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Artists Snubbed from the Grammys?

11 Feb

The 55th Grammy awards has had quite a few twists and turns this year, starting with the “memo” for all people attending: a dress code standard. One of the biggest inspirations for that memo was Jennifer Lopez, but she isn’t the only or first to attend the Grammys looking revealing.

But what’s really killing the Grammys this year are the people on the OFF List. Several popular artists have been snubbed by the Grammys, especially in the pop genre. There are so many artists in the pop category that, of course, not everyone will make it. Still…This is the countdown for the artists snubbed by the Grammys:

5. Psy

Psy performing Gangnam Style

While Psy only has one major hit around the world (aside from his albums in Korea), it is still surprising that the major Korean success wasn’t even nominated…or didn’t even perform. Or anything. His song has been banging the walls and clubs everywhere. Too bad. He would’ve been the first Asian nomination. Not that he’s the most talented artist out there, but neither is Carly Rae Jepsen, 2 Chainz (yea I said it) and LMFAO and both were nominated for Grammys. And wait, LMFAO is a one-hit wonder type…maybe they are afraid of nominating Koreans. Then again, Psy never sold an album in America. Well, he will have more chances to prove himself. Psy is the type of guy who likes to have meaning in his music, despite what people may see superficially. His song Gangnam Style was about the upper class lifestyle versus the people suffering because of the economy. He wanted to make people happy. Hey, isn’t that what artists in the 1930s did?

I mean even MC Hammer was nominated for a Grammy!

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber-Believe?

He’s also not really an awesome artist altogether, but he is one of the biggest artists of the year. His latest songs have been a major improvement from “Baby” and yet…where is his nomination? “As Long as You Love Me”, “Beauty and the Beat”, “Boyfriend”? I guess the Grammys aren’t comfortable with his more mature or “manly” image he’s sporting now. What’s even more harsh is that Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl he promoted, is actually getting more cred than him. What? Nobody beliebes in him anymore?

The Grammys are really sexist. Majority of the pop artists nominated were WOMEN. This makes the Grammys depressing. No love for the males?

3. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded

Okay, some people love her, some people hate her, but everyone knows she’s the biggest female rapper (or rapper in general) today. She’s featured in almost everyone’s songs, and her success has been second-to-none. Of course, I don’t remember the last song she made on her own that topped charts…

But that makes things even more shocking. You mean to tell me not one track she featured in was worthy of a Grammy? Wow. And yet 2 Chainz is up there: GARBAGE.

2. One Direction

No one direction? You want many directions?

Wow, really? I thought the Australian boy band sensation has been sweeping the world? I guess not so much as to scratch the Grammy surface.

1. Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera

Wow, so surprising that she wasn’t there.

Uh, what? “Moves Like Jagger” was the most played out song on the radio…and you mean to tell me that even THAT didn’t get nominated? Really? Maroon 5 and Christina are also some of the most talented artists out here. I would prefer Carly Rae Jepsen spot to have been taken by their song. But nooo. Cute little teen girls sell.

Well, my spin on this year’s Grammy’s is that Adele will control it this year. I mean, she does deserve it. Her presence has changed the music industry, making it harder for less conservative, and less talented artists to make major leaps and gain respect. She’s opened people’s world to good music (though she wasn’t the first talented artist out here, she was just more recognized). Her presence in the music industry is a WARNING to all you little kids who dream of being a popstar: If you’re not Adele, you won’t be able to make it easily anymore.

Or if you’re not a cute teenage girl.

Wannabe Adeles in the Music Industry

28 Oct

This article is on my personal pet peeve: old time artists who try to imitate other artists, particularly I’m focusing on artists who are trying to imitate Adele.

Now, there’s nothing more that I hate than to say, “That artist is trying to be like ….” As you know from a previous article, during the Gaga craze, it annoyed me when people said other artists like Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus were trying to be like her.

Although I have to admit, back during the Y2K era, there were waaay too many clones of Britney Spears, and obviously. There was Jessica Simpson, Hoku, Kaci, Myra, Christina Aguilera, BoA, Lorie from France, Willa Ford, Shakira…there was like a Britney Spears in every country and province.  But many of those artists were better than Britney herself so there wasn’t a problem.

And lets not forget the Michelle Branch clones. They give Avril Lavigne way too much credit for that one. She was a clone. Hilary Duff became a clone. Kelly Clarkson was a clone. The pop rock ladies trend was heavy between 2002-2005.

Even Jewel had a couple of clones before she became a Britney Spears clone herself…

Adele on the other hand is the best artist in four years (since the end of the rock era and the beginning of the technology voices). She is worthy of imitation and inspiration by many new artists. Notice I said the word NEW. She brought back a wave of good music. Music that hasn’t been heard since the blues was big in 1904. It has a classic touch that many artists threw away for the sake of fame. And yes, of course, she didn’t have to dress all fancy or slutty to get it, and yada, yada, yada.

But my pet peeve with some old time artists is that instead of doing their own original thing, or creating their own music, they are instead SINGING her songs. STOP SINGING her MUSIC. Make up your own good music. She can sing her own songs by herself. To me, if you are an old-time artist singing a newbie’s music, you must have either run out of ideas, or you realize just how awful you are, and now you want to expose how bad you are to your fans. That’s not even smart.

Who are these artists that are doing it?

Katy Perry is one of them.

What kind of crap is this? Katy Perry is singing someone else’s song at her OWN LIVE PERFORMANCE. That is not the way you give tribute to another younger artist. You only do that when the person is dead and can no longer sing their own music. Or they’re a legend, and too old to sing the songs anymore. Basically, Katy Perry is telling me to go out and buy Adele and go out and watch Adele live instead. And then Katy makes her own voice look bad because her voice wasn’t bread for this kind of song. So it sounds like crap.

You can see how in the wake of Adele becoming the most iconic singer of her generation, all of her peers are trying their best to sing better and approach her standard of vocal artistry. –BLTKellys

This is what I respect Adele for: encouraging artists to improve in their vocal abilities and encouraging artists to actually use their talents and not their good looks to entertain and make money. Expression is the encouragement of this generation. And because of Adele, music is making a major turn-around. For the first time in four years, I turned on the radio and found some music I actually enjoyed. Adele has challenged artists to be more “real” and creative. But just because Adele is good doesn’t mean you have to imitate her. It doesn’t mean you have to make boring, sad break-up/love songs just like her. And it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with being a glamorous person. It’s wrong when you aren’t being yourself and making your own music, or expressing your own talents. Then you’re killing yourself.

So overall, I feel artists like Katy should stop trying to be Adele. Be like her, not her exactly.

Another artist who sadly tried: Kelly Clarkson.

Adele is not even a legend yet. These artists have been in the game for too long to imitate a newbie like this. There’s nothing wrong with giving her props for her talent, but the level of imitation is overrated.

Even legend artists overseas have been imitating her, like BoA, which I am personally disappointed.

When I go to concerts to support certain artists, I go there to listen to them, not another artist’s songs, which the artist will probably sound horrible singing.

Adele is in her 20s, nowhere near dead, with only one album hit, and three top ten hits. She’s not a legend, she’s just a very good artist that deserves a tremendous amount of respect. If these artists want people to respect them, they need to start expressing themselves fully. They still don’t get why people have been dying for good music. It’s not because these artists are bad, it’s because they keep copying one another, or rather keep SINGING THE EXACT SAME SONG. It’s different to be inspired and to create your own thing. But don’t rip the girl’s song directly, and pass it off at your own concert as your own.

And then an artist who is a LEGEND, Celine Dion, sang her song too! Adele should be singing her songs, not the other way around! And it just makes Celine Dion look awful. As someone put it, “she just doesn’t have the soul for this song”. No one would’ve notice this slight flaw in her voice had she not attempted the song.

On another note, Adele isn’t even really the first soulful artist out here. In Africa there are so many soulful artists who go unnoticed, but have the same amount of significant talent. Adele is nothing new in the black community. Most black artists have strong voices. It’s rare when they don’t, and those are the ones that stand out like Rihanna.

Listen to this artist:

And here’s the tripped out part. Why are so many foreigners dominating US music industries? I turn on the radio, and almost every artist is from the United Kingdom or from Canada. Where are the US citizens? Oh right. They’re too busy singing Adele covers…

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