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Ask the USA: “Why Do Americans Make A Big Deal About Race and Ethnicity?”

14 Apr

Hello readers!

Early in February, I introduced a new series to my blog called “Ask the USA”. In that introduction, I explained the purpose of this series, what inspired this series, and why I feel qualified to answer these questions (to the best of my ability, of course).

With that being said, one of the questions I’ve been receiving from foreigners all over the internet is:

“Why Do Americans Make a Big Deal About Race and Ethnicity?”

Let’s just get one thing straight here. The USA is full of diverse people with diverse opinions. When it comes to race and ethnicity, people handle it differently here. Obviously, there are many people who don’t make a big deal about it. There are people who are actually prejudiced and don’t care about it. There are people who make a big deal about race and ethnicity and see them as serious issues. There are people who use these issues to “progress” in life and use it as an excuse to do whatever it is they want.

But those who understand “prejudice” will act against it, right? That group may not include those of a minority racial group. It may include those of alternative sexual orientations, minority religions, feminists who feel oppressed, and ethnic groups who live alternative lifestyles. With all of these people acting against prejudices of all kinds, they will obviously loudly act or speak against racism.

However, there are people in the above category (including those from a minority race) who really don’t care about racism either way.

Yet, we still have to acknowledge that people do make a big deal about these things.

So, let’s begin with a little history lesson…

How Did All of these Race Issues Begin?

America is still a young country in comparison to most other countries. It is exactly 238 years old (if we’re not counting when the settlers first arrived on the land and the thousands of years the Native Americans have lived on the land).

With that being said, many of the early issues that affected the USA still sort of affect us because they really didn’t happen that long ago (if you consider the fact our history is more recent than the histories of other nations).

This nation has a majority white population. But it wasn’t always that way. The Europeans did a lot to make sure it became that way. Their actions left a lot of bitter and resentful people. Unlike other countries, the USA began as a melting pot, with a majority Native American ethnic group, and ended with white people as the majority. It was never homogeneous. Let’s start with the original people.

Native Americans

The ancestry of these people trace back to Asia, so they weren’t always on the land, but they discovered it first, thousands of years before Europeans arrived.

Before the Europeans arrived on the land, it was owned by the various indigenous tribes within. They divided the land up their own way, just to keep the peace among them.

They learned to work on the land, they hunted and/or grew crops, fished, and developed their own cultures.

The first Europeans to arrive were from Spain. Most were explorers. They were helped by the Native Americans. The Spanish traded with them, which was how horses were introduced into the different western tribes.

Eventually, though, they fought with the many Native tribes on the west coast, some of the southeast coast of America, and in present-day Mexico and took over the land. Most of those settlers were greedy for land. “Hollywood” now resides in one of those lands.

However, even though Spain fought many tribes, they also befriended many tribes, including the Pueblo. Eventually, some of the Spanish mixed with many indigenous tribes and formed the ethnic group of Mexicans (Mestizos) we are most familiar with today. They learned from the other indigenous tribes and lived peacefully for years.

Mexico eventually fought and won independence from Spain in 1821 (after years of revolt against Napoleon’s occupation of Spain). Mexico won all of the west coast from Spain and continued to live peacefully soon after.

The French came as well, but they were overtaken by the English. They had issues in their own nations, a feud with Great Britain, and Canada to manage as well.

When the Europeans from England arrived, they were escaping religious “persecution” in Europe, sent over to the land to chart it out, or sent there as a punishment for crime (since it was considered the “wilderness”, fairly with large forests and mountains and unfamiliar wild animals).  This means that most were looking to spread their own religious values, were sent to conquer the land, or were criminals.

Many of the criminals were trapped as indentured servants. Orphans and other lost people were sent to the land as well.

When the Europeans arrived, they didn’t literally have a thing. During the Starving Times, some people ate their own shoes.  The Native Americans helped out their foreign invaders, even though the Europeans had no business on their land “illegally”.

The Europeans were so brainwashed by their religious leaders, they truly believed “God sent them” to the New Land. With that being said, they also believed the Native Americans were heathens that needed to be “civilized”, like they felt they were. This attitude led to Europeans setting up missionaries and trying to baptize the indigenous tribes. Most tribes didn’t have a problem with this…until the missionaries started whipping people, even adults, for “breaking God’s law”.

Many of the Europeans also just didn’t understand other cultures. They weren’t exposed to anything different, but they had knowledge from books and affinity with writing. Most of the information was full of prejudice. They abused many Native people for not converting to their religions and yet consumed the resources of the land. The Europeans began to over hunt and over plow, overstepping the cultural rituals regarding hunting and agriculture. They were like guests who overstayed their welcome.  They were also not clean (hygiene especially) and were full of disease. That wiped out many indigenous tribes.

As more and more white people arrived, and shortly after the American Revolution (the colonists’ break from Great Britain), it was harder to divide the land. Europeans began complaining about the Native Americans. The Europeans eventually fought with the tribes on the East. They depleted their population and drove the natives out. They indigenous people were forced to the land west of the Mississippi.

Later, around the 19th century, the new Americans felt they deserved ALL of the land, even the land to the west of the Mississippi. They were greedy, experiencing several economic issues, and trying to fit all of these immigrants in the land. They made treaties with the Natives to the west, but broke ALL of their promises. Eventually, wars broke out. Some tribes were just killed off without even being involved in wars. The Native people surrendered, tired and looking for peace. The United States set aside land for these people called “reservations”. They were not considered citizens, they were just allowed on the land.

But when Americans found gold on the reservations, they kept making the lands smaller and smaller, just to get hold of the resources. They tricked, cheated, and harmed many tribes up until the 20th Century (1900s)!

They put most of all the Native children in boarding schools, forcing them to dress like Europeans, talk like Europeans, and prevented them from seeing or living with their families and friends. The children were brutally punished if they showed any connection to their culture. This is why the languages are hardly spoken to this day and why many cultural practices are lost.

To add insult to injury, the Native Americans were never granted citizenship until 1924.

Why does this matter to Native Americans today?

1.The reservations still exist to this day. The US government has yet to be apologetic about the land they stole, the promises they broke, the people they cheated, and the people they’ve murdered. The terror that they caused to these people has been tremendous. Sadly, many of the reservations are impoverished, crime-ridden, and full of drugs (like most low-income areas in the US, where minority groups often reside, thanks to years of prejudice and oppression). The reservations were stripped of resources, so many of the people couldn’t thrive. Their hunting practices were lost because they were often put out of their original hunting grounds. Unapologetic Americans, quick to release themselves from guilt, often retort “Just leave the reservation, then you’ll live prosperous”. Many Native Americans stay on the reservations as their last stubborn fight for justice. Unfortunately, it feels more like a losing battle at times.

The land the First Nations people were allowed to live on were stripped of resources, and if resources were found on any of the lands after the reservations were drawn up, the government would make them smaller just to access the resources.

The U.S. and state governments are still trying to take the little land they have away, just to get more resources and to build more homes over their lands. They are still breaking promises and still disrespecting the people by trying to take their lands away from them. They don’t care. They are getting rich, fat, and comfortable off the land they stole.


This isn’t a historical problem, this is a MODERN-DAY problem.

2. Many grandparents and great-grandparents experienced the boarding schools, are living on the reservations, still are scarred by those times in history, and pass their stories down to their children as warnings, as teaching tools, and as truth. Those children carry those burdens with them. It eventually turns into anger, sadness, and bitterness that continues on with loved ones for generations. Who wants to hear that grandpa and grandma were harshly beaten in boarding schools just for speaking their own language? That’s frightening and fear leads to anger.

3. They are no longer the face of their own land. Thanks to most of the media, most of Hollywood, other countries, especially in far east Asia, consider America to be a land full of “blonde hair and blue eyes” or black people. And they aren’t wrong. Most of the Native people were wiped out by Europeans.

Therefore, the Native people get little respect and little representation. Without that representation, their struggles are forgotten, their history rewritten or unwritten, and their culture disrespected time and time again. From the late 19th century to the 1950s, some Native Americans, along with Africans, were kept in zoos!

To them, when they watch people across the world explain what an American is to them, it is likely to make them roll their eyes because they constantly hear descriptions of white people instead of them.

4. History books teach a distorted view of Native Americans, if at all. Thanksgiving is even taught all wrong to children. Many children even believe Native Americans (often called “Indians”) are fairy tale characters…

Arguably, before the Europeans arrived, the Native Americans didn’t get along with one another, and one tribe may have just as easily conquered the others much the same way the Europeans did.

But I don’t think the issue is so much that they were conquered. I believe it was the way they were conquered. It wasn’t through a fair fight. There were lies and cheating involved, which was not the way many Natives fought. And the fight continued even through to the modern century, which made this more of a modern history issue that affects Native Americans today.

African Americans

Many African Americans are descended from various western tribes in Africa. The African and Arab slave trade was practiced for centuries before Europeans arrived on the continent of Africa. During wars, many of the losers would be taken as slaves. Around the 15th century, slaves were being sold outside of Africa.

There are many different kinds of slavery. The kind of slavery the Europeans introduced was different than much of the slavery practiced in Africa (though Northern Africans practiced a similar form at times). In many African nations, people would be enslaved as punishment for a crime or to pay off a debt. They would have certain rights and it was more like indentured servitude. Slave families could buy their freedom and become a part of the master’s family. Many dressed nicely and were fed well. Many were sent to work gold mines, to tend the land, or work in the master’s homes.

At first, enslavement was just on a small scale. But the demand for slaves in Europe and many Arab nations increased. Wars increased and slavery increased.

Many of the African Americans living in America today are descendants of the slaves bought by Europeans from Africa.

Europeans practiced a kind of slavery called “chattel slavery” where a slave had no rights and was treated like property or like an animal. America had the longest history of slavery in the world, practicing it up into the 19th century (1800s).

African Americans helped build the USA with their labor and brains, but they got little recognition or respect for it and often times white people took all the credit for things they did, which made black people appear as if they weren’t contributing much to American society. Many families were separated and unacknowledged. Their heritage was stripped from them, they were beaten for speaking their language and practicing their culture, and so the cultures were lost. Many African Americans don’t even know where their ancestors came from in Africa and are completely removed from their nations’ cultures.

There were some African Americans who came to America as immigrants but most came as slaves.

The American Civil War is what changed things for African Americans.

The Civil War was mostly about the division of territory, but slaves were swept up into the debate. Certain states were slave states. The South mostly relied on slaves. They were more agricultural. The North relied on factories and immigrants to thrive. They wanted to move America into the future with machines and technology. They felt the South was holding them back. They felt the way to force the South forward was to get rid of the slave trade, which would cut into the southern economy. The South felt that the North had no right to tell them what to do. As Americans expanded west, they began to debate over which states would be slave states and which would be free states. It moved from a debate into a war.

Eventually, the North won the war. African Americans were freed, but they still were not treated equally. They were given the right to vote, but hard tests were put in place to discourage African Americans, who couldn’t read, from voting and holding public office. Many places were segregated or didn’t allow black people inside, so many black people had nothing to call their own. They were forced to move into run-down neighborhoods with immigrant families.

The South made living there difficult when they put Jim Crow Laws in place, which were designed to prevent African Americans from progressing.

Many white people murdered black people from the end of the Civil War to the 1970’s, and no justice was served. Some cases didn’t reopen until the 1990’s, like in the case of the Birmingham Church bombing that killed four little girls, and by that time many of the criminals had passed on, living most of their lives comfortably and guilt-free. Many cases still aren’t resolved and have gone cold.

The people who lived during that period lived in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and are still living as parents and grandparents today, and were greatly affected by the period mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

A lot of people feel these issues have ended years ago and don’t realize how the past can affect the future. If a war between North and South Korea still exists, and the feelings are still holding true, what makes the feelings from those harsh racist times in America any different? The past affects the future.

How does this affect African Americans today?

The slave trade has had an affect on all of African Americans except the ones who migrated to America on their own. African immigrants wouldn’t relate to the actual history.

The history has affected the culture in various ways:

1.It influenced the way African Americans speak. African Americans grew up in the South. Much of the South was owned by France and Spain. African Americans developed a “cajun” accent. Even when the English took over, the accent remained. They weren’t taught to read and write, so many learned English simply by ear. Many spoke broken English as a result.

Once slavery ended, many slaves still didn’t have access to schools, as white people still kept schools segregated and made no efforts to build schools for the newly freed black people. Many had to migrate north for schooling, but many didn’t have the money or health to make it that far. So, the manner of speaking stuck. It traveled all the way to the present day.

Nowadays, African Americans receive an education and are taught the proper way to speak English. However, if their grandparents spoke that way, their parents did, too, and so the manner of speaking carried on into many African American households. Many black people return to the manner of speaking to relate to other people within their race.

2. It influenced African American music culture, American music, and their place in the music industry. Blues, rock and roll, pop music, and much of the modern music we listen to came out of the African American community. Black Americans didn’t have much to call their own, but they were able to make music. They used music to express their feelings in ways they were not free to express.

Unfortunately, many white people hijacked the genres and denied African Americans airplay on the radio, causing people to acknowledge white contributions over black contributions. For instance, Elvis Presley is considered the King of Rock and Roll though he did nothing to truly contribute to the genre other than moving his hips on stage. He stole the songs of many African Americans and brought them to the “mainstream” which was really just the “white audience”. Many African American rock and roll artists didn’t get respect until the 1990s and many still aren’t respected in the rock community. The Beatles get more attention and they aren’t even American.

That’s why African Americans today get so butthurt when white people get famous from things they’ve invented. They don’t feel appreciated or respected. They feel treated as inferior. This is why they are the first to pull the cultural appropriation card. They are afraid of their contributions being wiped under the rug like it once was before.

Even in movies, white people would often portray African Americans, and sometimes they would play up racist interpretations. This is where the “black face” stemmed from. Many of these interpretations put African Americans in inferior positions to white people. They put African Americans in a negative light and made fun of African Americans’ station in life, their culture, the way they spoke, etc.

When there were roles that honored a historical figure of color (like an African Queen), a white person would portray the person. This caused most of the world to believe that all the major royals of the world were white and that black people were always inferior. Movies were segregated and black people were not invited to play roles in major movie productions or in major playhouses. This whitewashing happened up until the 1970’s. Many of the executives and/or the families that approved of the whitewashing are still in control today.

This is why white-washing is so looked down upon by black people. This is why so much of a stink is made when white people are put in roles that could potentially go to other races of people. Many people of different backgrounds already feel undermined.

And then racism really does still exist. When the role is reversed, white people don’t like it either.

3. Like in Native American communities, parents and grandparents are still around to remind the younger generation of harsher times in history. They remind their children to be watchful of racism because they were victims of it. Of course hearing these stories are enough to make the newer generation more defiant of a system they felt betrayed them. It’s enough to make them angry and bitter.

4. It is the reason so many still live in low-income, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Many businesses that are major in the USA today began as early as the 1700s. African Americans were enslaved during these periods, putting them behind everyone else in the job and business market. Laws interfered with their education and racism had a major impact on families. Even with the inventions created by black people, many had to go through white people to get it sold or to get it off the ground. They had jobs, but were underpaid and were paid less than white people up until the 1970s.

Angry about the injustice, many black people turned to a life of crime to take what they felt they deserved. They learned about gang life from the Irish and Italians who lived in the inner cities (before they learned how to integrate into wealthy and middle-class American society). Anger groups sprung up to fight white supremacy.

The “gang” mentality influenced the black community and eventually influenced the culture in both large and small ways.

As mentioned before, racism in the 1960s and 1970s had an affect on the grandparents and parents that are still alive today. Even when the Civil Rights Movement ended, some people were still bitter towards black people and found ways to keep them away from the working world. Most black people grew up in homes with parents who had low-income jobs as a result.

The children of these people grew up with little, which set them back. Many of them found success in the 1980’s and 1990’s, but if there were any other problems in the domestic structure, many continued to struggle. Poverty often leads to poverty, and it’s the very reason many African Americans are still in poor situations.

This made a lot of African Americans bitter towards white people.

5. Certain standards in a Eurocentric society come out of systemic racism. The European standard of modesty, beauty, manner of speaking, and even living washes over the nation and around the world. Anyone who doesn’t fit in with that standard is “odd” or “eccentric” or inferior. Black people get called “ghetto” or “uncivilized” if they deviate from the norm.

Black people deviate the most from these standards, simply because their culture is different and their appearances are different. This stands in the way of getting good jobs or getting elite positions in society, especially in an industry where presentation is important.

Black hair is considered unprofessional.

6. It is the reason so many African Americans struggle in school to this day and have a hard time achieving in society.

Before slavery ended, they weren’t allowed to read and write. Slave owners did this so slaves wouldn’t learn how to buy their own freedom and so they wouldn’t run away to free places.

Some black people taught themselves secretly, stealing books or overhearing conversations or listening outside of school yards. Some of the house slaves (slaves that worked in the master’s house and not in the fields) passed notes from house to cabin.

But most black people resigned to the fact that they would never learn how to read and write the language they were forced to speak. To cope with this fact, many developed pride in their ignorance, using it as humor and resisting White education altogether. After all, they felt, “Why should we have to learn English? Why should we learn at a white man’s designed school? Let’s resist them by resisting their education.”

Unfortunately, this established a rebellious attitude in the culture and made it difficult for them to assimilate into American society once freed.

Even after they were free, the Southern part of the USA, the part of the USA that mostly practiced slavery before losing the war, refused to establish schools for black children and some schools for blacks were burned down. Teachers and students were killed for helping, white and black. This scared black people off from an education.

Even after school became mandatory at the turn of the 20th century (early 1900’s), many schools for African Americans had little money to provide books for each student. Poor kids still had to work, so many black students worked while attending school. Many kids had to drop out to help their parents make ends meet. They couldn’t fund raise in the black community because most didn’t even have adequate jobs. White people were unsympathetic and felt freeing them was enough, so must didn’t put money behind black schools. And schools were segregated, or separated, between blacks and whites.

All-black schools continued to suffer up until the 1970’s, after the Civil Rights movement. But even then, progress was slow. The government began funding the money after schools were desegregated and everyone got their legal rights, but they were still way behind schools with a majority white population. And still some people were against the integration of black kids and didn’t want to help black people, just like some don’t want to today. They felt it was up to black people to fix themselves. But the problem was it was difficult to start at the bottom in a society with white people at the top. Progress would have to be slow if black people were to fix themselves.

And The Civil Rights Act didn’t end actual racism. Racism is an ideology that produces feelings, something the law can’t change. Racist feelings continued. The people who were mostly at the top found ways to implement that racism without being caught by the law. Many were successful at segregating black people from communities and businesses, using other means of discrimination.

Many black kids just gave up on trying to receive an education and gave up trying to assimilate into American society. That’s why we ended up with a culture heavily on welfare, strongly against authority, and uninterested in education as a whole. In many ways, it’s a courageous stand, but foolish, and it sets many black people back. The attitudes and behaviors that came from slavery give white people a reason to ignore black people and establish racist rules.

Racism still exists as a result. Because of racism, segregation still exists. Black people still end up with the short end of the stick. This is why black people are some of the most defensive minorities in the country. Many of them don’t trust white people, and it doesn’t seem many white people care to earn that trust and would rather ignore the issues.

Segregated Proms Just Ended in 2014 in Georgia

My Experience

I am a very open-minded person, and I have friends of many different backgrounds. From reading my various articles, most people know I’m not the first to pull the race card or jump on the “black power” bandwagon. But I know from experience racism, especially systemic racism, exists and/or has existed in the 21st century.

I graduated from high school about 9 years ago, but I still remember this incident.

All my life, I lived in an all-black community and attended all-black schools. Yes, my school was the stereotypical violent school. The school performed poorly academically (only 50% of my class graduated) and the behavior was off the charts horrible. I personally had good grades, but everyone around me didn’t really appreciate school and didn’t really respect the teachers or administration in place. Gang life was common. I was in a school full of people who glamorized thug life and would start a fight with each other if they were stared at the wrong way.

Of course, not everybody was like this. Some people were peaceful and involved in school. But they were considered lame or stuck-up to the other kids in the school. My clique was called the “Lames”. We liked rock music, anime, video games, and tried to have fun with school and such.

One year, I was taken out of that school and placed in a relatively mixed school, with the majority of students being white (though that majority wasn’t that large). Almost all of the teachers were white. In fact, I only remember there being one black teacher in the whole school and no black administrators at the District office.

I was really excited to go to this school. The school’s academic stats were high, they had fun activities that I was eager to get involved in, and I wouldn’t have to worry about people picking fights with me, threatening me, or any other nonsense like that. In my mind, I assumed that being at a black school was the problem. I used to be one of those people who acted like a coon, bad-mouthing black people and feeling resentful because I was bullied for being different. So, I was excited to be around people who might actually appreciate rock music or anime like I do.

After attending the school, it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I did make friends of all races, don’t get me wrong. But everybody was so divided into cliques, it was hard to mingle. And then by the time I moved there, I was a Junior in high school, so everyone had already made their friends. Still, mostly it was peaceful.

However, I ran into this one group of girls (all white clique) who seriously looked down on people. They were racist, but they also looked down on poor white people, too. I remember one time, one of the girls bit off her cookie during lunch, came over to me and my friends’ table, and said, “Here you need this” to one of my poorer white friends, handing her the bitten-off cookie. This girl and her friends also used to make fun of a Middle Eastern boy at the school. I remember they would pronounce his name wrong on purpose and tell him he smells. He got so fed up one time, he almost dumped his tray on their heads.

And those girls were just laughing.

They would talk about my black friend, saying she tried to act white, talking about how ugly she looked, etc.

They didn’t bother me because at the end of the day, they weren’t in charge of my grades. And then they weren’t a bowl of cherries. They all had this ugly orange fake tan they got at a cheap booth, so there was a lot to discuss regarding them. 😛

But then, second semester, I ran into a racist teacher. That’s when it got tricky.

Because I was so excited to go to this school, and because I’d never been around too many white people, I assumed everybody was going to be normal or nice. Even if I knew some teachers might be mean or strict, I never expected them to be racist. Not in the 21st century, oh no.

Initially, a lot of black students warned me about her, but I didn’t listen to them because at my old school, kids would say teachers were racist all the time. And all of the teachers they said were racist would turn out to be nice to me. So, whether they were racist or not, this didn’t affect my grades. What racist teacher would want to work at an all-black school, under all-black administration, anyway? And some of those students were just awful bad and used the race card to avoid taking responsibility.

I didn’t personally have this teacher, but my sibling did. My sibling and I are the same age and we felt the same way about the school. At first, she didn’t listen to anyone around her who told her about this teacher. I didn’t either and just brushed it under the rug.

But when my sibling walked into this class, right away she felt something wasn’t right. My sister would say good morning to the teacher, like she did all her other teachers, but the teacher would never say anything back. But when the white students came in and greeted her, she would get into long conversations with them. My sister didn’t think anything of it at first, assuming maybe she didn’t say it loud enough or assuming she rubbed the teacher the wrong way. I assumed that, too.

The class didn’t have assigned seats, but the majority of the students of “color” or of a different ethnic group (black, Asian, Hispanic, Afro Latino, Muslim, etc) sat at the front of the room, while the white kids sat all over the classroom, with the majority sitting in the back. One time, my sister wasn’t feeling good and decided to sit at the back of the room. The teacher told her to sit at the front. My sister asked her why, and the teacher said she’s used to her sitting there and wanted to keep track of everyone in the room for attendance purposes. So, my sister didn’t make a big deal about it. But the next day, a few of the white students, who normally sat in the front, moved to the back, and the teacher didn’t say anything to them. In fact, the white students switched seats all the time.

Still, my sister just listened to what she said and didn’t really think she was racist. She thought the teacher didn’t like her for some reason, but she didn’t think she was racist.

The teacher would focus on the black and Mexicans kids, but some of them were bad.

But there were far more black students that cared about their education in this school. One of the black girls in the class was in the top 10 of her graduating class.

The first sign that the teacher was racist came with this student.

The white students in the class were talking in the back of the classroom. Whenever the other students of color talked, the teacher would issue consequences, but she never did that with the white students. In fact, she would laugh and joke along with them!

One day, they were talking during a lesson. She pointed out a black student, who had the highest grade in the class, and told her to stop talking. This student was very quiet and was writing her notes. She looked up surprised and said she wasn’t talking. The teacher told her not to talk back to her and she wrote the student up! The student was trying to explain that the students in the back were talking, but the teacher said she didn’t want to hear excuses.

Fortunately, the principal and administration weren’t racist. The student was able to talk to them and get the referral thrown out.

But it didn’t stop there.

The second incident came when a Mexican student in the class received a D as a grade in the classroom, even though he turned in all his work and said he’d gotten good grades on his work. He asked to look at his work and review it. The teacher refused. He stormed out of the classroom, yelling, “Racist bit**!” The teacher shrugged and said “whatever”.

The third incident came when the teacher kept telling one of the other black students to be quiet and the student refused. Of course, the student was being disobedient, which was bad. But the white students in the back talked throughout the whole lesson. The black student brought this to the teacher’s attention, stating “Why don’t you talk to them in the back? I can’t wait to move back to the city.” And the teacher said “Me too. I can’t wait until all of you go back.” My sister was thinking, “all of you”? What does she mean by that?

The final incident, the final straw, was when a final project was due and my sister almost failed the class because the teacher lost her assignment.

My sister and I have always been conscientious about our work. There was a big assignment that determined the final grade in the class. This assignment was to write a letter to Red Lobster. If the letter got to Red Lobster, they would send a letter back. So, there were supposed to be two copies: one for the teacher and one for Red Lobster.

My sister turned her letter in a week before the due date. Red Lobster sent a letter back to her; that’s how she knew she turned it in.

The teacher comes up to her and says she didn’t receive the letter. My sister reminded the teacher that Red Lobster responded, but the teacher said that if she didn’t receive a teacher copy, my sister would fail the class! My sister kept a couple of copies in her locker, and asked the teacher if she could go and get it out of her locker. The teacher said no, and said that that was that. My sister asked if the teacher could look on her desk again and check around. The teacher refused and told her to sit down. My sister was panicking, afraid, worried, crying.

Then a white girl comes up to the teacher and asks the teacher if she can get a pass to go the library to DO THE PROJECT. Girl didn’t even do it and it was passed the due date. And guess what the teacher said? “Oh sure, I’ll write you a pass.” SAY WHAT? It was then my sister realized the teacher was racist. She immediately told an adult, my family.

After that, you know fam jumped on the phone with the school board and the principal, explaining the situation.

They asked the teacher to search her stuff again. Guess what? She found it. Interesting… She told my sister it was somewhere on her desk…

After that, my sister realized she had come face to face with her first racist experience.

It’s not a big deal when it’s some person who can’t affect your life in any way, like that clique of girls I mentioned in the beginning of this story, but when it’s someone in authority, someone who can potentially stifle your growth, like a teacher, or put you in jail, like a police officer, that’s when racism is scary. That’s where it should be stopped. That’s when it gets serious.

After that, I never questioned whether racism existed. I don’t see racism in every incident, but I know it exists. Even though things may have changed since 9 years ago, I’m still watchful, still prepared to be disliked simply because I’m black. It taught me to pay attention to my surroundings and not to assume things have changed just because we’re in the “modern era”.

In that classroom, none of the white people realized how racist the teacher was. She treated them nicely. Of course, they thought we were all just pulling the race card. They assumed that because she treated them nicely. Some of them turned a blind eye to what was going on, just happy they were getting special privileges.

I think they had a hard time believing it because one half Mexican half white boy got away with sitting with the white kids. He dyed his hair, was pale, and didn’t have a “Spanish” accent. He blended in well, so the teacher treated him nice. He concealed his ethnicity the whole time and she never found out he was Mexican. I think that’s why my sister questioned herself.

But eventually it became clear.

People of a minority group are taught early on to recognize signs of racism as a result of the stories they’ve been told by their parents and the experiences of other people of color. Some miss the mark, paranoid of being treated unfairly, but others are very aware and on point.

Watch the movie Get Out. It’s really good about pointing out how deep racism can be seeped into the hearts of individuals and shows how black people are taught to recognize the signs.

Mexican Americans

At one time, the whole west coast of present-day USA was owned by Mexico. The Spanish settlers were the first to settle in the land. Many mixed with the indigenous people forming the Mexican ethnic group we know today. After they won independence from Spain in the 1800’s, they opened trade with the USA. This turned out to be a big mistake.

I already mentioned that white Americans felt they should own all of the land west of the Mississippi River. Eventually, Americans went to war with Mexico and managed to take much of their land. They didn’t take all of their territory, which is why Mexico is still standing today, but they down-sized it tremendously.

When cowboys and other outlaws entered into these territories, they tricked many Mexicans out of their land and stole their resources. Many Mexicans had been living on their lands for years and lost the papers to prove their ownership. Most didn’t speak English and were tricked into signing contracts that relinquished their control of their land. Mexicans lost their rights and were considered foreigners in their own land. They didn’t get citizenship until 1910, several decades after many of the states they lived in became a part of the US!

There are still signs that Mexico once owned the west coast. The states once owned by Mexico have Spanish names. California, Florida, and Texas were just three of the territories owned by Mexico. Many of the buildings and cultures within these states originated with Spain and Mexico, and there are visible signs of that cultural influence.

Nowadays, Mexicans are associated with illegal immigration. This deviation from their original station on this land has caused many Mexicans to resent full-blooded white people. Many Mexicans feel that the land should still be theirs and they may resent the takeover of Americans.

Many Mexicans work hard to assimilate into American culture, but are still treated as inferior in many ways. Mexican Americans aren’t honored or respected in the USA like they should be. Their language is now considered foreign. Their culture isn’t considered “American”. Their businesses and riches were stripped from them during the war and many of them had to start from scratch, amid prejudice. Some turned to a life of crime to make ends meet. This is why crime also seeped into their culture.

Asian Americans

Asian Americans haven’t had it as bad as other races and ethnic groups. Many came to America as immigrants, hoping to assimilate into society. But they brought their rich culture and language with them, mingled with westerners, and still had a nation to call home in case things didn’t work out in the USA (unlike many other races and ethnic groups).

Still, within the nation, America made it hard for Asian Americans to enter the land and grow. When Japanese people first started coming into the USA, most came illegally. Many were brought over by contractors who needed someone to work the land in Hawaii. The Chinese came to strike it rich during the Gold Rush and send the money back to their families. They were trying to escape harsh conditions after China lost the Opium war to the British, which allowed the British to take over different cities/provinces in China, placing many Chinese people in poverty. But even in America, they were placed in subservient roles and prejudice stopped many of them from getting the riches they wanted.

Still, Asians played a large role in the building up of America.

The Chinese especially gave their strongest efforts in America. Many helped with the Transcontinental Railroad project. When they first arrived to find gold, they were well-received. But when competition got stronger, many Americans began to dislike any immigrants coming into the country–including Chinese and other Asian immigrants.

The Chinese helped California’s economy tremendously, but they were still driven out of many cities. Eventually a ban was put in place.

After the Chinese Exclusion Act, many Chinese weren’t allowed into the USA. This affected other Asians, who were often confused for Chinese or pit in the same category. Later, another Act banned all Asians from entering the country. This is partially why Asian Americans are still the smallest minority ethnic and racial groups in America.

As such, they are largely underrepresented and unacknowledged. Without proper representation, ignorant stereotyping persists.

Most people today just consider them as foreign. Eastern culture is widely different from western culture, and some Americans (black, white, Hispanic, etc) are ignorant towards them because they don’t understand them. Many Americans associate the “look” of Asia with foreign or alien, even if the person was born in America. This greatly alienates Asian Americans, making them feel odd and out-of-place.

Today, middle easterners and west Asians are catching a lot of fire because of recent radical attacks in the USA. Even the people that aren’t Muslim are being scrutinized simply because they came from or their families came from a middle eastern or west eastern country. All Muslim people are categorized in the same place as one another, which causes frustration for the ones who are truly peace-loving.

People from the middle east and western Asia came to America between the late 1800’s to the 1920’s, escaping war and economic hardship. Because of the Johnson-Reed act, all Asians were prohibited from entering the USA. Again, this is why, of all the races and ethnicities, Asians are the smallest minority. They weren’t as welcome in the USA because they provided competition for White Americans.

Middle Easterners and West Easterners were normally darker-skinned and confused for being black. Many people treated them the same way they treated black people.

The act was repealed in the 1960s, which brought over many more Asian Americans. Still, by then, they were the smallest minority, which makes their ideas and interests largely underrepresented in politics and media.

White People

The modern white people have had to shoulder a lot of what their ancestors did. Because many of their ancestors from the 1950’s and 1960’s are still alive, some of them have carried on the same attitudes.

While there are now more sympathetic and open-minded white people today than there have been, many either ignore racism, have deep-seated racist attitudes, or just avoid getting involved with minorities and any issues regarding them for fear of offending them.

There are several reasons why this racism, indifference, and segregation continues:

1.Some white people have deep-seated prejudices. Even though nowadays most white people won’t treat another person of color mean or won’t openly discriminate against black people (though some do), many have in their minds that a Eurocentric way of thinking is the superior way to think. Many white people feel this is “their country”, the one they conquered, and they can’t understand a culture that’s different from there’s.

For instance, in black culture, it is customary to shout out loud when excited or congratulating someone during celebrations (like graduations, weddings, etc). White people might shout when excited too, but they tend to be more toned down. When black people are shouting or cheering, white people may think they are being “rude” or being “ignorant”. The cultures have differences, but white people may have been taught that their way of expressing happiness or excitement is the “proper” way. This often makes black people look bad when they might just be misunderstood. That’s just an example of a culture clash. But because the majority rules, the scales tip in favor of one over the other.

Some may also look down on tribal living, finding a progressive way of living, with Eurocentric laws, manner of dress, and manner of speaking to be the best way of living, while looking down on people who don’t live that way. And don’t get me wrong. Many people enjoy living in the land we call home with the freedoms we have, with the Europe-inspired laws and everything. But then again, most of us minorities were raised here and never experienced anything different.

2. Some white people are fed up with trying to be nice to minority groups, especially black people. There are some white people who feel that it doesn’t matter what they try to do for other communities, they will always come out looking racist or not doing enough. Many are still not aware of which phrases or words are racist and which words aren’t. They may know the obvious words like “ni****” and other such words. But they may not realize that generalizing all black people in certain categories could come off as racist, even if white people feel the generalizations or stereotypes are true in their perception.

And that fact makes them feel uncomfortable around other ethnic and racial groups, especially when they feel they have a real concern regarding these people. This gives them a reason to exclude other races and ethnic groups from certain events, schools, or businesses. Some don’t want the “damage control” issues that could follow.

Some white people do want “white only” spaces, spaces where they can talk comfortably with people who are similar and share the same culture or music. They may not necessarily hate other races or ethnic groups, they just want to spend time with people like themselves. Unfortunately, this increases segregation and causes controversy.

Admittedly, some minority groups do get angry over every little comment towards them or another person like them. Even a judgment of character is often referred back to racial issues at times. Some minorities do try to profit off of racism and “racist” situations and try to bring attention to themselves. Some minorities just find it easier to blame racism for some of the issues in the community instead of doing more to build up their communities.

This makes it frustrating for the white people that may not have initially had prejudices per se, but may have formed them based on reactions from minority groups. For instance, Mackelmore, a pop artist in the USA, marched in Seattle for the issues going on in Ferguson. Many black people criticized him, asking why he was there and stating that he just wanted attention. They were mad at him for taking home the best Hip Hop artist award at an awards’ show when he is 1) not considered a Hip-hop artist by most Hip-hop experts and 2) not considered the best Hip-hop artist to many in the Hip-hop community (who are mostly black and Latino). Most black people felt the award should’ve gone to Kendrick Lamar, but felt that Macklemore won because he is white. They felt he didn’t speak up then. So they felt he was only marching for the show.

This made a lot of white people angry, who felt that black people would find a way to criticize them no matter what. This disconnects them further from minorities and makes them just want to ignore issues. Some feel it’s better to ignore than to address it to avoid having their words and actions criticized.

3) There are white people who have been victims of prejudice, even crime, at the hands of those of a minority group, and so have a fear of them, which leads to hatred.

Remember I told you I attended a all-black school? Well, it’d be unfair to say no white people attended. It was a majority black school with two white people and one Asian girl. There was one white girl and one white boy who went to the school.

The girl was raised around black people. But the students, teachers, and administration made it hard for her in school. They were racist towards her, oh yes, racist.

The other black students would talk about the way the white student spoke, saying she was trying to “sound black”. She couldn’t help it because she grew up around black people and so she picked up their vernacular. But they wouldn’t let up.

Some black students would pick fights with her, intimidate her, and exclude her from things. And whenever she would tell the administration, they did nothing about it and asked her whether she “provoked” the situations. I literally saw one incident where a girl pushed her down for no reason.

This is what happened when she became the minority. Many white people are afraid of being a minority in this country because they are afraid of being treated this way by bitter people, but it would be on a larger scale. They are afraid of their rights being ignored. Then, they would have to face and carry the burdens of their ancestors.

How do you think this white girl fared? I’m sure that if she had became angry enough at her situation, she would’ve turned into a severe racist person.

The good thing about it is she did manage to make a few black friends. That made her realize not all black people were evil and pressed. I was one of those friends. Still, I don’t know what feelings she carried throughout her adult life.

And the ones whose family members were victims of crime by minorities will also resent them. They may attack everything about the criminal, including the race of the individual. This may cause them to be scared of minorities, and fear leads to hatred.

Are All White People To Blame?

No. The newer generation didn’t create the mess. It’s messed up that they are getting dumped on because of things their ancestors did or allowed. Many white people today treat others fairly. There are still ignorant people everywhere, but there are also nice white people out there, too. Everyone in America is diverse.

I think the issues started with minorities’ anger towards the government, a system that failed to issue liberty, freedom, and justice to minorities, but preached about liberty, freedom, and justice. I think most are bitter towards the system. However, mostly white people are in that system, and that is creating a modern-day race problem.

However, there are some white people that support that system and refuse to listen to any rhetoric that makes them feel guilty. And racism still exists. There are still people in power (very few though) like teachers, police officers, and mayors that are racist and use their power to execute discriminatory acts. But it’s important for those of a minority group to sift through foolishness and find the real racism, otherwise they risk losing any support to their causes.

Some minority groups get pretty triggered over little jokes or comments that may not even be racist and may just be “racial”. Some minorities may assume that any person like them getting arrested by a white police officer was “racially targeted”, which isn’t always the case.

Some people can’t handle history lessons and have formed prejudiced views of modern-day white people based on what they’ve learned about the past. Of course, this annoys many white people.

I think all ignorance would be diminished if people learned to walk in other people’s shoes. But maybe that’s way too idealistic.

I think in many cases it seems to some people that everyone else can learn to walk in a white person’s shoes, but it doesn’t seem white people are capable of walking in another culture’s shoes without judging or comparing it to their own culture.

For instance, other cultures and races around the world can watch a movie with a white lead and with European culture (like Game of Thrones) and relate to the humor and story of it, along with movies with lead characters of their own races. But white people can’t relate well to movies with black themes and leads, Asian themes and leads, or Native American themes and leads. To many people, they seem to be the only group of people who don’t know how to assimilate or adapt.

Even in Asia, Asians often speak of running into white tourists who are often confused as to why certain signs aren’t in English and why the people just don’t speak to them in in English. Some ethnicities have had bad experiences.

In South Africa, many white people protested against black girls wearing braids and Afros to school. IN AFRICA.

But there are many white people that do connect with other cultures and races. There are some that can switch between Harry Potter and Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It’s senseless to put everyone in the same category. But sometimes these white people might feel rejected by the group of people they try to connect to. They get labeled “appropriators” or attention-seekers.

Some people use the race or ethnic card when convenient but have no real intentions on making changes. That’s when it becomes less effective and irritating. That really hurts the actual organizations out here fighting for true equality.

Why Would Something From Over 100 Years Ago Affect People?

Does Thomas Edison’s inventions affect us? Yes. Do we realize it all the time? No.

Without him we wouldn’t have light bulbs, movies, or sound recordings. We forget about his importance because other people have upgraded it, but he invented it and it still affects us today because we use these things.

Does the Korean war still affect South Koreans? Yes. In the same manner? No. The war happened back in the 1950s. However, because only a ceasefire was issued, the threat still exists.

History has an affect on us as humans, especially history that is 100 years old or less. As long as grandparents and great-grandparents live, history has an affect on everyone’s social, emotional, mental, and even economic health. It affects their children and grandchildren. Events in history just don’t happen, laws get put in place, and then it’s over. There is always an aftereffect. The aftermath can last for centuries, depending on the actions of all involved.e

So, Should They Be Mad At Each Other Forever?

Of course not.

However, some people have to overcome their pain and start the process towards healing. When people are suffering, it’s easy to try to find someone to blame for their problems. Many of these people need to find the courage to let go of the past, pick up where they left off, and make a new start.

The biggest reason these issues still exist is because there are no real solutions floating around. If people came together to actually discuss solutions, things might actually improve.

I hope I was able to answer all questions about this topic! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think or what you could add to the discussion!


Peggy Hubbard from Ferguson Speaks Against #BlackLivesMatter and Rejects the Idea of White Privilege

9 Sep


As an African American woman, who lives in an all-black community in the city of Chicago, I find this interesting.

Do you agree with her? Or Disagree? The following article is my opinion on the Peggy Hubbard rant. She rants about several different points that I want to address in this OPINION article. The following things I say may offend a few people. The following things I say may enlighten a few people. Some people may agree with what I have to say. But again, I’m a young black woman with opinions, and my readers know this. So, I’m going to go into it.

There are some things she says that I disagree with completely and there are some things she mentions I feel are spot on.

I’ve heard that Peggy is an anti-black coon, she’s married to a white man and so is brainwashed, and she’s trying to bring the black race down with her racist ideologies. I’ve heard she lived in an all-black community at one time; I’ve heard she now lives in a white community. I will tell you right now that I’m not here to go back and forth with the insults. I’m here to agree or disagree. In my opinion, calling any black person a coon, when they have the guts to speak out, even with points I disagree with, is actually bringing our people down. Everyone has the right to their opinion and should be respected for it, as long as they don’t try to force those opinions on me. Being married to a white man doesn’t mean she isn’t black, so that’s irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. On the contrary, I have people telling me she’s really married to a black man…Rumors, rumors…

Overall, it doesn’t matter where she comes from or who she’s married to. She’s still black. Though it may have an influence on why she feels the way she does, I want to address her opinions as they stand, regardless of her background.

What I’m seeing is a bitter, angry, frustrated, black woman. A woman who is angry with her community (not her literal one, but as a black “community”), a woman who is angry that real violence isn’t being addressed, a woman who is afraid of being killed in her own neighborhood or was once afraid of being killed in black communities, a woman who kind of wants to see those black people who constantly kill be brought to justice. I’m also seeing a woman who has grown to hate black people. I’m not saying I don’t understand why she hates black people, BUT the fact remains. She has some deep-seated animosity within her heart. This animosity can come from what she sees in her community. Crime after crime in all-black communities has possibly made her bitter towards her own people. If she lives in a black community, she’s probably really frustrated. If she lives in a white community, that’s probably why she moved out of black neighborhoods and why she doesn’t live in one. This is understandable, but the fact remains. She is fed up with the black community. She is bitter towards the black community. She’s growing to hate her own people. This is so much so, that she denounces the campaign #BlackLivesMatter. She has become disgusted with this. And it probably won’t end there…

Here are the sections you will find in this article in regards to Peggy’s Rant (sorry about the length). She and others talk about:

  1. White Privilege
  2. Black Lives Matter
  3. Pro-police
  4. Black People Are Violent
  5. White-washed, Anti-black, and Coon

White Privilege

In her CNN interview, when asked if she believed in “white privilege”, Peggy Hubbard states, “There is no white privilege”. She goes further to explain about some white people who have nothing, who scrap by to survive, and can’t pay their bills.

Let me just start by saying that this shows me that so many people, including those of the black race, don’t know what “white privilege” means.

Even other ethnic groups, especially white people, don’t understand what black people mean when they say there is “white privilege” in the USA.

Some black people who believe in it somewhat don’t understand what it means to the fullest extent. They may know it refers to white people having better jobs and better communities. But no. It goes much, much deeper than that.

My stand on white privilege? It EXISTS. Mostly, among WHITE MEN. Before all of you politically brainwashed people go, “Liberal, left-wing, Right-wing, Conservative” game, I just want to say I’m a free mental agent. I don’t get caught up in that game. Both parties have issues, and both have strengths. I just see things as I see them.

White privilege refers to the history of all nations of people in this nation, the USA, in comparison to white people. Of ALL the ethnic groups in the USA, white people have had the most freedom and access to the most resources to flourish in this nation. Most white people came to North America on their OWN free will. Therefore, their ancestors were well-prepared to handle the land, its challenges and all. They were prepared to wipe out the First Nations individuals. White people “designed” America. And they designed it by bringing their own ideologies, religion, and fashions from Europe. Their laws and policies were designed to suit them, not really including other ethnic groups.

Many African Americans came to this country as slaves. They did not have any choices, no freedoms, and weren’t educated in “white men’s” language or culture. They were just expected to be like animals. The Native Americans were equally treated harshly. Later, the Japanese experienced this oppression in Interment camps.

People may say history doesn’t affect us now. To a certain extent it does and to a certain extent it doesn’t.

“White privilege” doesn’t mean that there are no poor white people. It’s not to say there are no white people suffering. It’s not to say there haven’t been any white people who suffered oppression in this nation and other nations (especially the Irish, Italian, and Jewish). What it really means is that the really poor white people are poor, but all the really rich people, the billionaires, and the ones with all the power, are MOSTLY white.

Banks, department stores like Macy’s, Walmart, most of the White House, and other areas of big business and political power are RUN by white people. It doesn’t matter that there are some white people who haven’t experienced this. There are hardly ANY black people experiencing this.

How many banks do black people own? Who owns Walmart and other major supermarket chains?

White people can say, “Whose fault is that? All black people have to do is get an education and they can start their own businesses and banks.” Ah, but you see it’s not that simple.

Chase bank has been around since 1799.

Walmart has been around since 1962.

Just two to name a few.

The white people who created these companies were not billionaires the moment they started these businesses, were they? But, at the time that these businesses were created, white people had laws that could support them. They could get any job to help fund their side businesses. Walt Disney worked at a bank and was able to save to fund his cartoon company. They didn’t suffer segregation. They were able to promote their businesses in newspapers. They were able to influence politicians. They were able to have a hand in politics and vote for politicians that could support their businesses. These white MEN were able to build business and political empires.

And who do you think they gave these businesses to after they died? Their children. The businesses passed down the family line. And guess what? We now have WHITE BILLIONAIRES.

Back in those days, black people didn’t have that privilege. So what passed on to our black children today? Black people just got their freedoms in the 1960s, but there were still white people who didn’t like that. Black people were denied a lot of job opportunities well into the 1970s! Starting their own businesses was even harder!

And it’s already hard to start a business and make a profit as it is.

10 Must-Have Qualities for New Entrepreneurs


So now, black people have to start from scratch. They are where those white men were back in 1799…More than 200 years ago. Guess what that means? It may take another 200 years before our black children actually benefit from modern black-owned businesses and before they become TRUE billionaires.

This is what white privilege means. It means that those who were born into families that owned major companies were able to easily find employment through inheritance and were able to prosper TO THIS DAY because of it.

This is not to say black people couldn’t have done the same thing. Madame C.J. Walker was the first millionaire who was female and black. Still, it was hard for her to reach the white community, who didn’t want to be bothered with “black-owned’ products, which is why she never became a billionaire. Many black people didn’t have a choice but to buy white products after slavery because they didn’t HAVE anything. So, white businesses flourished off of the money that blacks, and other ethnic groups, gave them, as well as the money from their own people.

Another thing that “white privilege” refers to is the language and culture of our land. Let’s be honest. White people invented America. Everyone else was just forced here or forced to comply with white culture. The language of the land is from Europe: English. The fashions were re-invented versions of what people wore in Europe, like trousers, dresses, wigs, etc. The religions that dominate this country have been big religions in Europe. The big businesses doing the hiring are run mostly by WHITE people.

The standard for getting a job is acting “professional”, right? What is acting professional in the USA? Acting like we have been groomed to act: Like white people. We are expected to speak the English language “correctly”, dress the way white people say is “professional”, like wearing a suit and tie, skirts and dresses, etc., and among other things. These standards were created by white people. And all the other ethnic groups are expected to comply to these standards if they expect to be hired by jobs. It has been in USA culture for so long, we think wearing suits and ties to work is NORMAL. English has become the main language because people beat First Nations and Africans out of their language. Spanish-speaking nations were forced to adopt English in the west-though clearly they were there first! Now, English is the main language. And anyone who doesn’t speak “right”, is a “weird foreigner” that needs to assimilate.

This land was designed to reflect white ideologies. This doesn’t mean that there are things from white people I don’t like or appreciate. I’m not bitter or resentful, and I don’t hate white people now for something their ancestors did. But still, I know for a fact that people from different backgrounds may find it harder to find “jobs” because they don’t fit what is considered “professional” and that’s a world designed mostly by white people. Some white people may be poor, but they seem to speak English better, they tend to know the right outfits to wear, and they seem to understand politics so well because they DESIGNED this nation. This gives them an edge with even minimum wage jobs.

This gives them a distinct advantage over other ethnic groups who have been forced into this land (like black people were), forced to comply to this land (like First Nations people or Hispanics in the west), or came way after the laws were created (like East Asians and Middle Easterners).

The chances that there could be ANY billionaires of ANY other ethnic background besides white is SLIM to NONE. As you’ve seen, it took HUNDREDS of YEARS for white people to become billionaires. Only 60 years of true freedom for black people can’t make up for HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

No, it’s not all white people’s fault, especially children born way after segregation. BUT they still have it better than other ethnic groups.

For those of you Caucasian/white individuals who still don’t understand what I’m talking about and how this CAN affect the success of black people, let me put it in a way you can understand.

Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears are both famous women (and this is not to compare their music styles, images, age, or anything, so just stay with me here). You can say both women have had the same opportunities to become famous, which is why both of them are. You can say that it was their choices to become rich and it was just as easy for both of them. You can say where they came from doesn’t matter because they are both rich. And you’re right about one thing. Their differing backgrounds didn’t make the difference in their success.

But their history has everything to do with how each woman got there. Miley Cyrus is clearly MORE privileged than Britney Spears, even though both are rich. How? It didn’t take Miley much to find success and fame because her dad was already a star. Trying to find auditions? Not a problem. Daddy could buy her a ticket to L.A. so that she could audition to be on Disney Channel. Become a singer? Daddy has connections. Whatever Miley wanted to do with her life would’ve been much easier for her than for Britney Spears. She is “privileged” because she came from a family that already had power and money. It gave her a distinct advantage over Britney in comparison to when Britney was her age.

Britney didn’t grow up rich. She did many talent shows and auditions. No connections got her in the Mickey Mouse Club. She had to audition. She had to show what she had to judging eyes. She had to work harder.

If Miley screws up financially, guess what? She has daddy to help her out. If Britney screws up, who can clean up her messes but herself? Though both girls are successful, despite their backgrounds, their backgrounds and experiences still influence their futures. Miley’s privileged lifestyle gives her more advantages than Britney.

Privilege can be put out in many different contexts. But just like the analogy of Britney and Miley, white and black people exist on opposite sides of that spectrum. To a certain degree, there is always the privileged over the have-nots. But in the case between white people and black people, white people have had more opportunities to be successful than black people have. That’s white privilege.

Of course, white privilege varies as well. White women clearly didn’t have the same privileges as white men. They couldn’t own business and had no political rights in 1799, when Chase bank was founded. In 1962, when Walmart was designed, very few women worked!

Still, magazines, television shows, and other media outlets honored the “beauty” of white women and they still do. White women have always gotten more attention when speaking out about gender inequality than the black women who have been speaking out against the patriarchal society since the 1700s. Black women were never considered “real women”. But you can say this benefited black women in some ways. Black women have always held jobs and owned businesses, which is why the first female millionaire was black. This was why the first female astronaut to travel in space, Mae Jemison, was black. The first woman to run for president was black. Where white women were mostly objectified by men, black women were always working to help their families survive and were seen “beyond their looks”. They had no choice. There were not stay-at-home moms. So, I should say in some ways, white privilege has acted against white women when it came to their goals…

Those of the Catholic faith, like the Irish and Italians, and Jewish faith were also barred from progressing in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Immigrants were treated harshly by natural-born Americans.

Still, white immigrants could prosper as long as they gave up their customs and faith. They could easily build up businesses if they assimilated.

No matter how hard Black people, Asians, Hispanics, and First Nations tried to assimilate, they were still not accepted.

This is what “white privilege” means. So whenever someone uses this term, this is what they are referring to, even if they can’t explain it well.

And this is why I disagree with Peggy. “White Privilege” does exist. I believe her response is because she’s ignorant on the subject. She doesn’t realize the context to which it exists and this is mostly due to her living in an all-black community (though some say she lives in a white suburb, too…) with a white man who loves her. I’ll explain this later…

Me believing that white privilege exists doesn’t mean I’ve filled my heart with hatred. I haven’t become racist myself. I still wouldn’t mind getting to know people of various backgrounds and learning their histories and their stories. I have friends that are white. Still, I know “white privilege” exists out there and if it is going to be overcome, I believe there are a few things black people have to do to overcome it. We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.

White privilege exists, but it doesn’t make a black person’s choices for them. It shouldn’t stop them from achieving in this white-influenced world. However, because of white privilege, black people’s “ideas” of success are influenced by “white” thinking. Money, cars, clothes, homes and many other things have seeped into black culture and is now the definition of success.

Black Lives Matter

Clearly, Peggy is against the Black Lives Matter movement. She feels it is a sham, designed to support thugs in the black community.

Before I get into my stand on this, I just want to say one thing. Whatever side you stand on in this matter depends on the community you grew up in and how you’ve experienced black culture. Your stand on the issue depends on WHERE YOU LIVE or LIVED.

Yes, black people come from all sorts of backgrounds with varying experiences.

From my experience, many of the people who support #Black Lives matter don’t live in all-black communities, weren’t raised in black communities, and in fact, live among mostly white people or mixed races. That’s the first thing I noticed. The other black people that support #Black Lives Matter are people who have had run-ins with the law. The rest are young black men and ALL men have more of a desire to break the law than women do, based on statistics.

Men and Violence

Alicia Garza, one of the women who first coined the term #BlackLivesMatter, lives in Oakland, California. She has white cops because white people LIVE nearby. She lives in a mixed community.

Where do YOU live?

Most of the people against #BlackLivesMatter LIVE in all-black communities or HAVE LIVED in all-black communities.

This is the irony.

This is not to say that ALL people living in all-black communities stand against the movement. This is to say that if there are ANY people against the movement, it’s the ones LIVING in all-black communities.

Black people who live in mostly white communities experience white privilege and racism A LOT more, up close and personal, than the black people who live in all-black communities. Though the black communities experience it, white people don’t even exist in the universe of black people living in all-black communities. This is because they don’t often see white people for miles. I’ve worked with teenagers in all-black communities and many of them don’t even realize they are the minority in this country! This is because all they see around them are black people.

Black people in mixed or white communities more than likely have white cops, a white mayor, white business-owners, white teachers, white administrators, white post office managers, etc. Most of the people in power in mixed communities are WHITE.

So when black people say, “We have to stop these racist cops from killing our people”, they are admitting to the fact that WHITE people actually live in their community. These black individuals have actually been exposed to white privilege, but also have lived among it. They more than likely live in nice homes and their children go to prosperous schools. These are the black people that will say, “Peggy is racist for saying all black people are violent. Peggy is racist for acting like all black people want to do is kill.” In mixed communities, less black people COMMIT CRIMES. I don’t know why this is so. Black people who live among white people experience more racism than black-on-black crime. SO, these individuals probably wouldn’t understand what Peggy is saying. These people don’t live in the “hood”. They don’t understand “struggle”. They couldn’t possibly understand what Peggy is talking about. It’s nonsense to them.

The biggest criminals in their neighborhoods ARE probably the cops. And racists obviously tend to gravitate to neighborhoods where their race dominates.

Treyvon Martin lived in a white community, clearly. He was the victim of racial profiling. This happens in “mixed communities”.

There are a few black people who live in the white communities that are against Black Lives Matter. It could be because they moved out of an all-black city to escape violence or it could be the white people in their neighborhood have been nice to them. But majority of people who are fighting on the side of this movement haven’t lived a truly all-black experience. Peggy is rumored to have lived in both a white and black neighborhood…Hard to say which, but she’s still got a few points regarding all-black neighborhoods and how these communities influence black culture overall (especially through music).

If you live in an all-black community, such as myself, in the city of Chicago, Detroit, Harlem, you see racism to a looser extent. In fact, most black people in all-black communities HARDLY experience PERSONAL racism because there are no white people living in their communities!

In my community, there are no white people for miles. My neighborhood is greatly segregated, if you want to know the truth. All the cops, school teachers, administrators, even the MAYOR is black. So we can’t cry racism when a cop shoots down an unarmed black man, like some of these other neighborhoods do. Yet, black people are not any more respectful of black leaders in this community.

Is it that racist cops are the problem? Or is it that there are black people who just don’t want to follow any laws? Is it a bit of both?

Black people in black communities experience black-on-black crime more than they do racism. Racism hasn’t been as traumatic for them as black-on-black crime. In fact, racism often doesn’t seem real to people who only live among their own kind. They only know racism by what they hear, not from personal experience.

The black people who live in black communities and support Black Lives Matter are more than likely criminals, family members of criminals, or have been surrounded by black people all their lives and have never gotten to know other people, allowing them to be swept up in any cause that seems to support black people.

I agree with Peggy. As someone who lived deeply among black people, Black Lives Matter is a sham to me.

Here are the reasons why:

1)I live in an all-black community. I’ve been a victim of black-on-black crime. I’ve seen neighbors lose their lives. I’ve seen classmates shot down. I used to be afraid to walk home from school. Afraid to go to school. Afraid while in school. I’m scared of going to work even. I help educate mostly black students. I live that life, that life where young men think being shot IS NORMAL. I work among children who don’t care a lick about black history, children who just want to “twerk” their way through life, children who think stealing and killing and getting locked up is COOL. My story is the stereotype. But you know what? I can’t ignore that. I can sit here and say, “Oh, I can’t make the black race look bad. Every community has their problems”. But when are we all going to fix the problems in each of our communities instead of brushing off the issues? Do I have to lie to myself in order to “fit in” with black people? I have to ignore the crimes that have been committed against me?

And okay, I can’t rely on white cops to support me 100%, but if I can’t trust black people, then who should I stand for and who should I stand against? All I have are black people, and I can’t even trust them. A white cop may be racist, but when a crime was committed against me, a white cop drove out of his jurisdiction to help me. Where was my fellow black man? Committing a CRIME against me.

Many of the people in my neighborhood tried to move into “better neighborhoods”, including me. Why would we try to move if living in a black community was such a paradise? Clearly, it’s difficult to live in all-black communities. Why do you think some black people even live in white communities?

I hear some black people saying that they wish the whole nation didn’t have any white people. These are people who have only lived among white people. They think living with only black people will somehow make this nation one big black paradise. No. It’s not that simple. There are neighborhoods with mostly black people. And they are anything but paradises. Even if we do get rid of white people and take their jobs, we’ll still have to struggle to maintain it all. The struggle won’t end.

Many black people in white communities don’t see the reality of how many black people live in these all-black communities. For once, I challenge those individuals to live in an all-black community. Give it a try and see if you disagree with Ms. Hubbard. See for yourself if she’s lying.

You all may tell me that I still shouldn’t be against Black Lives Matter.

There are some people saying instead of acting against the movement, Peggy, and others who support her, could’ve used the movement to support black-on-black crime.

But could she? The movement has been so associated with black thugs in the community, or any black men dying by the hands of cops, the violence against innocent blacks in their own communities have been ignored, like usual.

I, myself, have tried to use the hashtag to stand against black-on-black crime. For some reason, on Twitter, no one wants to favorite that or re-tweet that. No one has paid attention.

Clearly, the only way to bring attention to black on black crime is to stand against the movement that has come to glorify thugs and criminals. They were without arms, and maybe didn’t deserve to die, but they clearly deserved to go to jail or receive some sort of punishment. Michael Brown, the first young man to spark the riots, was tracked down by police. WHY? Because someone, a black man, CALLED the police on him. Why? Because Michael had just robbed the store that another black man was working at! Clearly, he deserved a punishment. Most people don’t know why the police were tracking him. People only know what went down between the rookie cop and the young black man. But if you understand the whole story, it becomes clear that Mr. Brown was a delinquent.

Still, even if Michael wasn’t dead, what would he be doing right now? Going after that black man in the store he’d robbed!

Those who don’t live in the black community have a hard time understanding this.

2)Black lives matter only seems to apply to a threatening situations dealing with WHITE COPS. Police Brutality exists even beyond just WHITE people. There are plenty of crooked cops and government officials that ARE BLACK. In my community, my mayor did drugs! And yet, he ordered many drug dealers to be arrested. None of these cases made the news. But the minute a white cop does something, it’s all over television. It’s hard to focus on black cops killing unarmed criminals using this hashtag. I’ve tried it. The movement clearly doesn’t apply to black authority figures. It doesn’t relate to my community, a community with all-black authority.

People tell me that it’s important to focus on white cops because we look to these cops to uphold the law, not be the criminals. These people act like only white cops commit hidden crimes. They clearly don’t live in black communities. There are cops in the black community committing more crimes than just shooting down unarmed criminals. Many of these cops are doing drugs and HELPING drug dealers! Racism among cops is not the only concern, especially if none of your cops ARE WHITE…

3)When black people kill each other, we divide each other. I feel that if we tackle black-on-black crime FIRST, we can BETTER unite to combat racism. If staying against Black Lives Matter is going to help fight for black-on-black crime, I’m all for it. By encouraging rioting and celebrating thugs, we are doing the opposite of making a difference.

I also don’t like that Black Lives Matter is associated with Fuk Yo Flag. Both encourage murder. They are just as bad as racist white cops. They believe in taking the lives of people, even if those people weren’t the ones who did anything to them. SOME cops are racist, not all. But these activists are willing to take the lives of cops who haven’t even had a HISTORY of racism.

That’s just as bad as racist cops taking the lives of all black men just because one black male was a crook. Still, some of these men that the police shot down, the men people are rioting for, WERE hostile AND crooked. Who do you think called the police on these men? OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. The only affair that was clearly WRONG was Trayvon Martin. And he wasn’t shot by a policeman. He was shot by a neighbor trying to act like a cop. The government acted in Zimmerman’s favor and it was WRONG. The case was clearly an act of racial profiling and that was ignored.

These other cases dealt with real thugs, and I don’t support rioting for thugs OR murderers or any criminals.

I’m especially offended that this group has been planning on committing crimes during 9/11. Do you know how many black people died during 9/11? That’s disheartening and disrespectful to those victims. And Black Lives are supposed to matter to these people?

But Fuk Yo Flag and Black Lives Matter feel they are some sort of revolutionaries, so they have become ruthless. They no longer care who they harm anymore, even if it’s OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.

Fuk Yo Flag hates the American flag and America’s policies….And yet, these people are still living in the USA…Taking advantage of the freedom of speech amendment UNDER the flag…

What is their purpose? Is it to reform the USA? Or is it to destroy the USA? And if it’s to destroy the USA, what would they do after that? What are these people’s goals? To tell white people they can’t mess with us? Would it really get them to stop messing with us?


I think the above website may have been made by white people who are against the movement, but the videos are very real and made by black people.

Don’t do this. This is killing the movement for me and many others.

I hear black people telling me that “Bashing black people and saying their communities are crime-filled is feeding into white-man propaganda and is brainwash.” “Brainwashing” can’t happen when you PERSONALLY experience the crime. Or when the crime is done to you! I’ll bet the people saying this, again, don’t live in black communities!

I’ll tell you what better feeds white men: Black genocide. Black-on-black crime FEEDS racism. The more we kill each other, steal from each other, especially our men, the longer black people STAY the minority. When we loot our communities and then beg the white man to fix it, we’re doing white people a favor. They would rather us tear up our own communities. That’s less for the taxpayers to pay for. And that’s just one more way to make white people feel superior.

People say by not rioting we are “kissing the white man’s butt”. We kiss more butt when we tear up our neighborhoods and then beg the government to send money to fix our property.

Which do you think works more in the white man’s favor?

When the riots happened, it hit the news. But black-on-black crime is so common in black communities, it doesn’t hit national news AT ALL. It has been ignored for years. That’s why black-on-black crime continues to exist.

I don’t want to believe that my community is this way. But when a crime was committed against me, I just couldn’t ignore it. It’s time to stand up against senseless violence.

Peggy may be shady in some areas, but the context of what she’s saying is true. Black Lives don’t seem to Matter to black people in black communities, so why should we expect our lives to matter to white cops? Why should I stand with people who have committed a crime against me from EITHER side, black or white?

And I’m sorry, I’d rather fight for the life of the innocent than fight for the life of an unarmed CROOK who may have gotten the death penalty anyway. It’s wrong to shoot an unarmed person, but there are young children who are unarmed and more defenseless in these communities than any of the men that went down by the hands of policemen. The policemen weren’t right. But you know what wasn’t right about police? The fact that the POLICE ignored this CASE about the little black girl mentioned by Peggy and NEVER brought her killer to justice. The police didn’t even see that the life of this young girl was even important enough. That’s what’s more sad. Those other thugs probably did something to OTHER black people, which is why the police caught up to them in the first place. This young 9 year old girl was just doing her homework! So I guess this isn’t important enough for police; not as important as the lives of criminals…Where is the justice?

4) The coolest part about Black Lives Matter is that some of its leaders are gay women. Even though I don’t agree with everything they stand for, I respect them as black women.

But how do people feel and treat women and gay people in the black community? I’ll bet that if anyone knew that the original leaders of this movement were gay, they wouldn’t support them. I hear and see many black people shaming gay people online over and over, and then turning around and HASH-TAGGING #blacklivesmatter! And they don’t even realize that this movement was started by GAY people.

I’m sure the women had good intentions. But individuals are taking the movement and making it suit their own agendas. It no longer even seems to be about equality. Some of these people seem to hope to get some resources out of this, especially the rioters.


Peggy is clearly pro-police. She mentions she calls the police and that she put her step-son in jail. She also believes he deserves to be there.

There are many people in the black community that are AGAINST the police and feel that Peggy is wrong to put her son in jail and wrong to trust the police, including her own husband.

Because I know there are crooked people in every profession, I am honestly not going to go against every police officer in the world, just like I’m not going to go after every profession just because there are lousy workers working there. But I believe there NEEDS to be reform in the police force and in their policies.

In white communities, RACISM among white officers on the police force exists. In all-black communities, LAZINESS among black police officers exists.

I agree with Peggy in some ways and I don’t agree with Peggy in other ways. Let me explain.

In serious situations, the cops have always been there for me when I’ve called. When crime happens to me, who can I call? The only people that will come if someone is murdered in my house are the COPS. You really think my fellow black man, my neighbor, will run to my rescue to capture the bad guys that beat me up, robbed me, tried to shoot me? No average person has the forensics technology to catch a clever crook BUT the police. No average person has the training to deal with criminals BUT the police.

Still, there have been situations where my case wasn’t taken seriously by the cops. There have been times where the cops would do nothing for days. I literally had to stay on them. Peggy’s case with her son was probably taken seriously because she’s MARRIED to a cop. But if you have no cop in your family, the police don’t care what happens to you, not white cops or black cops, unless YOU care.

Peggy is right to try to make her son pay for the harm he’s done to people. Jail at this point is what’s best for him, for now, because it’s the only justice system we have. Some people feel she’s a bad parent for turning in her son. I’ll bet the people who think that are:

a) Thugs and criminals who don’t want to be caught

b) Parents of thugs and criminals who are benefiting from their child’s thuggish life.

c) Wouldn’t turn in their criminal son into “racist cops”, I suppose if you’re living in a white community—I say why not? That’s the best punishment if he committed a crime…

d) Black people who don’t live in black communities and never raised black children in black communities

e) Kids, because kids always feel discipline is wrong

f) Parents with young children who haven’t experienced the “teenage” years yet. Not their baby!

I understand why some people wouldn’t want to call the cops if their child is committing a crime. 1) It’s their child. Parents are protective and don’t want to feel the shame internally. 2) People have been persuaded by black power movements to act against police and not trust them.

And they are right not to trust all police officers. Again, some cops are racist and some don’t care about you.

But say, okay, let’s not use the police at all. What are we going to do about justice?

It is hard to know what Black Lives Matter and Fuk Yo Flag, the two movements against the police, REALLY want. These two movements are great at being anti-police and spreading the fact the policemen can’t be trusted, which is true in many cases. But they DON’T offer ANY solutions or ALTERNATIVES to this problem. What are we going to do when we can’t trust the police?

What do I mean?

Well, if cops are the bad guys and we can’t trust them now, there are only two different options:

  1. Reform police, right? Force government to change all policies on the police force, right? But is that really what Black Lives Matter and Fuk Yo Flag WANT? I’ll bet that even if the government DOES change the policies, these people still won’t trust police. They barely trust government! It’s not like the policemen will lose their jobs. And okay, let’s not just reform the policies, let’s fire the racist police officers, indict them, and/or kill off all of them until they all stop being racist and targeting black people. Okay…What are black people’s idea of being “targeted”? Is it that they shouldn’t be pulled over AT ALL if they’re speeding? Is it that they shouldn’t be handled at all if they are hostile? Is it that they shouldn’t be arrested if they commit a crime? Or is there some particular way a hostile person is handled? What do we propose we teach cops so that they can “handle” hostile black criminals? Do you think that no cops should arrest black people AT ALL and should leave black people alone? If so, are we saying that NO COPS should arrest ANY black people? Ever again? Doesn’t this conveniently seem to benefit criminals?…
  2. Okay, the other option. Let’s get rid of police altogether. GREEAAATTT. What then? What is Black Lives Matter and Fuk Yo Flag’s ALTERNATIVE to the police? Just let murderers and thieves run free? Because it’s unrealistic to assume black people WON’T commit crimes. Am I anti-black for assuming that? Okay, if you think I’m just throwing shade on the black race, tell you what. I have an idea. I propose, since black people don’t like cops and since black people really don’t trust reform of the police force, that all cops take a “Cop Holiday” (Just as FDR created a Bank holiday). For a whole WEEK, I propose that cops not ARREST one black person. Don’t answer one call from a black person. In fact, don’t even protect schools and businesses. Don’t circle the neighborhood, none of that, even if someone is suspicious. If a black person does something, act like it didn’t happen. Let’s test this out. All Cops: Don’t ARREST or HELP any black people. Wait, what? That’s racist? To allow cops to help white people but have cops IGNORE black people?

So let me get this straight…

Black people don’t trust cops and don’t want cops arresting black men. Okay. Black people won’t allow racist cops to kill them. Okay. If the government doesn’t reform police, we won’t…call police when a crime is committed against us or someone else? Okay. I guess that means when someone commits a crime against us, we’ll let them because the person is black…

Still, even if government does reform it, who’s to say we can trust government or the police force ever again? Okay.

Down with police! Kill them all! Okay. All killed. Now what? Oh, black people will be happy and people will learn that there is NO crime in the black community. Black-on-black is just an illusion anyway. So without cops, all problems are solved…Is that the position that Black Lives Matter and Fuk yo Flag stand on?

My question to the Black Lives Matter and Fuk Yo Flag movement is, have you people thought about ANY alternatives to these issues and holes? What do their supporters TRULY stand for? Only after the gaps are filled will I be able to fully support the movement. But if NO justice is going to be brought to the crimes that are committed against me, then my best bet is the police.

The only way the Black Lives Matter campaign can work efficiently is if there is an alternative to the justice system. Killing off police officers just means less police officers…less policemen to trust. But how do we stop crime when it really DOES exist? I don’t think those movements thought this far in advance…

People may say it’s up to the parents to take care of their criminal children and make sure their children don’t grow into crooks. I just wonder if these people understand something called “peer pressure” and “struggle” that makes people commit crimes. My readers know that I work at a school. Even teenagers with the best parents in the world, even teens who have never been through anything, commit crimes, especially young men.

All of the students that have tried to do things to ME, a black educator, have been young, privileged black men. They were persuaded by the struggling black children to jump along the bandwagon. A parent can’t stop their child from committing a crime when that child has made up in their mind that they want to do it. And if a parent tries to handle a murderer in their own home, what would that do? That’s not going to stop the murderer….

What do these parents with children propose is done when their child commits a crime that harms someone, possibly someone like the life of the child Peggy mentions?

You may say, “Oh, Peggy doesn’t care about her. She’s just trying to get attention.” Maybe she is. But what about the parent of that nine year old girl? How do you think they are feeling right now? If Peggy hadn’t spoken up, regardless of her reasons why, where would the justice be for that child? What is Black Lives Matter doing for her? Or Demario and Demacio, the twin boys who were victims of robbery and gun violence in Chicago? What are they doing FOR THEM?

I’ve heard people say black-on-black isn’t nearly as bad as the racist acts done against black people. In history, I agree. The history of racism is horrifying. But in modern days, in all-black communities, where white people are the minority, black-on-black crime is just as bad. It is OUTRIGHT crime.

Don’t get me wrong. I have experienced racism. When I was in high school back in the 2000s, I lived in a mixed community for one year, trying to escape black-on-black crime and violence in my all-black high school. I had a teacher who was racist. She made all the Hispanics/Latinos, East Asians, Middle Easterners, and African Americans sit at the front of the class to “watch them”. Though she claimed she gave everyone seating charts, she would let the white people sit wherever they wanted to. When teens of other ethnic groups tried to say good morning to her and make conversation, just to be polite, she would act like they didn’t say anything and wouldn’t respond. But she always made conversation with white kids.

She wrote up a bad report on one of the top ten students in the school, who was black, just because she “thought” she was talking. When the girl tried to tell her she wasn’t, she wrote her up for insubordination!

On the first day of school, the kids sat wherever they wanted to. But she would make the kids of other ethnic groups sitting in the back move to the front, even before she made a seating chart.

If any of the white kids forgot an assignment or couldn’t finish it, she would give them an extension or allow them to finish it during the class period. But if ONE student from a different ethnic group even forgot their assignment in their locker, she would give them an F.

It was so hard to prove she was racist, too. She knew how to cover her tracks well. And I’m not usually the first person to say someone is racist, but she was. Whenever the teens spoke out, she would just say we don’t like her because we’re “insubordinate” and don’t want to follow rules. The principals and administration were all white, so they couldn’t possibly see it.

The main case that exposed her was the half Mexican, half white student. For most of the school year, she thought he was white. She used to talk to him and allow him to finish his homework in class. She found out he was Mexican when he was a part of the Mexican Independence program we had at our school. From there, she began to treat him differently. That’s when he realized she was racist. Because he clearly had no bad record prior to the teacher finding out his ethnic background, he was able to expose her.

That experience made me furious at racists.

This is an example of how racism can hold African Americans, and other ethnic groups, back.

But when I went BACK to my school in the black community, I experienced bullying for being “different”. The students loved to fight. Guns were common. The black teachers were fed up. We didn’t have many white and Mexican students. Only one or two, and one Asian girl. They were all bullied. I was always afraid to walk home from school because gun violence was common.

Racism held me back, sure, but black-on-black crime physically harmed me. I could fight racism. But what could I do against my own people? The people who should’ve seen me as their “sister”? With racism, I had a problem with authority. With black-on-black, it was the common student that was out of control ALONG with the authority!

Likewise, in white communities, authority is more of the problem. But in black communities, it’s every other neighbor, including authority figures! Depending on the neighborhood you live depends on what you feel is “worse”.

Black People Are Violent

Many people say this remark is racist or “anti-black”. It’s the words of a coon, right? Anyone bringing down the black community, even if what they say is true, is cooning, right?

Let’s review this question truthfully. Are black people violent?

Certainly, we can’t use the examples of those who’ve hash-tagged “Fuk yo flag” because clearly that’s hostile wording. These people in this movement have threatened to kill police officers. Are they violent?

Maybe they have a good reason. But it’s not about the reason. Are they violent about it?

Certainly when observing rioting in Ferguson and other places, people would think black people are violent.

But you can just say that’s white media only FOCUSING on the negative. It’s true that the news media conveniently missed over the peaceful protesters. And which is more newsworthy? Which is more dangerous? A peaceful protest or a violent riot? Still, this could be the workings of “white media”.

So are black people really violent?

Well, my fellow black people, the answer lies within yourself.

I know I’m not a violent person. And not every black person is violent. But I don’t think Peggy was referring to the context of “all”.

Let’s look at modern African American CULTURE. Many African Americans aren’t violent, but do we glorify violent culture? Really, most Americans do.

African Americans may not be violent themselves, but let me ask you, my fellow black people, do you gloat about being from the streets? Do you gloat about the kind of weapons you own? Do you threaten to beat up people? Do you enjoy watching a good fight? When you disagree with someone, are you first to threaten them or the first to try to jump this person?

How many of you people, reading this article, are thinking, “I just want to beat this writer up because she’s such a coon, I don’t care what happens to them”?

Is “thug” culture glorified? From among the kids I teach, the teenagers often boast about running from cops, being chased by cops, being in jail, and beating somebody up over the weekends. Many of these teens are lying clearly, but still, they glorify it and boast about it. These “teens” are as young as 11 years old. WHY? Because having “street cred” is glorified in black communities. Being from a bad neighborhood, a neighborhood full of crime, and being among the black men “that won’t submit to any authority but their own father’s” is glorified. Breaking a law is considered a “good thing” in the minds of many black youths, even when that authority is black. Showing respect for anyone is called “kissing someone’s butt”.

Movies like Boys in the Hood, Friday, and even Straight Outta Compton show how black people live in the ‘hood. Do any of these movies show black people as violent? What do these movies show? You can say that they don’t reflect how ALL black people live, and you’re right because many live in mixed communities. But the movies reflect how SOME black people live. Where do you think the source material came from?

Many black youths, especially youths who live in mixed communities, glorify these movies. They see these movies and funny and entertaining and often hope to live this kind of life. A life that will give them “street cred”.

If there were no mayors, no teachers, no black authority AT ALL, would there be anything to glorify? Again, I propose a “holiday” where those in authority do nothing to help stop crime in black communities. THEN we’ll see whether black-on-black crime is an ILLUSION or a FACT.

Do people just like to commit crimes just because it’s wrong? Doing the “wrong” thing can be fun to some people. This is why young people get swept up in rioting and huge fights. So if we don’t have cops, would it indeed make those who get a rush from doing the “wrong” thing stop violent acts?

I feel that many people make black people out to be more aggressive and violent than all really are. But also some black people have taken on the stereotype as a compliment, admitting that “black people aren’t anything to mess with”. When you ask black people how they would solve many hostile problems or issues even within their homes, the answer is usually violent.

And based on stats, http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf , more black MEN commit crimes than any men in the nation. This could be a skewed survey, designed by white people, and collected by government so they can make black men out to be criminals. But who is doing the reporting to these policemen? In all-black communities, it’s BLACK people. That’s how these stats are recorded. Maybe some policemen are just going into the database and adding in a black man for crimes they didn’t personally commit, or adding in crimes that are really minor. But homicide is a strong crime, and more black men have been reported than BLACK WOMEN. Is it that black cops AREN’T putting in black women in the stats? Why aren’t they doing this racial profiling towards black women?

And what about in communities like mine, where all the cops are black? Did they just insert homicides in their stats, too?

If we, as black people, want to prove that these stats are designed by white cops to demean and undermine black people, we have to tackle the ACTUAL crime in our communities. Once we do that, there won’t be anything to report, not even from within the all-black communities. We can truly see if these stats are legit or over-exaggerated reports. As long as there are black people who feel like victims of crime, such as myself, there will be reports. But if Black Lives Matter can convince black people who are victims of crime why racism is more important, then they would truly be able to make the difference they want when combating racism and white supremacy in the USA.

A bit of of the armed robberies and drug issues in black communities do have something to do with poverty levels and the black struggle, which is the result of “white privilege”. Still, if we combat black-on-black crime, perhaps we can better tackle poverty and ultimately racism.

You know what I find really funny? I’ve noticed that when black people get some money, they move into majority-white-mixed neighborhoods. This is a common thing. Do you see Nicki Minaj living in her neighborhood in New York? What about Beyonce? I’ve heard some black people tell me “#BlackLivesMatter and we have to stop racists”. But then when I point out that some of these people are living in white communities, they start showing off how many degrees they have, and where they live, and how they deserve the finest. Well, why does living in a white neighborhood constitute as living the “finest” lifestyle? Why do black people move into mixed communities the moment they get a little money? If white people are capable of stealing just as much as black people, WHY MOVE?

These are questions to think about.

Instead of answering that question, I just want you readers to meditate on it.

White-Washed, Anti-Black, and Coon

I hear many black people calling Peggy white-washed, anti-black, and a coon.

I won’t disagree with her being anti-black. She seems to be fed up with her black community, especially because of the senseless violence.

White-washed means a person of a minority group has assimilated with westernized culture. It’s to make something whiter by PAINTING it over to seem more white. When using it on black people, it means that they have become more like “white people” in their thinking.

I disagree that she’s anymore white-washed than any other black people in America. The ironic part about everyone calling her “white-washed” is that they were talking to her in English, on a white-man’s invented iphone, on a white man’s invented internet, on white man’s social media, with white-man’s invented hashtags….We, as black people, have all assimilated into western culture, whether they want to admit it or not. We have all adopted white people’s ways of thinking one way or another. That gun many young black men glorify on facebook and twitter? Invented by a white man. The white man’s inventions have HELPED black people assimilate into western culture.

Black people have adopted Christianity into their culture from slavery. Black people have adopted trousers and dresses and blouses from WHITE culture. We have already assimilated.

We can’t do anything about that because we were born in the USA. Still, it’s important not to get ahead of ourselves and enlighten ourselves. It’s important to know just how deeply African Americans have been assimilated into USA culture.

Further, “white-washing” happens when you have been TAUGHT something about something else, though it may not be true. It is not personally experiencing something and speaking out about it. Being white-washed is being taught white ideologies and BELIEVING them and living by them.

She may be like that in her personal life.

But in this case, she was expressing what is REALLY going on in her community or communities she’s lived in. She was expressing the REAL violence she experiences or has been experienced, day after day! That’s not white-washed. People are using the term out of context.

Say, for instance, the mother of the young 9 year old victim decides to speak out against black-on-black crime. Is she being white-washed? Is it white-washing to stand against something that isn’t right, especially when her child was the victim? Is it white-washed to try to prevent her community from being destroyed by outlaws? Is it white-washed for her to care about the safety of other young children in the community at the hands of senseless violence?

If white-washing helps you SAVE black people’s lives, rather than kill them, would that really help spread white racist messages?

What do RACIST people really want for blacks? They want us to stay thugs and criminals. They think that we deserve police brutality because we destroy our communities. They don’t WANT us to fix our communities. They don’t want us to be the majority. More black people? No, that’s not what a racist wants. They want a genocide to happen. They want us to hash-tag sayings on white-made social media so they can say, “See, we’ve even invented things that black activists try to use”. They want to gloat their superiority over black people. That’s what racism means.


And racists don’t just use police to do it. They use OTHER black people. They provoke them. Racists create addictive drugs and sell it to black communities. Black people take the “product” and sell it for them, letting those white drug creators make BILLIONS. White people invented guns. Black people use them.

In more ways than one, black people have fallen into the traps.

I’ve heard people tell me that they’d rather riot and fall into the stereotypes than try to get the respect of white people by admitting there is black-on-black crime in black communities.

But you see, by rioting, you’re still kissing the butts of white people, only this time, you’re taking from black people, too. You’re doing exactly what white people expect of you. And not only that. But whose attention are you trying to get by rioting? Who do you want to pay attention to you? WHITE PEOPLE. The Government. The government that is run by mostly WHITE people, the same people you claim you can’t trust. Why would these people be trying to get the attention of white people, people who won’t care any more than they did before, and will in fact think less of black people?

Whose attention is #BlacklivesMatter and #FukYoFlag supposed to get? Clearly, not other black people because black people aren’t the supremacists here. They clearly want WHITE people to look at them. The ones rioting and hash-tagging clearly want to gain the RESPECT and NOTICE of white people much more than those who want to clean up their own communities.

People who want to clean up their own communities don’t care what white people think about them. They’re not even concerned with white people. They’re not begging for the white man to respect them. They are independently trying to fix their OWN issues without the white man’s government and the white man’s help.

The “rioters” are clearly trying to gain the attention of white people and white media. They want to stop white police from killing black people. But at the same time, don’t want anymore policemen, either…But they are trying to get white attention to do it. They aren’t focusing on building black strengths in the community so that WE can RISE to power and change the legal system. So that WE can become the majority in this nation and take back power from European influence. No, they are destroying and rioting and killing off their own neighborhoods, and then asking for the white man to clean it up for them.

They want white racists to change their minds? Racists NEVER will change their minds if you keep rioting in your communities and threatening them. It’s just going to make them target you more.  Can you see feminists and the LGBT community changing the minds of people with a hostile attitude? No. You can do all the killing and rioting and all it will do is take away from YOUR black people, but it won’t phase racists.

We need to build who we are, mark our identity, and destroy the system in a deeper, more subtle, and most efficient way. Rioting solves and does nothing for black people. Killing cops won’t do anything but start a race war, where lives from both blacks and whites will be taken. Do we want another Civil War? Both sides lost people they could never get back during that war. It’s not worth it. Let’s not repeat history like idiots. That war helped free the slaves, but left a bitter South.

We should do things differently. We should unite to clean up our own communities’ problems first. THEN we should unite to fight RACISM. Once all black people get on the same page, we WILL have a large army. But as long as there are ANY black people killing, there will be black people calling the police. Somehow, we need to find a way to better trust some policemen or we need to find a better alternative. We need to support non-violence. We need to build our communities and our schools. We, as people, need to get more involved with our black authority figures so we can REALLY see what’s happening with our black leaders.

The last thing I want to talk about is that word ‘Coon’ some black people are using to describe her. To me, ‘Coon’ is like using the word ‘nigga’, if not worse.


It just goes to show you how badly black people have assimilated into a white-washed society. They are now freely using “slave” terms, without any remorse, to a black person who wants to speak out and make a difference. A RACIST person doesn’t want to see ANY black people speak out. They feel black people are too inferior to have opinions. And yet, black people are going to use this RACIST SLUR to try to repress a BLACK woman from speaking out? I don’t care if she IS married to a white man. That term is a WHITE MAN’s WORD. A word they designed to describe dark-skinned individuals. I feel that ANY black person that has the courage to speak out about something THEY feel is important is ANYONE but a coon. To me, anyone USING this racial slur should never even CONSIDER themselves pro-black. They are doing NOTHING but spreading a term designed by a WHITE RACIST man. If you are guilty of USING this word, just stop thinking you are ever doing ANYTHING for black people.

These are just my opinions on the ‘Peggy Hubbard’ rant.

What are yours? Leave me a comment in the comments’ section and let me know!

The Civil Equality Tests

29 Nov


Previously, I created a Bly Test and Socrates Test to improve gender relations, and create a more “equal” experience in media. These tests were based off of the Bechdel Test, a test known to create a more equal and fair female movie experience, but is very vague in it’s standards. You can click the links on “Bly Test” or “Socrates Test” to learn more about them…

But lately, the topic seems to be about race and ethnicity. Ever since the Michael Brown case, racial issues have resurfaced into a second “black-power” movement of sorts. Many of the issues center around racism. Though I believe the Michael Brown case had little to do with race, more on that here —>Michael Brown case issue<—, the topic of race was bound to show up sometime in this century. It has been boiling up for years.

Because it has shown up, I realized how tense relations between the many ethnic groups are. The issue is that neither side understands the other, and neither side wants to. The protests show that many ethnic groups, particularly the Caucasian and African American groups, do not trust each other. And yes, I say each other. Neither sides want to be caught up in a race issue, and yet both sides can’t seem to rise above the issue.

Racism still exists, true enough. There are white people out here who hate black people just because they are dark-skinned. There are white people who are closed-minded and think they are better than other ethnic groups. There are white people who believe the European way of doing things is, was, and always will be the superior way of living.

On the other hand, there are some black people who have a difficult “character” to deal with. Many prefer to solve their problems with aggression and violence. And many black people don’t trust any white people and so will find racism in every little thing. That could be challenging for a white person who really isn’t racist. Some black people don’t want to like white people, and want to live their life in hatred. Some have developed racist attitudes themselves (yes, it’s possible for a black person to be racist).

Yet, black issues, even without racism, are ignored. What is resurfacing is something that hasn’t been truly weeded out at the origin. Race issues have only been touched on the surface, but the deeper psychological scars haven’t been healed. Grandmothers are still alive to tell their stories. It still affects the children of today, if even in small ways. Yes, the slaves have been free for hundreds of years. Yes, the civil rights era was over 50 years ago. But were the issues truly resolved at the core? At the deep psychological core?

Because this issue still persists, and because the races still have tension, neither side will cross that dividing line of trust. The real issue lies within. How do we view each other? This issue is even more intense than the division between men and women.

In order to root out racism, one must have insight. Hatred is an internal thing that may not be visible. A superiority complex is something that is bred deep within. The true meaning of racism is to think one race is superior to another. This can be done from all sides. Sometimes, the affect is so deeply-rooted, we may not even realize it is there until we are tested.

This test is to check to see if all of us, we as people, have any hidden inner racist ideas, and to help us become more open-minded to other races. This may not be the overall answer, but it could be the start of healing racial tension.

I’m calling this test the “Civil Equality” Test. This test will push a more equal mind-set in people in a civil way by allowing people to reflect and think about other nationalities outside of their own. This will also rule out any self-hatred. For once, imagine being a different ethnicity for a day. How would you think? How would you feel? What would you do in your daily life? These are simple questions that a person with true understanding of another could answer.

This test may be controversial in nature, and I hate to step myself into racial issues. I like all people. I’m African American, and I’m obsessed with Asian culture. But as such, it’s even more important that I step into this issue.

One may argue that one race could never understand another race. But if we have that attitude, how can we ever resolve racial issues? How can we ever find peace among each other? We all live on this Earth, we can’t escape each other. Understanding is the key to ending war among people…Unless of course you enjoy and thrive on war…Then, you may have some other mental issues you have to work through…


This test works differently from the Bechdel Test, the Bly Test, and the Socrates Test. This test will pose a series of questions for each person to reflect on and answer. If you can answer ALL of these questions, then your mind is open to learning about other nationalities. This means you are NOT racist, because you don’t think your own ethnicity so superior that you are not willing to try to understand other ethnicity groups. If you can only answer half of these questions, you may be interested in other ethnic groups, but you only care about your own people and are only interested mostly in things that reflect you personally. You may have hidden prejudices or may ignore races you don’t feel fit in your world. If you can’t answer ANY of the questions, you have a hidden superiority complex and are a hidden RACIST. You might want to make friends or associate with different kinds of people so you can understand people outside of your small range of understanding…

So, here come the questions…Not that this should be the ONLY thing that decides whether a person is open to understanding others, but I think this test will be pretty basic. If you can pass this test, you have a start. Even a child could pass this test. So are you ready? Here goes.

1) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one African/Black descendant Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character

Then name a music artist

Cartoons are included, by the way.

I will begin with this for starters, since this is my own ethnicity, and I will give an example, just to show you how this works. As an African American, I have plenty of knowledge on African American media, so obviously this would be the first to answer. It’s best to start with your own nationality to rule out self-hatred.

I know one African American woman who hates all black media. She never has a good reason why…I sense some self-hatred.

My favorite movie where black males starred are Friday, The Brothers, Bad Boys, Good Burger, and White Chicks. I enjoy all of the Madea movies. My favorite movie where a black female stars is The Princess and the Frog. I also enjoyed CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story and Akeelah and the Bee. I also love 2 Can Play that Game. I also loved Why do Fools Fall in Love and The Color Purple. I loved Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, starring Brandy. I also liked College Road Trip.

Favorite male music artists are Omarion, Usher, Ne-yo, Dru Hill, Chris Brown, Tony! Toni! Tone!, The Jacksons, Prince, Stevie Wonder, The Gap Band, and New Edition. Favorite female music artists are Rihanna, Tamia, Janet Jackson, Monica, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, En Vogue, Toni Braxton, and TLC.

See how easy that was? You don’t have to name two, but if you can name more than one, you are really interested in thinking outside of your own realm. If you can name more than one in your own ethnicity, you do not suffer from self-hatred in any way, as you can relate to your own ethnic experience and are not ashamed to watch entertainment geared towards your own target audience.

2) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Caucasian Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character (name at least one that is Jewish, too)

Then name a music artist

I know there are plenty to choose from, but it’s still something to consider.

My favorite movie where a Caucasian male stars is Pirates of the Caribbean and all of the Harry Potter series. I also love Stepbrothers and Bedtime Stories. My favorite movie where a Caucasian female stars is A Series of Unfortunate Events. I also enjoyed Hunger Games and Tomb Raider. I also loved The Golden Compass. I absolutely love Annie, Psycho, and all of the American Girl movies.

My favorite male Caucasian artists are Panic!At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, A7X, Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, Backstreet Boys, Jesse McCartney, ColdPlay, Robin Thicke, Eminem. My favorite female Caucasian artists are Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Lillix, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Pink, Adele, Demi Lovato, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, and Miley Cyrus.

3) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Hispanic/Latino Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character

Then name a music artist.

My favorite movie where a Hispanic/Latino male stars is The Legend of Zorro. But I’m afraid I don’t watch enough of Spanish media. 😦 I need to open my mind more…

My favorite movie where a Hispanic/Latino female stars is Gotta Kick It Up and the Cheetah Girls series. I also loved The Princess Protection Program.

I ought to be ashamed of myself. I should have more knowledge of Spanish media. 😦 You see how honest you have to be with yourself? It takes a lot of courage to have insight.

Perhaps others can recommend some movies where Spanish-speaking individuals star, and excuse my ignorance.

My favorite male Hispanic/Latino music artists are Daddy Yankee, Fat Joe, Miguel, Enrique Iglesias, and Mario Vazquez. My favorite female music artists are J.Lo, Prima J., Selena, Paula DeAnda, Nina Sky, and Adrienne Bailon.

4) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Asian Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character

Then name a music artist.

My favorite movies where Asian males starred are Prince of Tennis Chinese live action, Detective Conan live action, Mushishi live action, Fashion King, and Rush Hour. My favorite movies where Asian females starred are When Love Walked In, Mulan, and To The Beautiful You.

My favorite male music artists are Gackt, Shinee, Suju-Henry, Got7, Se7en, Show Luo, Bi-Rain, Jo Kwon, George Nozuka, and Mike Shinoda. My favorite female music artists are BoA, Utada Hikaru, f(x), Keiko Lee, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Jade Valerie, Kristine Sa, and Jolin Tsai.

5) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Middle Eastern/Indian/Islamic/ Israeli Male AND one Female stars as a Main character

Then name a music artist.

My favorite movie where a Middle Eastern stars is Million Dollar Arm. Unfortunately, I don’t know too many movies with women starring as leads. 😦 I need to open my mind here.

My favorite male artist is Tarkan. My favorite female artists are Tina Sugandh, Natacha Atlas, Nawal Al Zoghbi, M.I.A, Super Woman and Humble the Poet, and Samira Said.

6) What is Your Favorite Movie where one Indigenous/Native Male AND one FEMALE stars as a Main Character 

Then name a music artist

My favorite movie where a female stars is Pocahontas. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many that I know here, either. I really need to learn more about other cultures.

My favorite female music artist is Lucy Idlout. I don’t know any Native/Indigenous male artists, unfortunately. 😦

So, you see? This one simple examination can reveal how open-minded a person really is. It can also reveal how open-minded media is in representing all kinds of people. Hopefully this sort of test opens people’s minds. Just doing it myself made me realize where I was lacking.

You can bring these questions to other categories, such as literature and television shows. Then you may really be able to open your minds. It’s also healthy to know about at least one historical figure that’s of a different nationality other than your birth nationality. When we can open our minds, and learn about others, we become less racist in our own minds. After all, racism begins as a mentality.


Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the test. If you’re not too shy, perhaps you can share with me some of your favorite movies with different ethnic groups.


Michael Brown and the Ferguson Protest

25 Nov


The streets were littered with protesters in the USA in regards to Michael Brown, an 18-year old boy who was killed by 28-year old police officer, Darren Wilson. Two young men. After the death, people, many of them African American, began rioting in the streets, robbing from stores and getting into altercations with other police officers.

That happened months ago, but now the verdict in regards to the case was due to come in 11/24. Unfortunately, Wilson was not charged with murder.

Hell broke loose on the streets of Ferguson once again. Protesters, or rioters, rather, began stealing from stores, setting fire to buildings, and vandalizing property.

Protests have been happening in other areas of the nation, such as in Washington, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Here’s my spin on the matter:

1) I find Wilson guilty in my own heart.

2) We don’t know the truth about this case.

3) The rioters are in the wrong right now, and disrespecting black people and anyone they claim to represent.

Now, I just want to explain my stand on this issue in a fair, but truthful way. I don’t want to ruffle feathers with such an uncomfortable topic, but I’m not shy when it comes to controversy, either.

I find Darren Wilson Guilty

darren wilson

With Trayvon Martin, I had my suspicions. You can read about that here. But with Brown, I really don’t feel he deserved to die. I really feel that the officer was in the wrong in some way. I don’t feel it was necessarily racially motivated.

I believe he judged the man based on the content of his character. There are a lot of black men in the community to just be singling out one man. This boy did steal, but he didn’t do a major crime for the capitol punishment that was issued.

I don’t know every gory detail of this case, but I do know that the boy was shot way more than once. I understand the young man was strong, but after the first shot, why go any further? After the first shot, I would’ve asked, “Are you going to surrender?” Really, he should have stayed in the vehicle and waited for back up after the boy fled the car. The cop obviously wasn’t strong enough to subdue the young man. But to shoot the boy more than five times? I can even understand two shots, but seven?

I think the cop was mad, lost control, and felt his own power. I believe he was young and thought he was going to teach the boy a lesson. I understand how crazy these children can be. I work with them. But whenever you have a position of authority, you always have to remember that everyone has their reasons for what they do.

From the story, there are two versions. Wilson’s version makes Brown out to be the aggressor, the one who provoked the fight. Brown’s friend, who was with him during the altercation, has an entirely different story. Witnesses all conflict in what they heard and saw. But one thing was adding up: There were way too many gunshots than there needed to be.

Should that boy have robbed from that store? Nope. And if he had a better moral character, this wouldn’t have happened. But it’s the cop’s job to make sure true justice is served. With Brown dead, can he really learn from his mistake now? Can others learn from his mistake? True justice would’ve been served with him alive, and certainly not shot more than five times. I believe both were wrong. But Brown has already paid for his wrong deed.

What payment is being due to Wilson, who acted out of control and trigger-happy with his gun? Not enough.

But as Yuuko from XXXHOLIC would say, “sure, you are getting away with it now, but you won’t be able to leave the house”. Something to that affect. He will be a prisoner wherever he goes.

I know police officers. I have had family members who were cops, all black cops. I understand that when someone signs up to be an officer, they are literally taking a chance with their life everyday. Really, they have sacrificed their comforts and safety to try to protect the community.

But some officers get comfortable with having that little power and carrying that gun, especially when they are young and inexperienced. Wilson strikes me as that kind of rookie cop. He probably has never experienced a one-on-one death threat before, and felt challenged by this bold boy who acted unafraid of the police. They exist out here. The criminal often feels his power as much as the cop trying to subdue him does. It takes an arrogant person to rob a store in broad daylight and not think nothing was coming to them. A thief must feel he has the power to walk in some place and take what he pleases, without fear. In this case, we expect that from a young man.

Not from a cop. The cop stole something from someone that night, too. He robbed a family of a son, brother, cousin, and he took someone else’s life. We expect an immature child thief to over-exercise his power, but we would hope our police officers would keep a cool head on their shoulders and not act irrational out of anger or revenge. It’s seriously a scary thought. On both ends, for both parties. And it makes this issue even more sticky…Of course…

We don’t Know the Truth About This Case

We have Wilson’s testimony, but obviously, he’s going to make himself out to be a victim. We have Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, who was involved in this altercation. We can’t really trust his word completely because he might side with his friend, even if the facts prove otherwise. Young people hate authority, and so you can’t trust everything they say.

Some of Wilson’s testimony seems legit. Read his testimony here. —>Darren Wilson’s testimony He claims that Michael Brown “taunted him” by calling him a “p***y” and “assaulted him”. Guess what? I believe him. Being the age Brown was, and in the kind of neighborhood, I believe it. I work with inner city African American children (and was once an African American child myself, now I am an adult), and most of them influence each other to be the same: Extremely disrespectful towards authority. There are only a few well-behaved, respectful children. Being respectful does not always mean being obedient to every rule, but showing respect even when you disagree with a rule or a law. Most of the young black children I know don’t respect ANY authority, not even if the authority is black.

No, this testimony is not easy for a grieving mother to grasp, as every mother wants to feel that their children were precious “angels”, and no one wants to lose a loved one. But come on, we all know, deep down, Michael Brown had some hand in his demise. I doubt the altercation would’ve escalated to that point had he been calm the whole time.

On the other hand, I believe the witnesses and Brown’s friend when they say Brown had his hands up in surrender. I believe that Wilson, so angry after being taunted, lost control, and began trying to prove to Brown he was not a wimp. He was angry, and wanted to show Brown up for making him look like a weak cop. That’s my understanding of the matter. I believe that the cop may have jerked his car door, accidentally hitting Brown. I believe he grabbed Brown by the neck. I believe the officer and Brown exchanged cuss words, aggravating the situation. I believe that Brown was trying to surrender, albeit with an angry tone of voice, but surrender nonetheless. I believe the cop misunderstood his actions.

Perhaps Brown stuck his hand in his waistband to scare the cop at first, we don’t know. But eventually, I believe he gave up after he realized the cop was willing to shoot him. This is when the shots should have ended.

The other Witnesses may count for something, but we don’t know who is neutral about the situation, and who just hates when white people have authority in black communities. There are black people who just hate to see a white cop (or any cop) in an altercation with a black person, and they will more than likely side with the black person (even a criminal) even though he is wrong.

Still, they are the only eyes and ears that can shed light on the case. They shouldn’t be ignored. And through everything a person says, everything may not be true, but I believe you can find some truth in everything said.

Read all the evidence presented in the case —>>> Here. It has all been released.

I understand all of this confusion can make people angry, especially the family and friends of Brown. I would want to fight someone, too. But…

The Rioters are in the Wrong Right Now, and Disrespecting Black people and Everyone They Claim to Represent


I understand everyone is angry. I understand the feeling that you are powerless, and there is nothing you feel you can do. I felt that same powerlessness, which is why I started this blog. It almost feels like black people’s voices are being ignored. It may even feel like people are getting desensitized towards black people because of a handful of black characters who actually do commit crimes. All black people get stuffed together because of the actions of one, and it isn’t fair.

But is rioting going to make people see that Michael Brown was being “profiled”? Being “profiled” is being suspicious of black people, especially men, simply because they are black men. It’s stereotyping all black men to be the same, pinning them to crimes committed within the community, when they are innocent. (But Michael Brown did commit a crime by robbing a store hours before his death, so…He wasn’t profiled).

By committing a crime, are you proving to the world that black people are blamed for “no justifiable reasons”? Or are you proving that black people love to commit crimes, and now that they have a reason to do it, they are going to?

I understand some black people want to send a message. They want to show that if they can’t trust their police officers, they might as well not follow the laws of the land. In other words, they feel if even the cops can commit crimes and get away with it, they should be able to get away with it, too. The more I put this in words, the stupider it sounds.

If you’re going to send a message that promotes anti-violence and the end of legal criminal activity, wouldn’t it be more effective to make yourself look like a solid citizen? If you act wild, with violence and legal criminal activity, then people begin to understand why police are so rough on your neighborhood, and they definitely wouldn’t take your cause seriously. You would be no different from the cop! I should say the whole community appears to be crazy. But if the people had acted peacefully, it really would’ve been a stab at the police. By rioting, they negated the purpose of the protest and made it about themselves.  Who can take the protesters of Ferguson seriously now? They aren’t representing Michael Brown by rioting, and they certainly aren’t helping empower black people. They are giving power to those oppressing black people.

There have been a lot of race riots in the past, but did it solve anything? No. The most effective movements have always been non-violent protests. The world has gotten farther with non-violent boycotts than with violence and rioting. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi were examples of how these movements have benefited people. There was less bloodshed and more understanding from the ones oppressing them. The only way to end racism is to understand one another. Do black people truly want to end racism? Do they want white people to understand them? Or do they thrive on their hate and anger towards white people and any other people they feel oppressed by? If the latter is the case, black people must have a love-hate relationship with racism. They hate that they can’t get anywhere in life with oppression, but they like being the under-dog and having a scapegoat cry of “racism” that could get them out of trouble whenever they need it. In this case, they are playing the American Justice System. They hate the system when it doesn’t benefit them, but they use the freedom of speech and equal rights clauses, amendments of the land, to empower themselves whenever they need it. I guess something about the system is benefiting them. In other countries, there are no equal rights clauses to benefit the oppressed. And black people have a right to take full advantage of that system, but let’s not take it for granted. You can only cry “race” for so long before, as MLK put it, the “content of character” begins to show.

And what does the rioting tell me about the black community in Ferguson? What is the “content of their character”? Honestly, it is not a place I want to visit, and those rioters are not individuals I want to meet. And that is sad. I really wouldn’t feel safe being there. That’s sad that I feel that way about a black community. Apparently, it’s so bad, they’ve stopped airplanes from entering and exiting Ferguson. I don’t want to judge these people, as I’m sure there are some good people there that the media isn’t showing, but I can say honestly, it turns me off, if even a little bit. I would love to go there and help, but I don’t want to be robbed and looted as I’m entering a city that is about to go bankrupt in a minute, due to the looting.

Look at how disrespectful all of this is to Michael Brown and his family. Sure, the family probably felt a sense of healing to know that people felt so strongly about the loss of their son. Possibly, at first they were happy everything was burning to the ground, because that’s probably how they felt inside. But after awhile, they probably began to see black-owned businesses burning, people scared, and all the hateful backlash, and it just pained the family in the long run. Whatever love the rioters were trying to show the families proved counter-productive.

Especially because these rioters were destroying their own community, their own businesses, their own streets! Before you destroy something, think to yourself, where am I going to sleep tonight? I’ll bet the good number of people who tore everything up didn’t have homes or jobs. If they did, they would’ve thought about these consequences. And if they did have a job and home, they probably don’t have one anymore. And even if they still do hold a job after this, the community is going to be in debt, due to all the damage that has to be fixed. It’s hard enough for black people to find jobs as it is, now you destroy the jobs you do have? Why set your people back further like that? Black people have destroyed themselves by rioting. Aside from jobs, now where are people going to buy things from? You burned your gas stations. Where are local people going to get their gas from now? I would hate to have to drive out of my community just to get to a gas station! You robbed your phone stores. Now where are you going to get phone service? All the drug stores are looted. Now where can people get their cigarettes? You know how people get when they can’t get their cigs!

Cars were burning, so how are people going to get home? What are they going to do if they don’t have good insurance? People just don’t think about others.

I understand things are just things, and lives are important. But isn’t all of this threatening to the ones still living? Should there be more bloodshed of the innocent on account of one semi-innocent victim?

They even looted the Chinese restaurant! What did they ever do to black people? When we get to this point, it’s no longer about race, and it’s no longer about Michael Brown. In fact, by this point, people are beginning to question whether any of this was about race or Michael Brown in the first place. Thanks for destroying what could have been a strong reform in the Criminal Justice System. This just makes the Criminal Justice System even more aggressive in their tactics and even more tight. It makes them look right about the community, and it makes the people look like they don’t know what they’re talking about!

We have black people saying, “This is nothing compared to Michael Brown’s body on the street. The city can be rebuilt, they have insurance. But Michael can’t be brought back to life.” Well, they won’t be singing that tune when their checks are hashed with taxes to pay up. Insurance can only cover so much. And you better hope some of those businesses have everything insured, especially small shops. You know how these insurance companies can be. And without jobs, these people may end up like Michael Brown, especially with the winter in full swing. How will the employees of the burned-down businesses thrive? It’s not like it will be easy to find a job in the community.

The real question is: What do black people hope to achieve out of this? And I’m not talking about the family. They just want an indictment. I’m talking about if there had been an indictment, and for future cases. Do black people truly want a better Justice System? With a stronger Justice System, black people won’t be able to pull the same card they usually pull. How will that ever be achieved when you won’t ever trust the police, no matter what? Even if there was change, could black people trust that things have changed, even with imperfect men trying to keep law and order? And if that system was better, would they comply with the laws better? Or are they just using all of this as an excuse to commit crimes, and don’t really care if they have good law-abiding cops?

I mean, authority figures are never anyone’s friend. They are certainly not friends with the people of this community, who seemed like they lacked total respect for police, looking at how Brown acted towards policemen. They are attacking other cops on account of this one cop. They are pitting all cops in the same category. They are setting fire to police cars in their own community, the same cars that could possibly save another life with the right reform. I understand if they don’t trust any of the cops now. Did they ever trust them in this community? Is it that they want all of the cops fired and replaced? Preferably, with more black cops? My community has nothing but black policemen, but it’s no different. There is still struggle between criminals and cops. Will a reform in the Justice System truly create safety? If not, what will stop people from being murdered in their beds or robbed in the streets?

It pains me to see another black community going down in flames. I want to see better of my people, I really do. But how can I support people who don’t want to help themselves, and instead, are only out to gain something for themselves out of someone else’s pain? Is robbing a liquor store going to solve this issue? Really!

And hey, I have felt racism. I know what true racism is. Racism is something far different than what is being experienced here. Racism is when someone is innocent and is accused by authority without a reason, just because of the color of their skin. I’ve experienced this in school and on the job. This boy had a reason for why he was stopped, and he was not innocent. It didn’t have to escalate as far as it went, but he was still not innocent. Rioting brings out all of the flaws of the case. It brings out a seed in this community that was probably influencing Michael Brown everyday, which is why he thought it was okay to steal in the first place. Before you do something, consider how your actions will affect the children in the community. Think how the same seed of rioting and looting actually killed Michael Brown in the first place. Straighten up your actions so you can be a better influence on the next generation.

In conclusion, I beg the people of Ferguson to focus on seeing justice in a peaceful, but more powerful way. I pray for the families affected by this tragedy. And I hope stability is restored to the community soon.

Leave me a comment and let me know your opinion on the Michael Brown case!

Do American Girl dolls of Color Sell Poorly?

27 Oct


Every year, American Girl fans anticipate the next American Girl Girl of the Year, the new annual modern doll that has come out since the beginning of the 21st Century. She usually comes with her own collection and set of books. What makes these dolls different from the historical dolls are that they reflect modern girls. The modern stories tend to lack the depth and length that the historical stories have.


In January 2014, American Girl disappointed many fans with Isabelle, an inspiring dancer. She was very uninteresting to most folks. 1) Girl of the year 2005 was a dancer. 2) Isabelle was another boring blonde in pink. It’s not that American Girl is crawling with blondes. It was just too predictable. Fans were hoping for something a little more original. To add, her features weren’t very unique. She didn’t have short hair or a ponytail or pigtails. She was marketed in an unoriginal way. Everything about her reminded everyone of another doll released in American Girl. I’ve heard comparisons to Kailey, Julie, Lanie…Which can’t be helped. Sometimes, American Girl has to repeat itself. But did she have to wear pink and dance? No.

Read my article: Do Blonde dolls sell better?


Many people are pushing for variety in the Girl of the Year line. A lot of people asked for an African American character. American Girl just now decided to create one in 2017.

Out of all of the dolls that have been released in the last 10 years, not one has been of African American descent. People were hoping that 2015 would be the year. Yet, there were many others who doubted American Girl would even try, including myself.

The question is: Why has Mattel waited so long to create a modern African American character? To put it honestly, black dolls don’t sell as well as the other dolls in the American Girl historical/Beforever collection. Even if you mosey on over to americangirl.com, enter into the “Shop” page, go under the “Bookstore” section, scroll down to “Historical Fiction”, and look at the word “Sort” and scroll down to “Most Popular”, Addy’s books are not even listed on the first two pages. At one time, when the other American Girl dolls were around (Kirsten, Molly, Felicity, Marie-Grace, and the Best Friend dolls), Addy was even further behind. Since those girls have been archived, Addy’s listings are higher in the books section. Still, the American Girl historical dolls sell low as it is. The minorities fall behind.

Go under the “Furniture” section. Addy’s bed is among the last of the Beforever listed. Addy is even among the last when you go under the “Dolls” section on the “Shop” page. Scroll all the way down to the “Dolls for ages 8+” on the bottom left-hand side. Go to “Sort” by “Most Popular”. You can clearly see that all of the Beforever dolls are popular at the moment, BUT the minorities are among the least popular in the collection. Imagine if Molly and Felicity were around!


Many argue that this just doesn’t apply to African American dolls, but Asian and Hispanic/Latino dolls in the Beforever line as well. None of the minorities are on the first two pages of the “Historical Fiction” section. The first two pages consist of white girls. There are Caucasian girls listed on the back pages, but the only Caucasians on the back pages are the ones that are Archived. All of the minorities are right before them. Kaya, Rebecca, and Josefina sadly have even lower listings than Addy. And this is just for books, which are prices cheaper than the dolls.

American Girl has sold more than 147 million books since 1986. They have only sold a fraction of that number when it comes to dolls, 25 million to be exact, in that same amount of time. And Addy is not topping either list. Being at the bottom of the book list carries a different tone than the doll list, where they’ve sold less. So where does Addy’s world fit into both stats? You do the math.


Since the Historical/Beforever collection is the “heart” of the brand, it is the main factor when American Girl Company is deciding what will sell or not.

This does not apply to the My American Girl line, where the black girls sell pretty well. More on this later…

The Beforever line seems to have the hardest time.

There could be two reasons for this:

1) American Girl Beforever does not appeal to African American children or households.

2) American Girl Beforever is too expensive, and minority families are less willing to pay the price for dolls.

3) The “majority” doesn’t connect with the minority enough to help support them.

As an African American myself, I have to say that, growing up, the first two points really struck my household as true. I was introduced to American Girl at a young age in the 1990’s. Back then, the prices were lower, but we still didn’t want to invest in these dolls. I got two dolls, and that was it. When I got older, I extended my collection. Most people I talk to that are of my same ethnicity say the same thing: “I am not spending that kind of money for a doll. My child will be fine with a Disney doll”.

Price is one thing, but the appeal of American Girl is not catching on to the African American community, either.

The reasons vary. They are not all related, either.

One reason is that the few American Girls that are black and a part of American Girl have provided stereotypical versions of African Americans for years. While Addy, the 1864 slave girl, exposes young black girls to a real part of African American history, some African Americans took offense during the time when she was the only African American represented (back in the 1990’s when she was the only black doll). Many African Americans wanted to be known for more than being uneducated slaves. They felt it was a hurtful and poor reminder of the oppression and segregation experienced by black people. “Like, why does the black girl have to be the slave?” They were ashamed of this. Other races are afraid to invest in Addy because her stories deal with racial issues so heavily. So, Addy was controversial since debut. Since African Americans didn’t take off with Addy, many didn’t follow the brand through. Many are just now hearing about the new doll, Cecile, the wealthy girl of color, and Melody, the Civil Rights Era doll because they only remember the brand when it had Addy, the slave girl.

I will say this is the same with Kaya. I get so many Native American people telling me they hate Kaya because she falls into stereotypes, though she represents a real part of their history and ACTUAL culture! It was the same with Ivy.

Addy (left, 1864)and Cecile (right, 1853)

Addy (left, 1864)and Cecile (right, 1853)

The truth is, as proud as people are of their personal heritage, many people want to be defined and labeled by something other than their ethnicity. They are struggling to find an American identity in this modern world, where race is no longer something that can define a person’s successes or failures as much as it used to. While people would be offended if their races weren’t represented, people would equally be angry if that doll was stereotypical in nature! And then people would be contradictory and end up offended if the doll wasn’t realistic or true to the culture at all! Even with Cecile, there were still black people who thought Cecile was glossing over the struggles of black people! Addy was too harsh, and Cecile wasn’t harsh enough!

Read More about that here: American Girl Black History Month

With so many divisions, this divides the money as well. Thus, the sale of the doll depends on how well she is executed. Most companies don’t want to take this risk. Thus, they risk less by omitting an ethnicity altogether.

The main reason why divisions occur inside an ethnicity could be because there are not ENOUGH ethnic dolls to represent a diverse group of people. Even black people are multi-faceted. There are millions of white dolls to represent the diverse viewpoints and personalities of various Caucasian people. With only one or two black dolls, black people are forced to connect with one of the two dolls based on skin or culture, even if the dolls are marketed in a way that doesn’t connect necessarily with every black girl’s personality or interests. If there were more black dolls, sales of minority dolls would increase, as people would begin to recognize the company as being diverse in their collection of “black personalities”.

This is very evident when we see the success of the Bratz dolls. The Latin/Hispanic/Jewish dolls sell far more than the blonde and white dolls. There are many diverse Latin/Hispanic characters to choose from, thus the sales of the Hispanic dolls have increased, and they continue to make more. Even Clawdeen and her whole ware-wolf family from Monster High, relatively dark-skinned dolls, are some of the best sold in the line next to the brunette Draculaura. Why hasn’t this success translated to American Girl?

American Girl struggles to connect with the diversity within one ethnicity. For instance, Addy is smart and family-oriented. A black girl who doesn’t like school or isn’t family-oriented would not connect with her. I connect with Addy because her skin is like mine, but as a writer, I can’t help but be drawn to Kit more. Black girls are not marketed in a way that reveals more than the color of their skin. Diversity brings more diverse customers. This goes for all of the other ethnic dolls. In order to find a middle ground, market researchers would have to dig deep and find out just what appeals to most ethnic children. However, many researchers would rather take the easy route. Many people just end up buying a My American Girl doll anyway, where children can make her into anything they want.

A second reason for the poor sales could be the way these ethnic minorities are marketed. The modern dolls sell more than the historical dolls as it is, but even within the historical line, the 20th Century girls sell better than the 18th and 19th Century girls. All of the Caucasian dolls sold within the 18th and 19th Centuries have been discontinued (Felicity, Caroline, Kirsten, Marie-Grace, Elizabeth). But most of the ethnic minorities have dolls that represent the unpopular centuries (Kaya, Josefina, Addy). Though dolls from the 20th Century have been discontinued, one (Samantha) has been brought back, and no one would be shocked if the other ones from the 20th Century came back. Therefore, it would be more advantageous for dolls of color to represent eras that existed in the 20th Century. This is why there was a push for a Civil Rights Era doll of color. Sure, you can argue that Ivy was from the 20th Century, and no, she wasn’t successful. But then again, she was just a “side-kick” doll without a collection all her own or a full book series.

American Girl also needs to take better care of the minority characters they produce. American Girl should give their next wealthy girl of color or their Asian doll a complete collection all to herself. They had the opportunity to make so many glamorous accessories and playsets for their last wealthy girl of color. Did they take advantage of it? No. They had the opportunity to make their 1970’s girl Asian. Did they? No.

In the modern Girl of the Year collection, American Girl just recently added Gabriela McBride. We can’t determine her success until the end of the year. But the ethnic dolls that have existed have been Marisol, Jess, Sonali, and Kanani. Jess and Sonali did not sell well. Marisol and Kanani did. I should say Kanani sold better than Isabelle.

Let’s observe the two dolls that didn’t sell well versus the ones who did.

Jess was not marketed in girlish, glittery colors like Marisol and Kanani, neither was Jess’s story appealing to little girls, though it was my favorite. It was also not a huge collection. But for once, Jess was recognized as the daughter of archaeologists, not the Japanese girl (though she is bi-racial)! And yet, people were still disappointed she didn’t have any items representing her heritage…

Sonali was a best friend doll. She represented a girl who was originally a snob and became a friend. Of course she wouldn’t be appealing! She had no story collection and was not the main character of the movie. She was also a side-kick doll, like Ivy. She only came with one outfit.

So, those two dolls didn’t sell well. But the other two dolls did…

Marisol was a dancer, which is appealing to little girls, and ballet is especially appealing. That’s why American Girl thought they could do it again.

Kanani was just stylish overall. She also had a summertime collection that could bust out the lively colors and outdoor accessories and playsets.

Four dolls, four different results, and different marketing approaches. But one thing is certain: We can’t determine the outcome of the sale of a doll that hasn’t been tried yet. We can only deduce how the company will handle it based on the execution of their other dolls. So far, the chances of success are there if the company tries hard enough. It’s difficult, but not impossible. They have had at least two dolls of color fair well in GOTY.


There are other examples of American Girl’s success with dolls of color. If we go on American Girl.com, mosey on over to the “Shop” section, click the “My American Girl” link, “search the dolls by item” number, which is the same as pressing the “Start the Fun” button, you will see a list of dolls. At the top, you can sort that list in any way you want, but one selection is by popularity. The top three most popular dolls include a dark-skinned doll! In fact, the first page has two dark-skinned dolls and one medium-skinned doll listed! These three dolls are very popular, so American Girl is selling some darker dolls very well. They are modern. If they do what they did for these dolls, perhaps they could sell more.

If they gave the ethnic minority girls more appealing collections, lovable personalities, a movie wouldn’t hurt, and friendlier stories, girls (and their parents) would cave and buy them, just like they did with Marisol and Kanani.

On the same token, if the people themselves accept the doll, and she represents both the historical aspect and a modern aspect, perhaps both sides of an ethnic division could easily support the doll.

The newest Girl of the Year 2017, Gabriela McBride, may be just the doll to bring that flavor.

I still think American Girl should at least try its hand at producing more African American characters. If it doesn’t work, at least they will have the satisfaction of knowing they tried. Really, it doesn’t seem to improve much from having a blonde character. American Girl’s market share spiraled down 10% in 2014. Isabelle is the least sold GOTY, and she is blonde and pink! People are looking for change, and I think now is the time to give it. Even Lea couldn’t sell out in 2016.

My overall conclusion: The only reason the Beforever dolls sell poorly is because of representation, execution, and poor marketing. The black dolls in the My American Girl line sell better than the black dolls in the Beforever line.Therefore, the likelihood that a modern black girl could sell well is higher than if she’s in the Beforever line.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think? What are your predictions for future GOTYs?

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Racism in England Against Pakistanians and Indians

10 May

This is pathetic. These little boys need belt whippings immediately. I would like to see these kids try to make it in a different country.

I get so tired of ignorant English-speaking (and when I say English-speaking people, I mean the US too) people who treat immigrants or people from immigrant families like dirt.  English people think of themselves as being superior. And they are always the first to cry, “Why are you here when you can’t speak the language?” (Even though many of Pakistanian and Indian blood were born in England and America). English speaking people (including Americans) can barely speak their OWN language, much rather try to tell a foreigner how to speak. Many of them speak broken English that NO ONE can understand. I went up to a supposedly English speaking person, and the first thing they say is, “You Ain’t.” Wow. Really good English.

Also, these people make these claims on lands. PAH! This is everyone’s land, and anyone can live anywhere they want to. That’s how the Native Americans used to think, and they are right. And when you think about it that way, who says where Pakistanians and Indians belong? Who makes these rules?

And judging how many English have moved across the border in the past, colonizing lands that didn’t “belong” to them, wiping nations out so they can own lands…they really need to shut up.

And of course, this isn’t directed to ALL English people. I know there are probably some English people who have sense and intelligence. But for those of you who think this behavior is acceptable, you really need a rude awakening. Justice needs to be served.

All of this behavior was spurred on by stereotypes about Pakistanians and Indians, things that aren’t even true of all of them. Just like all English people aren’t racist, all Pakistanians are not a like. You should meet each person for who they are, and then decide how the person is. But you can’t judge one person through a group of people, especially out of millions of people.

Next article will be on this video…

Lebron pulls the wrong Card again—this time, the Race Card

1 Oct


Let’s see. In the philosophy of basketball, there are only so many bad moves you can make before you totally whack out on the game. That goes for on the court and off the court. On the court, a wrong move can cost you the game. Off the court, it can do the same–only on the court, the fans will still respect you, even if you suck. But if you move wrong off the court, you could even lose the respect of your fans.

Lebron James has pulled too many wrong cards in the card game of basketball:

1) When given the chance, he left Cleveland because….no reason. Because he could be a dick if he wanted to be. He knew how much Cleveland wanted him to stay. Heck, even Betty White pleaded for him to stay. And yet, he chose to move to Miami because…Wade and Bosh were there?…no…maybe…nice weather? Well, none are legit reasons for leaving a team that has sponsered you and helped you make it as far as you did. He was merciless in his “decision.” Therefore Cleveland hates him, and many other fans even hate him just because of his attitude. He is so arrogant now. His head has blown up. And some people feel he’s a traitor. There was nothing wrong with the team. It’s not like it was giving him any problems, he just simply wanted to be a dick and show how much he didn’t care. Well, that was his first mistake.

2) He pulls the race card. He claims that the reason for all of this hate against him is because “white people don’t want to see [him] take charge of his career.” What? Okay, I admit, after he made that stupid decision, some racial remarks were flying. But even black people were calling him nigger that day, and chances are he deserved the “nickname”. They weren’t calling him “nigger” because he was black. They were calling him nigger because he was dumb. That’s judgment on the content of his “character”, not his “color” . There were other names that flew out like bi*** and fa***. People were angry. Expect a few negative and derogatory words to fly out. But to blame your shortcomings on “racism” not only shows how little you know yourself, but shows that you are too blind to change your inadequacies, Lebron. You are using a scapegoat. Pulling the race card isn’t going to work this time. Yeah, maybe the NAACP will side with you when it’s all over. They like to show up when the damage is done in hopes of getting spotlight attention, though nowadays, they have become an almost pointless organization.

If he was smart, he would’ve listened to the white people. They gave him some good advice, and he diarreaed all over it. Now, his image is destroyed. Maverick Carter, manager and friend, is just saying what you want to hear so he can get a piece of change.

I’m sorry Lebron, but you have just pulled out any last loyalties you had. Maybe when you grow up, you will be a little wiser. But for now, you are just a little boy who is caught up in his taste of fame. Hope fame will be good to you. Expect to see a drug-addict in the next couple of years out of him.

NAACP Accusing Tea Party of Racism with no evidence? Fishy to me…

14 Jul

NAACP accuses the Tea Party of Racism?

Wow, it’s come to this? The NAACP is so desperate to maintain it’s “business”  and spotlight attention that they are blaming just about anyone these days for racism. I mean, if someone is honest with them about how racism has decreased in the last 40 years or so, they’d be out of business and they would lose fame…

But come to think of it, lately as I’ve gone through some youtube accounts and even wordpress, when there is a mention of Black people, bias comments do fly off the handle. Take a look at the blog  58 Reasons to Hate America . Though clearly the whole site is filled with racial bigotry, political intolerance, and media hatred, people in the comments section expressed their true views…

So racism does exist. Not to mention, some people in the tea party have mentioned they hated black people. But today, I think a lot of white people hate us for many different reasons other than “because we have dark skin”. To me, it seems white people don’t understand our culture, as much as we don’t there’s. However, we understand it more because black people live in a nation that is dominated by English culture, wheras white people don’t have as much exposure to African American culture…

And yet more and more, the “black” culture continues to influence everyone around the world, especially in media, entertainment, and sports. Black people have shown their share of worth in setting music trends, fashion trends, and sports trends. So white people are starting to understand us.

So, there has to be another problem.

Simply, I’ve noticed the same problem most white people have today with blacks

1) Blacks always pull the race card with white people. Every white person isn’t racist today. In fact, most aren’t. Yea, some person may spurt out a negative comment to you, but more than likely they do it to every person, even if it is their own race. Obviously they just hate you, not your whole race.

2) Black people cause too many problems. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my neighborhood, but wherever I go, someone is always trying to fight someone, shoot someone, get a nasty attitude like the world owes them something, and even on the workforce, black people are lazy, the last to come into work, and the first to leave. And this is not just a stereotype this is throughout all of my experiences working with black people in my neighborhood. If they grew up in black neighborhoods, you might have a problem with them. They are always complaining on the job, never want to work harder and don’t challenge themselves, and they give up too easily. They are a stubborn and proud people. And that is the black culture. Every culture has it’s problem, but that is the problem with black people.

Advice: Find a black person who has a lot in common with you. Maybe, they grew up in a mixed community and are more understanding of cultures. Learn about their culture, and maybe they will learn about yours. Express your concerns with black people pulling the “race card” on you.

The real problem with humans as a whole is people who always want to stay around their “own kind”. I feel that neighborhoods should be more mixed. But many people always pile in with people who look like them.

The whole problem with today’s world is “image”. Looks are shaping all of America, whether it be in music, television, and politics. It’s no longer about what someone can do, but what someone looks like.

Of course, you won’t expect much racism in Generation “Scorpio” and Generation “Sagittarius”, the youngest generation ages 7-15. That’s the best thing about our younger generation, they never saw color when they cheered for Justin Bieber at the BET awards, neither did any race care when they got addicted to the Twilight franchise, especially seeing that Jake was supposed to be in the image of the Native Americans.

Let’s hope former Generation “Libra” can set aside their differences. The problem was that they grew up in the age of Tupac and race riots and the inspiration of Malcolm X and racial hatred that was revived from the 70s. They believe in “separate but equal”. But if they don’t set aside their differences, I predict a “race war”. In ever generation run by the “Cardinals”, there is a war. When the Civil War happened, it was the “Aries” generation that encouraged it and fought in it. During WWI and WWII, it was Generation “Cancer” who fought for their traditions and homeland.

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