow up and seek help or advice and channel this sensitive energy into helping others.

But because of all of Julie’s trials, she will be able to come out with the ultimate understanding and compassion. She could be a healing force for others suffering the same things she did. All of the scars Julie experiences could become her strength. As she ages and gains more wisdom from her challenges, she could develop a career helping those who are suffering in some way, particularly in areas that have affected her too (the house would shed more light, and it’s the 4th, so she has scars dealing with her family).

As Julie ages, she may be able to discipline her imagination and create successful works of art.

Julie might develop her spirituality as she grows older and experiences more in life. It might become a grounding force for her. Charity work could also keep her grounded. Julie might work in social work, institutions, or group homes. She might volunteer in these places. She might visit harsh communities and help those in need of services. She might end up working in a hospital, a refuge, a care home, an orphanage or for a charity. She may not directly help people’s suffering, but her work may solve their problems in some way.

Sometimes, she might think she has it the worst and that she’s such a bad person. Helping others less fortunate will allow her to see what good she has right in front of her.

Ultimately, Julie’s biggest lesson will be learning to say “no” and not wasting her energy on useless people and things.

If Julie overcomes all of the challenges life throws at her, she will have a lot to offer others.

Observe Saturn’s house and aspects. Jupiter and Neptune are planets that should be analyzed to get a fuller picture.


Saturn in 4th house

This part reveals the actual divorce and break that Julie felt in her family. She ended up spending less time with each of her parents, creating some distance there. Even before the divorce, it seems her father was always gone working. Mom was busy setting up her business. Julie might have felt alone.

Julie’s mother probably will have started dating again by the time Julie is a teen, but it’s unlikely she will get remarried quickly. Her mother may be busy running a shop and her leadership may intimidate men in her lifetime. Her mother also may be slower in committing than she was before. It’s likely Julie’s mother won’t remarry until she’s much older (if at all), maybe by the time of her own Saturn Return. By then, Julie will be an adult. However, it won’t impact her any less. In fact, it may impact her life more, considering she would’ve gotten used to her mother being single.

With this placement, it’s highly likely Julie will be the one taking care of her parents as they age. During her Saturn Return, around 28 to 30 years old, it’s likely she’d be stuck caring for an aging parent or grandparent. It may feel burdensome. This probably won’t be because of her parents but because she might be the only one taking on the responsibility (with Tracy seeming to do her own thing). She might find the situation to be overwhelming, and she might have her own affairs to attend to. But all of Julie’s life will take a backseat for her parents’ lives.

Julie might fear starting her own family or she may always be worried about her family to the point she seems to take her job as a mom too seriously. More than likely, she will become a mother much later in life. Because she fears starting her own family and sees the heavy responsibility it could have (this is due to her own experiences with family), she might even get married later in life.

By the time she is a mother, she may be older. Though Julie will always have a progressive mind, there may be a huge generational gap between herself and her children. This could make her far more conservative in her rearing. Her children may also have to take care of her much sooner than other children. They might have to grow up faster.

Julie might choose to adopt children rather than have children from her own body.

Julie might spend a lot of her time with her ambitions and working that she may struggle to truly bond and be there for her family.

She may want to focus on her goals instead of building a family early in life. She will definitely pick this up from her mom.

If Julie has children early, Julie might have some financial worries that also put a lot of pressure on her early years, so she may not feel she was ready. She thinks practically when it comes to a family. Considering her Saturn is in Pisces, she would want to give her everything to her family and the struggles of being a mother could overwhelm her if she has a child too soon.

Julie might end up being a single parent just like her own mother. It’s likely she would fear this and would work really hard to hold her family together. But sometimes, the harder she tries to keep the structure, the more she pushes her family away. This could make her very serious and could make her very pessimistic.

Julie may decide to never marry and have children.

In Julie’s teens and early 20s, Julie might feel even more isolated from her parents and may feel they don’t understand her.

Saturn’s lesson is teaching her to be patient with her family, to balance her responsibility with love and closeness, to overcome her fear of developing a support system. Not every family situation ends the same.

Julie’s home life might seem very controlled in some way. Julie may lack boundaries in many ways, but she may not be as openly affectionate or free to spend time with her family as others with Pisces on the 4th house.

While Julie will face many challenges with her home and family life, as she grows older, she will learn to take responsibility for her family. Julie will be the rock that holds her family together. She will work hard to make sure her family is well cared for and that her children receive the best guidance she can give them. She will be a dutiful wife and mother. After awhile, Saturn will make sure Julie learns important lessons about family (just as she’s been learning throughout her life).

Observe Saturn’s sign and aspects.

“…Even worse than a broken finger is when my family broke apart…Just now, as I was playing back the tape, I remembered something my dad told me when he broke his foot. He said that a broken bone heals back together even stronger than before it was broken. I think families are kind of like bones-they can break too, but in some ways, it makes you even stronger.-Julie from The Big Break: A Julie Classic 1


Saturn trine Neptune

Julie will have the talent of making her dreams come true. Julie will want to leave her mark on the world and carry out her visions for a better society. She will likely want to work hard to do so (even if she gets lax sometimes).

Observe Saturn and Neptune’s signs, houses, and aspects.


Venus in Pisces

As Julie grows older, she will become quite shy and reserved in love. As shy as she will be, she can spot love from a mile away. She will be aware of all the people that love her. And she will love a lot of different people in her own lifetime, even if from afar.

Julie might be a hopeless romantic a lot. She might be in love with someone and never tell them. She might even get a kick out of having a secret crush on someone. In high school, this may especially be the case. More than likely, someone else would have to speak for her or she would hope the person she likes naturally forms interest. It’s not likely she will make a move.

Julie might have some insecurities in love. It’s not likely she will think she’s ugly (considering her Sag Rising is so magnetic), but she may not trust love due to her parents’ experiences or she may not feel she knows what she’s doing in relationships because she never really had that example in her life. She may be afraid of getting hurt.

Despite this, when she’s in love, she really falls hard. Julie will do anything, ANYTHING for someone she loves. As a teenager, she may give in to many different suitors just to keep them around. As she gets older, she might sacrifice time, resources, and her own physical body.

Julie will idealize her partners often. In her youth, Julie might fall in love with celebrities or be whisked away by fictional characters in love stories or movies. But once she starts dating, she will see nothing but the good in her partner. Her love will be unconditional. She will accept and tolerate anything from her partner as long as they love her and she won’t let anyone talk bad about them.

Forgiveness is her strong point.

Unfortunately, she might not be discriminating enough. She might let in quite a few losers in her life. Julie also finds it romantic to be saved and be the savior to someone else. As someone being saved, she may over-rely on her partner for things. As being someone else’s savior, she will be drawn to partners that need her help in some way. She will fall in love with the downtrodden and could see the beauty in the person. But some of these people might not mean Julie any good. They could manipulate her, use her, and even abuse her. Julie might have her idealisms shattered at some point in life. She also may not realize when her relationship is no longer of any benefit to her or her partner, and so may be devastated when break-ups happen. She will not take them well.

However, Julie might never give up her faith in love. She might believe real love is still out there, no matter the challenges she faces.

Julie merges herself easily with those she loves. She might let them influence her and end up picking up their behavior patterns. She will pick up positive behaviors from positive love connections. She will pick up negative traits, especially addictions, from negative love connections.  It would probably be best for her to have a second opinion on anyone she shows interest in, though she may not easily listen if she’s smitten.

Because she sacrifices so much for a partner, if her partner leaves, she may feel she’s left with nothing. In high school, it’s more likely to happen this way than when she gets older. Still, even as an adult, she may be a sucker for a spiritual soul mate type of romance and nothing really realistic.

Interestingly enough though, she might actually have a hard time settling down in her relationships. Though she might have a hard time saying no to people, this doesn’t mean she will be in love with everyone she dates. She may just feel sorry for the person. When she really is in love, she will sacrifice a lot, but when she’s not, she may not care to be too attentive. Naturally, Julie will still want to have her freedom, whether she’s in love or not. She won’t like being tied to duties regarding her relationships. She will be a “wing-it” type of partner. She might prefer spontaneous romantic adventures to planned and stiff occasions.

Julie will be drawn to compassionate, freedom-loving, and artistic people.

Venus just doesn’t rule love for a partner, but for everyone. It could even show us how Julie will show love as a mother. She will do anything for her children. She will put all of her plans aside for her kids. She will be gentle and kind. Her kids will adore her. On the other hand, she might be a bit reserved as a mother. She may not be super affectionate. She might also have some insecurities as a mother, not really confident she can make her kids happy.

Julie will be very forgiving of her kids. Some may say she’s too passive as a mother (though she has other energies giving her strength), but she will definitely understand her kids. She will know each of their strengths and weaknesses. It’s unlikely she will want to yell at her children. If she ever did, she would feel really bad afterwards. In fact, discipline might be hard for her. Hopefully, her kids understand how much their mother sticks up for them. The world outside of Julie’s embrace will be much harsher.

Julie could make money working with something creative, like art (since she’s such an artist) or she might make money with astrology and other mystical experiences (since she does like reading her horoscope). She might do some acting or filming in her life, too. She might make money helping others or dealing with people or animals who need her love and compassion.

Venus also tells us how we spend money and what we spend money on. As a teenager, Julie isn’t likely to really care about money too much. As a teenager and an adult, She might try to find ways to have fun for free or by being creative. When she does get some money, it may go towards movies, music, or charities. She may give her money mostly to people who need it. She might spend her money on art, drinks, or anything that makes her feel good or helps her escape the world.

As Julie grows up, she might be attracted to new experiences. She might be interested in experimenting. She will be open to trying anything once. She might also enjoy indulging in substances to relax. It’s likely Julie will like grabbing some drinks with her friends or meeting her love interests for some cocktails at the bar. She might enjoy clubbing. Hopefully, she doesn’t take to any serious drugs for recreation, but she might pick up a cigarette habit if she isn’t careful.

Julie will be easily pressured to do things if her best friends are doing it. I mean, and this is a spoiler, she almost ripped up her petition to join the boys’ basketball team because it caused her to argue with her friend…It’s likely Julie will not want to disappoint her friends. Hopefully, Ivy, Joy, and TJ continue to live decent lives and don’t pressure Julie to lose herself.

And I’m not saying she won’t have one drunk night. Julie might especially try it when she first turns 21 and is able to drink. Hopefully, she keeps supportive friends around and the incident reminds her not to do it too often.

Through all the challenges and hurt in Julie’s life, she might feel depressed a lot, but if she relies on her faith to get her through, she can eventually bounce back.

As Julie grows older, her femininity will blossom. She will be any woman she wants to be, but she will display gentleness and subtle charm, too. She might be quite girly as she grows into a teenager and adult. People at her class reunion won’t be mocking her with “tomboy” anymore! She might still like basketball and may be interested in just about everything, but she will carry herself with more of an ethereal grace.

Look at Venus’s house and aspects. Jupiter and Neptune’s signs, houses, and aspects are important to analyze.


Venus in 4th house

Julie’s mother may start other romantic affairs by the time Julie is in high school, which can create some hurt for Julie, but Julie will try to be pleasant and reasonable with any new suitors.

Julie will try to create a home environment filled with peace and comfort. It will be so nice in Julie’s home, most people won’t want to leave (including her children, if she ever has any!). Julie herself will love being at home.

Julie will more than likely pick up her mother’s decorating hobby. Just like she loved decorating her room, she will love decorating her home. When Julie gets her first home, she will love having housewarming parties and inviting her friends over to see how she’s decorated the place.

Despite Julie’s messy side, she will like things to be neat and tidy most of the time, especially when guests are visiting. It may be a challenge for her to get things together, but she will want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease. When inviting guests over, she will make sure there’s plenty of food to eat, too.

Julie will not only make sure her home is furnished and fancy, she will make sure it’s easy to function. She might keep the latest technology to make life easier for her and her family. She will definitely upgrade to the DVD player and then the flat screen as both become available in her lifetime.

Julie will not like a lot of fighting and arguing in her home. She will definitely seek to do things differently from her own parents in this regard. She will try to be the peacemaker and mediator.

Julie will be a beautiful and charming mother. Her children will find her to look really nice and be really nice to them. Julie will focus on keeping family traditions alive at her house (something she may have felt was broken in her own home). She will be the one hosting all of the holiday events. Julie might decorate with some of the decorations she used to love as a girl. She might have many different family heirlooms.

Julie will truly show love to her family and will instill her kind of love in her offspring. Julie may love to share her fond childhood memories with her kids.

The downside to this placement is that her children and spouse may get too comfortable with the comforts and peace Julie provides. They might take all she does for granted and may not appreciate her efforts. Her children may especially laze around. They might act too spoiled and may not want to get out and work.

Throughout Julie’s life, she will receive financial assistance from her parents. She won’t act like she needs this assistance most of the time, but she will never have to worry if she runs into financial trouble. Both of her parents work. Her parents will definitely be there to help furnish her home, buy things for their grandchildren, and even assist with some bills.

Julie could make money by selling property (real estate industry is favorable), working with agricultural businesses, working with mine and land materials, family-related products or services, or products and services related to her country or heritage or historical. Julie might make money working from home.

Julie might mostly spend money on her family. She might buy things that may enhance her home or family in some way. Julie will mostly see money as a way to increase her family’s security and safety. She will always be the one to get her kids out of a financial bind.

Julie will be a protective lover. She will already idealize and stick up for her partner (Venus in Pisces), but she will also provide shelter and security in both physical and symbolic ways. She will shield anyone she loves from the hurt of the world.

She may fall in love with someone from her hometown or someone who is close to her family. She may fall in love with someone from a similar background (this may not mean heritage or race but also familial experience).

When she first starts developing crushes or falling in love, her home will be where she brings all of her love interests. It will be important for them to meet her mom. As she becomes an adult, most of her dates will be dinner at a home, whether at her home or her partner’s. She will want to see her love interest’s house or how they live. She will want to relax on a couch and have long intimate conversations with someone she’s interested in. If she gets married, she will want some alone time with her husband at home. She might find a place to send the kids. Or she will choose a time the kids are gone. XD

She might be drawn to someone who is protective and family-oriented. She may be drawn to someone security-oriented. She might be drawn to someone who understands her background and doesn’t judge (or shares a similar story). More than likely, she will marry someone raised in her same country.

As Julie’s mother ages, Julie’s relationship with her will get easier. They might spend more time together and bond. They will be an attractive pair. They will have plenty of girl time with one another. Julie might feel closer with her mother as an adult than as a child (though she was close to her mother before, but still…).

As Julie ages and becomes a grandmother herself, she will continue to have a beautiful life. She might retain her beauty and charm. She will work to make her home even more beautiful. She might get more interested in developing a garden or tending flowers. She will definitely want to move near a place that has more land.

Observe the Venus sign and aspects.


Venus Square Jupiter

Julie is definitely going to be a popular girl in high school, college, and possibly throughout her life.

She will have a burst of creativity. She may find opportunity in the arts, including drama, cheeky comedy, music, creative writing, painting and sculpture.

Julie may have a hard time actually working hard and earning an income. This is a challenge because of the luxurious lifestyle she might desire. She might not consider her finances when making extravagant plans, and may spend more than she has.

She will want stability, but she may be indulging in pleasures or may be too lax on her responsibilities to fully commit to a stable job. She might lack discipline, which could affect many areas of her life. She may especially have issues when raising her children.

Julie’s morals may seem “looser” when it comes to who she chooses as a partner. People may feel she’s “lowering” her standards. Really, Julie has a lax attitude towards relationships in general, which would actually irritate her partner. She might not like the idea of committing to a partner completely and she may avoid marriage.

Venus and Jupiter’s signs, houses, and aspects need to be observed.


Venus conjunct Saturn

Julie may have an overall negative or pessimistic view of relationships and love. She might feel she has to buy or earn love, which she won’t take lightly. She may constantly feel she has to make adjustments to make her relationships work. She might feel she will be unsatisfied or restricted when in love or in a relationship. She may feel she’s being used, that’s she’s giving more than she’s getting.

She might be very caring and loyal, but she might have a hard time showing it. This could put a delay on her forming relationships. She might have a partner much later than her peers. Julie may meet some harsh experiences in love until she learns to truly love herself and others. The real root may be that she lacks love of herself and self-respect, which may become evident in her teen years. This will make her shyer and awkward in love. Obviously, the divorce and absence of Julie’s father in much of her life created this distrust in love and lack of confidence when pursuing love matters.

As popular as Julie might be, she might really feel socially awkward, preferring to only mingle with a few people.

And unfortunately, as much as Julie may strive to avoid it, breakups and divorce is very common with this energy. Julie must be careful of repeating her parents’ patterns.

She should be careful of hurting those who love her. They could come back to teach her a lesson.

Observe Venus and Saturn’s signs, houses, and aspects.


Venus Trine Neptune

This influence will impact her relationships and how Julie could make money.

Julie would like to live a life of peace and serenity. It’s likely she will strive to create a home life that’s peaceful.

Her love life will be important to her (if she gets into one). She’s romantic, affectionate, soft, and warm as a person. She would not be drawn to an aggressive, domineering, and ego-centric partner.

On the other hand, Julie may idealize anyone she’s in love with, overlooking things. She’s bound to face some disappointments in love if her partner doesn’t carry the same unconditional love style she has. Her partner may not overlook her faults as much as she does there’s.

Julie may be more about love than sex. She could forgo all physical pleasure and may prefer to do so. Privacy might be a key thing for her as well as shyness.

Julie might have unusual romances or meet her love interest under unusual circumstances that it might seem like fate.

It’s likely Julie could make money from the arts. She could become a singer. She might perform on screen and produce a magnetic presence. However, she may have to rely on other energies to develop the will to go for this as a career. She may be impractical, especially with how she deals with some of her money. It’s a good thing Venus has an aspect to Saturn.

It’s also likely Julie will involve herself in charities and humane societies that help her stand up for people or serve others. Julie will definitely lean towards progressive, socialist, or liberal politics as she ages.

Observe Venus and Neptune’s signs, houses, and aspects.


Chiron in Pisces

In Julie’s youth, the scars of her past have caused her to have the following symptoms as an adult: a loss of faith in religion (which is probably why the writer Amy can’t see any hints of it in the story and why it’s pretty much obsolete), loss of faith in love, and loss of faith in her own truth.

Religions might have shunned her family for their divorce when she was growing up, and her parents were probably never extremely religious to begin with, which caused them not to bat an eye about divorce. She might feel some sort of guilt towards religion because of her background.

She probably carries a feeling of being betrayed. She might feel like a victim of a circumstance she couldn’t control. She might have issues trusting others, especially in deep romantic commitments, fearing she will be hurt. There may be a hard wall there that hides a strong sensitive side.

She will identify with people who seem like wandering and lost souls. She may find herself connecting with homeless people, people struggling with addiction, those from broken families, and the like. She might end up gullible and vulnerable to people who seem to offer her escape from her pain. She should especially be careful in her teenage years. She could end up connecting with the wrong people to deal with her pain.

Julie will have to restore her faith in a higher being and learn to trust again. She has to learn to use her compassionate streak to help others, not to fall victim herself. With age and time, she will heal by finding something or someone to believe in. Involving herself in charity might help her restore her faith. She will sacrifice her pain to help others heal. Eventually, she will learn that all things happen for a reason.

Chiron’s house and aspects need to be observed, as well as ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune’s signs, houses, and aspects.


Chiron in 4th

Most of her early wounds were obviously connected with her childhood and family (as is pretty thoroughly explained by now). There was some unresolved trauma dealing with Julie’s home and family. There was probably a lot of arguing and Julie might have felt broken because she had to move so often.

The divorce might eventually cause Julie to resent one of her parents in her teen years, especially her mother. She may begin to understand the divorce more, and all the signs lean towards the mother’s decision. The books never say who initiated the divorce, but the natal chart reveals that Julie will believe her mother had the most active hand in it.

Julie’s mother may be hurting from it all deep down though. This may stop her mother from developing relationships herself. Julie may later discover how much pain the breaking of the family has caused her, despite her putting on the poker face. It likely has something to do with the mother, so there may be some guilt and feelings of regret.

Because Julie had to move from her birth home, she may never feel comfortable in any home she creates for herself. She will be skeptical about where she lives. She will especially not like having to give up her own home when she gets married, fearing her spouse throwing her out one day. She will definitely want to be in control of her property and assets in some fashion.

She might really have a strong fear of family. There will always be fear hovering over her if she decides to develop her own family. It will take a lot of time to heal wounds. Her children might help her get stronger in this way, but she will feel the “empty nest syndrome” much stronger than others once her children get older and decide to move away.

She might have a fear of having a partner she can’t agree with and may fear divorce in her own marriage. This could lead to trust issues with her partner. She may create quite a few defenses, making it hard for potential suitors to impress her or win her affections. She may feel like family life is supposed to be painful and difficult. She might think life in general doesn’t come without pain. This could make her weak to any little arguments that may rise up or stronger than others who aren’t used to the difficulties family will inevitably bring.

She may end up having a difficult time expressing herself as a result of her past, even as a teenager. She may hold in a lot of the stresses she has regarding her own family, fearing her worries may hurt them.

From these experiences, Julie will learn to use her painful childhood experiences to help other people suffering through similar issues with their family and home. She might seek to help children from broken families. She will especially help them express themselves. Within her own family, she will be attentive to how her decisions are affecting her family. She will always worry about it. Unfortunately, Mercury in Aries may move her to make impulsive decisions, but she will ask her family if it’s okay eventually. If she senses her family is suffering from it in any way, she will take it very hard, remembering how change hurt her.

By helping others suffering through the same family issues, Julie can find the path to self-healing. She may learn how to get stronger by helping others heal from family issues.

Julie may not be aware how much her past has affected her. She may not realize the defenses she has placed as a result of her past. She may not realize her trust issues.

Observe Chiron’s sign and aspects.

“…Even worse than a broken finger is when my family broke apart…Just now, as I was playing back the tape, I remembered something my dad told me when he broke his foot. He said that a broken bone heals back together even stronger than before it was broken. I think families are kind of like bones-they can break too, but in some ways, it makes you even stronger.” -Julie from The Big Break: A Julie Classic 1


Venus conjunct Chiron

Through Julie’s relationships and while she’s in love, she may experience pain. She already felt this pain watching her parents’ relationship fall apart. This will affect her in her own relationships in some way.

But through her relationships, she may understand how she’s linked to humanity.

She may feel a lack of peace and harmony around her, especially in relationships. Julie will be very sensitive to any little disagreement or disharmony in her relationships.

Julie may go through some social pain, especially in high school. She may have issues figuring out where she stands among her peers, who her real friends are and who aren’t. She might have issues figuring out who really likes her for her. She might be rather sensitive to the topic.

Julie’s self-worth might be wounded at some point in her life, which could influence her relationships.

She might be sensitive on the subject of beauty and attraction. It’s likely she’s met some issues with this. She may not have felt beautiful enough or she may have been too attractive to the point she has attracted the wrong kind of attention to herself, the kind of attention she never wanted.

Julie might be made to feel unattractive, unloved, and unwanted. She may be rejected in love a lot because of these issues. She may be rejected because of her appearance (weight gain is possible in her life, and some people may make her feel bad about it). Julie may be rejected because she’s not popular or pretty enough (though she will have a lot of popularity, someone she likes may not think she’s really cool or good as a person).

Julie may go through moments where she tries to fit in with the popular crowd only to be hurt. She might try some very harmful things to feel beautiful or popular. She might go through moments where she tries unhealthy dieting and exercise practices to stay skinny. She might get into plastic surgery as she gets older.

Julie might feel she has a hard time tapping into her attractive points, which could make her even shyer when trying to attract her love interests. Julie might be afraid of being too attractive, seductive, sexy, and alluring. Julie will have to develop her flirty and sexy side as she gets older. However, at first, she may flirt awkwardly and feel awkward with a sexy expression. It’s likely she will like a style that covers up that sexy side to her. Because of this, she may feel threatened by women who naturally express a sexy or flirty side, especially if she’s in a relationship. She may not be confident she can express that kind of side.

Julie was called a “tomboy” when she was younger, and this may affect her as she ages. She may feel some sort of hurt around the subject of femininity. She may reject femininity overall or she may strive her hardest to feel feminine as she ages. The latter part is likely. Criticism about her femininity is likely to cut deeply.

Eventually, Julie will learn to like herself and will begin to see that beauty is more than skin-deep.

It’s likely that Julie will have had some really painful experiences with women, especially those among her peers. Women may have been jealous or envious of her and she may have been jealous of other women.

When it comes to money and other items of worth, she might be sensitive towards the topic as well. It’s likely she’s had issues with money and may have suffered because of it. She might use money to ease her pain in life. She might use money to impress her love interests, but may discover it can’t buy love or happiness.

Julie may often feel she doesn’t get paid what she’s worth. She may feel unvalued as an artist or that people don’t appreciate her work.

Julie may have to learn to relax and enjoy life. On the other hand, she may use pleasure to escape the pain of life.

Her chart has been showing her leaning towards art. It’s likely she will tackle really sensitive topics with anything she creates. It might have a gentle and sensitive touch to it. Julie may release her pain and hurt through her art.

Throughout everything, Julie will become a good guide out of love trials. She will be an expert on love. She will find and acknowledge what she wants in a relationship.

Julie will have learn to build her self-esteem. She will have to make peace with her relationships and learn to trust love. She will have to learn and understand money. She has to learn to love herself, stand up for her values, and enjoy life.

Observe Venus and Chiron’s signs, houses, and other aspects.


Jupiter square Chiron

This position also affects Julie’s religious beliefs. Julie possibly no longer believes in a higher power. Possibly she doesn’t feel a greater force is truly protecting her. Julie may be trying to search for her own truth and may feel tricked by the beliefs she’s been told all her life. She may feel a sense of meaninglessness after finding out the truth about something she once believed.

Julie might have many strong beliefs, but others may find her beliefs to be flawed. She might take her causes overboard.

Julie might take on causes or missions to ease and heal her own pain and hurt. She might try to address the pain other cultures might have. She could use the pain she has had to become a Civil Rights Activist, but she would have to overcome her own doubt.

Julie might try to remain optimistic at times, but she may be smiling through a lot of hurt and pain in her life.

She might focus on parts of life that are unjust or unfair. That may be how she sees life and she may want to make things better for others.

Eventually, Julie may become a teacher or guru for others who have trouble finding meaning and faith in life.

Observe Jupiter and Chiron’s signs, houses, and aspects.


Neptune trine Chiron

It’s likely as Julie grows older she will be able to escape her pain through fantasy. She may join some fantasy subcultures in high school. This could actually help her escape her pain and sorrows that she experiences in her teen years.

Julie will discover that her imagination could heal her pain. She might use her imagination in many creative pursuits.

Julie will be very sensitive to others’ suffering, and may decide to take on that pain. She will especially want to help people who are handicapped or disabled (like her friend Joy).

Julie may enjoy dancing. It could be healing for her. She could do this as a profession. She might also heal by acting or giving acting classes. Being someone else may heal her pain and sorrow. Julie may want to be above pain and sorrow. She might seek to bridge reality with her dreams somehow.

It’s likely she will embrace some spirituality to bring more wholeness in her life (even if it isn’t the spirituality or religion she was raised with).

Observe Neptune and Chiron’s signs, houses, and aspects to get a full picture.


Mercury in Aries

This position could not only influence her work life but her relationships as well.

Mercury rules over communication, which affects all of those areas.

Julie might do well in an occupation that allows her to exercise her alert mind and her active body (she’s a very wiry and energetic person). She would do well with military, sports (basketball in Julie’s case), training, emergency operations, and owning or running her own business (which is more likely). She will be the designated presenter at most events because she has such a loud and bold way of expressing herself. It’s likely she will be in a leadership role in whatever job she pursues. Even if she’s just a cashier, she will be able to round up loyal supporters who follow her.

Julie could be the lead in a political organization. She might work in engineering, with motors (like cars), or machinery of some kind. Julie will have multi-tasking skills, so she may be able to work more than one job or handle more than one project. She will be a good marketer because she’s good at pitching new ideas to people. She will be good in advertising and promotional activities. Campaigning could be her forte.

Julie might create an invention one day.

This placement is probably why Julie was pinned as a “tomboy” growing up. Mercury in Aries women tend to think more like men. It’s likely she’ll end up in male-dominated fields tackling tasks most men tackle. She might be very good at winning arguments against men (like debates and even against her spouse if the spouse is a male). She will often earn the respect of men in any field she goes into.

When communicating with her children, Julie will often speak before thinking. She won’t say a whole lot, but she’ll make brief blunt and impulsive statements. Her children might find her quick responses to be open and honest, but she may hurt her more sensitive children often with careless remarks or words. She might also make snap decisions that will impact her family without her realizing it because she may not think too much about how her ideas will affect those around her until it actually starts to affect them. She may expect her children to be stronger, but she won’t consider how they think and feel about situations (Venus in Pisces can help her be more understanding, though).

Her children might consider her loud and exciting in the house, but she also knows how to give sharp commands when she wants to. Her children will know that Julie means what she says. She makes quick and straightforward decisions.

Julie will probably try to force her ideas off on her children. She should be careful with this because as her children grow to be more independent, she may get into arguments with them.

She might get into bickering with her partner too. She might be an active communicator and honest, so her partner wouldn’t ever have to worry about trusting her word too much. But she might try to force her ideas on her partner or she might try to win arguments. She might have a hard time seeing her partner’s point of view. Again, the Venus in Pisces energy might simmer this energy down, but it still might take her some time to mentally understand.

This placement gives Julie an abundance of energy. She will likely not retire from her career until later in life, if ever at all. If she’s left to do nothing, she might get restless and irritable. She has to keep moving.

Julie might move near neighbors who sport motorcycles and bold sports cars. Her neighbors might be frank and may not hesitate to tell Julie their concerns. Julie might live near police or the military. Her neighbor could be a soldier or a family of someone in the military. It’s possible someone in the neighborhood will carry a firearm. Julie may feel she needs to carry one or she may be important enough to need a bodyguard. She might get into quarrels with some of her neighbors.

The Mercury’s house and aspects should be analyzed, as well as Mars’s sign, house, and aspects.

“Mr. Salisbury, your comments on Julie’s idea to change the detention system?” asked Mr. Arnold.

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” said Mark. 

“Yes I do,” said Julie. “I’ve been to detention. That’s how I know we need to change it.”

“Julie, I’m going to have to ask you to wait your turn to speak,” Mr. Arnold cautioned. –Soaring High: A Julie Classic 2


Mercury in the 4th house

With this position, Julie will always think about her family. Her family will cause her to think more about life in general. I’m sure the divorce she experienced in her earlier years caused her to ponder everything around her.

Even as a teenager, Julie will worry or think about what’s going on with her family a lot. The things that go on in her family life might consume her mind.

As she grows older, if or when she decides to have a family, she will worry or think a lot about her family’s needs. Everytime she does something, whether shopping, working, or talking to friends, she will think about her family first. She should be careful not to gossip about private matters within her own home.

More than likely, she will communicate with her family. There might be many long talks and discussions as a family. She might like talking over dinner. She might initiate these conversations (being Mercury in Aries and all). She will encourage her children to speak at a very early age.

It’s highly likely she will do some work from home. Her career may not be primarily at home, but she might take online courses or do a lot of college studying within her home. She might be busy doing chores. Or she may do part of her work at home (having to take some of her work home). If anything, she will be active at home. She may work as a teacher or do work sharing or transferring knowledge. She might work with technology. More than likely, her work may be over the computer (being an adult in the 1990s, 2k era, and now). Julie might be busy, but also restless and stressed at home sometimes. Her kids may sense that she’s very busy.

Julie is likely to be well-educated and she will instill intellectual values in her children. Education will be important to Julie. It’s likely she will have a library, a study, and all the latest technology within her home. Her home might have people in and out, creating social contact for her family members.

Julie might have her home set up where there’s space for studying, reading, and playing around with technology. She might have an office space or desks. She might have a game room. She will more than likely have plenty of games in her home. It’s likely she will buy her children their first video game. She might get interested in them herself. It’s likely she’ll have an entertainment center focused on developing the mind and the hands.

She might develop a family game night.

It’s likely Julie will move around a lot. In her earlier years, before she creates a family, it’s likely she might move from place to place, roommating with friends or even living in hotels. She might not be as stable. As she gets older, she may decide to make sudden moves due to a relocation of her job, which could impact her family. Stability would be a problem especially for her children. While Julie learned to adjust to changeable circumstances while she was younger (being from a family of divorce), her children may not adapt so well to the changes she implements.

She could be the only one traveling a lot, spending a lot of time away from the home.

It might not even be that drastic. She might just travel out of town for special events or functions sometimes on the weekends. If she brings her family with her, she could expose her family to a lot of new experiences and connections with different people. Her children may especially benefit from these connections.

If Julie remains single, she’ll likely not have a stable place to return to. She may have several homes or may live from hotel to hotel, no matter how much money she has.

Despite the fact that Julie will move around a lot, it will be difficult for her to move out of San Francisco, California and even harder to live outside of the USA! It’s likely she won’t live permanently too far from her country. If she were to move to a different state, she would think about home a lot. She would definitely travel to visit her home during the holidays, no matter the weather. If she couldn’t see her family or hometown, she’d be depressed.

As a young adult, she more than likely will not like staying on a campus or place too far from the homes she was was raised in. When she moves, she might think about her home growing up. Moving out for the first time might even make her depressed for awhile. It’s likely she’ll make trips to see her parents frequently.

As Julie gets older, Julie might find a greater interest in history. Julie has already shown herself to be interested in the history of her country (being interested in Little House on the Prairie books and enjoying making history on her Bicentennial adventure). It’s likely Julie will want to publish her own books focused on history or her country. She might do some work focused on history, her background or heritage, and maybe regarding her country.

Julie might also get involved with real estate or property matters. She might manage her own property. She might help run a family business (possibly her mother’s Gladrags shop). She might take on the financial part. It’s possible she will inherit the business, too. Her 10th house Virgo (which we’ll go over later) makes this highly likely.

Despite the fact Julie may have the latest technology in her home, Julie may have a hard time with change and new ideas. She might be attached to traditional values (even though she houses many progressive ideas). This may be difficult when her children want to step away from the family as they get older. There are some things about the next generation she just won’t understand or get. If her children are less family-oriented than she is, she really will disconnect from them mentally.

This position might also make it hard for her to understand her partner if they are from a different background from her. She may be used to certain traditions and may not want to let them go. Fortunately, having Saturn and Venus in Pisces in this same house, she’s had many old traditions broken and many new flexible traditions added in. She will feel the need to try to be as understanding as she can be. Still, she may have felt she lost so many traditions in her youth (Chiron in 4th house leaving scars), that she doesn’t want to experience any more change in her family. She may have a hard time committing to someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas or her favorite holidays, someone new to the USA and doesn’t have the same views on relationships and women’s roles, and people who don’t come from a similar family background. In her case, she won’t want to commit to someone who doesn’t understand the pressures that come from a hard family life (being from a family of divorce and having a mother who worked, among other things).

Observe Mercury’s sign and aspects.


House 5 Aries

The 5th house is the house of children. Julie will be very active with her children. Sometimes, she might like to play basketball or go bike riding with her kids. She might get into contests or competitions with her children. Hopefully, this competitive spirit doesn’t get out of hand. Her kids may be more successful than she is in her lifetime, and that may cause her to compete with her kids, too.

She may have one or more competitive children. Her child may challenge other students in school. It would be good if she gets a handle on this early so that it’s channeled in the right direction. One of Julie’s children (more than likely the oldest child) will be rather independent. She might have one or more children with a bad temper. She might have one of those angry children. Julie might feel like she’s always fighting with this one child or her children a lot. She might wrestle for fun or take up a karate course with one of her kids. But she might also argue with her teens or try to manage a wild child.

The 5th house rules pregnancy. It’s likely Julie may not initially want to conceive a child for fear of losing her independence. If Julie ever were to get pregnant, she wouldn’t want it to tie her down. But it can be a debilitating experience, even for active Julie. She may be rather irritated and more short-tempered than usual while pregnant.

This position might also make a her a pioneer in any artistic field she pursues.

The 5th house rules over love affairs too, especially the fun kind that doesn’t always promise commitment. This may be most evident in Julie’s teen and early 20s. Julie might be drawn to dangerous, spontaneous, courageous, and/or confident people. She will want to be thrilled romantically. She might still carry this romantic desire with her as she gets older, but more serious feelings might be added on to it from other areas of the chart.. In her teens and early 20s, she’s likely to fall for the bad boy (or bad girl) type. She might like someone rugged, straight-forward, and active. She will be wrapped up in people who know who they are and what they want in life. She will be drawn to the trail-blazing types.

Julie might be attracted to people with sports cars or an affinity with race car driving. She might be attracted to someone in the military or someone working with military personnel. She might be drawn to sports enthusiasts or athletes. She will be drawn to guys who are action heroes or a guy who enjoys action heroes. She may just be drawn to risk-takers or those who live life on the edge.

It’s likely she will be drawn to aggressive and competitive lovers. She should be careful of this. She could end up in some violent love affairs. She might end up fighting and arguing with her lover a lot. The end of this kind of relationship could be explosive.

She could be attracted to someone wearing armor, like a knight. But she might also be attracted to people who own weapons. She should take more caution in getting with people who can harm her.

She might enjoy play fighting or healthy competitions with her lovers. Her romance might seem a little rough and immature to some outsiders looking in. The affairs are usually passionate, and Julie may be quick to jump into these love affairs (despite her apprehension about creating a family), but her early love affairs will more than likely be very brief. Julie might seem all into someone for a long time. After awhile, she might be ready to date some new person (unless her partner is really exciting). Julie might be rather independent and may not want to settle in a serious relationship while young.

Observe Mars’s sign, house, and aspects.


Mars in Taurus

Most of Julie’s success in life will come through strategic planning and long-term goals. It may take Julie a long time to reach many of her goals in life. She may be impatient with this, at the same time, she’s very cautious herself when it comes to going for a goal.

The upside to this position is Julie will have the determination and endurance to continue fighting for her goals.

Julie will do well with physical labor. She might do well with farming or transforming materials into useful products. She could create works of art, build things, or work with her senses. She might not be the fastest worker in her field, but she usually lasts the longest. She can work on a project tirelessly for hours.

Julie might develop a goal of acquiring material possessions and stability in her life. Trying to maintain security will be her drive to get up and go to work in the morning. If it’s not money, she will need some other tangible benefit to motivate her to work. Julie will actively create a comfortable life for herself. She might neglect other aspects in her pursuit though, like her spirituality for example.

In love, Julie might be rather possessive of her partner. She will feel she “owns” her partner and that her partner is off-limits. Her jealous streak might be strong. Julie might hide it well and let it build up until it explodes.

As much as Julie might have an argumentative Mercury in Aries, this ruling energy will cut that down. Julie will not like arguing or solving differences through fights or competitions.

In a woman’s chart, Mars rules the kind of man she’s instantly attracted to in her mind. Basically, it’s the vision of her ideal. It’s her vision of masculinity.

If Julie becomes interested in men, Julie is likely to be drawn to men who are strong-willed, just like her. She will want someone sensual and down-to-earth, someone who enjoys pleasure. She’s drawn to someone who can relax and enjoy. She might want someone she can share a good meal and listen to her favorite music with. She will want someone patient, charming, and even-tempered. She might like when men wear cologne or speak softly to her. She will definitely want an affectionate partner. She wants someone who can provide stability and security.

She might attract men who are lazy, stubborn, and predictable.

Julie will be very straight-forward and conventional in love, but she will be loyal. She will expect the same of her partner.

Observe Mars’s house and aspects, as well as the ruling planet Venus’s sign, houses, and aspects.


Mars in 5th house

Julie’s adult life, just like her child life, will be full of activity. She will definitely be an outgoing teen and adult. Most of her energy will go towards recreation, fun, and promoting or expressing herself. Her life will be colorful, for sure.

Julie might be rather popular in high school and college (if she decides to go, which is likely). She will attend and throw all the parties (as mentioned before). She might be interested in flirting for fun. She might continue to play basketball in high school and she may play it in college, too. If not, she will attend all of her school games. She might throw sports parties at her home for her friends. She will spend a lot of fun times with her friends.

As Julie gets older, she will still enjoy the same things, only she should be careful of getting into gambling.

She should be careful not to get into drama with people during these events, as she’s likely to be pushy, aggressive, and more combative when in high-energy situations. No fighting in the club girl!

As an adult, Julie could become a coach, especially teaching elementary basketball teams. She might be a role model for other little girls who want to play basketball (she kind of already is within the American Girl line). Julie will be an active woman her whole life, which could keep her fit (She just has to be careful indulging in too many sweets having Sag Rising and Sun in Taurus XD).

Even if Julie settles down as a wife and mother, it’s not likely she will let it tie her down. She’s not likely going to like being just a “stay-at-home” mother. If she does stay at home all day, she will be restless and want to break away from her role a lot. She will like being active with her children. She will likely take her kids out to amusement parks or take them bike riding or play sports with them while her husband is at work.

Still, she could get irritable if all she does is keep house and tend to kids her whole life. She might pick up something creative to do while staying at home with her children.

She’s going to want to go out and do things. She’s going to need an outlet to express herself and her ideas, so she needs to be making a difference somewhere. Really, she probably won’t be so stable even at work. She will want to try many different creative things throughout her life. She should be careful not to be irresponsible with her work, skipping work for fun activities or quitting jobs that don’t offer the chance for her to have fun or be creative. Sometimes, she will have to do work she doesn’t like.

5th house is the house of love affairs. Generally, when she’s really in love or crushing hard, she will be rather shy (Venus in Pisces). However, there’s a side to her that will not be ashamed to flirt or express her loving feelings towards the person she’s interested in once she does finally confess to the person she likes. It’s likely in real love, she will be much shyer than when she’s just crushing on someone or thinking they’re cute or a lot of fun.

Despite that Venus conjunct Saturn placement, she’d probably have many love affairs. It’s likely she’d still have sudden attachments and then sudden break-ups in her relationships, especially as a teenager and young adult. This wouldn’t be her intention because her Mars is in Taurus. But she might not be too serious with any of them and might even just get with these people for the fun of it. More than likely, she’d go on many dates, but may not ever become an official partner to any of them. She might not see that dating is the same as marriage or that they are even linked. She should be careful of this because some people do feel dating is linked to marriage, that the point of dating is to find a stable partner.

Julie might be entirely too independent to be settled down after just one date. She won’t like partners who get clingy and possessive after one successful date.

When she likes someone, she might treat it like a game. She should be careful not to toy with people. She might not like rejection too much. It could make her angry.

Julie will be drawn to lovers that love to have a good time and socialize. If you’re taking her out on a date, it’d better be fun. She likes to be amused. More than likely, she’ll attend parties, amusement parks and centers, or sports games with a date.

The 5th house rules children. It’s likely Julie’s first child will be a boy or a girl who behaves like a typical boy (possibly inheriting Julie’s tomboy streak). This child might be energetic, hyperactive, courageous, and bold. The biology of the child is dependent on the male, so if she partners up with a male, he will probably have a strong male background (few sisters and female relatives).

She could have a child who is a Transgender male.

If she’s dating a woman sometime in her life, they might both agree to adopt a son or a very active girl first. If she does discover she has a different sexuality than what society is used to, she may not be comfortable fully coming out until far later in life. Though, having Mars in the 5th…She wouldn’t be ashamed either way. But life has a way of placing obstacles.

No matter what, the child will copy Julie’s active approach to life. They will like to have fun and they will be outgoing. They may get involved in sports and other physical activities.

Julie should be careful of being too strict or aggressive with her children, especially when her children anger or disappoint her. This doesn’t always mean she will physically abuse her children, but she might snap at them or discipline them in a harsh way. She might exhibit tough love sometimes. Rather than gently drying her child’s tears or letting them cry, she might tell them to suck it up. Having Moon in Libra and Venus in Pisces will soften this, as she will try to be as gentle as she can be usually. But when her children anger her, they will feel it. It’s likely she might get into aggressive arguments with her child as it gets older. The child is likely to be rather independent at an early age.

If she stays active with her children, it could channel both of their aggressive tendencies. She should be careful that her eruptive tendencies do not create a tense environment for her child. This is why it’s so important she stays away from alcohol and doesn’t deal with her child after drinking.

The 5th house rules over pregnancy. It’s highly likely Julie will remain active during her pregnancy. She won’t let any grass grow under her. However, she might be more aggressive when pregnant. She might feel impatient with the experience. She may decide not to conceive or may wait a long time to decide to do so because she doesn’t want to be tied down by her pregnancy. However, if she’s too reckless with herself, she could have unplanned pregnancies. Because Mars is in Taurus, it’s not likely, but it can happen.

As Julie gets older, it’s likely she’ll like taking risks in her career and personal life. She might try bungee jumping or skydiving one day! As long as these risks have limits, she will have a very fulfilling life worth envying. Of course, having Mars in Taurus might temper this a little. She’s a little more cautious than the average Mars…

Julie might have a lot of side hobbies that she flourishes. She might act on stage on the side. She might join art clubs or communities (as she gets older, maybe these communities will be online).

Observe Mars’s sign and aspects to get a fuller picture.


Mars trine uranus

Julie will need independence on her job and to choose her own career path. She may go into paths uncharted, but her recklessness could cause others to criticize her.

She will fight for whatever it is she’s passionate about and will be excellent at promoting herself and her projects, especially if they are unique or experimental. She will definitely be an eccentric leader.

She will definitely work hard and be successful in life, however she won’t be working a closed-up 9-to-5 job. She won’t like working under a strict person either. She will need some control over what she does.

Her biggest problem is she may wear herself out. She might take on too many activities and projects at once. She might lose interest in a lot of them quickly. Her other problem is she will want to do everything herself and have difficulty delegating responsibilities (though she needs to).

When Julie can tap into her sexiness, she will have a danger or risk factor about it that will challenge others. People will be drawn to this. However, she may find marriage and conventional romance limiting. She might not mind innocent flirting even when she’s in a relationship and may be drawn to a partner (especially if the partner is a man) that’s open-minded and experimental. She may be hard to pin down.


Mars trine pluto

Julie will have a strong determination, courage, and confidence. Julie will be charismatic and likely very attractive to people, especially to the opposite sex.

She will be heavily involved in social causes and will have strong influence on others. She will seek to change her life and the world around her. She will have strong leadership abilities and will leave her mark on the world in some way. Julie will be able to channel her unconcious sex appeal in every single business she goes into.

If Julie is interested in men, she will be drawn to men who are strong, confident, and sexy. She will want her romantic connections to have a deep and meaningful nature.


Sun in Taurus

Julie knows she’s a Taurus.

With this position, Julie will mostly spend her life in the pursuit of comfort and security. This will be what she basically needs her whole life to feel content, confident, and happy overall. She will be seeking to feed her confidence through what she owns, whether it be material goods or some other thing.

Julie will work hard her whole life just to maintain the stability she needs in life to feel esteem and self-worth. Julie will be focused on her goals.

It might take Julie a long time to get her life started down the path she wants it to go. This could mean she might be slow to get a job, develop a career, move out of her parents’ home, develop relationships, etc. She will reach these goals at her own pace. In fact, she will set her own goals rather than try to keep up with everyone else. She will be a strong person her whole life. It will be hard to push her where she doesn’t want to go.

Still, she might seem rather sluggish in comparison to her peers. Mostly, Julie will like to take it easy and may fear change. Leaving home is just another form of change. This is amplified by the fact she will love to be home with her family. Starting a job or a new job is another form of change. Julie will be loyal to every situation, creating stability in her life in some fashion, but she may stay in situations longer than she needs to. Despite the fact Julie will want to drop things if they aren’t offering her creativity or opportunities to express herself (Mars in Taurus), she might not be so hasty if her place of employment provides the stability she needs in life. She might be unhappy, but she will stick with it until she finds better. Even then, she would like to be in a place where she at least knows the routine.

The biggest issue with this stubborn and rooted streak is she might delay her own development in life or let life pass her by because she missed out on bigger and better opportunities.

Julie will only feel successful if she’s able to see tangible results and watch things multiply. As she saves her money and watches it grow, that will give her satisfaction. It’s likely she’ll be interested in job fields that require cultivation and promise increase.

Some careers she might typically find herself dealing with in life are finance, industry, production, something dealing with nature, farming, education, art, beauty, wellness, luxury, or her senses in general (like with catering or food). Art seems to be a strong leaning in her chart.

She won’t like to be in a profession that’s filled with urgency or risk. She is creative and down-to-earth. She’d be good at running her own business. This is also a very strong leaning in her chart.

Julie is likely to want to save up for rainy days and create a cushion for all areas of her life. She will create strategies to maintain stability in some part of her life, no matter how hectic it is in other aspects of her life. She is very organized, and could probably use this in whatever field she goes into.

This position shows Julie will have a connection with beauty. It’s likely she will try to surround herself with items that are comfortable and pleasing to look at. Her home will be a haven for most people visiting. She will like to relax after a hard day at work.

Julie is likely to grow up to be very attractive. Weight gain is likely as she gets older, but she will have curves in all the right places to most people and she will have a sweet face that will be hard to resist. It’s likely many people will like her.

The Sun rules over the husband or committed partner in a man’s chart, usually the one assumed to be the head of the household. Julie might more easily commit to someone she’s attracted to. She’s likely to want to marry for love, not just status or to escape a situation (though those might be added on as options).

She might be drawn to a husband that is dealing with finances, production of something, nature, art, beauty, wellness, luxury, or the senses. It’s likely her husband will be simple but produce a stable income for her and her family. She won’t want to marry someone who doesn’t have their finances in order. She’s also looking for mental and emotional stability, too. He might also be a Taurus or have a strong Venus leaning in his chart. This person would have to be like a rock the family can depend on. She will want someone who willingly gives more than they expect to receive. She will want someone easy-going, mild-tempered, and down-to-earth.

She wants someone faithful, thoughtful, and kind. She won’t care if her husband is filled with surprises, but she values appreciation and love. She might like a little romance in her committed relationship.

Despite her loving that high-energy love life with the 5th house being in Aries and Mars settled there too, it’s likely she won’t commit to any partner like that in the long run (unless she can find someone who has a little bit of both).

It’s likely Julie’s father will remarry or start dating sooner than even his wife. Julie may be quite possessive of her father and jealous of any women that come into his life. But if she’s nice and spoils Julie enough, Julie may like her (but have a hard time admitting it).

Observe the Sun’s house and aspects, as well as ruling planet Venus’s sign, house, and aspects.


Sun in 5th house

This is the placement that pushed Julie to develop athletic abilities (the Sun ruling the father and other male influences, that’s where she learned these abilities). This is also why she fought hard to be on the boys’ team.

It’s likely Julie will play sports, particularly basketball, in high school. This position also ensures Julie will be rather popular in high school. It’s likely she will be on many school activities. She will have school spirit! Julie will probably be better than most boys at sports which could earn the admiration of her peers but make some of the boys around her intimidated.

Julie will be a partier. I think I’ve emphasized this enough. Throughout high school, she will probably be at a party every weekend (and maybe after school on Friday). Her college life is likely to have partying in it. As she gets older, she may enjoy more sophisticated parties, but they are likely still going to be fun. She will throw the best birthdays for her children. Her own birthday parties will be on fire. Everyone will want holidays parties thrown at her house because she tends to bring them to life. She should be careful not to get too drunk during these events though. She might enjoy a game of cards and may enjoy bets. However, she should watch her tendency to bet more than she can deliver.

Julie’s own child is likely to be a very popular child. The likelihood her first child is male is very strong. And her son would be an Alpha male, really athletic with a strong ego. It’s likely he’ll like attention. If she has a girl, the girl will beat the boys at sports just like her mother. She might exhibit more dominant and strong traits. She will still be really popular. Julie will be very involved in her child’s life. In fact, her whole personal life will surround her children. They will motivate her choices in life.

This is if she has children at all though. This placement often makes individuals independent of children, especially if the Sun is in a fire sign. Sun in Taurus isn’t bad, but she might take her time changing her whole way of life with children. However, she may be very involved with her neighbors’ children, children at work, or her nieces and nephews or baby cousins.

If Julie were to have children, she would probably spend more time with them than her own partner. She might spoil her children, giving them most of her attention and affection. She would probably spend a lot of time playing with her kids.

While pregnant, Julie might seek the attention of her partner and family. She will definitely want a baby shower to honor her and the baby. She will give all of her attention to her child and try to make it into a celebration (despite her eagerness to have the baby born). She still may be independent and may want to live her life. It may be a challenge, but she will feel it’s important.

Julie will probably have a knack with performing. She may act in several school plays or get involved in talent shows. Career in the arts is likely with this placement. She might even work with children. She might spend much time having fun with children. Teaching is a possible profession or working with children in some way.

5th house rules the love life. Julie is likely to have the feeling of falling in love all the time, even if she doesn’t pursue these feelings seriously. She may just like being romanced.

The Sun rules the husband. Julie may commit to someone who is fun and romantic. She will settle with someone risk-taking. These qualities don’t always come from committal types though, so she may have a difficult time finding someone entertaining and loyal.

Julie’s father is likely to have many romantic affairs or dates with women. Julie may be introduced to all of his dates as she ages. He will have his fun.

The Sun’s sign and aspects should be observed.


Sun conjunct Mars

Julie will makes sure she asserts her identity. She will not let anyone tell her who she is or who she should be. She will decide her own life path and what makes her happy. People will know who she is in whatever field she gets into.

Julie will have a fast reaction to situations, so she would be good in jobs that require quick action, especially during emergency situations. She might train in combat as well.

Julie is driven and ambitious. She will get what she wants in life. Julie may find that people receive her as masculine and she may intimidate men.

Observe Sun and Mars’s signs, houses, and other aspects.


Sun trine Uranus

Julie will not have a problem with being different or unique, and this attitude will begin to really show itself in high school. She will definitely be interested in progressive projects and will want to be remembered for her originality. She has excellent leadership skills. She can take advantage of her talents without letting her ego take over.

Julie will definitely have a humanistic side, wanting to care and understand people as well as help them.

Observe Sun and Uranus’s sign, house, and other aspects.


Sun trine Pluto

Julie will have power over people without realizing. She will make an impact. This will be most evident in her career. She may be placed in positions of power in her career suddenly. She might take on a position of power willingly, but she may not realize how much this impacts others. More than likely, her power will be used for good. If Julie isn’t in a position of power, she will have many connections with people who are in power or with people who have power over people.

Whatever career she chooses, she will go to great lengths to research and master her chosen field.

Observe Sun and Pluto’s sign, houses, and other aspects to get the full picture.


House 6 Taurus

With Taurus on the 6th, weight gain is highly possible. These people have rich taste buds and love fine food. They eat for comfort and they are indulgent. This doesn’t always mean they eat junk or processed food. It’s likely Julie may be very concerned with eating natural and organic food. She just might eat a lot of it.

Mars in the 5th house will keep her life active enough where she won’t have to worry about lack of exercise, but she may get lazy sometimes. She might especially be a little lax on her daily chores. When she comes home from a hard day at work, her first instinct will be to get a snack and relax. It might be this way for her in high school. While Tracy is still in the house with her, she gets to share chores. Once Tracy moves out, many of the chores might fall on her, which she might not like too much as a teenager.

Julie may have a difficult time starting high school. She might have to get used to the routine. Eventually, she will master the routine, but she might be a little lazy with classwork and homework. She might pace herself or procrastinate until the end, which she won’t like because she hates to have to rush.

6th house rules the work we do (not necessarily the careers we build like in the 10th house). Julie is likely to work with raw materials. She might work at creating or constructing something like pottery, sculptures, buildings or small houses, and other crafts. She might work with design and style, like styling hair, fashion, make-up, among others. She might create her own bath and beauty products. She could work with relaxing the body teaching yoga classes, working to give massages, or as an aromatherapist. She might do some work with a farm or nature in some fashion. She might be a cook or chef or food assistant at one time. Her first job will be in a restaurant. She might work with money as a bank teller. This house can tell people a lot about our first job as well as how we adjust to our school routine.

Observe ruling planet Venus’s sign, house, and aspects.


House 7 Gemini

The 7th house rules our partner, normally the marriage partner. It’s who we work with and who comes to help us balance our lives. It’s not about love or emotional support. It’s simply the partner that can manage and work with the personality. The 7th house is opposite the Rising for this reason.

Because Julie will be humorous, jovial, expansive and broad, she will attract a witty, bright, intelligent, and clever partner. This person might be curious and talkative. The partner might seem like a brother to her or they might seem like best friends. They might be up with the latest trends: the latest technology, the latest styles, the latest music, and the latest social trends. They might be a writer of some sort. She might have a mental connection with her partner. Her partner is likely to be an entertaining conversationalist. Her partner might have some social connections with people. They might be youthful and sociable. The partner might be ambidextrous or they might work well with their hands (manual dexterity).

Her partner is likely to be someone she’s met in her immediate everyday environment, possibly someone from the neighborhood.

The partner might have two last names for some reason, which could be confusing.

Julie will want a partner she can talk to. She will want someone who can make conversation. She will want someone on her level mentally. She will like to have fun and want someone who is socially conscious like she is (know your public manners and what’s socially acceptable, aware of what’s going on in the world, etc).

She might be concerned about the last name of her partner, which might seem unusual to some people but is very noticeable to her.

The 7th house can rule the kind of partner Julie is looking for as well as the partners she attract. She must beware of attracting the negative qualities associated with Gemini into her life.

Julie might end up marrying a thief. She might attract partners that are fickle, tricky, and mean her no good. Her partner might be scattered and superficial. This partner may be good at gossiping or talking about her to other people. The partner may have issues with focus. It could be they lack mental focus or they have issues staying faithful (which will be bad for her Sun in Taurus personality). Julie might be swindled by her marriage partner.

While these qualities could come from the partner, Julie must make sure she isn’t the partner producing the negative qualities. She might end up swindling her partner. She might be fickle, tricky, and a cheater. She could have issues staying faithful. She might have multiple marriage partners or her partner will have had several marriages. Julie must be careful of airing her relationship issues out in public.

The 7th house can rule over business partners and anything legal.

Julie will likely have connections with many different people. Her business partners will be clever and intelligent. She will want to work with people who understand society and how it works. Her business partners might be talkative. Julie herself may communicate openly with her business partners. Her partner may seem like a sibling, even at work. Julie works well with bright, adaptable, and handy people.

She should be careful she doesn’t get with business partners who can talk such a good game they swindle her, steal from her, or trick her in some way. Her business partner might be superficial and gossipy too. This person might be scattered, hard to pin down, and unfocused.

12th house rules hidden enemies, while the 7th house rules over open enemies. Julie might have issues with thieves, tricksters, and high-strung children (especially if she’s working as a teacher) throughout her lifetime.

Julie might marry or do business with a partner that’s Mercurial or a Gemini.

Observe Mercury’s sign, house, and aspects.


Jupiter in Gemini

Julie will gain many benefits using her natural wit and curiosity. Julie is naturally social, and people naturally gravitate towards her. She’s likely to make many connections in life that lead her to the path she wants to follow. She’s versatile and adaptable. She can adjust to any circumstance.

She will have the ability to be open-minded and might have a love of learning. As the technology age fast approaches her in her adult years, she will adjust very well. She will be able to absorb and use it to her benefit. In fact, getting involved with technology could be something that brings opportunities to her. She might work through social media or with rising technology (the 3rd house Aquarius even makes hints towards this).

Julie will be filled with ideas that most people will find amazing. She will have success in broadcasting these ideas in writing, music, performing, teaching or taking care of children. Spoiler: It’s likely she’ll be back in the news based on some new idea she had. She may be involved in publishing, broadcasting, telecommunications or travel. She will definitely have some connections with media and the arts.

Her gift is the art of communication. This will get her far. She will gain many opportunities because she knows how to speak to others. She could pick up new languages quickly (and we saw how quickly she picked up sign language and Chinese). She would be good at teaching it to other people or traveling to foreign countries to do business. She might be good at multitasking, which could make her good with any secretarial responsibilities.

Her first weakness is a lack of focus. She might have too many opportunities. This might not seem like an issue, but the money may not be stable after a while. It’s a good thing Sun in Taurus is there to put the breaks on this scattered sign. Still, she should watch this tendency so it doesn’t affect that part of her Sun life (which is so important for overall contentment). To ease this energy, she should head towards stable fields that offer a lot of variety.

Her other weakness is neglecting the emotional and physical needs of herself and others (especially her partner). She might be too busy with her own activities, she forgets to tend to her intimate and personal life.

Her last weakness will be her issue with not knowing how to shut down. She may get information overload. Eventually, as she gets more technology in her home, it may become even more of a challenge. She will have issues seeing the big picture, taking a step back, and looking at life outside of her smartphone.

Taking a walk in her neighborhood and actually chatting with people could lead to luck. It already had in her youth! As she gets older, she should continue to do this and not let work or technology absorb her.

Her cousins and siblings might become good friends and allies of hers as she gets older. They might bring her luck and opportunities as well.

Observe Jupiter’s house and aspects, as well as ruling planet Mercury’s sign, house, and aspects.


Jupiter in 7th house

This is a great placement. All the negative I just listed about Gemini on the 7th house cusp might not happen because of this. Or Julie might end up with the benefits or unscathed by any negativity in the end.

This placement can make the dream of a wonderful marriage a reality. Julie might also have successful business relationships with this placement.

One marriage in Julie’s life is likely, even if she’s hesitant to start a family (Saturn and Chiron in the 4th house). If she doesn’t marry, she will likely be in a committed relationship at least once. With Jupiter being the planet of expansion, Julie might have multiple partners (especially because it’s in Gemini). If Julie isn’t the one with multiple partners, she might have a partner who has had many partners. Or she might have a partner who seems to have a lot of personality.

It’s likely Julie will get with someone who is funny, kind, and helps Julie out a lot. Her partner will give her a lot of benefits (being in Gemini, she will gain many connections from this union). The partner might be religious or philosophical. The partner might also be from a different culture or country background (possibly with some attachments to the USA, considering Venus is in the 4th). Perhaps the partner will be from a family of immigrants, but was raised in the USA. They might be of a different race though! By Julie’s time as an adult, this will just be starting to become a possibility.

The partner might be a teacher, guru, or mentor of some sort. They might inspire Julie. The person might be good and compassionate, which will motivate Julie to look at the world in a broad way, too.

If Julie were to get married, it’s likely she will plan a very fantastic wedding. It is likely to be joyful. The partner might be religious or philosophical, so there may be some deep meaning present in the wedding atmosphere, just the way Julie likes. Julie just has to be careful spending too much money on a wedding. And if she doesn’t have a stable relationship, she should be careful getting married too many times. It’s likely she’ll be stable mostly in her committed relationship though.

Julie will have super diplomatic skills. She will be good at negotiating. Really, she could have gifts working in the legal system or lobbying. If not, she will be good at defending herself, even making friends of her enemies. She will gain a lot through contracts and legal affairs. If she does ever get divorced, it’s likely she will come out on top. In fact, she and her partner might still be on good terms with no issues after it all.

Observe Jupiter’s sign and aspects.


Jupiter Square Saturn

Throughout life, Julie’s faith and optimism will be tested in life by other people and circumstances. A sense of responsibility may prevent Julie from fully expressing her creativity. It could be that her creativity becomes intertwined with her career, which actually puts pressure on Julie rather than allows inspiration to flow naturally.

Julie may have issues with her self-esteem. This may come from issues with her parents. Any criticism she may have received from parents or teachers will have impacted her negatively.

The plus side is these hard experiences will actually make Julie more successful in any career she chooses. Her career will involve her beliefs and morals in some way. She would like to have a positive and practical impact on society. Julie will work hard to make a difference in the world, which will earn her respect-but also criticism. Part of the problem is that when things go well, she might build a strong ego, may be extravagant, and have surges of hope and faith. But hurdles do come, and when they do, she’s going lack confidence, discipline herself, and give in to bouts of pessimism.

Julie will have to work hard and find practical ways to express her creativity and beliefs. She will always be striving to improve herself and she will expect a lot from herself. Her challenge will be to stick with her beliefs, stand her moral ground, and keep her hopes up despite negative feedback. There will be controversy and criticism surrounding Julie, but her hard work will eventually pay off with wealth and an abundance of many opportunities.

Observe Jupiter and Saturn’s signs, houses, and other aspects.


House 8 Cancer

With this position, it’s likely Julie will inherit her mother’s business (as well as her mother’s debts). She will definitely take on the family trade of selling art and may even inherit the apartment her mother lives in. She might receive all of her mother’s trinkets.

The 8th house does rule over sex, and ultimately that influences pregnancy. Julie might be shy when dealing with sexual matters, so it’s likely she’s not going to have children quickly. However, if she has a good marriage partner and feels like she’s secure and in love, she might have many children (that’s if she’s heterosexual). It’s likely she will not like sharing her sexuality with others, but may feel the need to defend her sexual preferences all the time.

The 8th house rules touchy subjects like death. As Julie’s parents age, she will definitely be the one caring for them. If any of them should pass away, she will be broken because she would have spent so much time caring for them. At the same time, the memories would make her stronger every day.

The 8th house rules the legacy we leave in this world. Julie is likely to leave a legacy among women. Whatever she does in life will impact all the women around her. She’s already doing that within the American Girl brand. She might also be known as being gentle and sympathetic. She should be careful of being known as someone who nagged, clung on to people and things, or as someone who was tempramental.

Observe ruling luminary Moon’s sign, house, and aspects to get a full picture.


House 9 Leo

It’s likely Julie will actively demonstrate her stance on her moral and ethical beliefs. She might be famous for them even.

Julie might have extravagant beliefs on how she should live her life. It’s likely she’ll want to live life to the fullest. Much in her chart shows she will have a colorful life.

The writer Amy wanted to know if Julie ever cultivates a religion. If Julie ever were to cultivate a religious beliefs system, it would have to be a religion that supports generosity and benevolence, but she might be arrogant and domineering pushing people to believe as she does.

In college, Julie might study drama or something performance related. She might definitely study art. It’s possible she will also study to be a leader of some sort.

Observe the luminary Sun’s sign, house, and aspects to get the full picture.


Uranus in Virgo

This is a generational planet and it affects all the people born within Julie’s time. The writer Amy called them Generation X: The Divorce Generation.

This planet represents one part of the generational influence though.

Uranus is the planet of sudden change mostly in ideas and attitudes. It seeks to break us away from old molds of thinking and forces us to find innovative ways to solve life’s unexpected difficulties.

Julie was born and growing up while the workforce, technology, and health was changing. When Julie was growing up, women were entering the workforce at rapid speeds along with other former disenfranchised people. Duties, responsibilities, and attitudes towards daily living was changing. People were making complete lifestyle changes. Technology was growing, expanding everyone’s mind, including Julie’s. When Julie was growing up, people were more aware of the environment and how it impacts health (as we read in her story).

As Julie ages, these changes won’t stop for her, but she will become an active participant in making these changes around her. As she gets older, there may be sudden changes to the workforce whether it’s the working culture or the availability of jobs. There may be a shift on what becomes a job as old jobs no longer exist and new jobs are invented.

Julie herself might seek to make changes on her own jobs (just like she made changes at school). She may want to improve the environment for women like herself. She may improve working conditions in some way. She may be the sign of change in her job. Possibly she may be the only woman in her field or something like that. She might create her own jobs.

It’s likely Julie will embrace the latest technology, and she might have some ideas of her own on how to make things more efficient around her (just like everyone else in her generation). She might be quite mechanical.

Julie might adapt new ways of taking care of her health, like a new diet and exercise routine. She might try being a vegetarian or vegan at some point in her life. She might make sudden changes to her own lifestyle so that she can become healthier. She has to be careful of popping a pill in her mouth everytime she feels sick. This generation will be more open to medications, but pills aren’t always the best way to heal serious cases.

On the other hand, Julie’s generation may try more natural ways of healing themselves with herbs, supplements, and such. They should still watch that they go to an expert for a regular check-up. Julie is likely to get into this herself, seeing as she’s such a natural person (6th house Taurus).

By Julie’s time, there will be more advanced ways to keep clean and tend to one’s hygiene than in other American Girls’ times. Julie may be more educated and knowledgeable about herself and her body.

This generation has been making changes around them. They have issued bans on smoking, encouraged Yoga and pilates and going to the gym, and focused on organic food. Julie may support these changes in some way.

The downside to this placement is that Julie may not be able to keep a steady job. She may feel she can’t retire from one form of work (the whole generation might be experiencing this). She might seem to hop from job to job. Possibly, she stays in one building or profession, but her duties and responsibilities always seem to change. This may push her to find innovative ways to gain the stability she desires from a job.

They might not get along with authority figures at school or at their place of employment because they don’t follow the rules. Julie already has shown to have that happening in her elementary school. It’s likely this will happen in high school and when she becomes an adult. Julie will not fall in line and let her job control her.

There are also changes to her responsibilities and duties in life in general. Women’s roles in the home, at work, and in society at large will be changing, and that will impact Julie. She may seek to change women’s roles in society. If anything, everyone’s attitudes about duties and responsibilities will change because the world will change their attitudes. Things will happen suddenly that force them to change up what they’ve been doing for generations.

Julie may also feel like she’s always experiencing sudden changes to her health. She may feel like she discovers new things about her body. The whole generation may experience this to a certain degree. This is partially why the generation eventually finds new ways to tackle their health.

Julie might have a career in business. Julie might hold corporate jobs, which would promise financial success. She could be a CEO in any field she desires to get into. She could have a career in politics or with the public in some fashion. She could be an engineer or teacher. She might study science and history, as well as health and the environment (especially in college, considering Uranus is in the 9th).

Alternative lifestyles might appeal to her. It’s likely she will be a saver and will try to save and reuse items in new ways rather than spend a whole lot of money on new and useless stuff.

Uranus in Virgo can come out in two ways. Along with her generation, Julie could seek to change society to become more “pure” in her eyes or she could change the ideas of what society think is pure and create a new meaning behind it. In either way, she’s going to be dealing with perfections and imperfections. If she wants society to be more perfect, she will be fighting a losing battle. But her efforts might be to get society as efficient, healthy, and clean as it can be, which wouldn’t be all bad. If she wants to change people’s ideas of perfection, she may have more success in the Age of Aquarius. If we once thought a person wearing tattoos was a sign of that person’s imperfection, Uranus in Virgos will make it more pure in our minds by providing an alternative way of thinking about it!

Observe Uranus’s house and aspects, as well as ruling planet Mercury’s sign, house and aspects.


Uranus in 9th house

This placement is why it’s hard to fathom Julie’s religious beliefs exactly. Really, as Julie grows older, she will seek out her own truth, breaking away from religious dogma she’s been told her whole life. It’s likely she won’t follow a religious path established by her parents or society as a whole. She might adapt a counter religion. She may become agnostic or atheist. She might have a new view of Christianity. Regardless, she will need to be free to find the truth for herself and won’t have anyone shove their religion down her throat. It’s likely she won’t attend the church of her grandparents and parents.

This is probably why she shows an interest in astrology. It’s something new. It’s likely she will try to gain more knowledge on it as she gets older. She might change her religious beliefs suddenly and constantly throughout her life.

She also won’t end her education with her teachers, especially in college. She will not always think the professors are right and will search for changes and flaws in the information she’s taught. She will not be easily brainwashed. She may not think college is the only way to get a higher education and may seek other forms of higher education or other ways of getting the knowledge she desires. Unfortunately, the downside is that she may never finish college fully or it may be delayed in favor of an alternative. Her chart shows she’s likely to attend University, but it doesn’t show she’s likely to finish. If she studies something dealing with technology or advancement, she might be more successful at school. As she gets older, the advancement of technology may make it easier for her to finish school. She might study online at her own pace and time.

If Julie ever were to become a teacher, she would have a unique and unconventional approach to teaching.

She might have her own innovative thoughts on philosophy and spirituality that she might publish one day. She might even have them published online!

Julie will definitely have a philosophy of the ultimate utopian and altruistic society. She is definitely going to be involved in social reforms. She will definitely be a philosophical preacher and teacher in the social movements she follows and organizes. She has the potential to be quite radical though. She doesn’t have too many bad aspects, so she might be able to make progress. But this doesn’t make her immune to thinking all old or conservative patterns should be done away with (especially if she doesn’t offer structured alternatives in place of what she wants to change).

Julie might likely get many unexpected opportunities to travel. Her aspects don’t seem too bad, so she probably won’t meet too many disasters in her traveling. Still, it’d be best for her to stay away from countries filled with mass movements and political unrest.

Julie may decide to travel suddenly, which could make adventures exciting but chaotic and dangerous. She should at least prepare a little for these voyages or she will cause herself unnecessary stress for herself (and others with her). But she’s not likely to turn down a trip if she’s offered one.

Uranus conjunct Pluto

There’s a single concentrated rebellious urge from this generation, and Julie may carry it with her. Because both are in Virgo, it may come out in quiet ways, but it will be there nonetheless. There will be some power struggles due to the power structures in place. These people will be aiming to get rid of those in power and establish a more liberating and progressive alternative.

This need to rebel for freedom could affect every part of her adult life, at work, in her daily life, in her family, and in her relationships. Julie will not allow anyone to control or dominate her. She will not like being spoken down to. This is the generation that’s building a collaborative work environment as opposed to a boss-servant structure that was once in place.

Observe Uranus and Pluto’s signs, houses, and other aspects to get the full picture.


Pluto in Virgo

Pluto is a planet of change like Uranus. However, Uranus is open, unexpected, and swift. Pluto is lying beneath the surface, only those who have been paying attention are aware of the changes, but the after effects last a lifetime. Pluto becomes more realized after tragedies and hardships more than anything.

Pluto is another generational planet, so it will affect Julie’s whole generation.

When Julie was growing up, there were drastic changes in the workplace. Some of these changes brought power struggles. Many movements pushing for equal rights in Julie’s youth brought tremendous opportunities to people of many backgrounds. This allowed people of many different backgrounds to enter into workplaces together. By the time Julie is an adult, this will be a norm. In fact, there will continue to be many different people of many more different backgrounds than when she was growing up.

Julie could use her power to influence her workplace. She could work in a position of power. She could use her power to make important changes in her workplace. Julie may find her workplace is changing, but she may also see the destruction of old work systems. Because more people are able to apply for jobs, the competition will be fiercer. New ideas from these communities of different people will change the working culture. People who once had a job may suddenly find themselves being “cut”. Throughout life, she may find new structures in the workforce that need to be torn down. Her life may be focused on these issues.

These rights movements didn’t just impact work. They impacted daily routines. People could go to the same stores, schools, neighborhoods, no matter their background. The common man was on par with the higher man. As Julie gets older, she will see a diverse range of people mingling with her in her daily life. She will receive services from many different kinds of people.

Her own daily routines will change, especially thanks to technology and the fact that the workplace will allow women like Julie more opportunities.

Machines were also being built and sending the hope to change the world while Julie was a child. Julie may have been surrounded by that thought of computers or robots taking care of daily tasks and far more efficiently than humans. Eventually, Julie will begin to see technology take over her world. Her generation of people will be the main ones seeking to make technology more powerful than it was before.

She will see how powerful technology is, how it can make things operate at a faster pace and with more precision. She will definitely have technology in her home and at work. She will probably have a hand in inventing the most powerful technology in the world, whether with computers, cell phones, or video game consoles.

At the same time, she may watch technology, even the ones she have invented, destroy people’s jobs (because it will do the jobs humans once did and be the main problem solver in society) and she will watch technology take away simple daily natural pleasures. This could both excite her and scare her. As she watches her kids grow, she may observe them getting addicted to technology.  While she may see its power, she may also feel people don’t get out and exercise or take the time to tend to the daily necessities. She may feel people miss the little things going on around them. She may see the unhealthy ways technology is impacting society.

Regardless of how technology impacts society, Julie may be able to discover her own power through technology and mechanics.

There may be tremendous breakthroughs in medicine and health. New vaccines and new pills to take. Birth control will not be as stigmatized by the time Julie is an adult, which could actually impact Julie. People will be able to live much longer than former generations. Julie’s generation will be able to see the importance of health, diet, and exercise and how it allows the body to live longer.

However, along with new medicine, there will be more diseases and accidents with medicine.

Julie might continue to use her influence to improve people’s health as well as the environment.

Pluto does rule sex, and while Pluto was in Virgo, Julie and her generation will begin to be educated on sexually transmitted diseases by the time they are young adults. They may be more aware of this and may seek to find cures or seek to curb it somehow in their own personal lives. This may cause women like Julie to be more particular or fussy about their sexual partners (which curbs unwanted pregnancies).

While Pluto can make you fear things, it can cause obsessions. It’s likely Julie will obsess over perfecting everything. She might obsess over details. She might seem obsessed with her work, her health, and technology (especially as it advances to become more efficient). She might seem obsessed with routine.

Julie might find power in careers that deal with technology, health, and science. Those will be the big-ticket careers when she’s an adult. Chances are people in those fields will be making most of the money, so Julie might jump into these fields or encourage many of her kids to get into those fields because she didn’t (though the big-ticket careers might start changing once her kids become adults).

Observe Pluto house and aspects, as well as ruling planet Mercury’s sign, house, and aspects.


Pluto in 9th house

Julie will definitely have the power to influence people with this position. We’ve seen it when she was a child. Imagine her influence when she becomes an adult!

Deeper sciences might fascinate Julie. She might be interested in studying somethin like molecular biology and nuclear physics in college. She might study trends and patterns, possibly the psychology of society and how people are thinking, as well as how that’s impacting the way the world works. She might publish psychology books one day. She could be a very deep and thought-provoking teacher. She may become obsessed with learning all the deep stuff.

This position also leans towards being radical about beliefs. Julie has to be careful of being dogmatic about her powerful beliefs. It’s likely her ideas will change the world, but shoving it down others’ throats could cause wars.

As Julie gets older, she may go on one life-changing journey to another location, possibly a foreign country. She might live in a foreign country for some time and it will have an impact on her. It’s likely Julie won’t have many opportunities to travel out of the country while she’s young (despite the fact her father is a pilot), but she may have a longing desire to do so. She may become obsessed with traveling as she gets older.

There is a strong likelihood Julie will be interested in politics and law. Julie will want to influence people of her ideas. Julie will fight for her ideas and she may be set on proving the world that she knows what she’s talking about. However, in these positions she will have to be careful of making it more about control than helping people.

If she translates this energy well, she might seek to transform society. She might study many deep philosophy books that give her the inspiration to change society.


House 10 Virgo

The 10th house is the house of careers, occupation, profession, and public reputations. It’s likely Julie will go into a field where she can use her mechanical abilities and eye for details. She might be quite good at perfecting the public image itself. No matter the job, she could be a good publicist or publicity agent. She might become a professional critic. She might learn and make use of her professional skills. It’s likely she may become an efficient typist, may learn to organize files, and she may use updated software in her profession.

She might be an efficiency expert. She might become a professional organizer. This could mean she might organize people’s lives for a living. She might be a secretary, home-improvement expert, or wedding planner. Regardless, she will be able to put her efficiency to use in whatever career she goes into.

She might develop a career dealing with medicine. There’s a leaning in her chart toward health. It’s likely she will do business with health-related fields. She might develop a career dealing with exercise, diet, or even cleaning the environment.

Julie may be well known publicly for doing everything perfectly. This might be because of her own cleverness. Julie may work hard to make anything she does come across effortless to others. She will want to provide the best and easiest services for people. She might desire to be seen as “perfect” in whatever career she chooses. She may not like anyone doubting her work.

She will not like being criticized at work and she won’t like anyone criticizing her career choices, whatever they may be. Her career choices may not be something she developed largely, and most people may think it’s more like a job than a career. She may turn her regular job into a career.

Julie may always be concerned about her work. Her work will influence her reputation. However, she should be careful that her work doesn’t negatively impact her health. She might be concerned about that. It’s likely she will want to be fit and healthy for work and won’t know how to sit down and be sick when she really is.

People in her career will know her routine quite well. Her career might require a lot of practice to master the skills, so she will be respected for getting as far as she did. She won’t get where she wants to go easily. It’s likely she will have to work hard, in very humbling positions, to get where she wants to go in her career. She might start at the very bottom in her chosen career.

Despite this, Julie has high expectations for herself. It’s important for her to choose the “right” career, which could be the right career for her or a career most people would acknowledge as a real career. She will develop all the skills she needs to become successful. She will be adaptable and do whatever she can do just to get her start with the company she wants to work for. This humble attitude and willingness to work hard will get her far. By becoming more efficient (and organized), she will be able to climb in her position and reputation in her career.

No matter how high Julie climbs up the ladder, it’s likely she’ll remain humble and never forget how hard she worked to get to the top. She will never think she got there by sheer luck and natural talent. She will remember how much she had to learn, and she will carry that with her if she ever gets into a position as an authority member.

10th house rules the other parent, usually the father. But it can also be the mother if she plays both roles. Julie might encourage her children to work hard and that nothing in life comes easy.

Observe Mercury’s sign, house, and aspects to get the full picture.


Moon in Libra

The Moon energy is the energy of the mother. It shows us about Julie’s own mother and the kind of mother she will be.

It’s likely Julie’s own mother wouldn’t have been single for long and may have developed a relationship with someone as Julie got older. Julie might have conflicting feelings about it. Generally, Julie will try to be a good kid, but she may feel unsure about a whole new family.

Julie will be a very “Libran” mother. She will be romantic, sensitive, and sweet. She will try to be positive and tender with her children. It’s likely Julie will try to make love and affection a natural part of her nurturing process. She will be the diplomatic and calm one in the family, trying to smooth over her kids’ arguments and negotiating with them. Hopefully, she doesn’t get into bribing them. It’s likely she will try to be fair.

Julie will inherit good manners from her mother and may seek to pass it on to her own children. She will teach her children to think about others before themselves.

The Moon also tells us how a woman will be as a wife. It’s likely Julie’s marriage will be a priority. She will be a very dedicated wife. But it’s likely if there are issues in Julie’s marriage, it will affect her children (just like her parents’ marriage affected her). However, most of the time she will love to be in love with her partner. She likely will believe commitment should be about love. Julie will want a partner that has a mental and intellectual connection with her.

She will compromise with her partner in many aspects, sometimes compromising her own wants, needs, and desires. She should be careful not to lose herself in her relationships.

It’s likely Julie will seek a partnership early in life. She won’t like living alone, for sure (we read about this in her first Volume). However, she may not necessarily need a romantic partner. She may consume her life with her business partners or friends. Slumber parties at her house are likely well into her young adult years.  She might throw a lot of parties within her home just so she won’t feel alone. In college, she will want the experience of having a roommate, possibly have an idealistic view of the experience. After college, she’s likely to roommate with someone else rather than live alone.

Despite Julie’s desire to keep everything in her life balanced, she may have insecurities which could affect her career and personal life (family, health, relationships, etc). She will have a problem in seeing the flaw in everything around her. Because she seeks balance, beauty, and harmony, she will notice when it isn’t there. Though she may have the intention of being diplomatic, she may get into debates or arguments with her partner and will seek to win. She will grill her partner and always seek to have the last word.

Julie will develop a few skills from this position. We already know she will have artistic abilities, which she may make a career out of. We also have seen that she could be an excellent negotiator. Julie will also be good at bringing people together for events or parties, which she will host. She’d make an excellent hostess. She might be good at planning events and she will have the artistic flair for decorating. Her only problem is she may delegate the actual “work” to her supporters. She’s better at planning than taking action.

Julie may also develop the skill of changing her personality to fit the people she’s around, which could work in her favor if she’s working with the public. This allows her to make anyone feel comfortable around her, though it may confuse others. Julie will be able to put on a poker face even when her emotions are see-sawing (as it often will). She can remain even-tempered despite her rocking feelings.

Libra is an air sign, and this position has shown a serious connection with the air. Julie might enjoy skydiving, parachuting, or riding in an airplane (considering her dad is a pilot). She might get into a profession that involves the air in some way.

Moon rules the home. It’s likely Julie will REALLY love luxury and comfort. Her Sun in Taurus will desire the physical comforts, while her Moon in Libra will like to have many things in the home for others to admire. She will have very artistic taste. It’s likely Julie will keep a beautiful home (even if it’s messy sometimes because of her hectic schedule). Julie will definitely bring her decorating skills to her home, which is doubly evident by her Venus in the 4th house. She may promote her art through her home.

Julie will love her family and home, even if others can’t see it.

The Moon rules over the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Julie will try not to let those things pressure her and may remain positive and cheerful throughout the ordeals. However, inside she may feel more ups and downs. She will probably be more indecisive when menstruating or pregnant. She will need a very peaceful and pleasant environment to feel at ease during her womanly days.

Observe the Moon’s house and aspects, as well as ruling planet Venus’s sign, house, and aspects.

“Everyday after school now, Julie came home to an empty house…Three whole days of school had passed, and Julie had settled into a routine. A boring, lonely routine.”The Big Break: A Julie Classic 1


Moon in 10th house

With this placement, Julie will likely have a pretty good public image, but her sensitivity will make her very concerned about her public image and concerned with how she’s perceived. It’s also likely that her fame and image will fluctuate and change like the phases of the Moon.

Throughout life, she will have to learn that others’ opinions of her don’t matter all the time.

This placement is for women. The Moon is in the 10th house, showing that Julie is likely to be in a position of authority in her career. She could be in a very “woman-defined” career and may gain some temporary fame. Even if she’s not famous, she’s likely to have some influence over the masses in some way.

As a mother, just like her own mother, Julie will be a strong person. It’s likely she will be away from home a lot due to her career, just like her own mother. Julie isn’t likely to be a stay-at-home mom. She may deal with the public in some way, and so she might have a reputation to uphold. Julie could put her family in a high position in life, which would put all eyes on her and her family. Her parenting may come under scrutiny if she makes the wrong move. This will not only impact Julie but it could impact her children if she lets it.

Julie’s father likely played a more nurturing role in Julie’s life (acting as both dad and mom after the divorce). However, it’s likely he will want a nurturing figure around for Julie. Still, he might be “married” to his career, even if he does end up actually dating or marrying another woman. It’s likely other women may have problems with his attachment to his job. He might be away from home a lot too.

Julie will be rather attached to her father, so if he remarries, she might take it hard.

This position is very positive for an audience, especially for politicians. This placement is good for artists, like everything else in Julie’s chart. She could also get into the performing arts.

Overall, though, Moon is a changeable luminary. It can bring changes to Julie’s career constantly. Thus, her income and success will fluctuate. Even if she were to be stable, her position or activities may change within that same career. Her profession will be highly dependent on current trends or other influences from the public or masses. Even Julie’s own efforts might not feel like enough. Or at times, things may seem to fall in her lap effortlessly. In her case, working hard won’t always mean success or failure. The odds will not depend on how hard she works. This could be frustrating at times because it may seem no matter how hard she works, she still can’t reach any success. At the same time, sometimes she may feel she got success out of the blue without even trying. It will all depend on how receptive her audience is to her.

This position (like others in Julie’s chart) indicates that she might inherit a family business.

Julie herself may start a family business, possibly a restaurant chain, and pass it on to her family. Food and cooking could become a profession of Julie’s.

An occupation connected with women is likely. She may work with a lot of women or work for women. Women may be key in getting her opportunities and helping her build her career and career path.

Julie may go into a nurturing career path like nursing, childcare, hotel management, stewardess, and generally anything that involves offering services or taking care of others.

Julie will be emotionally connected with her work. When she’s successful, she will feel greatly attached to them and may hold them as fond memories. But she may take failures personally and may get her feelings hurt. Julie would have to watch letting her emotions affect her public image. While she may generally be a natural in front of a camera, she may wear her feelings on her sleeve in public, causing people to catch her in her worst emotional state. She has to learn the balance of separating her feelings from her business. Nursing hurt feelings at work may interfere with her doing her job.

Another issue she might have is making business decisions based off of intuition rather than logic. This may be the cause of her changeable success.

If she’s a boss, she might only hire people based on the vibes they give her or based on how well she knows the person, which could make the business environment like family but also political. Just because someone is familiar doesn’t mean they will be an effective worker.

Observe Moon’s sign and aspects to get the full picture.


Loose: Moon Square Jupiter

Julie will be relatively outgoing and popular her whole life, in high school and after she graduates. She is likely to attract many people, which can draw many suitors. Potential love interests might feel intimidated because of all of the people she draws to her, which can make relationships difficult. In the first place, commitment is a challenge for her. She might not necessarily cheat, but she may have a hard time calling herself a girlfriend or getting married. She might act as the “Runaway Bride”.

Her ups and downs in mood as well as a lack of self-control can cause Julie to have rocky relationships, too.

Julie will have a high public profile, so when Julie has her hard times, gets embarrassed, or falls from grace, it will be a hard crash to the bottom. Everyone will know about it.

She will have to learn to curb her extravagant nature. Julie may appear glamorous and confident, but need some moderation. She will have no need to keep up a glamorous appearance other than to make herself happy.

Charity work is highly possible with this energy.

This energy can dampen all ambitious energies within this chart. It can cause irresponsibility. Julie could throw away all she’s worked for due to excessive behavior. She must tackle this energy to truly benefit from her hard work in the best way possible.

Observe Moon and Jupiter’s signs, houses, and other aspects to get a full picture.


House 11 Libra

The 11th house might reveal some of the clubs she might join in high school and college. These clubs may help her reach some of her goals in life.

Julie might involve herself in student council in high school or debate club. She might be involved with altruistic work. She might join a club for “beautiful” or fashionable people. She might join an art club. She might be associated with a group or clique that’s mannerable, poised, and tactful.

As Julie gets older, she might involve herself with political organizations, humanitarian organizations, fashion or beauty organizations, peace organizations, law organizations, or art organizations. Julie will want to join movements that promote equality and fairness. All of these organizations will align with some of her long-term goals.

As Libra rules relationships, Julie might marry or commit to a friend. If not, she might treat her best friend like a marriage partner (Ivy XD).

As Julie grows older, she will obviously be able to make new friends and acquaintances. Many of her acquaintances will be of a refined, pleasant, and artistic class. She might make friends with some lawyers (which could help her with any legal dispute she gets into in life). She might have some friends in the fashion and beauty industry, which could connect her with the latest trends.

Julie might have a side to her that’s drawn to the popular life (as we’ve seen over and over again in her chart). She may have somewhat of a desire to be apart of the in crowd. Actually, we saw this subtly in her story. She must be careful of phony or fake friends. Basically, friends who are only there for her superficially, but will leave her as soon as her social prestige drops. She should be careful not to hurt her real friends (Ivy, TJ, and Joy) in order to fit in.

At the same time, Julie may find her friends to be too passive to stand up for her and with her when she’s fighting for a cause she believes in.

As Julie grows older, she may have a more difficult time balancing her love life or marriage life with her friendships. As Julie grows older, she and her friends might all be on the same level as Julie. If not, Julie will still treat them like her equals. Even though Julie’s best friend is Ivy, it’s likely she won’t treat her better than TJ, Joy, and any other friends she meets on her life journey. At the same time, she will try to give each friend one on one attention, which can be taxing because she may have many friends.

There may be times when Julie is indifferent towards her friends, despite treating her friends equally. Generally, she may get to the point she doesn’t really care what her friends are doing with their lives. There may be a brief distance between them. Julie may have a moment when she appears stuck up or unconcerned with her old friends. Eventually, Julie will bounce back from this attitude.

It’s likely Julie, Ivy, and Joy may bond over fashion. They might be quite the fashionistas in high school and still fashionable as adults. It’s likely Ivy, Joy, or TJ will be a lawyer or in the beauty industry. Her friends may end up in high social positions themselves.

Observe ruling planet Venus’s sign, house, and aspects to get a fuller picture.


House 12 Scorpio

The 12 house deals with really deep, hidden, and unconscious matters.

As Julie gets older, she may deal with inmates, the severely sick, or those institutionalized. These experiences might transform her. She might become committed to healing and transforming the world. She will be heavily involved in charity work.

Julie may encounter some truly dangerous secret enemies.

Julie will have a secret and hidden magnetic and sexy energy. It’s likely others may see it, but she doesn’t. Or Julie might have a secret sex life no one knows about. These enemies might be attracted to this sexual energy within her. They may not do anything physically to her, but they may make crude jokes about her and those jokes might be of a sexual nature. They might seek to expose this sexual energy as a scandal. She may not know where they are coming from.

Julie might attract these secret enemies because of her extremist views. Julie will be quite radical in the way she approaches her beliefs.

Julie may suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related issues because of nightmares that deal with her dying or in danger. She might be paranoid.

As she grows older, she must master her paranoia and extremism so it doesn’t destroy her. She must also master her own sexual energies and take full control of who she sleeps around with. Fortunately, Julie has some strong committal energies. It’s likely she’ll only be sexy for her partner and no one else. Julie might hide her sexiness from the public in some way. It’s likely she will be more conservative or youthful in the way she dresses, hoping to hide her magnetism. People will still be able to see it and they may admire her for it. Hopefully, this doesn’t produce any secret feelings of jealousy from others.

Julie herself might hold secret feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. She should watch that she doesn’t unknowingly or passive-aggressively hurt her partner with these energies.

Julie might have a lot of secrets she hides from the public. Her career might involve hiding information or material. She might be more mysterious than others realize. Keeping her secrets hidden too well could lead to disaster. Owning her own weaknesses before anyone else does will keep her powerful.

Despite Julie’s past, she may have a difficult time opening up about it to everyone as she gets older. It still may affect her though.


Neptune in Scorpio

When Julie was growing up, people decided to escape the world, find harmony and bliss, and entertain themselves with music, sex, drugs, and risk-taking. Most of the pursuits of this Neptune is purely for self-gratification, so these people were disillusioned. Eventually, they saw how their addictions to drugs and sex led to overdoses and sexually transmitted diseases.

When Julie becomes a teenager in the 1980s and young adult in the 1990s, much of her generation will find escape and bliss through the edgy parts of society. They will attend underground parties, partake in sex uncontrollably, and indulge in drugs of all kinds. This generation will be more influenced to do so.

At the same time, sex and drugs may carry less taboo with this generation. It may be “purified” by this generation as natural and spiritual. On the other hand, there may be a total denial of physical and selfish gratification by some in the generation.

They will be the original “goth” generation, showing an interest in darkness and somber subjects and subcultures. They will be interested in spooky, paranormal, occult, and deep themes.

They should be careful of joining cults.

Perhaps the most obvious way you can see how this affects Julie and her generation is through their personal art. Anything they create will have a little edge to it. It doesn’t matter whether they’re inventing toys, music, movies, books, or paintings, it will show a sense of risk. They will always deal with the taboo and people may find their art to be taboo itself. It will feel X-rated to many people.

Julie herself may be drawn to that “bad girl” lifestyle at some time in her life, especially in her teens and early 20s. She should be careful not to pick up smoking and drinking, as that could harm her in the long run. She might still enjoy underground parties and she may get involved with counter-cultural groups. This may feel like a relief from her overall “perfect” image.

It’s likely Julie will dedicate herself to radical movements her whole life. She just may need to be careful that she doesn’t lose herself in these groups and that they don’t make her do things she might regret. They might be so extreme, they may feel like cults. Julie may be tricked into doing dangerous things for these groups. She should watch the sorority groups she joins in college.

Julie might be interested in the paranormal or occult. It’s likely she will study more about astrology and may believe in ghosts. She might just enjoy scary movies on the weekend.

As she becomes an adult, she will not hesitate to question the deeper meanings of the universe.

Observe Neptune’s house and aspects, as well as ruling planets Mars and Pluto’s signs, houses, and aspects.


Neptune in 12th house

This position could make Julie a great psychologist, whether she decides this as a career or not. Julie will become a compassionate person and listening ear to a lot of people. However, Julie might be so in tune with the sufferings in the world, she may withdraw from the world itself.

This placement shows that Julie may be a part of an institution, whether she’s working in one or apart of it. This work may cause some feelings of guilt at times. Julie may discover in life that she can’t help everyone, even when she wants to. She might blame herself for this. Julie must learn to separate herself from others’ woes or their woes will become hers.

Julie will definitely work with art. It’s super stressed in her chart. Her creativity is her asset. She can pick up on the latest trends and waves. She may find inspiration through her dreams. She might have an unconscious ability of hypnotizing people with her artwork.

Julie should be careful of addiction to substances of all kinds. It’s highly likely in her chart. Julie will also tire herself out because she will constantly be helping people and serving others. She must learn to put up her barriers and say “No!”

Julie wants to heal people and establish peace in the world. These are great goals, she just has to learn to recharge her own batteries sometimes.

If you want to learn more about natal charts, click me.

Websites that inspired this article:

The Astro Codex

Always Astrology


My Astrology Charts


Astrology King


Did you enjoy the article? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! I hope to do some of the other American Girls one day, though there might end up being too many to keep up with in the future. Still, I would like to cover as many as I can. Thanks for reading!

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Youtube Debut: GenNext’s Response to Find Your Love in Japan’s “3 Questions A Japanese Guy Has For Black People in the US”

13 May

Hello readers!

This is GenNext letting you all know that I’ve opened a Youtube channel that puts my words to voice!

My Youtube Channel will not replace my blog at all. I feel the blog is more effective when it comes to getting my words across. However, it will be useful when I’m trying to respond to certain topics or when I feel something needs to be expressed vocally.

Lately, my first video posts have been to a Japanese man named Nobita from the Youtube channel Find Your Love in Japan. Several months ago, he posed THREE questions for black people. Being an African American myself, I felt that I needed to respond.

As a warning, his perception of black people isn’t very pleasant. I believe he’s reacting to some hate comments he’s received from prior videos about black people.

Even though I’m just now responding, I do feel that the delay was necessary. I feel that in order to change someone’s perception and to educate people on who you are and what you stand for, you have to think clearly and thoroughly about it.

As with everything I do, it’s lengthy. XD I felt that I needed to go into detail to answer his questions fully.

Here’s his video:


Here’s MY response:

My Comments Regarding His Thoughts on Black People and Racism…


Question 1: Why are [Black People in the US] So Obsessed with the Past?


Question 1 (Part 2): Why are [Black People in the US] So Obsessed with the Past?



Question 2: Why Do [Black People in the US] Avoid Facing Facts?


Question 3: Why Do [Black People in the US] Threaten People Who Disagree With [them]? Why Do [Black People in the US] Get Violent?


So let me know what you all think about this discussion. If you were able to read and listen, I thank you. You are free to comment and give your thoughts (but of course, I’m free to respond). Open thoughts are welcome!

I may not be able to respond to everyone right away (because of life), but I will eventually get to you, so hold tight!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and Syaoran’s Natal Profiles

19 Dec

Ever since I heard about the Cardcaptor Sakura sequel, the Clear Card arc, I’ve been binge watching the Cardcaptor Sakura anime and re-reading the original manga to refresh my memory while I tackle the new Chapter in Sakura’s life.


As I’ve been going through the manga and anime, I’ve been interested in the birthday profiles of Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li. Their relationships with other characters (as well as with one another) have always been of interest to me (especially after reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and xxxHolic), but after analyzing their birthdays, I’ve come to realize even more details about these two characters and their relationships with others.

This is an astrological reading. To learn about their planets and signs, I had to retrieve a natal chart or birth chart. To learn more: How Can I Learn More About Zodiac Signs and Aspects?

How did I deduce the year they were born? Well, I started with Toya Kinomoto, Sakura’s older brother, as I’ve seen many fans online do to calculate the year. He is said to have been born on a leap year day: February 29. The only way it would be possible to have been born on a leap year day, and still be in his late teens in the 1990s, he would have to have been born in 1980. Sakura is 7 years younger than him; her year must be 1987. It is implied that Syaoran is a year older than Sakura; his year must be 1986.

Keeping this in mind, it makes perfect sense why certain events unfolded the way they did.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a birth time for either character. But a rectification isn’t totally impossible, considering there are plenty of events to analyze. Still, rectifications are less accurate. I will be updating this article as more information is revealed. * So far, what I have are their birthdates and years, which is enough to interpret planets in signs and aspects.

The following interpretations may contain spoilers. Most of the interpretations will make sense only to CCS fans anyway.

Dark Pixie, AstrologyclubInsightful astrology, Completehoroscope, and AlwaysAstrology are the sources where I got the information. Check out their websites for more info!

Sun-vitality, life, ego, creativity, expression, identity, self, main concerns, the father, consciousness, the will, power, masculine yang, the basic drive for significance, psychic and physical energy, stamina, rulers and authority figures, integrity, individuality

Moon-emotions, intuition, moods, mothers, children, instincts, the unconscious, material substance, female yin, receptivity, heredity, past, nurture, family, domestic life, wife, change, habits, feelings of belonging or alienation, the masses, containment

Mercury-intellect, logic, perception, thinking, communication, mentality, siblings, travel, reason, the rational mind, language, writing, memory, creating associations, symbolization, skills, movement, transportation, versatility

Venus-love, beauty, art, romance, partnership, values, women, pleasure, femininity, relatedness, social urges, creation, attraction, luck, personal magnetism, money, nurturing mother love, sensuality, bonding energy, harmony and merging

Mars-aggression, drive, power, instincts, masculinity, sexuality, men, brothers, desire, action, ego, individuality, survival, yang, passion, courage, competition, sports, war, stamina, independent in relationships, conflict, force, vigor, mechanical ability

Jupiter-expansion, optimism, abundance, wisdom, vision, convictions, space, growth, luck, higher learning, travel, religion, philosophy, material abundance vs waste and extravagance, understanding vs wanderer and dilettante, integration into society

Saturn-structure, restrictions, time, authority, discipline, limitations, challenge, concentration, pessimism, fear, karma, consolidation, delays but not denial, the father, old age, tests, collective law/reality, school, teachers, contraction, responsibility, obligation, ambition

Uranus-rebellion, eccentricity, upheaval, originality, renewal, revolution, individualism, humanitarianism, science, inventions, unpredictable change, intuition, genius, independence, freedom, social reform, rebels, electricity, joining the collective consciousness and the group mind

Neptune-dreams, illusion, delusion, spirituality, oneness, addictions, transcendence, suffering, imagination, sensitivity, psychic and mystical capability, deception, drugs, alcohol, obligation, bondage, fog

Pluto-power, transformation, obsession, alchemy, healing, life, death, humiliation, underworld, sex, the breakdown of psychological blocks preventing evolutionary growth, regeneration, phoenix

Aries –adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, selfish, quick tempered, impulsive, impatient, brave, independent, assertive, hates to be restricted. I am

Taurus-patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, jealous, possessive, resentful, inflexible, good taste, sensual, down to earth, pleasure-seeking, stubborn. I have

Gemini-adaptable, versatile, communicative, witty, nervous, tense, superficial, inconsistent, dynamic, many talents, likes games, two faced, mischievous. I think

Cancer-emotional, loving, intuitive, imaginative, changeable, moody, over emotional, touchy, sensitive, friend-oriented, practical, hates to argue, forgives but doesn’t forget. I feel

Leo-generous, warm hearted, creative, enthusiastic, pompous, patronizing, bossy, interfering, popular, faithful, dominating, too much pride. I will

Virgo-modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, fussy, worrier, overcritical, harsh, successful, creative, likes to please, clever, can lead others on. I analyze

Libra-diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming, indecisive, changeable, gullible, easily influenced, irresistible, adventurous, lavish, complicated love life. I balance

Scorpio-determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, self-reliant, powerful, wise, dominant, secretive. I desire

Sagittarius-optimistic, freedom-loving, jovial, good-humored, blindly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, superficial, open-minded, achiever, loving, insensitive, cold. I see

Capricorn-practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly, grudging, hard-working, straightforward, loyal, stubborn, uncontent until at the top. I use

Aquarius-friendly, humanitarian, honest, loyal, intractable, contrary, perverse, unpredictable, sets trends, innovative, admired, distant, eccentric. I know

Pisces-imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, escapist, idealistic, secretive, vague, alluring, free, sensual, sensitive, can’t function alone. I believe

When a planet is exalted, it is an “honored guest” within the sign, bringing benefits easily from the planetary energy to the person, but only if they work hard and take full advantage of their opportunities, not taking any of it for granted. The planet receives strength and energy when in the sign of its exaltation. This often creates an exaggerated expression. (Example: When someone has Venus in Pisces, Venus is exalted. The person has a naturally charming, sweet, and loving personality, so they easily draw admirers and lovers to them. They have to work hard to maintain a stable relationship and figure out who is “the right one” among all their suitors. Pisces’s sweet and dreamy nature makes these individuals the ultimate romantics and appreciators of beauty. This gives Venus strength. These individuals have a natural quiet spirit, which creates the peace that Venus wants, and their ability to go with the flow allows them to enjoy pleasures without limit. There are enough resources for Venus to borrow from.)

When a planet is in domicile, it is at home. It is in its strongest and safest position here. The person can fully utilize the planetary power, easily expressing and understanding the nature of the planetary energy without hesitation or question. They must be cautious when using their power. They must never overuse or abuse this power. (Example: When someone has Venus in Libra, Venus is at home. That person will fully understand the mental power of love and know how to use their own charms to get what they desire. They never hesitate to express love and fully understand their own feelings without being told by someone else how they feel. They also understand others’ feelings of love. If they want to, they can abuse this power by being deceitful and manipulative. They must be careful not to do this. When Venus is in Libra, Venus is safe enough to express love freely. Libra is a partner oriented, peace-loving, and sensual sign. Venus has plenty of resources to borrow from. If these individuals want to, they can easily tap into these energies. They have no problem or shame feeling like they need a lover in their lives, lazing around with nothing better to do, and accommodating to others.)

When a planet is in a falling state, the people with this often have a hard time getting what they want from the planet in usual terms. They often have to work harder than most to overcome fear and insecurity to get what they want. The planet loses its strength and influence in the sign of its fall. This is often looked at as the planet entering a “foreign country”. (Example: When Venus is in Virgo, Venus is in a falling state. The people with this placement have a hard time finding the right lovers to appease their exacting taste. They do not easily fall in love. This sets the standards high for others, but it also means Venus in Virgo people will have to put in overtime if they ever expect to find someone suitable. They must overcome a simple distrust with love. Virgo’s exacting and practical nature takes away Venus’s strength and influence. There aren’t enough resources in Virgo, a critical and analytical sign, for Venus to spread love and pleasure.  Venus has to make it work. The individuals with this placement have to set aside their “critical” thoughts, and tap into their natural earthy senses a little more. They may need help from others so that they can just relax and take it easy.)

When a planet is in a detrimental state, the people with this position have to find unique ways to harness the planetary energy. They often have a unique point of view regarding the planetary energy, bringing new strengths but plenty of challenges in their lives because their expression doesn’t align with convention and makes others uncomfortable. They are often misunderstood. This is often looked at as the planet being in an “enemy’s” home. (Example: Venus is in detriment in Aries. When someone has this placement, they don’t see love the same way most people do. In fact, they often can’t separate love, passion, admiration, and lust from one another. Thus, they seem to fall in love with the first nice and attractive figure in their lives. These people have learned to get along without a whole lot of love in their lives, thus they are quite independent. Merging with another is a very challenging task for them and settling down may be the scariest thing for them to do. They often worry so much about being liked they don’t consider their partner’s feelings. Their feelings are often misunderstood as a result. Aries is ruled by Mars, Venus’s natural opposite. Venus is the planet of peace; Mars is the planet of war. Venus is a feminine planet; Mars is a masculine planet. Venus is sensual and lazy; Mars is rough and active. They don’t mix easily. There are few resources Venus can use to spread love and pleasure when in the sign of detriment. The individuals with this placement have to fight to remain committed in relationships, to accommodate to others, and to keep the peace at all costs without letting selfishness or impatience get in the way.)

Conjunct aspect is powerful. It is usually when two planets blend. They are usually in the same sign because it means the two planets are near one another on a natal chart.

Trine aspect is usually when two planets flow easily together. They are usually two planets in signs of the same element (fire, earth, water, air) because they usually form an exact “triangle” on a natal chart.

Sextile aspect is usually when one planet mildly supports the other. They are usually two planets in signs that share the same energy (introverted/extroverted, yin/yang, feminine/masculine, etc) but are NOT in opposite signs on the natal wheel. Earth and Water signs share the same energy, and fire and air signs share the same energy. The sextile planets are normally two houses apart on the natal chart (Houses are something I can’t introduce just yet, without a birth time).

Square aspect is usually when when planet produces conflict for another and vice versa. They are usually two planets in signs of the same mode (cardinal, fixed, mutable) but have opposite energies (earth and water (yin) have opposite energies from fire and air (yang)). In this case, they may have a similar style of achieving goals, but their goals differ. On a natal chart, when two planets form the aspect, it usually shows the beginning of a square. If all four signs of the same mode form this aspect, it will make the shape of a solid red square on the natal chart.

Opposition is powerful. It is usually when two planets are in opposite signs on the natal wheel (or very close to it). One planet is pulling the individual away from the other. Opposite signs are normally the same mode (cardinal, fixed, mutable), with the same energy (Yin/Yang), but opposite elements (fire and air are opposite elements, earth and water are opposite elements). In this case, they are just alike in behavior, but have different goals. On the natal chart, one line forms from one end of the natal chart directly to the other (North to south, east to west).

Sakura Kinomoto


Sun in Aries (Exalted)

Your entourage (Note: Sakura’s entourage is none other than Tomoyo, Kero, and Syaoran. 😛 ) is amazed by your energy, your courage and your boldness. Your reactions are quick, even instantaneous. Your enthusiasm prompts you to follow your natural impulses, even though you are not aware of all the consequences of your actions. Above all, you want to live each moment intensely, without fearing the future. Your enterprising spirit is supported by an acute sense of confrontation. Present! This is Aries answering the call. Any call, provided that there is some degree of new-ness or some challenge. If Aries’ dynamism and enterprising spirit are underlined, it is because the sign is more inclined to commit itself in the present and to start from scratch. This ability to take action on the spot in response to any stimulation also applies to the area of your relationships: you say outloud what you deem necessary to say, even if it means foolishly upsetting several persons. It is black or white, yes or no… often without balance! Beginning and undertaking are situations where you feel that you are in your element. Your qualities can also be expressed when you are bogged down in inextricable and complicated relationships: you know how to simplify things but you should beware not to do so in a caricatured manner.


Aries, you’re the first sign in the zodiac, the astrological newborn. As the first sign, you don’t have any of the baggage that the other signs carry, allowing you to approach everything in life with enthusiasm. You’re attracted to anything new, and you’re constantly pursuing things, always excited about whatever new trail you’re blazing, and you bring your enthusiasm with you. Not jaded like the other signs can be, your positive outlook keeps your from getting stuck in any bad moods for very long. You love to smile, laugh, and enjoy yourself, and you value your independence. You don’t want to rely on anyone else to get things done or make you happy. You’re perfectly capable of doing that on your own, and you want to. Once you decide to do something, you get to it quickly without much thought or planning, and since you really only like the adrenaline rush of the beginning, you get bored easily, becoming impatient when things don’t happen the way you want right away, and you have trouble seeing things through. You’re the type who starts a million projects but never finishes any of them. If you could learn a little discipline, it would take you far. You have plenty of energy to do whatever you want to do, so you don’t have to worry about that, but if you don’t have enough to do, you get restless, agitated, and prone to accidents, so it’s important for you to be physically active and keep a busy schedule. Most others might suffer a total collapse from the kind of schedule you need, but they don’t have the abundant energy that you have. Harness your energy so it’s not all over the place with no direction. When it has something to focus on, you’ll be able to do incredible things. You’re the pioneer of the zodiac, Aries, the one who can go where no one else has gone before, and you do so with a smile on your face and excitement in your soul that’s hard to match, squash, or not be in awe of.

Dark Pixie

Aries Sun (Dominant Parental Figures in Life-Father, Older Siblings, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, Female Leaders of Family, etc):If your Sun is in Aries, then your Sun parent (could also be the female head of the household) may have appeared to be in constant motion to you. He/she most likely enjoyed sports and could even have coached you in Little League or soccer if you showed an interest and aptitude in these activities. He/she probably seemed to be more interested in an active relationship than in long discussions on the origins of man. He/she might have been impatient with you and sometimes a little short-tempered. Tagging along with him/her on errands or bike rides would probably have been the best way of getting his/her attention.  If you have the sun in Aries, your relation to your Sun parent is active and impatient. It’s probably mutual. You may not talk much, but you enjoy doing things together – and challenging each other. When you talk, it’s often in an argument, but you rarely stay angry with each other for long.

Sakura is mostly described as cheerful and energetic, very descriptive of her sun sign energy. Sun in Aries are also known to be active and athletic. They are outgoing, enthusiastic, positive people. Sakura fits the bill. The Sun is exalted in Aries because the star is able to shine in a positive way in the fiery sign. This is probably why Sakura’s personal power is that of the “stars”. Even though it’s a faint light at first (and she has to work hard to grow her strength), she is able to be most effective with the power of the stars. She is a good leader, courageous, and somewhat impulsive (which is why she’s clumsy).

Unfortunately, Sakura can be a little preoccupied with herself and often forgets to analyze the feelings and thoughts of those around her. This is usual of someone with Sun in Aries.

With Sun in Aries, males are usually the most dominant figure in the child’s life (Mars, the ruler of Aries, being the other masculine planet). It’s not surprising that Sakura lives in a house full of males. It’s also not surprising that Sakura gets her athletic abilities from her father. All of of the males in her household are athletic.

With your natal Sun conjunct your natal Jupiter in Aries, you tend to be a positive person with energy and enthusiasm. You try to see the upside of situations and people, and you believe that everything will always work out for you. That might actually be true, with it seeming like you have great luck, and someone is always there to clean up your mess, but eventually, the gambling with life catches up with you if you’re not careful. If you can be more careful, you can accomplish a great deal in your life.

This is probably the reason for Sakura’s invincible spell “I will surely be alright”. And Sakura does seem pretty lucky most of the time, just relying on that spell alone. She certainly got lucky during the Final Judgment. This aspect intensifies her positivity.

With your natal Sun square or opposite your natal Neptune in Capricorn, you want to feel or experience something extraordinary. Your early life lacked a father or father figure, lacked rules or support, or didn’t help you form your own identity. You have to watch for being attracted to all of the wrong people. You can be self-destructive or escapist. You’re sensitive and bruise like a peach, and need to forge a stronger connection to reality.

Her sense of a “father figure” is probably because her own father decided to take on a nurturing role in her life. All of the things regarding her father is also a great mystery, so she doesn’t feel she really knows him. This aspect can also signify a father figure who doesn’t know much about himself. In Sakura’s case, this is true. Fujitaka has expressed that he didn’t know his own family (manga) or even where he was born.

Clearly, there are very few rules in Sakura’s household. She doesn’t get punished very often by her father, either.

It’s easy to see that Sakura can be attracted to all sorts of people, even people that Syaoran or others’ around her distrust. It’s not hard to see her being attracted to the wrong people.

Analyzing Mars’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Sun in Aries is energetic and enthusiastic (and often athletic)

Moon in Taurus (Exalted)

On the day and at the time of your birth, the Moon was in the sign of Taurus. Traditionally, the Moon is in exaltation in this sign: lunar values (quietness, rest, trust) find their complementary landmarks in Taurus… self-defense, need for stability and selectiveness. Your sensuality is strong and expresses itself in all life areas. You equally enjoy the pleasures of the senses and those of the mind and you never waste a single bit of a sensation. You take the time to enjoy life, to dream and to follow your imagination. You do not allow anything to disturb these moments of relaxation and calm. Your basic balance stems from these privileged moments where you can daydream at will and “have your head in the clouds”. Nothing bothers you, no external element disrupts the quiet course of your rest. Should anyone dare to break the charm, you become very upset…

Having your Moon in Taurus can make you very emotionally stable, and you’re not one to swing from mood to mood quickly, easily, or routinely. You tend to believe in the “happy medium” thing (XD). The downfall can be a lack of intensity when the moment requires it, especially in situations where you need to react quickly. You try to make situations work for you by squeezing as much time as you can to allow yourself to slowly and deliberately go over things. You don’t take anything too lightly, or too seriously. You’re very sensual, and you love to get in touch with your senses, stimulating each one to allow yourself to feel most in tune with yourself and the earth. You probably like nature (even if you aren’t the camping type, perhaps you like awesome views or are an environmentalist). When you don’t feel so great, you may be prone to overindulging in your senses, usually with food.. If you find yourself swaying one way emotionally, you can get stuck there, so often Taurus Moon natives who suffer from emotional/psychological problems will get stuck in them for much longer periods of time than most (especially if you have other indicators in your chart, like a lot of Virgo or water).

Dark Pixie

Nurturing Parental Figures in Life (Mother, Female Influences, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Father, Grandparents, Older Siblings): Consistency could be your Moon in Taurus parent’s middle name. You sometimes feel that this parent was predictable to the point of being dull. You could guess what supper would be by the day of the week, and you could count on having the house cleaning and laundry done on schedule. Just when you were sure you had this parent figured out, he or she would throw you a curve, forcing you to rethink your relationship. The rules that seemed comfortable and flexible suddenly became rigid when you crossed the line. The Taurus Moon person didn’t intentionally spring new things on you, far from it. You knew the rules all along. You just didn’t know that your normally appreciative parent would crack down so hard. Your Taurus Moon parent appreciates value. This means that clothing had to be durable first, then attractive. You were not encouraged to wear frills, and probably everything tended to coordinate, except for dress up attire, which may have been distinguished. Whether father or mother, your Taurus Moon parent helped you through the toughest crises, and still does. This parent may experience serious ups and downs in life, not only financial, but also regarding career, health, or other matters. He or she knows how to handle difficult turns of events, and can teach you a lot about managing your life. You perceived your Moon parent (or father, if he played a nurturing role in the home) as emotionally strong and devoted. The parent was practical, calm, and security conscious.

Sakura’s life experience is filled with sensuality. From beautiful clothing, sweets, to a warm cozy home, she experiences nothing but positive memories from those she cares about. This is what happens when the Moon is exalted in Taurus. She’s pretty sheltered from negative memories, especially regarding her birth mother. This is probably why she hardly experiences negative emotions and harsh mood swings. Her life is stable; she’s mentally and emotionally stable.

Moon rules the mother and the mother’s side of the family. Very material, the Moon in Taurus often refers to a very comfortable living background, and in some cases even wealth! It’s not surprising that Sakura’s mother was the daughter of a wealthy man. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and Sakura’s mother wasn’t just a loving and sweet figure, but also a beautiful model. Of course, the moon rules our perception of our mother. And again, Sakura is told mostly the beautiful memories regarding her mother.

Sakura has other “mother” figures that reflect her moon sign. Tomoyo, her best friend, acts as a mother figure, protecting Sakura, providing sensual glories such as sweets and fashionable (but gaudy) costumes. She’s also wealthy and beautiful. Mizuki Sensei also is beautiful and caring, providing assistance to Sakura. Most of the women in Sakura’s life are wealthy and opulent.

Sakura’s father plays a very nurturing Moon in Taurus role in Sakura’s life as well. He provides a warm, comfortable home for his family, as well as good cooking and more sweets!

Unfortunately, while these people are all very caring and loving to Sakura, they prefer to hide her from the ugly truths in life, which makes her naive and lack understanding of those with a deeper history.

With your natal Moon square or opposite natal Pluto, when you get hurt, it hurts deep. You’re terrified of being hurt, yet you crave intimacy. You can find yourself alone a lot because you’re too scared to be close to people, but you’re not satisfied alone either. You can be an intimidating person, overly controlling, and downright scary to others with your powerful personality. When angry, you can become enraged. You hold grudges for far too long, and have a hard time forgiving anyone for even the slightest of things. If you could learn to control your emotions and learn how to use them productively, you can be a force.

I think the Snow Card and Kero have realized this about Sakura. XD Her temper can be ferocious once activated. Fortunately, her Moon is in Taurus, so she’s likely not to get into that mode very often. But when she does…

Moon opposition Pluto could also signify the death of a mother or mother figure in certain charts as well.

With your natal Moon sextile or trine natal Mercury in Pisces, you don’t have any problem conversing with people, saying what you need to say, or giving advice. You’re a good listener and try to be nonjudgmental. You can merge your head and heart more easily than the rest of us, and you want to know what people have to tell you.

With your natal Moon sextile or trine natal Neptune in Capricorn, you’re a compassionate person who wants to help others however you can, and always seem to know what other people are feeling. Your imagination is active and you need a certain amount of time away from the real world. You have excellent intuition. You may have a hard time actively pursuing your goals, and have to cultivate that trait.

Analyzing Venus’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Moon in Taurus needs the simple luxuries, especially good food.

Mercury in Pisces (Fall and Detriment)

In your chart, Mercury is in Pisces. You are connected to the world through your intuition. Contacts are established, and broken up, according to your sensitivity (Note: Yeah, like how she dreams about everyone before she meets them…). Your perceptiveness is amazing. You soak into your environment in order to grasp its subtle games and you feel that you know things without learning them. You assimilate them unconsciously and you very sharply pick up hints and unformulated thoughts. Some sort of sixth sense.

With your natal Mercury in Pisces, you’re more of a listener than a talker. You don’t mind having a conversation with someone, but it all depends on whether you’re in the mood for it or not. You can be a people pleaser and say what you think people want you to say. You have an active imagination, and love to daydream. You take in information from the world around you through feelings and emotions. This allows you to see things in a way that’s different from everyone else. You’re open, and listen to your gut, but can have a hard time expressing yourself directly. You need to learn to not worry about what other people want to hear so much.

Mercury in Pisces is revealing that Sakura will have many moments dreaming. Many of these dreams are premonitions that tell of the future. Unfortunately, Mercury is falling and in detriment in Pisces. This means that she can’t always share her visions and intuitions with everyone. Most of it hardly makes sense, even to herself. And most of the times, it will make her appear ditzy and cloudy. But she’s probably much more aware than others think. She is aware of things others’ can’t see (like Clow cards, spirits, ghosts, magic, etc). On the other hand, as a result of being so in touch with the spiritual world, she misses what’s going on around her in the everyday world (Syaoran’s feelings, her baton practice, classroom literature, etc)

Mercury in Pisces makes the mind cloudy. It’s hard for them to process information in a logical fashion and then express it to others. This is because they can’t always explain how they know something; they just do (such as her instant love of Mizuki Sensei). Their way of gathering information is not always just from reading books, but from experiencing and observing the world around them. Sure, this makes them appear like they’re not paying attention, but they are paying attention, just to the information that isn’t before them.

This cloudiness is also the reason Sakura isn’t so good at math. Math is a logical subject. You would have to pay close attention to remember the steps. Most times, there is one concrete answer. Mercury in Pisces have a hard time paying attention to each step, and they don’t like subjects that aren’t abstract, that don’t offer many different answers for all questions. Being a Mercury in Pisces is probably why her other favorite subject is music. Mercury in Pisces learn best with music and art, tapping into their imagination.

With your natal Mercury sextile or trine your natal Pluto in Scorpio, you can come up with solutions to almost any problem because you try to get to the heart of the matter right away. There’s a magnetic power to your communications. You’re good at analyzing information, and once you figure yourself out, you won’t feel the need to be mysterious.

With your natal Mercury conjunct natal Venus in Pisces, you have a charming way of expressing yourself. You come across well, always trying to say the right thing, being graceful and gracious, and trying to get people to get along. You crave balance and fairness, and are a good communicator. You may be too rational in your approach to love, or are drawn to intellectual people.

With your natal Mercury square or opposite your natal Saturn in Sagittarius, you seem harsh in your communications. You can be overly negative and can push people away. There can be a sense of not being worthy of goodness, and you can be incredibly insecure. You can be a hard worker in school and professionally because you fear not being good enough. You have to be easier on yourself.

I think Sakura works really hard to develop the mental discipline for the Clow Cards. Mercury being in Pisces, this discipline wouldn’t necessarily apply to factual or analytical pursuits, like school. In fact, the square could also indicate that she finds it challenging to develop the discipline necessary for subjects she’s not interested in.

With your natal Mercury sextile or trine your natal Neptune in Capricorn, you can sense what people are thinking and feeling, and this helps you to know how to react to them. You’re sensitive to others, charismatic in your communications, and appreciate the arts. You can be spiritual and drawn to the metaphysical.

This is probably the essence of the whole story. This softens her Mercury aspect to Saturn.

Analyzing Jupiter’s and Neptune’s signs would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Mercury in Pisces often listens to their gut and rely on their perceptive sense to get through life.

Venus in Pisces (Exalted)

Venus describes your affective life. On the day of your birth, she is found in Pisces. Your emotionalism is very strong and very unusual. You have your own manner to experience your emotions and your sensations, in an atmosphere that may be odd, you complicate your amorous life (Note: XD )… and this is part of your charm, at the same time. On the chessboard of your sentimental life, quite strange games enfold. Your affectivity is subtle, fabulous and unusual: love reinvents everything and anything becomes possible when your heart is sincere. You dream of a complete fusion and of giving yourself totally. No rules, no moral or social code is more important than the feeling of shared passion and than living for your partner. Your affective life is complex, sometimes mysterious: you don’t know why you love, or why you don’t love any more… Your sentimental life obeys a different logic than that of the external world. Love is elusive and fragile. Nothing is easier than to destroy a feeling and to forget a passion. Your sensitivity responds to an unknown call, a strange signal. Therefore, you may shift from intense and absolute feelings to cruel indifference. Although you don’t know why, you are being transformed. The most difficult thing is to love a real being and not a shadow (Note: I think Yukito was that “shadow”). You give yourself to persons who can understand and respect the fragile realm of your affectivity.

With your natal Venus in Pisces, you’re the ultimate romantic. You’re sensitive in love, and with everyone else. You can be attracted to people who need to be saved, or who want to save you, and it can lead you to be in bad relationships with people who cause more harm than good. You see the good in everyone, even the people that are the worst of the worst, and need to be more discriminating in love. You can be unreliable at times, having a hard time being dedicated to anything with your partner, despite how much you may love them. It can be hard for you to commit as you have a hard time sifting through your feelings or figuring out where you should be going together. You accept people for who they are, and are understanding and loving.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, blessing Sakura with charm, a sweet demeanor, cuteness, and compassion. Everybody loves Sakura; the exaltation reveals this. One of the main reasons everybody loves this girl is because she loves everybody. That is the Venus in Pisces secret. They never start off hating or being irritated by anyone. They assume the best in everyone they meet. It is only when they are seriously hurt do they act cold and cruel. Most of the time, though, they put a lot of faith in the ones they love and in love itself.

Unfortunately, this can make them seem a little idealistic and naive when it comes to affections. They even have a difficult time rummaging through their own feelings. Sakura experienced this in her own story. Because Venus in Pisces love everybody, and everybody loves them, it’s hard for them to know who they really are in love with romantically.

Most Venus in Pisces like the “idea” of love more than being in love, and they like being in love with distant figures. Truly, they don’t often understand real love. The real thing can often be scary for them. Real love requires a certain level of commitment and it pushes them to face reality. I think Sakura felt that when she received a confession from an unexpected friend, a friend she didn’t necessarily “idealize”, but someone she had to admit was there for her whenever she needed him.

Venus is also the planet of beauty and Sakura is said to look good in anything (by Tomoyo’s standard). With Venus in Pisces, style is translucent. The people are able to translate anything into art and style. Generally, they aren’t too particular about what they will or won’t wear.

With your natal Venus sextile or trine natal Pluto in Scorpio, you can see right through people and situations. You know how to use resources well, and gravitate towards relationships that allow you to transform yourself. You’re passionate without being overwhelming, and know how to sway people to your side.

With your natal Venus sextile or trine your natal Neptune in Capricorn, you have a gentleness to you, are charming, and can express yourself creatively. You have an active imagination and want everything in the world to be beautiful. You’re a generous person, though you may give too much at times.

Analyzing Jupiter’s and Neptune’s signs would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Venus in Pisces often has a hard time sorting through their feelings, but they are kind to everyone

Mars in Taurus (Detriment)

The planet Mars indicates how you react to life concrete stimulations. It also describes your fighting spirit, your abilities to stand for yourself and to take action. With Mars in Taurus, your will is strong and you are a very efficient person, persevering and tenacious. When you are prompted by your instinct to undertake any given step, no obstacle can put you off. However, your reactions are not unconsidered: you thoroughly ponder over and over before taking action. But it is hard for you to let go. This planetary configuration endows you with an extraordinary steadfastness. The other side of the coin: tenacity may turn into stubbornness. It is important that you control this strength and that you display more flexibility. It is good to persevere in one’s efforts, but not in one’s errors.

With your natal Mars in Taurus, you take your time with everything, and no one can get you to hurry. You don’t see the point in rushing anything, and feel that everything will happen in its own time. If that’s not fast, that’s fine with you. You can formulate goals and work hard at achieving them, and you’ll stick with them no matter what happens. You don’t give up easily once you’ve decided on what you want. (Note: I think the Snow Card found this out the hard way…) You’re loyal, stable, and crave security in your life, and may buy a lot of nice things to surround yourself with items of value. You can be stubborn once you make up your mind, and there’s no convincing you to change your mind, even if deep down you know that you should. You do things in your own time, and won’t change for anyone.

Mars in Taurus is considered in detriment. This is not because they are weak or because they are not brave. It is mostly because Mars in Taurus is a sign of security and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and peace. They don’t like to fight aggressively without a purpose. This means nothing makes them more courageous than fighting for the people and things they love. In this case, they are mostly possessive.

Mars in Taurus, being in the sign of security, just don’t blindly jump in the fire. They carefully consider all at stake. To many, they don’t seem to act when they should, but many times they act right when they should because they are careful. Sakura hesitated to take on the Clow Card deal considering her own limitations and the risks. This didn’t necessarily make her a coward, but it made her cautious. When Mars in Taurus does get going, however, there is no convincing them otherwise. Once they have decided on a course of action, it will only anger them to try and stand in their way.

Mars in Taurus is also famous for procrastination. This can be altered with aspects, but in Sakura’s case, it’s true (especially because she has no aspects that alter this). This is probably why she always waits until the end of summer to finish her summer homework. XD Mars in Taurus take their time mostly with things they don’t enjoy or activities that seem to threaten their security. They mostly have energy for pleasurable pursuits and get grouchy when they have to do something they don’t like for long periods of time. With Sun in Aries, Sakura might be active and energetic, but with her ruling planet Mars in Taurus without aspects, not always proactive. XD

Analyzing Venus’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.

Mars in Taurus never give up once they get started

Mars in Taurus never gives up once they get started

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries amplifies your tendency to charge ahead and your self-assertiveness. You have leadership qualities, you are optimistic and you can mix the boldness with the will to succeed that are specific to Aries. Management ability, leadership and independence: your enthusiasm is a real asset for your life and for your charm!

With your natal Jupiter in Aries, you can make what you want happen in life with a positive attitude. You relish competition and don’t like to wait for things to happen. You like doing things on your own, and that can be when you produce the best results. You can do well as a leader and when you’re being daring and courageous.

Sakura exemplifies Jupiter in Aries by being a cardcaptor. In every situation, Sakura has conquered both her opponents and rivals simply with positivity. Jupiter in Aries makes their own doors open through sheer faith in themselves. Sakura tries to believe in herself, and every time she does, she wins.

Most people born the same year have the same Jupiter.

With your natal Jupiter square or opposite your natal Neptune in Capricorn, you can have a hard time seeing reality, and find yourself confused or mislead. You can go overboard with excess, and that prevents you from getting what you want. Discipline is something you need to learn. You’re giving, but you don’t take the time to figure out who deserves it, and can be taken advantage of.

Analyzing Mars’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Jupiter in Aries always has a positive attitude, so their belief in themselves is very strong.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius limits your taste for exoticism and for rebellion. On the other hand, he strengthens your sense of responsibilities and your authority. You focus on what is concrete and real and you avoid venturing into unknown territories.

With your natal Saturn in Sagittarius, you take your beliefs seriously. You believe in them strongly, and can have a hard time being open-minded and accepting of other views, yet you try hard to appear to be open. You may have had a hard time with school early in life, and had to teach yourself.

Sakura is a little more open than her friends when it comes to foreigners. However, noticeably, she rarely travels outside of her own country. Saturn in Sagittarius, in the sign of expansion, often places a limitation there. She only was shown traveling in the Cardcaptor Sakura movie. However, she never traveled in the manga. There’s a certain limitation when it comes to her venturing outside of her usual territory. And when she does, she is often met with obstacles (like in the movie).

Most of her peers may experience this barrier and limitation. As they grow older and wiser, they will seek to experience more of the world.

Saturn rules the elderly. It can describe our grandparents or other wise relatives, as well as teachers and authority figures. Sakura’s great-grandfather is described by Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and can often represent foreign relations. Sakura’s great-grandfather is of foreign descent.

Saturn also rules over the father and Saturn in Sagittarius says something about Sakura’s dad. His archaeological interests seem to be influenced by this. Saturn is the planet of time and limitation. His travels probably consume much of his time. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and it represents the higher mind. This could mean higher education, like college or university education, where people can study one specific study thoroughly. Saturn in Sagittarius can represent a father who is interested in philosophy or someone who is a scholar and has connections with a university. Sakura’s father is also a university professor. Saturn makes everything “important”, so I’m certain Sakura’s father makes sure Sakura learns the importance of a higher education.

With your natal Saturn conjunct your natal Uranus in Sagittarius, you try to mesh together creativity and innovation with tradition and convention. You find a way to bring the two together that other people wouldn’t be capable of. At times, you may feel pushed or pulled in one direction or the other, but you should try not to give in to choosing one over the other. Both are important for you, and you need to bring both into your life.

Analyzing Jupiter’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Saturn in Sagittarius take their beliefs seriously.

Generational Influences

Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius gives you the taste for feats and extraordinary adventures: as you are caught in the desire to discover, at any cost, you may become a hero, a conqueror, an explorer or, on the symbolic plane, a pioneer in such matters as philosophy, politics, economy or spirituality.

With your natal Uranus in Sagittarius, you’re an intuitive person and drawn to alternative beliefs. You want to help people, but you may not be reliable. You can be brutally honest at times, and don’t care if it gets you in trouble. You want to push through boundaries, are unconventional, and independent.

Sakura has experienced adventure after adventure and seems fascinated with them, too (considering her interest in Alice in Wonderland). Thus, she becomes the hero of the story.

She has become a pioneer in spirituality, creating her own “Sakura cards” and giving birth to “Star power”.

Analyzing Jupiter’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Uranus in Sagittarius is a pioneer when it comes to philosophy and spirituality.

Neptune in Capricorn

 Neptune in Capricorn brings a touch of humanity and emotion into your ambition made of cold and calculated vision. Or, on the contrary, it may disrupt your precise and clear vision of your professional future.

With your natal Neptune in Capricorn, you want to achieve something in your life, and can be practical with your creative ideas. When it comes to your beliefs, you can go for traditional views, or find inspiration through the arts. You may wish life was more fair and rewarded hard work more than it does, and have to learn to accept life as it is.

I do feel that the future of Sakura’s life seems cloudy. What are her ambitions for the future? And honestly, it’s hard to tell what any of the characters in the same generation plan on doing in the future. Neptune is definitely disrupting their clear visions for the future. It all seems unpredictable.

At the same time, Sakura approaches her current vocation (Cardcaptor and Master) with compassion. She treats the cards well and all those involved with it.

With your natal Neptune sextile or trine your natal Pluto in Scorpio, you have an active imagination, and are an intuitive person. You can follow your dreams and make them real, and it happens more smoothly.

Analyzing Saturn’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.

Neptune in Capricorn wants everyone to get rewards for working hard.

Neptune in Capricorn wants everyone to get rewards for working hard.

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto in Scorpio is in his own sign, and according to the Tradition, he is most potent and at his best; fantasies, powerful instincts, strong domineering tendencies, outbursts of passions…

With your natal Pluto in Scorpio, you can be intense, but you fight hard for what you believe is right. You’re determined and can deal with your inner issues. You don’t care for the rules, are willful, and desire intense experiences.

This generation is a powerful one. There are probably many early anime characters from this generation because there was a burst of magical girls and martial arts animes throughout the 1990s (XD). Their intense will, their transformative power, and fixed passions have helped them succeed in areas unheard of. When Sakura and all of her comrades focus this will, they are all unbeatable. It is not shocking that Sakura’s power continued to increase throughout the series. Pluto in Scorpio individuals mostly want the power to control their own lives and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that.

Analyzing Mars’s and Pluto’s signs would give more clarity to this interpretation.

Pluto in Scorpio is passionate and powerful.

Pluto in Scorpio is passionate and powerful.

Syaoran Li


Sun in Cancer

Your nature is impressionable. Your sensitivity is very developed and allows you to feel the influences of your environment and to draw your sensations and your feelings from surrounding ambiances. You are very receptive to your family roots, to your past and sometimes, to history. Your imagination is the refuge where you enjoy diving, on your own. The subtleness of your emotions is difficult to render. It is impossible for a cell – family, social, professional – to function by itself without homogenous references, without a “family likeness”(Note: The Li Clan is his life). You are able to convince your close friends to digest their differences and their specificities and to create an intimate relationship in which you can happily show your worth. Should an agent for cohesion be missing, and should everything seem too diverse or scattered, you are probably the most capable to unify the whole group: one after the other, you digest your surrounding characteristics and, as time goes by, you turn into the most perfect representative of your environment. You may need to handle hostility without shutting down the lines of dialogue. You must also learn to develop the fighting spirit that your sign lacks, so that your receptivity can be fully expressed.

Cancer, you are the fourth sign in the zodiac, and are a sensitive and emotional sign. You feel everything deeply, and are easily wounded as a result. When you get wounded, you hide in your shell, not wanting anyone to have the chance to hurt you again. You need to work on developing thicker skin so you don’t keep yourself locked away from people so much. Opening up emotionally would be good for you because it’ll help you have more closer relationships with people that will support you, and you need plenty of support if you’re going to feel safe in this dangerous world. You like to be comfortable, which tends to make your home your most favorite place on Earth. You’ll make it a cozy, inviting place that everyone loves, and it’s a good place for you to relax. Because you can relax at home, you tend to come across differently there, more like your true self, so if you come across as loud and flashy, you’ll be quiet and shy at home, and vice versa. At times, you can be quite ambitious, whether it’s with your work or your personal life, and you want to have some success in your life to create stability. You’re not someone who goes against tradition, and you prefer to go with conventional methods. Being daring or adventurous usually isn’t something you strive for, and you don’t understand why people can’t be happy with the way things have always been. It could be good for you to open up your mind though. You tend to experience life through your emotions, and you neglect your mind and body to a degree. If you want to gain more control over your emotions, you should try to form stronger connections to your mind and body. If you can do that, there wouldn’t be much that you couldn’t do, and you’d always feel secure, safe, and comfortable, no matter where you are.

Cancer Sun (Dominant Parental Figures in Life-Father, Older Siblings, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, Female Leaders of Family, etc ): If your Sun is in Cancer, then your Sun parents probably appeared to you to be very nurturing. Your earliest memories might be of your Sun parent reading you a story and tucking you in at night. If you had a boo-boo, the sun parent would clean it, put a band-aid on and seal it with a kiss (even if it were an imaginary cut). Going to the zoo, grocery shopping, or even cooking a meal together was always fun with your sun parent! If you have the sun in Cancer, your relation to your sun parent is one of deep affection, where both of you feel very committed to each other. You are also both quite protective, sometimes in ways that lead to frustration, because you both feel that you know what’s best for the other. Still, your bonds are unlikely to ever break, and you cherish each other’s company, without the need to either speak or do anything in particular.

His sun is clearly evident from the beginning. Sun in Cancer individuals have a strong tie to their family history and lineage. In fact, they are proud of where they come from. From the beginning, Syaoran has shown pride in his family, the Li Clan, and the fact that he is a descendant of the all-powerful sorcerer Clow Reed. The fact that he wears his robes in almost every combat scene shows that he’s not afraid to wear his pride on his sleeve. Syaoran has also shown that he’s generally interested in all history, especially when Sakura’s dad (an archeologist and university professor) visited their school.

The Sun even shows what makes us confident and happy. Syaoran may have been a little grumpy throughout the story because he had to leave his loved ones behind in Hong Kong. Sun in Cancer denotes an individual who is happy when surrounded by people they care about. In the anime, Sakura noted that Syaoran seemed “happier” when Wei (his Butler and martial arts trainer) moved to Japan to live with him.

He’s moody (Cancer being influenced by the tides of the moon) and often lets his emotions get the best of him (regarding Yukito and Sakura XD). But his sensitivity also hides a caring and compassionate side.

Can I also add that he’s domestic? Sun in Cancer men know how to take care of themselves fully, being both businessmen and great cooks and cleaners at the same time. Syaoran has shown several times that he is capable of performing tasks that are deemed more domestic, like cooking and sewing.

There is one thing that is super common among Sun in Cancer males: Their mother and sisters rule the roost in some fashion. It’s not uncommon to find Sun in Cancers in single parent homes where mother is both father and mother to the children. Older sisters and grandmothers may live in the home as well. Cancer is ruled by the moon, the planet associated with “mothers” and “women” in general, and often this means her influence is dominant in the child’s life, for better or worse. Syaoran’s mother is a single parent and is in charge of their family. In this case, Syaoran will often have to submit to women in his life if he expects to be respected. XD This even happened in his relationship with Sakura.

Still, Syaoran isn’t an uber dominant person unless he feels he needs to protect something. In his case, he was determined to make sure the Clow Cards, a precious family heirloom, got into the right hands. That is mostly when he exercises his will. For most males, the Sun’s energy is very important and usually defines their manhood.

Sun in cancers normally have keen intuition. Syaoran’s senses are sharp and he recognizes the importance of listening to his gut instincts.

The Sun is most evident in males, being one of the masculine planets. Many of Syaoran’s heros or those men he admires may have association with the moon, like Yukito.

With your natal Sun sextile or trine your natal Jupiter in Pisces, you don’t stay down for very long about things. Good things tend to come your way more easily, and you try to remain positive and generous no matter what you’re going through. You’re easy to get along with, and have a good heart. You have a good sense of humor and love to laugh.

Being an introverted sign, this aspect will probably come out more when he’s alone, at home, with close friends, or in intimate settings, rather than with a group of associates. But Syaoran definitely doesn’t stay down for long. Despite his initial harsh nature, he seemed to quickly get over the Final Judgment with the Clow cards (unless of course you count the WB dub).

With your natal Sun square or opposite your natal Mars in Capricorn, your energy is abundant and it’s hard to control, especially in your younger years. You were the kid bouncing off of the walls and always getting injured. You need to learn how to focus your energy into something productive, have an outlet for it, otherwise it drives you mad. You have the drive to get things done, and can act impulsively. Your temper can get the better of you at times. You’re not someone who avoids problems, but rather goes right at them, so you can get through difficulties and use the experience to your advantage.

With his Mars, his focus is better than the average person with this aspect. However, Sun in Cancer has knocked his focus out of whack, especially when he felt strong feelings of love. Eriol has had to constantly remind him to calm down and focus better. XD

Syaoran definitely has quite the temper, but he tackles problems head on. He never hesitates to go after Clow Cards when he first senses them.

Analyzing the Moon’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Sun in Cancer is very receptive to their family roots, to their past, and to history.

Moon in Vir* (Moon is near Libra)

On the day and at the time of your birth, the Moon was in the sign of Virgo. You have a strong need for security and your constant concern is to keep your intimate environment under control. You treasure and you protect all the things that make you feel comfortable. You have no exaggerated ambitions, no grandiose and boundless dreams. You only strive to organize all the elements of your everyday life, to find a place for each thing and to improve yourself. You can relax only if your habits are not disturbed by external events. You are selective in your intimate sphere and with your attachments, you are perfectly organized and in line with the self-set rules you establish as time goes by. For you, life is a puzzle composed of human pieces, a chessboard where you move according to an obvious logic. Daily landmarks and well-known items are important to you. You have the soul of a collector.

A master of the details, that’s Virgo Moons. You like having things to do and feeling like you’re needed, and don’t mind doing the kinds of things most of us find boring if people show you proper appreciation for it. Depending on other factors, you might be more than happy just living a normal life, which other people may not understand (since most of us are pretty unrealistic!). You like structure and organization, and you might be one of those people who cleans when they’re stressed out. Others may think you’re too predictable, but you’re likely okay with that (unless you’re an Aquarius!), and you’re pretty dependable. When you’re unhappy or stressed, you’re probably a nag and can whine with the best of them. You can be overly analytical and have problems with your nerves. You need to learn how to relax and let yourself just be. You can be too hard on yourself sometimes, and if not handled well, an excessive perfectionist (Note: It must have sucked when he lost the Clow Cards to Sakura… ). Hey, we all have flaws, it’s okay! If you’ve got a good sense of humor, then you’re probably self-deprecating (in a good-natured way). In relationships, you’re usually not one for grand gestures, but do a lot of little, everyday things. You like being of service to people and feel you have a purpose.

Nurturing Parental Figures in Life (Mother, Female Influences, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Father, Grandparents, Older Siblings): Your Virgo Moon parent is mentally thorough and methodical. You get the sense that he or she has given substantial thought to any project before ever making the first move. When you ask a question, this parent doesn’t just toss back an instant response. Instead, you may hear several questions to clarify and explore the situation. In the process, you often come to your own conclusion. This parent teaches you how to approach problem solving by helping you to develop choices and make decisions. Sometimes it seems like this parent misses good opportunities by holding back a bit too long. You may want to jump in, metaphorically speaking, whereas your parent explores the depth and temperature of the water first. Generally you discover that your parent has been ahead of the curve all along. He or she has held back to allow a situation to play out before committing to a specific course of action, not because of hesitation, but because foresight suggests that shifts will occur in the playing field. While this approach may not work for you, this parent pulls it off time and time again. You sometimes feel that this parent is super critical of your behavior. You may feel that your schoolwork brings nothing but criticism, or your appearance is scrutinized constantly. Even your feeling life is open to criticism. Unfortunately, this kind of criticism is remembered long after any praise is forgotten. Your Virgo Moon parent has the capacity to study any subject deeply. If you share an interest, expect to delve deeply into the subject. Years later, your parent may continue to come up with adaptations or considerations relating to the subject. From this person you learn how to get a broad overview and then gather data to flesh out every area of the subject. You probably saw your moon parent as a bit critical and nagging at times. Proper and conservative, with a strong desire to care for the family, she may have gone unnoticed as one of the most devoted mothers. It would have been ok with her; her satisfaction comes from knowing she raised her children right.

The Moon is in Virgo, ruler of his Sun sign. This is partially why Syaoran is so good at domestic things. Virgo is clean, tidy, and useful at all times. It’s no wonder he was able to live by himself (in the manga only) and fully take care of himself!

The Moon in Virgo is also why he treasures the Clow Cards and seeks to collect them.

Moon in Virgos work hard. They need to work at something, especially at improving themselves. Syaoran, even after the Final Judgment, continued to train and increase his power just to be of use. In fact, he wanted to collect the Clow Cards to increase his power, to improve his power.

Sure, Syaoran can be very critical. But he’s critical because he cares. The Clow Cards were very important to him and he wanted to make sure they were handled efficiently.

Moon in Virgos can be perfectionists. When Syaoran didn’t do well on the flute test, he continued to practice after it was all over. He also dedicates himself to learning Japanese and actually spoke fluently throughout the story.

Moon in Virgos don’t get close to others easily, but when they do they treasure every moment with them. Syaoran didn’t get close to people easily, but to the ones he considered friends, he protected and cared for them.

The Moon rules the mother or nurturing figures. It’s clearly evident that Syaoran’s mother is very hard on him (as we can tell from the movie). She also has high expectations of him, which is why she sent him to help Sakura capture the Clow Cards. It’s probably one of the reasons Syaoran works so hard. He really seeks his mother’s approval.

With your natal Moon square or opposite natal Jupiter in Pisces, you want to help people, but can go too far and hurt yourself in the process, or try to give far more than you’re capable of. You can forgive people too easily when you shouldn’t. Your emotions can go too high or too low at times, and you have to learn to rein yourself in and deal with reality. You can be lazy and indulgent, expecting everyone to do everything for you. Conversely, you can do too much for others.

Analyzing Mercury’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.

Moon in Virgos are happy with the simple things, just living a normal life.

Moon in Virgo is happy with the simple things, just living a normal life.

Mercury in Leo (Some Consider Falling)

In your chart, Mercury is in Leo. You want to explain and to control complex situations. You express yourself straightforwardly and directly, at the risk of hurting your entourage. Communication means to figure out the character and the specificity of each individual; you need to understand and to define the personality of your interlocutor so as to clarify the relationship. On the human plane, you are sensitive to power struggles and to the power exerted.

With your natal Mercury in Leo, you talk with flair, and you command people’s attention. You express yourself with warmth and this gets people on your side. You’re strongly connected to your beliefs, stubbornly so at times, and can be a little proud. You need to express yourself, and may be a creative person. You can be a great speaker, with passion and flair. You need to watch for believing that your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are better than everyone else’s, and be more open to what other people have to contribute (This was felt at the beginning of the story). If you have a proper outlet for expression, this can be curbed, so make sure you’re not holding anything in and are properly expressing yourself.

In fact, Syaoran thought he knew so much about the Clow Cards, he overlooked the thoughts and opinions of the Guardian Beast of the Seal! This is partially why some people think Mercury is falling in Leo. Their pride is often connected with their thinking, and sometimes they overlook facts and logic to save their dignity.

Fortunately, Mercury in Leos like to appear competent. They often try to learn all they can to become intelligent beings. Most of the time, they have room to be proud of what they know and what they believe.

When Syaoran turned his speaking abilities towards comforting others, he was just as effective.

With your natal Mercury square or opposite your natal Pluto in Scorpio, you can become obsessed easily. It’s difficult to pull yourself back once you get into something. Trusting people is a problem because you always think they have malicious intent, and you’ll keep digging until you find something that proves you’re right, at least in your own head. You can use your determined mind to your advantage through your work, if you can corral it.


With your natal Mercury sextile or trine your natal Saturn, you have mental discipline and can focus when you need to. You’re honest and expect the same in return. You’re a reliable person, someone who’ll always do what they say they will. You’re good at making plans and sticking with them.

Mercury in Leo normally picks and chooses what they want to focus on, but with Saturn easily working with his Mercury, he is able to focus on any subject, even his least favorite subjects. His mental focus is probably why math is his favorite subject. Saturn makes him a good student.

Analyzing the Sun’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.

Mercury in Leo command people's attention.

Mercury in Leo commands people’s attention.

Venus in Virgo (Falling)

Venus describes your affective life. On the day of your birth, she is found in Virgo. The control of your emotions is essential to you. You need to understand all the aspects of your sentimental life. Therefore, you do not commit your affectivity in tortuous or hazardous paths. This attitude may be interpreted as a form of reserve, of modesty or of shyness (Note: Blush alert 😛 ). You complicate your amorous relationships for fun… Moderation in all things, even and particularly in love! Appearances are misleading: your behaviour may seem cautious, even shy or timid, however, your affectivity is strong… Your heart is discreet and its impulses are controlled and moderate. You do not want your relationship to run out of your control. Your soul is loyal, you are helpful when necessary and you avoid crises, clashes and tragedies in order to not endanger your couple. You are keen to maintain the balance of your unions. But, as you strive too relentlessly to keep your happiness intact, you may lose it. You do not dare to play the games of passion and of love at first sight. You fear burning feelings. In these conditions, it is important that you do not smother your emotions and you take the risk of experiencing a passionate love. Feelings cannot be calculated and they obey very few laws.

With your natal Venus in Virgo, you take a practical approach to love. You may not be the most romantic of people, but you’re incredibly dedicated, and you show how much you care by doing lots of little things for your partner and paying attention to all of the little details of their personality and life. At times, you can point out what they’re doing wrong too much, but in your mind, you’re just trying to help them be the best they can be. You don’t want someone who is too clingy or dishonest. You’re also not fans of people who seem too flashy and want to be the center of attention (Note: Meilin ahem). You don’t need to be in a relationship, and can be a bit insecure in love, so this keeps you from being in many of them, and you take your time getting to know someone first. (Note: Sakura and Syaoran have opposite Venus signs XD)

Syaoran’s Venus is in the falling sign of Virgo. He’s not the most romantic guy around, and it’s hard for him to warm up to people, too. He’s very much a loner. In the anime, Meilin mentioned how he stayed to himself and hardly mingled with others.

Venus in Virgos are really just shy. They also are particular about who they choose for company because they are so shy. Once he’s devoted his life to someone, he’s sweet, caring, and there for those he loves when they need him. Venus in Virgos do subtle things for the ones they love, things people don’t often notice (like he made the teddy bear and hid it for the longest time).

Unlike Sakura, with the exalted Venus, it was hard for others to warm up to him because he was super honest (or critical if you prefer to use that word). But when he does love someone, his feelings are sincere and real (and clear, unlike Sakura’s). In fact, he criticizes those he likes! Venus in Virgos like those who are efficient and perfect, but they always end up falling in love with the “imperfect” ones, those who need them. Tomoyo pointed out in the Sealed Card movie that Syaoran fell in love with the “unsophisticated” part of Sakura. That sums up Venus in Virgo. Many times, no matter how critical they are, they love to be around imperfect people because it helps them insert themselves in their loved ones’ lives.

One thing I always notice about Venus in Virgos is that they never want love to interfere with real life. Yes, many don’t see love as a practical part of life. And they think some people tend to act their most absent-minded when in love, too. They don’t want to be those kind of people. They don’t feel comfortable “losing their mind” just because they are in love. XD And feelings of love can release all kinds of emotions that can cloud the mind. They see it more as something they should invest in when they have the time. They try to control their feelings even more when they work alongside someone they love. Syaoran had this problem often. He found that the real solution to having better focus was to release his feelings so that they wouldn’t be a burden to him when he needed to be of use.

With your natal Venus square or opposite your natal Saturn in Sagittarius, you can have a hard time expressing the love you have for someone. Something stands in the way, and you have to confront whatever it is first before you can open yourself up. You may have a better time managing this aspect as you get older, and you learn to lighten up a little.

With your natal Venus sextile or trine your natal Neptune in Capricorn, you have a gentleness to you, are charming, and can express yourself creatively. You have an active imagination and want everything in the world to be beautiful. You’re a generous person, though you may give too much at times.

With your natal Venus sextile or trine natal Pluto in Scorpio, you can see right through people and situations. You know how to use resources well, and gravitate towards relationships that allow you to transform yourself. You’re passionate without being overwhelming, and know how to sway people to your side.

Analyzing Mercury’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Venus in Virgo individuals’ appearances are misleading: their behaviour may seem cautious, even shy or timid, however, their affectivity is strong

Mars in Capricorn (Exalted)

The planet Mars indicates how you react to life concrete stimulations. It also describes your fighting spirit, your abilities to stand for yourself and to take action. With Mars in Capricorn, your fortitude is quite exceptional. You strive to control your passions and your instincts and to keep a cool-head under all circumstances (Note: I’m sure his Sun in Cancer, the opposite sign, makes this very difficult). This is probably the reason of your strength. You show firmness with others and with yourself. In the course of an action, you are able to make sustainable, strong and well-structured efforts. You may be criticized for your lack of adaptability. Your first reaction is to immutably remain your true self. This propensity to stability, although it may slow down your initiatives, is very valuable, in many circumstances: your reactions are in line with your own values and you are not destabilized by prevailing trends and fleeting fashions… and by advice given to you!

With your natal Mars in Capricorn, you have control over your energy and focus. You come up with long-term goals and you stick to them easily. You like working hard, and you want to feel as though you’re achieving something in life. Your drive is towards success, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get there. You can hold in too much when you get riled up, and over time, that bottling up of emotion (especially anger) can lead to all sorts of problems. On the surface, you can seem like you’re as cold as stone, despite how grounded you are. You have great self-discipline, and you won’t waste any time on anything that you shouldn’t. You demand the best of yourself, sometimes expecting too much, and dedicate yourself to work even more when you’re upset.

Mars is considered the other masculine planet, and Syaoran’s is exalted. Mars is normally passionate, but impulsive and without control. With his Mars in Capricorn, he has the passion, but the mental focus and drive to put his energy somewhere.

Syaoran is focused and hard-working. He will do all it takes to succeed, letting nothing stop him. Sure, he may come across cold on his climb to success (aspects can alter this), but he will make sure the job gets done. The only thing that takes him off-guard at times is his own emotions (because of his Sun sign and the opposition aspect). But most times he tries to stay in control.

If Sakura hadn’t had loads of support, this boy definitely would’ve become the new master in a heartbeat. His determination to prove his worth was unbeatable and even Kero had to acknowledge (in the anime) when Syaoran deserved a Clow Card. He put a tremendous amount of energy into helping Sakura collect and transform the Clow Cards, even sacrificing his own magic and body in the confrontation against Eriol. This same drive brought him all the way from his hometown, Hong Kong, to Japan so he could work on his mission. He sacrificed the comforts of home and the familiarity of family and friends to accomplish his goal. Since the Sun is what makes us happy, he even sacrificed his own happiness (being around his loved ones) just to collect the cards. That is some serious ambition.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of time and wisdom. Most people with this placement handle their energy in a mature fashion. Syaoran was hard on Sakura, but he was also good motivation and a good coach. He made full use of his energy at all times and was always prepared.

With your natal Mars sextile or trine your natal Jupiter in Pisces, you believe in yourself, and this allows you to do more than most. You can embark on new projects and adventures with enthusiasm and drive. You’re a positive person and try not to be too serious. You’re always trying to see just how much more you can do.

Analyzing Saturn’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Mars in Capricorn wants to be successful and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Jupiter in Pisces (Domicile)

Jupiter in Pisces increases your natural generosity and your dedication capacity. Your empathy is strong and you are inclined to offer your strength and your enthusiasm to the most deprived people and to give unlimited assistance to others. Your imagination is powerful and your feelings may flare up easily: with your sensitivity on the alert and your unbridled affectivity, you belong to the category of people who intuitively detect other people’s sufferings and most valuable qualities of the heart, as if you were a human radar.

With your natal Jupiter in Pisces, you’re a compassionate person, and through your compassion, you can accomplish a lot. Help those who can’t help themselves, and be kind to everyone. You have a strong spiritual side, and just want everyone to get along, believing very much in the mantra, make love not war. Let your imagination soar.

Having Jupiter in the traditional domicile, one of the original homes of Jupiter, Syaoran’s faith is powerful. Syaoran understands the full meaning of faith, understanding that through good and bad times, that someone or something will get you through the worst of times.

This is why, in the end, Syaoran was there to remind Sakura of her invincible spell when she almost gave out. Deep down, Syaoran is kind, as Sakura and Tomoyo often point out about him. And when he performs acts of kindness, he will gain more benefits than he can imagine.

Jupiter in Pisces gives a strong spiritual leaning. This touch with the spiritual world was why he was able to master his own magic before he got hold of the Clow Cards and why he was able to channel this energy so well. He understands the nature of things others do not understand. Syaoran is like a “human radar”. He can immediately detect power and intentions. He also knows when someone is suffering and jumps to the rescue. Many times, he does so without acknowledgement (like when dealing with the Power Card).

Jupiter also rules the higher mind and higher learning, particularly with one field of interest in mind. With Jupiter in Pisces, it’s easy to see that Syaoran’s particular field of interest would be something magical, spiritual, or metaphysical.

Analyzing Neptune’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Jupiter in Pisces’s empathy is strong; they can intuitively detect others’ suffering.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius limits your taste for exoticism and for rebellion. On the other hand, he strengthens your sense of responsibilities and your authority. You focus on what is concrete and real and you avoid venturing into unknown territories.

With your natal Saturn in Sagittarius, you take your beliefs seriously. You believe in them strongly, and can have a hard time being open-minded and accepting of other views, yet you try hard to appear to be open. You may have had a hard time with school early in life, and had to teach yourself.

Saturn often puts a limitation on expansion when in Sagittarius. For Syaoran, this didn’t stop him from traveling, but it put “necessity” behind his travels. In other words, he only traveled to Japan because it was a necessity for him. Of course, Saturn placed plenty of obstacles in front of him in Japan, but all of these experiences made him wiser and more mature.

Saturn in Sagittarius also reveals that Syaoran takes his academics seriously. Sagittarius rules scholars and higher learning, particularly when it comes to mastering one subject. Syaoran studied and worked hard to master his magic and learn all he could about his family’s magic. He took it seriously.

Analyzing Jupiter’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Saturn in Sagittarius believe in their own beliefs strongly.

Generational Influences

Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius gives you the taste for feats and extraordinary adventures: as you are caught in the desire to discover, at any cost, you may become a hero, a conqueror, an explorer or, on the symbolic plane, a pioneer in such matters as philosophy, politics, economy or spirituality.

With your natal Uranus in Sagittarius, you’re an intuitive person and drawn to alternative beliefs. You want to help people, but you may not be reliable. You can be brutally honest at times, and don’t care if it gets you in trouble. You want to push through boundaries, are unconventional, and independent.

Syaoran became one of the heroes and the explorer within the story. You can’t tell me he didn’t feel some spirit of adventure when he left Hong Kong for Japan, right? 😉

Syaoran was interested in new philosophies and magic, which is a part of his generation’s path.

Analyzing Jupiter’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.

Uranus in Sagittarius is intuitive and drawn to alternative beliefs.

Uranus in Sagittarius is intuitive and drawn to alternative beliefs.

Neptune in Capricorn

 Neptune in Capricorn brings a touch of humanity and emotion into your ambition made of cold and calculated vision. Or, on the contrary, it may disrupt your precise and clear vision of your professional future.

With your natal Neptune in Capricorn, you want to achieve something in your life, and can be practical with your creative ideas. When it comes to your beliefs, you can go for traditional views, or find inspiration through the arts. You may wish life was more fair and rewarded hard work more than it does, and have to learn to accept life as it is.

I think, throughout the story, Syaoran learned how to implement humanity into his calculated vision. He admitted that when he first moved to Japan, all he cared about was collecting the Clow Cards and enhancing his own magic. But after meeting Sakura and the gang, Syaoran learned to do things for others.

Syaoran didn’t fully get what he wanted in the end, and maybe he didn’t feel it was fair, which was more evident in the WB dubbed version. 😦 But Syaoran did win the heart of the one he loved. That’s a victory in itself.

His future is just as unclear as Sakura’s and all the other characters in the series. Anything is possible for them, I suppose.

With your natal Neptune sextile or trine your natal Pluto in Scorpio, you have an active imagination, and are an intuitive person. You can follow your dreams and make them real, and it happens more smoothly.

Analyzing Saturn’s sign would give more clarity to this interpretation.


Neptune in Capricorn can be practical with their creative ideas.

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto in Scorpio is in his own sign, and according to the Tradition, he is most potent and at his best; fantasies, powerful instincts, strong domineering tendencies, outbursts of passions…

With your natal Pluto in Scorpio, you can be intense, but you fight hard for what you believe is right. You’re determined and can deal with your inner issues. You don’t care for the rules, are willful, and desire intense experiences.

This generation is a powerful one. There are probably many early anime characters from this generation because there was a burst of magical girls and martial arts animes throughout the 1990s (XD). Their intense will, their transformative power, and fixed passions have helped them succeed in areas unheard of. When Syaoran and all of his comrades focus this will, they are all unbeatable. Syaoran came to Japan to increase his own power. This generation is mostly focused on having power over their own lives and will do whatever it takes to achieve that.

Analyzing Mars’s and Pluto’s signs would give more clarity to this interpretation.

Pluto in Scorpio is passionate and powerful.

Pluto in Scorpio is passionate and powerful.

Hope you Cardcaptor Sakura fans (and other readers) enjoyed it! Was it enlightening? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

If you have any extra information, please share!

What Do Your Zodiac Signs’ Colors Say About YOU?

22 Jun


Many of you have probably heard of your “astrological” or “zodiac” sign before. You probably know whether you’re an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces, right?

But many of you may not know that the signs we’re most familiar with are our “star” signs or Sun signs and that we have 9 other important “planetary” signs in our astrological natal charts.

For those who don’t know this, this article may be too confusing for you.

To Learn more about this, move on over to this article first: Introduction to the Planets, Signs, and Aspects

For those who are aware, this will be a good, simple read.

We’ve all heard that certain colors are associated with certain Sun signs. Well, those colors are not just for the Sun. We could exude other planetary energies if we wear the colors associated with our other signs. This could bring balance to our wardrobes and allow us to have some variety.

I created this color guide so that everyone can bring out the best of their natal charts and so people won’t feel so consumed by the colors of their Sun signs.

First, let’s start off with the colors associated with the 12 signs:

Aries, vibrant and bold 
Other: violet, blue, black, and white, gold

Taurus, calm and sensual 
Main-pale Pink, Green
Other: pale Yellow, pale blue, pale purple, white, brown, black

Gemini, bright and social
Other: bright green, burnt orange, blue, pink

Cancer, caring and dreamy 
Main-Silver, Grey, white
Other: purple, green, blue

Leo, dramatic and dignified
Main-gold, orange
Other: purple, red, copper, baige, rose pink, yellow

Virgo, intelligent and down-to-earth 
Main-brown, green
Other: dark blue, grey, white, rust purple

Libra, classy and easy-going 
Other: pale green, purple, white, pink, white, pastels

Scorpio, magnetic and powerful
Main-shades of red, black
Other: dark Purple, dark gray, seaweed green, dark blue

Sagittarius, adventurous and wise
Main-Purple,light and dark shades, dark blue
Other: blue, green, dark brown, black, red, yellow

Capricorn, cool and goal-oriented
Main-Black, dark brown, dark gray
Other: indigo, dark purple, navy, dark red, brown, white, dark green

Aquarius, spontaneous and altruistic
Main-Electric blue, turquoise,aquamarine
Other: blue, green, purple, neon pink, red, electric colors, strange colors

Pisces, imaginative and perceptive
Main-Sea green, shades of purple
Other: mauve, silver, white, blue, violet, all decided by their moods

If we combine the colors of the signs with the planetary meanings, we will begin to understand how we can bring out the best in our outfits and ourselves.

Next is how planetary meanings can resonate with the colors in your clothes:

The Sun-Rules the ego and the basic self, the inner identity. Wearing the colors of our Sun sign will feel the most natural. To the world, it will seem to fit with your general identity. Reflecting who you “are”, you are likely to attract the right opportunities to yourself that will make you content, happy, and confident in your skin. People have developed their identities since they were children, so wearing the colors will seem to bring you back to your youth. At the same time, because you are one with yourself, you will have more confidence, which will make you seem like an authority figure to others. These colors would be perfect to wear for any occasion, especially when you need a confidence boost.

Example: When Sun is in its rulership sign of Leo, wearing bright and bold colors like orange or gold will fit well with their natural dramatic identity. They will definitely be able to attract attention and adoration, which makes them happy and confident!

J-Lo looks naturally aglow in orange! It suits her regal personality!

J-Lo looks naturally aglow in orange! It suits her regal personality! It won’t be hard for this Leo to get attention!

The Moon-Rules the home, moods, feelings. When we wear the colors of our Moon sign, we may be conveying several energies depending on our feelings and mood. The moon is the innermost part of us. It’s very personal. If we wear the colors of our moon, it’s almost like a mood ring reflecting our general moods and feelings. At the same time, these colors could attract circumstances that could improve our overall mood and feelings. We may also feel more connected with our family, culture, and home environment when we wear these colors. The colors could go well with our home décor to improve the overall mood of our homes. These colors would be perfect to wear when feeling down or feeling inspired.

Example: When the Moon is in Scorpio, its falling sign, the people influenced tend to have brooding or deep feelings all the time. Their feelings are extreme and overwhelming at times. Dark colors reflect this brooding mood and depth of mind. But it can also be healing and powerful for them to wear such dark colors. These colors may remind them of darker memories, but these private individuals may still find comfort in black or dark red for home décor and fashion styles. It keeps the busy-bodies away.


Beyonce expresses her inner fierceness in this dark red leather coat! Moon in Scorpio at its finest!

Mercury-Rules communication and the conscious mind (thoughts). When we wear the colors of Mercury, we’re revealing the natures of our thoughts and helping ourselves communicate better. Any creative ideas will be expressed easier through the colors that resonate well with our thinking patterns. We would also attract the right circumstances and people for easier communication and mental stimulation. These colors would be perfect to wear when giving a speech, going to work or school, going to a party, or roaming about the neighborhood.

Example:  When Mercury is in Libra, light pastel colors reflect their cool and diplomatic thoughts on matters. They can better present diplomatic ideas when wearing colors that are soft on the eyes. Most people will be able to listen to them when they aren’t loud or flamboyant in their color choices. They will also attract diplomatic and easy-going people, the perfect types for socializing and helping to create a scene of harmony.

Leonardo is showing off his cool Mercury in Libra side. Doesn't this outfit scream "laid-back"?

Leonardo is showing off his cool Mercury in Libra side. Doesn’t this outfit scream “laid-back”?

Venus-Rules Beauty, love, art, affection, aesthetic sense, values, harmony. Venus rules over the color scheme, taste, and style. When we wear the colors of our Venus sign, we are introducing to the world our own individual style and taste!  As a result, we are also sharing our own unique charms and physical beauty. Venus refines us all. When wearing these colors, we tend to look more refined and elegant to the outside world. Venus softens any rough edges and adds an appealing glow to us. These colors would be best to wear on a first date or a night out with friends. If you want to look fabulous all the time, wear a hint of it every day! With Venus colors, we can look quite sexy in a subtle way.

Example: When Venus is in Aries, her detrimental sign, bold red could bring out this individual’s beauty, charms, and graces. They just really look good in red! These people usually like the color red, along with blue, purple, black, and white.

Lily James looks both natural and lovely in red! (Sun and Venus in Aries)

Mars-Rules energy, ambition, drive, aggression, and sex. As a malefic planet, Mars can be tricky. It can be intense or cruel and yet powerful. When we wear the colors of Mars, we are bringing out our own fierce energy and ambition. We will be attracting the right situations to us to help us reach our goals! Unfortunately, we’ll attract competition and enemies, too. Yet, this intensity can make us appear strong and sexy, and not the subtle kind of sexy. Steamy hot! Our greatest passions come out in the colors represented by our Mars signs.

Example: When Mars is in Gemini, these individuals will show their fun but scattered energy and drive when they sport bright and vibrant colors like yellow. They will certainly attract plenty of people who are interesting, and it will be because they look bold and interesting! They will be able to ease any sort of boredom when they wear vibrant colors. Situations will come towards them that promise a good time. Who wouldn’t want to hang with someone in bright yellow? Seems like a fun person! Of course, these people are taking a chance when they sport such a bold color. There will be people who think this color is too loud. But they still manage to blow off some steamy sex appeal in bright colors.

US actress Uma Thurman poses as she arrives for the screening of the film "Sils Maria" at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI (Photo credit should read ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Uma Thurman definitely looks interesting and bold in yellow! She really brings out her Mars in Gemini energy. Doesn’t she seem more approachable?

Jupiter-Rules luck, expansion, beliefs. This is the greatest benefic. When we wear the colors of our Jupiter signs, we attract all sorts of fortune! We attract the right opportunities to expand our horizons when we step into these colors. Anything that does some good in our lives could ultimately make us happy. Therefore, wearing these colors will bring smiles to our faces and give us a boost of energy. These colors may also put us in touch with our beliefs. Our beliefs will be taken seriously if we reflect what we believe.

Example: When Jupiter is in Scorpio, these people attract the opportunity to get involved in some deep and intense experiences that will change their world forever when they sport dark colors like black, dark red, and purple. They also reflect their deep beliefs when they wear these colors. I mean, anyone looking as intense as a Scorpio must have some deep thoughts, right? These people enjoy shaking things up and living life on the edge. A dark color like black and dark red is enough to make them smile!


Britney shows us sexy and edgy in this hot dark red sequined stage ensemble! It’s no surprise she’s Jupiter in Scorpio

Saturn-Rules structure, form, limitation, and responsibility. When we wear the colors of our Saturn, it may take a while for us to warm up to it. But we won’t regret it! We will bring out our professional talents when we wear these colors and will attract success. These colors will thus make us look more mature. If you want to look wiser, wear the colors of your Saturn.

Example: When Saturn is in Sagittarius, wearing the color purple would put them in touch with their more mature and wise side. These people want to learn from the world and teach others or inspire others. In purple, the combination of passionate red and subtle blue will help them find experiences and students to teach.


Madonna gives us the adventure but still carries her “diva” wisdom in purple. Saturn in Sagittarius can make even the most outrageous outfit seem sophisticated.

Uranus-Generational Planet. Rules change, spontaneity, and innovation. When we wear the colors of our Uranus signs, we reflect the changing attitudes of our generation and our sense of rebellion against the norm. These colors could bring us closer to inspired thought. Free your inner rebel in these colors! There’s probably more that we can do with this color than ever before. Now is your time to get innovative and start integrating these colors in spontaneous ways!

Example: When Uranus is in Aquarius, its rulership, these individuals are growing up at a time when anything is possible! They want to be seen as unique and original, so bold electric colors best help them get in touch with their generation’s message. These are the times to dip into some new unusual colors that have probably never been heard before and start trying new things with them!

Definitely representing the Uranus in Aquarius generation!

Definitely representing the Uranus in Aquarius generation! Kylie Jenner made a bold fashion statement with turquoise blue hair!

Neptune-Generational Planet. Rules imagination, artistry, illusion, fantasy. Most of these things are found in books, movies, magazines, tv shows, the internet, and in stores. We are all influenced by entertainment and other art forms, even if we don’t realize it. That’s how subtle influence can be. Neptune could rule over the fashion worn by our favorite celebrities in our favorite movies or music videos. It also inspires fashion designers and what they put out in stores. When we wear the colors of our Neptune, we may very well be wearing the colors most popular among the celebrities! We are recreating our generation by wearing these colors and inspiring others in later generations.

Example: When Neptune is in Leo, bright and bold colors like orange, gold, and yellow reflect the glamor of the time period.

Marilyn Monroe perfectly captured the glam of Neptune in Leo! She was everyone's "dream" girl!

Marilyn Monroe perfectly captured the glam of Neptune in Leo! She was everyone’s “dream” girl!

Pluto-Generational Planet. Rules power, obsession, transformation. When we wear the colors of Pluto, we are revealing the deepest part of our generation. We will be able to attract powerful positions and transformative situations when we embrace the colors of our Pluto. Pluto can make us all intensely sexy in a mysterious and magnetic way. We may reflect our deepest secrets and obsessions. Not too many people may feel comfortable when wearing colors that reflect their “dark side”, but it may lead to healing if we come to terms with our deepest fears and bring it to light. Then we show we don’t fear it anymore.

Example:  When Pluto is in Sagittarius, the color purple shows the generation’s obsession with travel , foreign cultures, and wisdom. They show that they want to combine passionate adventure and cool intelligence together in their lives when they wear purple.


Zendaya manages to look cool and empowering in purple!

So try and combine your planetary energy with your sign energy and see what magic you can create!

Leave me a comment and let me know what combinations have brought out the best in you!

KPOP: 27 Things New or Casual Fans May Not Know About the ‘Crazy Popular’ Kpop Industry

20 Jun


Kpop has become a huge phenomenon within the last decade and is still popular now. It is considered the “secret music society” of this generation. It has its own close-knit community and is prized because it seems to reflect pure South Korean culture in a modern way. South Korean officials call it Korea’s “soft power”.

This is all a result of the Hallyu Wave. <—Read More About It Here

Most international Kpop fans get into the genre because of the catchy songs, the perfect dance moves, and the myriads of attractive men and women involved. They may also like the innocence and “purity” of the music and music videos. After all, you will hardly see or hear outright violence and/or explicit sex in their songs or videos. To outsiders, these groups seem like the perfect packaged artists. For those people looking for more substance, Kpop groups may turn you away. For those interested in quality and wholesome music, Kpop is the way to go.

Kpop does for Asian artists what the other nations around the world have a hard time doing: promoting Asian talent.

From the beginning, you already can understand that there is something special about Kpop that makes it stand out from any pop music around the world. Like any pop stars around the world, Kpop artists invest a lot in promotion. But unlike other pop artists, these figures don’t just entertain; they are packaged to fulfill the desires of their audience. Thus, they are worshipped.

For those of you just getting into the genre and into the Kpop community, you may find yourself embraced by a culture all its own: the Kpop culture. It comes with its set of friends, fun, and celebrations. Still, several things may confuse you, anger you, and/or turn you off (even if you like the music). There are many things newcomers don’t really know or understand when they first get involved with this genre.

I’ve been a Kpop fan since the beginning of the Hallyu wave in late 2003 to 2004. My first favorite Kpop artist was BoA. I then went on to liking S.E.S., DBSK (now TVXQ), Lee Hyori, and Se7en. I’m still a Jumping BoA for life though. Even though I was a Kpop fan then, I didn’t see it the way I do know. Much of the fan bases have changed over the years. I feel like a newcomer with this “new wave” of fans even though I’ve loved the genre for more than 10 years! There are still some things I’m learning as times change, especially as everything is being shared on the internet. Many of the things I’ve learned confused me, especially regarding the culture. Some things disappointed me before I really understood the culture. But I don’t want any newcomers to come in confused, with unrealistic expectations, or unprepared. I’ve created a list of 24 things newcomers should understand while jumping into Kpop. This list will help you deal with certain trends, habits, joys, and disappointments in the Kpop universe.

Kpop has a surface side and a hidden side. I want to address both sides: 1) what all Kpop fans know about the genre from a surface level and 2) what you newcomers may not see right off, but some hardcore Kpop fans may know.

This article may not sound too culturally sensitive, but it is meant to be down-to-earth and show international fans (especially western fans) what they may be getting into. After all, it’s important to cover all bases, right?

WARNING: The following sections may be long for some readers, but there were a lot of things I felt needed to be addressed.

The “underlined links” are sources to back up what I’m saying. I tried to avoid websites with viruses, but if you encounter such an issue, please leave me a comment and I will remove the link.

This will not be in any particular order.

What You May See…what you may see

  1. Labels Are Just As Big As Artists
  2. Debuts And Comebacks Are A Big Deal
  3. Labels Want Global Attention
  4. Fans Are Monstrous
  5. Korean Music Shows Decide Success
  6. International Fans Should Buy Hard copies
  7. Variety shows, Talk shows, K-dramas, Fashion ads, And Magazines Promote Kpop artists
  8. Check Time Zone Differences
  9. Be On The Lookout For International Tours
  10. Groups Are Bigger Than Solo Artists
  11. Kpop Labels Follow The Trends

Behind the Scenes…behind the scenes

  1.  Labels Are Blamed For Everything
  2. Many Kpop Idols Aren’t Korean
  3. Kpop Idols Don’t Last Long
  4. Idols Can’t Date
  5. Duty And Hard Work Is prized
  6. Male Idols Must Serve In The Military
  7. Boy Groups Are More Popular Than Girl Groups
  8. Kpop Is Not Extremely Diverse
  9. Looks Are Just As Important As Talent
  10. Standing Out Is Difficult In Kpop
  11. Kpop Idols Are Very Traditional At The Core
  12. Kpop Doesn’t Always Reflect Everything in Korea
  13. Kpop Is Always Changing
  14. What Does It Take To Be a Kpop Idol?
  15. Kpop Idols Don’t Make As Much As They Should
  16. Korean TV stations will ban certain Kpop songs from being aired

What You May See…

The “What You May See” section deals with anything that most Kpop fans know from a surface level. There are casual Kpoppers who can even understand what goes under this section if they are curious enough. Most fans may gather information like this from reading the comments sections on Youtube. Still, for those of you who are lost when it comes to the goings-ons of the Kpop universe, I’m here to help.

1) Labels Are Just As Big As Artists


I want to start with this. Believe it or not, labels mean everything in Kpop nowadays. I don’t know what has happened in the last few years that I’ve been into Kpop, but I’ve never seen so many labels pop out with groups the way Korean labels have been doing recently. When I first got into Kpop, I never once heard people talking about supporting LABELS. Maybe it was around, but mostly people talked about their favorite artists like they did in any country around the world. Now, it’s so different…

The labels in Korea decide everything. This is not just from behind the scenes (they do bind their artists in strict contracts), but from the fan perspective, too. Fans of Kpop usually support artists under the same label as their favorite group. This is important to note. You may be surprised to find the most famous groups or solo artists in Kpop are no different from the least famous, but because they are backed by a bigger label, they will get more attention.

You may have heard fans say, “I stan SM” or “I stan JYP”. This shows that the labels are the ones REALLY running the show.

The three “powerhouse” labels are SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Nation at the moment. These labels have contributed to the Hallyu Wave and have helped in putting Kpop on the map. SM Entertainment was the first to market their artists in countries outside of Korea. This brought international attention to Kpop. YG Entertainment has had many of their artists go viral overseas (particularly in America) due to their artists’ “westernized” style of music. JYP’s CEO is infamous himself. He is a Kpop idol and has a lot of influence in Korea. He was a direct contributor to the Hallyu Wave. These three labels have all started many Kpop trends known in the genre today. Even when visiting them in Seoul, Korea, around the area they reside, you will notice how popular these labels are. YG’s building is particularly spectacular and as amazing as entering an art museum. They are tourist attractions all their own.


These labels have gotten so big because they have developed a “brand” just with their name alone. On all of their music videos, their names are stamped on it somehow.

The artists from these labels often support other artists from the same label, which helps the popularity of other groups. They look out for each other. Still, competition can be fierce even from one label, especially if fans think the labels are “playing favorites” with the artists. Labels do rely on the bigger artists to maintain the company. Honestly, they need the bigger artists to maintain and support the lesser-known artists. Some labels do “play favorites” and pour out more promotion for the highly anticipated groups and soloists.

When fans bring so much attention to artists from the same label, they are indirectly bringing fame and longevity (and more money) to the label itself (and making it difficult for other labels to shine). This makes the labels’ brand itself of “idol” status. This can be annoying at times. The real clincher is that there are tons of other amazing artists that are from lesser-known labels. Sometimes, the bigger labels will produce mediocre work in comparison to a lesser known label. But because one piece of work was done by a bigger label, the more infamous song will get more attention, even if it’s not so good. The saddest part is that some fans blindly support a “label” rather than individual artists themselves. This gives more power to the label and less power to the artists.

The real questions you may have: Why do fans only support idols under the same label? How did it get this way?

Well, labels tend to produce the same kind of music amongst their artists. If fans liked the original sound and they mass produce it by many artists, what’s stopping fans from liking it? Their love just travels to other artists. Labels usually use the same recording studios, choreographers, and songwriters for all of the artists. All of the artists seem to have a “connection” when produced by the same label. This is a good marketing strategy. So, when people like a song by one group or soloist from the label, the label will hire the same team for newer groups so they will get attention for having the same “magnetic” sound. This is how the Kpop craze began. After a while, fans get used to associating the artists together under the same label and no longer care if they all sound the same or not, as long as they’re all under the same label.

The second reason fans support artists under the same label is because the money all goes in the same pot. If you support one group, the money will be used by the label to support other artists under that label, especially new artists who start off with nothing. If your favorite group is struggling, it’s refreshing to know that other fandoms will support the efforts of your favorite group. There’s also a sense of family among the fans who stan the same label.

Still, there is back-biting and hating even within the same label’s fandoms. Nowadays, it’s more common to find trolls on the internet who love to pick on less popular groups.

There are more fan wars between the competing labels, though. Every fandom wants to put their label on the map and have it conquer the music industry. I think fans are hoping that if they make the loudest noise, people will pay attention to their favorites. One thing is for certain: The bigger labels always have enough money to do world tours.

With Kpop going international, fans are even more adamant about supporting their favorite idols because they want the chance to see their idols live. If their idols are barely popular in Korea, it will be a slim chance international fans will get to see their idols live.

My advice is not to fall into the trap of the “label game”. Support the artists you like. Reward artists who truly deserve it.

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2) Debuts And Comebacks Are A BIG Deal


When you first get into a Kpop fandom, you will notice that all Kpop fans are eager for debuts and comebacks. As mentioned before, fans support the artists from their favorite labels mostly, but neutral people get excited when any interesting groups show up.

Usually, comebacks and debuts are major events, almost holidays, in the Kpop universe. Teasers are usually dropped right before the reveal of the music video and then the album. Some idols may have extra promotion, like f(x)’s art museum exhibit.

Fans in Korea and abroad support their favorites in more ways than just buying albums. Many fans organize fan meetings, create and supply merchandise, come together on “cafes” to strategize how to help their favorites win on music shows, chant their fan “name”, wear the fan “color”, and so much more. If a comeback drops unexpectedly, fans really can’t give it the utmost support they would usually. Some companies are aware of this and will announce comebacks months in advance.

At this time, fans are usually in “rush mode”. In order to get their idols on the charts, they have to purchase albums and stream songs. This helps their favorite idols win on music shows and boosts the egos of all involved. After all, they aren’t doing all of this to just support their idols and keep them around. They also hope to beat the competition.

At this time, fans are also desperately trying to find ways to boost views on Youtube, which also helps their idols win on music shows.

They also try to search on Korea’s biggest search engines, the biggest being Naver. It is a search engine that caters exclusively to Koreans and their country. Google can’t even dominate it.

Korean fans have more advantages than international fans.  They have access to all the Korean websites and live closer to idols. International fans have to find clever ways to reach out to Kpop idols.

Sometimes, fans will do all of these “support” tactics even if the comeback or debut is a bust. They may not like the song or the concept, but will still support it anyway, just because they’ve invested their own identities in these artists and the labels involved. They still will try to promote the artists and just have a “better luck next time”attitude about it. After all, they want to keep these idols around longer.

Still, most Kpop artists and their labels try to be the first to bring out their most interesting, attractive, and polished concepts so that everyone will like it. If a group already has a strong identity, it doesn’t matter what the concept, it will still be eaten up. Those groups will have it easier. They could get away with less effort. Lesser-known groups try to come out with something original, but not too different or unusual. They try to strike that balance so they can attract their usual fan base once again as well as attract new fans to the group.

What may be attractive to international fans may not be attractive to Korean fans. International fans do matter, but Korean fans have more power when it comes to influencing Kpop charts like Melon, Hanteo, Gaon, and others. I’ll talk more about this later…

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3) Labels Want Global Attention

kwalogo (1)

This can go under both what is noticeable and unseen by the casual listener.

Many international fans may notice that Kpop seems to have a lot of western influences. For starters, the genre of pop is familiar to Westerners (as it took off the ground in America). But hip-hop, rap, and other once-exclusive genres seem to permeate Kpop. English words are sprinkled throughout the songs, even in the chorus. It may have you wondering, “Is this really Korean pop music?” And many music videos nowadays have English captions so that western fans can follow along.

There are even some variety shows, like After School Club, that cater to English speakers. Labels scout out foreigners from the west to bring to their labels.

People also may notice that world tours seem to be huge in Japan and China. Foreign artists from both nations are present in Kpop groups. Chinese versions of Korean songs (like EXO’s Monster) are also recognizably present. I’m sure they are also wondering, “Is this Kpop?”

Kpop labels are also interested in other eastern countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and many more. But they mostly want the attention of America, China, and Japan.

On the one hand, you could just attribute it to the fact that Korea has become more globalized and is interested or just inspired by American, Chinese, and Japanese cultures. You might not think this means labels are really interested in these countries, especially not America.

Why would Kpop labels and their idols be so interested in America? One user of Reddit opened an interesting discussion about this topic. I want to borrow these comments because I think they deserve to be read by others (sorry for those I borrowed from, but I will give you credit 😉 )

The poster, Ashyne, starts by listing all of the recognizable differences between the Kpop market and the American market and why it doesn’t seem reasonable for Asian labels to try and break into the Western American market.

1) Language-Most Americans who are not Asian would prefer to listen to music in their language, although music itself can be enjoyed regardless of whether one understands the lyrics or not.

2) Culture-The culture of South Korea is the complete opposite of America’s. The formalities and etiquette inherent in the basic Korean lifestyle cannot be compared to the more informal and individualistic culture of America. Cultural differences create a “me vs you” prejudice that make it hard for those unaccustomed to the foreign culture to accept, appreciate and understand it.

3) Beauty Ideals-This is easily the most visually apparent. Where the American ideal of beauty features and encourages an adult, sensual and seductive look with thick make-up, arched eyebrows and tan skin, South Korea idealizes the pure and innocent appearance with natural-looking and light makeup, pale skin, straight eyebrows and a youthful child-like demeanor.

4) Fashion Styles-For the sake of easily-identifiable differentiation, I will refer to female idols. South Korean popular fashion, driven by K-Pop trends and fads, is mainly about looking girly, delicate and youthful. Soft fabrics with pastel colors for the feminine and child-like look on one end of the spectrum (e.g. Apink/Lovelyz) or vibrant eye-catching styles combining a contrast of elements for the more teenage-chic appearance on the other (e.g. 2NE1/T-ara).

The clothes worn by female American soloists or girl groups are inherently revealing, provocative and deliberately meant to portray an adult look permeated with overt sensuality and sexuality.

5) Choreography-K-Pop choreography for male idol groups features a more artistic, eye-catching performance with very complex and rapid dance routines than American boy groups, who usually value vocal talent over excessively prominent choreographies.

For female K-Pop idols, choreography is light-hearted and dainty on one end of the spectrum for the cutesy groups, or more sexual and provocative on the other end of the spectrum for groups that feature a sexier concept. This is the only kind of choreography that is similar to, but still easily distinguishable from American female singer-dancers, whose choreography are much more sexually-explicit and vulgar.

6) Music-The music between Korean and American idol groups are more similar than the other factors listed above. K-pop idol groups, both male and female, usually sing about innocent romances, first loves, breaking up or love at first sight (teenage topics); while Americans sing about these topics too, they also sing about addictions and more adult topics.

The aforementioned factors are not all, but the main ones that become easily apparent when trying to consider the reasons that K-pop idols will have a difficult time being successful in America.

Let’s now look at simplified statistics:

America has a population of around 320 million. Combining the 6 factors listed above and considering that Asians, to whom Asian music (e.g. K-pop) appeal the most, are the minority of the population, we have a tiny fraction of the American demographic that are a potential source for interest in K-pop music.

Now, on the other hand, K-pop is vastly more popular in East and Southeast Asia also due to the similarities I pointed out above. Besides popularity, K-pop has been a part of popular Asian music scene for decades starting with the earliest K-pop pioneers that received attention outside South Korea.

Also consider that East Asia already contains China, Japan and South Korea who are the 3 largest consumer nations of K-pop. The overall population of East Asia is 1.6 billion people.

K-pop is also highly popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia with massive fanbases. There are around 600 million people in this region.

So we have a simple statistic comparison of 320 million Americans (of whom only a minority are potential fans) versus 2200 million Asians (of whom a significantly larger majority are potential fans) and from this we can see that in Asia, there is a vastly larger potential fanbase than America could ever hope to achieve.

With these facts, it is reasonable to conclude that “cracking America” would be a waste of time. This is the question many Kpop fans have, even in Korea. Many posters gave very good responses, but one poster has a real clue what’s going on and how the labels really see it, even if it doesn’t sound too culturally “sensitive”.

affabillyty gives this response:

  1. America is the global cultural beacon: For better or worse, what gets produced in Hollywood has the best chance of becoming international culture. Kpop has certainly upended Japan’s regional influence in becoming a top-tier cultural beacon in East Asia and SE Asia, but music and film made in Hollywood has the potential to transcend Continental Europe, East Asia, Latin America and, of course, the rest of the English speaking world (UK, Canada, Australia, Oceania). Though it’s almost a non-starter if the music isn’t in English…
  2. Artistic liberation: as you mentioned in your post, the stereotypical Korean aesthetic is youthful, chaste and pure. American pop culture is sexualized, provocative and mature. I think in the past 1-2 years, the Kpop aesthetic has drastically shifted towards the American norm. Hip-hop is pretty dominant, videos are increasingly sexualized, and both Korean and American artists are being styled in converging “streetwear” clothing. There are even smaller anecdotal signs like BESTie showcasing a gay storyline in “Excuse Me” or Hyorin very blatantly rejecting the “white is right” skin tone every other artist spends so much money on preserving (and enhancing). I think the American market, and by extension American pop-culture, is a counterbalancing force for Kpop artists (and labels) who want to eschew the “Gee” archetype.
  3. Pride: There is an immense sense of pride among Asian countries to overcome colonial history and reemerge as global economic and culture forces, particularly from a corporate perspective. Japan was first to go through this process and produce companies like Sony, which dominate in multiple industries – including music. SMTOWN, if you’ve noticed, has been not-so-quietly pushing its brand. They built that SM culture center in Seoul, and I believe Lee Soo Man has openly said he wants SM to become Korea’s first ‘global’ music label (sorry, I don’t have a source). Every video released this year by SM also has a very conspicuous SM log in the letterbox. In the same way that PSY was celebrated as a national hero for peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, I think the labels feel equally motivated to achieve corporate dominance – especially SM.

I want to further add to these points.

Another reason Kpop idols and their labels might want to break into America is because they might want to make more money. As a “global cultural beacon”, most celebrities in the USA are making millions to billions of dollars. Kpop idols don’t make nearly as much. I’ll talk more about this later…

One more reason Kpop idols and labels might want to break into the American market could be because they also see an opening in the American market they can capitalize off of. Because America is over-saturated with sexy female pop stars, mature concepts, and male vocalists, there is an opening in the market for stars who offer something different or unique. This is why artists like Adele and Sia stand out so much (though their music is pretty mature). And actually, this is why some Americans have become fans of Kpop in the first place. What Kpop is offering might be different for Americans, but there isn’t much competition for Kpop idols and their style either if you really think about it. Few artists are as pure and youthful and polished as Kpop idols. So, different is good for Americans. Few people perform the way Kpop stars do or offer the same level of ability, to add the certain level of etiquette and humility. They just struggle to get Americans to warm up to the difference. But Kpop labels and their idols actually have an open playing field if they can promote themselves in the right way. This is also aside from the fact few American faces are Asian. Kpop labels can monopolize that part of the market if they successfully break into the American industry.

I don’t think these points are just exclusive to America alone. It also applies to why South Korea wants Japan’s attention, too. Though #1 Global Cultural Beacon may sound a little haughty, stats support this. America and Japan are entertainment giants. America’s music industry alone dominates (not even thinking of film, gaming, and technology), with Japan as a super close second (2010 was the year Japan beat America’s music industry market). Before 2011, Americans bought physical albums in millions. When the digital boom began to occur in 2010, Japan slipped in because they were still buying those physical copies while America was starting to download (or pirate) online. Eventually, as the world went digital, America was leading the way, with Japan still a close second (and fighting). As mentioned, the difference between the two is that America is a fresh market for Asian entertainment. Hardly any Asians have made their mark in America YET. Every Asian label wants the honor of cracking one of the biggest barriers to their global success. It would certainly give that label bragging rights.

And as the poster said, if you make it in America, you can also influence the other western nations, unlike if you make it in Japan. If South Korea can dominate both the east and west, they can slowly take over the music market (and slowly take over the minds and hearts of the people with their cultural values and ideas). As well as make a whole lot of money. This will not only add to the labels’ pot, but it can boost the overall South Korean economy. By appealing to these countries, tourism will increase, giving even more to the economy. Labels and Kpop idols could make a lot more money than they are making now if they debuted in other Asian countries along with maintaining their Korean fame, but with America being a “global cultural beacon”, they would make even more if they debuted in America. This could turn Kpop idols into millionaires in their own home country too, which could give them power and influence (which is what Psy is experiencing to a certain degree).

Last, Kpop helps spread ideas, allowing Korea to dominate both politically and socially. If they were to break into the American market, their own values could earn respect from the world or at least open a gateway to understanding their culture.

In 2004, when I first got into Kpop, South Korea was the 28th biggest music industry in the world. But look at it now! It is now among the top 10! This was all due to South Korean labels’ clever strategies. When it comes to reaching out to Americans, they have used the internet as a tool to promote their artists, they’ve included foreigners in their Kpop idol line-ups, they’ve gotten some American songwriters, producers, and choreographers on the team, they have purchased songs from both America and other European countries, they’ve inculcated “Americanized” styles of music, and they’ve sent Kpop idols to America to act as “ambassadors”.

They don’t have to go to such great lengths to appeal to Asian countries as they are more similar in culture, but they still have to try to keep their interest as well. In fact, much of the “Hallyu” wave is owed to Japan. SM’s success as a label skyrocketed as soon as they began working with Japan’s powerhouse label Avex and began releasing their artists through the label. Many Kdramas have also been adaptations of Japanese manga and anime, like Boys Over Flowers and To the Beautiful You (Hana Kimi). Many labels laced Kpop songs in these drama adaptations, which further helped the success of Kpop.

China may not have a huge music industry (mostly because they don’t play the export-import game too often), but they have a LARGE population and they have a lot of influence over the other East Asian countries. There are many Chinese speakers in the countries surrounding China (such as in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia). Getting rich off of the Chinese is nothing if a label can convince them that it is worth it. SM’s boyband H.O.T was the first kpop group to tour in China. Kpop is now a big thing in China.

Unfortunately, in order to promote artists in China, the country of Korea has to stay in China’s good graces. With the THAAD issue on the rise, it made it clear that in order for idols to continue their success in China, political issues with the nation had to be ironed over. But they still could gain the support of surrounding Chinese-speaking nations.

I want to address #2 next: Artistic Liberation. This is more common in the major industries like the USA and Japan. In Japan, artists like Utada Hikaru (who was actually born in the USA, but debuted in Japan) and Ayumi Hamasaki have been pioneers in the Japanese industry when it came to fighting for the artists’ rights to their music. Ayumi Hamasaki has especially been triumphant in pulling herself from a binding contract and stepping out to make the masterpiece, I AM.

America has always been a diverse industry. We’ve had our share of manufactured artists, but we’ve had equally popular multi-talented artists, like Bob Dylan and Prince, who had creative control over their music.

In these countries, Kpop artists hope that they will be able to get more musical freedom and will get the chance to be seen as true “artists” and not “products”. In these countries, artists don’t have to debut in “manufactured” groups in order to be successful. They can debut individually, with their own sound, or in any group they choose. Contracts aren’t as binding because they don’t monitor the personal lives of artists, just the business side. Pop and hip-hop music are popular in these countries, but many other genres are, too. If someone wants to try country, edm, rock, or any other genre, they could thrive with the right promotion and the perfect sound.

America is more appealing than Japan in this regard because America is perceived as more individualistic (meaning we seem to care about the individual’s right to “be”) and seems to be even less about following one code or system of rules. Though each of us have our own morals, Americans will set aside their beliefs and opinions to objectively enjoy the music. Michael Jackson and Miley Cyrus both had very poor reputations at their prime, but both managed to still pull success from their albums. Why? Because they just made unique and authentic music. Americans especially like artists that are natural or “themselves”. Freedom and independence is prized. Many Kpop idols like the idea that they can take a few risks but still earn respect through their music. It seems appealing from across the globe (just like Kpop seems appealing to the west).

In Korea, kpop idols’ personal lives are monitored closely. Kpop idols who suffer from Korea’s scandals may find the USA to be freer. Those who want to date and start a family while still making music may find America to be freer. Last, those who want their popularity to last more than a few years may be tempted to break into the American market, hoping they achieve huge success. In Korea, kpop idols are lucky to last after reaching 30 years old. In America, artists continue to make successful music well into their 60s, as long as they’re alive!

In Korea, many 20 year olds perform “youthful” concepts. I’m sure there are many of them that prefer to try more “adult” or controversial concepts, like the ones seen in America.

Then there’s Pride. Labels want to give Asians the respect that is long over-do in the west.

All of these things will help Kpop labels get more money in the long run.

The problem with this is that the American industries don’t cater to pop singers with variety shows and dramas. Kpop artists have to promote themselves differently in the US than they do in Korea. The internet is the perfect way for Kpop labels to reach out to America and promote their artists.

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4) Fans Are Monstrous


Kpop fandoms are monstrous in two different ways: They can be an idol’s biggest supporters or their worst enemies. When it comes to supporting idols, fans pour out a lot of money into the genre. For international fans, shipping costs for purchasing albums can be very expensive. Merchandise is expensive, too. Korean fans have up-front access to merch and do a lot to include outside fandoms when it comes to organizing events. They pour a lot of money into their artists even in Korea! It seems like a lot of work for some music, but fans do this so that their favorite idols can keep making music. Idols are also very gracious and show a lot of love and thankfulness to fans.

Having a fandom name and fan color are common traits of Kpop groups. Korean internet cafes (such as Daum) and other fan websites helped in promoting the idea that each idol should have a name to call their followers and a color for all of them to wear. Got7‘s fan name, for example, is IGot7. f(x)’s fan color is periwinkle (which is purplish-lavender).

Being humble and gracious is very important in Korea. This is one of the reasons international fans have fallen in love with the genre. Everyone seems to be trying to be polite even as they perform.

Fans really do seem to worship idols on the surface. Still, fans can also be the worst people in the world. Other fans may call the worst “fans” antis or even trolls. Still, they influence the course of Kpop and the longevity of idols.

Idols can’t function without support. This is why they try hard to appeal to as many people as possible. Still, idols are imperfect humans that have personal lives.

Some fans live in such a Kpop bubble, they often forget that their idols have personal lives and are humans. When idols are struggling, some of the time it can be because of the rigorous schedules or the labels they’re under, but other times it’s because of the demand of the fans. The idols don’t say anything because they rely on the fans’ support for income. But sometimes the fans can be a little extreme. Many “fans” feel that idols should be able to take abuse just because they have chosen a career in the spotlight. It’s also important to note that idols take the opinions of others seriously because it really does affect their reputation and career in Korea. Their goal is to get as many followers and fans as possible.

Fans are very critical and hard on idols because they do expect the best, almost perfection. These idols do often look really polished and perfect on stage. I guess they give the false impression that they are perfect. Some fans have also invested their egos and money in these groups and want their favorites to tromp out competition. When their favorite idols aren’t “reaching” for more or not “attending” events, fans quickly get antsy and critical. Some even expect idols to perform sick! Having a vacation is associated with laziness. This “demanding” streak is when fandoms get monstrous in a negative way. It’s supposed to be entertainment and fun, but some fans can suck the joy out of things.

Fan-idol abusive relationships are common and fans hardly feel like they are wrong in this regard. There is a sense of “ownership” regarding fan-to-idol relationships. I guess because so many fans buy heavily into the industry, they expect their biases to pay exclusive attention to them and fulfill every wish fans desire.

And with so much attention, the bigger you are, the more people you have to criticize you. Kpop has more fans now; that means more haters, too.

You may hear the words “bias”, “stan”, and “Knetizens” or “Knetz” floating around.

In Kpop, again, people support their favorite groups HEAVY and they do develop a bias towards these groups. This means they will like this group no matter what that group releases (just because they may be in love with many other releases or attributes). Sometimes, these same fans will refuse to support other groups, no matter how talented they are.

Even within the group itself, people select their favorite members or “biases”. Usually, each member of a group gets their own fandom ( A fandom name may not be present unless an artist goes solo). Sometimes, the “visuals” (the most attractive members) get the most fans. This makes it harder on other members of the group who have a hard time shining. Still, fans will usually support the whole group despite their favorites.

The word “stan” is common everywhere, even for international artists, so I don’t even have to explain. For those who don’t know what it means, it combines “stalker” with “fan”.

Fans of Kpop aren’t always realistic about idols. The fact that they aren’t looked at as celebrities but as “idols” shows that people really do worship these artists. International fans even make fanfictions based on their favorite idols, almost like they aren’t human and like they belong in some Kdrama. In Korea, they aren’t big on the fanfiction game, but they also fantasize about possibly dating their favorite “oppas” and “unnis” (as they call them often). Fans have a very “pure” depiction of Kpop idols. Most Kpop idols are presented that way by their labels and management team. They are all marketed as cute and dorky, even the male idols at times. Romantic songs really bring in the ladies. And Kpop idols are almost always extremely attractive. This is the main marketing strategy of most labels.

Knetizens, netizens, or Knetz is the slang word used to describe Korean citizens who use the internet and Korean internet community websites to build or break idols. Korean fans obviously have a lot of power over K-idols. First off, they are closer to Kpop in proximity. Second, their culture and opinions more directly influence idols because idols have the same values as most all Koreans. If Knetz like an idol, the idol will stay afloat in their groups. If Knetz dislike an idol, expect that idol to be dropped from the group, no matter how many international fans still exist.

Many Knetizens don’t see eye-to-eye with international fans and vice versa. Some get along great; others are very hard on one another. Much of it has to do with culture clash. Though many international fans like Kpop, their tastes may be different from Knetz based on culture. What westerners will support, for example, may not be supported by Koreans, which affects sales and chart rankings within the country. Many westerners also don’t really understand Korean culture and their codes of “honor” and “loyalty”. Some are so dazzled by Korean pop that they forget that Korea is a country all its own with its own laws and ways of living. International fans may find them to be petty in comparison to other fandoms around the world. Mutually, some netizens dislike when international fans criticize their culture and wish they would respect the fact that Kpop is a Korean art first and foremost.

Knetz Explain Why They Dislike International Fans

Some Knetz are so hard on international fans that they make it difficult for them to get invited on music shows (the shows that usually promote the artists, more on this later). Some can be clique-ish and may exclude anyone who isn’t apart of the main “cafes” (fan websites that make it difficult for international fans to sign up for and get into). Of course, the music shows themselves are selective when it comes to who they choose…

International fans are equally hard on Knetz. Whenever there is a scandal or whenever a song bombs on the charts, international fans are quick to criticize fans who live in Korea. They often don’t recognize their own hand in the problem. International fans don’t always feel that Korean fans appreciate all the talented people they have and wish for some of the artists to debut internationally instead. But Korean fans feel that international fans always try to decide what is right for their industries, when their industries have been doing fine without international inclusion.

Knetizen is a word hardly used positively by international fans when describing Korean fans.

Soompi has a really interesting article on the differences in the fans’ reactions to certain scandals. Actually, some of these things wouldn’t even be newsworthy in the USA, where I come from. But in Korea, these matters are taken seriously. Check it out –> International Fans Reaction VS Korean Fans Reaction

There is only one way to get these fans to unite and that’s when an outsider attacks their favorite group. Suddenly, Knetz and international fans will unite against that individual. Fans hate when anyone tries to criticize their “bias” groups, I don’t care what country they’re from. Some fans don’t like when anyone criticizes their biases, even when it’s constructive. However, there are those individual “trolls” who are really destructive with what they say. Nowadays, people are not held accountable for their “opinions” and they are not prepared for the consequences.

Let’s shift gears and talk about the age range of the fandoms…

Keep in mind that while many Kpop fans are tweens and teens, especially in Korea, many fans are actually  in their TWENTIES (20s) and THIRTIES (30s). Yes, studies have shown that many Kpop fans are of college age and up. They call them “2030”. This is why many labels are now starting to debut their groups much later and this helps older groups continue their success even after 30! As Kpopstarz pointed out: Adult fans have “high purchasing power”. Though most of the material was originally marketed to tweens and teens, the last generation that fell in love with Kpop have grown up with their favorite idols and have gotten into the newer idols. The difference is now they have more money…Much of Kpop’s newest material caters to adult audiences now.

Most of the fanbase consists of females. The content of Kpop is usually created to appeal to them. Males make up a smaller portion, but they exist. One of my favorite male fans of Kpop is Youtuber JREKML. The girl groups have attracted a large number of males overseas.

The differences in the way Korean fans support their favorite artists and the way international fans support them comes down to how each fandom looks at Kpop. In Korea, Kpop is looked at as regular pop music, not some exclusive “secret” genre. To most international fandoms, it’s a unique, “exclusive” genre, even a subculture, that brings together like-minded individuals looking for classy but catchy music. These differing views affect the way artists are supported.

Because international fans see ALL of Kpop as one big COMMUNITY, it’s not uncommon to find them in multi-fandoms. International fans don’t have a problem supporting two groups from different labels or even supporting all Kpop idols that come out! As long as it’s from the genre of Kpop, international fans will give it a shot. They appreciate it and marvel at it more, I guess, because it’s not accessible in their countries like it is in Korea.

It’s different with Korean fans. They tend to be very selective about who they like and support and cling favorably to artists that they’ve always liked or artists who have a huge popularity. Korean variety shows can make artists even bigger and Korean fans watch these shows firsthand. They know that whoever they support in their country will become a major idol and they know competition is fierce to get into the Kpop world. They don’t just hand over that attention to just anybody. Still, who is worthy of that attention may be baffling to international fans at times…More on this subject will come in the following sections.

Despite the differences, fans can come together when it matters most. While both fandoms can be monstrous, they all help in keeping Kpop a global deal.

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5) Korean Music Shows Decide Success


When an album first drops, expect Kpop idols to start weeks of promotion. Usually, this promotion begins when idols start performing on Korea’s biggest music shows. The biggest music programs are not to be confused with variety shows or other music programs that promote artists. No, these music shows are a much bigger deal. First off, most of them have voting ceremonies. These voting ceremonies contribute to the overall prestige of an idol group or soloist. These music shows mostly show performances, are hosted by other idols, and, at the end, give out trophies and other rewards for winners. The performances on these shows are really just for show. They don’t really influence who wins at the end of the show. The winners are decided by a number of things that show idols’ success: Music chart rankings, physical albums sales, digital album sales, search engine results, Youtube views, overall popularity based on previous albums or promotions, broadcasting views, votes both online and on music shows, among other things. You see why they are a big deal? No matter what fans say, these shows decide the success of debuts and comebacks. They mean a lot to the idols as well as the fans.

The main music shows are M!Countdown, Inkigayo, Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and Show Champion. The Show is also climbing up there. Some of these shows are bigger than major awards shows (though the Melon awards are known to be a big deal)! Having an “all-kill” (which means winning 1st place on every single one of these shows) is every idol and fan’s goal. This is why fans invest so much in the promotion of their favorite idols.

Each of these shows have their own ranking:

M!Countdown: Digital Single Sales (50%), Album Sales(15%), Social Media Points (YouTube official music video views + SNS buzz) (15%), Preference Points (global fan votes through Mwave, Mnet Japan and Mnet America + age range preference) (10%), Mnet Broadcast Points (10%) and SMS Votes (10%).

Inkigayo: Being one of the older shows, they have changed their criteria over the years. Just in the past four years, they have been changing. (55%) Digital Sales Based on Gaon DA/Singles Chart (Top 150), (35%) SNS Score Official MV Youtube Views, (5%) Physical Sales via Weekly Gaon Album Chart, (5%) Advanced Viewer Votes via Melon App, (10%) Live Viewer Votes- SMS (paid text vote) and Melon App (free)

Music Bank: Digital Music Charts (65%), Album Sales (5%), Number of times broadcast on KBS TV only (20%), and Viewers Choice Charts (10%).

Show!Music Core: They go back and forth with their ranking system. Sometimes, they have one, sometimes they don’t. Here is what it last looked like: Physical Album + Digital Sales (60%), Music Video Views (10%),Viewers Committee Pre-voting (by 2000 people) (15%), Live Voting (15%)

Show Champion: (50%) Digital Sales streaming + downloads, (15%) Online Voting on MelOn, (20%) Physical Sales from Hanteo, (15%) Ranking from Professionals & Expert Judges from MBC Music

The Show: Prescore-Total (70%) [[Album sales+Digital sales+SNS (Korea) (35%) + Tudou music video views+pay vote items (China) (35%)]], Live voting- Total (30%) [[Text votes (Korea)(15%)+Tudou votes (China)(15%)]]

The highest grossing album sales have sold between 100,000 to 200,000 copies or more. The higher the album count, the higher the ranking on music shows, and the stronger the idol’s or idol group’s prestige, popularity, and promotion.

To watch some of these shows, you can find live streams directly from the Broadcasting stations’ Youtube channels and other places they stream or wait until the websites post some of the older episodes on their channels. It’s best to watch streams so you can contribute to the overall view count.

As you can tell, most of the rankings are predetermined before the shows even begin. On some of these shows, international fans can’t even fully participate in voting, such as on Inkigayo or Music Bank. That might be part of the reason rankings have changed or shows have completely gotten rid of the ranking system…

These music shows have come under fire on several occasions. There is a lot of controversy regarding them. It got so bad, Inkigayo got rid of their ranking system in 2012 (only to bring it back the following year). Show!Music Core has also been back and forth with their ranking system, taking it out and bringing it back in again.

Back when I first got into Kpop, this wasn’t as big of a deal as it is now. Kpop artists made tons more money back then than they do now. In fact, all pop artists made more money around the world because people actually bought hard copy albums. Kpop didn’t have as large of a fandom with so many demands, so labels didn’t barf out new groups and artists as often. They capitalized and promoted the ones they already had. Some of these music shows didn’t even exist yet! Music Bank and Inkigayo were the only two that really existed back in 2003! M!Countdown came in 2004 when I really got into the genre. It was still relatively new and didn’t have the reputation it has now.

Before these shows, there weren’t as many fan wars and there weren’t as many comparisons made between artists. The shows are basically a popularity contest. On the flip side, the shows make kpop more exciting and the joy from all the “wins” make it all worth it. Idols know where they stand at these shows and reap immediate “fruits” from their efforts. There is a certain pride that comes from winning these awards, even if the idols remain humble about it.

These music shows are respected and regarded as the “tell-all” of Kpop talent (though talent is a minor factor in the voting process). This is because these shows have very specific ways they rank artists and also because any fans who wish to attend must be invited by a special “lottery” ticket.

They filter out these tickets the way they do because most of the venues are small broadcasting studios that can’t hold too many people. What it ends up doing is “ranking” fans as well.

The system is political. First off, being a part of a fanclub gives you automatic prestige with these shows. This is the one thing that bothers me about these shows.

Trying to get into these music shows to see your favorite idols is very difficult. You can’t just purchase your way through, like with other venues around the world. To get a ticket faster, you must be a fanclub member. And you can’t just be any fanclub member. Tickets are distributed to fanclub members who have the most merchandise. What does this mean? Those with the most money to buy all the stuff of their favorite idols are on the “priority” list. This is another reason why adult fans have more power and influence in the Kpop world, as well as rich little princes and princesses. Money is power in this case. This also means that the same people who have always gotten tickets will more than likely continue to get tickets (unless they stop supporting the group, meet their match with someone who can hurry and purchase as many items, or lose their income). Everyone else will basically feel rejected from these shows unless they know how to get around this filter. has created a pretty good “How To” for getting into these music shows.

They choose fans with the most merchandise because during broadcasting they want to show the fans with the products on live television.

This is why fans pour so much money into these idols and also why pride has been invested in it as well. These shows basically put a rank on what it means to be a fan and make other fans feel “less than”. On the flip side, they are rewarding those who show the most support. After all, I’m sure the idols are grateful that there are people willing to buy everything their idols dish out. It is good for business because it encourages fans to buy things. This is why hard copies are still relatively sold in Korea (though streaming may also be important for getting in these shows).

International fans will have an even harder time getting into these music shows. First off, many of us can’t download on Korea’s biggest streaming sites because they require a login username and password. Sometimes, they require “Korean-citizen” information to sign up for these websites (sometimes even credit or debit card information). Everything is in Korean, so reading everything could be a challenge. Brush up on your Korean! The one site that used to allow foreigners to download Kpop shut down. Some fanclubs require fans to have both the physical copy and proof of downloading in order to get invited to the music shows. After all, these music programs rank idols based on these sales. So, most times, international fans are left out of the loop.

Many fans can purchase hard copies and merchandise, but the expenses are ten times more for international fans than for Korean fans. Shipping and taxes eat international fans alive. Still, some international fans try to buy what they can. They especially look forward to global tours where they can buy merchandise in their own backyards!

But this makes music shows very exclusive to well-paid Koreans. That means there is usually one demographic representing everyone’s favorite idols.

After they get in all the Kpop fans who have purchased merch, they bring in those who are a part of the fanclub (which is verified with a membership card).

After that, everyone else is welcome to stand in line after the main tickets have been distributed. That means “first come, first served”. If the fanclub members take up all the space, you’re out of luck, and they will turn you away. The plus side, though, is that the rest of the tickets are free. Get there extremely early and you might get lucky.

There is always a chance, too, that no matter how much you pour into these music shows, your favorites won’t always win. So, you may have sacrificed a lot only for your favorites to come out empty-handed. What would be worse is if your idol was pulled from the show for any reason or if the wrong “winners” were announced by the music show. has a whole series on why they hate Kpop Music Shows, and I think they make some legitamate points about the policies and “etiquette” that go along with these shows:

Part 1: Meaningless Competition

Part 2: System of Judgment

Part 3: The Format

Part 4: The Ugly Hierarchy of Fandoms

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6) International Fans Should Buy Hard Copies

BtoB Press Play

BtoB Press Play

Now that you know about music shows, you know that international fans have less power in influencing music shows than Korean fans. Of course, that should be obvious, considering this is Kpop, but it just doesn’t happen this way in every country.

So how can international fans make a difference? By buying albums hard copy.

Most of us can’t stream or download songs easily from Korean digital download websites, so the next best thing to support our artists, and get them on the charts, is to buy their physical albums.

And the price will be worth it.

Sure, the albums usually cost an arm and a leg. Shipping and taxes can be horrifying if you pre-order for two-day shipping. Buying in bulk may give you a heart attack. But trust me fellow Kpop friend, you will not regret it.

Kpop albums don’t look like other crappy albums out in the world. Their albums are very creative both from the outside cover and design to the beautiful photos taken of each Kpop member in the booklets the CDs come in. For years, I’ve been buying music online. Kpop brought me back to hard copy albums. When Koreans produce something, it is usually of the highest quality.

The outside covers are usually very artistic. There might be a very artistic design on the front, like 2ne1’s animation style on I Am the Best. Or possibly clever words written across BtoB’s album seducing fans to Press Play. And I really can’t forget f(x)’s album Pink Tape which was literally shaped like a videotape (if you all remember them from back in the ’90s).

2ne1 I Am the Best

2ne1 I Am the Best


f(x) Pink Tape

The CDs are usually carefully placed in a folder inside the booklets rather than in cheap plastic. The CD albums are designed to be carefully placed within a home so that they can be shown off. Flipping through the books alone can give fans a lot of pleasure before they even pop in that CD and give it a listen.

Most albums also come with collectible fan photo cards, signed by the members. You never know which one you’ll get. I guess that’s a good strategy for getting fans to buy in bulk. Some of the albums also come with posters.

For these purchases to count towards the charts and music shows, however, you must have purchased an album the week the artist starts performing on the music shows. The rankings are very specific. If you purchase too late, it won’t count. Usually, they are gathering stats the first week an artist performs. The second week artists are ranked and those shows use the tallies of the last week along with the live broadcasting votes to rank them. By the end of the week, they check the major charts like Hanteo, Gaon, and Melon before the next week rolls around.

International fans have to be clever and keep up to date with idols if they wish to support them at these events.

Not all websites support the major Korean charts. Itunes, Ebay, and Amazon are not good options though you may see Kpop albums for sale. The music shows don’t count them.

Here is a list of some of the best websites I’ve used, in order from my favorite to least favorite:





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7) Variety Shows, Reality Shows, Talk Shows, K-Dramas, Fashion Ads, And Magazines Promote K-pop Artists


Variety Shows, talk Shows, K-Dramas, fashion ads, and magazines all help promote Kpop artists and vice versa. In fact, a fan’s participation in watching the shows or purchasing these magazines could even affect music show rankings! Usually, this would be the case if people are searching for ads and magazines through search engines.

All celebrities get promotion through magazines and fashion ads around the world. Talk Shows are still big the world over. My favorite is After School Club and Global Request: A Song For You. They cater to international audiences.

Variety shows are a little bit more special. In Variety shows, fans get the chance to watch their favorite idols participate in games, conversation, and challenges. The shows are designed to make the idols feel a little more real, individual, and personable, almost like a reality show, only with other additions such as interviews and even performances.

Some variety shows could host a number of games and challenges in them, like the popular Running Man. Running Man is one of my favorites. It sets up scenarios and has popular Kpop idols and K-drama idols complete missions within the story. Almost like a live game of Clue.

Other variety shows can pitch idols in long-term circumstances that help them understand an alternate life style. We Got Married puts together two popular idols and arranges a marriage for them. They usually have a “wedding” and “live” in the house together. It’s all staged but interesting fun to see idols pitched together.

YG and JYP, the two major label founders, are known for creating reality shows to scout out new talent. YG came out with Who Is Next: WIN (Which produced Kpop groups Winner and iKon) and JYP launched Sixteen16 (Which produced Kpop group Twice)

Real Men helps idols understand the military life. This has particularly been popular for foreign male idols to try because most aren’t obligated to do military service (more on this later) and don’t usually understand the pressure to perform such duties. Women also have tried it. Most women are not required for service but this helps them understand the men serving their country a little more. Foreign idols have it hard on this show. Most can’t speak the language as fluently as natural-born Koreans and even those who can don’t understand the military dialogue.

These are all just examples.

Now on to KDRAMAS.

Kdramas are just as big as Kpop. In fact, the Hallyu wave began because of Kdramas. People who may not be into Kpop may alternatively say they love Kdramas. In their spare time, Kpop idols usually sign on to do Kdramas. Kdramas help promote their groups and can be a good source of extra income for the individual idol (especially during hiatus). Kdramas also give idols a chance to be someone else besides a singer and performer. Many Kpop idols leave their professions as pop idols for a career in acting!

Kdramas also help idols establish themselves as individuals and they help them develop their own fanbase.

The biggest problem many international fans face with watching the shows and dramas is the language barrier. If you don’t understand Korean, you may not gravitate towards the shows (because shows don’t have catchy tunes like music). Still, there are some kind fans out there who will gladly make subtitles in the languages most in demand. Some broadcasting stations are starting to provide subtitles for languages in demand for online streams so that international fans can watch their favorite dramas.

When I say ‘in demand’, that doesn’t mean fans should go and demand these people to make subs. Making subs is hard work, especially getting them to match up right. Some streams already have subs, but some don’t. And guess what? They aren’t required to. This is KOREAN entertainment.

This may be an unusual concept to foreigners. Everything we have comes in various different languages besides English. In the USA, it’s not uncommon to find both English and Spanish channels. Americans also have access to various versions of and Google. If we wanted to, we could change from language to language. In America, it’s important to cater to many different audiences. In Korea, it’s important to uphold Korean standards and values. We are all just along for the ride. So let’s respect them by being patient with subs and maybe try to learn the language.

How can international fans watch these shows? There are live streams online, just like for music shows. Kdramas come out on DVD and Korea just opened Netflix. You can buy them like you do your favorite CDs. Yesasia is good for that, too.

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8) Check Time Zone Differences


When thinking about what to watch or even when thinking about waiting for any comebacks, it’s important to remember time zone differences. International fans may get confused and frazzled trying to figure out when their favorite group’s comeback will OFFICIALLY happen. I’m here to tell you, just because it said July 1, 2016 doesn’t mean that’s the date it will drop in your country. The East is a day ahead of countries way in the West.

If you really want to support your favorite idols regarding music videos, variety shows, or music shows, you might have to stay up really late at times or even watch the shows in between breaks at school or work. XD This has happened on several occasions for me.

Or you could just wait a day later, but your views won’t count towards anything.

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9) Be on the look-out for international tours


It can be a little sad and disheartening to only be able to see your favorite idols from music videos, variety shows, kdramas, and fancams but never in person. After all, most international fans don’t get to see their idols every comeback, live in concert, or during fan signing events (unless those fans have the money). Most fans are happy to be able to buy the products online. Still, it’s exciting when idols organize a world tour.

Usually, only the most popular groups are able to organize a world tour. This is another reason why international fans want to try and support their favorite idols no matter the cost. Most fans hope their favorites will be able to come to their home countries!

If you follow some of the bigger Kpop groups, the ones that have an international following, you might be in luck! There are times when Kpop groups plan their tours in cities outside of Korea. I saw Got7 when they came to the USA last year. I never thought that would happen! But it did.

Just keep supporting your favorite group and try to increase their popularity in your area. Be on the lookout for tours and purchase your tickets early because they do sell out. They are actually cheaper in your own country than if you were purchasing the tickets in Korea!

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10) Groups are Bigger than Solo Artists


Based on stats dealing with the major charts in Kpop, it’s clear that Kpop groups are bigger than solo artists. Solo artists are lucky to get one song dominating the chart (and usually it’s because of a Kdrama), let alone win an award on one of the major music shows.

When solo artists make a comeback, their own fans love them, sure. But groups have more people involved; that means more fans for each individual member. These groups can have 5 to 13 individual members and all of their fandoms combined! That creates a large fandom. This largely contributed to the successes of major groups like Girls Generation, EXO, and Twice. If any of these members chose to go solo, it would reveal their real individual popularity as well as exposing true talent. The “group” strategy gives labels the opportunity to debut many kpop artists all at once. There are so many people auditioning for these groups. Sometimes, it can be hard for labels to choose the right one. So, why not debut them all?

Solo artists have to debut and be promoted at the right time, which is hard to predict. The success of a solo artist depends on the label’s promotion and the talents of the artist. SM, YG, and JYP have an easier time promoting their solo artists a little bit more than other labels. Still, even their solo artists flop sometimes.

If you still don’t believe that Kpop fans are obsessed with groups, watch those music shows long enough. They are infested with boy and girl groups. You might see one or two solo artists on these shows. But everyone else is riding on the backs of one another in the industry. Chances are, if you’re a new Kpop fan, it’s because of a group you liked.

There are several reasons why groups are more popular than solo artists. For starters, it’s cool to see so many people singing in harmony and dancing in sync. It feels more challenging than a solo artist doing it by themselves. Of course, solo artists can throw in some back up dancers, right? But for some people it’s still more interesting when all of the main members are doing it. People also like group interactions. It makes the artists seem less lonely. They seem more upbeat onstage.

There are fans who just like Kpop for the attractive figures. Why enjoy just one attractive figure when you can enjoy several? That’s the master plan behind the infamous Kpop groups.

Kpopstarz made a few other points as well:

The reason why there are so many idol groups is because there really is no alternative. Idol groups are able to bring in international revenue, which is necessary in the Korean market, where music revenue has decreased. Idol groups are easy to market, and are “weapons” to quickly get a return on investments.

Labels pour thousands of dollars into these groups to house, maintain, create their music, pay off music video producers and choreographers, hair stylists, fashion designers, advertise, promote, and much more. As smooth as it seems, debuts and comebacks take months of preparation. And yet, groups pull these concepts off flawlessly.

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11) Kpop Labels Follow the Trends

This kind of goes along with the last point but there are other things I feel need to be addressed under this heading. As I mentioned before, Kpop is infested with groups. I listed some reasons why, but the broader reason why you may see so many groups is because labels tend to follow the latest trends.

If one label strikes it big with a particular Kpop concept, other labels apparently think imitating the concept will put their idol groups on the map. It actually has worked. When all groups or solo artists do the same thing, it helps the Kpop genre form an identity all its own. When Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” dropped, just about every girl group came out with cute concepts just like it.

The cute, bubblegum trend has continued to take over Kpop ever since. Though other artists have promoted different styles throughout the years, the cute style trend has been stamped on Kpop.

The boy groups just tend to follow BTS, EXO, and Big Bang’s lead.

Again, outfits, music albums, and music videos aren’t too far away from the latest trends in Kpop. To add, they are mostly all the same race and they are all speaking Korean. If you’ve grown up in the west, where the celebrities are more diverse, this may confuse you. It’s sometimes hard to know which group is what. But eventually, you’ll be able to see the individual styles. Groups always try to add that one flavor of originality. Of course, the more original groups like f(x) and 2ne1 always stand out because they don’t follow the trends too much.

Why do Kpop labels do this? Well, in Korea, the fans of the genre value conformity, appearances, and charm more than anything. It was what attracted fans in the first place. Certain genres bring out those right appearances and charms more than other genres. Korean fans are also a bit slow to warm up to new and experimental sounds. Mostly, pop consists of “public-friendly” songs. Anyone who steps outside of the norm will be bullied or shamed into conformity by “Naver” trolls or other people who just don’t “get it”. Thus, Korea doesn’t adapt easily to new trends.

“Public-friendly” songs are usually of a pseudo rap and hip-hop style (though mostly pop), catchy bubblegum pop with a positive message, and/or ballads which can then be on the OST (soundtracks) of Kdramas. The rap and hip-hop makes the boys seem fierce and handsome. It can also make the girls seem strong. Bubblegum makes the girls more appealing to men and teens.

There are other genres in Korea like indie, jazz, and even rock. My personal favorite indie band would have to be Love x Stereo. But those genres are hardly recognized in Korean music shows or on the charts. While many nations of the world have adapted to garage-house-edm sounds, Korea is still skeptical about the genre.

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Behind the Scenes…

This next section deals with the shadow side of Kpop, the things that many casual Kpop fans may not know or understand. If you have never followed news articles in Korea (like on Naver) or the Kpop news media outlets for international fans (like Hellokpop, Allkpop, Soompi, and Kpopstarz), you’d probably never know the shadow side of Kpop and would therefore be swept up in the happiness and celebrations involved. Which is cool. But there will be times when your “bias” group meets some rough bumps in the road. Some of these things may seem confusing to international fans, even disappointing or annoying. The culture differences become more realized when our favorite groups come under scrutiny or when Kpop takes a different turn than we expected. Well, I’m here to give you the different, the beautiful, and/or the ugly.

Keep in mind that my goal is not to throw too much shade on Kpop or Korean culture. I love all cultures and all kinds of world music. However, I know that as a foreigner, there were some things that were more foreign than I expected. The glam and glitz of Kpop can create an illusion that makes the genre seem so “perfect”. It can make Korea seem like a perfect place, full of beautiful and well-mannered people. Well, if you’ve been paying attention to some segments above, you could probably see how this isn’t true. Let’s get into this, shall we?

12) Labels Are Blamed For Everything


When everyone’s favorite Kpop group flops on the charts, you might hear them say, “It’s the label’s fault for not promoting them enough”. You might also hear, “The label gave them a mediocre song”. If you remember my first segment about labels, you know they have a lot of power over artists. This can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Because most artists, especially groups in Korea are “pre-packaged” or “manufactured” by these labels, most fans believe that labels create every concept, are in charge of every song that is released, and are responsible for managing the artists in every area of life. When an idol seems to be jeopardizing their careers, some may criticize the artists, but most will blame the label.

International fans more quickly attack the labels, while Korean fans are more supportive. International fans have it in for any one in power who misuses it to bar people from their freedom. Many Korean fans, on the other hand, respect and honor the labels’ attempt at helping the idols make it in a difficult industry.

Where did the “blame game” begin? It began when some of our favorite Kpop idols left their groups and SUED their labels because of strict and binding contracts. This made many Kpop fans question the labels that are controlling everything. Of course, for Koreans, these labels aren’t just labels. They have created tourist attractions for the major cities. They show Korean prosperity. They feel these labels have made Kpop artists as famous as they are and that idols should be grateful that someone even took the time out to mold who they are. To international fans, however, these labels are nothing more than power-hungry monsters trying to get fat rich off of young, naive idols. It’s the same fight that most pop artists around the world have fought (Prince from the USA, Ayumi Hamasaki from Japan).

I say both are right and both are wrong.

It’s true that many labels have binding contracts, like any business. Back in the past, when I first got into Kpop, these contracts lasted for 13 years for most idols! And this is from debut; it doesn’t even include pre-debut and training.

But they do have a good reason for some of these contracts, even if they are stifling. For one, these contracts ensure that the label is able to properly and fully promote their artists with enough time to build their artists. Second, these contracts ensure that the label gets paid in FULL once the groups become big enough (after all, the workers and management team have to eat too, right?). Third, the contracts protect the label in many respects from scandals that could give them a bad name and bring destruction to the label. After all, a label will close down when enough people refuse to support its artists. That would put a lot of people out of work…Last, the labels make sure that they are not used up and dropped for other opportunities. After all, they don’t want someone using them until they get famous and then dropping them. That damages the label and makes them feel like they put money behind someone for nothing. Money is a precious thing.

On the other hand, this puts artists in a bind. What are their rights, you ask? Few rights.

Some contracts allow artists to “own” 1/3 of their music for the first few years of their contract. After that, they have more freedom and ownership of their art, especially if they are famous enough. BoA is one such artist that has so much seniority, she’s been there longer than SM’s current CEO! Her seniority gives her power in her label. She has more freedom than other Kpop idols. Newer idols, especially the really young ones, don’t have as much freedom.

Artists are also not allowed to date (more on this later) until they have given some years to the label.

Part of the reason these contracts are set up so tight is because the Korean idols debut so young (I will also address this later). Without some rules, imagine what a young idol teen could get into! They do need some structure. Labels are basically babysitting these idols before they become adults, ready and able to take care of themselves. Also, the Korean public values purity and a good social status. Idols are looked at as role models. Companies want to maintain a good reputation. If they have to monitor their idols to have that reputation, so be it.

Still, there are some shady things going on with these labels. Many labels distribute funds “unfairly” based on popularity. Even though all the members may have put the same kind of hard work in a group, it doesn’t often matter to some labels. This has been the cause of many issues between artists and labels. Some artists may feel that the labels aren’t promoting them as well as other members and may fight to be removed from the label so they can find better opportunities to shine as an individual. In Korea, though, it creates the opposite of “fame”. Koreans don’t often side with idols who leave their label and even call them “traitors” for “abandoning” their group members. This helps the labels stay powerful. However, there are also some Korean fans who are against the labels’ treatment. Because many Koreans were against SM Entertainment’s treatment of idols, they put pressure on the label to change the contracts.

Read About SM Entertainment’s Lawsuits By Clicking Me

Even though there are many shady things going on with these labels, many times the labels put pressure on artists because of the fandom. The “audience” has a lot of power over Kpop idols, whether they rise or fall from grace. This is where fans, especially teenage fans, fail to recognize their hand in the mistreatment of Kpop idols and fail to take responsibility. One of the main reasons Kpop labels restrict artists from dating is because they know most people get into Kpop because the idols seem like “dating” material. The idols are designed by the labels to appeal to the fans’ “fantasies”, true, but this is also because the labels know this is really the ONLY way to sell Kpop to people.

Honestly, if over half of the Kpop idols were “normal” or “unattractive”, how many fans do you think Kpop would have? It can seem like a shallow industry, from the labels to the fans. This is another subject I will talk about more in-depth later.

The bigger a fandom, the more strict labels are regarding the group. When a group blows up big, fan demands start pouring in:

“Please come to my hometown! When is your concert?”

“Oppa/Unni, you’re so attractive”

“This song is so, so good. Their style is not like others”

They also seem like compliments, right? And they are. But they do put a significant amount of pressure on Kpop idols. How so?

When fans demand idols to “come to my hometown”, this means that the idols have to work extra hard to increase their popularity so that they can get the approval of local venues in other nations and sell them out. Labels will overwork them so that they can meet fan demands. They want the idols to be able to reach as many fans as possible. Sometimes, this means they have to do more.

When fans love an idol for their appearance, the respect that artist gets for his/her talents is often lost (even though people, especially international fans, do appreciate their talents, looks mean a lot to the industry). When that idol gets older or something happens where they are no longer as attractive, the artist will suffer. Thus, labels put pressure on artists to appear a certain way to maintain fan interest.

When people really love a song, labels know that in order to maintain a fan’s interest, they have to keep making good songs. This puts pressure on artists to perform better time after time, which can wear them out. As these idols get older, it gets harder for them to perform the way they did in youth.

Some labels nowadays are allowing artists to explore their own artistry. But labels aren’t pouring out a lot of money or promotion for these solo pursuits. This sometimes angers fans. Labels feel that their priorities are group priorities, which are the projects they’ve invested in and are sure will sell. Any other projects are considered “promotional” for their groups. The reason for this is because labels aren’t getting as much from these solo projects.

Despite what you hear, labels aren’t always the bad guys. Sometimes, they are just doing their jobs. There are people, just like in every profession, that do misuse their position. However, there are perfectly decent labels that are just caught in the crossfire. Sure, some may not make the best promotional judgments. Everyone working in a label is imperfect, but that doesn’t always make them monsters. At times, fans can be more monstrous than labels.

Still, it’s best to keep a close eye on everything going on.

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13) Many Kpop Idols Aren’t Korean

Jackson in marine hoodie

I think this should be an interesting one for you newcomers. You might hear Korean on the music video, you might see Korean on the music video, but the eyes and ears are deceiving you. This is the illusion labels have developed to both give you a taste of Korea and appeal to a larger demographic.

If you came into Kpop because of the group RaNia, you may notice that they are one of the few groups that have an African American member. She is not the first black artist in the Korean music industry, but she is the first to be accepted into a Kpop group. This caused quite a lot of controversy, which I will definitely have to address later.

Many fans have stated that they didn’t like the inclusion of this member because she takes away Kpop’s “purity”. I suppose what made Kpop special to most Kpop fans was the fact that it seemed more “Korean”. To many, Kpop isn’t just a sound but a “visual” (shows how shallow the industry can be). I will admit that, while the other nations around the world hardly respect Asian artists the way they do Caucasian and African American artists, Kpop has been one of the few to promote and produce Asian talent when the other nations refuse to. Having a black girl in the industry takes more from the industry than it does lift it. Even as an African American, I know that she could make it in any industry in the world if she wanted to while an Asian artist would have a more difficult time. If you look at the record of Asian artists that have tried to make it in the west and didn’t, you would be ashamed.

But, despite this, it’s laughable for anyone to think that Kpop is “purely” Korean. I chuckle to myself at all the people who fall for the illusion every year. Myself included. XD

That’s right folks. There are some members of groups who, while Asian by face, are NOT Koreans.

Many casual fans of Kpop don’t even realize or recognize this. I didn’t until I was introduced to f(x).

DramaFever, Allkpop, and Kpop Encyclopedia have all created lists of more than a dozen Kpop stars that actually don’t come from Korea or may have lived abroad! These lists don’t even name them all (Busker Busker’s Brad Moore, Yoon Mi Rae, Eric Nam, Black Pink‘s Lisa and Rosé, and Shannon Williams are to name an extra few). Many of our favorite Kpop idols come from the USA, Canada, the U.K., Australia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan! Many started off not knowing an ounce of Korean!

Some Kpop artists are of Korean heritage, but they were born in another country! Jessica and Krystal Jung from (f(are examples.

This is part of the reason Kpop has become such a global phenomenon. These artists can speak in their own native languages and are taught to speak in Korean, which brings a sense of diplomacy between the nations. They can act as interpreters and help Kpop spread. While many of them have a face that suits Kpop (except the ones who are African American and Caucasian), they represent various cultures and backgrounds at the same time.

These idols also give their lives over to Koreans. Through these idols, Korean fans learn a little more about the world and how different people live. That’s why these idols are good bait for variety shows.  F(x)’s Amber Liu, Super Junior-M’s Henry Lau, and Got7’s Jackson are examples of foreign idols who really give Koreans laughter. And don’t even think of putting them in a room together!

Kpop idols from different nations always bring a little something unique with them when they join these groups. Their cultural differences help members loosen up and become more open-minded. Their personalities as well as ideas help Korea become a melting pot and pushes Korea into a more progressive nation.

International Kpop idols also introduce new styles of music to their labels. They bring with them their own favorite inspiring artists from their countries, which greatly influences the music that is created and performed.

Of course, these idols give their lives over to Korea in more ways than one. When these idols begin to train in South Korea, they are giving up their homes, their families and friends, their customs, their beliefs, and often times, their identities to become Kpop stars. They are risking not being accepted or flopping right off the charts, only to return home with nothing. They are really sacrificing a lot. Some make it, some break.

Many of these idols train at very young ages. Many of them have yet to finish high school before moving to Korea! But the opportunities they receive are very valuable and equal any education they can get back in their own home towns.

Seeing how these idols have lived in Korea, many other “normal” (just your average fan :P) people have up and moved there, too! These idols are truly an inspiration.

Why are so many international Asian artists so attracted to the Kpop industry? Can’t they simply make music in their own countries?

Well, many international Kpop idols got interested in Kpop much the same way you and I got interested in it. Many of them will probably say they loved Kpop before they became an idol. They loved the whole feel of it and longed to be a part of the action.

As to why these artists just don’t debut in their own nations…Let me ask you all this: How many Beyonces, Britney Spearses, and Michael Jacksons are there among Asian artists AROUND THE WORLD? NONE. Who has had that kind of fame or influence? None. I know many of the Western Kpop idols struggle to be recognized in their own birth countries. In the USA, as much of a melting pot it’s supposed to be,  there hasn’t been ONE Asian American singer that has had significant success to bring them to the level of major “celebrity”. Even foreign Asian artists struggle to break the charts in the USA. Psy has been one of few that has gotten the attention of the west, but to most Americans, he is a one-hit wonder and a joke (though that makes him pretty entertaining to me. 😉 ). His music is hardly played on national radio stations. BTS has paved a road for some international Korean artists , but stateside Asian artists still struggle for attention against the novelty of Korean nationals. Bi-racial idols like Yoon Mi Rae felt she wasn’t “black” enough for Americans. 

Equally in the UK and Canada, Asians are hardly recognized in the music industry as much as Caucasians and those of African descent.

In China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan, Kpop is becoming the new thing. C-pop and J-pop artists, coming from major Far East Asia industries, see more opportunities to reach a wider audience when it comes to Kpop because there are many things that are more appealing about it than C-pop and J-pop to other parts of the world. Kpop is more progressive and advanced in comparison to the more conservative C-pop. China has closed itself off from worldly influence, while Korea strikes the balance between reaching out to foreigners and holding close to their culture. C-pop is heavily infested with ballads, whereas Kpop is full of upbeat, catchy tunes and flashy outfits.

The difference between Kpop and Jpop is that Kpop puts more emphasis on “appearance”, making their idols seem more attractive. Japan focuses on substance and original concepts, which tend to be unusual and too artsy to most people of the world.

And neither Japan nor China uses popular social media sites from the west as much as Korea. Kpop idols are in touch with Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. They are able to promote music to various different countries around the world this way.

Foreign artists are better able to stay in touch with friends through these websites and better promote their music to their homelands because Korea stays connected with the west.

So, to find better opportunities, these international idols decided to try their hand at Kpop.

So, you might ask me, “Can I become a Kpop star?”

You can audition! I know SM Entertainment hosts Global Auditions all the time. Labels also travel around and scout out talent. It would be even better for you to learn the language, work on your talents, then at least visit Korea so you can experience living there firsthand. Try doing those things to see if being a Kpop star is really what you want. Then, instead of waiting for labels to come to you, make an effort to go to Korea to see them! This will show labels how passionate you are.

Keep in mind that though some of these international idols are a big deal now and seem to be getting along well, there is still prejudice in and outside of Korea. I will have to touch on this separately…

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14) Many Kpop Idols Train Early, But Most Don’t Last Long


I think I’ve mentioned twice that Kpop idols train really young. In this section, I will explain more about this.

Labels are always scouting out young talent. Though they may occasionally sign someone on that is older, they know that Kpop’s primary demographic consists of teenagers and those people in their 20s. So, to ensure that they appeal to a young audience, and to make sure their idols appear “timeless”, they often train idols as early as possible to sing, dance, and present themselves in public. These labels hope that by the time of debut these idols will be attractive but polished performers.

When idols are in the training process, many of them dorm with other trainees. Labels provide dormitories. Their training begins early in the morning and ends late at night. They sometimes work an “adult-like” shift long before most of their peers are graduating from school! Many of them also balance school with training. Sometimes, idols go to regular public schools, despite their fame.

Why so young?

There are several benefits for the labels. For one, young people are naive and easily caught up in the glamor/glamour of Kpop. This allows them to be able to find as many idols as they can to feed the factory. Labels can easily persuade young artists to join the label and can better control them, too.

Second, when these artists start young, even as they get older, they will be able to give more years to the label. If someone debuts at 14, for example, 10 years into a label would put them at 24! They would still be young enough to produce music and keep the label on the map. If they debuted someone at 40, they fear their idols retiring too soon and starting families, which will halt many promotions and distract artists (considering the fact that idols usually work rigid schedules). And then there’s military service…

How young do idols start training? As young as 11. BoA and f(x)’s Sulli started their training around that age. That may seem like a very young age for people around the world. After all, how do these kids really know if this is what they want? Most don’t. This is why many grow up tired of the industry. But the labels use the younger ones because they are the most eager to please at debut.

These things may seem foreign to the west. It’s not foreign to have famous kids (Bow Wow anyone?), but foreign to see so much emphasis on youth. After all, it’s not uncommon in some countries to see artists as old as 65 still performing and releasing new music, with marriages, families, and all! But in Korea, people don’t feel the life of a Kpop star is “suitable” for a “healthy family”. And most Koreans expect those over the age of 29 to start families. Looking at the lives of American music stars, maybe they’re right…Still, at least American pop stars can continue doing what they love and still make millions.

This is why Kpop idols don’t last too long in the industry. Everyone grows up. In Korea, though they are more progressive than they used to be, traditional roles within the home are still honored by the vast majority. Most women are expected to be married by 30 years old! They are expected to be stay-at-home wives who cook and tend house while the man is out working. For many Koreans, adults shouldn’t be jumping around on stage singing pop songs.

Because labels cater their music to teens and young adults, their fanbase is normally really young, so it’s hard for older idols to be recognized because the younger generation is usually already ready for the next new thing. Koreans are also “age conscious”. The age hierarchy is a part of their culture. It is a rule of etiquette to consider the age of people. Since many Kpop idols are popular for their appearances, Kpop teens would get “strange looks” if they were huge fans of “older male or female idols”. I guess it seems perverted to them. Most people in Korea think it’s strange to crush on someone older, especially on someone 10 or more years older! In the west, we don’t care about age at all as long as you’re legal. And a little crush is not shamed as long as it doesn’t become an ultra serious relationship. I had a crush on Johnny Depp as a teenager during the Pirates of the Caribbean era. No one made a big deal about it.

Another problem is that labels mass produce group after group, not taking the time to develop the groups they already have. Teens and young adults in Korea are always interested in debut groups and the hottest new trends, so the older groups eventually get forgotten among the wave of newcomers. And if the group wasn’t popular to begin with, they really struggle to stay within the Kpop industry.

The Verge interviewed Ellen Kim, a Kpop dancer and choreographer. She stated “…The pace of the popularity of the music is quick. You got one song that can last for a week, and that’s it… that’s really scary. You put so much work into one song, but yet it’s going to get old quick. Korean people want something new every week, and I think that’s the hardest pressure, probably. To come up with something catchy all the time, a hit all the time, and you’ve got tons of artists and the lifespan of one song is so short. It’s pretty hard.”

Artists are presented on music shows weekly, so once the weeks of promotion are over, purchases die down and the hype is over…until the next comeback of another major group. Very seldom does popularity of one song last a whole year. This is also different from the west, where artists’ songs from over TWO years ago could still be popular on the radio and still may climb the charts suddenly! Popularity dwindles easily in Kpop.

Scandals, military service, and a label folding can end the “life” of a group. Koreans have a strong sense of morality. A scandal can permanently destroy an idol’s career. Military service takes idols out of the spotlight for awhile, causing fans to move on and forget about them. Labels that don’t make enough money to keep their groups afloat or labels that get involved with lawsuits eventually fold  or close down or get bought out.

As I’ve said, I’ve been into Kpop for over 10 years (since around 2004). I’ve seen major groups go from kings and queens of their kingdoms to obscure little nobodies trying to hold on to what little fandom they had. Some of it seemed to happen too quickly. It was always when I was just getting into an artist or just appreciating their music…

This all goes back to the “7-year Curse”. The “7-year curse” is the curse that is said to plague Kpop idols. It’s the curse that only allows a group to last 7 years before something happens that destroys the idols’ careers, fizzles them out of the spotlight, and ruins their Kpop reputation, ultimately resulting in disbandment. This name came out of the industry when it seemed there was a trend of Kpop groups breaking up only after being in the spotlight for 7 years after debut (or with debut year included). The “lucky few” make it past the “7-year curse”. Many contracts nowadays are only set for up to 7 years (in the past it was up to 13 years). A lot can happen in 7 years for an idol group or solo artist. Usually, they are at the height of their popularity those first seven years. But after awhile, everything gets tiresome, the fan pressure gets more intense, and as idols get older, it’s harder to avoid dating, “Korean” scandals, and to resist not wanting to do “something different”. Many idols start really young. But after 7 years, most are adults who have discovered what it is they really love and want.

The ones that last beyond 7 years or more still often meet a decline in sales because they are considered “old”. Newer idols end up taking all of the attention.

Because of this, I advise you fans to learn to appreciate your favorite artists for as long as you can. Support them to the best of your ability.

Another reason many Kpop idols may not last too long is because there are so many groups debuting, not all of them will make it big, especially if they are debuting with a small Kpop company. They don’t really work regular job hours, so it’s difficult for them to make a whole lot of money, and it’s especially hard for them to pay their companies back. If they don’t make it big before they reach their “expiration date”, usually in their 30’s, they may be forced to give up being a Kpop star.

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15) Idols Can’t Date Easily


One of the biggest scandals in Korea are the dating scandals. For all you western fans, you may find “dating” to be an odd “scandal”. What’s so “scandalous” about dating? If you think about it, this may even be laughable to westerners. Famous artists in the west are dating, married, and have children! In fact, artists in the west date for publicity and status! It makes no difference to their art in western countries. This is because westerners’ values are different from Korea’s values.

This was one of the most shocking revelations I had when first getting interested in Kpop. I think most international fans would be shocked. I mean, with so many attractive people, who wouldn’t want to date them? How can such pretty people stay single for the rest of their lives?

It’s quite simple really.

Labels design their artists to appeal to teen “fantasies”. These idols are not meant to be looked at as “real” figures. If they were, they would not get the same revenue they get from swooning their audience. In order to convince fans to buy into these groups, labels have to produce “available” and “pure” artists that seem untouchable, unreachable, and up for grabs. Every fan has to “feel” like they have a boyfriend/girlfriend out of these idols.

Because of the way these groups are marketed, many fans, especially in Korea, do feel they own these idols. When their favorite idols are revealed to be “dating”, some of them even look at this as betrayal! Fans feel that the idols aren’t doing their jobs. That “job” is to appeal to fans’ fantasies. Some fans are just spitting jealous. But these jealousies can end CAREERS.

When one member of EXO (a major boy group in Korea), Baekhyun, was revealed to be dating, fans were so angry jealous it affected Kyuhyun’s musical ticket sales, and he’s just a fellow member!

Labels have learned that their idols can’t date if they expect their idols to become major Kpop stars in Korea. Some labels prevent their idols from dating by making a contractual agreement about it. Most idols are supposed to be thought by fans to be “single” and “virgins” at the time of debut, no matter how attractive they look or how sexy the concept.

Koreans have a strong moral code. Koreans like their entertainment to be “family-friendly”. So, you may see some sexy concepts coming out of Kpop groups (especially as more international fans get into the genre and as the fan base reaches the “2030” crowd), but the groups still have to maintain a certain level of chastity and innocence.

Kpop idols’ business image affects their real life big time. This is one of the reasons so many Kpop members leave the industry and one of the reasons so many fall from grace. As pretty as Kpop looks, the idols live a lonely existence most of the time. Aside from that, at a certain age, there is pressure to be married, especially among women in their 20s. Many Koreans get married in their 20s. Many kpop idols feel the pressure to be like all of their other adult friends, but also feel the pressure to appear “available” to fans.

For some international fans, dating is nowhere near seen the same. To many of us, it’s not as big of a deal as having sex (and dating is in fact super innocent), but for Koreans it’s almost the same thing. Even too much public affection is uncommon. But isn’t that why most of us love the industry? They just don’t tolerate the same impurities other nations tolerate and they make sure they watch how they are seen in public. This can be a blessing or a curse.

Perhaps these sex-negative reactions are linked to Korea’s declining birth rate….but most experts argue that that has more to do with economics and progression.

Dating scandals are harsher on female idols than on male idols. Females are already not as respected as much as men are in the Kpop universe (which I will discuss later), but a dating scandal is just a way to completely destroy a female idol’s career. f(x)’s former member Sulli was run out of her group by fans who didn’t approve of her dating!  One fan is so obsessed with hating this girl, they created a whole twitter account for their hatred and post hate comments daily! The truth is female idols are supposed to appear as “innocent, without strong sexual urges” in Korea. Being too sensual or sexual is considered an area women aren’t allowed to trespass. If a woman is too sexual or confident about her sexuality, they are degraded in Korea. Men can sometimes get away with dirty jokes in media or music and can even get away with provocative names. Women can hardly skate by sexy concepts.

“Skinship” is a term flipped around in Kpop. This means that the two people involved seem really close or “intimate”. For Koreans, a little hug between a man and woman or two of them taking selfies or even wearing matching clothes could be considered skinship! Little signs of skinship will make Koreans question whether the two are dating. Because open displays of affections aren’t common, it’s hard to tell who is dating. Knetz will find some evidence and piece it together.

Kpop journalists are more respectful than western journalists, so they don’t often get into too many details about an idol’s private life. But Korean fans are pretty good, and often better than journalists, at being the paparazzi.

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16) Humility, Duty, And Hard Work Are Prized By Koreans


Ashyne, the poster I mentioned earlier from a Reddit discussion, makes a really interesting point about Kpop idols:

The idol is about being a role model in image, character, etiquette and personality, and that is strictly enforced. In America, people don’t care about these, because these traits about being ‘role-model material’ are not important in their individualistic culture.

Koreans hold themselves to a high moral code, as I’ve mentioned several times. The west honors freedom, liberty, and justice as a principle. We believe that people should be respected as human beings and should be treated equally (regardless of our personal opinions). So when we hear about our favorite Kpop idols suing their labels or leaving their groups, we are very supportive, even still considering those idols a part of the group (just going in a different direction at the moment). After all, in the west, groups break up all the time and come back together for reunions, like the Spice Girls.

But in Korea, when members leave or sue their label, as I mentioned before, that is utter betrayal and abandonment. Koreans have a “duty” culture. When you sign up for something in Korea, they expect you to completely serve out all contracts and do what you signed up to do, regardless of how challenging or abusive the circumstances. For them, why get involved in something you can’t handle? They don’t believe in fickleness and “changing one’s mind.” There is often too much money wasted, too much time spent, and too much involved. When kpop idols take a “break” during promotions, many Koreans feel that idol is being “lazy” and see this as betrayal, regardless of the reason. In fact, in most Korean businesses, “vacation time” isn’t included in the deal.

Many Korean fans expect idols to perform in all situations, as they promised in these binding contracts. This surprised me, a westerner, considering our celebrities take vacations all the time, even halting promotions! Westerners especially don’t mind halted promotions for legitimate reasons like being sick, tired, or stressed by scandals and bad rumors. For Koreans, they may talk bad about Kpop idols, but they’ll talk more trash about an idol who halts promotions because of it. They believe idols should learn to be strong and endure.

There is a strong bully culture worldwide thanks to the internet, but in Korea there are few programs or supporters helping those who don’t fit the “norm”. In fact, the victim of the maliciousness is usually “blamed”. I agree that some people in America should be held as accountable as those in Korea are, but there’s a reason why Korea has a high suicide rate. The pressure to live up to such high standards takes a toll on citizens who don’t fit the “norm”.

This sense of duty extends to military service, too. Though fans love their male idols, they all still expect the males to serve their country. Any idols who avoid military service or take their duty lightly will be scorned by Koreans and will lose the respect of their fans. In the west, we abolished the “draft”. In Korea, it still exists for men in their late 20s to early 30s. Some idols try to skate around it or postpone it but this causes controversy and can result in severe consequences. Korean fans find “draft-dodging” to be a sign of weakness. These people are treated as traitors. Unlike westerners, especially those from the USA, Koreans don’t usually question their laws or leaders (though they seemed to recently have been effective in impeaching their last president) nor do they question the military service draft. It is an insult to all those who have already served their time and can shame a person’s whole family. They believe this is for the good of their country. They are really trying to protect their borders because they are technically still in a 60 year -long war with North Korea.  This is no game for them. Even the children feel this service is important and prepare for the day they must serve. It is a sign of manhood. My next section will talk more about this.

Duty is intertwined with hard work. Again, there are very few businesses that offer “vacation days” like in western countries. Some Japanese and Chinese fans may relate more to this than western fans. Idols work their butts off to give their audience the best they can with hardly any sleep. This is why their performances are so sharp and on point! Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see tired eyes from these idols. Makeup and skin cream does wonders to hide those bags though.

Idols train early, as I mentioned before, and the training can be rigorous. Kpop consists of so much. There’s vocal, dancing, fashion, performing, and fan meeting involved. Kpop artists work and are expected to work extremely hard. They sometimes work around the clock, only getting four hours of sleep a day during promotions!

Koreans also encourage humility in their idols. This goes along with duty as well. When someone acts out to get attention or makes themselves out to be more than they are, that irritates most Korean fans. This is partially why Korean fans dislike international fans. Some international fans can be really loud, boastful, and know-it-alls (though you can find these types anywhere, it’s more common in the USA). Koreans believe in being submissive and following rules, especially rules that will protect others. Of course, even they have their limits. Still, they are not likely to encourage their idols to speak up and out. This is part of the reason so many idols don’t speak on behalf of themselves and let their labels speak for them.

Korean fans worship their idols, true, but they also expect idols to show a deep level of appreciation and gratefulness. After all, Korean fans put out a lot to support their favorite idols. In every culture where a “deep bow” is involved, respect and humility is valued over pomposity.

Their “bowing”culture shows how strongly they feel about humility. Though idols are famous, they find it highly offensive if Korean idols forget to bow to their fans after winning awards. They even get offended if idols forget to bow towards other idols at award shows. It is a sign of humility and respect. Bowing to Koreans is equivalent to the “handshake” in the west.

In some ways, people in the USA are not too different. We do like humility, but natural humility. However, we tend to like artists who are down-to-earth and honest, even if they aren’t the most honorable or humble. If someone is naturally humble, that’s great to Americans. But our culture looks down on anything that seems “fake”, even fake humility. Americans have a motto: Be Yourself. Being loud and obnoxious is just as irritating to Americans, but, admittedly, it’s also highly entertaining for us as well, especially if you are just “being yourself”. XD

Still, we also like Kpop because the artists are so respectful and humble. Very seldom do Kpop idols show that fame is getting to their heads (even if the reality is different).

Earlier I mentioned that this “humble” culture has a lot of respect for the “age hierarchy”. Age is very important in Korea. It decides the kind of “respect” that is given. The oldest is always respected by the younger ones. It’s common for the older ones to eat first at every meal (unlike in America, where the children and elderly eat first). But the older ones have to pay the bill (no matter if the others have jobs and are adults, different from America where the bill is split or paid by whoever offered or paid by the man or paid by the one who proposed the date). The older ones are expected to “take care” of the younger ones (even if the youngest is in his 50s!) It’s common for Koreans to ask your age (whereas it’s rude in America to ask age). It’s just important because it decides the level of “respect” someone should give. The young Koreans are expected to be humble and respectful around the older Koreans.

Kpop debut years are treated like “age” sometimes. Whoever debuts first is considered a “senior”, even if they are younger than all the “juniors”. You can imagine how awkward this makes things if the “senior” is younger than the “junior”. Kpop singer BoA is younger than many members of Kpop group Super Junior, but she is still their “senior” because she debuted sooner.

In Kpop, you might hear “Oppa” or “Unni” being used by the younger idols towards older idols. “Dongsang” may be used by older idols or used by idols that have been under a label longer (They usually tend to be older).

Despite how harsh or difficult everything above may sound, on the flip side, this is actually one of the reasons people have fallen in love with the genre. These idols work their behinds off producing high-quality work so that they can look like royalty, but they still always try to show respect to their followers and always emphasize how grateful they are for their fans, like a humble servant. That balance is hard to achieve for many celebrities around the world.

The humility shown in Kpop and in Korea is definitely one of the most attractive points of the nation.

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17) Male Idols Must Serve In The Military


Korea has a law that requires all natural-born Korean men between the ages of 18 and 35 to serve in the military or choose compulsory national service. All men can choose when to serve but they must serve. Kpop idols usually choose to serve in their late 20s and early 30s when their popularity has either been established well enough or when their popularity has dwindled due to “age” (XD Let’s face it, the industry’s demographic is Korea’s youth).

There are exemptions:

Certain medical conditions, depending on the severity, either exempts one from service or allows civil service instead. This includes those who have donated organs. Graduates from special high schools may work at selected workplaces for 3 years instead. Those with a master’s degree in engineering may work at research institutes or pass a test and do a PhD for 3 years instead. Those who have been imprisoned for more than 18 months or are in poverty (defined as monthly income lower than 1.5 million won and being the sole provider of income for at least 3 family members, of which at least 2 must be disabled or have an incurable disease) are also exempt.

Current conscription laws stipulate that athletes who win medals in the Olympic Games or gold medals in the Asian Games are granted exemptions but still required to do four weeks of basic training. In 2011, the Military Manpower Administration proposed amendments to the exemptions: to include men who have not completed middle school, and to change to a points-based system on a prescribed scale for athletes who win in prestigious competitions.

Sometimes, anyone who tries to get exempt is watched or monitored closely, even if they have a good reason. People do speculate and try to investigate these situations.

Men of mixed races were only recently drafted into service in 2011.

Anyone who is on a visa, visiting, or not a natural-born citizen may be exempt from military service. Anyone who has dual citizenship can be exempt if they fall under the following:

1)They reside in the country they were born in with parents who are permanent citizens.

2) They have resided in another country with their parents since the age of 17.

3) They have resided in another country for ten consecutive years and their parents do not reside in the Republic of Korea.

The government of the Republic of Korea will recognize a male’s dual citizenship until they reach the age of 22, at which time the law requires them to choose a nationality. If a male claims dual citizenship and he is not registered on his citizen parents’ Family Registry, he will not be subject to military service. If he is included on his parents’ Family Registry, he can avoid military service if he formally renounces his South Korean citizenship before March 31 of the year he turns 18. He must register the loss of his nationality through the nearest Republic of Korea Consulate General in the country he resides in.

Trip Advisor-Can Korean Americans Be Drafted?

All men are usually expected to serve about two to three years.

This mandatory service affects Kpop in many ways. It’s one of the reasons Kpop idols debut so early in their lives, why Kpop boy groups are super popular at debut, why many Kpop idols lose popularity, and why many labels are reaching out for talented foreigners.

How is the military law responsible for Kpop idols debuting so soon? Well, labels know that teenage girls are the target for Kpop and that girls like young boys. But they also know they possibly only have male idols for only a few years until they have to serve. The labels figure they can train the idols while they’re really young, work them hard enough to make a profit, and then possibly be able to move on to the next recruit of boys by the time the old group has to serve.

This is also why so many boy groups are popular. Labels exploit their boy groups as much as they can so they can make a profit off of these boy groups before they have to serve in the military. In the beginning phases of the Kpop phenomenon, labels would promote the boys way more than they did the girls because they knew the girls would be around longer. Over the years, this has created an industry that is mostly dominated by boy groups (the most notable rather than in literal number) and an industry dominated by a female fandom.

As I mentioned before, Kpop idols are usually away from the spotlight 2 to 3 years of their service. This gives other boy groups just enough time to replace the older groups on the charts. Sadly, for many Kpop groups, military service ends their Kpop career. It’s sad, really. The industry moves fast and songs get replaced on the charts week after week. Any time away from the spotlight can seriously bring a powerful group back to the point when they were rookies. You’d think that serving the military would make them MORE popular, because the group served their country honorably and helped protect the people within. Apparently, the youth could care less. Most move on to the latest and youngest eye-candy debuting.

Since many fans are international, I suppose they don’t really understand this military service or honor it as much. Really, these men should be honored more than any of the other groups. They had the courage to sacrifice their careers to protect others.

There are some groups that have done military service and have come out with significant fame, depending on their strategy to get back in the spotlight. Shinhwa and Super Junior manage to stay pretty relevant. But since most supporters of Kpop don’t just like music for music’s sake, and most of the demographic consist of teen girls who want to see “attractive” and “younger teen” boys (sorry gentlemen 😦 ), it’s still even hard for these groups to stay relevant. Perhaps the new 2030 crowd could give them a boost…

Honestly, most labels lose a lot investing in acts that won’t last. And this is why they have been searching for talent from around the globe. Foreigners are exempt from military service. They can speak multiple languages and attract a foreign following. This brings more money to the label with more lasting results.

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18) Boy Groups Are More Popular Than Girl Groups


As I mentioned before, because many males have to serve in the military at young ages, Kpop labels exploit the boys much more than the girls. When we look at the overall Youtube view count, the boys are always higher than the girls. When we observe the Korean charts at the time a boy group debuts in comparison to when a girl group debuts, we can see the stark contrast. Labels obviously promote the boys much more and the majority of Kpop fans are GIRLS. This is not just a stereotype. This is fact.

Since Kpop boys are trained to fit the “fantasies” of their viewers, mostly teen girls, they will obviously be more popular than Kpop girl groups, who could spark both admiration and jealousy.

Even Kpop fanboys, even as the minority, like the male groups better.  Many boys think the female idols are cute and attractive, especially many soldiers the girls perform for, but some find the girls to be too “cutesy” or not as “powerful” onstage as the boys.

Part of it is the labels’ fault for being too lax with the girl groups and part of it has to do with Korean society and their expectations of women.

Boy groups are given more powerful choreography, more powerful songs, and more interesting concepts than females. If we look at groups like EXO, Got7, Infinite, BTS, Super Junior, and many others, we will see this is the truth. In comparison, the female choreographies and concepts are weaker and more repetitive as well as less original. Of course people are going to pay attention more to the boys! Even on live stages, the boys just shine! The girls are settled with girly, fun, cute or sexy concepts, recycled dance moves, and innocent faces most of the time. I’ve found a few groups to be the exception, like 2ne1 and f(x). I even think Brown Eyed Girls steps away from the norm. But very few are like these groups.

I think I already explained that labels want to get the most out of their boy groups before they have to serve in the military. The money from the large female fandom keeps them focusing on male groups, too.

KpopStarz stated,

Girl groups tend to have more scandals and catty behavior that leads to groups breaking up. While some 1990’s idol groups have reunited formally, the most popular girl groups of the day like Fin.K.L and S.E.S have only reunited for short events…

In comparison [to boy groups], girl groups struggle to maintain proper fan bases. Female fans may be loyal, but will generally also have a favorite boy band, leading to split attention, while male fans tend to be less loyal and switch between groups based on their concepts…

There is also more of a saturation of girl groups with similar concepts, making it harder for fans to distinguish between newer groups. Girl groups from smaller companies have to gain attention in unique ways, such as Crayon Pop’s ridiculous “Bar Bar Bar” concept, but then struggle to maintain their identity.

Female idol groups also often lose much of their appeal as they get older, since most idol groups focus on sexy and cute concepts and the majority of fans don’t really want to see mothers dancing in high heels and sexy outfits.

Kpopstarz interestingly mentions that girl groups have more scandals. But I think the difference also has to do with what is considered a “scandal” between boys and girls. The Korean public is harder on women and expect them to live up to higher standards than the boy groups. Men like “Choiza” can get away with a sexual name in Kpop, while any female with a similar name will be looked at poorly. While both male and female idols get scarred for dating, considering most males have a larger fan base, the fans will attack the female for “stealing” the male idol rather than attack them both.

I believe the “catty” behavior among the members is a result of the lack of popularity in comparison to boy groups, the favoritism shown by fans of the group, and arguments with the label to be seen as multi-talented and multifaceted. Female idols probably often feel disadvantaged, especially when one female idol is more popular for being a “visual” while the others struggle to let their individual talents shine.

David Volodzko from PRI shows that female idols’ behavior on stage, in variety shows, during music shows, and the concepts produced are heavily monitored and controlled. There are serious double standards between the idols. He mentions some interesting points:

For instance, when the hugely popular group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) batted their eyes at a boy band during a television variety show in 2008, this prompted fans to publicly humiliate them at that year’s annual Dream Concert, where audience members typically show performers their support by creating oceans of light with glow sticks. When SNSD took to the stage, the audience greeted them with dead silence and pitch darkness for the duration of their set….

Or take the case of former f(x) member Sulli. When Kim Hee-chul, member of the boy band Super Junior, claimed he was the most handsome member of his band, fans found it amusing. Yet when they discovered Sulli had written in her diary, as a 9-year-old child, “I think I’m pretty but I don’t get why other people think so too,” many people virulently attacked her. Then, when Sulli acknowledged she was dating the rapper Choiza in 2014, her career took a nosedive and she later left f(x). Meanwhile Choiza, whose stage name means “big dick,” not only survived the scandal, he cracked jokes about it on SNL Korea.

“Most K-pop videos portray women as sex objects and that includes all the female K-pop singers and groups, too,” says Kevin Cawley, professor of East Asian studies at University College Cork in Ireland. Many have cosmetic surgery and dance provocatively, but are “still expected to adhere to outdated Confucian norms about sexual conduct in their private lives while men can do as they please.”

Nevertheless, slut-shaming remains a societal mainstay, as does the infantilization of female pop idols. Just last year, IU released the song “Twenty-three,” in which she sings about the pressure put upon female stars to appear child-like, despite the fact that she herself is becoming a mature woman. But, because she dresses like a child in the video, rather than spark a national dialogue about the pedophiliac overtones of dressing grown women like schoolgirls, instead she was accused of using pedophiliac imagery to sell records.

Whether or not you agree with these statements, it still makes us think about the issue a little more. Many times we do have to go to the root of issues instead of ignoring them.

You can still like Kpop as a sound, but not every aspect will cater to everyone’s needs.

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 19) K-pop Is Not Extremely Diverse

Above I mentioned that there were some foreigners who have been accepted into Kpop. It’s true that Koreans have accepted newcomers into the industry. But keep in mind that most of the people accepted into the groups have been of Asian descent, currently classified as “heterosexual”, fitting gender “norms”, and fitting typical “beauty” standards (which I’ll have to dedicate a whole different section to). Though most are Asian, some of the Asians that aren’t “Korean” may be treated like second-class citizens. Korea is a modernized nation and slowly opening up to new ideas, but some people in Korea are still rather conservative, especially the older generation.

Though Kpop has welcomed a vast number of Chinese artists into the nation, it’s clear that the Koreans favor the Korean native idols more. If we observe the Chinese and Korean music videos of the major Kpop group EXO, we can see there is a difference in the promotion of the two videos by the “view count”. Because it is Kpop (Korean pop music), some Chinese members may feel treated “second best” because their natural language is Chinese. The Chinese language is not spoken by most Koreans, so it’s understandable. Still, it’s hard for many Chinese to fit in. Most end up doing promotions in China. There are hardly any Chinese idols cast in Korean dramas or on promotional ads for Korean products.

There are still some things Koreans aren’t used to and there are still some things that haven’t been accepted in society yet.

As far as different ethnic groups or races, that’s mostly something Koreans are still not used to. Obviously, the country is homogeneous (meaning the majority of citizens “look” Korean). When foreigners of different backgrounds come into the nation, especially the ones of African descent, they really stand out as “foreign” (even though there are Far east Asians who are also from foreign nations, they just fit in better because they “look” Korean). Western and Middle Eastern Asians and some Southeast Asians also stand out.

With idols like Insooni (a woman who debuted in Korea in the 1970s, a real hard time for African Americans in the country), Tasha, Alexandra, and many others, Koreans are able to better understand black people. But it’s still hard for black people to “fit in”. When Koreans get used to them, most of them will treat these idols like everyone else. But at first, it will feel a bit jarring and different. Koreans may be a little shocked, but most are also curious because they just aren’t used to diverse groups of people.

Not to say there are no black people in Korea. Black people are just among the minority groups living there. Koreans still don’t see black people often and don’t know how to approach them or take them.

Of course, there are those who really are racist and have very narrow perceptions about black people (like in every country). Some Koreans get their knowledge about black people from hip-hop and rap music videos. Koreans, particularly the elders, associate those genres with “bad” or “loose” behavior, particularly when it comes to violence and sex. Though rap and hip-hop has influenced much of Kpop today, most of it is watered down. The actual pure genre is ignored or even shunned. And even though they’ve accepted the genre as a part of “black culture”, many of them don’t really honor black rap and hip-hop artists within the nation. A rapper like CL from 2ne1 will get more attention than a rapper like Tasha Yoon Mi Rae. Part of the reason is because CL is of Korean descent and tried it, which inspires other Koreans to embrace hip-hop culture. They see CL as a representation of themselves. When looking at a black person perform the genre, it feels more “exclusive” to only blacks and many Koreans feel “rejected” from the genre. Not to say they won’t like it, but Knetizens like to feel “inspired to imitate” when they see idols perform. It’s hard for them to gravitate to something they don’t feel “included” in. Again, music is secondary; the way something “looks” or is “presented” usually comes first.

There are a few Koreans that get their idea of black people from American news articles online, which often misrepresent black people. They may not understand that all black people are various and diverse. This is partially because in their own nation everyone conforms. So for them, if they see one black person doing one thing, some will generalize all of them. Of course, there are ignorant people in every nation. Generally, most Koreans are respectful. Overall, again, the culture puts emphasis on respecting others and trying to remain humble. They also respect humility and hard work in others. Black people can prove to Koreans that they are WORTHY of respect by being respectful and humble when meeting other Koreans. The first impression matters, too.

Still, some Koreans may be a little distant or shun foreigners. Some can be angry at foreigners and talk racist trash. Of course, this is most common among the older conservative generation or the younger immature generation.

Many black women in Korea struggle to be seen as “equal” to Korean women. It has a lot to do with Korea’s standards for beauty. Many of their “ideals” greatly conflict with black people’s natural-born features. And I’ll mention later how much emphasis Koreans put on looks…

Still, as hard as it is for the women to fit in, do you see any black men in Kpop? I don’t think so. I think the black men have it harder to be seen as “normal” solid citizens who are respectful and talented as opposed to “thuggish gangsters”.

For many mixed artists, it’s even harder to fit in. They may feel both rejected by the black community for not being “black enough” and may equally be rejected by Koreans for being “black by skin”.

While there are hardly any black entertainers, there are even less entertainers of European descent. Asians can be just as unfriendly towards whites. Though many Asians admire their pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, though many try to adapt these looks, though some may want to have affairs with them, many Koreans don’t really trust white people much for the same reasons they don’t trust black people. They have very little experience with white people, only knowing them from movies and the news (or history books). Many Koreans also find white people to be “too loose”. Their idea of “white” is always associated with being “American”. They don’t often readily think the white people that come into their land are from the U.K., France, Germany, or any other place. They see them all the same. So, if Miley Cyrus twerks in America, that’s a representation of all white people. Some white people have experienced the same kind of racial attacks black people have received in the nation.

Despite the prejudices, blacks and whites are useful to Koreans. They can teach Koreans English.

Most have never come into contact with those from Central and South America, Latinas, and/or Hispanics. The Americans from those ethnic groups are not considered “American”  because most are bilingual. How they are treated depends on their skin color.

Most Koreans don’t even know what “Native American” or “indigenous” means. Some even think native “Americans” are white. Still, true “indigenous” people more closely resemble Koreans in comparison to white and black people. If they were to meet them more often, they would find more similarities than differences.

If you’re from areas in Southeast Asia, like India or Indonesia, some Koreans may not know how to respond to people from these nations. Some Koreans associate Southern Asians with “third-world” countries or see their nations as “developing” and not as advanced as Korea is. Southeast Asians that have moved into Korea sometimes work in factories and other laborious jobs. Some Koreans don’t see these jobs in a favorable light. And there is a strong social hierarchy in Korea. Ignorant Americans can treat different ethnic groups much the same way, such as associating laundromats with the Chinese or affiliating “lawn care” with Mexicans.

Three teachers, one of Indian descent, Scandinavian American, and half Filipino American, have shared their experiences on Youtube.

“Foreigners” or people of different backgrounds are never considered Korean. It doesn’t matter if the person was born and raised in Korea, or lived there for twenty years, or married a Korean and had Korean children. The word for “foreigner” in the Korean language isn’t specified by citizenship (unlike many western countries). The word separates “genetics”. So anyone who is not genetically Korean is NOT Korean, even if that person is a “legal” citizen. This makes many foreigners feel misplaced or outcasted. On the other hand, this makes some foreigners feel unique or special. It all depends on your attitude and whether your experience with being “foreign” in Korea has been negative or positive.

Again, there is prejudice everywhere in the world. Generally, Koreans are gracious, but you won’t hardly see these races or any other ethnic groups in Kpop.

Why not? Several reasons:

  1. Some Koreans want to keep the “face” of Korea purely Asian. It makes Kpop stand out from all of the genres around the world.
  2. Some Koreans are afraid of other races dominating the media, making Korean children, who are impressionable, “hate their appearances”.
  3. Some Koreans feel that “westerners” don’t respect Asian entertainers in their own countries (because they assume all blacks and whites come from the west) and may want to return the favor by barring other ethnic groups from Kpop.
  4. Korean teenagers, who endorse kpop the most, don’t relate to individuals who don’t look like they do. Most of the teens look Korean.

Labels, of course, are trying to sell a “product” to the Korean public. They always consider how their idols will appear to the nation. This, unfortunately, bars most other ethnic groups from the genre.

There are other groups that are barred from the genre. Korea is not very open to the LGBT community just yet. They do have a Gay Pride festival, which is a step forward. This clearly means there are some openly gay and bi-sexual Koreans. However, celebrities who come out gay often face public shame. Even at the festivals, some people protest against it.

Some idols who have dared to come out have lost their friends, their jobs, and get bullied by society. Many commit suicide, adding to Korea’s high suicide rate.

Much of the older generations look at homosexuality like a disease and blame foreigners for bringing it into the nation. This is also why many Koreans are distrustful of foreigners. They often don’t recognize that there were ever people within the nation who concealed their feelings long before foreign influences.

But this is common in all countries. The elderly just have a hard time adjusting to the changing times.

Still, some younger fans don’t relate to homosexual imagery outside of looking at “girl on girl” kissing as erotic or a sexual fetish for heterosexuals. And that is considered too “suggestive” for children. Gay men have it even harder than the females because it’s not even looked at as erotic.  Some Knetizens may have a crush on a “boyish” girl based on her appearance (because she seems like their favorite male idols), but may not openly express dating that girl in real life.

This trickles all the way down to “gender norms”. It is very rare to find tomboys in Kpop. Again, most labels design their female idols to appeal to traditional men. Some girls wear baggy pants, sneakers, ponytails, and, occasionally, an androgynous suit and tie if it fits a particular concept. But labels try to promote their female artists as cute and traditionally “feminine”. Social-gender stereotyping is common because Koreans believe in conformity. If one person doesn’t conform in one way, they are considered “odd” or “outside of their gender”.

F(x)’s Amber Liu, has been able to overcome the limitations placed on female idols, despite the pressure from others to conform. But not too many tomboys like her are lucky enough to get a spot in a Kpop group. They really have to work harder to prove themselves.

The men have been able to get away with more feminine looks, like Jo Kwon in “Animal” or Taemin in “Danger”, but it’s clear that the more “masculine” groups are bigger in Korea.

On the other hand, despite the fact that it’s hard to actually come out as gay, blending in as a gay person under the radar would not be too difficult. Many of the things heterosexual Korean men and women do with the same sex are often confused for being “gay” to most westerners. For example, it’s perfectly normal for two men to hold hands, stroke one another, or wear makeup in Korea, no matter their sexuality. In the west, those behaviors are stereotyped with being “gay”. To Koreans, these things don’t really indicate anything intimate.

No one openly shows affection in public, such as hugging and kissing, not even heterosexual couples, so anyone would get weird stares for doing that. But as long as gay people fit into the culture, no would ever assume their sexuality unless it was actually brought out in the open. Being “gay” is never a usual topic in Korea. The younger generation is more tolerant than the older generation. Still, if a gay person were to come out, it would be hard for them to maintain employment.

Being Tansgender is still a foreign concept in Korea, which is surprising considering so many people consider plastic surgery there. If there are any Transgender people, most probably try to blend in. Others that don’t pass may get bullied and their gender identity is hardly respected or understood. Western countries are just now getting educated on transgenderism. Koreans have barely accepted the gay community or even mixed marriages!

Kpop is also not extremely diverse when it comes to body shapes and sizes.

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20) Looks Are Just As Important As Talent


Considering that Korea is a homogeneous place, everyone tries to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty tips that apply mostly to traditional Korean appearances. In the western part of the globe and many other nations in the southern part, people come in all shapes and sizes. There isn’t much pressure to look just “one way” like there is in Korea.

Guess who is number 1 in the world when it comes to plastic surgery? Korea! If that doesn’t show you how much they care about their appearances, I don’t know what does.

Some of the beauty standards that exist go way back in Korea’s history! The standards for beauty are

  1. Pale Skin
  2. Petite body
  3. Small features (facial, hands, feet, etc)
  4. Double eyelids and big eyes
  5. Pearly, white, straight teeth

These standards exist for both men and women.

Koreans also put emphasis on what is worn. They put emphasis on name-brands and trends. I think Fashion King (the 2014 film) describes the pressure to be beautiful and trendy in Korea’s fashion culture more than anything (though the movie exaggerates it).

I want to first dive into skin. Most Koreans have a lighter complexion. But there are some who have tans. Unfortunately, the ideal is to have pale-looking skin because that is considered most “naturally Korean”. This is what I meant earlier when I said Korea’s beauty standards clash with black people’s natural features.

This is not to say that Koreans think darker skinned people are butt ugly or unattractive, but if they could choose the ideal, for some, that person would be pale. Some do prefer their own “kind”.

For them, wanting lighter skin is no different than people wanting a tan in the USA (to have a darker complexion). Having a tan in America is linked to “prestige” because Hollywood resides in a warmer climate and many celebrities live in California, the home of Hollywood. Living off of the beach is also a sign of prestige in America (because of the weather and view, prices are higher). “Tans” are a reflection of living in a warmer climate with all the rich and famous people.

Well, in Korea, having lighter skin is linked to prestige as well. It means the individuals don’t have to spend a lot of time outside “tending the fields” like a poor farmer.

Unfortunately, this makes it hard for those of a darker skin tone to feel or be seen as “beautiful”.

Koreans spend a lot on whitening cream. These creams do several things for their skin besides make it whiter. For starters, because most of them are already pretty pale, it whitens out any uneven skin tones due to blemishes, freckles, aging, or tans. It’s important for Koreans to look “untouched” or “without imperfections”. Second, it makes their skin “glow”, like putting on a lot of oil. To most westerners, it’s disgusting. Americans are starting to promote natural beauty. Some of us don’t even like the “fake tan” culture we support in America. But in Korea, looks are everything. In Korea, it’s not uncommon for people to point out imperfections when they get comfortable with you. Many Koreans take pride in their appearance.

You might see many Kpop idols promoting skin-whitening creams in advertisements and on commercials. For many Koreans, it’s a part of having healthy skin.

This doesn’t mean that every Korean approves of skin-whitening. Some Koreans feel western standards have “white-washed” citizens into wanting to have a more European look (pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes). Some Koreans prefer people to be natural.

But most associate beauty with glowing, white skin. 

Koreans also spend money on makeup. They mostly try to wear makeup that “whitens” them rather than makeup that gives color (unlike in the west). They let it even out with the whitening cream to give them a “naturally flawless” look. Even the men in Korea spend money on makeup, which is considered unusual in the west. In Korea, it is common for men to be just as interested in their appearances as women. After all, for many in Korea, being attractive is the key to success.

Now focusing on body standards…

A petite body is associated with “good health”. Even having a big butt or big chest could be associated with being “fat”. Some Koreans don’t even like chubby faces or arms, even if the rest of the body is slender. The bottom-line is skinny is pretty and healthy to them. Weight is associated with poor health and is not very attractive to most Koreans. Most of the world is like this, but Koreans are a little more extreme at times. There are hardly any thick people anyway in Korea because of the diet. This is partially why the “ideal” is the way it is.

Music labels use their idols to promote Korea’s “beauty standards”. So, you will hardly see any thicker idols, though there are a few.

Fat-shaming is common in Korea. If Kpop idols even gain a little weight, it will cause an uproar.

Of course, there are Koreans who like thicker women. (Reality vs Idol Life).

Small features are also considered really attractive. Idols that usually end up at the top of most of Korea’s “beauty” lists normally have small lips, small noses, small heads, small hands, and small feet! This also has to do with most Asian women just looking petite. The majority travels down to the standard. But the idols who don’t have the “smallest” features rely on plastic surgery to give them the ideal look.

The double eyelid surgery is the biggest in Korea. Most of the far north-east Asians are born with a monolid. Some Koreans say it makes them look tired all the time. Foreign films and music stars have also influenced them. Many Kpop idols want to have wider eyes to have a “neutral” look about them. They also feel wider eyes make them look cuter, like an anime character or something. It gives more of an innocent look in their standard.

Plastic surgery isn’t just a way to get “beautiful” to Koreans. It’s also a sign of prestige. Plastic surgery can be expensive, so mostly those with enough money invest in it. Still, thousands of people try to pour their money into it.

Having straight, white teeth is a sign of prestige, too. Braces are expensive. I think most of the world is on board with this standard!

So you might wonder why labels and idols go to some extremes to look attractive. Isn’t being natural enough? Many idols are naturally attractive without the additional enhancements.

But the truth of the matter, and I won’t mince words, Kpop sells on attractive figures. Beauty is just as important, if not MORE important, than talent. Labels try to find attractive people or those with a unique look that can ALSO sing and/or dance. Often times, the beauty part is more profitable than the talent.

Take Kpop group f(x) for example. Luna is one of the most talented members of that group. But the most popular member is Krystal. Krystal is talented too, but not like Luna. So why is Krystal more popular? Because Krystal is “prettier” (according to Korea’s beauty standards).

Often times groups will have someone in the group just to be a “visual” (meaning someone to bop around onstage and look attractive). These individuals may have mediocre talents at best, but they “look the part”. Labels usually train all idols to polish up their dancing and singing. Still, it’s clear that the industry can be a little biased towards the more attractive idols. In boy groups, it’s common for ALL the boys to be a visual. The song could be the trend, nothing unique, but if the group is full of attractive people, they will stand out.

The idol world is competitive. Korea’s society is competitive. Because most of them are super smart and work really hard, everyone has qualities that are deemed worthy for just about any job or career. But it’s just not possible to hire everyone for every job. Some Koreans have to find a certain”edge”. Some Koreans use their “attractive” qualities as that “edge”.

In Kpop, I suppose anyone could be talented or work really hard to develop “talents”. But having the right appearance does something to the hearts of the main demographic: the teenagers and young adults. Most Kpop songs don’t really require good vocalists. Many are catchy enough to grab attention. But they do require at least ONE idol who fits the “standard” of beauty.

The main demographic consists of young females, so there’s plenty of pressure for males to be attractive. However, males can also get away with singing well and performing killer choreography (the males’ choreographers tend to give them more powerful dances and the males are able to take more risks).

The women are usually given very simple choreo in comparison. For women, their biggest selling point is their appearance. Since Kpop is dominated by a female audience, some Kpop fans may be jealous or hate on female Kpop idols (because these girls not only look attractive but are so close to the male Kpop idols). Yet, kpop fans in Korea may better warm up to female Kpop idols if they are “attractive”.

The idols that don’t fit the “attractive” mold often get bashed for not taking care of their appearance. And the fans don’t feel guilty about bashing others. They simply believe it is the “fault” of the “target”. It’s really common for Koreans to be blunt about another person’s appearance. In America, we find this to be rude and inconsiderate. For many Koreans, this is considered helping someone else improve. They don’t find getting plastic surgery or putting creams on the face a sign of “self-hating”. They simply see these as enhancers, like wearing makeup or styling the hair. Many Americans do like to enhance themselves, but we feel that it shouldn’t be mandatory. Americans embrace differences more and embrace naturalness. We also honor talent over appearance.

In Korea, everything matters to create the perfect idol.

Those who don’t fit with the standards may find it hard to fit in at first, but there are ways they can convince the public that their image is a positive one. Kpop idols like F(x)’s Amber Liu, Lee Hyori, and all of the members of 2ne1 have all been examples of that. One must be strong to be able to endure the Kpop industry, despite the pressure to fit one mold. Sometimes, people let the opinions of others get in their heads. Some people don’t have the confidence to go against the norm (especially when there are so many pressures outside of physical appearance). It takes a brave soul to take a stand against social pressures. There are four types in a competitive society: 1) The strong ones who just don’t care. 2) Those who feel they live up to social standards and can’t understand how others can’t thrive. 3) The ones who let others psyche them out, the sensitive souls who really care about the opinions of others. 4) The ones who try to be strong in public, but break down from the pressure in private. The pressure is so strong to live up to these high demands, some people commit suicide. And sadly, few have pity on these people. They are simply looked at as “weak”.

In the words of writer Ashley Perez, “In a culture where so many people strive to look the same way, any slight difference in appearance rapidly singles you out.”

However, despite the harsh pressures that go behind the scenes of the competitive Kpop industry, the appearances of the idols are still the most popular part of it. So many people support Kpop because of all of the attractive people involved. These Kpop idols work hard to be appealing and they sacrifice a lot of their natural beauty to appeal to their audience. They really can be like the humble servant.

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21) Standing Out Is Difficult In Kpop

cosmic girls

With the lack of diversity, labels constantly following the trends, and the competitive atmosphere, it becomes difficult for Kpop groups and their individual members to stand out. This can be a good thing at times. If all of the members have something special about them, it can bring a certain unity.

But when one member is favored more than the others, this is when there’s a problem.

No matter how much labels try to dress and promote their artists similarly, there will always be one that stands out. Eventually, labels will pay attention to the most popular members. Some Kpop idols have accused labels of “distributing money” unfairly according to “popularity”, as mentioned before.

When this happens, sometimes the “less” popular members may have a hard time standing out and being noticed, even if they are more talented. I think I mentioned this before too…

Kpop groups also tend to have way more members than most groups around the world (I think Japan’s AKB48 and Morning Musume are the only two that have way more members than even some of Korea’s groups). Most groups in the west have only up to five members (seven being the maximum). Kpop groups have had up to 13 members! With all of these members, sometimes it’s hard to find the individuality. It’s easier to get to know 5 members as opposed to 13. With so many idols, some members are treated as expendable. To most casual listeners of Kpop, any member can be taken out or replaced in these groups and it really wouldn’t matter.

The other problem with having large groups is that each member only gets a few moments to showcase whatever talents they have within each song. One idol could have amazing vocals but is only given one line to showcase those vocals, just to make room for the other idols. In bigger groups, some idols are left out of the verses entirely!

Some artists try solo projects to showcase their individual talents. Still, the solo projects’ successes depend on the idol’s individual fandom, which they should have gained when they were in their groups. If the person doesn’t have particular “charms” or isn’t attractive, even the solo projects will be ignored. If their groups were super large, like 13 members, all fandoms were split 1/13!

Even Knetizens think the large group numbers are getting out of hand. Some feel that large groups are too difficult to manage. I guess there’s just so many talented people trying to get into the industry, many labels are finding it hard to choose! But this can make it difficult for everyone involved, so I see where the Netizens are going with this…

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22) Kpop Idols Are Traditional At The Core


With the pressure to be “pure” and beautiful, the pressure to conform to a homogeneous and heterosexual society, the pressure to work long hours, and the pressure to serve the country, international fans with a different culture might think that these kpop idols should be “saved” from what many westerners would call an “oppressive” system. We might feel that these idols need us to support them by removing them from these “threats”.

We would be both wrong and right. The idols do need us. One of the reasons labels are trying to make kpop appealing to western audiences is because of the “free-minded” views of the west. This means the west will support idols regardless of scandals or hiatuses, as long as the music is good. This means more money for Kpop labels and more creative freedom for idols.

However, let’s not forget that some of these idols are KOREAN. Many of them have the same beliefs that all Koreans have. KOREA is the country they live in. They don’t see these things necessarily as oppressive. It’s just living. Many of the idols’ ethics are in line with Korean thinking, even if they don’t live up to their own moral standards.

International fans have to remember that many idols pressure themselves to be beautiful and look good just as much as society pressures them.

So don’t be surprised if they make prejudiced remarks or  rudely ridicule foreigners who are “fat”.

Idols are proud of the hard work they put in and are USED to working long hours. It wouldn’t be any different if they had a job outside of entertainment. Some Kpop idols’ values are the same as most Korean citizens’ values. For many Kpop idols, getting to know their international fans can be just as much of a culture shock as when we international fans learn about their culture.

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23) Kpop Doesn’t Always Reflect Everything In Korea


Whoever did this is hilar!!

From the many sections above, you can already guess that there are some things not visible to the casual kpop listener when watching music videos. Yet, some people may think that everything they see or hear regarding Kpop reflects ALL of Korea. Many international fans form distorted views of both the people and the culture from these filters.

In Kpop videos, we see attractive, skinny, and talented young men and women. They all seem sweet, friendly, and happy. They are presented as young, respectful, and humble. They seem fashionable and trendy. They seem pure and chaste.

But fans of Kpop should keep in mind that media around the world has a way of distorting the truth. Korea is no different. Kpop obsession can cause international fans to generalize a whole group of people. It can cause fans of the genre to suffer from disillusionment.

Foreigners should never tell Koreans, “I’m so interested in Korean culture. I love Kpop.” It’s great to love Kpop, but Kpop can produce unrealistic expectations.

Kpop is only one part of Korea’s vast and glorious history and culture. For some Koreans, it doesn’t even represent Korea (as many think it is over-saturated with westernized concepts). Some Koreans don’t like Kpop. There are many genres in Korea, just like there are many genres around the world. You may run into a Korean who likes Indie music or rock. You may run into Koreans who really don’t care about pop culture at all! Just like anywhere around the world.

After seeing so many attractive and happy faces on music videos and variety shows, many foreigners make it their life’s goal to move to Korea and find them a nice girlfriend/boyfriend that’s just as beautiful/handsome as the faces in the video. Some may say, “I think Asian men/women are hot. I love men like Taeyang/I love women like Taeyeon”…

You’re not going to find a Kpop idol out of an everyday human being. Being an idol is a profession. Being a human isn’t. Even idols don’t look the way they do in music videos all the time.

The reality is that Koreans actually come in all shapes and sizes. Though most are skinny, everyone isn’t skinny. Though there are many stylish clothing stores, everyone doesn’t have the same income to keep up with the stylish idols. Some Koreans don’t want to and may have their own unique style. Not all Korean men and women have the same talents that Kpop idols do. Not all Korean men and women are “perfect looking” like Kpop idols (who usually have enhancements, personal stylists, and extra money in their pockets). Not all are sweet and humble, not all are super friendly, not all are dorky and cute, not all of them are ALIKE. There may be pressures for Koreans to conform and be like one another, and there may be a lack of diversity in the media, but when we step outside of media, everyone is average.

It also depends on the city you visit. Of course if you visit the city of Seoul you will see more “jazzed up” individuals. It’s a city for business, culture, and entertainment. But other surrounding cities, especially Korea’s rural areas, are full of individuals who don’t fit what is on the music video.


Though many Koreans try to keep up with one another, some hate the pressures just as much as other people hate pressures in their own countries. No country is perfect.

Why some Koreans don’t want to live in their own country

Though idols are expected to be pure and chaste, many have affairs. Many drink and party. There are some who are irresponsible. There are some who are not. Though idols seem respectful, all are imperfect and will say bad things once in awhile. Some are traditional; some are not.

Idols are different from how they’re presented in music videos. They have to be nice to people in public. This doesn’t mean they will find every one of their fans to be marriage material and this doesn’t mean they will fit every fan’s desire in a REAL relationship. Sorry to break hearts; it’s the reality.

You might find Kpop idols on variety shows eating some of Korea’s famous foods. It doesn’t mean every Korean will like the same foods. Think you’re going to open up a conversation about Kimchi just because you tried Kimchi once and liked it? News Flash: Not every Korean likes Kimchi. My Korean exchange friend, born and raised in Korea, hates Kimchi. She thinks it stinks. XD You are entitled to choose what you want on Korea’s menus, but just know that there are tons of foods in Korea. There are even some restaurants that are familiar to westerners.

Even the negative things we hear regarding Korean Kpop fans aren’t all true. Not all Knetz are strict and hard-nosed. Not all bash idols for their actions. Some are sympathizers. Many Knetz are reasonable and respectful. Though Koreans do have their own culture and standards, there are some things they are against in their own nation. After all, if that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t find any Kpop idols who have dated or went against the norm in some other way!

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24) Kpop Is Always Changing

Finally, I want you newcomers to be aware that Kpop has and always will change.

Western-style music began seeping into the Korean nation as early as 1885 when an American missionary introduced folk music to the nation. But after the Korean war in the 1950s, the war Americans assisted South Korea with, many western clubs and radio stations were set up. Records were introduced to the public. Popular genres from overseas began to influence Korea ever since then.

But the style of modern-day Kpop, the Kpop we know and love today, began in 1992 when a boy group Seo Taiji & Boys dropped their song “Nan Arayo” (난 알아요, I Know). The song and album incorporated the then-popular and modern genre of New Jack Swing which rose out of the African American and Afro-British community in the 1980s. Michael Jackson also helped popularize the genre overseas, though he didn’t originate the genre. With more technology, like radios and television, these styles from the Black community influenced the world.

The song “Nan Arayo” (난 알아요, I Know) wasn’t just catchy and modern, it was also meaningful. It focused on the problems facing Korean society. The song also stood out because, in the 1980s, mostly everyone was singing ballads.

Seo Taiji & Boys paved the way for modern Kpop, incorporating many western styles into their music.

Shortly after, in 1995, SM Entertainment was born, and the rest was history. They were one of the first labels to create an “idol” boy band, a band designed to appeal to a teen audience. The teens brought in most of the bacon to the industry, and they wanted to jump on that demographic.

Since then, Kpop has seen several generations:

1st generation: 1992-2000: Some of the biggest artists being Shinhwa, Baby V.O.X, Lee Junghyun, H.O.T., Fin. K. L, S.E.S., the infamous Seo Taiji & the Boys, and more,  this era marked the beginning and formation of modern Kpop. Hip-hop, rap, R&B, electronica, and New Jack Swing was a heavy incorporation into much of the music that came out of this era.

2nd generation: 2000-2009: Some of the biggest artists being Big Bang, TVXQ, U-KISS, SS501, SHINee, BoA, Rain, Se7en, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, and more, this era was the beginning of the Hallyu Wave. BoA, a pop idol from SM Entertainment, was the first to bring the Hallyu Wave on a massive scale (though H.O.T. is rightfully the first Kpop group to perform internationally). Girls’ Generation also gained a huge international following during this time. The Hallyu Wave marked a time when Kpop went global. At this point, Kpop was starting to dominate much of the East Asian music market. Catchy bubblegum pop, Pop urban, pop-rock, and heavily synchronized dancing was incorporated into the style of Kpop at this time. Japan’s industry still dominated Far East Asia, so many fashion styles were adopted from Japan, giving Kpop idols a neutral appearance.

3rd generation: 2010-2013: Some of the biggest artists being PSY, 2NE1, f(x), Sistar, Girl’s Day, After School, miss A, G-Dragon, HyunA, SPICA, CROSS GENE, B.A.P, EXO, and more, this era marked the height of the Kpop phenomenon, and the highest point of the Hallyu Wave. Artists like Psy, EXO, and 2ne1 helped to bring Kpop to a massive global scale, even reaching the hard-to-break Western music market. This era showed the influence of the Digital Revolution, which saw the shift from emphasis on physical sales to digital sales. More people around the world had access to the internet, and social music and video websites, such as Youtube, began to gain traffic and bring attention to music from around the world. There weren’t as many restrictions on streaming or uploading as it was just becoming a popular thing. Western music had an even greater impact on the music than ever before. Electro-pop and dance music genres gained popularity and was incorporated into many Kpop songs. Kpop labels began actively searching for Kpop idols in countries outside of Korea to maintain global attention. Music shows gained more power and had an affect on a Kpop fans’ view of success. Kpop idols developed their own mark and fashion styles in the industry.

4th generation: 2013-now: Some of the biggest artists being MAMAMOO, EXID, G-Friend, Taemin, Taeyeon, Red Velvet, WINNER, Got7, BTS, Black Pink, Twice, and more, this was an era where the biggest stars of the Kpop height began to break apart. Many of them began solo careers. Newer, younger, and fresher artists were trained to replace many of the older artists so that labels could keep their hold on the Kpop global market and maintain their “soft power”. But these artists have more perks thanks to the generations that came before them. Contracts aren’t as harsh as they were, artists have more creative liberties, and those who “stan” a label and its older groups helped to bring the newbies along for the ride. This generation is marked by a more westernized and globalized sound incorporated into much of the music. There is more of a variety in sound and substance as well as fashion.

These are the “Kpop generations” as based on what’s been seen as a trend throughout the years (according to many people on several Kpop message boards), however it is often widely disputed and many people have different ideas of when certain eras began and ended and even on how to define these eras. Some say an era begins when one major group, particularly a boy group, breaks a world record in sales, topping the last biggest group. Some say an era begins when the style of music shifts from one sound to another. Some believe a new era begins with the decades (1990s, 2000s, and 2010s). However the eras begin and end, there is clearly one thing we know: Kpop changes.

As said before, I’ve been interested in the genre since 2003 and I’ve seen things change seemingly overnight. Some of my favorite Kpop stars, who were once thought of as “Kings” and “Queens”, have fallen behind a new generation time and time again.

At one time, BoA and Lee Hyori were the reigning queens of Kpop. I remember them dominating the charts and stage. I remember when DBSK (ahem…TVXQ they now call them) were just rookies. I remember when Super Junior was a rookie group! I remember when S.E.S. was the major female idol group next to Fin. K.L.

Now, TVXQ’s members are considered veterans. Lee Hyori has dropped out of the Kpop spotlight (only to come back here and there). S.E.S. and Fin K.L. have disbanded. Se7en and Rain have had to serve in the military. Super Junior is now at that age, too!

I’ve had to readjust my ears to many different Kpop styles over the years. When I first got into the Korean pop industry, hip-hop, R&B, pop urban, and even a bit of pop rock influenced much of the music in Kpop. There was a very urban scene back then, which was why I was attracted to Kpop. The girls had much more sass and didn’t force “cuteness” in every scene in their videos. Solo artists still had a hard time being recognized, but not as badly as these modern-day solo artists.

Over the years, almost too soon, I saw Kpop change into something different. The release of Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” brought a new energy to Kpop, one that I really didn’t like at first. It was very hard for me to adjust to the changes. I also saw electropop take over after Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby”. And kpop still keeps evolving and changing…

So don’t get upset if a new sound begins to take over Kpop. Don’t think “This no longer sounds like Kpop”. Just remember my words: Kpop always has and always will evolve and change. They’ve been following the global trends just like all the other countries. Do you really think they want to be left behind?

Kpop has received more attention for its distinct style, so maybe that will make the current trends last much longer. Still, as more and more people from around the world get interested in Kpop, their ideas will also begin to influence the trends in Korea, whether we want to accept this or not. Labels will be interested in appealing to their demographic and that demographic now includes foreigners of many backgrounds.

For you newcomers, learn from Korean culture: Remain humble. Though not all Koreans live by this principle, it’s still a valuable lesson to learn. Don’t think that your favorite groups are such “kings” and “queens” that no one is capable of stealing their thunder. It can happen and it will.

Admittedly, in the “technology” age we live in, it’s much harder for artists to be forgotten (internet helps you search for anything). This doesn’t mean the next best thing isn’t waiting behind the scenes, waiting to devour your favorite solo artist or group’s popularity. I learned this through all of my global musical experiences (I also listen to French, Turkish, Irish, and Tanzanian pop to name a few), but it seems to be a hard concept to many fans of Kpop. I guess with so many being young, they don’t really know any different because this new age of Kpop is all they’ve experienced.

I used to hear people often shout, “This group is good, but GG/2ne1 are the QUEENS. No group will ever top them!” This was when I was still into BoA. I had to hear others call my favorite Kpop star “washed-out” or “losing her edge”. I had to sit by as my favorite idol was no longer everyone’s favorite anymore. It was the same with S.E.S., The Grace, and many others. As my favorite idols’ popularity decreased, so did the comebacks.

Now that the “4th wave” of Kpop is entering the industry, fans of the “2nd wave” and “3rd wave” are feeling it. And the cycle will continue.

Clearly, as 3rd generation groups started losing members, we’ve been seeing a change in the atmosphere among the fandoms. There is a decline in popularity among the “3rd Gen” Kpop stars. The newer stars have risen to take power: Got7, BTS, Twice, EXID, Blackpink and many other newbies. As these artists gain popularity, and even newer groups are introduced, older groups and solo artists will become veterans, striving to hold on to their fans.

So what can we do about this? Hardly anything. Change is inevitable. But we can continue to support our favorite groups as best we can. We will still have their great songs. We still can appreciate the music for what it is. Forget the petty fan wars. Forget who wins what music show. Enjoy what you have and experience every moment. Every Kpop artist has something to contribute to the industry. If we ignore that now, we might be missing out on something amazing.

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25) What Does It Take To Be a Kpop Idol? What is the Kpop Life Like?


Do you absolutely just love Kpop? Ever dreamed of being a Kpop star? Guess what? You and everybody else!

The Kpop industry is so attractive and alluring. Would you get to look like your favorite Kpop star one day, too? Would you be admired by millions of fans around the world? Could you make a statement and do something different for the industry, maybe be the first black or white girl in a major kpop group? Or maybe you’re just interested in meeting some of those cute boys and girls from your favorite Kpop group, huh?

Well, let’s keep in mind that once Kpop became more of a global thing, more people became interested in it. Kpop was always a competitive industry, but imagine, with so many people interested in it in recent years, just how competitive it is now.

Hundreds of people sign up every year (even every few months) to be Kpop stars. So what can YOU do to become one?

First, there are auditions around the world.

You could audition online or you can go to one of their audition locations, which they usually schedule. Over 2,000 people will usually be auditioning with you at one time if you’re going to an open audition. Even online, there are thousands of people signing up every year and posting their videos of their talents.

SM has been known to “street-cast”, which means they pick someone they think fits their company and ask the person to audition (Former Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal Jung got their auditions this way).

Online, mostly you can follow the steps. I’ve heard that online doesn’t work as well as face-to-face, so it may be better to travel to the audition locations. Some people have stated that there’s usually more auditions online and scouts take their time scrolling through them. Furthermore, scouts are more than likely to choose you based on how you look on camera that way, without really paying attention to anything else. And it’s not like they can ask any further questions about you that way.

Kpop scouts are looking for the following things:

  1. Passion and Dedication
  2. Willingness to learn and accept criticism
  3. Charisma, charm, stage presence, natural talent

Mostly, after auditioning online, if you are selected for “round 2” of the audition process, you may get an email, letter, or phone call. If you live overseas, it’s more likely that you will receive an email. Contact them back right away.

Things you will need for a “round 2” audition:

  1. At least 3 songs prepared (some say at least 10) and one dance choreography. Pick songs in your range, don’t try to hit high notes.
  2. To learn Korean, especially the Korean terms common in the industry
  3. Money-to fly to auditions, to get a passport, etc. You must be prepared to shell out cash and travel
  4. The right attire-Black is often preferred, but as long as you’re not wearing anything too distracting, it’s fine. Wear casual attire, good running shoes and jogging pants. No makeup.

Once contacted, they may host private auditions or have you come to one of their open auditions, depending on the time they call you back. Be EARLY.

If you don’t audition online, you can still go to their open auditions and sign up.

Be at least an hour or two hours early. It not only looks good, but thousands of people will be there, making the lines long. There’s always paperwork to fill out and the place is usually packed full of other people auditioning. If you are a teenager, you will need a responsible adult with you to help you fill out your paperwork.

If you are asked to come to a private audition, you should still be early so you can fill out paper work. But you won’t have to worry about the lines or the competition (though most people didn’t feel they were in a competitive atmosphere).

They tend to ask many basic personal questions about your life, interests, and talents. This is how they build your profile IF you make it through the audition process and become a trainee. They will also ask you which category you are auditioning for. Many people recommend you only choose ONE category to avoid delay. If you choose more than one category, the audition process becomes harder to get through.

If you’re at an open audition, all of these questions will be down on paper. Don’t worry, many people have said they have it in English or they have interpreters. Still, I advise you ask many in-depth questions whenever you release personal information about yourself.

If you are having a private audition, they may ask these questions directly. If you are underage, they may discuss some things with your parents.

At the open auditions, after you fill everything out, you will get a number that you have to put on you. If you are at a private audition, obviously you won’t have to wear a number. Usually at a private audition, you are the only one there. There may only be one other person.

Now, whether you are at a private audition or an open one, most people have said they had to go through a camera test or screening during the initial audition process, just to see how they would come off on camera. Afterwards, they had to introduce themselves clearly and confidently on that camera. Whatever goes on that camera is sent to South Korea. It’s important that you look at the camera at all times.

People have also reported that there’s modeling involved. They might put you in many outfits and have you pose as they take pictures. I suppose this is how all those trainees get professional pictures of themselves early on.

THEN, after all of that, you will be asked to sing on camera. Some people say you have to have your face looking straight at the camera. It doesn’t feel very natural, but you have to do it.

It would be best to prepare three to TEN songs on hand. It appears that English songs are preferred.

I know you’re wondering why. “Why, why should I choose English songs to be a Kpop star, especially after I’ve been practicing my favorite Kpop songs for months now?”

One seasoned Kpop star (H.O from Madtown) came out of the box about the trainee process that occurs AFTER auditions. During one of the stages, there are monthly “evaluations” or “check-ups”. During these evaluations, Kpop idols are forbidden from singing Korean pop songs (it’s unclear whether this applies to traditional Korean folk songs).

There could be two reasons for this:

One, trainers could be trying to see the flexibility of Kpop idols. If you aren’t a native English speaker, companies may be testing to see how versatile you are or how easily you adapt. English is a universal language and most of the world’s most popular genres came from the west. Many companies do expect their idols to speak more than one language and to be able to memorize hard lines quickly. Learning to sing in a different language not only shows how dedicated you are but also how flexible and quick you are at catching on to new material, no matter the challenge. It’s unclear whether native-English speakers are required to sing in their native tongue, but it’s certain that Korean-born and other non-English speakers will be expected to abide by this rule.

The second reason companies might require their trainees to only sing English songs for evaluations could be for the simple fact that most Kpop labels are silent competitors. Imagine a YG trainee singing an SM song during evaluations. Though the competition is generally friendly and civil, it’s fierce. Labels are competing for promotion, finances, and stock value. To make it fair, all Kpop songs are off-limits.

Though this seems to only be a requirement for evaluations, later down the line, once the person makes it pass the audition process, it’s a good look when you know what they are looking for before your first audition. At least, it would be good to keep a mixture of Korean and English songs handy for auditions.

If you pass all of these tests, you could be selected to become a trainee. You will be given a 2-year contract, 7-year contract (which seems to be the most common for Kpop idols, considering the “7-year curse”), and the 13-year contract. In the past, most Kpop idols were required to sign a 13-year contract. I believe this led to a lawsuit by one Super Junior Member and even led to some issues with DBSK (now TVXQ) in the past. Now, there are more options.

There’s a lot to consider when becoming a trainee, even before you become an idol. If you’re not from Korea, and you’re a teenager, you’d need your parents’ permission, a passport, and you’d need to figure out what school you will be attending or your schooling situation (unless you plan on leaving school). Most labels pay for their idols’ room and board as well as their meals (which are usually VERY healthy), so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about that. Still, you’d more than likely be room-mating, so it’d be best to pack light so you won’t take up ALL of the space. Decipher what you can live without. The first lesson of becoming an idol is learning to make sacrifices.

If you’re over the age of 21, keep in mind that younger idols are preferred, usually idols in their teens because they could spend most of their youth training and still debut at a young age. Having a family of your own isn’t really considered normal for a Kpop idol and it may be considered “unappealing” to the target demographic. If you have children by the time of debut, you probably won’t last too long as an idol, especially if you are debuting with a smaller company.

When you are selected as a trainee, get used to being without your phone (and sometimes other electronic devices) often. They take phones, computers, and tablets. Some idols have stated that companies do this to keep the process of their up and coming trainees a secret. They don’t want anything leaking out. This keeps them ahead of their competition.

But this is where it gets hard for many people. It can be lonely and boring at this time if you’ve gotten accustomed to socializing through your phone. Bigger companies put you in groups, so you will have to make a few new friends! It’d be best to see the bright side of this situation. It’s a good time to bond with your group (if you’re in one). That means you have to break any anti-social tendencies you might have.

If you’re expected to be a solo artist, this might be the hardest time for you. But it’s a good time to prove yourself as an artist. You could be using the spare time for practice.

Next, comes the physical training. If you’re used to working out, this might not be bad. People who are used to a workout routine and are pretty athletic usually find this part to be a breeze. If you aren’t particularly athletic, this might be a grueling process for you. Be prepared. This will be your life from now on. You will be up early, training and practicing and perfecting your skills, and you will not leave until late at night, possibly the next morning. Kpop idols don’t get much sleep, even during their trainee days.

You get vocal lessons, dance lessons, acting lessons, and language classes (though it’d be best if you at least learn the basics before auditioning, since you will be hearing a lot of Korean words during the audition process), on top of your physical workout. Some exercises aren’t necessarily put into place so the idol is healthy, but also so the idol maintains a certain figure or curve to their body.

Dieting is important. If you’re already skinny, it won’t be too much of a problem, you just have to maintain it. If you are what Koreans consider on the “thicker” side, you may be required to go on a diet. And remember, this isn’t based on YOUR standard of “thicker”.

Dieting as a Kpop idol isn’t just eating your veggies and exercising regularly or eating small meals a day. Sometimes, trainees just don’t eat very much at all.

Some companies have offered to pay for their trainees’ plastic surgery to get “tummy tucks” and to thin “rounder faces”. The option is usually brought to trainees, and some labels do pressure their idols to get it. For Asian trainees, they are usually asked to get double eyelid surgery (since many tend to have a mono-lid). In the above sections, I talked a lot about Korea’s beauty standards.

Physical appearance is very important. Companies need to find you “marketable”. It’s not really enough to have talent. Some people do make it with their talent alone, but most people make it because they have a certain appeal, both physical beauty and charisma.

If you’re not “Asian”, but White or Black or some other racial or ethnic group, your chances of getting chosen are much slimmer than if you were Asian. If you speak Korean, you might have more of a chance. But Asians are generally chosen, simply because they look like the majority of people in the country.

Even if you are Asian, if you aren’t Korean, you may have a tougher time as well.

Korean companies can be very strict overall. Remember, they are a business first and foremost, not just a glamorous spot to flesh out your hobby.

Here are some rules you have to follow as a Kpop idol:

  1. You’re not allowed to date
  2. You’re not allowed to talk to the opposite sex (especially within the Kpop industry)
  3. You are not allowed to eat junk food
  4. You have a curfew and are required to check in with your boss
  5. You’re not allowed to have social media as a trainee. When you do get one, all posts have to be pre-approved.
  6. You’re not allowed to really style your own hair
  7. Strict against part-time jobs
  8. You must bow the right way to your elders

You need to have or develop certain traits to make it in this industry:

  1. Patience-Don’t think you will get in the doors that easily. Don’t think you will meet all of your favorite Kpop idols just because you become a trainee. Don’t even expect idols to even acknowledge you. And don’t expect to make a whole lot of money (if you read the sections above this topic, you know exactly what I’m talking about). The training process is long and arduous and MANY trainees drop like flies after a few months of training.
  2. Tolerance- Tolerating Korean culture is very important. It’s fundamental to have knowledge of the culture. If you’re a pre-teen or teenager trying to audition, respecting those older than you is a BIG thing. You can’t really speak out like you can in other cultures. Understand what’s polite and acceptable, do as you’re told, and the transition will be easier. There are a lot of things you may have to put up with culturally.
  3. Humility-Again, humility is not only an attractive trait in Korea (and most parts of the world), but you will not be a rich divo or diva like you may have been thinking. This means you have to learn to live with little and love it. You can’t complain and ask for a raise or payment after two years of training, as that’s not really customary and you’re on the company’s dime anyway. You will have to deal with your lot, and try to work your way up with few resources. You will have to work hard to live the life you want to.  There will be many humbling experiences along the way. Part of being humble is also knowing that you are in a new country and a new setting. Respecting your elders, respecting the culture, and letting it mold you is part of the humbling process. Learning when to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry” in Korean would be the best thing for you. Another part that comes with humility is accepting criticism.
  4. Independence-If you’re moving to Korea, you will be without outside contact while training and even at certain times during a comeback once you become an idol. You can’t be too attached to your family and friends. Also, most idols are on their own. Even if you are 13, YOU have to be responsible for getting yourself up on time for practice in the morning, not your mother or father. Hopefully, you will have kind roommates that will help you wake up so you won’t be late. Dating is also a no-no, if you read all the sections above, so no flirting with other idols (though that may be why you decided to become an idol, right?).

After you become a trainee, you could train for a few months or even years. Every day, you will attend all your lessons. Every month, you will be evaluated, as mentioned before. During this part of the trainee process, companies will decide whether you have the passion and drive to keep moving forward with them or whether you just aren’t good enough for their company. Some trainees will leave after a few months to a year before even debuting. Eventually, though, if a company decides that you aren’t developing your skills or that you don’t seem to put forth the passion and drive they are looking for, whether you want them to or not, they will let you go. The companies like to see their trainees training for long hours, with few breaks in-between.

As mentioned in this article, companies spend a lot of money on trainees. Trainees who leave suddenly before their contract ends may have to pay some companies back all the money owed. If you don’t want to end up paying all of that money back (which could range from thousands to millions), my advice is that you stick with a company at least until your contract expires. If you’re not sure whether you want to be an idol or not, choose a 2-year contract. The longer you’re with a company, the more you will owe the company.

Sometimes, you may be a trainee for many years and may not debut for many years. It could take years for a company to get a solid group together, especially a smaller company. In this case, your debts will add up. Many trainees and Kpop idols get part-time jobs to help them out.

Once you debut, you will be doing the same things you may have been doing as a trainee, only this time you will now be in the spotlight and have to deal with all the other lists above.

So, there’s a lot that goes into becoming a Kpop idol. If you’re really interested, think long and hard about the sacrifices, think about whether becoming an idol will strip you of your actual love of the genre, and think about how passionate and physically agile you really are. If you think you have what it takes, go for it! Don’t let anything stop you.

I know what I said may have scared you all a little bit, especially if you’ve been thinking of becoming a Kpop idol. But I want you to know that there are pros and cons to everything. Unpretty Rapstar idol Grace broke down the pros and cons for us.

The pros? Cute idols are always around you. You would have a flexible schedule. You’re not really working a 9-to-5 job. And you get to wear whatever you want! Many jobs have a dress code. The Kpop industry doesn’t.

But again, you have to deal with the cons. The people’s attitudes, the pay-scale, and competition may be too much as well.

So weigh both things in your mind and if you’re okay with it, follow your heart.

Grazy Grace breaks it down.

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26. Kpop Idols Don’t Make As Much As They Should

In 2010, the average Kpop star made really only 23 million won (which is $21,000 USD) a year. That’s not even meeting minimum wage in the USA. By 2015, Kpop stars made around 47 million won ($43,000 USD) a year. Though that’s more than what they used to make, it’s still considered in the lower middle class in America. American celebrities live lavishly in comparison. However, this increase tells us one thing: Kpop is getting more popular. Without the global market though, these numbers wouldn’t have been possible. We can see that the global market has a lot to do with it because the numbers began increasing around the biggest Hallyu years: from 2010-2014.

This is why so many Kpop stars have been looking for overseas revenue, especially from America. Doesn’t it make sense for Kpop idols to try to break into a market that will pay them MORE for all of their hard work? Kpop’s industry is growing, but some want and need the kind of money American celebrities are making annually. The easiest way to make millions is to appeal to markets that will pay to support their favorite artists.

Kpop Star earnings

The figures I listed above mostly refers to the average Kpop star.  The top idols make make from around the equivalent of $100,000 and $500,000. The highest-paid salary was around the equivalent of $510,000 (USD). This numbers might sound good to someone who has no money. But in comparison to celebrities around the world, they fall far behind.

Few Kpop idols are making millions individually, no matter how big. The biggest Kpop groups might make up in the millions as a GROUP, but individually, they hardly see that money because the money is distributed in so many different places.

And the few top idols who make money in the millions individually certainly don’t see the billions and trillions that American celebrities are making.

American celebrities are making billions more on average.

A Kmusic article entitled “Korean National Tax Service Reveals Severe Wage Imbalances In The Entertainment Industry”, revealed stats that show not only how little many Kpop stars make, but also the huge wage gap between small stars and major stars.

“According to the statistics of Korean National Tax Service, the upper 1% of Korean singers earned 2.6 million USD averagely in 2015, and the upper 10% of them earned 510,000 USD averagely in the year. However, the sum of the upper 1%’s incomes account for 45% of the total income of all the Korean singers, while the upper 10%’s incomes account for 89% of it.”

To add to the fact that many idols don’t make close to a million USD, some idols might get an allowance after their money is distributed out to everybody else. One idol reported only receiving the equivalent of $500 a month, according to an Aminoapps fan post…

The top well-paid groups are probably groups that are well-known to most Kpop fans. But some of the most well-known and extremely talented groups (Shinee and Got7 to name a few) are not paid as well as you would think they should be paid.

Highest Paid Male Groups

Highest Paid Female Groups

You might ask yourself, “Why aren’t they rich?”

1. First, Kpop isn’t fully global (yet). It’s getting there, but it hasn’t reached every corner of the world, like American pop. They are depending on mostly Korea’s fans. There are fans overseas, but not enough to make them millions. This isn’t to say there aren’t any Kpop idols making millions as a group. The really popular Kpop groups like Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, and 2ne1 have been reported to make in the millions as a group.   Still, these artists aren’t making the billions American artists are making, especially not individually. The millions these Kpop idols earned have been partially do to their popularity overseas, thanks to the efforts of their labels to market these idols outside of Korea. But very few Kpop idols are popular around the world, especially if they are from smaller labels.

2. The popularity of one album is so short-lived in Korea, sales tend to drop after two weeks of promotion. Without the support of the globe, they are more dependent on Koreans’ perception of the music. Most Koreans into Kpop are teenagers who get bored quickly. In America, people of all ages, genders, and the like can be interested in pop music and the same album for more than 5 years, which makes the music industry in the USA a very lucrative career. In Korea, Kpop idols are appealing to a very tight demographic and competing with western artists in their own country as well (considering American music is popular around the world).

3. Most all Kpop idols are in groups. Group-idol culture is big in Korea. The money idols get is split between the different people in the group and the label’s management team. They’re also paying choreographers, designers, back-up dancers, the make-up team, and whoever else is involved with their success. With more groups having up to 9 or 10 members, you can imagine this stretches the salaries very thin as well. In Korea, the management team (the label) gets a large sum from the idols as well. Labels bind Kpop idols in contracts that require the idols pay them the sum owed to them.

What could idols possibly owe the labels? Room and board, for one. Many labels provide room and board for Kpop stars before they make enough money to own their own places. Sometimes, it takes a long time for Kpop idols to make enough to pay their own rent. It could take years. So, when the Kpop idols do manage to make a good number from their record sales, the labels make sure they take it out to pay off those debts. Idols also owe their labels for developing them into idols. Singing, dancing, or even speaking the native language are not major requirements for being a Kpop star. Even being BEAUTIFUL or HANDSOME is not a major requirement! Why? Because labels often offer to pay for these things. They train their artists to sing, dance, and speak the language, and if someone doesn’t look attractive, plastic surgery is readily available and acceptable! They only require that the artists be charming, charismatic, respectful, and youthful. Everything else is built for the idols. But it comes with a large price. The idols end up indebted to the labels, especially because most of them wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without these labels.

Even when they finally do pay off their debts (which they call “break-even”), that’s just it. Afterwards, they still have to work to accumulate money after pouring all of their money out towards their debts. This keeps them in a bind for many years.

American artists also have to pay their record labels some of their money, sometimes a large sum. But American celebrities are better able to pay off their debts because they make money faster (being a “global cultural beacon”), they often debut solo (so they get to keep more of their money), and many American  artists have some talent or abilities BEFORE they are signed (so labels don’t have to shell out as much money to package and market them).

A former Kpop idol, Prince Mak, revealed this:

“These companies have a system called “break-even” in which all the money earned by its idols go towards paying back all the money invested in them, such as training, food, accommodation, staff, and production of MVs. Prince Mak says that an average rookie K-pop idol group earns about USD$4000 per show (more if overseas), which is then broken down to a 90%:10% split between the company and the artist. Of that 10% going to the artist, it is then split between all the members of a group before it is spent on repaying back debts, meaning that it is incredibly difficult to earn money.”

He also mentioned that idols from the big companies will be fine. They have enough money to cover all losses from even their biggest flops. It’s the idols from smaller companies, even some of the biggest idols like BTS and Wanna One, that may have the most difficult time in the long run.

4. If we compare Kpop idols to American pop stars, Kpop idols are more limited in regards to what they can work at and when it comes to building wealth. American artists can build their wealth in other areas BESIDES music. They can be multifaceted in their careers in America. Research shows that most American celebrities get their wealth from their “side” projects. Steven Tyler, from the band Aerosmith, said he got most of his wealth from the video game Guitar Hero!

We all saw what happened to Jessica Jung when she tried to balance her passion for fashion with her passion for music

The Kpop industry and its fans expect idols to give 100% to their career as pop idols. Any outside projects have to be through the label or related to the pop idol’s group. Otherwise, most will see them as “traitors” or people who don’t have the passion and drive to give their all to their work. Considering that, it’s difficult for Kpop idols to acquire the riches people expect them to have.

Looking at how dedicated and passionate a lot of these Kpop idols are, it can be disheartening to find them getting paid so little in comparison to other famous people. However, with Kpop’s popularity increasing overseas, many Kpop idols from even the smallest companies will start to see an increase in funds in the next couple of years.

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27. Kpop Songs Get Banned For Reasons Other Countries Don’t Understand

You may not know this, but the biggest networks in Korea, like KBS, MBC, and SBS, have the authority to ban certain songs from being aired on their networks, which can affect the success of certain Kpop songs. KBS has such a reputations for banning songs, they got the nickname “Korean Banning System”. Korea has a history of censorship. It’s still a rather conservative nation, despite the risks some Kpop idols and their companies take. Some of the reasons are logical for some countries. Some songs might be banned because the videos showed too much nudity or a sexually explicit dance or maybe the language was crude and sexual. Though people in the USA would find this to restrict art in a large way (I mean, there is a reason the USA has the largest music industry), every country is different. Every culture is different.

So, some songs and their titles might be changed from their original (which might produce awkwardness when the lyrics sound nothing like the title). An example would be EXO’s “Lotto” being changed to “Louder”. Even more awkward were the lyrical changes of TVXQ’s Mirotic, changing from “under my skin” to “under my sky”…

Sometimes, when the songs are being performed, dance numbers will be different from the music video’s performance, too.

Sometimes, words will be changed or blurped out (f(x) had to change from saying “Caterpillar” in English to the Korean version of the word).

Most of these networks just request changes to the performance or song. When airing music videos, they might cut out parts of it. It’s seldom they avoid airing complete songs. However, some Kpop idols may refuse to negotiate their artistic integrity.

You might sometimes find that songs and dances are changed for very confusing reasons. Some confusing reasons might be:

  1. Your fav spoke in Japanese
  2. Your fav used a brand name
  3. Your fav’s hair is dyed an “unnatural color” while he’s sitting in a classroom in the music video (or dyeing the hair period if this was in the late 1990s)
  4. Mature content (too adult which isn’t necessarily about sex or violence, just being an adult)
  5. Your fav promoted unhealthy dating habits
  6. Your fav has exposed too many tattoos
  7. References to homosexuality
  8. Showing destruction of public property

Interestingly enough, the music video can be enough to get a WHOLE song banned, even if the two aren’t related.

For example, Lee Hyori’s music video “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” was banned by KBS because she was driving recklessly without a seatbelt, dancing on top of buses and cars, and doing other reckless things. But that’s not what the video is about. Still, the artist might be banned for performing the song just because people FEAR others will seek out the video and imitate the behavior.

So look at the list about. I know you’re wondering, “What’s wrong with speaking Japanese? What’s wrong with using a brand name? What’s wrong with hair dye or tattoos? Why are all these things bad?”

As to the first reason, using Japanese words, South Korea and Japan have a long history where they didn’t get along during WWII. It’s understandable that Japanese is still a sensitive language. However, it’s ironic that many Kpop artists have made their debuts in Japan despite the fact Korea won’t let any of them speak the language in their countries…

The brand name issue has to do with the avoidance of lawsuits and paying extra money for the rights. These networks want to avoid using the brands without permission and they may be too cheap to want to pursue getting the rights, especially if the brand name is foreign (which means it might cost more).

Korea has a thing where they associate hair dyeing and tattoos with “bad behavior”. The US has pretty much moved passed seeing certain styles as “bad”, but Korea associates these styles with gang culture, rebelliousness, and such. Many of their schools ban students from dyeing their hair or having tattoos and piercings. Because Kpop primarily is supposed to target teenagers, people are more concerned with how pop influences youth.

Basically, that’s why the bans are in place. The broadcasting stations want to “protect families” from harmful content. Yes, homosexuality is still seen as harmful content, especially in a nation that’s trying to increase the birth rate.

With all of these networks placing bans, especially SBS, it’s no wonder Kpop idols feel like they have to stay children their whole life. It’s no wonder their content is so boxed in. If they expect to get any airplay at all, they basically have to play it safe and remain super clean.

That’s not bad all the time, but it does stifle idols from expressing themselves totally. That says something about the culture in general. Really, the whole idol industry is for the entertainment of others, not the expression of the idols. Some idols have found ways to balance these demands, but it’s challenging.

So, if you see any life performances of your favorite Kpop idols, and the lyrics are oddly changed, that’s probably why.

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Well, this about wraps up my article on Kpop. I’m truly sorry about the length, but I hope you fans learned a little bit more about the industry and took some thoughts with you.

For all of you major fans, what do you think? Do you agree with my points?

Everyone is invited to leave me a comment and give their thoughts!

What Does He Want You To See in Him? By the signs (Masculine Identity)

21 Mar

Mars Symbol Small

If you don’t understand much about zodiac signs and you are new to planetary signs, aspects, and houses, read the introduction here.

Mars is the planet of war, aggression, drive, assertion, energy, force, the sex drive, and male sexuality. He represents how we express our passionate natures and how we obtain anything we desire. Mars also represents drive, energy, and freedom. Mars is instinctive about survival. It can also represent frustration and aggression. Mars wants us to compete, to fight, and to climb over obstacles in life. He wants to accomplish something and be independent. He thrives on the rush of the moment. Really, he just wants to release some tension.

The sign he enters shows HOW we express our passion and drive. The house he enters shows WHERE we express our passion and drive. The aspects show how difficult or easy it is to use his energies in our life and how much of it we use.

Ever heard of the saying “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”?


In a man’s chart, Mars is his ruler. This is more of a socialized condition than anything. We have all of these planets in our charts and are capable of using anything for survival. But in our society, men tend to connect more with Mars than women do. Even though women are more active today, women still shy from most of the principles of Mars and women still expect men to be more active and driven than they are. Thus, Mars tends to tell men a lot about their own status as “men” and their identities in relation to their peers. Mars is considered one of the social planets, though not quite as sociable as Venus.

Mars also reveals what how men go after the women, what they do to impress the woman they want.

Why are men so associated with Martian sexuality (and not women)? Mars is supposed to be the planet that represents sex directly. But since women are more encouraged to channel their yearnings into romance, the actual act is far less important for them. Men, on the other hand, are taught something different. The article 5 Lies that Distort Male Sexuality by Jamie Utt and Men’s Sexual Response by David Delvin expresses that men are often taught to see sex as something for their own pleasure “rather than their partner’s”. Men are often encouraged to see sex as a conquest and to have as many partners as they can. Thus, relationships are seen more as a game or a battlefield. Their role is to try to be the conqueror. This is very similar to the principles associated with Mars.

Men are taught they have to be “in control” sexually. Men feel pushed to be adequate sexually. As a result, men are likely to take sexual risks to build their experience and confidence, regardless of the consequences. They are not shamed for exploring their sexuality to the fullest. On the other hand, a man who can’t have sex for whatever reason will feel a heavy burden. He will feel more pressure to perform and others will make him feel like a loser. Men will more than likely feel “unhappy with their partners” and “disaffected with life” if their partners are not having sex with them. A man will also usually feel “desolate” if the object of his affections reject his sexual advances.

Mars can be a very powerful planet for men, blessing them with freedom, strength, energy, and leadership abilities. But Mars can curse them with rivals and enemies, competition, aggression, violence, tension, and loneliness.

Readers may remember my article regarding men and Venus.

What Does He See in YOU? by the signs

Venus and Mars are two relationship planets in our charts. For most men, Venus is projected onto women. He may often expect women to express qualities he himself doesn’t feel “allowed” to express. Men with Mars in his ruling signs (Aries or Scorpio) or in his exalted placement (Capricorn) have a harder time living up to the principles of Venus and will project their energies more. Men with Mars in detriment (Taurus or Libra) and his falling placement (Cancer) have an easier time with Venus and don’t project as much.

In a man’s chart, Venus represents his feminine ideal, a woman he is drawn to and attracted to. This is the woman he thinks is sexy, good, and perfect.

So if men project Venus on women, how can Mars influence what they expect from women? This is a tricky question and yet simple at the same time. Though men are drawn to certain women because of feminine energies, they still feel they deserve to be catered to by even the most passive woman. Quite frankly, men aren’t so soft. A softer woman would have trouble keeping up with his sex drive, wouldn’t understand his activities, and wouldn’t have the energy to make themselves useful in his life. Venus is superficial. Sometimes, Mars helps us see beyond the superficial and understand what people do and how people really behave.

Women can benefit  from reading this article. This article is useful for women who have a hard time understanding the male mind and may feel confused when dating a man. They may notice that though a man may say he is attracted to her and would often talk about how special she is, he may expect her to treat him the total opposite! So, women may find men difficult to please in this way. Well, women, worry no more! If you look into his natal chart and observe his signs, aspects, and house placements, you will understand him better.

Because men project Venus, this can create some conflict with Mars, especially if there are harsh aspects between the two planets. A good example of this complicated love life would be shown through Michael Jackson’s music. He has Venus in Leo with his Mars in Taurus. Having Venus in Leo, it’s clear he was drawn to dynamic women in his lifetime. Many of the women he was drawn to (as well as those drawn to him) wanted to be a “star”, much like the sun-ruled Leo! In songs like “Dirty Diana” and “Billie Jean”, he mentions women wanting “fortune and fame”, seeking him out just to get media attention. Though he may later dislike these women, he’s initially drawn to them allowing them into his life in the first place. So why does he dislike her later? When thinking about this question, we first have to observe how he sees himself. In music videos like “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Bad”, we can tell that he’s really a peaceful guy like his fixed earthy Mars in Taurus suggests. He’s actually really affectionate and artistic. He doesn’t see himself as aggressive. He’s more easy-going and pleasant. MJ would rather use his music to impress a girl rather than any bold or assertive tactics. He’s really a loyal, stable man who hates drama! The problem is he keeps attracting drama to himself!

Michael Jackson’s Mars is how he wants to be seen, so it’s how he wants to be treated.

For MJ,  the “drama girl” is him projecting his own “dramatic nature”. He’s only perceiving these women as dramatic. But we can never truly know what’s going inside of a person. We aren’t them. Each person has their own natal charts that may reveal things we may not even expect from a person. The woman he perceives as dramatic and attention seeking may see herself as someone else entirely and may just be reacting to him!  Inside, he’s the one being drawn to the fame, attention, and drama. It’s his internal “Drama King” that has led him to people that bring drama to his life. This is probably why he’s the “King of Pop” in the first place!

In a gay man’s chart, he tends to balance both his masculine and feminine energies well in a relationship, considering he may not feel the need to be the dominant one or the submissive one. He may even use both energies interchangeably. Still, he may feel pressure to conform, like all the other men. Society will make him feel out-of-place if he’s not like other men. He may also feel he has to defend himself more, causing him to express more assertive and strong-willed tendencies. He may not project his Venus on a potential  partner, but he may end up projecting Venus on women in general or on close female friends.

In a woman’s chart, Mars tends to reflect the qualities she would rather project on men and reveals her idea of the “ideal” man. A gay woman is likely to own both her own Mars and Venus, but may not really consider Mars as important as Venus in relationships.

What Does SHE See in YOU? By the signs

What Does HE See in YOU? by the signs

What Does She Want You to See in Her? By the signs

Venus in a woman’s chart will reflect her social identity, what she expects from a relationship, and her own sexuality

So now that you know more about Mars in a man’s chart, we can learn how each man utilizes his own Martian gifts, how each man defines masculinity in his own terms, and his own sexuality through the signs.

*Some parts of the interpretations might be too much for those under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

Mars signs:

Mars in Aries

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Leo

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Libra

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Aries


Male Identity: Mars first enters his own domain when he enters the sign of Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign. Here he is at his best, free to be as forceful and assertive as he would like to be. He can get the most accomplished here.

Some Mars in Aries men would like to be seen as strong, assertive, and passionate in the eyes of the object of their affection. They would like someone they’re interested in to see them as super masculine.

Other Mars in Aries men would like their love interests to see them for who they really are. These men like to let it all hang out and be themselves. They are not the most refined types and they are strongly independent. Many times, they aren’t really too serious about anything, not even relationships. They would want a partner to accept everything about them and have fun. So, in this case, no matter what their Venus, they can’t stay with people who restrict them in any way.

When trying to impress the object of his affection, Mars in Aries men are generally forward. They aren’t the types to put on airs. They will make you see how interested they are in you. They act confident, even when they don’t always feel confident.

Some may do daring stunts or fight for the object of their affection, all just to impress this person. They may join competitions or show off at a sporting event. When out with someone they like, they try to take initiative. They might be the ones to pay the bill, even when they weren’t asked to. They are the types to ask for a dance without waiting to see if their partner wants to. They act to make sure things go the way they want it to go.

His weakness is he can be selfish when pursuing the object of his affections. He may not be considerate about the time or place or the person’s circumstances. He may mostly choose dates that are filled with activities he wants to try. Generally, he isn’t accommodating, and would rather have a partner who is on the same page. This would allow him to freely take the lead. He’s also a risk taker and doesn’t often consider the comfort level or safety of the partner when trying things. When you go on a date with this person, be upfront about what you don’t like. Don’t passively go along with the program.

He also has a quick temper. He may not always be abusive (depending on aspects, anyone is capable), but when someone slights him or upsets him, he’s impulsive and often acts without thinking. This can be troublesome for some people.

He’s also competitive. He might compete with other men, even when it’s not warranted. Sometimes, he may feel the need to compete with his own partner, especially if his partner makes more money or is more successful than he is. He might not be comfortable with a partner that dominates him in any way, but sometimes he might enjoy the challenge or receiving attention and stuff for a change.

These men might be rather immature or unrefined at times. I mentioned this. They might say or do things that might seem rude or obnoxious. Generally, they aren’t oily at all.

Another weakness these men might have is their impatience, especially sexually. They want what they want when they want it. This could frustrate people who want to take it slow. And if you’re too slow, they will move on! Did I mention they can be selfish?

Any activities he may enjoy doing with someone has to be exciting and thrilling. They can’t sit still. He may enjoy motorcycling with a love interest, attending a sporting event with a love interest, or even skydiving with a love interest! These activities are sure to get him pumped for another date.

Sexually, these men are passionate. They jump right into sex if they can. They tend to have sex after just one date! However, they tend to be rather forceful, quick, and selfish in the bedroom. They might forget to please their partners and may be more concerned with pleasing themselves. They are generally looking for a partner that has the same drive anyway, so they would want someone who finds pleasure in the same things they do.

They get impatient when they have to wait for sex, though they might also like the challenge.

Celebrities: Steve Jobs,  Andre 3000, Russell Crowe, Clint Eastwood, Tobey Maguire, Michael Pitt, Prince, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, Marquis de Sade, Russell Brand, Russell Crowe, Iggy Pop,  Malcolm McDowell, Zachary Quinto, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Confucius, Allen Iverson, Erik Satie, Nat King Cole, Kris Humphries, Larry Bird, Otis Redding, Mos Def, David Cross, Ron Jeremy, Rod Serling, Idi Amin, Dr. Seuss, H. R. Giger, Tony Goldwyn, Lee Scratch Perry, Jeb Bush, Bruno Mars, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Costner, Hayden Christensen, James McAvoy, David Letterman, Jay Sean, Sam Smith

Kpop Idols: G-Dragon (Big Bang), Baekhyun (EXO)

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Mars in Taurus


Male Identity: Mars enters the domain of Venus, his opposite planet, when he moves into Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Mars doesn’t feel very comfortable here. Mars is in detriment. Taurus is an easy-going energy. Mars is active and assertive. Taurus takes its time and finishes things on its own time. Mars wants everything done now. Venus is the planet of beauty and charm. Taurus lends the men with this placement attractive qualities. Mars would rather impress others with its actions.

Just because these men have a detrimental placement doesn’t mean they don’t aim to be masculine. In fact, some Mars in Taurus men want their love interests to see them as a traditionally strong man. They want to be the rock in their relationship.

Others want their love interests to see them as people who are affluent, practical, patient, and calm. They would like their love interests to find them attractive, charming, and appealing to all the senses. They particularly try to smell good.

In order to impress their love interests, these men generally like to shell out money or other resources they have. They pick up the tab. They also try to impress their love interests by looking their best, showing calm in a chaotic situation, and by picking and lifting heavy things (just to prove how strong they are).

They might show off a business they own or work for. They might take their love interests to the finest restaurants, just to show they have exquisite taste.

Taurus is ruled by the throat. These men might sing their love interest a song.

Their weakness is they are not open to trying new things. They might do the same things to try to impress their love interests. They might seem a bit conservative or rigid in many ways, too. They generally do what they’re comfortable with. Some people might find this boring.

They are also possessive. They might feel they own a lover when they’ve only gone on one date with someone. They get jealous rather easily.

They are also rather hesitant when approaching a love interest. They aren’t really “go-getters”. This isn’t to say they can’t be outgoing, but when it comes to getting what they want, they take their time. Some may lack confidence or may not be comfortable trying new things for fear of losing their security. Or they just don’t think that they should have to exert too much energy.

Sexually, they enjoy all the sensual pleasures. They like the touch, smells, sounds, and sights of a sexual experience. Venus plays a major role in this regard. He can only be turned on for sex if he’s attracted to his partner. He’s a patient man, and may not like to jump right in. He may enjoy a little pleasurable foreplay or teasing.

He also needs to be comfortable in order to enjoy sex. A comfortable bed or couch is preferable.

Look at his Venus sign to get an idea of what pleases him. Read the Mars sign on this page that is closest. For instance, if he has Venus in Gemini, find Mars in Gemini.

Generally, once he gets started, he can go all night if he wants to. He’s not a rough or experimental man, but he loves playing around with food, whipped cream, sensual baths, and petals of sweet-smelling roses.

Celebrities: Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Andy Warhol Bruce Willis, Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Christian Bale, 50 Cent, Muhammad Ali, Chuck Norris, Fidel Castro, Tim Burton, Lenny Kravitz, Billie Joe Armstrong, Leon Trotsky, Babe Ruth, Stephen Colbert, Stanley Kubrick, Vince Vaughn, James Maslow

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Mars in Gemini


Male Identity: When Mars enters Gemini, he’s entering the domain owned by Mercury. There are many things Mars has in common with Gemini, and some things he’s not so comfortable with. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Gemini is a busy, busy energy. Mars likes to keep busy. But Gemini is so scattered it lacks focus. Mars likes to accomplish things and likes to focus on one thing at a time. Mars is very direct.

Mars in Gemini men typically want their love interests to see them as fun, charming, clever, intelligent, experienced, and socially aware. They want their love interests to find them funny and unique.

Mars in Gemini men impress their love interests first by flirting, talking with their love interest, and trying to charm them with their wit.

Next, they would try to be more adaptable to impress their love interests. They would rearrange their schedules and bend backwards to make time for their love interests. They would also try many different creative ways of getting their love interest’s attention.

To further impress their love interests, they would try to take their lovers out to all the newest and trendiest spots. They want to show their love interest how open-minded and cultured they are. They might introduce their lover to some fascinating locations they’ve been to, possibly a place their partner hasn’t been to, so they can seem like they’ve experienced a lot. They might show off how smart they are by fixing their love interest’s smartphone or by engaging in an intellectual conversation. They may show interest in a book or article their love interest is reading and they may share whatever it is they’re reading. And they really love to crack jokes. They might crack jokes all night.

Mostly, they try to show a mental interest in their partner. They want their partner to know that they are interested in the mind. That’s why they’re ruled by Mercury. Look at his Mercury sign to get an idea of his conversation. Read the Mars sign on this page that is closest. For instance, if he has Mercury in Cancer, find Mars in Cancer.

They try to impress their lovers in clever ways. They are likely to have little treasure hunts or leave notes leading to places they want to have dates. They send clever and interesting gifts. They want their love interests to be mentally engaged with them.

Because they are ruled by Mercury, they might like to move-that means dance! They might like to show off their dance moves or make their lovers laugh with the way they dance.

His weakness is he can be a little immature. They have a little boyishness about themselves all their lives. Not only do they like to crack jokes, they like to tease and play pranks. They can be mischievous. They also talk A LOT. In fact, they have nervous and wiry energy. They can’t sit still, they don’t listen long, and they talk, talk, talk.

Sexually, these men like to experiment. They are open sexually. They like to try new things. They generally want a partner who is open to new things too, otherwise they will seek multiple partners to satisfy their need for variety.

They generally don’t get too emotionally wrapped up in their sexual partners. Sex is just a fun activity for them. They aren’t the most passionate sex partners, but they’re a whole lot of fun. They generally enjoy quickies. They get bored if they do too much on the first night. They like to leave a little surprise for later.

CelebritiesTyler the Creator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Martin Luther King Jr., Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Day Lewis, O.J. Simpson, John McEnroe, Bernie Madoff, Damon Wayans,  Louis Vuitton, Tom Brady, Joseph Fiennes, Nigel Barker, Jason Momoa, Eli Roth, Ghostface Killah, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ed Sheeran, Kendall Schmidt, Elton John, Robert Downey Jr., Big Sean

Kpop Idols: Kris Wu (EXO), Seungri (Big Bang), Daesung (Big Bang)

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Mars in Cancer


Male Identity: When Mars enters Cancer, he enters the sign ruled by the Moon. Mars falls in this sign. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. The Moon is the planet of emotions, most associated with women in general, the mother, the “motherland”, and our early home environment or our roots. Mars is a masculine planet, associated with independence, which separates him from his roots. These men often feel a pull. They want to be close to their families, to keep traditions strong, but they also want to be independent and be seen as their own man.

Mars in Cancer men want their love interests to see them in many different lights. Some may want their love interests to see them as strong and protective. They may want their love interests to feel safe around them.

Others may want their partners to see them as good providers and family men.

Other men with this placement may want their love interests to see them as sweet, thoughtful, and understanding.

Mars in Cancer men often try to impress the object of their affections in indirect ways. They try to be there for a love interest whenever they can. They conveniently keep themselves in the presence of their love interest. They try to be a listening ear or “best friend” to a love interest. They should be careful this doesn’t put them in the “friend zone”.

Mars in Cancer men generally try to protect their love interests in even the smallest ways. They walk on the dirtiest side of the sidewalk. When it’s raining, they give their jackets and umbrellas to their love interest. If there’s only two items of food left, they let their love interest have the last bite. They try to pay for everything on a date to show they can provide security.

They might try to protect their love interests in major ways as well. They might fight anyone who insults or harms their love interests in any way. They might avoid locations that can even put their love interest in danger.

They try to remember important things. They try to remember birthdays, anniversaries, or the names of all the members of their love interest’s family. They are likely to introduce their love interest to their own family.

His weakness is that he’s rather sensitive and clingy. He may seem a little insecure. He might follow a lover around like a shadow and may always be suspicious. Or he may just be super sensitive to any little jokes thrown his way. The Moon would reveal more about his emotional temperament. Look at his Moon sign to see more about his sensitivities. Find the Mars sign on this page that mirrors it best. For example, if he has Moon in Leo, find Mars in Leo.

He’s also incredibly shy. He might have a difficult time taking initiative in some ways. It’s hard for him to be DIRECT. He just doesn’t go for who he wants and waits to see if his crush is interested in him first.

Sexually, they enjoy sex more when they feel secure in a relationship. They literally have to have feelings for a person to really feel fulfilled in a sexual partnership. They may not necessarily have to wait for marriage, but they need to at least feel their partner is the one or they have to feel like the only one in their partner’s life.

They are generally moody sexually. They might enjoy different things according to their moods. Sometimes, they may be soft and gentle, albeit a bit traditional and conservative. They still might enjoy some romantic foreplay, like a nice bath or meal at home together beforehand. Other times, they may be rough and aggressive. It all depends. Overall, though, they prefer sex to be performed in a secure and comfortable environment, mostly at home.

Celebrities: Michael Phelps, Chris Brown, John Mayer, Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher, Roger Federer, Ryan Reynolds, Pablo Picasso, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Robin Williams, Al Capone, Notorious B.I.G., Ludacris, Noam Chomsky, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes, 

Kpop Idols: Jr. (Got7), Suga/Agust D (BTS), Jin (BTS), Rap Monster (BTS), Chanyeol (EXO), Kyungsoo (EXO), Suho (EXO), Chen (EXO)

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Mars in Leo


Male Identity: When Mars enters Leo, he enters the Sun’s domain. Mars’s own sign, Aries, is exalted when the Sun enters it. This shows that Mars has a lot in common with Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Mars is a masculine planet and the Sun is considered a masculine planet. The Sun represents the father and manhood. Mars is the masculine principle. Yet, when two dominate forces combine, they are bound to bump heads eventually. Leo is all about “attention” and putting on a “show”. It wants lovers and admirers. It wants to be important. Mars is only concerned with accomplishing goals, overcoming obstacles, and getting what it wants. It’s a planet of action, not “displays” of action.

Mars in Leo men want to be seen as confident, generous, popular, attractive, affluent, and creative in the eyes of their love interest. They might also want their love interests to see them as strong dominant. Some may want to be seen as fun and adventurous.

If they could, they would want their love interests to see them as the ultimate man, anything and everything to anybody. They would want their love interests to always see the best in them, so they often seek to highlight their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

They might try to impress a love interest by bringing attention to themselves and their love in some way. They might sing to a lover, give open proposals, or carry loud signs stating their love. Whatever they do to impress a lover, they like to do it big! And with a whole bunch of people witnessing it all.

They generally like to give a lot to their love interests. They pay for everything. Heck, they may pay for everyone in the restaurant if they have the money like that! Some of them like to appear like they have that kind of money, even when they don’t.

They might take on dares or try to win competitions to impress their love interests.

They love to make their love interests laugh. They like to be the one to keep their love interests entertained.

They might throw large parties or have double dates with a large number of friends and fans just to show off how popular they are. They even want to show off how desirable they are. They may get a kick out of other women flirting with them and making a love interest jealous. They should be careful with this tendency.

These men like to be creative when trying to impress someone. They don’t want to imitate other men or fade in the background as just another guy. They want to stand out and be noticed by someone they like. Whatever it is they decide to do to impress someone they like, it will be unforgettable.

Their weakness is their ego. The Sun would tell you more about that. Look for the Mars sign that’s closest. For instance, if he has Sun in Virgo, look for Mars in Virgo.

While they like to do the most to impress someone, they tend to do things in front of people, not considering the feelings of the person they are trying to woo. It could be a stab to their ego to be turned down or rejected. And then, because they do everything so flashy, they end up embarrassed, too!

They also tend to get frustrated when they’re rejected after doing the most for a love interest. The love interest may not have asked them to go broke or embarrass themselves, but they still might feel salty towards the person they did all of that for. They can’t take outright rejection too well. They should try to be a little less flashy so they won’t feel the loss. They should also try to consider other people’s feelings. Not everyone cares for the flash.

Some people might get the impression that they do things for the show and that they aren’t really serious.

Sexually, these men can be fun, adventurous, and romantic. They generally want to have a good time and they want their partners to feel they had a good time, too. They like their egos stroked.

They may want to dominant though. Some of them want to give, and don’t leave any room for the other person. On the other hand, some may expect the partner to do everything like a humble servant. Some of them may be more concerned with their own satisfaction, they forget to make sure their partner is satisfied. But they don’t like to be talked about negatively, so they will try to satisfy as best they can.

Celebrities: Michael Jordan, George Clooney, Robert Redford, Frank Sinatra, James Franco, Channing Tatum, Quentin Tarantino, Derek Jeter, Ne-Yo, Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Duke Ellington, Anthony Kiedis, Ralph Fiennes, Ringo Starr, Leonard Cohen, Steven Tyler, Seal, Marlon Wayans, Lamar Odom, Conan O’Brien, Neil Young, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Henson, Joel Osteen, Bob Fosse, Dennis Rodman, Jon Stewart,

Kpop Idols: Youngjae (Got7), Tao (EXO)

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Mars in Virgo


Male Identity: Mars enters the other area belonging to Mercury when it enters Virgo. Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Mars has some things in common with the mutable sign, and some things he doesn’t really feel comfortable with. Virgo is a busy, hard-working sign. Mars likes to keep busy and get things accomplished. But Virgo is earthy, practical, and a little more cautious. Virgo is also scattered. Mars doesn’t hesitate to jump into things, regardless of the consequences. He’s also direct and focused.

Mars in Virgo men want to be seen as pleasing and efficient men. They want their partners to always be happy with them. They may expect themselves to be perfect. They would want their love interests to be easily satisfied because they feel pressure around high-maintenance individuals.

They might want their love interests to see them as hard-working, intelligent, resourceful, ingenious, and creative in some way. They want to be their love interest’s ideal.

They try to impress their love interests by being a humble servant. They will do ANYTHING for someone they are interested in. They will help you clean your house, take care of kids, do your homework, fix your car or bathroom sink (as they are “Mr. Fix-its), and they will even think with you and help you come to a decision.

They aren’t the flashy types. They might not propose to you on live television, but they will pick you up from work, take you out to dinner, and hand you a gift of roses.

These men tend to cater to every little detail when it comes to the things they want to do to impress someone. They plan each step carefully. They try to be creative in a simple way and thoughtful.  They try to show their love interests that they’re attentive and notice the little things about them. Mercury plays a role when it comes to what they actually pay attention to. Look at his Mercury sign and then find the Mars sign on this page that’s closes. For instance, if he’s Mercury in Libra, read Mars in Libra.

Their weakness is they’re perfectionists. Sometimes, they get so lost in the details, they forget the big picture. They might want everything to go so smoothly for a date they often forget why they created the date in the first place. They may focus so much on being the ideal lover they forget to highlight their own personal strengths and express who they really are.

They are also rather modest and shy. It’s hard for them to let go even on an easygoing date. They get nervous and often don’t know what to say or do in some situations, especially if there are things happening that they haven’t rehearsed or planned ahead of time. They may not go out of their way to be adventurous if they hadn’t planned to be.

Sexually, this men aim to please. They want their partner to be satisfied in every way. Just tell them what you want. They also appreciate a lover who takes initiative and aims to please them. They may never ask a lover to do this. They would hope a lover willingly wants to.

Again, they may get so caught in the details of a perfect sexual night, they may forget the greater picture. They might be too focused on the foreplay and getting it down perfectly, they may not get to the act.

Celebrities: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Ben Affleck, Charles Manson, Friedrich Nietzche, Trent Reznor, George Michael, Matt Damon, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke, Eddie Vedder, Ernest Hemingway, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Bridges, Quincy Jones, Jerry Garcia, Wiz Khalifa, Evel Knievel, Idris Elba, Joe Jonas, Chris Hemsworth, Carlos Pena, Jr., Logan Henderson

Kpop Idols: Taemin (Shinee), BamBam (Got7)

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Mars in Libra


Male Identity: Mars enters another one of Venus’s signs, Libra-the cardinal air sign. Mars feels uncomfortable in this position. Mars is in detriment here. There are a lot of things about Libra that rubs Mars the wrong way. Though Libra is one of the extroverted, masculine signs, Libra is like Venus in the fact that it is passive-aggressive, balanced, and superficial. Mars has no time for indecision, moderation, and superficiality. Libra is considerate and thinks about things before taking action. Mars wants to come to quick decisions, go after whatever it wants with fierce intensity so that it can get what it wants faster, and doesn’t really care what anyone looks like while doing it. Libra cares about others; Mars is an independent energy. Libra baffles the planet Mars. Still, Libra is an energetic and positive placement, so Mars can have some fun along the way at times.

Mars in Libra men want their love interests to see them as charming, romantic, attractive, irresistible, fun, affluent, cultured or worldly, and intelligent. They want their lovers to be dazzled.

Generally, they aim to be a “ladies’ man”. They want their love interests to feel swept off of their feet.

They try to impress their love interests by tending to every romantic aspect they can think of. They buy the gifts, give the roses, send the cards, give the kisses and hugs, and they’re known for their chivalry.

They are the types to open the doors, pull out chairs, feed, and lift their love interests. They try to be the knight-in-shining-armor type. They pick their lovers up in a nice and clean vehicle (or even by horse and carriage). They try to look attractive, smell good, and wear a smile. They generally try to put their lovers at ease and win their lovers affections.

These men try to appear intelligent and well-mannered. They discuss sophisticated topics. They appreciate beauty and the arts. They may show off their knowledge in these areas. They might be artistic, musical, or a great dancer.

These men like for their love interests to see them as fun and adventurous. They might enjoy rock-climbing or horseback riding on the beach.

Their weakness is they have a difficult time taking initiative. They might be indecisive and may not know what to do around their love interests. They generally just do whatever their lover wants to do. If their lover is looking for them to make a decision, they will be disappointed. Their favorite thing to do is shrug and say “I don’t know. What about you?” They may try to take initiative but then second-guess many of their choices.

These men are really subtle in their approach. Somewhat, they may give the impression that they lack confidence because they don’t seem sure of themselves.

Another weakness of theirs is the fact that they are natural flirts. Though they are really romantic when they want to be, some people may feel like they treat all the girls the same. They may seem romantic and charming towards everyone, and it might make their love interest insecure. They may have too many obligations to people and may not know how to say “No” to other people’s advances.

Sexually, these men enjoy the sensual aspects of it all. They generally have to be attracted to someone they get sexually involved with, too. Venus plays a role in this. Analyze the Venus sign. Look at the Mars sign that’s closest. For instance, if his Venus is in Scorpio, look at Mars in Scorpio.

They may be adventurous and fun as well as romantic and sensual lovers. However, they aren’t usually too kinky and rough.

Celebrities: Alexander Skarsgard, Kobe Bryant, The Dalai Llama, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bill Gates, Freddie Mercury, Eminem, Bill Clinton, Frank Ocean, Sigmund Freud, Nelson Mandela, Jean Reno, Zac Efron, Roman Polanski, Abraham Lincoln, Alfred Hitchcock, Winston Churchill, Jean-Michel Jarre, R. Kelly, Gore Vidal, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Rain, Jason Derulo

Kpop Idols: T.O.P (Big Bang), Mark (Got7), Yixing (EXO)

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Mars in Scorpio


Male Identity: Mars traditionally rules over Scorpio. It’s not surprising. Both have intense and passionate energies. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. On the outside, Scorpio is a quiet energy. Within, Scorpio boils with watery feelings that are channeled in a powerful way. Mars can certainly find an outlet for all of his intensity.

Mars in Scorpio men want their love interests to see them as powerful, resilient, wise, magnetic, passionate, and sexy. They don’t want to reveal too much about themselves until they trust the person they want, so they don’t mind being a little mysterious for awhile.

These individuals want their love interest to be wrapped in their spell.

They try to impress love interests by giving their all to the person, whether it be money, time, or energy. They are the types to do whatever it takes to win their love interest’s affections. They are not intimidated by rejection. They know who they want and they aim to get who they want. If it takes a soft romantic approach, they will do it. If it takes a forceful and assertive approach, they will do it. However, their favorite way of getting what they desire is in a quiet and secretive way. Generally, they aren’t the types to put on fancy airs. They feel out a person, get to know a person, and then go after them with everything they’ve got. They may have been observing who they want for a long time, long before anyone else knows.

They are willing to be a little vulnerable, but there still may be some things they keep close to them. If they really feel the person they want is truly to be trusted, they will let it all out.

Their weakness is their intensity. It does fuel their passionate drive. They never give up on trying obtain someone they want. But they do a little too much to try to get who they want. Some of them tend to go overboard, which can be a bit intimidating to others. They need to lighten up a little. Mars and Pluto show you more about his passion and depth. Look at the signs and find the Mars sign that’s closest on this page. For instance if he’s Mars and/or Pluto in Sagittarius, read Mars in Sagittarius.

They are also rather possessive. They may not give their love interest their space or freedom to think about who and what it is they want. Mars in Scorpio is known for giving ultimatums.

These men might also test their love interests, just to see how loyal or into them they really are. This can be frustrating and intimidating to people, too.

Sexually, Mars in Scorpio is famous for their magnetism and raw sexuality. They are passionate and really like to dive in deep into a sexual affair. Their style is not necessarily light, airy, and experimental, but they can be kinky. And they want everything a partner’s got.

They might explore too many sexual experiences within one night, and they may not leave enough for next time.

Some people may find their style to be too much, but those with the same passion will appreciate their sex drive.

Celebrities: Bruce Lee, Ryan Lochte, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Leonardo Dicaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Marilyn Manson, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Joseph Stalin, Charlie Sheen, Mark Zuckerberg, Benicio Del Toro, Usher, Jean-Paul Sartre, Karl Lagerfeld, Deepak Chopra, Bobby Brown, Martin Scorsese, Billy Idol, Howard Stern, Danny Devito, Mao Zedong, Bill Murray, Frank Zappa, Hunter S. Thompson, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dr. Phil, Ravi Shankar, Dylan McDermott, Richard Pryor, Terry Gilliam, Louis Tomlinson, Lloyd Polite, T.I.

Kpop Idols: Jungkook (BTS), Jimin (BTS), Kai (EXO)

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Mars in Sagittarius


Male Identity: Mars enters the placement ruled by Jupiter. Mars has a lot in common with Sagittarius. Mars likes freedom and independence. Sagittarius likes freedom and independence. But like most mutable signs, Sagittarius scatters its mutable fire in various directions. Sagittarius is too freedom-loving. Mars needs focus and drive, otherwise he gets into trouble. So, there are things Mars is comfortable with and some things he’s not comfortable with here.

Mars in Sagittarius men want their love interests to see them as fun, good-humored, adventurous, honest, open-minded, achievement-oriented, and philosophical. They are ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter will shed more light. Check his Jupiter sign and then find the Mars sign that’s most similar. For instance, if he’s Jupiter in Capricorn, find Mars in Capricorn.

They want their love interests to notice their “no strings attached” approach. They can’t really maintain a long-term relationship with someone who clips their wings, no matter their Venus sign.

Mars in Sagittarius men seek to impress the object of their affections by sharing their adventures with the person. They generally want to appear exciting to the person they want. They may take on dares.

Some of them want to make their love interest laugh. They might try to impress the person with their humor.

They may try to prove their honesty in some way. They may lay cards down on the table about something most people wouldn’t reveal in an attempt to appear “open and honest”.

They might try new restaurants or other new locations, especially if it’s cultural or has an ethnic theme, just to show how open-minded they are.

They like to appear like they’ve achieved or want to achieve something. They may share their goals and dreams. They may exaggerate their achievements a little as well.

They might spend a lot of money on someone they’re interested in. They will max out their credit cards if they really want someone. They should be careful not to be so careless and extravagant. Generally, they tend to be overly optimistic about what they could do to please a love interest and may go overboard to do so.

They might try to appear intelligent or philosophical. They may quote some of their favorite philosophers and books. They might want to show they are spiritual men and may quote verses from religious texts. They often want to appear knowledgeable about the world, like they have a higher understanding.

Their weaknesses are their carelessness and irresponsibility. They generally don’t take things as seriously as maybe the object of their affections may want them, too. They are also not responsible when it comes to remembering their commitments or promises. They tend to talk a good game, but they don’t always deliver everything they aim to.

And because they don’t like their wings clipped, they may go from romantic interest to romantic interest, not really caring who’s heart they’re breaking along the way. They should be careful playing with people’s hearts.

Sexually, these men can be adventurous and fun. Sex can be like a sport to them. They generally like to be open and want the experience to be memorable. Maintaining their fidelity and loyalty may be an issue sometimes, but trying to maintain their loyalty through sex would not work. They may not see sex as a sign of commitment.

On the flip side, some of them may be so into their religions, they may follow their religious principles regarding sex.

Celebrities: Jon Hamm, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Lil Wayne,  Javier Bardem, Jules Verne, Gianni Versace, Guy Pearce, Michael C. Hall, H.P. Lovecraft, Elliot Smith, Dick Cheney, Arsenio Hall, Billy Dee Williams, John Cassavetes, George Takei, Charles Mingus, Louis CK, Liam Hemsworth, Stephen Colletti, Simon Baker Skrillex, Joe Nichols, Sean Paul, Louis Tomlinson, Ice Cube, Charlie Puth

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Mars in Capricorn


Male Identity: When Mars enters Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, he enters his exalted position, his most effective state of being. This may shock people, considering Saturn is falling in Mars’s sign Aries and considering Capricorn is really not like Mars. It’s not that they have similar natures (that’s the role of Mars’s rulership signs). Mars is most EFFECTIVE in this sign, meaning he gets the most accomplished and finds the best channel for all of his energy. Usually, Mars is impulsive, passionate, and fast-paced in getting what he wants. In Capricorn, he can still be ambitious, but he’s able to channel his passionate energy towards goals and his career. He finds outlets for his anger instead of impulsively jumping into senseless fights he’s not prepared for. Capricorn allows Mars to be focused but slows down his pace a bit so that he can really accomplish MORE. But Capricorn doesn’t slow him down too much. Mars can still be a leader in this cardinal earth sign, but he’s more responsible with his actions. Capricorn disciplines Mars so that Mars can accomplish a great deal more. It may feel a little suffocating for Mars, but Mars won’t be disappointed. Mars has to make some sacrifices in this sign, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Mars in Capricorn men want to be taken seriously. They want the object of their affections to see them as dependable, responsible, ambitious, hard-working, and mature men. They want their love interests to see them as competent, cool, and in control.

When trying to impress their love interest, they are generally traditional and practical. They plan out what they are going to do and say before they ask someone out. Usually, they ask someone out formally, in a polite and respectful way.

They generally try to impress the object of their affections by showing off how dependable and responsible they are. They provide receipts of their labor. They like to show their love interest how many things they are responsible for. They might show off a home, car, business, or anything else that shows they can manage their lives well.

They might handle each situation in a mature fashion. They want their love interests to respect them, so they try not to fly off the handle in tense situations and they consider the safety of their partner. They will speak to protect their partner, but they won’t get in all-out brawls while they’re on a date.

Saturn, the planet of limitation and wisdom, is their ruler. Check his Saturn sign and find the Mars sign that’s similar. For instance, if he’s Saturn in Aquarius, read Mars in Aquarius.

They will be there for their love interest whenever their lover needs them. They try to be on time for dates and they try to make sure everything runs smoothly so that their date is comfortable.

They want their love interests to see that they have goals and that they aren’t just stuck in one position. They may discuss some of their goals and the steps they’re taking to reach them.

And they pay for everything! If they ask someone out, they will be the one to pull out the wallet. They aren’t unrealistic though. They buy within their budget and they will point out that they have limitations.

Their weakness is that they are a little too controlled and formal. They have a difficult time just letting loose and getting wild while around their love interest. They may expect everything to go exactly as they plan, and may get a little frustrated when things don’t. They have a bossy tendency as well, which sometimes makes them seem like a big brother or someone’s father.

Some people might find them to be a little formal and outdated in their approach. They aren’t necessarily spontaneous or creative people. They are simple and straightforward when asking someone out.

Sexually, they tend to like it raw and straightforward, like with everything they do. They don’t necessarily care about experimentation or kinks (though they might have some). They generally just like to get down to business.

Celebrities: Marvin Gaye, Brad Pitt, Aleister Crowley, Walt Disney, Bob Marley, Marlon Brando, Robert Pattinson, David Bowie, Rafael Nadal, George Harrison, Jim Carrey, Edgar Cayce, Ewan McGregor, Taylor Lautner, Woody Allen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Usain Bolt, Shia Labeouf, Tom Selleck, P-Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson,  John Wayne, Gavin DeGraw, Big Sean, Ross Lynch (R5), Drake Bell, John Legend, Mac Miller

Kpop Idols: JB (Got7), Yugyeom (Got7), V (BTS)

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Mars in Aquarius


Male Identity: Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Mars has a lot in common with Aquarius. Aquarius is an independent and free energy. Mars likes independence and freedom. But Aquarius is rooted and doesn’t have the passion or drive Mars is used to. Saturn cools Aquarius’s normally erratic nature.

Mars in Aquarius men want the object of their affections to see them as original, unique, intelligent, cool, and independent.

These men are generally friendly and outgoing, and they don’t like people to see them sad, brooding, or depressing.

They try to impress the object of their affections by coming up with surprises. They want whatever they do to be unique and innovative. They want to switch up what they do and do something forward thinking. They want a potential lover to be impressed by their ingenuity.

They also want potential lovers to be impressed by their intelligence. They often talk about high-profile and sophisticated subjects. They normally produce controversial opinions on these topics, just to show that they are independent thinkers.

They want to appear cool and fun. Sometimes, they might seem like they are above petty feelings and behavior. They try to remain detached from situations. They try not to act too jealous or possessive. They try to give their love interest their freedom. They remain hands-off. They try to have a good time with everything and may try to make things easy for a potential love interest.

Even though they have a few ways they try to impress a love interest, nothing is as important to them as being with someone they are already in sync with. They don’t like having to do too much to try to impress someone. Either the person is impressed with them or not. They really can’t deal with high-maintenance and judgmental people too long. Of course they want to see their crush smile, but if the person they’re interested in looks down on everything they do, they will move right on.

Mars in Aquarius men’s weakness is that they are a little too detached and independent. They don’t get too personally involved with people, even people they are interested in. They aren’t the types to sit down and listen to a long sob story.

They do their own thing and expect a love interest to do the same. They are ruled by Saturn, the planet of limits and detachment, and Uranus, the planet of change and independence. Check out those signs and find the Mars sign that’s similar on this page. For instance, if his Saturn and/or Uranus is in Pisces, read Mars in Pisces.

They are also not the most passionate individuals. They won’t do the most just to win someone’s heart and they have a hard time coming out of the head and into the body. They aren’t usually “hugs-and-kisses” types. Sometimes, their cool act can be frustrating.

But then again, these men are full of surprises. You just never know with them. They might bottle up so much passion inside that it explodes later.

Sexually, these men are open-minded, into experimentation, and kinky. They get motivated when they are trying something new and different. They are the types to get into sexting, filming, cross-dressing, and even role-playing. The only thing that may be missing is the passion and the close intimacy. Sex for them is another experiment, not truly a display of their love.

Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, Leonardo Da Vinci, Drake, Gerard Butler, Serge Gainsbourg, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, Cary Grant, Lance Armstrong, Gary Oldman, Axl Rose, Mark Wahlberg, Ang Lee, Jamie Foxx, Julian Assange, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Hefner, Snoop Dogg/Lion, Howard Hughes, Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood, Adrien Brody, George W. Bush, Akon, Sacha Baron Cohen, Justin Theroux, Tennessee Williams, Rush Limbaugh, Trey Songz, Karl Rove, Harry Styles, Silento,

Kpop Idols: Jonghyun (Shinee), Taeyang (Big Bang), J-Hope (BTS), Xiumin (EXO), LuHan (EXO)

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Mars in Pisces


Male Identity: Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mars likes Pisces’s freedom-loving energy (thanks to Jupiter), but he’s not too fond of Pisces’s passive nature. It has some things in common with the sign, but there are a lot of differences.

Mars in Pisces men want to be seen as self-sacrificing, creative, alluring, and the ideal man. They want their love interests to really accept them overall. They are willing to be anything and everything for win the affections of someone they want.

Mars in Pisces men try to impress their love interests by basically being a chameleon. Whatever their lover needs, they are there. If their love interest is crying, they’re there to be a listening ear and fight their love interest’s battles. If their love interest is stuck in the snow, they will come by to help shovel that person out. If their love interest needs them to be romantic, they get creative. If their love interest needs them to back off, they will.

Their weakness is that they’re not the most direct men in the world. They aren’t the types to just say what they want or take initiative. They generally react to their partner’s demands. This can make them a bit of a doormat.

They also have an issue with pretending to be something they’re not. They don’t try to lie or be fake, but they don’t like disappointing their love interests either. So, some of them may stretch the truth and may pretend to be their love interest’s ideal just to make that person happy. Sometimes, though, this may not make them happy in the long run. There’s a difference between acting as prince for a night to please a lover, while your lover knows who you really are, and pretending you’re a prince when you’re really a pauper.

Sexually, these men have quite the imagination. They can be creative and visionary. They enjoy role-playing a lot. They can be adventurous sex partners. They may be open to experimenting and they enjoy kinks. They can be romantic, sensual, and gentle with a lover. They can try and do it all.

However, some of them may have an idealistic view of sex. They might believe sex is like what they see on TV or online or from what their friends tell them. They are impressionable. They may get so caught up in fantasies about their sexual experiences and adventures that the real thing ends up far more disappointing. In this case, sometimes their expectations are too high. They might go through partners, looking to make their dreams or fantasies come true only to find out that there’s nothing real about a fantasy. They should try to see people for who they really are. It would be best they avoid media and gossip that distorts their image of sex so that they can go into a sexual relationship with few expectations.

They are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, so it would shed more light on this placement to look at those planets’ signs. Look for the Mars sign on this page that’s closest. For instance, if Jupiter and/or Neptune is in Scorpio, read Mars in Scorpio.

Celebrities: Che Guevara, Lebron James, Heath Ledger, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Keith Haring, Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Denzel Washington, Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Miles Davis, Josh Brolin, Christoph Waltz, Ian Curtis,  Socrates, Chris Isaak, Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, Vincent Gallo, Paco Rabanne, Desi Arnaz, Michael Cera, Phil Spector, Zack de la Rocha,  Ralph Nader, Art Tatum, Danny Boyle, Corey Haim, Enrique Iglesias, Tupac Shakur, Adam Levine, Machine Gun Kelly, J. Cole

Kpop Idols: Jackson (Got7), Sehun (EXO)

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Leave me a comment and let me know more about your Mars placement or the placement of your love interests!

Mars Symbol Small

What Does She Want YOU to See in HER? By the signs (Feminine Identity)

14 Mar
Venus sign

Venus-the planet of love and beauty

If you don’t understand much about zodiac signs and you are new to planetary signs, aspects, and houses, read the introduction here.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, justice, sex (aphrodisiacs and arousal), and peace. It is an air planet. It’s associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Venus wants us to live a pleasant life of ease. She represents all we appreciate and adore. The sign she enters shows HOW we express our love, adoration, and appreciation. The house she enters shows WHERE we express this love, adoration, and appreciation. The aspects show us how difficult or easy it is to use her energies in our lives and how much of it we use as a result.

Ever heard of the saying, “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus”?


In a woman’s chart, Venus is her ruler, while men are ruled by Mars. This is more socialized than anything. We have all the planets in our charts and are capable of using all of our energies.  But in our society, women tend to connect with Venus more than men do. Thus, the sign Venus is in tends to tell woman a lot about her own status as a “woman” and her identity in relation to her peers. Venus is a social planet, after all. Venus also reveals what women expect from relationships in general and her own sexuality, which is what I will be discussing in this article.

Why are women so associated with Venusian sexuality (and not men)? Mars has often been associated with sex as well. So why are women associated with Venus sexually? It has a lot to do with our society. More than men, women are often faced with situations that repress their sexual urges. Slut-shaming is very common. Women are also faced with other issues. I found a very interesting read on Psychology Today titled 5 Myths About Men’s Sexuality by Deborah Anapol. Even though the article mostly focuses on male sexuality, the author made some interesting points about women that relate to the idea that Venus is a woman’s sexual ruler. She discovered that “women are more socialized to channel their erotic yearnings into romantic fantasy”. Women are controlled and criticized when it comes to sexuality and their interest in a partner, especially one of the opposite sex. Because of “sex-negative conditioning and social judgments,” women are not able to explore their sexual potentials as widely or as easily as men. Until they are freed of these restrictions, subtlety will rule over directness. Love will rule over passion. Foreplay will be preferred over actual sexual intercourse.

The article 10 Things You Need to Know about Female Sexuality by Bella-Ellwood Clayton tells us that “[Women’s] desire to appear desirable exceeds desire itself…[Women] are too busy chasing beautiful to want to kiss beautifully.” Of course, she also recognizes that media and advertising does a lot to make women ashamed of their bodies and their “genitalia”. Therefore, women often focus more on “looking like they are having sex” rather than actually desiring to actually have it. They are so focused on being beautiful themselves that they feel uncomfortable seeing this beauty in their partners. This also relates to Venus having power over a woman’s sexuality rather than the sex planet Mars.

Venus has a real beautiful side to it, but she isn’t flawless. While Venus blesses women with charm, grace, beauty, and love, it curses them with a passive nature, vanity, and social conformity (stifling originality). Of course, there are some women who are exceptions to this rule.

Mars is another planet that rules sex, as I mentioned before, but it’s different for women than for men. Readers may remember my article regarding Women and Mars: What Does SHE see in YOU? By the signs

Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets in our charts. But for most women, Mars is projected onto men. She may often expect a man to live up to standards she herself doesn’t feel “allowed” to release. This will come in the form of the man she’s “attracted to”. From my experience, the stronger her Venus is, the more pressure she feels to conform. Therefore, women with Venus in her rulership signs (Taurus, Libra) or her exalted sign (Pisces) tend to project their Mars energy more in relationships and feel more uncomfortable expressing such “masculine” traits. Women with weaker Venus signs, such as Venus in detriment (Aries, Scorpio) or Venus in fall (Virgo), tend to be more comfortable with revealing sides to them that are deemed more “masculine”, though all women struggle with the need to conform. Aspects from Venus to Mars also make a woman more comfortable with her masculine energy.

Because women so often identify with Venus, any planets in your chart that are in Taurus or Libra will affect your feminine identity. If you have Sun in Taurus, for example, you may identify with the principles associated with the Sun.

So you may be wondering: If Mars rules the kind of man a woman is attracted to, why does Venus rule over what she expects out of love? This is the tricky question. It’s actually quite simple. Though women may be drawn to certain men because of their “masculine” energies, they often have certain codes for how even the “baddest” boy is supposed to treat a “lady”. In other words, even though women are attracted to the “bad, rough, and tough” Marsian energy, they still expect to be treated well by him, according to the “lady” she feels she is (which is ruled by her alter ego, Venus). So though she may naturally be drawn to a man’s approach (Mars sign), she may not feel he treats her well if he doesn’t respect or honor her the way she feels she deserves  (reflected by Venus).

Because women project Mars, often times this can create conflict with her Venus energy, especially if there are harsh aspects. A good example of this complicated love life would be singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s love life (well, as she describes in her music). Taylor Swift has Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio. Having Mars in Scorpio, she’s naturally drawn to “Pluto and Mars” in a man, the edgy, bad boy types. It’s pretty evident when we listen to songs like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Style”. She describes a guy who “doesn’t care” and “she guessed she liked that”. In style, she describes the man as having a James Dean look in his eyes, long hair, slicked-back, white t-shirt…She seems to be drawn to men who sweep her in passionately, who give her a rush, men who have the ability to manipulate and control her psychologically. She likes this bad boy image.

So why would it hurt her for him to leave? Why would she be arguing with him? After all, you can’t expect a bad boy to be good, right? This is because of what she expects when she gets with him, which has a lot to do with the woman she is. It has something to do with her Venus in Aquarius. Unlike Scorpio, Aquarius is a mental air sign. Aquarius upholds humanitarian values, stays away from the depths and drama of messy emotions, abhors power and control, and tends to be social and friendly. When we hear the song, “You Belong With Me” or songs like “Style”, we see the woman SHE is: quirky, lovable, and a good girl. She likes her “tennis shoes” rather than “high heels”. Instead of being “cheer captain”, she’s on the bleachers. This good-girl-geek seems in total contrast to the bad boys she seems to be drawn to. She likes the bad boys, but expects to be treated like a “good girl” BY this bad boy.

What she may not know is the “bad boy” is her projection. It’s only how she PERCEIVES him. Honestly, we all can only “perceive” how others are. We can never know what’s truly going on inside a person. We aren’t them. And no matter how we see a person, they each have their own natal charts that may reveal things we may not totally expect from a person. She may see him as a “bad boy”, and his chart may reveal he’s nothing but a softy! So in all honesty, inside, SHE’S the one who’s drawn to the dark side! It’s her internal bad girl that is constantly drawn to the bad boy! She’s the one who desires to live life on the edge. But she has projected this energy onto the men in her life. That’s how Venus and Mars work in many womans’ chart.

There are other planets in signs that affect our relationships (as well as houses), but Venus is directly associated with our attraction to others, our love for things, and what we desire. Mars works with Venus, but Venus is especially important when it comes to women understanding their gender identity.

Moon is another planet that reveals a woman’s “feminine identity”. But Venus is the beauty and charm in women, Moon is the wife and mother in women. Venus is the girl, Moon is the woman. Venus is our identity when we’re among our peers and potential lovers. Moon is our mother’s identity or our identity as a “parent” or “wife” or long-term girlfriend. This is how we represent our family and how we see ourselves among our family and close friends. Mother’s influence often follows us wherever we go, so we carry her presence with us in public, too. We just don’t often realize it (or if our relationship with her is shaky, we don’t want to).

In a lesbian’s chart, she tends to balance both her masculine and feminine energies well in a relationship, considering she may not feel the need to be the submissive or assertive one in her relationship. It may vary according to her partner. Still, even lesbian women may feel the pressure to conform like all the other women. She may not project her Mars on a man she’s interested in, but she may end up projecting her Mars on men in general. She may even look for a female partner who has more masculine qualities if she really is out of touch with Mars.

In a man’s chart, Venus tends to reflect the qualities he would rather “project” and reveals his idea of the “ideal” woman.

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The Moon in a man’s chart also reflects his

Mars in a man’s chart will reflect his social identity and what he expects from a relationship, especially sexually.

Who is HE and What Does He Expect From YOUR Relationship? By the signs

This article can be the most enlightening for men who are looking for a lovely lady or for men who are particularly interested in a woman right now. This article can be very helpful. Many men have a hard time understand the female mind and often may feel confusion when trying to date women. They may notice that though some women claim to be attracted to certain qualities in a man, some women may wish for that man to treat her just the opposite of who he is! Therefore, he may feel women are difficult to please. Well, worry no more! If you look into her natal chart and observe her Venus and Mars signs, aspects, and house placements, you will understand her better.

For ladies, this article can help you understand yourself better in relation to society. This can help you exactly define what you are searching for in relationships. You may relate to the following explanations. This article might be enlightening for gay women as well.

Now that you know a little bit more about Venus and her partner Mars, we can learn how each sign utilizes Venus’s gifts and how women define themselves differently according to her Venus sign!

*Some parts of the interpretations might be too much for those under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

Venus signs

Venus in Aries

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Leo

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Libra

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Aries

Fantasy hd, hq, wide screen wallpapers, pictures and images

Fantasy hd, hq, wide screen wallpapers, pictures and images

Feminine Identity: Venus first enters Mars’s domain, Aries, the sign of her detriment. Aries is a fire sign and cardinal. Venus and Mars are two of the relationship planets, but they are polar opposites. Mars has always been the planet associated with masculinity. Venus is the feminine principle. Mars is the planet of war; Venus is the planet of peace. Mars is active; Venus is passive. While being in the sign of Aries can be a little scary for her, it’s always exciting! Thus, when Venus is in Aries, these women don’t often mind doing things that are considered…well, unladylike! For them, men are not the only ones from Mars!

Some Venus in Aries women want to be seen as fun and sexy individuals. They want their love interest to feel an irresistible pull towards them. They want to stand out as the hottest female in every group. They might wear bold and bright colors to stand out. Red may be preferred. Their other preference might be the edgy color black. They might make sure they have their hair done or their faces made up so their love interest can see how pretty they look from first glance. They might show some skin so their love interest notices their assets right away. Most importantly, they wear confidence. They generally try to be the first one on the dance floor, just so their love interest notices them. They might also dance in a sexy way so their love interest wants them.

Other Venus in Aries women may want their love interests to see them as brave, confident, and independent. They might play hard to get or present some sort of challenge for a suitor. They might be daring flirts or they tease their love interests. They might show off their accomplishments. Some of them might take on challenges or dares to impress their love interests. They should be careful not to do something too reckless just to impress someone.

They might want their love interests to see them as passionate. They want their love interests to see that they will do anything for them, anything to win their affections. They will do whatever you ask if they really want you.

They attract people to them by taking initiative. They don’t really “attract” people so much as they “approach”. They really come on to a person they want. When they try to attract someone to them, they do it obviously. They aren’t false charmers. Most people know exactly who and what they want. They don’t play games. If you don’t know that they want you, you are pretending you don’t know. They make sure they are visible around their love interest. They often can’t contain their excitement. When they  like someone, they wear a smile around that person all the time. As a sign that rules the head and face, their love is written on their face. Plain as day.

They come on so strong because they want to make their love interests feel wanted and desired. They hope this will win their love interest over.

These women are not too shy to ask someone out. Most women expect the man to do it. These women don’t have time for those outdated rules! They know who they want and they go for it!

But if you’re the one asking them out, some of them won’t make it easy for you. Depending on their Mars sign, some will test you to see if you can handle them or to see how far you’re willing to go to prove yourself. Some of them are far too independent to be tied down and must really be convinced that the person trying to ask them out is the one.

The Venus in Aries woman’s weakness is selfishness. They often expect to be catered to, to be given all the time and attention, and to be doted upon or considered in every occasion, especially in a committed relationship or if they were asked out (rather than asked someone out, as they tend to do). They get impatient with people who don’t do what they want them to do. But they have a hard time meeting others’ expectations or accommodating to other people. They expect to just be accepted for who they are in every way and they don’t often believe it’s their role to have to do anything for someone else (unless they get something out of it). Some of them may be too demanding or aggressive for some people.

Despite the fact that many Venus in Aries women would rather approach a love interest, some of them may expect their love interest to notice them and take initiative. They may get impatient when the person doesn’t notice them quick enough! This could cause them to be frustrated and they may take it out on the person. They are famous for their temper. It would be better for them to just let their real feelings out.

Unfortunately, they can’t handle rejection. It might stab their ego for awhile. They often go through this because, unlike other women, they actually go after who they want instead of waiting until the guy notices them. But when you do the approaching, you have to face the rejections. Venus in Aries may face this dilemma all the time. They may avoid approaching to avoid rejection, but may be too impatient to wait for a response to their love. It complicates things for them.

They can be a bit aggressive and unrefined. They aren’t always ladylike. They aren’t into tradition. Even if they have some ladylike traits, they are free-spirited by nature. They may be accused of wearing the pants in their relationships.

They’re also rather bored easily. Most of them may expect their love interest to spice things up or keep it exciting. Others might openly flirt with other people. Some of them may grow tired of a settled relationship and may find themselves crushing on someone new.

In order to feel loved and happy, they need someone in their lives who keeps the romance going. They need someone who’s just as enthusiastic about the relationship as they are. They would expect their lovers to keep them on their toes constantly. Try new things, be bold, create a challenge for them, and they’re all yours.

But they don’t need their lovers clinging on to them. They need their independence. They need to be able to do their own thing sometimes. They often need the absence so they can desire their love interest or so their love can grow fonder. They need a partner that accepts that part of themselves. Their partner needs to have their own thing, too. They don’t like being controlled or monitored.

However, when you two do get back together, they want the relationship to be just as exciting and romantic as it was when you first met.

Sexually, these women often want the experience to be fun, passionate, and a little rough. They want to try new things, but they often don’t want to waste too much time getting into the act. They like it wild. They can do the act anywhere, but may get really excited if they’re in a dangerous location.

They may enjoy their heads carrassed. They may also like their hair pulled or tugged at. They love to kiss during the act.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, action, sex. These ladies’ Mars sign will shed more light. Look at their Mars sign and then find the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if the lady has Mars in Taurus, read Venus in Taurus.

Celebrities:  Jennifer Aniston,  Mia Farrow,  Shakira, Sarah Palin, Christina Ricci, Lana Turner, Rosa Parks, Roberta Flack, Anna Pavlova, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor,  Eva Longoria, Queen Latifah, Carrie Underwood, Liza Minnelli, Emily Blunt, Chelsea Clinton, Chelsea Handler,  Jean Harlow, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Rooney Mara, Mariah Carey, Marcia Cross, Doris Day, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Linda Goodman, Leona Lewis, Ashley Judd, Alessandra Ambrosio, Mandy Moore, Jayne Mansfield, Joan Crawford, Susan Boyle, Julia Stiles, Julie Christie, Ali MacGraw,  Rosie O’Donnell, Elizabeth Montgomery, Vivienne Westwood, Melissa Joan Hart, America Ferrera, Jessica Chastain, Alek Wek, Caroline Winberg, Jessica Hart, Verushka, Renée Zellweger, Audrey Hepburn, Lily Allen, Katharine Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Sofia Coppola, Janet Jackson, Toyah Wilcox, Donatella Versace, Arielle Dombasle, Virginie Efira, Alison Goldfrapp, Audrina Patridge, Sophie Anderton, Andrea Corr, Bianca Jagger, Miranda Cosgrove, Natasha Richardson, Arissa Hill, Shirley Temple,  Marilyn Monroe, Bar Refaeli, Helena Bonham Carter, Priscilla Presley, Lea Thompson, Fairuza Balk, Annette Bening, Carey Mulligan, Mutya Buena, Annette Bening, Denise Van Outen, Anne Heche, Jewel

Kpop Idols: CL (2ne1), Lee Hyori, Sulli (f(x)), Mina (Twice), Dahyun (Twice), Lalisa (BlackPink), Yeri (Red Velvet), Yoona (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD)

Sun in Aquarius and Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aries

Sun in Aries with Venus in Aries

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aries

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Aries

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Aries

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Venus in Taurus



Feminine Identity: Venus enters one of her homes when she comes into the second sign of Taurus, a fixed earth sign. Here, it may not be as exciting as her last domain, but she sure feels safe and comfortable here. Any partner who gets with a Venus in Taurus woman would feel the same. These women may or may not have tomboyish streaks, but they still hold themselves to traditional feminine values. They can be fighters when pushed, but they would rather not reveal this side. They prefer peace to chaos. These women are always moderate in their tendencies. Thus, most women admire them. While they are strong, hard-working, and practical, they don’t always feel like they have to be one of the guys to earn respect. They know how to get attention without stealing someone else’s shine.

Venus in Taurus women want to be seen by their love interests as beautiful and valuable. They want to be pleasing to the senses in all aspects. They want their love interests to see them as worth more than all the riches in the world. Thus, they hold themselves with a lot of dignity when in the presence of their love interest. They always show they have a lot to offer a lover, whether its with their money, cooking skills, or calm temperament. They might wear jeweled colors, like ruby red and emerald green, to show their value.

They may want their love interests to see them as feminine and traditional, especially amidst a changing world. They might have some traditionally feminine traits that they feel would be valuable to many people. They might go for soft and feminine colors, pastels like pink, to show their feminine and soft side. They may enjoy soft and sensual fabrics at times.

Don’t get it twisted though. They are practical and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They are money-savvy. But they would like their partner to add to the pot.

They may also want their love interests to see them as sensible and practical. They tend to be rather down-to-earth. They may go for earth-tone colors to show how practical and humble they are. Some of them may even dress practically

They tend to embellish all of their looks with jewelry, especially necklaces. Or they might show off their necks and collar bone area by keeping it bare. They tend to have a classic appeal when trying to impress someone they like. They don’t go overboard, and may only show a little skin. They may accentuate their bodies though. They may possibly show off their curves. But they try not to appear desperate.

These women want their love interests to see them in a calm state. They may be embarrassed if their love interest were to see them lose their cool or get angry.

They also want to look, smell, and sound their best when a love interest is around. They may not like their love interest visiting them when they’re sick.

They want their love interests to feel comfortable around them at all times.

Venus in Taurus women attract a potential love interest to them by being graceful and feminine. They try to tickle their love interest’s senses.

They tend to make physical offerings. They give massages, cook for you, buy or make little gifts, and spend a lot of time with someone they’re interested in. They’re known for their subtle flirting style. They give hugs and pecks on the cheek (the lips come after commitment). Taurus being ruled by the throat, they always make sure they watch their tone of voice around someone they’re interested in. They don’t want to scare anyone away. They might even sing to their love interests if they have a good singing voice.

They are always patient when they really like someone. They will wait forever for their love interest to come around. They may even be long-suffering when dealing with a potential love interest.

The Venus in Taurus woman’s weakness is her superficiality when dealing with people. She’s more drawn to people who do things physically for her. It’s not that she’s all about the money and good looks, but they are assets. She at least wants someone charming. She doesn’t really get too deep and meaningful when it comes to love. She’s relatively simple and may be confused by any sort of loving that happens beyond the physical and material realm.

She can also be difficult to please. If she’s not interested in anyone in particular, she will make potential suitors work for her love and she takes a long time choosing the right one. She will enjoy a couple of dinner dates before she decides. This might cost suitors a lot of money. She may not make a decision for many years! Most suitors might move on by the time she decides. She really needs to spend a lot of time with a person before deciding to date them for real. She’s also not likely to sleep around on the first date unless the person is really attractive and convincing. Some people might consider this a strength. More impatient suitors might consider this a weakness.

They might be daring in other aspects of life, but they are not the most experimental or adventurous person when it comes love. If it makes her uncomfortable, she will refuse to do it with a lover. She tends to stick to what she’s used to and can do the same thing every day. This doesn’t just apply to what she wants to do in public but also in the bedroom. If she’s never tried something or she’s tried something that failed her before, she will be hesitant to try it at all. In public, she prefers simple and traditional dates like dinner and a movie or just a walk and picnic in the park. Or maybe even just sitting at home or in a hotel doing nothing.

She likes for love interests to make her feel safe and secure. If you do want her to try something different, you need to make her feel at ease with it. She has to trust you. She has to feel relaxed. She won’t mind a nice motorcycle ride or trying a smoke, but don’t try any “fast and furious” type of garbage or drugging her drink. Show that you have some sense.

This woman is rather traditional. Even when she likes someone, she doesn’t like to be the one asking someone else out. She would rather her love interest notice her and ask her out. She tends to be cautious with love and definitely doesn’t want to face rejection. She would rather the other person take the chance. Some potential suitors might like that she’s willing to let them take initiative, but others might be confused as to what she really wants because she isn’t open. They might pick up the wrong signs. It’s not that she plays games, because she’s genuine and honest, she’s just subtle in her approach.

She’s traditional in another way: She prefers her partner to be the one paying all of the bills. If she has to reach in her pocket for any reason, that’s a turn off.

Last, these women can be possessive. They get jealous rather easily. They won’t like their love interests around other women. They might even get upset if they even THINK their love interest is around someone else. They like to be the only woman in their love interest’s lives. They don’t usually lose their cool in front of a love interest, but if you really want to excite the bull, surround yourself around female friends.

But they are not against stepping out of the relationship if they don’t feel their partner is pleasing them enough or giving them enough attention. The worst part is they may string a lover along while cheating because they don’t want to lose their security or start any drama.

Yet, you don’t want to please them too much. They tend to get comfortable. They get so comfortable they forget to give as much as they’re given. When they get used to something, they won’t know how to change their ways.

In order to feel happy and loved, Venus in Taurus women want to be treated like a valuable item. They want someone to care for them, be patient with them, and to protect them. They want a partner that makes them feel good and satisfies their desires. They want someone who is willing to spend money and time. They want someone to make them feel secure and special. They expect their lovers to be loyal. Fidelity is very important to them. They prefer a partner who has had few relationships to one that has had many. Though they love a skilled sex partner, they would prefer a man who has never had sex to a man who has slept with too many. They can’t stand a player.

Sexually, these women enjoy the sensual aspects of it all. They want to experience every touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell that could enhance their feeling of pleasure. They need the physical pleasures to actually get aroused. Usually, they are cautious when jumping into sex, so you have to make them feel secure and at ease. They will make you work or wait.

While they are generally basic and simple, not caring to jump into experimenting and such, they focus on ultimate pleasure. They take their time and enjoy foreplay. They prefer a comfortable environment to a rough one. If you really want to spice things up, foreplay dealing with a nice bath or playing around with food might be nice.

They like their neck and collar bone stroked or kissed.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Taurus is her home, so she blesses them with a lot of charm, beauty, and grace. They just have to be careful not to get vain and spoiled.

Celebrities: Juliette Binoche, Pasha Grishuk, Mercedes McNab, Chaka Khan, Fergie, Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, Iggy Azalea, Kathrine Sørland, Paloma Picasso, Leighton Meester, Carol White, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Grace Jones, Ann-Margret, Jessica Lange, Linda Evangelista, Miuccia Prada, Susannah Harker, Emily Beecham, Grace Phipps, Diana Hayden, Monica Keena, Lisa Marie Presley, Alanis Morissette, Anne Frank, Luo Zilin, Sophia Manzano, Sophie Lowe, Princess Diana, Debbie Harry, Cindy Lauper, Michele Lee, Liv Tyler, Ariana Grande, Carroll Baker, Ellen Barkin, Betty Compson, Ella Fitzgerald, Steffi Graf, Jessica Lange, Peggy Lee, Debbie Reynolds, Jane Russell, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Jhene Aiko, Jessie J

Kpop Idols: Irene (Red Velvet), Jessia (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Shinbi (GFriend)

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Aries with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Taurus

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Venus in Gemini


Feminine Identity: Venus enters Gemini third, the sign ruled by Mercury. Here, it’s not too far away from who she is, but some things are different. I wouldn’t say she feels completely comfortable here, but there are some things that are familiar. Gemini is an air and mutable sign. Venus is considered an air planet. Like Venus, Gemini is social and charming. But Gemini’s energy is too scattered for Venus to find a consistent love. Gemini is also too curious about everything that it never stops to settle down. Venus likes to relax sometimes. Gemini is too nervous to relax. Thus, these ladies are charming, but they hop around too much.

Venus in Gemini women want to be seen as fun, young, attractive, charming, and intelligent individuals by their love interests.

They usually wear bright and cheerful colors to give them a youthful and lively appearance. They might tease love interests by showing a little skin here and there. They tend to often show off their shoulders and arms mostly. They make sure their hands look well-manicured. They also pay attention to their lips. They try to appear kissable.

They are generally open to trying all new looks, and may pick a style depending on who they are going out with and depending on the occasion. They should be careful not to pretend to be something they aren’t to impress a love interest. Mostly, though, they tend to dress in the latest trends, which gives them a young vibe no matter how old they are. To most people, they always look young, which helps them find love timelessly.

They want love interests to know that they are open-minded and willing to try new things.

They want to appear witty and funny. They love to make their love interests laugh. They love to tease their love interests, too.

They may want love interests to see them as busy socialites with places to go and plenty of suitors waiting. In their own way, they feel this will convince slow suitors to pick up their feet. Really, plenty of suitors are usually waiting for these dynamic women. If you don’t scoop them up when you can, you will miss the boat.

Venus in Gemini women attract love interests to them by being talkative and flirty. They have an airy charm. They aren’t necessarily stupid though, even if they act ditzy. They generally have a smooth and adaptable way of talking to people, and this draws all kinds of lovers their way. They can change up their whole approach to attract the one they want to them. They also know how to work that body language. They tend to be good with languages of all kinds really.

These women try to stay open to things. They attract people to them by trying new things with their love interests.

They might try to show interest in the person. They typically try to get inside a person’s mind and see how they think. They are naturally curious.

Venus in Gemini women’s weakness is being scattered. They are so scattered all over the place, they have a difficult time giving the attention and time to their love interests. They are relatively independent and don’t really need a partner around them all the time. They tend to have so much going on at once, they are hard to pin down. It’s hard for them to be a domestic homebody.

They keep their options open, too. Some potential suitors may get frustrated with this. They tend to go on dates with two different guys at the same time until they decide which one they want. Everyone might not be okay with this. They don’t mean to play with people’s hearts, but sometimes they come across that way.

They’re also friendly with everyone. They tend to have a lot of people surrounding them from both sexes. This might make some people insecure. And they’re not going to let go of their friends just because it makes some suitor uncomfortable (especially if they haven’t decided if they really like the person yet).

They can be rather shallow. They tend to only care about things superficially and may not offer any depth. They might not be interested in anything too deep, intimate, personal, and meaningful either. They just want to laugh and have a good time. They don’t like when people act coy, “woke”, or dull.

They can be two-faced, too. They may let their friends influence them too much. They might be turned off from a suitor just because their friends don’t like them. Or they might only be interested in a suitor just because all of their friends are interested.

As mentioned before, they might pretend to be someone they aren’t just get with a love interest. Some of them might be a little fake.

They generally talk a lot, too. If you want to keep some aspects of your relationship private, it’s nearly impossible with this woman. She slips up all the time.

In order to keep the Venus in Gemini happy and feeling loved, you have to keep things interesting. She doesn’t want to be bored.

Not only do you have to mentally engage and entertain her, you have to communicate. She needs to be able to talk to her love interests at all times, no matter where you are or who you’re with. She needs to hear that she’s loved. Constantly make her feel attractive by complimenting her when she changes her looks up. Pay attention when she speaks and at least show some interest in what she’s saying.

You need to do some fun things with her. Invite her places. Show her off to all of your friends.

If you don’t cheat and lie, she won’t either. But if she catches you, best believe she will find someone much easier than you did.

Sexually, these women want to have a good time. They want someone who makes the experience fun for them. They are open to trying new things as long as it’s not too weird (and even if it is, just don’t film it).

They find pleasure with words. Pillow talk might be a favorite. They might also enjoy some tempting text messages or little romantic notes. Be clever and creative if you want them knocking down your door.

They need someone that can get them out of their heads and into their bodies. They might be so focused on talking, they may not actually get down to the act. They might be thinking so much about what they want to do, they may not actually do it. A nice massage might be just the thing to release that nervous energy and tension.

These women like their shoulders and arms touched or kissed. They may like being kissed in general. They might enjoy holding hands during the act as well. They might like their hands kissed. They may enjoy playful touching. They enjoy anything oral.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and movement. Look for their Mercury sign and then find the Venus sign closest on this page. For instance, if their Mercury is in Cancer, read Venus in Cancer.

Celebrities: Jennifer Garner, Olivia Hussey, Bette Davis, Miranda Kerr , Cher,  Lena Dunham, Joanna Lumley,  Megan Fox, Tori Spelling, Uma Thurman, Carmen Electra, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Joan Collins, Joan Rivers, Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell, Riley Keough, Courtney Love, Kim Carnes, Eva Green, Jessica Simpson, Tulisa, Sandra Bullock, Jacqueline Kennedy,  Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Miner,  Clara Bow, Amelia Earhart,  Sheena Easton, Helen Mirren, Eva Peron, Isabella Rossellini, Mary Pickford, Jennifer Saunders, Wallis Simpson, Venus Williams, Adele, Lil’ Kim, Alessia Cara, Adele, Sofia Vergara, Normani Kordei (Fifth Harmony), Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony), Lauren Jauregui (Fifth Harmony)

Kpop Idols: Chaeyoung (Twice), Sunny (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD),Eunha (GFriend), Hyuna (4 Minute)

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Aries with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Leo with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Gemini

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Venus in Cancer


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the sign of Cancer, the area belonging to the greater feminine luminary, the Moon. Cancer is a cardinal sign and a water sign. There are some things Venus is comfortable with while being in Cancer, and some things she’s not. Like the Moon, Venus is a planet that represents femininity. But unlike the Moon, Venus is far more social and superficial. She’s more about pleasure, romantic love, and beauty. The Moon focuses on the emotions and commitment, which can be the good, bad, or ugly. Moon reflects overall womanhood and motherhood. Venus would rather think about life in love…rather than the responsibilities of a family and emotional commitments. She’s the young, beautiful, untouched woman. Still, at least here she can find lasting partnerships and romance.

Venus in Cancer women want to be seen as sweet, feminine, and maternal by their love interests. They might wear sweet and feminine colors like pastels or white. They might enjoy some glitter or silver, too. But if they want to get a little dangerous, they go for eye-popping red. To show that they are capable of being nurturing mothers, they might accentuate their chest a little.

Usually, they aren’t gaudy or too provocative. They want to appear like good wives. They often think about how their attire will influence their future children, too. They want to be good role models.

They don’t really care about the design of their clothes. Most of them might be fine with just a simple top and jeans. They may like loose-fitting dresses. Still, they are artistic, so they may be drawn to certain colors and designs.

However they look on the outside, it’s underneath that they care about. When going out with a love interest, they make sure to choose the finest underwear and sleep attire. Lingerie makes them feel sexy.

Venus in Cancer women attract love interests to them by being a caring, understanding, and thoughtful person in their love interest’s life. They are the ones who are there whenever they’re asked to be, buy thoughtful gifts, and lend a shoulder to cry on. They always try to be understanding.

They try to remember birthdays, the names of their love interest’s family members, and other important information about that person.

They also try to appear like good wives and mothers. They might cook and clean for a love interest. They might show interest in babies or children. They might care for animals. They will always think about their love interest’s family. They usually get close with their love interest’s mother. They work hard to win the family’s approval.

They might also want potential love interests to see how practical and smart they are. These women are capable of providing for their families because they are business-savvy, know how to nurture a business, and know where to find money. They are creative as well. They may want to be admired for these qualities.

One of Venus in Cancer women’s weakness is that they expect others to intuit their feelings. It’s hard for them to just go after whatever it is they want, so they tend to leave indirect clues that they expect love interests to pick up on. If their love interest doesn’t get the hint, they get upset. They might expect others to be as intuitive as they are.

Venus in Cancer women are also rather shy. This can be an endearing quality in some ways, but it can be a limiting quality in other ways. Because they shy away from certain things, they aren’t the most experimental and adventurous lovers. They stick with what’s familiar to them when it comes to love.

These women can be unrealistic and impressionable when it comes to what they expect out of love. They might be extremely romantic or they may be influenced by movies and romance novels to be this way. They might expect partners to wait beneath their balcony windows and whisk them away on midnight excursions. They might be disappointed by lovers who lack imagination.

Venus in Cancer women can be sensitive and moody. They might get their feelings hurt rather easily, and they aren’t against being manipulative to get back at someone.

In order to feel loved and happy, Venus in Cancers need to be pampered and cared for. They need someone to treat them gently and sensitively. They need to feel understood. They also love some imagination and romance from time to time. They need a thoughtful lover that thinks about what they want without having to be told to.

Sexually, these women are all about intimacy and feeling a sense of closeness. Sex feels pleasurable for them when they are in love with their partner. Romantic foreplay would make the experience more memorable. They may not be avante-garde, but they may be open to trying new things if they really love a partner enough. Their feelings influence them.

They may enjoy their chest being played with or kissed. They might like being touched or held by their lower stomach. They mostly like to face their lover so they can feel a connection in that person’s eyes.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the planet of emotions, the past, and nurturing femininity. Find out what her Moon sign is. Then find the Venus sign that’s closest on this page. For example, if she’s Moon in Leo, read Venus in Leo.

Celebrities: Grace Jones, Eva Peron, Nicole Brown Simpson, Amber Tamblyn, Juliette Lewis,  Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Hurley, Judy Garland, Josephine Baker, Courteney Cox, Angelina Jolie, Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, Stevie Nicks, Leah Remini, Ginnifer Goodwin Aubrey Plaza, Anna Friel, Barbara Stanwyck, Meryl Streep, Kristi Yamaguchi, Phyllis George, Serinda Swan, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Brigitte Nielsen, Marianne Williamson, Khloe Kardashian,  Valentino Jourdan Dunn, Anna Paquin, Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Brit Marling,  Camilla Parker Bowles, Geri Halliwell, Maureen O’Sullivan, Colleen Moore, Mae West,  Kim Cattrall,  Iman, Alice Dellal,  Devon Aoki, Elisabeth Moss, Cameron Diaz, Raquel Welch, Tom Ford, Iris Apfel, Tia & Tamera, Dinah Jane (Fifth Harmony), Jade Villalon/Valerie (Sweetbox), Nâdiya 

Kpop Idols: Luna (f(x)), Joy (Red Velvet), Yerin (GFriend), Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Sun in Leo with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Cancer

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Venus in Leo


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the sign ruled by the Sun, Leo. Here, she meets fixed fire. Sun is naturally falling in one of Venus’s signs, Libra, so there are going to be some things Venus isn’t comfortable with in Leo. Still, there are things that Venus can handle here. For one, Leo is highly romantic. Venus is the planet of love. In Leo, Venus is able to enjoy love to the fullest. Our Venus in Leo ladies are very good at honoring Venus in their own special way. They are just a little more independent and can be self-centered.

Venus in Leo women want to be seen as faithful, generous, sweet, creative, popular, and attractive but also confident and independent.

If Venus in Leo women could have their way, they’d want their love interests to see them as any and everything any man would want! Venus in Leo women are all about putting their best out there. They want their love interest to see nothing but the best in them. They want their love interest to see their strengths.

Generally, when these women are around their love interests, they try not to show their sadness or anger. They want their love interests to see them smiling and having fun at all times.

They want to appear confident and independent. They don’t want to appear clingy. They want to show a love interest that they have a lot to offer. They want to show their accomplishments and what they could share with a love interest if they were to merge. They want to be considered “rare” and valuable.

When trying to attract their love interests, they might choose colors that help them stand out. They usually go for sunny or sunrise colors like red, orange, yellow, and gold. They might like soft pinks and purple as well. They may like to show or highlight their back and shoulder, which would make them seem confident. They might show a little bit of their chest as well. They do like to show some skin, but they have too much dignity to come out of the house looking tasteless and classless.

They try to attract their love interest to them by looking their best when they’re around them, by wearing confidence, by flirting, and by giving everything they’ve got.

They are very generous. They give of time, resources, energy, and effort when they like someone. They want their love interest to feel special. They can get really creative when it comes to trying to impress their love interest. They want to be unforgettable. They want their love interest to feel like royalty.

They generally like to make their love interest laugh. They try to be a ray of sunshine in their love interest’s life.

Venus in Leo’s weakness is that they have very high standards for love. They treat their lovers like royalty, but they also expect to be treated like queens. They usually want their way in a relationship. They want the relationship to go the way they want it to. They expect their partners to be romantic, chivalrous, sexy, attractive, confident, and accomplished-just as they feel they are. You have to get on their level in life.

They’re also popular and they know it! They can get any suitor they want to. Though they generally are faithful, they aren’t against flirting a little and dancing a little with someone else if they feel their partner isn’t giving them enough attention.

And they require a lot of attention. If they get a flat tire, you’d better be there to pick them up. If they are having a bad day, you’d better listen. If they’re bored, you’d better entertain them. They aren’t giving anything up for anyone who isn’t willing to jump and leap for them.

They get jealous rather easily as well. Don’t you dare even acknowledge that another woman is attractive. Though they love to be flattered and may innocently flirt with others, they can’t handle it when their partners do the same thing. They may only accept their partner stepping out if both parties agree to have more than one partner. This means Venus in Leo women will explore, too. It’s only fair.

They can be a little bossy and dominant. They are often more sure of themselves than some of their love interests, so they end up doing all the planning and telling their lovers what to do.

In order to feel loved and happy, these women have to feel like queens. They need their partners acting as both kings and servants. They need someone to take care of them, someone who is always there for them, someone who is always into them. They need attention and affection. Their partner should always notice when they style themselves up or when they need help. They need a partner that is creative and romantic. They need someone adventurous and fun. They need to be living their fullest life with a lover.

Though they want a servant, they also need a king. They need a partner that is proud of them and stands by them. They need a partner that takes the lead in most affairs and takes the reins from this women every once in a while. They want a partner that is confident and content.

Sexually, these women want to feel wanted. They want their partners to work to please them. They also want to have fun. They can be adventurous and a bit of an exhibitionist. Sex is usually a love-making experience for them. They would want all of their sex partners to be in love with them. They won’t tolerate their partner having too many other sex partners.

They might enjoy their backs being caressed and their chests being played with or kissed.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Look at the Sun sign then find the Venus sign that’s closest on this page. For example, if her Sun is in Virgo, read Venus in Virgo.

Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Crystal Renn, Paula Abdul, Kathleen Turner, Zoe Saldana, Leelee Sobieski, Diane Kruger, Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Gina Lollobrigida, Selena Gomez, Linda Cardellini, Whitney Houston, Monica Lewinsky,  Madonna, Stephanie Seymour, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate O’Mara, Amy Adams, Kelis, Coco Chanel, Amy Winehouse, Greta Garbo, Salma Hayek, Lauren Bacall, Anna Karina, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Shirley Ann Manson, Sophie Dahl, Dita Von Teese, Olivia Newton-John, Gwyneth Paltrow, Monica Bellucci, Linda Hamilton, Lilly Singh, Chyna McClain, Michelle Branch

Kpop Idols: Tzuyu (Twice), Seohyun (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Umji (GFriend), Lee Hi, Jimin Park (15&)

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Leo

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Leo

Sun in Leo with Venus in Leo

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Leo

Sun in Libra with Venus in Leo

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Venus in Virgo


Feminine Identity: Venus enters Mercury’s other sign here, only this time it’s the mutable earthy Virgo. Here, Venus is in a difficult falling position. Mercury and Venus aren’t really opposite planets, but the natural nature of this earth sign makes it difficult for Venus to really blossom the way she would like. This doesn’t mean the women with this position aren’t feminine. Quite the contrary! Some of these women are quite prim, demure, and docile. They have very soft qualities at times. The real issue Venus has in this position has to deal with Virgo’s modesty. Really, Venus and Virgo have some things in common, considering she has triplicity in Virgo. They are both subtle and easy-going (Venus being a planet of pleasure and Virgo being a physical earth sign). They both believe in being fair and have a strong sense of righteousness. But the vanity of Venus is humbled in this sign. Venus is usually a pleasure-seeking, easy-going, mostly lazy goddess. She cares about material comforts as well as her appearance. She is also quite involved with love. Virgo is the sign of hard work. Virgo is practical and rejects idealistic romance. Virgo makes the person less interested in superficial looks and charms and prefers the real girl. This means that the women with this position may look fabulous, but they work hard to get there.

Some Venus in Virgo women want to be pleasing in the eyes of their love interest, no matter what that means. They want to be helpful, useful, attractive, self-sacrificing, sweet, modest, sexy-whatever will please their love interest. They work really hard to be the kind of girl their love interest can fall in love with.

Other Venus in Virgo women generally want to be seen as down-to-earth and smart. They don’t want their partners to have super high expectations of them. They would rather be their natural selves.

Many Venus in Virgo women swing between desires.

Some of them tend to want to look perfect when around someone they like. They attend to every aspect of their appearance until they can attract the right love interests to them.

They tend to choose form-flattering attire. They use natural but enhancing makeup. They don’t usually go for gaudy or colorful clothing, even if it is a bit revealing. They want most people to consider them stylish. They prefer professional and muted colors.

Other Venus in Virgo women try to be as natural and down-to-earth as possible in their appearance. They try not to put on airs. They just try to look decent and tend to their hygiene. They might want their natural beauty to shine through.

They don’t directly try to attract potential suitors to them. They are often too shy to openly flirt and they are apprehensive about love. They are modest and quiet about their feelings.

However, when they really are interested in a person, they will do anything for that person. You will notice their affections in the little things they do. They won’t outright tell you they like you. You have to pay attention.

They are the type of people to help their love interest with small errands and household tasks. They are really helpful and useful. They will be there to give advice, too.

They tease the people they like a lot, too. They tend to have a playfulness about them that’s endearing.

These people keep themselves together. When they feel unattractive, they work hard to improve themselves. They are constantly blossoming because they are always fixing themselves. They keep their bodies tight, their skin clear, their teeth in check, and their health in order. This makes them physically attractive to people.

One of Venus in Virgo women’s weakness could be that they are perfectionists. They are often very hard on themselves. Some of them have all sorts of insecurities, especially when it comes to their appearance. Many women with this placement get plastic surgery, go on diets, and try to fix themselves up in other ways to get that “perfect” look. They know logically what the beauty standards are. Many of them don’t believe in the “everyone is beautiful in their own way” philosophy. Really, all of their imperfections are what make them perfect. But it’s hard to convince them of this.

The ones that do believe everyone is beautiful in their own way had to work through many insecure moments in their lives to get to that point. This side of Venus in Virgo usually comes out much later in their lives.

They also expect perfection from suitors. They can be picky. The littlest thing can turn them off. If you really want them, you have to fix yourself to their liking. They won’t let just any person in their lives.

Venus in Virgo women are also not the most romantic individuals in the world. They are not the most imaginative. They might find some gestures to be corny or cheesy. They aren’t easily impressed by the flash or sappy gestures. They prefer someone to be real and down-to-earth in their approach.

In order to feel happy and loved, Venus in Virgo women need someone in their lives that accepts them, flaws and all. They need someone that can stick with them through everything. They want someone that appreciates them and acknowledges their efforts. They want someone who makes an effort to show their devotion as well. You don’t have to do it in fancy ways. It’s the little things that count. Just pick them up from work, offer to help them fix something, or spend some relaxing time with them. If they are having a bad day, be there to comfort them or provide a listening ear. Make life easier for them so they won’t have more stresses and worries. Help them pay some bills.

Sexually, Venus in Virgo women tend to be service-oriented. They perfect their craft until it becomes an art. They want their partners pleased and satisfied in all sexual areas. At the same time, they want a partner that is just as skilled to please them, too, even if they don’t always ask for what they want. Though they aren’t going to initiate any kinks, some of them can be kinky at times.

Their issue is they have a hard time seeing the big picture. They may get so focused on pleasing a partner, they forget to enjoy it or connect with their partner. They might also have a hard time getting out of their worries and stresses so they can be there mentally for sex. A good massage can cure this. Their partner would have to take some initiative.

They aren’t always shy, but if they don’t feel their best they won’t be aroused too easily. Their partners have to make them feel attractive and secure.

They might enjoy being touched in general while doing the act, but holding their waist might arouse them more.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and movement. Look at Mercury’s sign then find the Venus sign on this page that is closest. For instance, if Mercury is in Libra, read Venus in Libra.

Celebrities: Kylie Kardashian, Audrey Tautou, Lucille Ball, Mila Kunis, Cara Delevingne, Kate Beckinsale , Charlize Theron , Gillian Anderson , Demi Lovato , J. K. Rowling , Rosanna Arquette , Debra Messing , Alicia Witt , Charlotte Casiraghi , Sylvie Vartan , Melanie Griffith , Sarah Brightman , Lynda Carter, Pixie Geldof , Sophia Loren , Victoria Silvstedt , Evan Rachel Wood , Blake Lively , Ingrid Bergman , Amy Poehler , Luana Piovani, Pink , Rachael Ray , Stella McCartney , Brigitte Bardot , Kim Kardashian , Michelle Trachtenberg , Carrie Fisher , Sarah Ferguson , Catherine Deneuve , Kay Parker , Lourdes Ciccone-Leon , Heather Locklear , Gwen Stefani , Kate Winslet , Michelle Trachtenberg , Julie Andrews , Catherine Zeta-Jones , Nolwenn Leroy , Toni Braxton,  Joni Mitchell , Gabrielle Union , Alexa Chung,  Tara Reid , Tina Arena , Julia Roberts , Sylvia Plath , Lisa Scott-Lee, Julia Roberts, Anjelica Huston, Diana Rigg, Linda Ronstadt, Natalie Wood, Michelle Rodriguez, Mélissa Theuriau, Martha Stewart, Kylie Jenner

Kpop Idols: Tiffany (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD)

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Leo with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Libra with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Virgo

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Venus in Libra


Feminine Identity: Venus enters her second home when she comes in contact with Libra, the air and cardinal sign. This means these women have a strong feminine identity, one that most women can’t help but admire and relate to. Libra is the sign of relationships. It’s easy for people to relate to them and therefore easy for them to form relationships with people. They are very charming. This is because they are polite, well-mannered, and considerate.

Venus in Libra women tend to want their love interests to see them as cool, sweet, intelligent, cultured, attractive, and charming-beautiful on the inside and out, mind, body, and spirit.

They want their love interests to see them as equal to them.

In order to appear calm and sophisticated, they might wear cool and soft colors like blue or pink. They tend to like clothes that bring out their best assets. This depends on their body shape, personality, and other natural assets. They know how to make their clothes work for them. They aren’t usually provocative though. They might showing some skin, but they are typically sophisticated, casual, and/or cool when dressing up. They never over-do it. They just dress up their usual.

They might want to emphasize their butt in some way, though. They might wear jeans, skirts, or shorts that give them a nice rump.

They don’t usually need to wear anything special. All they need is their charm.

Venus in Libra women attract love interests to them with their natural charms. Their ruler, Venus, gives them a natural sweet and cool temperament. Most people feel at ease in their presence. They generally try to be pleasant, polite, and open-minded when dealing with others, which makes them endearing. They use this charm to attract their love interest.

They try not to get impatient or frustrated with others, but they especially do not like to lose their temper in front of their crush. They want their love interest to mostly see them in a collected state.

They usually hate being alone, so they try to make friends with people. They are good at finding what they have in common with others. This makes them pretty popular and makes them gain others’ love quite easily. They especially try to find common ground with their love interest.

They are flirty, but they aren’t vulgar with it. They will acknowledge when someone looks good or when they like the way someone smells, but they will try not to be rude or step over any boundaries. Many people appreciate this about them.

They go out of their way to show their love for the person they’re interested in. They aren’t forceful, but they do tend to lavish affection, gifts, and other tokens of their love.

They try to fall in step with their love interest. They will attend events where their love interest is present.

The Venus in Libra woman’s weakness is that they are flirty with everyone. Sometimes, it’s hard to know who they are really interested in. They treat everyone equally. They act too cool to act desperate, but some people are left wondering about their feelings.

Venus in Libra women are also indecisive. Even when they have someone they like, they are always wondering whether they’re making the right choice. And if they have two really good suitors, they might date them both just to see if they can find the right one! They also don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, so they might give others a chance even if they know who they like.

Some of them want to be in a relationship so bad or they fear being alone so much, they settle with the first person that asks them out. They may not be sure if they like the person, but they just like the attention they’re getting from this person.

They might let their relationship define them. They might lose their own identity when with their partner. Sometimes, they end up sharing too much with their partner. If the relationship doesn’t work out, they end up losing half of the things they worked hard for. They often have a difficult time separating themselves from their partner in many ways. They should find some things they can keep for themselves and learn that it’s okay to do so.

Some Venus in Libra lack confidence. They may not feel they have what it takes to fight for the one they love. But the opposite is true! They have so much going for themselves! They just need to believe in themselves.

Venus in Libra women should avoid being superficial and judgmental. Though they’re generally pleasant around most people, deep within they tend to judge people based on their lifestyle, appearance, behavior, or mannerisms. If they let go of some of these judgments, they might be able to pick the right person for them.

In order for these women to feel happy and loved, they need to be treated as an equal. If they do something for someone, they need it returned. They don’t like double standards.

They want to feel wanted, loved, and cared for. They want someone to romance them. They want someone that buys them luxuries, takes them on dates, and tells them they are loved.

They want a partner they can do anything with. Do couple things with them. Make them feel special. Own them and acknowledge them in public.

Sexually, they just like the art of love-making and being with a partner. They love a little foreplay and romance before the act. They generally want to be pleased and they’re willing to please their partner. They may not be avant-garde in their approach, but they still have an adventurous and playful side. They can enjoy any sexual style as long as it’s not too painful or disgusting. They don’t like to get too dirty.

They might like to be held by their waist or they may enjoy their buttocks squeezed, held, or carressed during the act.

Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, gives them all the charm and beauty they need. They just have to be careful not to get too dependent on the ease Venus offers.

Celebrities: Jennie Eisenhower, Susan Saint James, Shelley Long, Beyonce Knowles, Jada Pinkett Smith, Rachel Bilson, Claudia Schiffer, Tai Babilonia, Florence Welch, Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain, Cheryl Tiegs, Hilary Duff, Susan Anton, Rita Hayworth, Elke Sommer, Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh, Lisa Bonet, Kate Capshaw, Calista Flockhart, Anna Nicole Smith, Vera Fisher, Ciara, Emma Stone, Lorde, Rose McGowan, Hayden Panettiere, Shailene Woodley, Cassie, Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Lambert, Gloria Gaynor, Mya, Gloria Estefan, Rachael Leigh Cook, Bebe Rexha, Soko, Foxy Brown, Natalia Kills, Nikki Bella

Kpop Idols: Amber Liu (f(x)), Nayeon (Twice), Jungyeon (Twice), Momo (Twice), GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls)

Sun in Leo with Venus in Libra

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Libra

Sun in Libra with Venus in Libra

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Libra

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Libra


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Venus in Scorpio


Feminine Identity: Venus enters another uncomfortable position when she enters the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. That sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. In the watery depths of Scorpio, Venus feels like she’s suffocating. Though Scorpio is subtle on the outside, Venus can’t help but feel there is something not-so-subtle going on underneath. Underneath the quiet Scorpio is a whole lot of passion and desire. Venus is not comfortable with such an extreme energy. She does everything in moderation. Scorpio, on the other hand, is an all or nothing sign. And when it comes to their own feminine identity, they are no different. They can be powerfully feminine or reject femininity altogether. If they are women who are powerfully feminine, they are all about female empowerment. These women may feel more content being single than being with a male partner. Some of them may be more interested in dating women. These women are fiercely independent, but they still enjoy all the things that make up a girl. In fact, they may feel that more people should honor femininity. These women may put a lot of emphasis on their own individual charms and beauty. They may reject the idea of women having to live up to “masculine standards” and may feel that men should do more to be like women. The ones that reject traditional femininity are out to prove they can just as powerful and strong as the boys.

Venus in Scorpio women want to be seen by their love interests as powerful, self-reliant, magnetic, sexy, wise, and intuitive individuals.

They both want to attract the right suitor towards them and scare away those that aren’t any good or can’t handle them.

While they want suitors to be attracted to them, they want suitors to like them for their strength, natural beauty, and brains. They aren’t superficial ladies. There’s always more than meets the eye, and they want suitors to know that.

While, they want suitors to be mesmerized by them, they want suitors to know they don’t need a lover to complete them. They are capable of taking care of themselves, just as a warning. Even if they know the love interest they want, they won’t let that person subdue them or stop them from getting all they want out of life.

Though they can be wrapped around a love interest’s fingers in many ways, they try not to let a love interest control them in every way. They don’t like feeling like they have to change everything they are for a love interest. They aren’t the types to want to appear desperate for a love interest, either. They know where it leads. So, they tend to tease and play hard to get sometimes.

And yet, deep down, these women are willing to change everything about themselves to gain their love interest’s affections. It’s because these women are the types to be willing to do anything for a love interest that they put up their defenses. They just don’t want their love interest to know that and use it to their advantage. It takes the right love interest to ignite their passion and desire to be and do anything for love.

Everyone wants to be attractive and loved. In order to give just enough sexiness and yet keep some power to themselves, these ladies tend to be drawn to clothing in black or dark red and maroons. They go through many style transformations. At one point in their lives, they might go for more form-fitting attire, only to add sharp accessories that instill some fear. They might wear loose-fitting clothing so they can leave something for the imagination. They might wear a little sheer just to tease a love interest. They might get their nails done and wear perfume, too. They can be gaudy and provocative at times, and then flip the script and be conservative. They tend to be like a spy, switching identities constantly.

Venus in Scorpio women attract love interests to them in very subtle ways. They aren’t open flirts. They aren’t overt at all. While everyone is asking a partner to dance or sitting down and flirting, Venus in Scorpio women are hanging back in the corner, watching and observing. They are lone wolves. Some might already be on the floor by themselves, eyeing the one they want and silently asking their love interest to come and get them.

They can be a little shy of too much attention, so they might not make themselves noticeable to their love interest. But if that person is observant enough, they can catch their seduction through their eyes. The eyes are the window to their emotions. That’s where they hide their deep well. Through their eyes, you can see their real feelings.

Venus in Scorpio women are the queens of staring. They know how to mesmerize love interests with a look. They tell a story and send signals with their eyes. They might even add a little magnetic smile there.

Their mysterious aura can be attractive to those who take the time to notice. They’re like a magician casting a person under their spell. And the fact that they are hard to catch is even more appealing.

They also tend to do a lot of research about the one they are interested in just so they can know what their love interests like and want. They observe, too. As a result, they know how to satisfy their love interest’s desires. By the time a love interest has noticed them, they would’ve known more about the love interest than that person knows themselves! The right one will find this intriguing. They are super intelligent and can work rings around a partner. This can be powerfully sexy. Their research helps them keep a love interest satisfied and content.

Despite the fact that Venus in Scorpio women hate to be desperate for love, they are willing to do anything to obtain the one they love. This is what makes their love so deep and meaningful. It’s because their emotions run so deep. They are willing to give their everything-money, time, energy, body, and soul. Some of them are even willing to die for the one they love. They will be cute, sweet, sexy, good wives, anything their love interest wants them to be if it means they can have the person’s love in return. Some people find their undying loyalty irresistible.

These women are passionate about anything and anyone they want. Their passion is evident in the way they do things. This can be alluring.

These women are also willing to break all social rules when it comes to love. Many people find this appealing. They don’t care what others think. They can get lost in a love.

The Venus in Scorpio woman’s weakness is her need to control how everything goes. She plans all of her moves carefully, but when things go astray, which it often does in love, she gets knocked off-balance. She may form love-hate relationships with lovers because she’s both in control and out of control when in love. She may want love to be the way she wants it to be, but the other person is another being with needs and desires as well.

There’s also some things she keeps close to her chest, things she’s not willing to give up, and things she’s not willing to accomodate on. But she may expect that from a partner.

As much as these women respect control, they can get lost in love and lose all of their control. They might lose their whole identities while in a relationship. This is why infidelity is the worst for them. If you leave them, they might feel as if they are losing everything. This can cause them to get vengeful.

They are known for not fully trusting others, not even the one they love. They don’t always stalk their lovers, but they might at times. Their jealousy can be nasty. They can be possessive and obsessive. They don’t let things go. If they even suspect their lovers of giving their time and devotion to someone else, it can get ugly. Remember I said they’d do anything for the one they love?

With harsh aspects and the right motivation, they will fight and kill for their lovers, too. They don’t like competition. And if their love interest gives the competition any attention, they will be resentful. They don’t even want their lover spending more time with family and work than with them, let alone another broad.

Then the amount of drama they need to be happy in a relationship can be overwhelming. They need a relationship to be deep, passionate, and meaningful. They expect their partner to make a lot of sacrifices for them. They are known for their ultimatums, which can make lovers feel like they’re in a binding contract rather than a loving relationship with a healthy moderate exchange.

Because they get so deeply involved in their relationships, it’s hard for their lovers to let loose and have a good time. This isn’t to say they can’t be fun partners, but they aren’t a “hook up” buddy, either. There are always strings attached with these ladies. You’re not just going to have your fun with them, move on, and come back later. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’d best lay all your cards on the table. Once you’re with them, though, you’re with them for life or you’re not with them at all. There’s no fooling around and playing games with this emotional water sign. No way. They will find a way to keep you or they will let you go and you’ll be dead to them.

In order to keep the Venus in Scorpio woman feeling happy and loved, you must be genuine. That’s it. While you would think it would be that simple, in order to prove you’re genuine you must be willing to sacrifice and share everything you have and are with this person. You must be willing to ride or die with them, just like they are willing to do the same for you. The ones that aren’t serious will cower away from this. The ones that are totally in love with Venus in Scorpio will find these demands to be easy.

She wants someone who’s willing to invest the time and effort it takes to keep her around. She wants love to have meaning. She wants it to transform her life. She needs someone deep, someone who isn’t superficial.

Sexually, these women are passionate. They don’t just give up their bodies to anyone, so when they do find the right lover, they let it all out. They enjoy skin to skin action. They might be experimental and a little kinky (they are willing to break all rules when it comes to sexuality), but they need to have a deep connection with their partner in order to be willing to do it at all. And when they do give and get it all, they need to know that they are the only one. Sex is their confirmation of their love. If their partner steps out on them, that’s ultimate betrayal. They might pretend to forgive you, but they will never forget. Best believe they will find some way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

They should be careful not to use sex for power in their relationship or to keep a relationship going, though. Sex can’t buy love all the time.

They may enjoy their inner thighs rubbed or kissed during the experience. They may like to be held at the waist. They may like their toes kissed or rubbed, too. The may like their sexual organs teased in some way, too. They might like to return the favor to their partner.

Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars and is currently ruled by Pluto. Look for her Mars and Pluto signs. Then, find the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if she has Mars and/or Pluto in Sagittarius, read Venus in Sagittarius.

Celebrities: Lisa Scott-Lee, Nicole Richie Naomi Watts, Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Sigourney Weaver, Demi Moore, Brittany Murphy, Winona Ryder, Jodie Foster, Anne Hathaway, Goldie Hawn, Chloe Sevigny, Carly Rae Jepsen, Gemma Ward, Jean Shrimpton, Kris Kardashian, Teri Hatcher, Katie Holmes, Milla Jovovich, Lara Stone, Felicity Huffman, Jane Birkin, Vanessa Hudgens, Nelly Furtado, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Silverman, Bette Midler, Lucy Pinder, Dionne Warwick, Ellie Goulding, Marianne Faithfull, Carla Bruni, Annie Lennox, Diane von Furstenberg, Holly Madison, Halsey

Kpop Idols: Krystal Jung (f(x)),  BoA, Jisoo (BlackPink), Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Yuju (GFriend)

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Libra with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio

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Venus in Sagittarius


Feminine Identity: When Venus enters Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign, she enters a lucky placement. She doesn’t feel entirely comfortable in Sagittarius, but there are a few things she has in common with the sign. For one, Venus is a benefic planet just like Sagittarius’s ruling planet Jupiter. This makes both energies positive and beneficial all the time. Neither can ever bring too much harm. Of course, too much of a good thing can cause some problems. Venus likes that Sagittarius provides a life of ease. They both want to have a good time. With all the luck she gets in this placement, why work? On the other hand, this combination can cause laziness and weight gain. Venus is also different from Sagittarius in many ways. She may not like the exaggerated nature of Sagittarius because it causes too much drama. She might also find Sagittarius to be blunt, fiery, and unrefined. She’s into balance and harmony. Sagittarius isn’t always interested in pretending they’re everybody’s friend. Last, while it’s easy for her to attract love in this sign, it’s hard to keep it consistent.

Venus in Sagittarius women want their love interests to see them as fun, good-humored, adventurous, positive, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals. They want their love interests to know they won’t tie them down.

They tend to want to be the ideal girl in their love interest’s eyes. They want to be sexy, cute, beautiful, sweet, quiet, talkative, independent and yet co-dependent, a friend, a good wife, a good mother and everything in between! While achieving all of this is difficult, if it’s not impossible, they will try it!

Some of them are religious, spiritual, and/or philosophical. They want their love interests to know they have morals and ethics. They generally try to be good to people, especially the one they love. This might tame the wild spirit of Sagittarius just a little more.

They can be generous with their love interests, showering affection and an abundance of resources to impress their love interests.

They also try to impress their love interests with their accomplishments. They want their love interests to know that if they get with them, they can share in their wealth.

These women might wear clothing that displays their success and wealth in some way. They might like wearing designer items when around someone they like. Or they might prefer casual clothes that are loose-fighting, like a loose-fighting dress that blows in the breeze or some dusty jeans. They might care less how they look in front of their love interest. Some might like to show some skin. They may especially like to show their legs. Short skirts and shorts might be preferred. Some of them tend to like colorful or eclectic fashions that display their humor and individuality. These ladies look good with or without weight, so they can gain or lose and still manage to look good!

Venus in Sagittarius women attract love interests to them through their sheer zest for life. They just appear like a lot of fun. They have a careless nature that makes them seem easy to be around. They always seem young, no matter how old, so they never lose suitors.

They are not usually shy. They are flirty and honest. They compliment their love interests and might invite them to dance. You’d better take them up on that offer when you can. These ladies tend to move on fast!

The ones that are shy can’t help but show their excitement all over their face. They are known for being a little too enthusiastic when their crush is around, so they’re pretty obvious.

A lot of suitors are attracted to them because they don’t seem demanding. They seem to keep lovers at arms-length and they seem up for a good time. They seem down for an open relationship. Even if they are looking for something stable, they seem to know how to keep things exciting and sexy even in committed relationships.

They know how to make people laugh. They always know how to make love interests smile, which is very appealing. And they tend to have dazzling smiles themselves.

The Venus in Sagittarius woman’s weakness is that she’s difficult to pin down. She might think you’re cute and all, but that doesn’t mean she’s always looking for anything serious.  Even sex is not enough to make her stay in a steady relationship. You’ve got to offer so much more than that. Even when in a steady relationship, she’s also always busy doing something. She’s outgoing and on-the-go. If you’re looking to make her into a domestic kitten, you’ll be disappointed. For her, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. She needs her space, independence, and freedom.

As easy-going as she looks, she’s far more difficult to please than she appears. It’s not that she can’t get all she wants herself, in fact she’d rather, but if you really want her to stay loyal and connected to you, you have to be an asset. You need to make a committed relationship beneficial and worth her while. You need to be dropping money. You need to be making love to her. You need to be going out of your way to take her on some of your adventures. And most importantly, you need to respect and accept her right to be herself.

It might seem that she expects perfection from a lover. She is idealistic and does want to be put on a pedestal. She wants to be treated like a trophy girl. You need to be proud of her and show her off. You need to show her how much you want her. That means you’ve got to travel the world over to please her.

She can be a little insensitive. She tends to be blunt to a fault and may seriously hurt a person’s feelings. She might jump into affairs and quickly cut them off, not caring who she hurts. She might dump people for lacking in some way, and she won’t be afraid to say it. Venus certainly doesn’t get along with this unrefined nature, so she might lose love interests because of her mouth.

Some of these women are careless in general. They might drink and drive, they might sleep around and have too many children, or they might go out clubbing all night, no matter who’s at home watching the kids. Of course, the whole natal chart would shed more light on this tendency. This happens with the less evolved types. This type might have a difficult time taking responsibility.

She has a hard time taking responsibility during arguments, too. If you come to her about something, about anything, her first reaction is to run, run, run. She doesn’t like negativity. She doesn’t want to talk about her feelings and how serious she needs to be. She wants to think about nothing but positive things when with someone she loves. She feels if a lover can’t make her happy all the time, then that person isn’t the one for her. This is a nearly impossible standard though.

She might be preachy or take the moral high road. She won’t act like a victim, but she may always think she’s right and everyone else is wrong, including her lover.

In order to keep this lady feeling happy and loved, she needs someone who makes her life better. She wants a partner that makes her feel more attractive, happier, and more confident. She wants someone who is positive, someone who is generous, and someone who accepts her. She needs to feel like a trophy in the eyes of her partner.

Sexually, these women are open-minded and adventurous. They enjoy the experience best when it’s fun. They like to try new things, but they don’t like when foreplay is too complicated. They don’t like to take too much time on foreplay. They eventually need the action.

They may like their legs held, kissed, or caressed during the act.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Look at the Jupiter sign and then find the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if Jupiter is in Capricorn, read Venus in Capricorn.

Celebrities:  Christa Päffgen ‘Nico’, Suzanne Somers, Bella Thorne, Dawn French, Keyshia Cole, Angela Lansbury, Margaret Thatcher, Kelly Osbourne, Kendall Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry,  Sasha Cohen, Nicollette Sheridan, Jean Seberg, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano, Kim Basinger, Beatrice Dalle, Tina Turner, Judi Dench, Julie Delpy, Jane Fonda, Christina Applegate, Amanda Seyfried, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora Nigella Lawson, Donna Summer, Vanessa Paradis, Carolina Herrera, Georgia Jagger,  Christian Louboutin, Eliza Dushku, Francoise Hardy, Michelle Stanley, Diane Sawyer Anita Pallenberg, Farrah Fawcett, Emma Bunton, Melanie Safka, Jeanne Moreau, Rosamund Pike, Tatyana Ali, Raven Symone, Meghan Trainor, Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch

Kpop Idols: Dara (2ne1), Song Qian (Victoria of f(x)), Sana (Twice)

Sun in Libra with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Sagittarius

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Venus in Capricorn


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the cardinal earthy Capricorn. This sign is ruled by the cold and calculating planet Saturn. There are some things that Venus is comfortable with here, and some things she’s not too keen on. Saturn is exalted in Venus’s own sign, Libra. Therefore, Venus understands Saturn’s need for self-control, modesty, and relationship responsibility. She relates to Capricorn’s reserved nature. But Capricorn can be a little more firm about it. Venus is easy-going and not as serious as Capricorn is. She’s happy as long as a relationship is pleasurable. Capricorn wants to place rules and boundaries, which can make a relationship less pleasurable and ideal.

Venus in Capricorn women want their love interests to see them as ambitious, hard-working, down-to-earth, cool, dependable, mature, and loyal individuals.

They want their love interests to know that they can be good providers and will make good mates. They want their love interests to see they have a lot to offer. But they want the dirty dogs to know they also don’t play any games.

These women are mature and looking for real love. Even with someone they’re really attracted to, they set those boundaries.

Mostly, though, they are goal-oriented. When they set their sights on someone, they are determined to win that person’s affections.

In order to give them just the right class and just the right sexy, they aim for form-fitting attire in business, earthy, or sleek colors. They might be a fan of pencil skirts or bodycon dresses. These ladies like to stay in shape. They might choose attire that gives them a slimmer waist.

They may not show a lot of skin, but they make sure you know what’s going on underneath. Some do show a lot of skin if they’re feeling ambitious enough. They know what it takes to get their love interest to notice them. When they do show skin, they might like to show off their legs.

Leather always makes them feel sexy and in control.

They might whiten their teeth and make sure their skin is glowing before they get around their love interest. They might feel self-conscious if they wear braces unless braces are the new trend.

They like to look like they are worth it, so they might wear name brand attire or high-quality clothing and accessories.

Then there are others who are more simple.

Venus in Capricorn women attract love interests to them in traditional ways. They might flirt quietly and maturely. They might offer to cook dinner for a lover or they might buy or make their love interest a gift.

Love interests are drawn to them because they appear cool, calm, and in control. There’s a bossy sexiness about them. They seem to be able to manage a whole lot at the same time. The only thing they can’t control is their charisma.

These ladies like to take their time. They don’t like to rush. Those who appreciate that in a woman will love this about her.

These women seem like they have it all together. They are smart, practical, and wise. They are good with finances. They seem to have their scruples. When you get to know them, you realize they know what they’re doing.

Despite the fact that these women seem to be in control, these women cherish the simple things in life, and this makes them appear like simple lovers. While some Venus in Capricorns may intimidate suitors because they seem difficult to please and they seem to be self-reliant, others may be so appreciative of the little things in life that they may seem easy to please.

Because these women usually have their own money and other assets, they are willing to split the bill or treat their partner to some dinner sometimes. This can be attractive to a partner who wants to be taken care of.

These women aren’t attention-seekers when it comes to love. In fact, they can even be shy. Even if they love attention in other aspects of their lives, when around their crush they play it cool and keep their distance. They prefer to be approached, but if they want you, they will approach you in a smooth and straightforward way after they’ve carefully thought out what they want to say.

They don’t toy with people’s feelings. Eventually, they will let you know how they feel. They just need the right time to do so.

These women are classy. Despite what you might think, they have standards and they know how to behave on a date. This can be very attractive.

They are down-to-earth though. They know how to let go and have a little fun. They can be easy-going as well. They have a sense of humor, too.

The Venus in Capricorn woman’s weakness is that she’s got far more to offer than most of her suitors can compliment. Really, she doesn’t often need a partner accept for companionship. But her success can really be intimidating, especially because she often expects partners to offer even more than she has! She wants to be taken care of, but she can really take care of herself. It’s hard finding a partner that can truly meet her halfway. She may have to lower some of her expectations a bit. But trying to tell this stubborn lady to do that is more difficult than pulling teeth.

She’s also really distant. Despite the fact that she wants companionship, she’s rather reserved and traditional in some aspects. She’s always waiting for the right time to take the next step in her relationships. While this protects her from those who aren’t serious, it can also appear like she doesn’t trust the people she loves until they have really proven themselves.

She also might take love too seriously. She’s looking for someone loyal and dependable. She’s not really into airy affairs. If she does get in one, she has to get something out of it. When she’s serious, she is. This might dull the relationship a little bit, but she will definitely try to make sure it’s worth it.

They also take their time choosing lovers. They may be sure they love someone, but they may not always be sure that person is the one. They might run away from people who really care for them because of their insecurities or fears. They sometimes take too much time trying to decide when to tell someone their feelings or when to decide to choose a lover. By the time they’ve decided, their lovers might have moved right on. They need time. Lovers who are interested have to give them that time.

She might be known to use people for money or status. Most Venus in Capricorns are not like this, but there are some out there. They might get with people for the benefits or for business rather than love or pleasure. They are practical women and study the advantages of every situation. They have to be careful not to hurt people while climbing the ladder on someone else’s back.

Most of them would rather be with someone they’re in love with though.

She’s a realist. Sometimes, this makes it seem like she lacks imagination or that she’s negative. There are times where she might cut down others’ self-esteem or bring the mood down. A lot might sound good to her, but if your promises seem unrealistic, she’ll burst your bubble quickly. It’s best to be realistic about what you can do for her.

In order to keep the Venus in Capricorn woman feeling happy and loved, you must be serious about her. Take all the steps necessary in a courtship. Take her out on a couple of dinners. Spend time with her. Get to know her life and family. Be someone she can depend on.

Nothing makes her happier than tokens of commitment. If you can’t afford a ring right now, or if she’s not ready for marriage, do something to show her how much you want her and care about her.  You have to make her feel secure.

Sexually, these women are raw and straightforward. They like the experience to be simple and earthy. They have boundaries and rules, but they don’t mind a few kinks here and there. They like role-playing a lot.

They may like their legs rubbed, kissed, or caressed. They like skin-to-skin action in general.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries. Find the sign Saturn is in and then look for the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if Saturn is in Aquarius, read Venus in Aquarius.

Celebrities: Björk, Kerli, Tyra Banks, Daryl Hannah, Britney Spears, Anna Faris, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson,  Kate Bosworth, Abbey Clancy,  January Jones, Faye Dunaway,  Dolly Parton, Helena Rubinstein, Isla Fisher, Cindy Crawford, Kesha, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lolo Ferrari, Julianne Moore, Portia de Rossi, Erykah Badu, Kristin Kreuk, Kate Bosworth, Axelle Red, Denise Richards, Holly Marie Combs, Diane Keaton, Lucy Liu, Betty White, JoJo, Brandy Norwood, Sarah Mclachlan, SZA, Molly Ringwald, Natasha Bedingfield, Jena Malone, Corinne Bailey Rae, Olivia Cooke, Karen Gillan, Susan Downey, Sara Evans, Rebel Wilson, Virginie Ledoyen, Yunjin Kim, Sasha Banks, Lucy Punch, Rachel McAdams, Diane Neal

Kpop Idols: Jihyo (Twice), Yuri (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Sowon (GFriend)

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Capricorn

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Venus in Aquarius


Female Identity: Venus enters the erratic and changeable Aquarius, ruled by changeable Uranus and limiting Saturn. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. In this sign, there are some things that are similar to her nature. She’s an air planet; Aquarius is an air sign. Venus is about close social encounters; Aquarius is the sign of friendships and associations. Both Venus and Aquarius are about fairness and justice. But they have some differences. Venus is partner-oriented while Aquarius is independent. Venus is all about physical pleasures and gratification. Aquarius can live without the material and physical world. Venus likes when things are a little more predictable and pleasant. Aquarius sweeps in with its changes regardless of who’s ready for them.

Venus in Aquarius women want to be seen as unique, independent, cool, and intelligent individuals. They would want their love interests to see them as a best friend, as someone easy-going and easy to talk to.

These ladies don’t like to be boxed in, so they generally just want their love interests to see their fun sides. They want their love interest to know they are open-minded and quirky. They are someone who doesn’t mind being a little dorky and cute at times, sassy and sexy other times.

When around their love interest, what they wear all depends on their mood and what they like at the moment. Some of them tend to wear the newest trends. Others might have their own original style. They might enjoy bold and/or cool colors like electric blue, aqua, or turquoise. They might go for some neon, too. They might like to show a little skin sometimes, and other times they might not. They might generally like to show their legs or ankles. They might like sandals or ankle bracelets. Whatever they wear, they want their love interest to see them as someone who isn’t like any other girl they’ll ever meet.

Venus in Aquarius women attract love interests to themselves by being friendly, cute, a little flirty, and honest. They aren’t overt flirts because they don’t like being desperate, but they may give hugs and cute little love notes. They might even be a little spontaneous in their approach. They like to shock their love interests.

Love interests are attracted to them because they seem to be a little rebellious. They also seem really sweet and friendly.

People are really drawn to their intelligence. They care about world affairs and have their own independent thoughts and opinions on current events. They can be a lot of airy fun, but they are brilliant thinkers.

They make great conversationalists overall. They get close to their love interest by first conversing and becoming a good friend.

These ladies are experimental. This can be really attractive. They are unafraid to try the odd, eccentric, or unusual. They draw in quite a bit of suitors as a result.

The Venus in Aquarius woman’s weakness is that she’s impersonal and super independent. She doesn’t like being defined by her relationship and won’t let a partner hang on to her. She needs space. She needs her own thing. She won’t share everything with a partner and doesn’t need to know everything about her partner. This might make the partner feel as if they’re not in a real relationship but an actual friendship.

Venus in Aquarius women never want to feel owned by a partner, no matter who they’re dating. Some of them may not even want to be introduced as someone’s girlfriend and would rather introduce themselves as an individual. Some of them might think it’s perfectly fine for them to kiss someone just for fun, swing partners, or have sex outside of the relationship as long as they officially stay with their partner. Few do this, but if there are harsh aspects and the person isn’t evolved, it’s possible. Even if these women never step out of a relationship (because most of them are loyal, being a fixed sign and all), they don’t like feeling owned or possessed. That jealousy thing is not cute to them, either.

Venus in Aquarius women can be unusual. Some of them are just quirky, but others can be real oddballs. They might have radical viewpoints. They might be involved in some suspicious things. They might do eccentric or erratic things or have weird hobbies and interests. If they can find someone with the same interests in common, this may not be a problem.

You can always count on them to be non-traditional. If you’re expecting them to be a quiet little lady cooking in the kitchen, you’ve got another thing coming.

Speaking of radical viewpoints, they can be fierce about their beliefs. They might act like know-it-alls or they may act above certain petty behaviors. As open-minded as they usually are, there are some behaviors and personalities they just don’t like. And when they don’t like it, they look down on it.

In order to make them feel happy and loved, you simply have to accept them as they are. They don’t require too much. They enjoy sweet little gestures here and there, some spontaneous surprise dates, and kisses and hugs at times. But mostly, they need someone who will treat them like a good friend. They get scared when relationships get too serious or emotionally messy. Just keep it cool and calm for them. Be open-minded.

Sexually, these ladies can take pleasure in being a little experimental. They like to try new things and step outside of the box. They might identify with many different sexualities, so sex might be an interesting experience for both partners.

On the other hand, some of them might be completely asexual and may care to have a mental connection rather than a physical one. They may be above petty physical desires and may not like being in overly sexed love affairs. These are the types that don’t like being objectified too tough.

They do get so caught in the mind that they have a difficult time coming back down to the body. They have to be tempted to want to experience it at all.

When you do bring them down to earth, they like their legs and ankles kissed and caressed during the act.

Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn and currently ruled by Uranus. Find the Saturn and Uranus sign. Then look for the Venus sign that’s closest. For example, if Saturn and/or Uranus is in Pisces, read Venus in Pisces.

Celebrities:  Taylor Swift, Ashely Benson, Brenda Lee, Sheila E, Sade Adu, Viveca Lindfors, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,  Melanie Chisholm, Helena Christensen, Sissy Spacek, Janis Joplin, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington,  Marlene Dietrich, Pixie Lott, Kim Novak, Lauren Conrad, Nora Zehetner, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Charlotte Rampling, Chloë Moretz, Sharon Tate, Minnie Driver, Mischa Barton, Mary Quant, Yoko Ono, Sheryl Crow, Ellen DeGeneres, Heather Graham, Sharon Stone, Kristin Davis, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Ivana Trump, Heather Graham, Karolina Kurkova, Karen Carpenter, Vanessa Williams, Tea Leoni, Glenn Close, Olivia Wilde, Kelly Rowland, Nina Simone, Beth Ditto, Christine Keeler, Anna Hutchison, Ali Larter, Sheryl Crow, Elle MacPherson,  Aretha Franklin, Emily Osment, Paris Jackson, Teri Garr, Crystal Gayle, Amanda Peet, Kirstie Alley, Dido, Linda Blair, Alyson Hannigan, Shirley Jones, Gloria Swanson, Amy Lee, K. Michelle

Kpop Idols: Rosé (BlackPink), Seulgi (Red Velvet), Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Aries with Venus in Aquarius

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Venus in Pisces


Female Identity: Venus enters Neptune’s and Jupiter’s sign, her exalted position, Pisces last. Here, she is at her best. She sheds her physical skin for something more spiritual (or rather translucent). Here, love is boundless (they tend to see friendship, family, and romantic love as equal forms of love and they have no qualms with homosexuality and asexuality, seeing both as acceptable as heterosexuality). Beauty is limitless. Friendship is forever. Anything else you can think of that transcends the boundaries of our usual thinking relates to Neptune and the sign of Pisces.  Venus can get a lot accomplished in the realm of dreams. Of course, she’s more at home with physical pleasures usually. Here, she’s reaching places she’s never reached before, but not without sacrifice. With Pisces being ruled by Jupiter, the other benefic planet, Venus sees that nothing but good can come from this sign. There is a strong moral and idealistic lean coming from planet Jupiter which makes love seem far more beautiful than it ever does in her own home. Of course, Jupiter is the planet of exaggeration…

Venus in Pisces women want their love interests to see them as sweet, feminine, easy-going, understanding, attractive, and as a soul mate. They want to be their love interest’s ideal girl. They want to make life easier for their love interests. They are willing to sacrifice a lot to make sure their love interests are happy.

They want their love interests to always see the good in them, to always be happy with them, to always accept them. They want to always be considered beautiful on the inside and out by a lover, no matter what happens or what obstacles come in the way. They even want their flaws to be accepted by a love interest.

In order to make their love interests happy, they might often shape-shift their appearance. They are amazing when it comes to the art of disguise. They are the best actors and queens of shape-shifting. They can recreate themselves into their lovers’ ideal. So, their image may change according to who they’re interested in.

If they are more confident in themselves, they may go for more feminine and soft colors. They might wear sensual and flowing fabrics. Some of them like to show skin, but many of them are too shy to expose too much. If their love interest really likes it, they will do it. But if they find that their love interest dislikes it, they will cover up more. They are adaptable. They might enjoy trying to figure out which look will work.

They may not care too much about their wardrobe, but their shoes will say everything. They might wear sexy shoes to attract the one they like. They will have pedicures more than likely. That’s how you’ll know they’re serious.

Venus in Pisces women attract love interests to them by being kind and sympathetic. They listen to their love interests. They quite often let the ones they love take the lead and seldom complain. They seem quiet, humble, and feminine, which is highly attractive to suitors.

They allow their love interests a lot of freedom. They don’t care if their love interests have a girlfriend or doesn’t love them in return. Their love is boundless. They tend to be the hopeless romantic at times and they often accept things from a relationship other women would not.

They are easygoing and content. They don’t have physical or material demands. They just want to have a good time and feel connected with their partner. They want to be held and kissed. They want to be told they are loved. That’s all they require. Most suitors are drawn to their simplicity.

These women have a soft and gentle allure. They appear delicate, like they need someone to help them and care for them. They also welcome all sorts of people with open arms, so they seem like a good person to go to for anything. They are willing to help and care for their love interests in return and they are seldom judgmental.

Venus in Pisces women are too shy to outwardly ask someone out. They might flirt shyly or they may be a little playful with someone they like. But actually confessing their feelings might be a little challenging. They might hope their love interest notices them.

The Venus in Pisces woman’s weakness is that she’s just not sure what she wants. She wants to be loved, but she’s often not sure who she really wants. If too many people ask her out at once, she might date them all, not really knowing how to push suitors away and maybe not really wanting to. She may like keeping her options open and having many suitors dote upon her.

She doesn’t state what she wants in a relationship either. This is because she doesn’t really know what she wants. She often lets her lovers walk all over her. She may be unhappy, but may not say anything. She may not know what to say. Later, she might become like a passive-aggressive or manipulative shark to get what she wants. All she would’ve needed to do was speak up. But because she’s afraid of disappointing her lover and arguing, she may be indirect and secretive.

She might even cheat behind her lover’s back.

This woman is also rather sensitive. She hates arguing, as was mentioned. She won’t like her flaws being thrown in her face. That’s sure to destroy the ideal love she wants. And it’s sure to make her want to run for the hills-or into the arms of someone else.

These women are also too idealistic in love. It can be bad for them and their partner. They tend to let in losers that aren’t good for them just to have love and that feeling of freedom. They really shy away from commitment because there’s too much responsibility and obligation involved. They also don’t like having to meet others’ expectations. That’s partially why they don’t state their demands. They don’t want people handing them a list of demands so they try not to do it to others.

This idealistic streak can be bad for their partners, too. They might expect their partners to be the perfect lovers, like the ones they read about in books or see on the movie screen. They might idolize their crush even. That can be hard to live up to.

These girls have a difficult time functioning alone. Though they can be independent and like their freedom, they suffer with break-ups more than others. It’s hard for them to bounce back. The problem is they tend to give too much of themselves away. They also become too emotionally dependent on their partner to the point they get lost after the relationship is over. They have to maintain some independence.

These ladies can be distant. They know how to distance themselves emotionally. They just don’t know how to hurt others’ feelings, which they have to do sometimes.

Last, these ladies are too quick to lose themselves in a partner. They are willing to change everything they are. They shouldn’t have to do all of that to please anybody. If the people in their lives can’t accept them for the beautiful, alluring, and compassionate people they are, they don’t need them!

In order to continue feeling loved and happy, these women need to be accepted, loved, and romanced. They want their fantasies to come true. They want to feel like they can escape the pressures of the world when with a love interest. They want to spend alone time with a lover. They want to be hugged and kissed. Show your affection.

Sexually, these ladies are open-minded but a little shy. They need someone to help them test the waters. Once they dive in though, they generally just get consumed by the experience. They have to be careful not to get addicted. They absolutely love sensual pleasures. They love losing their minds, bodies, and spirits for a while. Love-making could be an outlet for them.

They tend to like role-playing, experimenting, and kinks. They might have some fantasies they want fulfilled, but they might be too shy to initiate them. If they have a gentle and pleasing partner, they might be able to share their fantasies or their partner will ask.

Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter and currently ruled by Neptune. Find the signs of Jupiter and Neptune. Then find the Venus signs that are closest. For instance, if Jupiter and/or Neptune are in Aries, read Venus in Aries.

Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Obama, Shirley Bassey, Isabel Lucas, Alicia Keys, Natalie Imbruglia, Sasha Pivovarova, Agyness Deyn, Doutzen Kroes, Selita Ebanks, Geena Davis, Vanessa Redgrave, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Palermo, Ursula Andress, Rachel Weisz, Eva Herzigová, Laura Dern, Charlotte Church, Victoria Beckham, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Lucy Lawless, Maria Sharapova, Kate Hudson, Céline Dion, Reese Witherspoon, Kourtney Kardashian, Norah Jones, Claire Danes, Suri Cruise, Joss Stone, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jennifer Grey, Diana Ross, Penélope Cruz,  Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbra Streisand, Bettie Page, Andie Macdowell, Queen Elizabeth, Emma Roberts, Dove Cameron, Camila Cabello, Becky G

Kpop Idols:  Jennie (BlackPink), Wendy (Red Velvet), Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Solar (Mamamoo), Wheein (Mamamoo)

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Aries with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Pisces

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Sorry for the length. :/ But I hope you’re able to understand women and their feminine energy a little more. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Share your Venus sign!

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure

Introduction To Astrology: The Signs, Aspects, and Houses

6 Mar

You may have heard of zodiac signs. You may have gone through life asking people what their “signs” are. You may know of the signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. If you don’t know those signs:

sign chart


The 12 signs of the zodiac

The 12 signs of the zodiac

signs chart

Keywords for the Signs

sign symbols

sign symbols

What you may not know is that these “zodiac signs”, fit for your birthday, are one of 10 main “planetary” signs you have in your natal chart. The zodiac signs most people know are Sun signs. Did you know that you also have Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto signs? These planets enter each of the 12 zodiac signs you’re most familiar with. So if you thought your sign was “Aquarius”, for example, remember that your Sun sign is Aquarius. This means the Sun, the actual star in the sky, was moving into the sign of Aquarius. This is why you’re able to find your Sun sign just by knowing your birthday. The Sun stays in one sign for about a month. This is why these “zodiac signs” became really popular. The Sun is the center of the universe and is most visible to us. Therefore, it rules over “consciousness” astrologically. It’s no wonder we are most aware of this sign of all of them.



planet chart



Finding the other signs often confuse most people. In order to find the other planetary signs, you would have to find a natal chart. With modern technology, you can find a FREE natal chart online! Now people are able to learn more about their other signs. The whole chart gives us a complete picture about ourselves. It’s not something to let rule over your life. It’s more something that can help you reflect upon yourself. It gives you insight. Natal charts don’t tell you exactly who you are, but they do reveal potential and tendencies that we may overlook in our personalities and lives. Only we know how the information can be applied in our lives. The charts just give us the visual to describe what is already there.

To get your FREE natal chart, my personal favorite website is

Step 1: Create a Free Account. Go to “Login” at the top right of the screen. You can “Create a Horoscope as a Guest User” or “Create a free registered user profile”. Follow the registration steps.

Step 2: At the top right, you will see “Your Name:” Click that. Then click “Add New Astro Data”. Put in all the information required.

Step 3: Roll over “Free Horoscopes”. Under Drawings and Calculations, press “Natal Chart, Ascendant”.

This is what your chart should look like.

chelsie's chart

After you have your natal chart, look at the box on the left-hand side. There is the symbol representing the planet, the name of the planet written out for you, and the sign to the right of it. On the big wheel, the different symbols on the chart show you the planets’ symbols as well as the sign it’s in. Let’s just focus in the box to the left. First pick a planet, then to the right of the planet, pick a sign. Look at the signs next to them.

Sun to Pluto are the most important for those just studying. They are the “planets” that rule over the 12 signs. They have symbols next to them, too. When you see a planet next to a sign, it means this planet has entered this sign when you were born. So basically, you have a Sun sign, Moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, etc.

All of the planets have their own meaning. All of the signs have their own meaning. Let me help you understand what they mean. We combine their meanings to get the whole story. When a planet enters a sign, it is telling you “your needs” (planet) and “how you express yourself to get your needs met in that area” (sign). The planet is the “need”, the sign is “how you express the need so you can get the need met”. The chart is telling you things about your personality.

In order to begin to understand the rest of what you’re about to read, it’s important to get to know the planets and signs well. It takes practice.

To understand the gist of planetary meanings, the Charts Above titled “Ruling Planets”,”The Planets”, “Planets”, and “Planet” can tell you what the planets and luminaries mean in basic terms. Then move to the charts that elaborate on the signs, which are also above, just below the planets. Combine the meaning of the planet and sign charts to get a better understanding of what the planet in sign means in full detail.  We are most familiar with the Sun, so I’ll start there.

If Sun is in Leo, let’s look at the meaning of the luminary/planet Sun and the meaning under the sign of Leo. The Sun is the ego or expression, just using two key words on the charts above, right? Leo is creative and popular, using two words from the charts above. This means the individual expresses their “ego” and “expression” in a creative way. This may also mean their ego and expression are somehow related to being popular, too. This tells us that the Sun in Leo individual must be one dramatic person who loves attention! Their ego and expression are tied to being popular and creative. The Sun is the “need” to express ourselves, our ego, our identity. Leo is “how” someone would express that need to get it met, and Leos would be pretty creative in order to express themselves and get noticed.

We all have a Sun sign, and all need attention or to feel important to a certain degree. The Sun represents that side to all of us. But how we go about it makes all the difference, and that’s where the Signs come in.

Let’s look at some of the other luminaries and planetary bodies.

I’ll use Moon in Taurus as an example next. Moon is the planet of emotions, jut picking a keyword from the chart here. Taurus is sensual and pleasure-seeking. So, this may mean that these individuals need something sensual and pleasure-seeking for emotional reasons or that it is related to their feelings and emotions.

Do you see how it works now? If not, leave me a comment.

Each sign is also ruled by one of these planets. The Charts Above shows which planet rules over each sign. The Ruling planet’s sign has influence on other signs ruled BY the planet. I’ll explain this a little more.

Sun rules over Leo

Moon rules over Cancer

Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo

Venus rules over Taurus and Libra

Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio (traditionally)

Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces (traditionally)

Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius (traditionally)

Uranus rules over Aquarius

Neptune rules over Pisces

Pluto rules over Scorpio

So even though each of these planets enter a sign, they each rule over a sign, even when they haven’t entered in one. This means that particular planet is so similar in meaning and expression to that particular sign, the planet influences any other planets that enter the sign similar to the planet.

The Sun and Leo have a lot in common, for example. The Sun is about the ego and creativity. Leo is known as a sign that can be a little egocentric and VERY creative. So, no matter what planet is in Leo, the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo, will influence that planet. So imagine how powerful the expression will be when the Sun is IN the sign of its ruler! That person would have the Sun sign of Leo.

So let me elaborate a little on what I said. For example, if your Mars is in Leo, you would look at Sun, the ruling planet of Leo, and see the sign Sun is in. In the chart above, they have Mars in Leo. Their Sun sign is also in Leo. Sun in Leo influences Mars in Leo because that is Leo’s ruling planet, no matter what.

Another example, They have Moon in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus. This person’s Venus is in Leo. So Venus in Leo influences Moon in Taurus. Sometimes, the person may connect with a Moon in Leo simply because their ruling planet, Venus, is in Leo.

Look for your venus and mars

Look for your venus and mars

Almost every luminary and planet has a domicile position, an exalted position, a falling position, and a detrimental position. These are called major dignities and debilities. There are other dignities, but these are the main ones. The outer generational planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are still undecided when it comes to exaltation and fall. There have been suggestions, but nothing definite.

Just because someone has one of these positions doesn’t mean that people are more blessed or more cursed than others. But it does give us insight as to how closely connected the individual sign is to the planet. It’s something to study and reflect on for anybody.

dignities and debilities

Domiciles-Usually when the planet is in the sign it rules. In Chelsie’s chart above, for example, the Sun is in Leo and Pluto is in Scorpio. The Sun rules over Leo and Pluto rules over Scorpio, no matter where it is in the chart. However, when it enters its own sign, it is in its “own house”. Therefore, it operates freely and is a strong position for the planet. If thinking about an acting role in a movie or play, let’s say the planet is acting in a role it is used to playing. It could be like the individual who considers themselves nice and sweet in real life playing a kind and thoughtful person in a play or movie. These individuals are capable of fully expressing the planet’s energy naturally. This isn’t always a good thing, but it isn’t necessarily bad. The individual is unafraid to express the nature of the planet. The things that the planet represents aren’t a threat. For instance, the Sun in Leo above would be uninhibited when it comes to expressing the ego, their full creativity, or their dominance (though astrological aspects would alter their expression of course, so I’ll talk more about what aspects are later). Normally, they wouldn’t see too much wrong with being confident. Sun in Leos don’t fear the spotlight or taking on the role of leader, no matter what. People respect them because they put themselves out there, regardless of the consequences. They are comfortable with all eyes on them! Pluto in Scorpio would help the individual seek power in all its forms. They may not have any hang-ups with subjects that are taboo, unlike other generations. Pluto in Scorpios don’t fear the dark sides of life. In fact, that’s where they thrive! Despite the fact that the planet can operate freely, I’ve noticed that the benefits usually come in more intimate, long-lasting settings rather than on a mass level or in the public. Sun in Leos, for example, tend to be very good parents, family leaders, and role models, while commanding and demanding bosses and authority figures. Still, they are capable of channeling their energies in any way they like because they fully understand the nature of the planet.

Exalted-Usually when a planet is at its most refined. It’s almost like the planet is an “honored guest”, treated really well and respected, but not quite “at home”. The planet has to be on his best behavior to remain friends with the energy. If using it in the context of a role the planet is playing in a play, it’s over-dramatizing its role on stage. The planet is acting as a character it really likes, the role brings out their best acting abilities, and the planet fits the role. They look “the part”. It’s like the individual who considers themselves nice and sweet in real life playing a quiet and shy role. Being nice and kind doesn’t necessarily make an individual quiet and shy, but it won’t be difficult to see a nice and sweet person acting quiet, shy, or demure. They are often associated with one another. People often assume that quiet people are considerate and pleasant to be around because they don’t cause drama, but they are different. The expression isn’t completely natural, so it may be a little exaggerated. In the above chart, the Moon is exalted in Taurus. These individuals tend to have a pretty good handle on their emotions. They are warm, affectionate, and love the comforts of home, but they aren’t an emotional wreck because they know how to stay calm in most situations. Of course, again, aspects will affect their expression. Generally, they come from a comfortable background and don’t have too many problems. The planet isn’t challenging for them. This would make them seem to handle the planet better than the rulership sign. I’ve noticed that exalted placements tend to operate better on a mass level, rather than in intimate settings. For example, on the outside and in public situations, Moon in Taurus natives know how to stay calm during a global crisis situation and are very good at not letting their emotions hang out on their jobs. They are kind to their fellow workers, but a little reserved. They are patient and nurturing in professions that deal with caring for others outside of the family. However, on the intimate level, they can be very stubborn and hold too much in. When their emotions finally boil over, it’s hard to calm them down! Still, it is much easier for them to handle the planet than it is for most people. Emotions can get a little messy, but hardly when Moon is in Taurus. We would naturally expect emotions to be stable and practically expressed all the time, like it is when in Taurus. But so often, emotions aren’t that way.

Exalted Signs:

Sun in Aries

Moon in Taurus

Mercury in Virgo (some also say Aquarius)

Venus in Pisces

Mars in Capricorn

Jupiter in Cancer

Saturn in Libra

Uranus (undetermined but some speculate it to be exalted in Scorpio)

Neptune (undetermined but some speculate it to be exalted in Cancer or Leo)

Pluto (undetermined but some have speculated it to be in Aries, Leo, Pisces, and/or Virgo, mostly Leo)

Fall-Usually when a planet is less refined. It is as if the planet is an ignored guest and incapable of having as much influence as it would like. The planet would normally be in the opposite sign of the exalted position. The planet is in fear here. It is afraid to chart this new energy. It isn’t threatening here, but it is challenging. Think of this as the planet playing a challenging role in a play. Think of an individual who is nice and sweet in real life playing the role of a strong-willed and independent person. They aren’t necessarily opposite roles, but it’s hard to see a nice and sweet person exercising too much force or dominance over others. It’s not the native’s fault. They may have found a way to be both nice and powerful, but it is challenging. For instance, Moon is falling in Scorpio, Taurus’s opposite sign. The moon is just as watery and emotional as Scorpio, so it isn’t threatening to be here. But the Moon operates most effectively in the outside world when the emotions are stable and steady. Scorpio is the sign of chaos and power. Here, the Moon isn’t secure. The emotions are too intense and controlling, making the emotions go through so much drama and transforming periods in the native’s life. Sometimes, the drama is caused by others and not of their own doing. It could come from issues with the family that have nothing to do with the native. From my experience, however, Moon in Scorpios seem the worst because the position tends to affect the individuals in a mass or public situation. They aren’t as bad as they seem. Moon in Scorpios often hardly have anyone to share their feelings with (considering their emotions are so overwhelming), so they come across biting, power-hungry, secretive, defensive, and extreme towards the public, if they are open with their feelings at all. They may even seem cold and misunderstood. In an intimate setting, however, they do alright, if they can find someone they really trust. They are capable of deep healing and compassion. They are fiercely loyal and protective. They really just need support and the proper channel. The issues with a fall don’t have to be long-lasting and can be reversed. These individuals just have to overcome their fears. Moon in Scorpios, for instance, fear their own deep emotions. This contributes as to why they are so defensive. With someone acting as “psychologist” in their lives, they can be well on the road to deep healing and can help others who suffer.

If you understand the meaning of the planets, and you really understand the meaning of the signs, you can kind of understand how certain qualities seem to fit less smoothly with others. Considering what the Moon is all about, you can kind of see how Scorpio, just knowing what Scorpio is about, could be challenging.

Sun in Libra

Moon in Scorpio

Mercury in Pisces (some also say Leo)

Venus in Virgo

Mars in Cancer

Jupiter in Capricorn

Saturn in Aries

Uranus (undetermined, but some say Taurus)

Neptune (undetermined, but some say Capricorn or Aquarius)

Pluto (undetermined, but some say Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, and/or Virgo, but mostly Aquarius)

Detriment-Usually when the planet is in the sign opposite its ruling sign. Instead of being at home, this planet is in a place that is totally opposite. It’s, in fact, uncomfortable. Think of someone who is in the home of an enemy. Or think about someone who is used to clean homes and they are forced to stay in a messy home for awhile. Regardless, the planet feels a little out-of-place. In terms of acting on a stage, you can think about an actor acting in a role that is totally far-removed from the individual’s personality. Think of an individual who is nice and sweet in real life acting in a role as an evil, selfish person. It feels insincere. The individual might feel very uncomfortable in the role. When the planet is in this sign, it becomes threatened. Similarly, natives with the position often feel threatened, which leads to them worrying about the situation. For instance, Sun is in detriment in Aquarius. These individuals may make excellent leaders and parental figures. However, they often worry about losing their independence and freedom. They both like the spotlight and fear the expectations coming from demanding individuals. They don’t fear the spotlight itself (which can happen when Sun is in Fall); they fear the negativity that comes with being in the spotlight. They tend to worry a little too much. From my experience, the effects of a detriment happen more on an intimate level than on a mass or public scale. Using Sun in Aquarius, for example, they tend to make great leaders and bosses because they are altruistic and humane. They like working in teams and they are full of genius ideas on how to better humanity. But on the more personal level, they are distant, cold, and aloof. They hardly ever show the same care and compassion for their families that they do for the world. In fact, they tend to break free from their intimates. They are not as warm or inviting as they could be and sometimes it’s hard to rely on them. Of course, with enough insight, anyone is capable of reversing the effects of a detriment. The issue is their problem can’t be overcome with a psychologist at hand, like in Moon in Scorpio’s case. They really are going to have to make sacrifices. It is just as they fear. Sometimes, they will have to give up their freedom and independence if they want to remain in the spotlight. They must learn that this isn’t always a bad thing. They will have to try a balancing act: maintaining distance when necessary, but allowing warmth to peep in through the clouds at least some of the time. This is a lesson for all detrimental positions.

Sun in Aquarius

Moon in Capricorn

Mercury in Sagittarius and Pisces

Venus in Aries and Scorpio

Mars in Taurus and Libra

Jupiter in Gemini and Virgo

Saturn in Cancer and Leo

Uranus in Leo

Neptune in Virgo

Pluto in Taurus

Now, let’s study the Natal wheel a little more. That will be important when learning about the next important thing: houses.

On the right side of the chart, you might notice a big wheel with 12 black dividing lines, each labeled 1 through 12 towards the center of the wheel.

chelsie's chart (4)

Each line points to a sign. You might see a bunch of symbols and red and blue lines in the middle of these black lines. The black lines are pointing to what are called the 12 houses. There are 12 zodiac signs, and there are 12 houses. In order to get the right reading for your 12 houses, you need to know your birth time.

The houses look like slices on a pizza. The “house” begins when the black line, with a small number in the center of the wheel underneath the line, is pointing to a sign. The house ends when it reaches the next numbered line pointing to a sign.