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Five Songs, Female Empowerment, Three Messages: Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony: Which do you think carries the STRONGEST MESSAGE?

18 Jul


Here comes “Ms. Controversial” here, with another controversial topic…

Wow. Just came across five songs that seem to all represent the same theme: female empowerment. They didn’t all debut at the same time, yet the message they send is equally strong and relevant for today.

From first glance, you might think these songs are “feminist songs”. But that’s not entirely true of all of them.

Lesson #1: There are three ways women represent female empowerment : 1) Through Feminism 2) Through Chauvinism 3) Through Misandry

What’s the difference?

Definition of Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men

With Feminism, it brings out the idea that women are EQUAL to men, are capable of the same opportunities, whether they try and succeed, or try and fail. It is the idea that women have the same feelings, wants, desires, and need for freedom that men have. It is the idea that women can take care of themselves much the same way a man could.

It is NOT the idea that women don’t NEED men at all, that women are BETTER than men, and that women are exclusively different from men in the fact that they’re prettier, stronger, and have their own interests, desires, and feelings. It is not the idea that women have better thought patterns and views of the world. These ideas are more closely associated with female chauvinism.

Definition of Chauvinism: the denigration, disparagement, and patronization of either sex based on the belief that one sex is inferior to the other and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit

And outright hate for men for any other reasons, a deep prejudice, is more likened to Misandry.

Definition of Misandry: A hatred of men

Dictionary.com’s definitions

Angry feminists, exasperated with the lack of equality, can often turn into female chauvinists in their life-time. Women suffering from break-ups, rape, or other socially harmful relationships often become misandrists. They end up HATING men. Many end up feeling women are superior in what they can do, or rather many result to over-emphasizing their importance in a hetero relationship out of frustration because it may seem like the men in their lives don’t “respect” them as equals.

But what we must understand is that female chauvinists, misandrists, and feminists are not the same thing. In fact, there are differences. Feminism benefits MEN. It encourages men to stay home for a change, cook, clean, sew, wear nice clothing, enjoy ponies, and anything else, even if it’s not stereo-typically “male”. Chauvinism, sets out to make the “lesser” gender look bad, weaker, evil, or just useless. It builds up one gender above another, and encourages the “lesser” gender to be more like “it”. Misandry is just outright hate towards men, and it’s very clear. It is usually evident which message is which by the opposite gender’s responses…

Most men respond to feminist material as “this is cool and dope”, much like the responses towards Mulan and Hunger Games. Men usually end up respecting the women to some degree rather than feeling resentful. However, the response towards chauvinist and misandrist material is usually “I hate women, femi-nazis”…etc.

Misandry just produces an outright war, a complete battle of the sexes, and makes the genders bitter foes.

Which brings me to my views on these five songs by Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony. All five songs represent female empowerment. But tell me, which ones represent feminism and which ones represent chauvinism and misandry?

Destiny’s Child-Independent Women

This song is how many years old? 14 years old! And yet, the message is still strong and clear. Destiny’s Child has always been known for their strong “female empowering” messages. In fact, they created a trend of it, and it just followed Beyonce into the next chapter of her career.

This song focuses on a woman buying everything for herself and working hard for what she gets. It encourages women to contribute 50/50 in a relationship. It even warns women about the sacrifices you have to make in order to be independent by stating that independence is not easy, but emphasizes how women still should strive to rely on themselves, even if the road is difficult. And even though the beginning of the song creates the picture that women don’t need men, it focuses on creating a relationship that is fair and equal, working hard for what you want, and even treating your man to a “watch” every once in a while for a change, though they are reminding the man to appreciate it. I say this song is for Feminists.

Beyonce-Who Run the World (Girls)

Beyonce continues the Destiny’s Child tradition of female “empowerment” in this next song “Who Run the World (Girls)”. Only this time, the language is stronger, the beat is more intense, and the feeling is even more powerful than any she ever created with Destiny’s Child. You can’t ignore the point with this song. It is very controversial in it’s direction.

From the introduction, “We run this Motha”, to the bridge line, “You’ll do anything for me”, it is apparent that this song is showing the world just how powerful women are. This song emphasizes how women can use their power to easily strip a man of his. The “persuasion” a woman has (that apparently, a man doesn’t have) can melt a man’s hate for a woman, even if women come “at his neck”. This song presents the idea that, in fact, men can only admire the strength of women as they bare the children (something a man is incapable of doing), and STILL get back to doing “business”, just like men. Basically, women can have children AND work, while men can only handle ONE of the two.

Gentlemen, doesn’t this song make you a bit uneasy as you listen to it? It’s almost as if someone is trying to threaten you, take something from you, and make you feel weak or powerless. You know what that uneasy, insecure feeling is? Intimidation. This song feels like it is for Chauvinists.

Christina Aguilera-I Hate Boys

Christina Aguilera carefully saved this song for her album Bionic, and quietly slipped it in the music industry without a music video. With a catchy chorus hook, anyone would ignore the hidden message…unless of course, you got wind of Youtube and lyric videos. Well, you can’t ignore the “I hate boys” part. Her other song, “Vanity”, off of the same album, carries the same tone…

The song carries some strong controversial words: “I hate boys, but boys love me” alone states that Christina hates boys, but they just can’t seem to get enough of her. She says she’s just a “tad” bitter towards men in this song. She states that men are only good for “fruit” and not “bananas”. The chorus repeatedly says she thinks boys “suck” and that her “friends agree”. She expresses how happy women would be if men weren’t around, and how boys are so immature, they rarely turn into men, but then again, they are “dogs”. “Inflated Egos”, “Little Dicks”, “Spit-em-Out”, the insults hardly end. She even states that we should “pack them up and ship them out”. WOW. The tones give a slap to the male face. I wonder how many men think she’s so hot now…Probably plenty of men do.

This song feels like it’s for Misandrists.

Little Mix-Salute

Little Mix’s “Salute” has a sick drop and pumping beat with a message that encourages women to stand together in numbers. This song is a chant that can get any woman’s day started.

While the song flows nicely, simply encouraging women to do their best, not really mentioning men at all, aside from the one chauvinist line “we don’t need no man”, which can be taken in any way, this song repetitively encourages women to be like strong, fearsome warriors. It states that women are more than pretty faces, which women are. The song could’ve been categorized in the feminist category if…

…the video wasn’t so derogatory. Having men on leashes? Snapping their harnesses like whips? Let’s reverse roles and put women in those leashes. Oh, what an outcry it would bring! The video is in the chauvinistic category. While the song itself is neutral, the video can and does distort the message. We, the viewers, are left unclear.

This song carries both messages.

Fifth Harmony-Bo$$

Fifth Harmony’s name-dropping song is one of the popular songs of the summer. Their hit adds to the “female empowerment” trend that’s taking over music and movies, one mission at a time.

Fifth Harmony swings between feminist and chauvinist. The song exposes the fact that most people confuse feminism with chauvinism, and it shows how that confusion influences what women expect from the world. The song encourages women to be strong and hard-working, like “Michelle Obama” and “Oprah”, to get paid, and to be confident, which all support feminism. However, the song contradicts it’s air when they ask to be treated like a “lady”, which is not getting the same equal treatment as men (because men can vary in the way they treat each other, and as Susan B. Anthony said to the “bulls” breaking up her organized movement, “Beat me and throw me in jail like you would a man!’), when it says they “run this house”, and when they say they “ain’t thirsty for no bae”, which is different for men. Most men feel like they need girlfriends, and often sing songs about trying to get the girl of their dreams. In fact, name one man who doesn’t have a woman in his video. Lightly, it creates an exclusive difference between men and women, creating a light image that women are slightly better than men in the way they think, which serves to their advantage. When they state that they “run the house”, they paint the picture that the home is not run by two equal partners, but one dominating the other, the dominating partner being the woman.

I’m sorry, it makes it difficult to know what girls want when they demand to get treated like a traditional “lady”, but also expect to be treated equally by men. Do you observe how men treat each other? Can we really have the best of both worlds?

So, tell me what you think. Which song carries the strongest message? A message you won’t ever forget? Can you tell the difference?

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Artists Snubbed from the Grammys?

11 Feb

The 55th Grammy awards has had quite a few twists and turns this year, starting with the “memo” for all people attending: a dress code standard. One of the biggest inspirations for that memo was Jennifer Lopez, but she isn’t the only or first to attend the Grammys looking revealing.

But what’s really killing the Grammys this year are the people on the OFF List. Several popular artists have been snubbed by the Grammys, especially in the pop genre. There are so many artists in the pop category that, of course, not everyone will make it. Still…This is the countdown for the artists snubbed by the Grammys:

5. Psy

Psy performing Gangnam Style

While Psy only has one major hit around the world (aside from his albums in Korea), it is still surprising that the major Korean success wasn’t even nominated…or didn’t even perform. Or anything. His song has been banging the walls and clubs everywhere. Too bad. He would’ve been the first Asian nomination. Not that he’s the most talented artist out there, but neither is Carly Rae Jepsen, 2 Chainz (yea I said it) and LMFAO and both were nominated for Grammys. And wait, LMFAO is a one-hit wonder type…maybe they are afraid of nominating Koreans. Then again, Psy never sold an album in America. Well, he will have more chances to prove himself. Psy is the type of guy who likes to have meaning in his music, despite what people may see superficially. His song Gangnam Style was about the upper class lifestyle versus the people suffering because of the economy. He wanted to make people happy. Hey, isn’t that what artists in the 1930s did?

I mean even MC Hammer was nominated for a Grammy!

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber-Believe?

He’s also not really an awesome artist altogether, but he is one of the biggest artists of the year. His latest songs have been a major improvement from “Baby” and yet…where is his nomination? “As Long as You Love Me”, “Beauty and the Beat”, “Boyfriend”? I guess the Grammys aren’t comfortable with his more mature or “manly” image he’s sporting now. What’s even more harsh is that Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl he promoted, is actually getting more cred than him. What? Nobody beliebes in him anymore?

The Grammys are really sexist. Majority of the pop artists nominated were WOMEN. This makes the Grammys depressing. No love for the males?

3. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded

Okay, some people love her, some people hate her, but everyone knows she’s the biggest female rapper (or rapper in general) today. She’s featured in almost everyone’s songs, and her success has been second-to-none. Of course, I don’t remember the last song she made on her own that topped charts…

But that makes things even more shocking. You mean to tell me not one track she featured in was worthy of a Grammy? Wow. And yet 2 Chainz is up there: GARBAGE.

2. One Direction

No one direction? You want many directions?

Wow, really? I thought the Australian boy band sensation has been sweeping the world? I guess not so much as to scratch the Grammy surface.

1. Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera

Wow, so surprising that she wasn’t there.

Uh, what? “Moves Like Jagger” was the most played out song on the radio…and you mean to tell me that even THAT didn’t get nominated? Really? Maroon 5 and Christina are also some of the most talented artists out here. I would prefer Carly Rae Jepsen spot to have been taken by their song. But nooo. Cute little teen girls sell.

Well, my spin on this year’s Grammy’s is that Adele will control it this year. I mean, she does deserve it. Her presence has changed the music industry, making it harder for less conservative, and less talented artists to make major leaps and gain respect. She’s opened people’s world to good music (though she wasn’t the first talented artist out here, she was just more recognized). Her presence in the music industry is a WARNING to all you little kids who dream of being a popstar: If you’re not Adele, you won’t be able to make it easily anymore.

Or if you’re not a cute teenage girl.

Generation Next: Do you remember the late 90s, Y2K?

5 Jul

Anyone who grew up in Generation Next probably remembers the following between 1995-2003:

Pop culture……We are generation “Scorpio” which also defines our generation. All we care about is sex, violence, and power. Our generation is marked by everything dark and mysterious…we hate superficiality and anything “cheerful”…anything mystical, psychic, and occult. We transformed ideas of tranformation, lost the adult “rites of passage” other generations before us had, and are the only generation who can’t find jobs in the recession, still living with parents well into our twenties, and take a while to get married, if at all. But we still find ways to rebel against society, use the internet as our way of gaining social power, and stick to ourselves in our secretive and mistrustful minds. We are also quite an emotional generation….dangerously emotional.


Anyone who is anybody can’t forget the grand children Networks of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel. Rugrats and ALL That defined Nick, until the Rugrats grew up and Kenan and Kel left All That and so did Nick Cannon, and Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, Toonami, Ed Edd and Eddy, and Powerpuff Girls defined Cartoon Network. But MTV was infested with a bunch of teeny boppers who began filling the channel with their pop videos. At least we still had Michael Jackson… VH1 was filled with oldies. And BET actually had funny comedians on Comic View and showed black movies and shows. Let’s not forget Nick Jr. owned Blues Clues, Face, and Little Bill, while Playhouse Disney had Little Mermaid and Madeline…they even used to show Timon and Pumba, Arabian Nights, and other “Disney-like shows”. Back then, cable was just becoming the “It” thing. I still remember My Brother and Me and Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina the Teenage witch. Fox and ABC were big back then, UPN too…Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, which also came on Disney Channel along with Boy Meets World, Growing Pains, and Brotherly Love…with those Lawrence Brothers that everyone loved. Disney even had shows like the Famous Jett Jackson, So Weird, and The Jersey. Courage the Cowardly Dog was like So Weird…except weirder…Scooby-Doo was still big. We liked a lot of mysteries like Shelby Woo and the occult like So Weird and Goosbumps….we also loved Power Rangers and Anime as kids. Barney was even in our slot time, though I always preferred Kid Songs….and Zoom, the new version. Aurthur was our show too! And even Sesame Street, especially Elmo’s World. And we weren’t too far from old classic cartoons from Tex Avery, Toonheads like Bugs Bunny, and even some Animaniacs….best time for television. In later years, we supported shows like Lizzie Maguire, the first tween show to make over a million viewers, and That’s So Raven which was the first longest running show on Disney Channel. We loved Lindsey Lohan…until she got cracked up.

Remember tha babies who could talk?

What a creative show! Back when Klasky was running things: Rugrats!

The Simpsons, South Park, 90210, Living Single, Baywatch, X-Files, Law and Order, and other nighttime television. Not to mention, watching the Bulls game was far more entertaining than it is now.


Computer was just becoming a part of the home, and laptops was spreading jobs across the nation. And everyone used to chat on AOL…it used to talk back and say “You’ve got Mail” which used to be so cool. Of course, I was always on yahoo…..Then MP3s came out, though you could only play one song at the time. CDs were still pretty big. Downloading became big like two years after 2000. But people still bought CDs, and everyone had a CD player with big headphones….The DVD player was it, but then everyone found out Playstation 2 could play DVDs and it was done. Playstation 2 was like the biggest thing, though Dreamcast and Gamecube also marked the generation. Of course, realistic graphics were the biggest thing back then. LOL Remember Street Fighter, Tekken, Final Fantasy? And NBA Live was regular too.

Playstation, remember? LOL


It varied, actually towards the end, kids stopped reading and started again. Babysitters’ Club, Sweet Valley, and American Girl marked the generation. For boys it was between How to Eat Fried Worms, There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom, Help! I’m trapped in Obedient School Again, Anamorphs, and Goooooosssbumpsss!!!! Who doesn’t remember Goosbumps? That was like the biggest thing. Then Harry Potter came out like in 1999 or before, and that took over. A Series of Unfortunate Events was big too. And Pirates of the Caribbean marked the later generation.



It sucked balls. Pop idols like Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls took over the industry. Who can forget the Hansen brothers? Pure lamety. Then here came Britney, the first teen solo act, and she influenced the whole world to come out with pop imitations. Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore who dyed her hair for the “occasion”, and all of these pop groups like Dream and Play, and just too many pop artists to count. And then the boy Britney Spears came out, Aaron Carter. Even black people changed genres like After Dark and Blaque…TLC was the biggest group…until, well you know. It was back when Jesse McCartney was part of the group Dreamstreet. Hoku and Myra marked Disney and Nick movies for their contributions, and Baha Men music swept the world by storm. Then in 2001, it seemed Dark Child took over everything, and so did 50 cent…later Avril Lavigne stole Britney’s shine in the early Y2K years. Then all these poprock artists came out of the closet, of course singers like Michelle Branch, Lindsay Pagano, Vanessa…can’t remember the rest of her name, and even Pink came out of the closet with her “real self”. Evanescence also dominated the industry. Metallic and Coldplay were even at their peek. All the most hard-core music marked our generation….along with the most giddy… If only Panic! At the Disco had been around….

Britney Spears when she was a little innocent...only a little...

The wildest group around! Spice Girls!

Original famous style! Avril Lavigne!

50 Cent back in 2003...


I remember overalls….which no one wears anymore. Jordans were popular too…Capri pants were the “it” thing…and for some reason…ponchos….baggy pants, bandannas and scarves, and surfer boy hair cuts. Jean jackets and Timbaland boots were in too. That’s what Spongbob used to remind me of back in 2002, his debut…a surfer, valley dude, which those bleached-blond idiots were the “it” thing. Now, Spongebob is just a geeky idiot…Ponytails, and scrunchies were popular. Lip gloss had just become a big thing. Belly tops were “oh-so revealing” but not compared to now…especially if you consider Gaga’s “no pants rule”. Skorts were popular, and no one wear those either. Numbered tees, like with “57” or “23” and words all over the pants. And because of 9/11, everyone was wearing red, white, and blue. Feathery and hot looking jackets marked later generations. Like this:

Jackets of early Y2K...


And these checkered and worded jeans:

checkered pants?

Backstreet Boys look...LOL

Words and Sayings

The words and sayings that came back were “Cool” and “Awesome”, but we also added “Totally hot” and “bogus” and “wack” and “corny” and “lame” and who can forget “psyche”. “Wicked Cool” and other sayings that are too funny to repeat. “For shizzle my nizzle” was popular too, and you could add of “izzles” if you liked. And” then “it’s off the heezy for sheezy. “Da Bomb” was it too. And “Bad” or “Sharp” was in too. “Totally Rad” was in too. LOL This is funny.

This is really a walk down memory lane…

I feel sorry for this generation. Sorry later generation, you missed out on the best age to be a kid. Your Television Network producers have gotten so stupid they can’t even read their own network titles. Instead they show everything but music on MTV and live actions on Cartoon Network. Not to mention, the face of Disney is no longer Mickey, but Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus….

No one uses their voices in music anymore, it’s now been replaced by cheap equipments that electronically “disguises” real voices.

Glad I grew up in Generation Next.


Movies ranged between Sixth Sense, Scissors hands, well really anything with Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp. Matrix marked the 21st Century. We also had “Ritchie Rich”, remember the little blond boy from Home Alone? And let’s not forget the Disney movies. The best movies in the 90s were the Disney movies, hands down, like Lion King, Huntchback of Notre Dame, and Beauty and the Beast. Of course, there were some pretty good thrillers here and there, and other children’s movies like Little Rascals which had Mary-Kate and Ashley, America’s Twins. Also, Dennis the Menace. Remember Free Willy? LOL That movie still makes me laugh. Childrens’ movies had reach their peak in the 90s. The first child actor won an acting award, Haley Joel Osment, and you used to see him everywhere before his sister went all “Hannah Montana”…though he still acts as Sora on Kingdom Hearts, which is all I care about.

What has happened to the Entertainment Industry for youth?

14 Jun

I just have to address several issues that I am having with the entertainment industry. I know many people won’t agree with what I have to say, but this has been irritating me to no end. I am still fairly young, I’m only 20. BUT I feel that gives me an edge on seeing the entertainment industry for what it is. The American youth are the biggest supporters of today’s entertainment industry. I just have several concerns about them that I think are ruining the industry.


While music has been sucking more and more due to the introduction of new age pop music in the 80s, and more “electrified” sounds have entered into the music (nearly replacing good old instruments), and over-exposure with music videos, but nothing could compare to the over-use of it in today’s pop and hip-hop music. These “synthesizers” have always been around, and meant to improve the voice, but they are getting out of control. They sound like aliens. This is not improving their voices, it’s making it sound worse. It sounds like the computer is doing all the singing. Take this song for example:

This is the problem. We can’t hear his real voice, so how do we even know he knows how to sing? People tell me to look it up on youtube, and you’ll see his real voice. But you shouldn’t have to go on a website to see if he really has a voice and can sing. Isn’t that what being a singer is all about? singing? And some people have the nerve to say, “It doesn’t matter, he can use autotunes to do it.” Let me tell you why that ruins the entertainment industry. Now, no one needs talent to become a singer anymore. So guess what that means? Everyone in the world can become a singer without even knowing how to sing. How? Autotunes will cover up your imperfections, so you don’t have to try at all. I rarely see anyone hitting high notes anymore. Some people say it’s the sign of the 21st Century, but everything we invent is not progress. We might as well let robots dance in our videos instead of us, because that’s what it sounds like. In fact, this may decrease the quality of the industry, and decrease the pay because if everyone can get paid to sing, who will be famous?

Let me not get started on the lyrics. It makes no sense anymore. I don’t think people care about music anymore. They care about money and fame.

Another thing I don’t like is this “Gaga” craze. Now i have nothing against the singer personally. I think she’s talented, she knows how to sing, and she is entertaining. However, what I do have a problem is that she is a craze. The problem is the fans, the young fans (which I’ll discuss at another time), KEEP comparing other artists to her. Even other artists that have been here LONG before her. Take Christina Aguilera for example:


Guess what some people in the comments section had the nerve to say? She is trying to be like Lady Gaga! WHAT THE FOOL! Everybody is not trying to be like that woman. In fact, Aguilera has been here 10 years longer! To me, Lady Gaga is not original. Though I know Aguilera has never been creative, and has always imitated other people’s trends, everyone is a rip-off. Gaga person? She is another rip-off Madonna, another rip-off Gwen Stefani. But this young and naive generation can’t remember that far back, so they think she is the most creative talent on the planet. And now, no other pop artist has a shot. Not even Britney Spears can come out with an album without being compared to Gaga, which doesn’t make any sense! Though Britney is partially to blame, as she made the idea of “craze”. But it didn’t hold back other artists.

Another problem I have with youth and music industry, which has always been a problem since the days of Elvis, but now more than ever it’s a concern, is the fact that people get famous just for being “cute” *cough Beiber cough*. Unlike Elvis who actually produced unique music, and a new form of dance, Beiber has not contributed anything to the music industry. He uses synthesizers in his music, which is putting all of his singing talent to waste, because we don’t even know his highest potential, and his lyrics are so cliche they make me ignore his songs altogether. Not to say that we haven’t had that in the 21st Century before, what with Jesse McCartney and Aaron Carter, but at least it was blatantly obvious that they were cliche. Aaron Carter didn’t last long. Jesse is struggling, hanging on to Kingdom Hearts. But Beiber? I went to all kinds of message boards that say he is cute, and for the first time I began to ponder, since when did music become a modeling industry? People are so concerned with looks, that they pass up people with real talent just because they don’t look good, but choose this “Beiber” guy who is not unique, not original, and his talents are not uncommon. Another way to ruin the music industry is for it to be solely judged on “looks” and not the key word: music!

The result is…I’ll give you a scenario. My cousin, who is a poor singer, said this to me, “I want to be a singer, so I can be famous.” And I laughed. I said, “Well first you have to know how to sing. you should take some lessons.” What does she tell me? “No you don’t. They have autotunes. I downloaded the software and people said they liked it…” This is the sad reality of our music industry. Not to dog my cousin out, but that’s pretty sad.

Take into consideration this scenario: Paris Hilton

I’m doing a part-two…..I’m too annoyed to continue…

It’s no wonder why I’ve gone international in AFRICA! At least those people don’t fall into mainstream…

And take a look at this:

This is what I feel about him and all the other artists of today’s generation: BULL CRAP!

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