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ANOTHER KH3 Theme Song Announced! “Face My Fears” By Utada Hikaru and Skrillex!

7 Oct

Greetings readers! This is Gen Next! I am back with some more Kingdom Hearts 3 news! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve come out with some news on Kingdom Hearts 3…but here I am!

I know I’m a little late on the news due to other obligations in my life, but I just had to get in on the news about Utada Hikaru and her newest opening song for Kingdom Hearts 3!

That’s right…it’s an ALL NEW THEME SONG. The name of it is “Face My Fears”. This isn’t just any old KH song though. It is a song made with the collaborative efforts of Utada Hikaru (the main songstress of Kingdom Hearts) and EDM DJ Skrillex!

Source of info

According to Kingdom Hearts’s official twitter, the opening song for Kingdom Hearts was originally going to be a Skrillex remix of “Don’t Think Twice” (the first KH3 theme song). However, as stated on twitter “owing to the pair’s friendship, this has now developed into a new and original collaboration…” Awesome sauce!

This is some seriously big news because this is the first time in Kingdom Hearts history that we get TWO Kingdom Hearts theme songs for one game (the opening will be “Face My Fears”, while the ending song for Kingdom Hearts will be “Oath” for Japan and “Don’t Think Twice” internationally).

Of course, some may have mixed feelings about Skrillex being on board with this collab. Skrillex is an EDM DJ who is known for his “head banging” beats that may not seem to fit with what we are used to from a KH soundtrack. Honestly, I have seen great Skrillex songs and not-so-great ones in my opinion…But Utada’s vocals can make any song a good one, so I am not worried!

Skrillex has done collaborations with Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Korn, Ed Sheeran, Usher, Fifth Harmony, Ellie Goulding, Zedd, and so many other really popular artists. The fact that Square-Enix is getting a more well known EDM composer on board shows that Kingdom Hearts is expanding and more popular than ever. Hopefully this collab will bring in more newcomers who are fans of Skrillex to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Who knows, they may decide to purchase the game due to Skrillex’s involvement with the opening theme song. I’m excited to see what will come from this combo!


I must also mention that Skrillex has been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts game series for a long time, longer than some KH fans were born. This is another reason why I do have a little faith in this collab.  In an interview with 98Rock Baltimore back in 2011, when he was asked to think of an ideal setting for his music, he responded, “If anybody’s ever seen the video game Kingdom Hearts, there’s Destiny Island, which is the first level that you play on, which is like total RPG from Square-soft or Square-Enix.” He also says later in the interview “Its the most beautiful island in the world and I would love to play in it”.

For a KH fan, this collab is obviously a dream come true for him. Not only is he working with one of the greatest Jpop singers of all time (a close friend of his) but he is also working on a song for one of his favorite video games. What a lucky guy!

Alongside Skrillex on this project is Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, who has worked with Skrillex on several projects and another person who has worked with famous people like Justin Beiber. From what I’ve heard, Poo Bear is quite a talented singer so I can’t help but be excited about his involvement in this project as well.

So, what do you guys think about this piece of news? Do you like that we are getting TWO brand new KH3 theme songs, or would you have preferred a remix to the original song? What do you think about Utada and Skrillex doing a collab on this? Let me know in the comments below!

Kingdom Hearts III Trailer @ TGS + Big Hero 6 Trailer!

21 Sep

If you think I forgot to post these trailers…You’re absolutely right. 😛

I’m just ready for the game already!

But you all can enjoy a few teasers today!

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Event @ Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre + NEW Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Story Content!

14 Jul

I attended the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour Event this weekend!

If you haven’t attended the Orchestra event yet, and you’re a SERIOUS Kingdom Hearts fan, you still have plenty of chances to go.

I won’t give too much away. But I encourage all of you fans to attend the event if you can.

If you can’t afford to go, I will tell you that I believe all the trailers will be released after the last tour in October. Last year, the Orchestra gave us more footage from Hercules and the trailer was released afterwards.

We were not allowed to film, and I respect Tetsuya Nomura’s wishes because I want this event to to sell well.

But in case you can’t make Chicago’s event, and you’re curious about the exclusive content, just know there was exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3 footage from Toy Story at the one in Chicago! We also were treated to Toy Story’s world SONG and the battle song!

From talking to friends, it appears each city is getting different exclusive footage. So, it really doesn’t matter which you decide to attend. All are guaranteed to be worth your time and money! But everyone is going to miss out on something, so don’t feel bad.

The venue also had merch, of course. They sold Sora Orchestra t-shirts, the keyblade baton that the conductor uses during the orchestra, Kingdom Hearts wallets and purses, a list of the program, and, of course, the soundtrack from the Orchestra.

For those people who are 21 and OLDER, they had Kingdom Hearts SPECIALTY COCKTAILS!


  • Kingdom Heart-It had vodka with Mist, a touch of Grenadine, with a cherry on top.  It was delicious!
  • Heartless-This was that Jack Daniels WHISKEY topped with pepsi, grenadine, and cherry on top. This one was strong. That Heartless was attacking people’s bodies with that taste.
  • Sora’s Mimosa- This was Voveti Prosecco with orange juice. It was strong at the top and sweet at the bottom.
  • Princess of Heart-Voveti Prosecco with cranberry juice. This was even sweeter than Sora’s Mimosa and tasted divine!

So, there’s a lot more to see at this event than just trailers and footage. It’s worth it.

Next Touring Cities:

  • Detroit (USA) – July 14, 2018 – Fisher Theatre
  • Pittsburgh (USA) – July 16, 2018 – Heinz Hall
  • Boston (USA) – July 19, 2018 – Wang Theatre
  • Toronto (Canada) – July 21, 2018 – Sony Centre
  • Atlanta (USA) – July 26, 2018 – Fox Theatre
  • Dallas (USA) – July 28, 2018 – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
  • Philadelphia (USA) – August 2, 2018 – Mann Centre
  • Phoenix (USA) – August 4, 2018 – Symphony Hall
  • Las Vegas (USA) – August 5, 2018 – The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  • Honolulu (USA) – August 12, 2018 – Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall
  • Sao Paolo (Brazil) – September 8-9, 2018 – Teatro Bradesco
  • Munich (Germany) – September 15, 2018 – The Gasteig
  • Milan (Italy) – September 22, 2018 – Teatro Dal Verme
  • Seoul (South Korea) – October 6, 2018 – KBS Hall
  • Mexico City (Mexico) – October 20, 2018 – Auditorium Blackberry

Kingdom Hearts III @E3: New Trailers, All-New Worlds Revealed, and the Official Release Date! + Pre-Order The Bundle

12 Jun

Hello Gen Next readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted! I appreciate your patience. I’ve been wanting to get in on Kingdom Hearts since we’ve been getting a lot of information about the game lately. Even though I’m sure most Kingdom Hearts fans have seen everything, I had my own comments and concerns.

The E3 event this weekend was a big weekend for Kingdom Hearts information! After a few “chosen” people were able to play a demo of Kingdom Hearts III, I didn’t think it could get anymore exciting. It turns out everyone who attended the E3 event ALSO got to play a demo! Lucky dogs!

Of course, with the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra in full force, I’m certain there’s more to be revealed and more excitement along the way!

I will be attending one of the orchestras. 😉

Back to E3…

So far, we got 3, yes THREE, new Kingdom Hearts III trailers! And that’s aside from the Classic Kingdom Kingdom Hearts III trailer that released a month ago.

Let’s do a run-down of everything, shall we?


I’ve been meaning to talk about this trailer. First, I just want to remark on Twilight Town…This must be Twilight Town because we see the familiar characters. I must say it looks way better than I expected. We’ve been teased with Twilight Town before when it was just in its development stages. But man!

And the fact that Tetsuya has already stated that the worlds are massive? That gets me wondering how much we really will get to see of this world…Maybe it will finally start to look like a city, instead of just a neighborhood within a city.

The mini-game in this trailer brings me back to the Steamboat Willie world in Kingdom Hearts II. It looks like fun. It has an old-fashioned feeling that I really like. I get the feeling some people will complain about it, especially if it turns out to be really important to the game, but I look forward to it. And Sora is playing his own Nintendo Switch….Does that mean we might get this game on the Switch? I hope that’s a hint…

First thing…ENGLISH SUBS. That pretty much tells us the game is about finished. Tetsuya and other developers and marketers have stated that voice overs are the last stage in the process.

Second, we’ve got FROZEN. Now, I did not like the movie too much. You can tell from two of my reviews on the movie that it’s not my favorite. However, I did always feel the story would weave in well with Kingdom Hearts. First off, the character Elsa struggles with her own darkness. She’s not completely of the light, but she’s not darkness either. Then, I always thought the setting would be interesting as well as the fighting.

It’s interesting to see Sora’s sudden realization of the cold. In both the Halloween Town/Christmas Town world and the Land of Dragons world, Sora encountered snow. But he never once talked about how cold it was. Then again, since the end of KH2, he’s been back on Destiny Islands for most of his time. And Arendelle is frozen over and probably much colder than the other places. Not to mention, there are no warm spots like in the other two worlds.

Already, I’m liking the heartless or whatever they are. Unversed? The reindeer heartless particularly. That was a creative touch.

I like the disc sled. It’s amazing how we’re going to be able to use the weapons in such versatile ways in this game.

Even though this is the Frozen trailer, we got a few extra surprises.

Wreck it Ralph looks like he’s making an appearance. So far, it just looks like he’s a ” summon link”. I’m not sure if his world will be playable. I wish it would be.

It also seems like they gave us a gummi ship preview! Which looks awesome! It looks like the gummi ship will be returning!

And Larxene is back! It looks like all the organization members will be back in the game. But it appears not all of them returned back to darkness. Larxene and Marluxia were hopeless cases…Still, I would like to know Larxene’s backstory…

Finally we have Aqua…It looks like she succumbed to the darkness in her heart. But what could we expect? She’s been roaming there for years and she’s had a mirror talking to her, feeding her darkness every time she visited that part of the Dark World (if you played Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 Fragmentary Passage, you know what I’m talking about. I hated that thing.)

Simba returns! I heard there are no summons in this game, only “links” that function like summons. They might as well call them summons.

And it looks like Ratatouille will make an appearance! He might just be a summon “link”, but that’s fine with me.

The more I see of the Gummi Ship, the more I want to play this game. It looks phenomenal! I’m itching to get my hands on this!

Even Yensid’s tower looks amazing! It’s sexy even! Angelic even!

I’m really liking the words don’t seem so hollow. In Dream Drop Distance, the worlds didn’t have any “people” in them, so they didn’t feel alive. There seem to be far more people in this game, which will actually make them feel like worlds.

It looks like Sora is finally, FINALLY, doing some investigation on Roxas. He’s down in the computer room in the Haunted Mansion (I wonder if we’ll learn more about that place…Like, who used to live there?).

Zexion, or rather Ienzo, decided to show up to the party. But this time he seems to be on the good side. Where he’s speaking in the trailer looks like the computer room in Radiant Garden, and the doorway to Tron’s world. Will we return there? Radiant Garden is starting to look far superior to what it looked like in KHII. It’s interesting that we haven’t seen much of that world or any other in-game worlds.

Finally, we’ve got Kairi and Axel. More on this later…

Pirates of the Caribbean is making another appearance! Only this time, it isn’t a small set of islands in one world. It’s massive. It appears to be based off of the sequel. I heard that Johnny Depp voiced Jack Sparrow, which is pretty cool. Everything seems to be fitting right into place.

I did not expect to see this world, of all worlds, return. And I wasn’t sure I even wanted it to return. I was a bit disappointed with the KHII version, as it seemed I spent most of my time on the ship. After the world was defeated, some locations were even closed off, which made the world seem even smaller.

This time, they aren’t playing around with us. This might actually end up being my favorite world.

The boat-battle scene is fantastic. It hardly even looks like the same game.

And Sora’s new get-up though! Looking sexy!

The heartless are so interactive! The Power Wild heartless is literally climbing the vines! Playing the games, you used to be able to escape the ground heartless by jumping up the vines (with the exception of the flying heartless). No more!

The underwater function is unbelievable! It isn’t just “water” anymore. It literally looks like an ocean.

Luxord is back, and it seems he’s back with the organization, too. What is so appealing to this organization? What is Xehanort doing to their minds? He’s like…controlled opposition. He’s got the “Jim Jones” effect.

We see more of Olympus Coliseum. I’m glad we have all the other Titans. We might even get to fight the others too, not just Rock Titan.

And finally….Why is Axel moving in on Kairi? Boy goes away for awhile, and these two start cozying up!

JK. 😛

But it’s great to see that Kairi has a new look. I was wondering about that.


So that’s my spin on the new trailers.


The official released date is : JANUARY 29, 2019 Worldwide.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. We finally got the official release date.

But some of you may be like “What? They said 2018! Delayed! Delayed again! Who’s to say it won’t be delayed again?”

Well, I had the same reaction when I first heard the release date. But then I thought about it. What could have caused the delay? The game is pretty much finished, to the point we have the English voice-overs.

Tetsuya Nomura mentioned in an interview that there wasn’t an issue with development but that they wanted to aim for the “worldwide release” that fans have been asking for.

“The timing of release that we were actually looking at, we were told by many people, including hardware manufacturers, marketing teams, sales teams that it just wasn’t a good timing in the year,” Nomura said via translation, explaining that the differences in holiday lengths and how stores behave in different regions were a note of concern.

“…For Kingdom Hearts 3, the [Square Enix] western offices had requested to release the game as simultaneously as much as possible between Japan and America, so we were no longer able to just think about Japanese issues and retail situations,” Nomura said.

Click me for the full article

At first, many fans suspected that the “fan event” back in April (an event where a select few of Kingdom Hearts content creators and promoters) were invited to play the game. Tetsuya listened to some of the fans’ concerns during the event.

But now we can rest easy. Tetsuya just wants to make sure everybody gets it, which is good for me because I won’t have to worry about spoilers.

Anyway, I’m not too disappointed with the delay. After all, this does give me time to get my finances in order so I can start making my Kingdom Hearts purchase. I also have something to look forward to next year. Just one more reason to live.

In better news, the Kingdom Hearts III BUNDLE is up for pre-order! It’s a special edition bundle that won’t last long so get it while it’s available!

The price is running up into the $230 range…Yikes. But it might be worth it. For me, that’s a car note.

Kingdom Hearts III Bundle PS4

Kingdom Hearts III Bundle XBox 1

The Deluxe edition is cheaper and still comes with cool collectible items.

Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition PS4

Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition XBox 1

But I might wait around for the Collectors’ edition.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about all of the Kingdom Hearts trailers and the release date! Are you happy Tetsuya is working to improve the game or do you wish he would just release it already? Let’s get the discussion going!

Brand New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer @ D23 Expo Japan 2018! + New Utada Theme Song!

11 Feb

A brand new Kingdom Hearts III trailer just dropped…and I’ve been trying not to get over-hyped, but…this trailer snatched my soul.

Let me share the trailer with you all so you’ll get the feel of what I’m feeling right now.

Wow. There was so much to take in, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll try to talk about everything. But at this point, Square, Disney, and Tetsuya Nomura can just take my wallet.

The following review will contain some spoilers. So if you haven’t played all of the in-between games, and you still want to play them, be cautious when reading or just enjoy the trailer above and all the trailers below the article. I can tell you right now that playing all the games are important if you don’t want to be confused playing this new game…Get the HD remixes if you have PS4!

If you want to catch up with the Kingdom Hearts timeline, click this article—> Kingdom Hearts Timeline Completed

Now, let’s talk about this trailer.

First, I want to talk about this long catchphrase or sentence that has become KH3‘s staple: “Don’t Assume Your Dreams Are Just Fantasy. If You Can Imagine a World, Believe In It and Dive In.” I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I’ve been trying to see how this may relate to KH3, aside from all the sky-diving I keep seeing in the trailer. This catchphrase is longer than “You never know what will happen next” from Kingdom Hearts I. And in that game, we never knew what was going to happen…

Second, more Toy Story. I’m still in awe with how it looks. Read my last article on KH3 to see more. Click the link. Everything looks amazing in that world!

Third, THE RETURN OF MARLUXIA. I thought he was dead! Then again, I don’t know if he fell back into darkness after the organization regained consciousness again. Axel, I mean Lea, is back (as we saw in KH Dream Drop Distance). And just as it was left last, Sora doesn’t remember Marluxia because he has no memory of Castle Oblivion (Chain of Memories).

Fourth, the Monster’s Inc world! It looks fantastic! I’m so excited for this world. Just the way it’s set up is so cool. It looks like we’ll be running from helicopters, sliding down the doors, and fighting tons and tons of heartless, nobodies, unversed, and nightmares! And we have a monster form! Sora’s monster form looks awesome!

And the Dreameaters are back from Dream Drop Distance! I’m fine about that, just don’t bring “drop” mode back. With other people in our party though, how will the Dreameaters play a role? That’d be interesting to see…

Fifth, in the Tangled world, we’re going to be fighting with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider! And there’s an ARIEL (from the Little Mermaid) command move! Maybe a summon? Or it could be like the amusement park and teacup commands we used to see back in the other older trailers. I just hope we don’t return to that world. No hate, but I want to see something new. Though it would be cool to see Atlantica with the Unreal Engine. Maybe they can re-do all the games in the future, like what happened with Crash Bandicoot.

On a positive note, I see some similarities to Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Fragmentary Passage 0.2 when it comes to a lot of the commands. That game got me amped up for this game. Shotlock really got a makeover!

Fourth, it appears Vanitas (from Birth By Sleep) has returned! And yes, we all knew Ventus has been sharing a heart with Sora. That’s why Roxas looked the way he did and why he didn’t really have any memories, unlike the other Nobodies. That’s probably why Sora was able to wield a keyblade even though he wasn’t formally chosen like Riku.

Fifth, my only disappointment-no official release date. But it’s great just being reminded that the game is set to come out some time this year. It may be pushed back, but just having that release window there…it’s comforting to know that it’s coming soon.

Sixth, I’m just now noticing this, but the keyblades change as we enter the new worlds! So does that mean we don’t have to wait to complete a stage to use a keyblade relevant to that world? That would be pretty cool, as long as we can switch keyblades whenever we want. Sometimes, I didn’t like the keyblades specifically chosen for some worlds in older games, as some of them were weaker or didn’t have the best stats. But if we can get new keyblades as we switch worlds, and we can change keyblades when we want, great! And maybe customization will be back from Fragmentary Passage 0.2! It would be awesome if we could customize our keyblades!

Finally, UTADA IS BACK! We were worried for a minute. Remember that article I made about that dilemma? If you don’t, click me. I would like to think that articles like that really helped in pushing for Utada’s return. I’m so happy she decided to make a new song for the game in this saga. I don’t know how I feel about the song overall, as it doesn’t feel like the other songs and we haven’t seen it put together with the opening footage yet. It’s a modern-sounding song and it seems to be the slower version (considering there’s always two versions of her songs in the games). At this point, I’m just glad I’m not going to be hearing Simple and Clean and Sanctuary again. And I’m happy to hear her voice again.

And then that bit with Riku and Mickey at the end of that trailer? Why are they back in the realm of darkness? And what does he mean by “the other me”? Don’t tell me he has a nobody or some other form too! That’s just a theory, don’t quote me. So many questions!

So, those are my thoughts on the trailer and new theme song! What do you readers think about this new trailer? Did you notice anything new that I didn’t notice? Please share your comments with me!

Enjoy other older trailers that gave us amazing reveals!

Kingdom Hearts III Due for Release 2018! + D23 New World and Trailer

15 Jul

Last month, Square-Enix dropped a random trailer at one of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestras.

Yes Kingdom Hearts fans! Yes! This game will be released next year, 2018! We don’t know if it’s a worldwide release or the Japanese release date (as they’ve broken up release dates before), but we know something is coming out as soon as next year!

People, we have waited more than 10 long years for this game to drop. It has been 15 years since Kingdom Hearts I dropped, 12 years since Kingdom Hearts II was released, and years between the side games. We’ve been ready for this. A lot of us are older now (but we’re still into this game). We have more responsibilities, and can’t really focus on this game as much anymore. However, we also now have the money to buy this game. We just need it in our hands.

Tetsuya Nomura showed up at D23 Expo this year, all cool and collected like his character Riku, and expressed how much pressure he felt after the Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra. He felt how much we’ve been anticipating this. We were tired of all the teasing trailers with no release date. Even though we still don’t actually have a date, and things could be moved back, we know they are aiming for 2018.

The “brand new world” happens to be a Pixar classic and fan favorite. Many Kingdom Hearts fans have asked if we could enter a Pixar world. Toy Story, I know, was among the most asked for. It translates really well into this game. So far, most of my dreams are coming true.

All I need is confirmation from Utada Hikaru that she is returning to help with the theme song, and I am good to go.

New things I noticed:

  1. You can actually have more than THREE party members! In the original trailer, we saw that we had three. In this trailer, we had FOUR!
  2. New Keyblade transformations and attacks!
  3. New keyblade!
  4. This Toy Story seems to take place after the first movie since we see the aliens from Pizza planet in Andy’s room. We don’t see Jessie or Bullseye (yet).
  5. We are fighting Heartless and Nobodies in this game.

So, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about D23 and what you think about it coming out next year! Do you think it might be rushed because of the hype? Or are you just happy the game is coming? Let me know!

To see a timeline of all the Kingdom Hearts games, click here.

Check out a video regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 HATE already!

Another Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer + New Trailer and World At D23 in July!

18 Jun

There have been three Kingdom Hearts teaser trailers since 2013. Now, Square-Enix has given us a fourth. Now, things seem to be moving towards better development. For me, though, these teasers make fans even more hyped up, which can be good and disastrous at the same time (if the game takes too long to be released or if the game doesn’t meet expectations). Fortunately, we’ve been told that Tetsuya Nomura is a “perfectionist” and won’t release the game until it is perfect. Unfortunately, Nomura has also said they had to cut certain things out of the game to push up the release.

It has been more than 10 years since Kingdom Hearts II came out, and mostly the loyal fans (and the fans who can afford to) have played the side games (the most recent one being Kingdom Hearts 2.8). After looking at the reactions to this trailer, I was shocked. The fans really are still around!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Coming December 2016 + Complete Kingdom Hearts Timeline Finished!

This new trailer was so popular, in fact, even among everything happening at E3’s event (and outside of it) a little over a week ago, Kingdom Hearts was the top story in the gaming world among stories missed, according to IGN!

Most Kingdom Hearts fans were expecting to see information about Kingdom Hearts III at E3. But, surprise! A new trailer was dropped at the Kingdom Hearts ORCHESTRA tour.

Of course, as a Kingdom Hearts fan, I was super excited about the trailer.

Let’s review the trailer, shall we?

1) We’re seeing more from the Olympus Coliseum “Hercules” world.

2) The Command Style from Birth By Sleep Fragmentary Passage 0.2 seems to be adopted.

3) Party member combination attacks seem to be back, but better than before.

4) Hercules is now a party member.

5) Hades, Maleficent, and Pete are back.

6) The “black box” was mentioned. All my fellow fans who watched the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Back Story cinematic know where that line is going…

7) The magic has taken on the style from Birth By Sleep Fragmentary Passage 0.2. Awesome.

8) We see the drive forms have returned, along with the Sonic Blade command.

9) Sora is trying to bring Roxas back. Dream Drop Distance comes to mind. Sora made new revelations about the Nobodies, so I figured Roxas would come up sooner or later in KHIII.

10) I’m not seeing the “amusement park” attacks here. I hope they weren’t scraped.

11) Keyblade transformation seems awesome.

12) Shotlock has returned.

13) It looks like there will be a dive mode similar to what we had in Dream Drop Distance. Are they discarding the gummi Ship? I really liked the upgrades for the gummi ship in Kingdom Hearts II and was hoping to see better upgrades in the new game… Then again, it got annoying at times. Maybe the dive mode is back because Sora is trying to become what he couldn’t become in Dream Drop Distance… Ya’ll fans know what I’m talking about.

14) Aerial Finish is back!

15) Flowmotion has returned.

16) D23 Expo July 15, 2017 will reveal the trailer and a NEW WORLD. We already got the word that Big Hero 6‘s world will be in the game. I wonder if the new trailer will show a bit of it. This makes me excited, but I’m afraid of spoiling the game for myself. XD I’m so weak to these teasers.

I’ve been watching quite a bit of reaction videos, too. It’s strange when I watch reaction videos that question “the black box” and are confused about certain commands. The fan’s overall Kingdom Hearts experience is exposed when watching these videos, and it’s obvious when a fan hasn’t played the game since Kingdom Hearts II. XD The fans who have really been keeping up with things not only understand what’s going on, but they are creating solid theories.


There are many other reaction videos out there! It’s quite entertaining.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the Kingdom Hearts III trailer!


Kingdom Hearts III: The Theme Song Dilemma and the Utada Hikaru Controversy

23 Jun



Kingdom Hearts 3 has already been high in anticipation, but it has really been the talk of fans lately since the E3 gameplay trailer was released several days ago. Many speculations, rumors, and desires have been spreading around fiercer than before.

One of those speculations and desires involve the theme song vocalist Utada Hikaru…


If most of you haven’t heard, Utada Hikaru has been on hiatus since 2011, four years now. Utada Hikaru also stated in a 2009 interview that she wasn’t “paid enough” by the developers of Kingdom Hearts, considering the fact she created the melodies and wrote the songs in both Japanese and English. This was why she never sang new songs for the other Kingdom Hearts versions.

But it seems Utada plans to come out of hiatus soon (YAY!).

Still, we don’t know if she’s willing to work with Square again.

This leaves many to question whether the iconic Japanese pop singer would return as the main theme songstress for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Okay, I know some of you might think that it’s pretty petty for some fans to whine and complain about Utada not being able to sing for the game. Some of you may feel bitter-sweet about her demanding more money to sing for Kingdom Hearts. It does sound kind of selfish, and some of you may wish to move on because of this news.

However, we all know that Utada Hikaru has come to be the staple singer for the series. Without her, it seems that the series isn’t complete. It’s almost like a character is missing. It’s like Kingdom Hearts without Dearly Beloved, the song that introduces Kingdom Hearts.

And sure, let’s not take it as far as to say the game will be awful without her because I’m certain the game will be awesome with or without Utada Hikaru. Whatever new singer, the game may still deliver.

But music has its purpose in any movie or game: It tells a story all its own. A good song and story add to the appeal of a game. This is why game developers work hard to choose the right music for each game. Without the right song, it is hard to advertise the game to appeal to the right demographic. It is hard to grasp the feelings of the characters without the music. The opening theme shapes the tone of the story. It is hard to remind “lost fans” of the games through commercials that remind them of the old days. And let’s face it people: the longevity of the series depends on the sales of the games out now and games coming out. If anyone expects this series to continue, Square-Enix needs to know that the game series isn’t disappointing. And they will know that through sales from hard-core fans, new consumers, and consumers who fell from the series but may want to return. New consumers need to be appealed to.

I remember, if you want the honest truth, that Utada Hikaru’s Simple and Clean was the exact song that really got me into the series. Yes, I would listen to that song on the commercials so much back in 2002, it got stuck in my head. I wanted to buy it. It was also the visuals, the Disney worlds we would fight in, and the foreign appeal. But the song sealed the deal. I mean, why do commercials have songs? To make the product more effective, right? When I bought it, I was fascinated to find the song to be the actual opening theme song! And there were lyrics in the back of the booklet that came with the game. The music drew me into the series. Who knows how many other people were drawn into the series because of the song! What a turn-off it could be for those fans! Some of you may think those fans are immature, but everyone is entitled to their preferences in a game. Is it immature to ask for anything in a game you are paying for? That’s like saying it’s immature to ask for worlds, keyblades, or expect the game to have excellent gameplay. They are all demands. There is no demand that is too immature if you are expected to buy the product. If someone complains, it’s because that’s what they expect from the product. And sure, they can just not buy the series. But think about the bigger picture. If that person doesn’t buy it, that’s one consumer who will not purchase the series. That’s one loss for Square-enix. There could be others who follow suit.

When Kingdom Hears II first came out, I had been waiting for the trailer. I was busy doing chores when I heard a familiar wistful voice on the t.v. I knew it was the same singer from Kingdom Hearts. It reminded me of the game. It was familiar to me. Therefore, I was able to notice Kingdom Hearts II had come out. Had the song been completely different, it would never have caught my ears the same way. So, it is not far-removed for fans to be concerned about the theme song.

The music has always been one of the most iconic things about Kingdom Hearts, and whatever songs they choose will set the mood.

So, this leaves us with two questions: what will be done and what could be done?

If fans want a new song from Utada and no one or nothing else, this could prove to be a challenge, even a legal one. Though Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in development, the release of a game-play trailer shows that development may be winding down. If we want Utada as the theme songstress, with a brand new song, we are going to have to act fast.

A petition will NOT work. The only way Utada will sing for the series is if she is paid to do so. This means Square-Enix has to pay her more than what they have been paying if they expect her to sing in Japanese and English. As fans, there are several things we can do to maneuver this situation in our favor if we really want this.

1) We can urge Square-Enix to loosen their demands and just ask Utada for a Japanese song, just one song, and put it on both games. In this case, they can pay her for less work. Lately, localized ( Dubbed) animes have been adapting the Japanese theme songs straight from the original Japanese animes. Why can’t this be done for Kingdom Hearts? We could still get Utada as the theme songstress and the game could even feel more authentic.

It may sound weird to other regions and it may have a hard time relating to new consumers….But at least the feeling of Kingdom Hearts will not have changed.

We can equally urge them to just ask Utada to make just one song in English, considering it’s a global language. But Nomura is Japanese and his main demographic is Japanese. It just wouldn’t be right.

So perhaps they can have Utada sing the Japanese version and get another artist to sing the English version… But just like with the Final Mixes, you’ll have people who will feel cheated because we weren’t “treated fairly”. And People, it’s very important that everyone feels satisfied with the series. This will increase the game’s popularity and sales.

The only overall conclusion to this solution is for Square to ask Utada to sing one Japanese song and apply it to both games, risking the judgment of those overseas who do not understand the language. There are more pros. Old-time fans will get to hear Utada and the Japanese will be happy. And who knows what new fans may like it better because of the authenticity…It may be an effective risk.

2) We can raise money towards the Utada Project. I’ve thought of this little idea where I could donate some money every month towards the project of Kingdom Hearts III to speed up development. Considering Utada is looking for money, (And who can blame her! Think about how much work it is to make two songs) we, as fans, could donate money towards the theme song. We could organize a plan between Square-Enix and Utada. We could talk to both parties. Somehow, we could pitch in to keep Utada as the theme songstress, at least for one last game in this saga.

If you are not willing to put time and energy into getting anything, then it is not worth fighting for. How many of you would like to organize this sort of project? Leave me a comment and select an option in my poll below if you do. Then we can discuss further.

But if you are not willing to do all of this… Then there’s always option number 1….If you really want Utada back….And you really want a new song from Utada….

If you want Utada but don’t mind using an old song, this would probably be the easiest option for Square, but not the most creative. I mean, come on, this is our LAST GAME for this saga. We need to reminisce on the series through the music. We have to feel this series is coming to an end. We have to feel completely whole by the end of this series. We have to feel we have gone through this journey. Kingdom Hearts II managed to feel like Kingdom Hearts but it also felt like a major leap forward in the story because the song was so different. And let’s face it, using the same song over and over can get boring. We want KHIII to be epic, right? Maybe you don’t care. But we do want this game to appeal to everyone. This will decide sales. Music can influence sales, believe it or not.

I think in order to appeal to everyone the best idea would be to use an orchestrated version of Utada’s songs. That could make it feel new but also give an old feeling. The orchestrated version could be re-mastered in some way.

If you want a completely new song, with Utada or not, there are several things to consider here.

1) If they choose a completely new artist, the artist would have to “feel” like the game. Choosing any random anime Jpop/Jrock artist could completely take away the story-telling tone of the music. It would sound unfamiliar in commercials. Some people learn of the game’s arrival through commercials if they haven’t been following the series closely. Music really connects others to advertisements. Would they really take notice if the song had a completely different feeling? Some may, some may not. It may not feel like the final KH game, but more like we’ve already started on a new game entirely. It wouldn’t feel like a “wrap-up”. The game could lose its identity. Theme songs, characters, worlds, game-play-they all cater to a game’s identity. We want a game that has everything well-presented, especially if we are the ones spending money, correct?

They would really have to choose an artist that can match Utada’s melancholy, yet wistful, voice. She had a distinct voice. She also spoke excellent English and Japanese. Keep this in mind. Choosing the right artist is very important.

2) They don’t have to actually have a singer. Perhaps they can have an epic orchestrated song as the opening to show that this is the finale. It doesn’t have to be a Utada song, but they don’t have to screw up the “feeling of nostalgia” signing some other singer into the series at the very end of one of its most anticipated sagas. When we anticipate a saga, we anticipate how everything will fit, including the music. This solution might be the best one.

3) They could use one of Utada’s other songs even if it isn’t specifically written for KHIII. They could buy a song from her. Perhaps they could use a song she never got to release or something…

Even though Utada has showed disinterest when it comes to being involved with Kingdom Hearts, she doesn’t seem to be on bad terms with Tetsuya Nomura. Last year, Tetsuya Nomura made a beautiful design of Utada in Kingdom Hearts style for her 15th Anniversary album. It seems to be a sign that the two are on good terms…


Overall, this theme song mess really tells me that KHIII still has a lot of kinks to iron out before anything is released. Tell me, readers, Which solution appeals to you? Leave me a comment in the comments’ section and tell me what you think!

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts Unchained @ E3 2015!!!!

17 Jun

Yes, Kingdom Hearts fans and potential fans, KH3’s gameplay trailer has officially been released! Even in my adult years, this big kid has been waiting patiently for this game for 9 YEARS.

I’ve been waiting for this game for too long. We all have. And now, finally, Tetsuya Nomura has caved and teased us with an official, mouth-watering trailer.

It has been a while since the developers at Square-Enix gave us some footage or updates on the development. Finally, they have showed us what they have sharpened up on at E3 2015. I also hear there will be more gameplay trailers November 2015. So excited!

I just want to go over the things I noticed in this trailer with fellow readers and Kingdom Hearts fans.

1) The visuals-Despite doubters of the Unreal Engine 4, it has translated extremely well to Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts’s visuals have obviously improved over the years (I mean, 2002’s game and console had the best programming and technology for its time, but come on…). Most modern games that are based off of old-time games have a hard time appearing like an upgrade. But Kingdom Hearts managed to appear like an upgrade, and get this, without taking away the feeling of Kingdom Hearts.

Doubters of the Unreal Engine 4, including Nomura himself (one of the lead developers of the series), didn’t think that Kingdom Hearts could work with the new software. They were afraid it wouldn’t keep its feeling. Surprise! It did.

And that command list, though! It’s so not in the way like previous command lists.

The developers wanted the game to feel like a Disney movie, and it really shows. It really carries the same Disney magic and imagination. Yet, this looks like a game even a macho person would want to play.

2) Characters Present-We obviously know that Sora is returning as the lead character, along with Donald and Goofy. But we also see a younger Master Eraqus and a young Master Xehanort before they were masters themselves. They obviously know something about the future and it has to do with the darkness taking over. If you have played Kingdom Hearts X Chi, you might understand what they are talking about. If you haven’t, you may be in for a surprise or rude awakening, however you may see it.

We see that Eraqus wants to change the future predicted by the Foretellers. If you don’t know who they are, you might want to play KHX….

3) Worlds Present-So far, it’s already pretty confirmed that Hercules’s world is going to be in the game. This time, we’re visiting Mount Olympus.

Tangled’s world has been confirmed to be one of the worlds that will also be in Kingdom Hearts 3.

We are also returning to Twilight Town…

I just want to point out that the landscape and free playing field has always been the gem of the Kingdom Hearts series. That gem was highlighted in this trailer.

4) Gameplay-Now here comes the juicy part. The gameplay definitely looks interesting. Flowmotion (from KH Dream Drop Distance) looks like it has made a comeback. Bravo! But there are also some interesting commands and surprises that have improved the gaming experience in small, yet tremendous ways.

For starters, we have many moves that activate Disney World theme park rides. While fighting Rock Titan from Hercules, Sora activates some roller coaster. In Twilight Town, he’s seen fighting in what resembles the Tea Cup ride. And they didn’t make it look boring and cheesy. Just like they did with Mickey Mouse for Kingdom Hearts II, they made it look pretty darn epic.

In the world that seems to resemble Tangled, a boat ride is activated from the water, so perhaps many of these moves are activated according to the environment. Then again, a chariot was activated in Twilight Town…so…maybe we can use them anywhere. It’s pretty epic, I have to say.

Sora has come out as a true blue master in this trailer. He’s not holding back. He’s gotten good with his fighting techniques and he’s not afraid to flaunt it.

And since they never could improve on their crappy camera angles, it appears they found a better use for it: dizzying us with epic fighting techniques!

One thing I can say about this trailer is that the series has actually shown evolution through this one game. Through this one game, Kingdom Hearts has shown tremendous improvement and has reflected the hard work of all designers and developers. Despite the length of time it took, I have no doubts that the game won’t disappoint.

Of course, this is the hype of the trailer. I can’t wait to see the real thing.

5) Kingdom Hearts X Chi-Yes, everyone. KHX Chi is coming to mobile phone devices. So, if you haven’t played this game yet, I advise you do. Sure, you may have heard Nomura say that it’s not important to play if you want to progress to the next game. But ya’ll should know by now that Nomura is on some bull crap. Remember how Chain of Memories was not supposed to be so “important”? Or Kingdom Hearts Coded? Or Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days? Remember how Birth By Sleep was only supposed to be a side story? All of you unfortunate people who didn’t get those games were lost when the next major console game was released and will be lost when KH III is released. I realized early on how important each Kingdom Hearts game is to the entire story. X Chi is no exception.

Though you’re only playing a made-up keyblade wielder, there is information throughout the game that tells us more about KH3 and the keyblade wars. So don’t you think for a second that you can just skip out on this game. You will be missing out on something.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you gathered from the Kingdom Hearts trailer and the confirmation of KH Chi!

Want to understand more about the Kingdom Hearts stories? Want to see how fans reacted to the news? Want to see a rank of favorites and worsts? Click below!

Tekken 7

13 Jul

TEKKEN 7: That’s ALL I have to say…*FAINT* And this is supposed to be the FINAL BATTLE. I can’t. I can’t go.

There was an announcement a while ago stating that there would be no more Tekken games made…

TekkenxStreetfighter was supposed to come out, too…So what’s happened with that?

I just knew Namco wasn’t going to stay away long. Tekken is coming back. IGN gave a little teaser today, coming from Evo 2014, and the news is spreading like WILDFIRE. I can’t wait.

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around the fact that this is the FINAL battle. In fact, I don’t believe it. Call me delusional. I don’t.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are thinking! I’m speechless. I just had to share the news.

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