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Apps Are Taking Over the Gaming Universe!

16 Sep
Ipads-shouldn't everyone have these? I don't...

Ipads-shouldn’t everyone have these? I don’t…

Apple is a multi-million dollar American electronics company that gained widespread success for designing the computers, iphones, and ipads everyone knows today in the second decade of the 21st Century.

Apple is a company that has been sweeping the nation into the future with it’s state-of-the-art touch screen functions, entertainment availability, and it’s ‘apps’.

I have only owned one product from Apple in my lifetime, and that was the ipod. Many of my friends own iphones, ipads, and many of their other devices, and I just look at it as another phone or computer. It never used to effect my entertainment life. I was always perfectly content with my laptop computer and my regular old phone. Apple products were always too expensive for my tastes, and too fragile to last. To add, as soon as one comes out, another one of their products comes out to replace it. Why chase it all down?

Hey, I’m not judging anyone who enjoys Apple products. Some people have a hobby of collecting their products. And some people just have the money to spend on these products. I’m not an upgrade queen, but I’m not condemning anyone who is.

And yet, I have to say, there is one thing I’m about fed up with: the App function.

Aside from the fact that it adds to the generation of “lazy words”, it has literally taken over the gaming world. The gaming world has always been an important part of my entertainment world. If I needed a little down-time, I knew that I could always rely on going to a good-old fashion website, press one of their games, and just enjoy myself online, to my hearts content. I also could indulge myself for hours on my console games. I never felt like I needed any of Apple products.

But then, suddenly, all of the games I used to enjoy became unavailable. Why? They became solely available as an “App”. This would mean that in order to play this game or enjoy this program, one would have to buy an iphone or an ipad to enjoy it.

I personally believe that soon “Apps” will replace regular console games. One reason being is because that’s what all the kids are playing. I work at a school, and all the children talk about is “Temple Run” and “Angry Birds”, but no mention of hardly any console games. Second reason is that so many people use their iphones or ipads everywhere they go, and these items don’t have to be plugged up (if charged) to any television or outlet to work. “Games on the go”; It’s very appealing. People can play on the toilet, at the job when bored or on lunch, or to pass time, though personally, I think this is why so many workers are inattentive and lazy. It’s no wonder so many gaming companies are trying to make hand-held consoles. Third, “Apps” are cheaper than console games.

And yet it’s so annoying for those of us who don’t want to pay an expensive iphone bill to play a fun game.

Going out to buy an ipad is no different than going out to buy the latest console. The only difference is “App” games take over more than just console gaming, but  PC gaming. It takes over all gaming options.

I understand change is inevitable, but I think there should be more options for playing these Apple games. Possibly, there should be a way to play these programs on regular computers, or a way to purchase these games through a program that is made exclusively for Apple games. A program similar to itunes. With iphones, many people don’t use itunes quite as much anymore. But some people still use it, and so a program for those who would like to play app only games would be an excellent idea.

To add, if you have two kids fighting over one ipad to play a game, why not have that same program available for any computer through an Apple Program so that other children can play? They could still make a profit.

So, as you can tell, I’m just coming to grips with the fact that Apps are the future of gaming, and possibly soon, if I expect to enjoy games in the future, I might have to spend some money on an Apple product.

iphones-for only the cool people!

iphones-for only the cool people!

Playstation 4: Next Gen or Getting by on XBox One’s Failures?

6 Jul

Recently, I did an article on Microsoft’s XBox One, so check that out before you read.

This time, I’m tackling the PS4.

Sony has been one happy camper following the recent backlash Microsoft has been receiving for it’s XBox One. Due to MS’s problems, Sony has found a way to advertise their system by trying to promote the EXACT opposite thing of MS. Sony is sitting back, laughing. You can take this as Sony actually listening to gamers, or Sony looking at XBox One’s response from gamers, and trying to further discourage Xbox One purchases. It doesn’t matter, either way Sony knows what not to do. However, Sony needs to slow down. While Sony doesn’t have the restrictions that MS’s XBox One has, their console isn’t what I would call up-to-par either. Don’t get me wrong, Sony is more flexible as a company. When they didn’t have backwards compatibility on the PS3, they soon adapted it on the console, knowing it was one of the failures of their system. They should have learned from the Ps3 that backwards compatibility was their main issue (along with others). But Is PS4 the next gen answer? Or is it just lucky XBox One has so many rules? I would like to discuss the pros and cons.

1) Backwards Compatibility

The #1 issue that is plaguing so many people about both the new consoles is that there is no backwards compatibility on either one. Sony isn’t as bad as MS. You will be able to play PS 1 and 2 games, but PS3 games won’t be able to play on Ps4 until 2014, where it will only be available for download. This is because Sony plans on releasing games for Ps3 for the next 10 years. To ensure that people who just bought the PS3 gets to have the gaming experience, and to gain revenue while the PS4 slowly begins to sell, Ps3 will be their fall-back just in case. If you could play it on Ps4, that wouldn’t be possible. And as Ps4 slowly sells, they wouldn’t be gaining much from it.

This is neither a pro or a con.It isn’t a good thing. If this were truly the ultimate next gen system, it would have backwards compatibility. But considering they’re at least trying to make up for it (unlike MS), it’s not hurting the PS4 either.

2) Playstation Plus

Before, online play on the PS3 was free. Now, on the Ps4, if you want to play online, you have to pay a monthly subscription on the Playstation Plus. Playstation Plus was once an option for online gaming, now IT is mandatory. This to me is almost like MS’s mandatory “rules”, and says to me that gamers are restricted from the gaming experience more and more lately. Thankfully, it isn’t mandatory to have internet, because I wouldn’t be buying anything for online play. If it isn’t free with my console, forget it.

While it isn’t as bad as MS’s restrictions (such as internet being mandatory and still paying for XBox Live), I wouldn’t call it an IMPROVEMENT. The problem with these companies is they think “progress” is becoming more robotic and letting computer own and run everything. They think “progress” is making everything more accessible and making games more life-like. And they are a part of progress. But true progress is when you IMPROVE on a mistake or problem that your system formerly had. The answer is not changing it to fit another vision. If it’s not broken, why change it?

If PS4 was truly an improvement from Ps3, online gaming would be free. This is what makes Ps3’s online experience simpler than XBox’s. Now, Sony wants to make it’s own “Live”. Really dumb idea. Who told them this was going to work? MS?

To add, you can’t play multi-player games without plus either. This restriction is not good. This sucks. This is it for my Street Fighter and Tekken games.

This is a MAJOR con.

3) Physical Look

This is where MS’s XBox One owns. Ps4’s system looks like they just added a layer to the Ps3 and called it Ps4. No improvements were made to the overall system. Nothing has really changed. While XBox has had plenty of changes and improvements (not all good), Ps4 has not changed from Ps3 really. Even though it has a streaming function, it can basically do the same things a PS3 could do. Or an XBox One could do. Or even a 360. It isn’t “OMG” amazing. It’s standard. At least the Wii U improved it’s controller with a touch screen pad. What has Ps3 brought to the table besides keeping gamer freedom that MS failed to do?

Even though the graphics are technically better, whether that shows up on-screen is left to be seen, and we know that history has shown Sony to fail in that regard.

This is a con.

4) Game Exclusives

It’s pretty obvious that more appealing games will be released on the One than the PS4. Sony hasn’t been releasing games that people can even take seriously. And so far, it doesn’t look like it will be any different this year. If PS4 could even suport games that people actually cared about, it would be better. This is a MAJOR con.

5) Downloadable Games

All PS4 games will be made for internet download, as most all consoles want to encourage online usage. They are trying to keep up with other media entertainment like movies, television, and music. But Sony has said they will continue to make hard copies. So if you want to buy at the store, re-sell, trade, share, or even display the game as part of your proud collection, you may. This is a MAJOR pro.

Looking at the PS4 for itself, especially comparing it to the PS3, it actually has more cons. But at least the difference isn’t as wide as XBox one’s to the 360. However, I wouldn’t yet call it “Next Gen”. With all the negativity going around about XBox One, people are ignoring the fact that the PS4 on it’s own is sub-par to anything with the name “next gen”. MS is a very good building that Sony can hide behind right now, but it doesn’t excuse their lack of quality in consoles and game exclusives. Sony is the longest console to exist, so I expect some bumps and bruises a long the way. But let’s try to actually improve the system next time, kay?

But hey, is next gen so important when you have freedom with your gaming console? Or is next gen very important because if it weren’t, you’d keep your old system? Those questions are left up to the consumer.

The XBox One: Microsoft’s response to the Playstation 4

15 Jun
The New XBox One

The New XBox One

Last year, Nintendo released it’s Wii U, which I didn’t bother making an article about because I don’t consider the Wii a major console unless you’re playing Mario. But ever since PS4, I’ve been excited for the future of gaming consoles. XBox is coming out in November 2013, just before the Xmas season.

I recently just learned of the XBox One. Yea, yea, I know I’m late. I wanted to research the functions of the XBox before I posted an article. After thorough research, I’ve learned more about the XBox One. As a technology person, it’s great. As a gamer, it’s disappointing.

Before you Microsoft shippers jump the gun, just hear me out on this. I’m a fan of all gaming consoles. I have no reason to be biased toward any of them. XBox One is great as a home theater entertainment system. It looks sleek. It’s glossy. The controller has this rad vibration function that boasts being able to “feel” the direction a hit is coming from in a game. Kinect remains active at all times. You can watch live tv at all times. Skype is a new function. XBox live is still subscription based, but there. Cloud storage will let you save music, movies, and games. Recording and Streaming will allow you to record gameplay footage from the game you’re playing, which is automatically saved. There’s also a SmartGlass on the way that is said to be compatible with mobile devices. It has an epic voice command, that even in sleep mode, can wake back up with that command. Sensors remain on even in sleep mode.  More interesting games draw people to the XBox One than the PS4, Killer Instinct being one of them.

You know what I find funny? During the whole explanation, they kept mentioning about how when one person shoots, it vibrates. The lack of variety in gaming is evident even when hearing game producers talk about how great their console is. Almost every game is a shooting game. But that’s getting aside.

There are pros, but many cons. The console is getting more negative reviews than positive. Here’s why:

1. Compatibility with old games

Not going to happen. No XBox 360 games are compatible. So if you want to play any old games, better make sure you’re taking care of your XBox 360. They’ve made this clear. They won’t even carry over with your profile. Well, at least I know I’m not trading in my xbox anytime soon. This limits the user. Only people who are interested in new games will be interested in this console. So, as Microsoft infamously proclaims, “If you’re backwards compatible, you really are backwards”. I’m backwards compatible, come say that to my face Microsoft! This was the downfall of the original Ps3, and will be their’s as well.

2. Internet is a Requirement

What happened to the days when kids whose parents didn’t want to pay an internet bill every month got the chance to at least play a computer game? The popularity of this gaming console is lessened because of this feature. If I was a parent who didn’t want to pay an internet bill, and I had the option to choose one item I could buy just one time, and didn’t have to worry about a bill every month, I would go with a console that I could pay one price and the kid could play his game. Sounds like team PS4 to me.

Then there’s always the chance where the internet connectivity turns off, or moments when the whole server crashes. Aside from worrying about the console breaking, you now have to make sure your modem or any other internet device is up and pumping because games won’t work without it. My internet is so up and down, I could be halfway through a game before it crashes. I’m not too comfortable with yet another item being dependent on the internet. At least with a hard copy, there’s some back-up, and you can play it anywhere and on anyone’s console. I hear that even if you get your profile on another console, it doesn’t guarantee your games will show up if it’s not your own copy. That eliminates sharing games. Which sucks.

When people asked Don Mattrick about the people who don’t have internet, he simply said, “Buy a 360 instead”. Wow. Much faith he has in his own “next gen” console. And games will still be made for the 360…which is practically an old console in 2013.

Is this supposed to compete with PC games or something?

3. You must use Kinect

You can turn off Kinect functions, but the sensor must be connected. This is a bit creepy to me. What if you don’t like a game sensing your every move? It just limits the player’s options. A gaming console’s success depends on the options a user has.

“It can also detect a player’s heart rate, facial expression, 25 individual joints (even thumbs) and the precise rotation of such joints, the weight put on each limb, and the speed of your movements, and track gestures performed with a standard controller. The Kinect microphone will remain active at all times so it is always ready to receive voice commands from the user when needed, even when the console is in sleep mode—where the Xbox One will be able to wake back up in response to a command.” Like some creepy action movie. Does the thing have an off button? Another way to make kids think video games are real. Does the law even allow this?

4. Restrictions on Reselling games and Sharing of used games

Must I say anymore? It’s not going to allow you to share games even if you log in to your profile on someone else’s console. Every game must be downloaded.  There’s also this dumb requirement of verification every 24 hours of offline games. Video Game Retailers will not be able to sell Used Games anymore with this new “internet” function. So if you think a game stinks and would’ve liked to trade it in for something better, allowing someone else to play it, you can’t do that with the XBox One. This insures money stays in Microsoft’s pockets, and the independent seller loses. Microsoft even threw it off on the game developers, stating that if they want people to play used games, then it is up to them, and the activation fees THAT COME WITH IT. This limits the Used Game market. Isn’t this breaking a law somewhere? They might be trying to stop people from burning games…

Though they have this “10 person per library” policy, that still is a limitation on your freedom as a gamer. So I’m limited to 10 accounts? How about I share it with whoever I want? I buy it, I own it. Right?

From Wikipedia:

“After its unveiling in May, gaming and PC websites expressed concern over the restriction on the resale of used games,[68] and the requirement of online verification every 24 hours for offline games.[69] Further official details released in June regarding the policy towards used games and Internet connection requirements caused negative backlash among gaming websites as well as concern amongst independent video game retailers.[70][71][72] Microsoft clarified the situation stating that it would be the game developers that decide if used games could be played and any activation fees.[73] Matt Peckham of Time believes that the Xbox One used games policy goes against the first-sale doctrine.[74] Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has suggested that the game developers would limit the used game market for a period after the game was released but might then allow used games to be played.[75]

Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi defended the changes, stating that the Xbox One was primarily designed with digital distribution in mind, and that the changes to the licensing model on the console would be “easier to understand” when applied to just digital copies of games. He contended that the new system, which would also allow games to be accessed directly from cloud servers by various means (regardless of how they were purchased), would allow publishers to use “a diversity of business models” to meet their individual needs. Mehdi also noted that Microsoft was not attempting to “give in” to the criticism of used games by publishers, but trying to balance the needs of consumers and the industry itself.[76] The position on online requirements was reinforced by Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, who stated that those who do not have internet connectivity should purchase an Xbox 360 instead.[23][77]

Where does Ps4 deliver?

Playstation 4

Playstation 4

1. Hardware-The graphics are ten times better than Ps3 and better than the 360. And arguably, better than XBox One. This might not actually show up in games, but neither will One’s. From:

“The PS4 version has 18 CUs generating 1.84 teraflops of processing power, while the Xbox one has only 12 CUs; which, in theory , gives Sony’s machine a 50% advantage in terms of raw shader performance (for example, lighting and other graphics effects). It’s never quite this simple because other design and technical elements of the SoC can affect performance, but it’s certainly an indication that there is more graphics grunt there for PS4.

Sony’s machine also uses 8GB of GDDR5 memory with a bandwidth of 176GB/sec as opposed to the Xbox One with its 8GB of DDR3 RAM. GDDR5 memory is optimised for high bandwidth, which is perfect for use in graphics calculations, but also has higher latency than DDR3 RAM, which would be a problem for a general purpose CPU. However, because the PS4 architecture places the GPU and CPU on the same die, the latency between the two may be minimalised. In short, the adoption of a graphics-friendly form of memory may work to PS4’s advantage as agames-targeted machine – even though GDDR5 is more expensive to implement. There’s a thorough summing up of the system design here.”

2. The console Camera, which has been downplayed, and made user-friendly in a less mandatory and creepy way than Kinect.

3. It’s cheaper…though superior in every way? Wow.

PS4 is simpler but better. It doesn’t look as pretty as One, but it’s better for games. Looks can be deceiving. Yes, Ps4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility, but the price is lower, so we know that it won’t have everything. For Xbox’s price, I expect it to be an epic console catering to all gaming needs.

All in all, which is better?

While XBox’s console doesn’t agree with gamers, it’s power lies in it’s game exclusives.

New installments of the Halo and Forza series, as well as new title Ryse: Son of Rome and the long-awaited return of Killer Instinct.

The quality of game exclusives OWNS Ps4’s, which most are new series. Call of Duty will be on both platforms and so will FIFA. Many of the biggest franchises will end up on both. So console isn’t a major factor in that either. But as far as exclusives go, Xbox one pawns Ps4.

Any other power lies in Sony’s hands. All they need are more powerful games and backwards compatibility, and XBox One will be withering away. It’s time to step up Microsoft, you let Sony have it this time. XBox’s system alienates the gamer, and seems more like a family tool for a better home theater, which mostly competes with televisions. PS4 caters to the gamers and sticks to what it’s strongest at.

But remember, the console isn’t out yet. So this is still just an idea.

Kingdom Hearts III Trailer REVEALED!!!!

15 Jun

Look at my background and you know I’m a major Kingdom hearts fan. Unfortunately, I’ve been behind on my Coded and Dream Drop Distance game. But, after a LONG wait, the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been revealed! It’s still under development but so far it is SICK looking. Note: LOOKING. Remember KH II? It LOOKED cool, but reneged on the story development. Spike TV’s E3 show revealed it THIS WEEK!  How could I have missed that? Maybe because I hardly watch tv anymore…

If you don’t know what Kingdom Hearts is, you were probably born in 2007…Or you’re not a gaming fan.

The story combines the forces of Disney and Square-Enix. When it first came out, most people thought it was a joke, some crazy fan fic, and no one thought it would sell. This game showed how two very different companies can join forces and create a spectacular development. Kingdom Hearts was the first video game that brought to life several movies at once, and it still is. It had the coolest graphics back in the day.

It was a good idea because it brought in both fanbases. It was attractive to kids, and equally fun for adults, and nostalgic for Final Fantasy fans. It was breath of fresh air for the FF series.

The story follows a boy named Sora, and his friends Kairi and Riku, who wanted to travel worlds when one day their island was swallowed up, and Sora ended up in another world. There he meets Donald and Goofy as they search for their King Mickey. Sora realizes that he’s also separated from his friends, and so joins them to find his friends, traveling from Disney world after Disney world.

This trailer brings me back to my memory of when I first got this game.

When I was younger, I first saw the trailer on Disney Channel. I used to watch Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. It came out when I was in 7th grade. I was 12 years old. I first saw the behind the scenes on Disney 411 (before it became Disney 365). It captivated me, but I hated asking for things in my household. Then as a flipped the channel to Cartoon Network, the commercial came on with the Utada Hikaru song playing. It was soooo catchy, and I saw all the Disney characters. Then it showed up on Toonami. Then more commercials. So many commercials that I memorized the commercial’s song. One day, my mother was EXTREMELY sick. My uncle came to visit. He asked what we (My sister and I) wanted to cheer us up. We were thinking, not sure. We just said, “uh, Kingdom Hearts?” At first, my uncle tricked us by saying he was just kidding and that he’s not getting us a game. We were disappointed but we put it at the back of our minds. That night, he came home with the game. I remember turning on the PS2. I remember putting in the game. I remember pressing START. I remember seeing that same opening, that song, that was in the commercial, and they had the lyrics in the booklet that came in the box. And since, my gaming world had changed. I was so obsessed with that game, I talked to all my friends about it, both girls and boys. At the time,  7th grade girls didn’t seem interested, and called me a loser. But it’s cool. I found out my freshman year of college, one of those girls became a MAJOR Kingdom Hearts fan after hearing me talk about it so much! In college, I tried to play it cool. “Oh no, I don’t play it as often because I’m so busy now.” When she looked disappointed, I got quiet. She said, “Well, now I’m a major fan.” I felt ridiculous for trying to be something I’m not. See? That’s a lesson kids: embrace yourself.

So, yea, get to the trailer already, right?

Most of you will be happy to know that this is will be released on the XBox 1. YAAAAYYY! The problem is everything has to be downloaded. What if the server crashes? Also, it will be released on the PS4. Didn’t I tell you they were waiting for a new gaming console? If you don’t remember my last article on DDD…PS4 is on my wishlist to myself.

But who wouldn’t prefer to play it on a new console? Hopefully, this means KH III is coming soon.

I hope I’m not too late on this. But I’m glad I spotted it!

Since I didn’t see the E3 myself, shucks, I will post a review from one of my favorite Youtube KH fans, Neogamespark.


Kingdom Hearts DREAM DROP DISTANCE @JumpFest 2012

23 Jan


21 Jan

We have gathered today for the memorial of this terrible internet tragedy. Megavideo and Megaupload have been shut down. I’m about to pass the tissues.

Okay, we all know that Megavideo and Megaupload have been posting up videos that may or may not have been illegal and violated copyright and infringement laws. But this is still sad for online users who relied on Megavideo to watch many films that aren’t offered in our country. Most every website has supported Megavideo and Megaupload from the beginning.

The LAW is on the side of entertainment. Isn’t it ironic? This just goes to show us how much power the entertainment industry has. This entertainment business is trying to convince us to buy their materials. What they can’t seem to realize is that they are doing the opposite of what they’re trying to accomplish. Instead of trying to persuade us to buy their materials, like with good quality productions and good advertising, they are going to try to FORCE us to buy their items. This may just be the thing that makes me say, “Hey, bye, bye entertainment industry.” The main promotion of artists today is through the internet, and through bills, like SOPA and PIPA, it will affect many artists, unbeknownst to the idiot record labels and Motion picture producers themselves. Are they crazy? The internet is a major marketing tool! They don’t even realize the power that they can gain through internet influence. Maybe it’s time for all the old farts to retire from those places, and get more up-to-speed management, people who know how to adapt to the ever-growing technological revolution.

Of course, internet users will not go down without a fight. We support the internet. To me, there’s nothing wrong with a website that makes movies and music accessible online. The problem the record labels and Motion Picture productions have is that they are NOT online yet. Megavideo and Megaupload just thought of the idea first. These dumb record label companies are banking on selling their “hard copy” materials and the movie productions want us to buy their “hard copy” DVDs. Well, it’s about time the companies start to update. How can you appeal to the people when you’re five steps behind the people?

The two bills SOPA and PIPA have really done it now. These bills haven’t even passed into laws, and have been shelved. But it seems like the U.S. government is retaliating against the people who protested against it’s passing. It’s a battle between the government and the internet users. This is a huge wave mass that I will tag as the THE CYBER REVOLUTION. It is the internet users revolt against the government and the fight has just begun.

The U.S. government feels that protecting us is best done by arresting the internet users that supply entertainment instead of protecting us from TRUE crimes.

U.S. Congress is now trying to FREAKING CENSOR the Internet?!

18 Jan

Recently Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and many other websites, especially including WordPress have been trying to fight a new law the U.S. government is trying to pass: SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). Has it been difficult to search? Many of them have censored out everything to protest against this law. I know on this website alone, all “Freshly Pressed” articles have been censored out.What do I think of this? As a blogger, what do you expect?

Well, for one thing I do see why the law was released. First off, because we’ve (as in all of us; the people) been illegally downloading movies and music, we’ve been taking from the mouths of celebrities (the famous people) who work hard to produce music and movies for us and thus expect to make a profit. We haven’t been supporting them.

Of course, not to be mean, but what is the music industry anyway? How does that contribute to our society? When the music industry started to truly kick off as an actual business around circa 1904, you think those singers made any money? No. They were broke as smoke. And before then, people only sang in church or when with family or just to perform. And in some streets, they were considered beggars and sinners. Why was this so? Because the music industry serves no greater human purpose but to entertain us. Can we not entertain ourselves? Entertainment is an extra medium, that yes we need to an extent, but something that we can do ourselves. It’s the same with the movie industry. It’s not like a doctor who saves lives, or a teacher who shapes our nation, and yet those people don’t make nearly the money entertainers do. To add, the celebrities aren’t even making the quality materials that are WORTHY of buying. For instance, the music industry for the past couple of years have been totally drowned in “auto-tunes” which alters the pitch of the voice, thus the quality of the voice is gone. Just about anyone can be a singer with auto-tunes. SO why buy something like that? If you want people to buy your stuff, make stuff that’s worth buying. But see, the way things are now, when people make quality stuff they charge a price out of this water because no one wants to do hard work without a price. Again, we can make our own music, we’re just paying them to do so because they offered. We can make our own videos with the right equipment, we just choose not to. We would rather watch other people. But it isn’t a necessity.

All that being said, the music industry was bound to go downhill when some new technology was introduced. Thanks to the internet, one person who has the money to buy something, can post it up and share it. It’s a bit like carpooling; everyone rides in one car to save on gas. Music and movies took the hit to this “carpooling”. There has been a decline in sales for many artists, aside from concert revenue, which also has been declining a bit due to the fact we can watch it on youtube.

Now, I understand that this law protects online intelligence. I can see that when I decide to draw a great picture, and post it on DeviantArt, I will get the credit. At the same time, to me when you share things online, you’re asking for people to “steal” it, because you have given them permission to “share” it. What does share mean? Share-the full or proper portion or part allotted or belonging to or contributed or owed by an individual or group. So when you “share” things on the internet, you have said that the group owns it, therefore you have already given up your rights of ownership. If you don’t want that, DON’T POST IT ONLINE! It’s simple. Don’t obstruct others’ rights to maneuver on the web, and cause further harm to businesses.

The main thing is the damage is done. When internet was released, there were no stipulations. Now, it’s a multimillion dollar industry. And what do people go on the internet for? 1) To talk to friends on social networking sites 2)To listen to their favorite music and/or download 3)To watch movies and/or download 4)To research the latest in bad news, or to do any research. With the piracy act, I can see the music and movie sites going downhill. No website wants to risk being sued or losing millions of people who are very guilty of piracy. Social Networking sites would have to be responsible for every single individual that posts up “pirate” material. That’s hard to do. They also would go under. The only things that would still be around is research…and that’s too boring to do all day. Basically, computer would revert back to it’s origin: a way to further business opportunities and school intelligence. It would no longer be a thing of entertainment. Many people might not mind that. However, it destroys business and marketing tools that could be of benefit to an advanced society.

This is a battle between the old way vs the new. We’re living in 2012. We can’t go back to the old days and how it used to be. We’re far too advanced of a society to revert backwards now. It would be pointless to do so at this point. Censoring the internet will not convince people to buy things, it will only further limit people from having the experiences they once had. It will stop the spread of knowledge that promotes many artists. It will only make people listen to the free radio. But it won’t get people to buy it. Music and movies are an extra expense to patron. Fans will only decrease, and people will go back to the old way of things: Making their own music so they won’t have to buy it.

Or who knows, maybe people will cooperate and start buying the materials. But I know before internet, I didn’t know anything about world music. I listened to my first Utada Hikaru and BoA song and was sold ever since. It introduced me to a new world of music, sound, and language. I’ve been a patron of Asian music ever since. I will admit that at first I downloaded without paying because I was a punk kid. But now, I’ve grown to love the artists so much that I support them with my money. It helped promote those artists around the world. Censoring the internet prevents people from knowing or understanding those artists.

The one thing that did catch my interest was the Protect IP Act. Not to say that I’ve gotten my IP address stolen, but I was banned from a website, and so was my sibling, and I wanted to know why they banned us both. They told me that we had the same IP address, and said we were sockpoppeting…that scared me. It was almost like they knew we lived together without me saying anything. We couldn’t be two individual people on the same website without them tracking us.  Because we had the same IP Address, we couldn’t prove we were two individuals. So this Act sparks some interest in me. However, I do realize that it’s my choice to use the internet. If I don’t want people to know my IP Address or things about me, it’s my choice to remove myself from those places that can track it. Plus, this act will stop me from playing my favorite online game Wizard 101. No thanks.

To conclude, I feel that the internet should be a marketplace with a free exchange of ideas. I think people should be responsible for the choices they make regarding the internet and it’s use. I don’t feel the government needs to regulate it. I feel if people don’t want their “thing” stolen on the internet, they shouldn’t use it or post it. Celebrities in the music industry have to keep up with the ever-growing industry, it’s a part of the hard-boiled career they chose. It’s changed since 1970, and it’s going to continue to change. If you don’t want people to post your music from their paid downloads or from your hard copy CDs, you have to find a way to make music in a form that can’t be downloaded. DVD business owners can probably try to ship their investments elsewhere. Maybe even try to make a website and CONVINCE people to buy your stuff. That’s fair, and much better than forcing people to. The business industry is changing, and things will change. We can’t stop it. It will fail. We just have to find ways to advance along with society. Online games already got the message. After several days of playing Wizard 101’s free trial, I bought it. Maybe other places need to hop on the bandwagon.

This sort of reminds me of the Prohibition Act of the 1920s. All that did was create MORE crime. It was a dumb move then, and this is a dumb move now. We have FDR, who loved alcohol, to thank for that one being uplifted. Maybe the next president can give us some hope for a better future.

GO and sign the PETITION for free internet use:

2011-2012 Fashion Idea #2: Cyber Punk

1 Aug

This fashion idea, Cyberpunk, I discovered from researching Steampunk. It takes a more modern technological approach to punk. Unlike Steampunk, which borrows from the original technological age old, this one borrows from today’s technological age, and the way we see our future. We see ourselves similarly to how the Victorians saw themselves: as people on the turn of the Century, ready to advance. Quite fitting, as the new generation of teenagers are entering Aquarius in Neptune, which Aquarius rules the future and unusual fashion. Neptune rules escape and visual images. It also rules illusion. It also rules drugs or anything that helps us escape reality and how we want others to see our reality. Technology is their escape, and they want the world to visualize them as a technological generation. It’s why all of the music videos are seen at “clubs.” Aquarius rules the club. Nothing could’ve said it better than this caption:

Aquarius in Neptune

That’s why we see all of these movies that are competing to visualize the best technology. This generation escapes through it. Cyberpunk is a reflection of this generation and it’s standards. Also, while Steampunk encourages a Utopian dream, Cyberpunk is a bit Dystopian in it’s approach. Guess what? Aquarius rules the Utopian dream.


Archetypes from Movies, Video Games, and Shows: Ghost in the Shell, Tron: Legacy, The Matrix, Serial Experiments Lain, Paranoia Agent’s Soundtrack, Reboot, Dead Or Alive: Final, Sigma, Kingdom Hearts II’s The World That Never Was, Metropolis, NeoTokyo, Batman Beyond, Magnetic Rose, Ergo Proxy, Parasite Dolls, Spy Kids

I really love Cyberpunk Fashion. I wish I was a part of the generation when it comes to style. My generation was Neptune in Capricorn. I know, pretty boring, right? Well, at least we ruled the business suit.

Cyber Punk is slick, and really edgy. It gives you an Electronica feel to it. Think of being in a club, dimmed lights, and glow in the dark items everywhere and you’ve got Cyber punk. Or think of moving in leather battle gear, dark area, and neon lights charge up on your car. I get that same kind of strange mysterious feeling when I see it. It’s not the normal haunted house feeling, it’s like the extreme haunted smart house feeling. It’s hard to describe. But it rocks. Think of it this way: instead of wearing a lace shirt, wear a ripped black netted shirt. Instead of wearing aviator goggles, meant to bring out the fashion of driving an old-fashioned airplane, the goggles are made for someone meant to drive a turbo-speed jet plane, made for the future aviators. Wild neon hairdos, scene hair can add itself to the style, extreme colors either for the whole head or streaks. Under-bust corsets, stretchable rather than Victorian, and rather than lace-up, they appear to strap and zip up most of the time.

Here’s some ideas

Cyber Punk Top

Complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

And for the men…

complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

Complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

Cyber punk is actually good for the summer to me! It has a red-hot feel to it. It’s perfect for going to a club, night-on-the-town, or even a concert. Hey, it’s even good for a Halloween costume. You can wow people when out with friends. It’s a fun and versatile style. I think it’s becoming quite common in almost any music video you see. You can use the style to decorate your house, or maybe use it as a party theme. make your house look like a club! Whatever you choose to do, it’s definitely, to me one of the hottest fashion scenes of this year and next year.

Pick Your Poison

11 Apr

Video Games are like crack?

Sure, everyone is addicted to something that isn’t good for them or their bodies. Everybody does something to harm Mother Earth and themselves. Whether it’s driving a car to pollute the air, smoking that cigar to pollute your body, getting intoxicated and wasting it, we all choose a poison, an addiction. A guy in my Political Science college class chews tobacco. One girl in the class remarked, “That’s disgusting”. His reply was “pick your poison” because naturally we’re all being poisoned by something, some of us recognize it some of us don’t. I like that phrase, which is why it is the title of this article.

My particular poison isn’t anything like drugs, alcohol, or driving, unfortunately. Mine is video games. Sure, I’m addicted to online games and regular old video games. Particularly two games: Kingdom Hearts and Wizard 101. When I come home from work, school, and religious obligations, or when I retreat into boredom, the thing that helps me escape reality is video games. It is a poison firstly because it is time consuming. When you could be doing somthing productive such as cleaning your house or letting the dog in when she knocks, you’re sitting around playing video games instead. When you could be applying to a better job or studying for that final exam, you’re sitting around playing a game. When everyone is calling you to see if you’re okay, and you ignore them because you know that you have to finally reach that last level, you’ve become a game addict.

Second, video games make you competitive and irritable. When you can’t make it to the final level, or when someone interupts you, it’s natural for a video game addict to get angry and irritable. Especially when you’ve finally reached that top level, and someone says “come here” and you know that leaving the game will cause your character to die and start over, it can make you one cranky person. See, people who don’t play video games or online games…they truly don’t understand. It’s a condition. Similar to a woman who needs her “drug” every week. It makes her competitive because she’s competing to get that drug before anyone else, and she’s irritable when she can’t get it or when it doesn’t help her “feel” the same. Moderation does need to happen.

But who moderates anymore? I mean who’s going to regulate how often they drive their car? Okay, maybe gas prices will…well, who’ll regulate how much you drink? Well, as long as you don’t drive…The point is we’re all addicted to something, and I can name a few things people have told me they’re addicted to: Drugs, alcohol, partying, sex, junk  food, drink especially but not always Pepsi or Coke, sports, fitness, health, hygiene, photography, talking, porn, being hateful, facebook, youtube, cell phones, bad relationships, biting toenails, nose picking, and facebook…again.

So the question is, what are you addicted to? Pick your poison.


This article isn’t in any way supporting alcohol consumption, drugs, or drinking and driving. Most are merely examples of addiction, not to say I encourage you to partake in any of the above addictions. This is also not designed to make fun of anyone or put anyone down, obviously, because I mentioned my own addiction that most people would frown upon. Plus, it’s all in good humor and sarcasm. Have a laugh thinking about your imperfections. Embrace them. 🙂 Don’t you enjoy when there’s a fine print in documents and on commercials? This is all a distraction and disguise to hide my real purpose for this article which was to make an excuse as to why I haven’t been on my wordpress in three weeks. Tee hee.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance coming soon!

10 Feb

Just in: the next Kingdom Hearts installment has finally been announced: Kingdom Hearts 3d: Dream Drop Distance.

Is this FINALLY Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that combines the Final Fantasy franchise with that of Disney creating a successfully popular RPG. It follows the hero, Sora, as he travels through various Disney worlds, trying to keep the darkness from swallowing the worlds. In Chain of Memories, he enters a castle of memories that ends up swiping his memories, so he’s forced to get his memories back, which is through the same worlds  Throughout the series, the designers, Square-Enix, have created several games for the franchise, most of which are considered “side stories”. Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Coded. The only games that Tetsuya, the official creator of the series, said were important were Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. The others are considered “side games”, considering that they only REVEAL more of the older stories but they don’t ADD to the actual storyline. And they keep seeming to grow in numbers in the game, adding more and more confusing plot twists.

With that said, fans are getting a little irritated.

They’re wondering about Kingdom Hearts 3D. Is this finally the REAL DEAL? Many fans are crying that if it is KH3, why is it going to be on another portable console? They would expect it to be on one of the next gen consoles that are BIGGER in storage space and size, like PS3. They also know that more effort will be put into it than the last games if it is put on a bigger console. Though really, Birth By Sleep didn’t disappoint. It was pretty good for a portable game. However, people want Kingdom Hearts to go out with a bang, and if this is 3, many will be sadly disappointed. At the same time, if this is not a 3, many of the fans are going to be whining about how they’ve just introduced, yet again, another “side story”.

It’s just safe to say that either way, the fans won’t be satisfied with this game 100%. BUT if you take a peek at this game, the gameplay is not only promising, it looks like it’s moving Sora’s story along, AND we’ll be going to new worlds (one of my personal Disney movies will be in this game! So I’m SUPER excited):

This game looks like it will be awesome. I understand the fans’ concern about it not being a sequel, or not really moving the story along. I, too, started playing this game at age 12 and now I am a grown-up person who doesn’t have as much time for fun and games anymore (well, half of my time), and I’m not getting any younger. Neither do I want to die before I get to find out what is going to happen next. I also am getting more and more responsibilities. So I can understand the frustration fans are having when they say “Hurry up, I’ve had this since I was 12!”. This game came out when most of my generation were tweens. Now, we’re all adults, and this game still hasn’t reached a conclusion. And the funny part is, many in my generation still play the game. Maybe we just have a hard time growing out of childish things. We haven’t completed the “rites of passage” where we give up all of our childhood loves yet…not until we actually have no time left for it anymore. We’re breaking that old tradition, I suppose.

Some fans are just angry that the story is getting more and more confusing with every new “side story”. Now the story seems to get a whole new chapter every new game that just keeps getting more and more complicated.

But I think the fans should chill. Think about it. If you’ve loved it this far, do you really think you will stop loving it? You might not have as much time for it, sure, but it doesn’t mean it will completely fall away from you. Besides, rushing the release of Kingdom Hearts is the worst thing to do. Besides, the complication of Kingdom Hearts is the best part. There are several reasons why I think KH3 should not come out as soon as we want it:

1) Okay, we’re getting older. So, just stop playing if you think you can’t keep up with it. Square-Enix now has to cater to the younger crowd. Our time is up. So, they have to sort of reintroduce the story to the new-comers, and make it appealing to the new generation. What better way then to make a bunch of games? But the only way to do that without having it end quickly is to put in a bunch of side games. Without them, the story would’ve been over several years ago. And this series would be invisible to the next generation. Not a smart business tactic, right?

2) What great gaming series only has three games? What legendary gaming series doesn’t have a bunch of side games dedicated to the fans? The fans asked for more info about the Black Organization, and they released 358/2 Days. We asked to fight with new characters besides Sora, we got Birth By Sleep, what more do you want? Plus, think of all the Disney Worlds they can make use of? Disney has so many movies. And they’re going to get more as the years progress, so they are trying to make use of as many of the old movies as possible before our generation grows completely up. After they’ve done all the movies catered to us, they can then focus on the next generation. We have to be patient with KH3.

3) Last time the fans complain, Kingdom Hearts 2 came out way sooner than it was supposed to. And fans now claim that as the worst game in the franchise. Well, if the fans hadn’t been pressuring Square-Enix to hurry up and release it, they would’ve been able to take more time on the game. To add, people saw so many spoilers online it spoiled the game for many people. But aside from that, they didn’t give the company enough time to develop the game, or receive feedback. The longer they wait on releasing the game, the more time they have to work on it. These side games are sort of like tests to see exactly what the fans like v.s. what the fans want to discard. This is a chance for them to use their creativity to the full and expand it to all kinds of platforms.

4) Expectations were WAY to high for KH2. They don’t want to release KH3 too soon, not knowing exactly what will “work”, and it turns around and ends up being a disappointment, like with KH2. They want to make sure that the game goes on the next big platform, one that will have new age technology. Sure, for now PS3 and XBox are the next gen game consoles, but who knows what will be invented in the future…if you’re willing to wait that long. By waiting to come out with the game, the game has the chance to come out by the time an epic gaming system is released.

5) Do you really and truly want the series to end? A great majority of fans say they’re ready to hear the end of the story already and solve the mysteries of Kingdom Hearts. They’re anxious, and tired of waiting. They don’t want to be dead before the series ends. But when it’s over, think about it. No more Sora, Donald, and Goofy. There will never be another gaming franchise like this, one where two extremely different companies come together to make the most spectacular game a success. And even if they DO have another saga, it, more than likely, won’t have the same characters, story, and may not even have the same appeal. Be careful what you wish for. Once something is over, it is over, and the joys that came with it are too. All of those Kingdom Hearts forums? A thing of the past. Closed. Or losing traffic. All of the cosplay and merchandise are going to skyrocket in prices online, and will be very hard to find. And if this was the only game series you played, tough luck. You are now a bored little cookie. Think about that mental picture, and then come back to me and tell me you want the series to end. TRULY.

So everyone, watch out for commercials dealing with the next game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, coming soon!

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