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Who is SHE and What Does She Expect From YOUR Relationship? By the signs (Feminine Identity)

14 Mar

If you don’t understand much about zodiac signs and you are new to planetary signs, aspects, and houses, read the introduction here.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, justice, sex (aphrodisiacs and arousal), and peace. It is an air planet. It’s associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Venus wants us to live a pleasant life of ease. She represents all we appreciate and adore. The sign she enters shows HOW we express our love, adoration, and appreciation. The house she enters shows WHERE we express this love, adoration, and appreciation. The aspects show us how difficult or easy it is to use her energies in our lives and how much of it we use as a result.

Ever heard of the saying, “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus”?


In a woman’s chart, Venus is her ruler, while men are ruled by Mars. This is more socialized than anything. We have all the planets in our charts and are capable of using all of our energies.  But in our society, women tend to connect with Venus more than men do. Thus, the sign Venus is in tends to tell woman a lot about her own status as a “woman” and her identity in relation to her peers. Venus is a social planet, after all. Venus also reveals what women expect from relationships in general and her own sexuality, which is what I will be discussing in this article.

Why are women so associated with Venusian sexuality (and not men)? Mars has often been associated with sex as well. So why are women associated with Venus sexually? It has a lot to do with our society. More than men, women are often faced with situations that repress their sexual urges. Slut-shaming is very common. Women are also faced with other issues. I found a very interesting read on Psychology Today titled 5 Myths About Men’s Sexuality by Deborah Anapol. Even though the article mostly focuses on male sexuality, the author made some interesting points about women that relate to the idea that Venus is a woman’s sexual ruler. She discovered that “women are more socialized to channel their erotic yearnings into romantic fantasy”. Women are controlled and criticized when it comes to sexuality and their interest in a partner, especially one of the opposite sex. Because of “sex-negative conditioning and social judgments,” women are not able to explore their sexual potentials as widely or as easily as men. Until they are freed of these restrictions, subtlety will rule over directness. Love will rule over passion. Foreplay will be preferred over actual sexual intercourse.

The article 10 Things You Need to Know about Female Sexuality by Bella-Ellwood Clayton tells us that “[Women’s] desire to appear desirable exceeds desire itself…[Women] are too busy chasing beautiful to want to kiss beautifully.” Of course, she also recognizes that media and advertising does a lot to make women ashamed of their bodies and their “genitalia”. Therefore, women often focus more on “looking like they are having sex” rather than actually desiring to actually have it. They are so focused on being beautiful themselves that they feel uncomfortable seeing this beauty in their partners. This also relates to Venus having power over a woman’s sexuality rather than the sex planet Mars.

Venus has a real beautiful side to it, but she isn’t flawless. While Venus blesses women with charm, grace, beauty, and love, it curses them with a passive nature, vanity, and social conformity (stifling originality). Of course, there are some women who are exceptions to this rule.

Mars is another planet that rules sex, as I mentioned before, but it’s different for women than for men. Readers may remember my article regarding Women and Mars: What Does SHE see in YOU? By the signs

Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets in our charts. But for most women, Mars is projected onto men. She may often expect a man to live up to standards she herself doesn’t feel “allowed” to release. This will come in the form of the man she’s “attracted to”. From my experience, the stronger her Venus is, the more pressure she feels to conform. Therefore, women with Venus in her rulership signs (Taurus, Libra) or her exalted sign (Pisces) tend to project their Mars energy more in relationships and feel more uncomfortable expressing such “masculine” traits. Women with weaker Venus signs, such as Venus in detriment (Aries, Scorpio) or Venus in fall (Virgo), tend to be more comfortable with revealing sides to them that are deemed more “masculine”, though all women struggle with the need to conform. Aspects from Venus to Mars also make a woman more comfortable with her masculine energy.

Because women so often identify with Venus, any planets in your chart that are in Taurus or Libra will affect your feminine identity. If you have Sun in Taurus, for example, you may identify with the principles associated with the Sun.

So you may be wondering: If Mars rules the kind of man a woman is attracted to, why does Venus rule over what she expects out of love? This is the tricky question. It’s actually quite simple. Though women may be drawn to certain men because of their “masculine” energies, they often have certain codes for how even the “baddest” boy is supposed to treat a “lady”. In other words, even though women are attracted to the “bad, rough, and tough” Marsian energy, they still expect to be treated well by him, according to the “lady” she feels she is (which is ruled by her alter ego, Venus). So though she may naturally be drawn to a man’s approach (Mars sign), she may not feel he treats her well if he doesn’t respect or honor her the way she feels she deserves  (reflected by Venus).

Because women project Mars, often times this can create conflict with her Venus energy, especially if there are harsh aspects. A good example of this complicated love life would be singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s love life (well, as she describes in her music). Taylor Swift has Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio. Having Mars in Scorpio, she’s naturally drawn to “Pluto and Mars” in a man, the edgy, bad boy types. It’s pretty evident when we listen to songs like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Style”. She describes a guy who “doesn’t care” and “she guessed she liked that”. In style, she describes the man as having a James Dean look in his eyes, long hair, slicked-back, white t-shirt…She seems to be drawn to men who sweep her in passionately, who give her a rush, men who have the ability to manipulate and control her psychologically. She likes this bad boy image.

So why would it hurt her for him to leave? Why would she be arguing with him? After all, you can’t expect a bad boy to be good, right? This is because of what she expects when she gets with him, which has a lot to do with the woman she is. It has something to do with her Venus in Aquarius. Unlike Scorpio, Aquarius is a mental air sign. Aquarius upholds humanitarian values, stays away from the depths and drama of messy emotions, abhors power and control, and tends to be social and friendly. When we hear the song, “You Belong With Me” or songs like “Style”, we see the woman SHE is: quirky, lovable, and a good girl. She likes her “tennis shoes” rather than “high heels”. Instead of being “cheer captain”, she’s on the bleachers. This good-girl-geek seems in total contrast to the bad boys she seems to be drawn to. She likes the bad boys, but expects to be treated like a “good girl” BY this bad boy.

What she may not know is the “bad boy” is her projection. It’s only how she PERCEIVES him. Honestly, we all can only “perceive” how others are. We can never know what’s truly going on inside a person. We aren’t them. And no matter how we see a person, they each have their own natal charts that may reveal things we may not totally expect from a person. She may see him as a “bad boy”, and his chart may reveal he’s nothing but a softy! So in all honesty, inside, SHE’S the one who’s drawn to the dark side! It’s her internal bad girl that is constantly drawn to the bad boy! She’s the one who desires to live life on the edge. But she has projected this energy onto the men in her life. That’s how Venus and Mars work in a woman’s chart.

There are other planets in signs that affect our relationships (as well as houses), but Venus is directly associated with our attraction to others, our love for things, and what we desire. Mars works with Venus, but Venus is especially important when it comes to women understanding their gender identity.

Moon is another planet that reveals a woman’s “feminine identity”. But Venus is the beauty and charm in women, Moon is the wife and mother in women. Venus is the girl, Moon is the woman. Venus is our identity when we’re among our peers and potential lovers. Moon is our mother’s identity or our identity as a “parent” or “wife” or long-term girlfriend. This is how we represent our family and how we see ourselves among our family and close friends. Mother’s influence often follows us wherever we go, so we carry her presence with us in public, too. We just don’t often realize it (or if our relationship with her is shaky, we don’t want to).

In a lesbian’s chart, she tends to balance both her masculine and feminine energies well in a relationship, considering she may not feel the need to be the submissive or assertive one in her relationship. It may vary according to her partner. Still, even lesbian women may feel the pressure to conform like all the other women. She may not project her Mars on a man she’s interested in, but she may end up projecting her Mars on men in general. She may even look for a partner who has more masculine qualities if she really is out of touch with Mars.

In a man’s chart, Venus tends to reflect the qualities he would rather “project” and reveals his idea of the “ideal” woman.

Read What Does HE see in YOU? By the signs

The Moon in a man’s chart also reflects his

Mars in a man’s chart will reflect his social identity and what he expects from a relationship, especially sexually.

Who is HE and What Does He Expect From YOUR Relationship? By the signs

This article can be the most enlightening for men who are looking for a lovely lady or for men who are particularly interested in a woman right now. This article can be very helpful. Many men have a hard time understand the female mind and often may feel confusion when trying to date women. They may notice that though some women claim to be attracted to certain qualities in a man, some women may wish for that man to treat her just the opposite of who he is! Therefore, he may feel women are difficult to please. Well, worry no more! If you look into her natal chart and observe her Venus and Mars signs, aspects, and house placements, you will understand her better.

For ladies, this article can help you understand yourself better in relation to society. This can help you exactly define what you are searching for in relationships. You may relate to the following explanations.

Now that you know a little bit more about Venus and her partner Mars, we can learn how each sign utilizes Venus’s gifts and how women define themselves differently according to her Venus sign!

Venus signs

Venus in Aries

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Leo

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Libra

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Aries

Fantasy hd, hq, wide screen wallpapers, pictures and images

Fantasy hd, hq, wide screen wallpapers, pictures and images

Feminine Identity: Venus first enters Mars’s domain, Aries, the sign of her detriment. Aries is a fire sign and cardinal. Venus and Mars are two of the relationship planets, but they are polar opposites. Mars has always been the planet associated with masculinity. Venus is the feminine principle. Mars is the planet of war; Venus is the planet of peace. Mars is active; Venus is passive. While being in the sign of Aries can be a little scary for her, it’s always exciting! Thus, when Venus is in Aries, these women don’t often mind doing things that are considered…well, unladylike! For them, men are not the only ones from Mars!

It’s not that these women can’t be “girly” (with some people’s interpretation of “girly” being someone who likes clothes, make-up, cooking, and romance). It’s just that their way of expressing themselves as a “girl” may come across a little too strong, dramatic, or too loose, which seems to actually be in far contrast to the social standards set for women in our society. One thing is for certain: these women often break social rules without even trying! In this way, they are leaders who are not as “controlled” by society as other women are. Still, they struggle to “fit in” with the world’s idea of feminine or with the world’s idea on how a woman should behave.

You may find some of them to be really tough and independent. They may be competitive, aggressive, and energetic. They may be athletic and maybe a little tomboyish. Some of these women may even seem much tougher and more active than men! Even if they are not athletic, they respect athleticism and strength in others. They may enjoy competitive video games as well. These ladies can easily be one of the guys and may have quite a few male buddies. This could make more insecure men uncomfortable. They are also quite brave and can be dare-devilish. They never want anyone to think of them as weak.

Unlike most women, they don’t feel as strong of a need to conform. This allows them to be original in their thoughts and actions. In this way, they are able to compete “in a man’s world”. On another note, they can be too girly. Mars gives them a passionate and forceful nature. Sometimes, this doesn’t come in the form of being rough, but they may have a passion for fashion, make-up, style, beauty, or anything else girly! Barbie the doll is said to have Venus in Aries and she has come to be an icon of intense girlishness, materialism, vanity, and female sexuality. Of course, for a woman to be too involved in these sorts of things is bad in most societies. It breaks the rule that “girls should be modest”. Somehow, Venus in Aries have learned to separate “feminine” interests from actually being delicate and soft. Venus in Aries women are hardly ever soft or delicate though they may be interested in the same things other women are. Everything Venus in Aries women do is done with flair. They tend to be avante-garde and bold in their tastes and attitude.

No matter if these women are extremely tomboyish or extremely girlish, most Venus in Aries women can’t help but be the “alpha personality” among their female peers. Sometimes these women challenge other women and produce a spirit of rivalry and competition. They could equally challenge women to do better and be better in a broader sense.

They can be daring flirts (i.e. boyfriend thieves), which can irritate some women. Venus in Aries women are generally more confident than most women and jump on opportunities other women lose out on due to being shyer. They are also quite brassy and boastful at times. They must be careful of creating a “civil war” among women. Some of them are mostly independent and have a hard time mingling with other women, feeling they hold them back. These women always have a few male buddies hanging around. Sometimes, they are too active for the kind of activities other women enjoy.

Still, these women are not afraid to make new friends. They usually initiate friendships with people, never afraid to give away their heart. They can be generous and usually jump to their friends’ rescue when needed. Their problem is maintaining their friendships. They tend to be better at making new friends than keeping the ones they already have. They will better stay with friends that keep up with their independent natures. They don’t want to be controlled and have no qualms with letting friends down if they don’t want to do something. If it’s not something they are comfortable with, they will choose being themselves over doing something just to support their friends. For instance, if they dislike wearing dresses, they may not wear one to their friends’ wedding–even if they are one of the bridesmaids! They have a hard time being told what to do and can be headstrong in this way. They won’t even let their friends control them. They would rather not be in a friend’s wedding. Some people may consider them selfish and defiant. They see it as being honest. They really want to be comfortable inside, but it’s difficult because it conflicts with their desire to keep their loved ones. They often get caught between doing something they want to do and pleasing others.

Despite some Venus in Aries women’s issues with other women, there are those Venus in Aries women who unite instead of divide! Venus in Aries women are heroic. They often start trends and pave the road for other women to follow. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the first women to buy a pair of pants had Venus in Aries! Their archetype is the warrior, so they are the first to fight for the rights of all women. And they just aren’t all talk! They are ruled by the planet of action after all. Women can’t help but admire these ladies! Before any barrier is broken, someone has to break it. Just leave it to them to do it.

Their fellow female peers may find them to be the best cheerleaders. They are good at encouraging their friends and brightening up their friends’ days. Other females think they are fun to be around, though their friends may also think these women can be too much to handle at times. Any partner who ends up with a Venus in Aries may feel taken for a roller coaster ride. Every day may feel dramatic. Partners may feel that these ladies have fully taken charge, and they have no choice but to follow. Partners may willingly follow because Venus in Aries women are easily magnetic and exciting. These wild women will have you living la vida loca.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

The most beautiful things about these women are their bravery, confidence, sex appeal, and originality. Everyone thinks they’re fun and exciting. They redefine beauty on every level. With Aries leading the way, anyone can feel beautiful! They seek to challenge our usual perceptions of beauty and they seek to come out blooming like a rose.

Relationships: Because of their natures, you can only imagine what they expect from relationships. It’s definitely not what we would all consider “traditional”. These passionate women are looking for a relationship to be passionate, exciting, and fun. They demand to be noticed and doted upon. They often don’t have the patience to care if their partners are satisfied or not. But they want a partner who is eager to please! They can be a little selfish and may expect their partners to cooperate with them without any rejection or objection. They often don’t feel it’s their responsibility to cater to someone else’s needs, and in fact, dislike needy partners. No matter what, these women want to maintain their independence and freedom. So, they prefer a partner who is on the same page with them on anything they do. For them, a partner is a side-kick. Despite these selfish tendencies, however, the mission of finding a new partner is thrilling and exciting for them! So during the courting stages, if they’re the one interested, these women tend to be generous, giving their all to get who they want.  They don’t mind being the pursuant one because they are not afraid to make the first move (though this depends on their Mars sign). Still, they love the chase even more and may play hard to get. They can be tough to impress when they are being pursued and it may be better to let them do the pursuing. These women can be super affectionate in the first stages of a relationship, but may cool off later. And if they aren’t with a partner who can spice things up, they will be bored. It’s best for these women to be with a partner that has a lot in common with them because things definitely have to go their way for them to be happy. However, they are impulsive and often don’t take the time to get to know a person before jumping in a relationship. If they like you, you have their full attention. When they don’t, they almost don’t realize you exist.

They are constantly falling in love with Mars, the planet of action, desire, and aggression. There is always something exciting and thrilling about Mars. He’s masculine and challenging. He’s an excellent defender and protector. But woa, can it make for a tense relationship! The fighting and drama hardly ever stop. Things always get a little steamy.

When they like someone, they tend to dress really sexy or flamboyant, with bold colors.  They are not afraid to show off their goodies. Many have athletic bodies, and want to flaunt it! They are power dresses, expressing originality and luxury. After a while, however, they tend to dress more comfortably. For them, they are on-the-go types. They don’t have the patience for the kind of pampering that is usual of most women. They often don’t feel like they should have to dress to impress a partner and they think a partner should love them for who they are. If they do dress up, they normally don’t do this to be attractive to a partner. Most times, they do this to gain the admiration (and envy) of other females. These women pay extra attention to their head. They may be dressed casually for a date sometimes, but you know it’s serious if their hair is nice, they’re wearing make-up, and they have the perfect earrings on to highlight their skin.

The perfect date for them would be something fun or active. A little competition may be fun, like maybe bike racing in a park or playing laser tag. They don’t mind dinner if they are treated like the only person in the room. Whatever they do, it must be fresh and new or at least feel that way. The best compliment would be to acknowledge how fun she is or acknowledge her accomplishments. Don’t talk about your feelings on the date and don’t EVER bring up your ex. Again, she wants this to feel new and fresh. She wants to feel like the first girl in your life.  If you want to get them a gift, find out what they have been desiring for a long time and get it for them. They respond to the color red.

When these women aren’t interested in someone, they are straight-forward and honest, even rude about it. It’s hard to get their attention because they are super independent and always on-the-go. Their love interests have to keep up. It can be hard to catch them or tie them down. Their flirting style is daring and direct. You’ll know when they like you. They will probably just tell the object of their desire how attractive they are right from the beginning! They tend to do the pursuing anyhow. They love nothing more than the rush of a new relationship. That’s when their charms are activated. The excitement shows on their faces and all over their bodies! They may come on a little too strong, but you’ll never be wondering.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

These women feel that all women want to be in charge of their relationships. They may feel it’s normal for a man to do whatever a woman asks of him. They may feel this would make him a gentlemen. They may feel all women agree. They may believe women are strong enough to do things on their own and believe that women should be independent. They believe women should learn to love themselves first, and love a partner only after themselves. They may be surprised to find that this is not the way all women think. On the other hand, it may not be hard for them to understand that not every woman thinks like them as they value themselves as “original”.

Female sexuality: As far as their sexuality, they are always passionate and exciting! They are unrestricted, always feeling young and fresh. They even prefer sex to cuddling and long talks about their “feelings”. Slut-shame them all you want. Condemn them. They are fire-starters in the bed room and in any social scene. They don’t care if others get burned by their open displays of sexiness and they own up to any sexuality they stand for (whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bi-sexual). Because of this, it’s hard for others to warm up to these women. They are just too far ahead of the times. For awhile, most people may try to censor their sense of self-expression. They are just too bold sexually. The way they go about expressing themselves, which often seems a little confrontational with an “I-dare-you” attitude, makes it difficult for them to be well-received by others. They usually challenge social norms. They don’t wait for those people who are more comfortable with tradition to catch up. They are proud of their sexuality. In fact, these women ARE the sexiest women in the Zodiac! They tend to do whatever it takes to beat out the competition, too. They have the potential to explore sexual territory most women feel “dirty” exploring!

Yet, after awhile, things cool down for them. When this occurs, they often give up trying to go the extra mile to please a partner. Their partner would have to keep things exciting and fresh. If not, they often do move on to the next exciting adventure. And trust me, they are not afraid to start over. These women could also take the opposite extreme and be a challenge sexually. They may be hard to impress and difficult to bring to the bedroom. They may also reject someone sexually if they feel it comes with baggage and that their freedom will be taken from them. Sexually, they may prefer to make the first move. Regardless, it’s their choice and they feel they are fully in control. They are still never shy of the subject when presented with it.

The easiest way to arouse these women is to come on to them strong. Passion gets their blood rushing. These women get aroused much faster than other women. They can arouse themselves to action. They like it a little wild and rough. Observe their Mars signs to really understand their sex drive, as they fully explore “Martian” sexuality while still maintaining their femininity. They often like to take the lead. They put in a little more effort than other women. All you have to do is lay down. They can handle it all.

If you’re someone who loves to have fun, someone who finds leadership in a woman sexy, and are a little playful and youthful, this is the woman for you. If you have issues with women taking the lead, if you’re a traditional person, still hung up with your ex, or struggling with emotions, or unsure with your masculinity, look elsewhere. If you have Venus aspecting Mars, you may relate to this description. Venus in 1st house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Aries is ruled by Mars, so your Mars sign will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Mars sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Aries, Mars in Taurus, you can read Venus in Taurus to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

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Venus in Taurus



Feminine Identity: Venus enters one of her homes when she comes into the second sign of Taurus, a fixed earth sign. Here, it may not be as exciting as her last domain, but she sure feels safe and comfortable here. Any partner who gets with a Venus in Taurus woman would feel the same. These women may or may not have tomboyish streaks, but they still hold themselves to traditional feminine values. They can be fighters when pushed, but they would rather not reveal this side. They prefer peace to chaos. These women are always moderate in their tendencies. Thus, most women admire them. While they are strong, hard-working, and practical, they don’t always feel like they have to be one of the guys to earn respect. They know how to get attention without stealing someone else’s shine.

They tend to enjoy what is traditionally considered feminine like cooking, dressing up, and socializing, even if what they “cook” is pizza, what they wear are jerseys and jeans, and their social circle is small. They tend to act feminine too, especially if they’re around someone they like. They can be sweet and well-mannered. They are generally down-to-earth, laid-back, and simple. These women love to indulge in simple pleasures such as good food, comfortable but tasteful clothing, and be surrounded by all of their favorite things. They are cozy, comfortable women.

Still, they may care a little too much about their appearance. If they are attractive, they own it and feel it makes them feel valuable. They may come across conceited, but they are just really comfortable in their own skin. If they don’t feel as physically attractive, they may have low self-esteem, be easily jealous of others, and feel insecure in relationships. It’s hard for them to just focus on the beauty within. They feel more pressure in their lives to feel beautiful. They may believe that life is easier for the beautiful people. They also think life is easier for the rich. These women respect others who are rich, popular, have their own personal style, and physically attractive. In this way, these women can be superficial. It’s hard for them to understand femininity outside of the social idea of feminine. Still, they would like femininity to have a broader definition in the world if it will make others more comfortable in their skin. While they do admire someone who lives a life of ease, they admire others who are strong, natural, and enduring despite difficulties. They tend to be fond of natural beauty.

Taurus is a common sense, tried-and-true kind of sign. They tend to be solid citizens in society. If they don’t feel feminine enough, they feel awkward. These women believe that being feminine is something amazing, and they usually have no desire to change that. You won’t see them at the fore-front of any movements on purpose. If they do fight for any rights, it’s not their intention to change people. Mostly, they just want all women to feel good being the woman they are. Most women think they are icons for all women because they are pillars of both strength and grace. Despite how easy-going these women seem, however, they are quite stubborn. It is hard to get them to try new things. They like to do the same things over and over. They are possessive of both their style, values, and identity. Thus, they hate when people dress like them, talk like them, or steal their thunder in any way. This is also why they resist trying new styles and accepting new values.

They generally have casual hobbies and simple tastes. They can be quite predictable. But hey, why change? Regardless, these women stick to the standards women have always upheld for years, and usually this does wonders for their social and romantic life. Around fellow female peers, they are charming. Women love to be around them. It’s hard not to like them or respect them. They are easy to talk to and the calm in a storm. They can be a little expensive to be around though. They like hanging out at the most expensive and luxurious places. Friends may find them to be over-indulgent, ordering up everything on a menu or creating a long shopping list when friends ask what they want for their birthday. Friends may also find them to be possessive and easily jealous.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

They are the definition of beautiful. They are charming, easy-going, and down-to-earth. They have refined tastes and dress with luxury in mind. They are both strong and soft. They are career oriented and domestic. They can be serious and playful. There’s a lot coming from this woman.

Relationships: All of the above is important to consider if you want to date them. These women actually see themselves as “ladies” no matter how they act, and they expect to be treated as valuable as a shiny new car. They expect to be “bought”. This means they believe a partner should be willing to spend time, energy, and/or money for a woman they like. They like to spend a lot of time with someone they love. Though they don’t mind the little things a person does for them, they prefer something tangible. Any love you show must be shown in physical and/or material ways. They expect a relationship to be practical, affectionate, and stable. It’s not easy to get them to go out with you, but when they do, they aren’t out to play games. They put a lot of effort into dating (which they don’t often do for just anybody) and want someone they know is going to stick around. When dating, it takes a while for them to give to their partners. They usually get so comfortable with receiving. But when they do finally decide they like someone, and when they finally commit, they will do anything to please. They love to shower their lovers with physical things. Every bit of love they show is clearly visible. They are extremely affectionate and sensitive to touch. But don’t touch them inappropriately. They prefer hugs and kisses. They are quite cuddly. They love to chill with their partners. They are not afraid to tell their lovers “I Love You”.

These ladies are constantly falling in love with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and art. Venus is  gorgeous, graceful, and peaceful. She’s soft and sensual to the eye and touch. Of course, this is only on the superficial level. She may be virtuous, but her inner qualities are hardly highlighted. Still, she is picture-perfect. These ladies can hardly resist her beauty, charms, and sense of aesthetic.

Usually, these ladies dress comfortably. They like luxury items, but they prefer something that they are comfortable wearing. They usually have their own unique style and want their partners to appreciate it. They want partners who appreciate the same things in them they appreciate in themselves. They don’t like their sense of style to be criticized. That is something that will hurt them deeply. Being attractive is that important to them. If a potential partner doesn’t like the way they dress, they feel the partner doesn’t like them for who they are. And they will not change their style for anyone. They may refine their look, but never change it. They have a classic and modest look about them. They tend to wear the same kinds of clothes for years, developing a personal and identifiable look. They don’t feel like they have to look up-to-date or overly sexualized in order to be attractive. They tend to be good at creating their own fashions and may show an interest in sewing or style designs. They hope to be sexy to someone without going overboard to prove it. Sexy for them is something that is natural and personal. When they like someone, they dress their best without losing their sense of comfort. They try to wear things that are comfortable, luxurious, and/or beautiful. When going on dates, they put a lot of time and effort into their appearance. Still, they like to be comfortable in their skin.

Their idea of a date is usually traditional: a nice dinner, in a nice, quiet, comfortable place. Make sure the food is good and the seats are comfortable. The scenery must be beautiful. They may also enjoy nature walks and a picnic. They expect their partners to pull out their best manners. No drunken outbursts apply. People with tempers rub them the wrong way. When you’re in her presence, you must act polite. For them, being polite is someone who is not only charming but very careful about their actions and speech. The perfect compliment is to compliment their appearance. But do it in a respectful way. Call them “lovely” or “beautiful” rather than “hot” and “sexy”. Compliment their grace and charms. If you want to give them a gift, make sure it’s something tasteful or pleasing to the eye. It must be both beautiful and useful. The more money you spend on an item, the better. But they would rather something beautiful and useful than something expensive and useless. It must be something they actually like. It’s best to ask them what they want before getting them something. They don’t care for surprises. They respond to warm colors like red and soft colors like pink, mint green, or pale blue. It really depends on the weather and where they live. If they live in colder climates, they are drawn to colors that make them feel warm. If they live in warmer climates, cooler colors appeal to them.

When these women are not interested, they will be honest but remain calm, composed, and polite when they reject someone. The challenge many suitors meet is trying to make them feel secure. These women require physical and material stability. They want their love lives to be stable. Partnering up is not just a fun activity for them. If you want them, you have to provide. When they do like someone, they flirt through physical touch and material things. They often hug and touch anyone they like. They are affectionate. They pay extra attention to their appearance. They are pretty simple and direct when they like someone. There are no guessing games with these ladies. They also like to buy little gifts or cook dinner for someone they like.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

These women may feel that all women want to be pampered and treated like “ladies”. They believe all women deserve respect, and their idea of respect is being doted upon and waited on hand-and-foot. They believe all women want to be whined and dined. They may believe all women want to feel attractive. They feel all women feel insecure when they don’t feel attractive. They believe all women are more affectionate than men and need to be hugged and kissed. For them, this is common sense knowledge for men to consider. However, though most women want respect, they may be surprised to find that not all women have the same ideas about what that respect really means. It’s hard for these stubborn ladies to fathom people thinking outside of the box in this matter. It just complicates things too much for them.

Female Sexuality: While these women don’t mind potential partners admiring their appearance, they do not want to be treated like “sex objects”. No matter how sexy they appear or passionate they seem, they are not overly sexual (no matter what Mars sign they have). They do everything in moderation and that includes sex. As a “lady”, they feel that sex is not something that should be given up easily. For them, it’s a pleasurable activity that should be shared between lovers. They are the women who conform to social standards and live by it. This usually protects them from players. They believe social rules were designed for a reason. And they are about their safety and security first and foremost. They are very good at controlling their sexual urges. In fact, it’s hard to turn them on in the first place. Anyone that wants to do something with them will have to be charming, considerate, attractive, patient, and comfortable to be around because it’s hard for them to feel sexual pleasure otherwise. They have very high standards. Once they do have sex, they like it to be normal (no out-of-the-box routines unless Venus aspects Uranus). They generally tend to like the same positions over and over. If it makes them feel good, why change it? They prefer foreplay to the actual act, but they really just love to feel good. These women really love sex, they just don’t love to do it with just anybody.

Even if they did get turned on easily, had random sex, and tried dirtier positions, they may feel used, washed up, and worthless, especially if they aren’t in a committed relationship. This will make them more insecure and jealous of other women. They will be more possessive of their partners and cause more arguments. They really want to be as valuable to their partners for as long as possible. They want to keep their sexuality as much to their chest before giving up their bodies. This is how much they value themselves. They really want to feel comfortable sexually. An insecure Venus in Taurus will sleep around more, looking for love in all the wrong places and trying to boost their self-esteem.

They may have their reservations about having an open sexuality, but with the right physical touches (literally), they can fully indulge in the pleasure of the moment. This will be most easiest for them in a committed, long-term, solid relationship. Some may even require marriage before having sex. If you want to arouse them, take your time, be soft, physical, and secure. They are extremely seductive. They can make any partner feel at ease. With their soft guidance, love-making feels just right. They like it rather hard, but they like to go slowly and fully experience the moment. They aren’t active participants in the sexual act. They prefer to play the passive or “dominated” role, depending on their Mars sign. They prefer to receive pleasure than give it, but they are capable of giving it as well. They work with care.

If you love a woman who is traditional, can cook, is comfortable to be around, and is uncomplicated, she is the one for you. If you want some excitement, want to experiment, not looking for long-term commitment, if you’re cheap or broke, or looking for passion and depth, look elsewhere. If you have a lot of aspects to Venus, you may relate to this description. If you have Venus in the 2nd house, you may also relate to this description. Venus is in domicile here; this is her home. Any planets or house cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this position.

Celebrities: Juliette Binoche, Pasha Grishuk, Mercedes McNab, Chaka Khan, Fergie, Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, Iggy Azalea, Kathrine Sørland, Paloma Picasso, Leighton Meester, Carol White, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Grace Jones, Ann-Margret, Jessica Lange, Linda Evangelista, Miuccia Prada, Susannah Harker, Emily Beecham, Grace Phipps, Diana Hayden, Monica Keena, Lisa Marie Presley, Alanis Morissette, Anne Frank, Luo Zilin, Sophia Manzano, Sophie Lowe, Princess Diana, Debbie Harry, Cindy Lauper, Michele Lee, Liv Tyler, Ariana Grande, Carroll Baker, Ellen Barkin, Betty Compson, Ella Fitzgerald, Steffi Graf, Jessica Lange, Peggy Lee, Debbie Reynolds, Jane Russell, Kristin Scott-Thomas
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Venus in Gemini


Feminine Identity: Venus enters Gemini third, the sign ruled by Mercury. Here, it’s not too far away from who she is, but some things are different. I wouldn’t say she feels completely comfortable here, but there are some things that are familiar. Gemini is an air and mutable sign. Thus, these women are adaptable and changeable. They are social and love to have fun. Though many of them tend to see themselves a “girly girls”, you never know what you get with a Gemini! While these girls may love make-up and dresses, they may also be a basketball player who loves to talk about space travel! Venus in Gemini women are usually curious and can get interested in anything. They’ve tried everything. These women mostly love to socialize and talk. They also love admiration and attention. They can be superficial, only paying attention to what’s happening outside and around them rather than tending to anything underneath. Thus, they care more about the way they look than they do about how they feel. Sometimes, they are too concerned with others, which can make them gossipy. It can also make them self-conscious because they can be too concerned with their friends’ opinions of them.

But no matter what, everyone is a friend of the Gemini. They have a new friend for every occasion, though some long for a best friend they can do any crazy thing with. Even with a best friend, they like to be free to make new friends. They don’t form deep connections and often flit from one party, clique, or group to the next. Their social identities often change as a result. They may be Gothic one moment, a hip hop diva, or the peppy cheerleader the next! Venus in Gemini women always have stories about “that time they were…” Gemini has to be careful of being phony and fickle. Venus in Geminis can be independent, but they need people around them to keep their nervousness and boredom at bay. So, they may care about fitting in with the other girls a lot. Their fellow female peers may find them to be fun, charming, and popular. They always seem to wear the latest clothes, seem to have gone to the latest event, and have all the latest technology. They are always up-to-date. They should be careful that they don’t give the impression that they are busy-bodies and wannabes.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

The most beautiful qualities about these women are their stylish clothing, friendly nature, youth (both physical and personality), their flirtatiousness, their liveliness, and, best of all, their brains. They can be beautiful to anyone because they adapt so well to different circumstances. They are not beauty without brains, but they aren’t brains without beauty, either.

Relationships: Now that you know who they are as women, you should keep in mind that this will affect what they expect out of relationships. Really, they are kind of fickle. While they may say they want to let loose and have fun in a relationship, they may also like traditional romance. They really do want the dating experience, especially if their friends have partners. Whatever their partners do for them, they want to be able to tell their friends all about it! It would be best to keep romance interesting and engaging for them. Though they may not care to be treated delicately (and may be down-right juvenile in relationships), they do want a partner that is “socially aware”. So they care that their partner is chivalrous, considerate, attractive, and a pleasant conversationalist. It’s a turn-off when their partner talks about the same things all the time, when a partner is always angry at someone, or when their partner only talks about themselves. They like a partner to make things fun while still treating them like a lady. They don’t like to be embarrassed. Everyone knows them and their social life is very important to them. It’s good to be fun and unique, but in a normal sort of way. Treat them respectfully, but be honest. They really hate liars. Anything you tell them will be repeated, so they don’t like to find out they’ve been spreading a lie. They don’t like partners with bad tempers.

These girls appreciate a lover who is attentive. Pay attention to every little thing they say and do. Exchange with them in a conversation. These women tend to reward lovers with a fun time. They make great lovers, but they are also great friends. These women are quite attentive themselves. They are communicative and flexible, so they tend to know the right thing to do to please a partner.

They are gadget queens, so they love to text their partners. Social Media updates will include information about them and their lovers, so they want a partner who is social and not afraid of some attention. They usually want to share their happiness with the world. Being as social and popular as they are, they tend to have many suitors. Often times, they have a hard time deciding the right one for them. So make sure you bring your “A-game” when you ask them out. Venus in Gemini women must be careful of milking men and stringing them along just to get things for free, like a free meal or movie ticket. If you’re not sincerely interested, decline these offers, no matter how tempting they may be.

These women are always falling in love with Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and reason. The idea of hearing and chatting about new information really stimulates them. They are eager to learn new things. Things move fast when in a relationship with Mercury. It can be very logical and hardly physical or emotional.

These women are always stylish. They can be down-right shop-a-holics! When getting ready for a date, they HAVE to wear something new! They want attention, so they make sure they wear something no one else has worn yet or they wear something that will make them stand out. They are natural flirts, so they keep their hair in a style they can flip just right. They are mani and pedi freaks, so their nails and feet are usually always polished. They tend to like loose tops, so they may wear tanks or off-shoulder dresses with some smoking heels. Whatever they wear, they will look fabulous. They like to show off their outfits on social media, so they make sure to buy things people will like. They will even do this for a partner. If they know someone they like prefers a certain appearance, they’re not against dressing in a way that will please the potential partner. They tend to love bright colors, particularly yellow.

Their idea of a perfect date is going somewhere they’ve never been before. Wherever they go, there must be both food and entertainment. This keeps them interested and engaged. It also gives you two something to talk about later. Compliment little things you’ve noticed about them. This means you must pay attention. Let them know how amazing their nail designs are or how nice they look in their heels. They love to flirt, so be a smooth talker. Compliments work wonders with this lady. The perfect gift would be something thoughtful and special, something they can show their friends, something cool and up-to-date. Make sure the date is really great. If it’s not, they will let their friends and everyone else know how boring that date was. That would be embarrassing.

When they aren’t interested, it mostly shows on their faces. They will look bored and suddenly become the “quiet” Gemini. They may also try to avoid you. Some will outright tell someone they’re not interested. Others may just ask to remain friends instead. The biggest challenge for suitors is easing their boredom. They hate falling into routine. When they like someone, they have a sparkling liveliness and they are chatty. They tend to charm the individual with their witty and seductive flirting. They tend to focus on their appearance more. They will often find any reason to strike up a conversation and will cleverly plan to fall in step with the individual at events.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

They tend to think all girls want to experience dating. They may think all girls want someone who is sweet, thoughtful, considerate, and fun. They think girls want to have fun! They may think all girls like shopping, talking, and getting their nails done. They may be surprised to learn that not every girl is like this.

Female Sexuality: Sexually, these women are usually open and curious. Still, it depends on their friendship circle. Sometimes, these women don’t want to be seen as sluts. Their social image means a lot to them. At the same time, they are curious and want their partners to think of them as really sexy. They are also mischievous and tend to tease. They especially like to show off in front of exes or girls that have crushes on their crushes. They can be really competitive in that way. They tend to be experimental and open-minded.

The easiest way to get them aroused is through open communication and seductive flirting. In the bedroom, they are receptive to all styles. But they don’t really have much depth sexually and prefer not to put their emotions in it. They can be chatty and flirty even in the bedroom.

If you love a woman who is fun, someone open-minded, well-dressed, and popular, this is the woman for you. If you like quiet women, someone who is traditional, someone content and practical, look elsewhere. If you have Venus aspecting Mercury, you may relate to this description. Venus in 3rd house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so your Mercury sign will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Mercury sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer, you can read Venus in Cancer to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Jennifer Garner, Olivia Hussey, Bette Davis, Miranda Kerr , Cher,  Lena Dunham, Joanna Lumley,  Megan Fox, Tori Spelling, Uma Thurman, Carmen Electra, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Joan Collins, Joan Rivers, Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell, Riley Keough, Courtney Love, Kim Carnes, Eva Green, Jessica Simpson, Tulisa, Sandra Bullock, Jaqueline Kennedy,  Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Miner,  Clara Bow, Amelia Erhart,  Sheena Easton, Helen Mirren, Eva Peron, Isabella Rossellini, Mary Pickford, Jennifer Saunders, Wallis Simpson, Venus Williams, Adele, Lil’ Kim

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Venus in Cancer


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the sign of Cancer, the area belonging to the greater feminine luminary, the Moon. Cancer is a cardinal sign and a water sign. There are some things Venus is comfortable with while being in Cancer, and some things she’s not. Like the Moon, Venus is a planet that represents femininity. But unlike the Moon, Venus is far more social and superficial. She’s more about pleasure, romantic love, and beauty. The Moon focuses on the emotions and commitment, which can be the good, bad, or ugly. Moon reflects overall womanhood and motherhood. Venus would rather think about life in love…rather than the responsibilities of a family and emotional commitments. She’s the young, beautiful, untouched woman. Still, at least here she can find lasting partnerships.

Venus in Cancer women are more than just “girls”. They carry the overall universal principle of womanhood with them, often passed down from their mothers. Their sense of femininity is instinctual and biologically motivated. They tend to be drawn to what has always been associated with womanhood: cooking, cleaning, and caring for the home and family. In this way, their idea of femininity is something that is very natural to their natural-born natures. Many of them love the idea of bearing or raising children. These women tend to look really good pregnant. In fact, they look at their best when they become mothers! It’s often hard for other women to maintain their “beauty” when they have children. These women make it look effortless! Part of the reason is because they don’t see children as a chore. They love caring for others.

Because of their strong association with the home, they have a girl-next-door appeal. They are like buried treasure. They are quite shy and tend to hide their charms and beauty behind a hard outer shell. But to those who look closer, they will see the hidden gem buried underneath. They aren’t flirtatious or flamboyant types, but they will care for you, pamper you, and understand you in ways no other woman would.

Some of them like shopping, getting their nails done, and socializing, but most like to pamper themselves in the comforts of their home and like to chill with close family and friends rather than party all night with random strangers. They are generally good girls. Their mother’s influence is strong in their lives and their relationship with her is usually a pleasant one. They may even resemble their mother. They look beautiful and so do all the women in their families! Even though some Cancer women cater to their appearance, they are never too concerned with their appearance. They are more concerned with developing inner beauty. Moon is the planet that helps us focus on the hidden. They believe beauty is truly skin-deep.

To add to their sweet, affectionate, and kind nature, they are also really down-to-earth, funny, and good with business when you get to know them. These women often spend a lot of time at home, so they end up doing a lot of reading, internet surfing, playing video games, watching movies or tv shows, and/or brushing up on art or home improvement projects. They become quite skilled, cultured, and intelligent as a result. Still, they are romantic and easily swept off their feet. They can be dreamers and can be unrealistic. But they are the best friends anyone can have.

Women tend to find them to be motherly figures. Most women easily relate to them because they never seem to be putting on airs or showing off and they introduce themselves as real girls with real strengths and real weaknesses. They are protective of their friends. Women respect that. They believe in sticking together and uniting with their fellow ladies rather than cat fighting and back-biting (though they have been guilty of these things). Around female peers they don’t know, they can be shy, moody, and defensive. They can be awkward socially. But once you get to know them, they are warm and friendly. Their partners often feel safe and secure with them.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

The most beautiful traits of this lady are her sweet and affectionate nature, her caring and domestic aura, and her romantic and dreamy side. She will really care for you and love you. Her beauty is quiet and modest, but authentic. She makes a good friend, girlfriend, wife, and mother. She was raised to be a beautiful person inside and out. She works hard to make everyone’s dreams come true.

Relationships: Because these girls are sweetie-pies, their relationship expectations are quite romantic. They can fall head over heels over someone and develop deep crushes that almost feel like love. When they are actually in love, they can be moody, especially if that person hasn’t noticed them yet. For this reason, it’s best they have a partner that is willing to commit to a long-term relationship. They are not casual daters. They pour their heart and soul into someone they love. They meditate on someone, observe, and form close attachments to people. They don’t often have elaborate expectations of relationships other than for someone to care about them, to love them, to be affectionate, to remember their birthdays and remember them on holidays. They want someone to care for them when they are hurt or sick. They like that “puppy” love. Love for them is something out of romantic literature or a movie. They want to be treated like they are special and they want a partner who is completely into them. They love to share and exchange their feelings with their partner. This means they need a partner who is in touch with their feelings. They don’t want anyone making them feel shame about their feelings and need someone who understands them. They are usually drawn to partners that have an understanding of women. They may also like partners that make them feel safe, secure, and protected. They can be a big moody mess sometimes, and they need a partner that will reassure them. Partners definitely can’t be afraid of emotions.

These women are constantly falling in love with the Moon, the luminary associated with emotions, instincts, and habits. When with Luna, everything seems to move in a fluctuating motion. Feelings pour over and our human desires take over.  This woman often can’t describe our attraction to the moon. That’s how instinctive it really is. This relationship with her can be full of passion and love or it can be a tumultuous affair. Regardless, she loves it because she is used to it. It makes this woman feel safe to know that no matter what happens, she can always return to the Moon.

These women can be caring and understanding themselves-unless you tell them about themselves or tell them something that hurts them personally.  These women are intuitive. Sometimes, they tend to read into things a little too much, but most times they are right on the mark. They can find a back-handed insult in a minute. And they are sensitive to criticism. But if you want to talk about someone else, they will be understanding and supportive.

They will do anything for someone they love. They aren’t necessarily material girls, but they are all about security and providing for their loved ones. They can be a little clingy. When they fall for someone, they want the love and attention of that partner all the time. It’s not that they can’t be independent, but they just love being around someone that loves them.

Some may have deep insecurities about their appearances or charms, often thinking that they aren’t as attractive as other girls. Many may have stories of being overlooked. This is because they are shyer than most. So, when they get with someone that finds them to be special, they hold on for dear life. Of course, if they sense any indifference in this partner, they can get highly upset.

They do NOT tolerate players. These women don’t even like being “second best” to exes. They don’t want a partner who has had sex with too many women, especially if he wasn’t married to any of them. That would make them insecure. They don’t even want to hear about your sexual adventures. Unfortunately, they can be so swept up in loving someone that they give their lovers the benefit of the doubt and try to assume the best before the worst until it’s too late. And when it’s too “late” (that moment they found out you were running game), look out! Their crabby pincers will come out! Venus in Cancer women can have ferocious tempers because when they feel something, they just let it all out until they are satisfied.

These women don’t care much about appearance as much as inner beauty, as was mentioned before. They also don’t want a partner that is super physical. But when they like someone, they will still dress nicely for a nice date. They are creative with their style, too. However, they are still modest in the way they look. They aren’t flashy girls. They have no desire to get attention from anyone else in the room but the one they like. They still want to be accepted for who they are. Some tend to accentuate their breasts well by wearing dresses or tops with a sweetheart neckline. They never wear anything too revealing or provocative though. Their beauty colors are white and silver, though they also like to wear pink and purple (sweet colors).

Their idea of a perfect date is pretty simple. They just really want to spend some alone time with someone they like. They want little surprises like flowers or a little poem. They do like chivalry. Though they may not say it is mandatory, it is sure to impress them. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, and even feeding them are ways that make them feel special, protected, and safe. When it’s raining, pull out your umbrella or take off your coat and give it to her. If it’s muddy outside, walk on the edge of the sidewalk to protect her from being splashed. These are just suggestions on how to make her feel loved. Still, whether you do these things or don’t do these things, they really just want someone who sincerely cares. These women feel that anyone who cares about them will naturally do sweet things for them, just like that person would for their own mother, sisters, or anyone they care about. They can tell when someone is being sincere and when someone is just being nice with impure intentions. They like sincere compliments. They prefer sweet little compliments to vulgar or embarrassing compliments. Simple phrases like, “You look pretty” or “You smell really nice” go over really well with these ladies. They tend to be shy at first, but once they get comfortable, they can be chatty on dates. They look for someone who is sincerely paying attention to their conversation. If you want to get them a gift, something thoughtful, sweet, and from the heart would work. Show that you really care about them. If you really don’t care about them, it will show. This means you must pay attention to their conversations and remember the things they value, whether it’s a favorite teddy bear or a pair of shoes. Show them how well you’ve been paying attention to them.

When they aren’t interested, they will find it difficult to be direct about it. They are hardly ever that hard-nosed. They may write a note or ask a friend to speak on their behalf. They may try to avoid someone they don’t like rather than hurt their feelings. The challenge for suitors is trying to get these women to trust and open up. When these women finally open up about their feelings, they still feel vulnerable and insecure. They easily get a little jealous or insecure and may constantly break up and get back together with their lovers. When they like someone, they are super shy and awkward around the person, but they will be around the individual often. In fact, they may spend too much time with someone they like. They will be super thoughtful, remembering all the most important things in the other individual’s life. They remember that person’s birthday, their sister’s, and their mother’s! They will try to get close to the family. They may also want to introduce the person to their own family. Their whole family may know of their crushes and love interests! Just ask their parents. They can be obvious to those who pay attention.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

These women believe most stereotypes about women have some truth to it. They believe women are more emotional, more caring, more romantic, and care more about commitment than men do. They believe most women are secondary copies of their mothers. They believe women are more family-oriented and friendship-oriented than men. They do feel that women are more sensitive and need reassurance from their partners. They would be hugely surprised to find that these ideas are not shared by all women.

Female sexuality: Venus in Cancer women will do anything for the ones they love, but they are generally modest. When it comes to sexuality, it’s not unusual to find them waiting until marriage before getting involved with someone sexually. Still, if they feel they have found the one for them, they will easily be swept up sexually. No matter what, though, their sexuality is a private matter. They are not openly sexual or avante-garde in their sexual tastes. This doesn’t mean they’re not sexy. They can dress sexy and be flirty, but this will never be over-the-top. They are generally good girls with good hearts. They don’t play around sexually because their emotions get too tied up with the people that enter their lives. Sex and romance are often linked, so it’s a part of their romantic adventure or romantic fantasies. Romance is a key part of the sexual experience for her. These women only get involved sexually with partners that appeal to their emotions and feelings. If they are the more accepting, romantic, and maybe naive Venus in Cancer women, they may often find themselves with many romantic and sexual partners, thinking each partner is sweet and romantic based on the little things the partner did (sometimes finding out that these partners were not being sincere). If they aren’t the naive Venus in Cancer type, they will be the most challenging women and may be very particular about who they have sex with. The opinions of their family members, especially their mothers, are very important to these women. They often don’t want to do anything their families won’t be proud of.

The easiest way to get these women aroused is to create a romantic scenario, share your loving feelings, and to hug and kiss them. They often get emotional in the act and cling close to their partners. They prefer chest to chest action and like to be the submissive one. They often like to hug and cuddle afterwards. They look amazing in lingerie, especially pastels and silks.

If you love a woman who is sweet, caring, traditional, family-oriented, supportive, and maybe a little sensitive, you will love them. If you are a player, like your freedom and space, not romantic, not family-oriented, don’t want baggage, or not a fan of emotions, they are not the one for you. If you have Venus aspecting Moon, you may relate to this description. Venus in 4th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so your Moon sign will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Moon sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Cancer, Moon in Leo, you can read Venus in Leo to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Grace Jones, Eva Peron, Nicole Brown Simpson, Amber Tamblyn, Juliette Lewis,  Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Hurley, Judy Garland, Josephine Baker, Courteney Cox, Angelina Jolie, Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, Stevie Nicks, Leah Remini, Ginnifer Goodwin Aubrey Plaza, Anna Friel, Barbara Stanwyck, Meryl Streep, Kristi Yamaguchi, Phyllis George, Serinda Swan, Charlotte Gainsborough, Brigitte Neilson, Marianne Williamson, Khloe Kardashian,  Valentino Jourdan Dunn, Anna Paquin, Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Brit Marling,  Camilla Parker Bowles, Geri Halliwell, Maureen O’Sullivan, Coleen Moore, Mae West,  Kim Cattrall,  Iman, Alice Dellal,  Devon Aoki, Elizabeth Moss, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Welch, Tom Ford, Iris Apfel, Tia & Tamera, Luna (f(x))
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Venus in Leo


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the sign ruled by the Sun, Leo. Here, she meets fixed fire. Sun is naturally falling in one of Venus’s signs, Libra, so there are going to be some things Venus isn’t comfortable with in Leo. Still, there are things that Venus can handle here. For one, Leo is highly romantic. Venus is the planet of love. In Leo, Venus is able to enjoy love to the fullest. Our Venus in Leo ladies are very good at honoring Venus in their own special way.

Venus in Leo ladies want to be the best ladies they can be. They hold themselves (and others) to very high standards. They love glamour and luxury. They tend to be trend-setters when it comes to beauty and fashion. When they step into the room, they make sure all heartbeats stop for a moment. They eat up the fact that there are several potential haters in the room. Some Venus in Leos may think people are simply jealous of them if someone doesn’t acknowledge their greatness! This is because when they do things, they really do it to catch people’s attention. When it comes to fashion and beauty, they can be a little dramatic and flashy. They really like the admiration of their fellow peers. They make sure they are at the center of every gathering, with their best foot forward at all times. They love to plan parties and outings.

Of course, Venus in Leo women have two feminine sides to themselves. On a casual basis, they can be outright tomboyish. Being a fire sign, they are known to be independent in thought and commanding in nature. This is where they disconnect from Venus. Many of these women can be outgoing and on-the-go. They are youthful and love to have fun. They usually strive to have successful lives and be the kind of people they can be proud of. They carry themselves with dignity and have a sense of class about them. They strive to be popular and attractive, but not necessarily loved (though that would be a plus). Everyone may not love them, but they want everyone to respect them.

When around their fellow female peers, there are two types. The first type can be bossy. They tend to be possessive of their group and jealous of anyone who tries to take over-though it’s hard for them to acknowledge these feelings. They seem competitive and self-absorbed at times. They are extremely popular and often have many female admirers as well as rivals and enemies. Sometimes, people really ARE jealous of them because they are so successful and attractive. They can be so attractive, their best friends’ boyfriends often crush on them! Other times, people really dislike them because they seem to think too much of themselves and they seem to care more about their own feelings than the feelings of others.

The other type doesn’t have the bossy or commanding streak. This type often gets attention without trying too hard. They are still successful and attractive, but they aren’t competitive about it. They are sweet and demure, often being bossed around. These types often want to be liked by everyone!

The loyal lion loves hard. They are truly loyal.

Around female peers, they tend to be magnetic, magnanimous, and just a joy to be around. They love to make others laugh and they can really liven a party. Life with them can be full of drama, but always exciting. Friends may find them to be generous, at the same time controlling. It can be hard to live up to their standards and they don’t want their friends embarrassing them. For this reason, they tend to be drawn to people that carry themselves with a sense of authority. Partners find them to be attractive, charming, and generous, but also pushy, bossy, and difficult to reason with.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

Their most beautiful qualities are their warmth, charisma, and strength. They have all of the qualifications of a true leader. They really have some strong attractive powers. They are usually physically attractive as well. These women know how to bring attention to themselves and know how to take control of a room. They are fun, humorous, and smiley. They are generous and kind as well, but they still manage to keep their lives in order. They are superwomen.

Relationships: With such a strong personality, being ruled by the ego-centered Sun, Venus in Leo women have high expectations for relationships and romance. Of all the women in the zodiac, these women really expect to be treated like queens. They would like to be the center of attention in their partners’ eyes. In this sense, they even get jealous when they have to share attention with family members or friends! They don’t mind their lovers having family and friends, but in most cases, they feel their feelings, thoughts, and actions come first. But they may not give their lovers the same courtesy, as they feel their family and friends are equally as important as their partners! Venus in Leo women often believe in loving themselves before loving someone else. I’ve found this to be more true of those that are still single than the ones that are actually in relationships. Those who are in relationships strive hard to please their lovers and gain their lovers’ respect. Regardless, though, all Venus in Leo women refrain from being dependent in relationships. They love relationships for the attention and adoration they can receive from it, but they really don’t need a partner to complete them. Venus in Leo women really are go-getters. These women usually have successful careers and a zest for life. A partner would be an addition to what already is a wonderful life. Venus in Leo women do want to feel special in the eyes of their partners. Sometimes, they just want anyone to see them as special. Even in relationships, they often get flattered when random people compliment them or flirt with them. Often times, they don’t like it when someone flirts with their partners or when their partners are flirting with someone else, but they feel it’s innocent when it’s their turn! Venus in Leo women are quite flirty.

They want to experience romance fully. They want every day to feel like the first day. Their view of relationships can actually be a little imbalanced. They believe it’s the man’s job to take care of his girlfriend, just like he would his wife. But sometimes, Venus in Leo women don’t hold to the wife and mother standard they place on their partners. No matter what though, they always remain giving and loving partners.

These women are constantly falling in love with the Sun, the luminary responsible for the self, main concerns, and vitality. This may seem a little self-centered at times. Really, they just really love themselves first and foremost, then they give a “complete” person over to their lovers. The Sun focuses on them and they bask in the light. It makes them feel alive to be in his presence. She comes first in the Sun’s life and he seeks to adjust his life to fit her needs.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

On a usual basis, they actually dress pretty casual. They are go-getter girls, as mentioned before. But when out with friends or lovers on special dates, they don’t want to be the frumpiest in the room. They will jazz themselves up or focus on their personal style a little more to look more distinct and attractive. On dates with someone they’ve been crushing on, they will really dress the part. They could be pretty casual on a day-to-day basis, but when they go on a date, their partners will NOT be disappointed. They make sure they are looking not only their best, but THE best. They tend to dress for the occasion, so this really depends on the occasion. They have too much pride to embarrass themselves by wearing the wrong attire to a certain event. Still, their style is usually unique and they are proud of the clothes they put together. Don’t you dare tell them they don’t look good. They look best in bold colors. They tend to look and feel amazing in sunset colors like orange, red, and yellow, and they usually top it off with shimmery gold or silver accessories.

Their idea of a perfect date is to have an all-around good time. Dinner, amusements, alone time with a lover, and planned lavishly for the whole day would be the best. They tend to be big kids at heart. They can enjoy a lovely dinner as much as a day at an amusement park. As long as it’s a fun day, full of plenty of romantic attention, they will enjoy it. These women are tons of fun on dates. Of course, they still expect their partner to be well-mannered, chivalrous, and attentive. The perfect gift would be something expensive and glamorous like a diamond ring or necklace. They want quality gifts rather than cheap ones. They respond well to flattery, so any compliment is a good one.

When these women aren’t interested, it’s hard to tell. Some like to be flattered and these types generally like the attention someone gives them. The only thing is they may never actually reach out to a person they aren’t interested in. Other types are more honest, but they try not to be mean. Then again, there are some types that are straight-forward and loud-mouthed when rejecting suitors. How they reject a suitor depends on what their pride will allow and who’s around them at the time (friends, family, etc). It can be difficult for suitors to win them fully. Though they love attention, they are often super involved in developing their own lives. They have strong creative potential and want to express that in the world. They really don’t need a partner to complete them. When they like someone, they will do anything to get the person’s attention. They will be dressed their very best, be at their most flirty, and be super jealous of any girl who comes around the individual. They make themselves obvious. They love the attention.

These women believe most women expect to be treated like queens. They believe that most women want to be adored and cherished. Still, they believe it’s important for women to love themselves and develop themselves. They feel women are capable of doing anything they set their minds to.  They may be surprised to learn that some women don’t agree with these ideas.

Female Sexuality: As sexy as these women may appear, these women place a high value on themselves and hold themselves to a very high standard. While they want potential partners and lovers to see them as the sexiest women in the world, they will not cheapen themselves by having sexual relations with a bunch of random partners. When they have sex, it must be worth it! And best believe they will be getting something out of it. These women have their reputation, their pride, their dignity to uphold, and they will not feel like used, worthless scum. These women easily feel the “shame” from slut-shaming. They build themselves up so much, they hate for anyone to tear them down or make them feel valueless. So, most of the time, these women are not only hard to please, but hard to get into your bedroom. Their partners must be offering something, making them feel like giving up their sexuality is worth the price.

These women are classy. They know how to be sexy without being slutty. If you were to come across a slutty Venus in Leo woman, she may be having sexual relations to build her confidence. The more insecure Venus in Leo women often sleep around with partners to make themselves feel more attractive. Some have many partners to feed an inflated ego. But in the end, they don’t want anyone calling them a slut. They don’t like feeling beneath anyone. In this way, they tend to care too much about others’ opinions.

There are some Venus in Leo women who use their sex appeal to get people to do what they want them to do. This, of course, depends on the Sun sign. Venus in Leo ladies should be careful that they don’t use their amazing power for evil. Leos are charismatic and influential. Don’t let these powerful qualities go to waste by manipulating and controlling others.

The easiest way to get them aroused is to flatter them. Let them take the lead and guide you. They usually want to give their best in the bedroom. They can be spontaneous, but they usually aren’t unusual sex partners. There are just some things they find “beneath” them. However, they love pleasure of all kinds. If it feels amazing, they are down for it. They usually like positions that make them the center of their partner’s attention.

If you love a woman who is fun, attractive, popular, warm, and generous, you will love these women. If you like to be the dominant partner, don’t like drama, passive rather than active, and not extremely romantic, they may not be the one for you. If you have Venus aspecting Sun, you may relate to this description. Venus in 5th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so your Sun sign will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Sun sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Leo, Sun in Virgo, you can read Venus in Virgo to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Crystal Renn, Paula Abdul, Kathleen Turner, Zoe Saldana, Leelee Sobiesku, Diane Kruger, Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Gina Lollobrigida, Selena Gomez, Linda Cardellini, Whitney Houston, Monica Lewinsky,  Madonna, Stephanie Seymour, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate O’Mara, Amy Adams, Kelis, Coco Chanel, Amy Winehouse, Greta Garbo, Salma Hayek, Lauren Bacall, Anna Karina, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Shirley Ann Manson, Sophie Dahl, Dita Von Teese, Olivia Newton-John, Gwyneth Paltrow, Monica Bellucci, Linda Hamilton, Lilly Singh
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Venus in Virgo


Feminine Identity: Venus enters Mercury’s other sign here, only this time it’s the mutable earthy Virgo. Here, Venus is in a difficult falling position. Mercury and Venus aren’t really opposite planets, but the natural nature of this earth sign makes it difficult for Venus to really blossom the way she would like. This doesn’t mean the women with this position aren’t feminine. Quite the contrary! Some of these women are quite prim, demure, and docile. They have very soft qualities at times. The real issue Venus has in this position has to deal with Virgo’s modesty. Really, Venus and Virgo have some things in common, considering she has triplicity in Virgo. They are both subtle and easy-going (Venus being a planet of pleasure and Virgo being a physical earth sign). They both believe in being fair and have a strong sense of righteousness. But the vanity of Venus is humbled in this sign. Venus is usually a pleasure-seeking, easy-going, mostly lazy goddess. She cares about material comforts as well as her appearance. She is also quite involved with love. Virgo is the sign of hard work. Virgo is practical and rejects idealistic romance. Virgo makes the person less interested in superficial looks and charms and prefers the real girl. This means that the women with this position may look fabulous, but they work hard to get there.

There are some Venus in Virgos who really internalize this. Some Venus in Virgo women end up being critical and particular about themselves. There are some Venus in Virgo women that are so insecure about their bodies, appearance, and charms that they will do whatever it takes to make it perfect. They will often look to other people to boost their self-esteem physically. Some will get plastic surgery, others will eat healthy and work out daily. Whatever the case is, some of them feel compelled to appear just right at times. When they feel like they don’t look just right in the eyes of others or they feel they look offensive, they will try to change it. On the other hand, if others criticize their looks, they may try to get others to change their perspective of beauty to fit their own perspective rather than changing who they are.

Many of these women can do well working with music, fashion, beauty, and self-esteem. They make great fashion and music critics. They do wonderful make-overs because they tend to enhance a person’s natural beauty. They work really hard on their own appearances, developing an understated personal style. They love to be pampered and may love spa dates as it is both relaxing and healthy for their skin.

On the other hand, Venus in Virgo women often reject superficiality, seeing it as holding them back or seeing it as something that divides women. They may want to look attractive but feel tired with having to justify their intense concentration on every detail when it comes to their appearance (since people may find some of them vain when they actually do try to look nice because they put so much effort into it). They want to be respected for doing important things, so they have a hard time being around others who seem to take the “easy route” by using their looks and false charms. Some of it can be stemming from insecurities with trying to fit in with a “superficial world” only to find it is difficult for someone with their modest nature. The real problem is they can be superficial, which is why the opinions, thoughts, and actions of others bother them so much. They must learn to understand the superficial world a little more. It has its uses and its disadvantages.

Venus in Virgo women aren’t the types to get nice things without hard work. Sometimes, they work so hard, they often never get to enjoy what they work for. It’s hard for them to accept gifts as well, especially if they don’t feel they “earned” it. Even though it’s great to work hard, sometimes Venus in Virgo must learn not to make life harder for themselves than it has to be. If you can find an easier way to get the job done or to get what you want, don’t be afraid to try it. Don’t feel guilty about it. Learn to ease up a little. They must learn that we work to live, not live to work. There’s no sense in working hard if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t think that people will respect you less and don’t think that you have to respect yourself less if you settle with something easier. Venus in Virgo women have a hard time respecting others who take the easy route. They admire strength and modesty in others. They don’t often feel sympathy for those who don’t put forth an effort to reach their goals.

Most of these women are usually strong, intelligent, and hard-working. They tend to be at the fore-front of any women’s rights movements. They often aim to strengthen themselves and other women. They feel stronger in numbers. Some can be really particular and critical when they are comfortable. They are so intelligent, they tend to notice everything. Sometimes, this makes their mind work quicker than those around them and they can’t help but express these ideas.

Still, Venus in Virgo women are always considering how they come across to people. They have self-serving personalities, so they aim to please others. They truly do not want to offend people with poor hygiene, ill manners, and a dramatic personality. They can be clean and/or neat freaks. They want to feel normal and they want others to think of them as normal or “everyday”. If they are famous or popular, this actually gives them a humble quality. If they aren’t so popular or extroverted, this will make them fade into the background even more. They are quite down-to-earth in this way, never trying to get more attention than they deserve. Unfortunately, they do sometimes deserve more attention then they actually receive. These women are helpful, considerate, caring, innocent, funny, and real. They are good friends to have around. They are the kind of friends you can truly depend on. Yet, they are not often appreciated for all that they do. They tend to do things in quiet ways rather than showy.

They don’t like being show-offs so they often get overlooked for those who are. This makes them form a little resentment eventually. It’s not always that they envy the drama queens, but drama queens annoy them because they feel that these girls don’t give the quieter girls a chance to shine and they even feel they give women a bad name. They just don’t think flamboyancy is decent and considerate. They are often quite particular about who they choose for company as a result. They are really loners.

If there are some Venus in Virgo girls who consider themselves “flashy”, it is always tempered with grace and style.

They generally like to keep their lives stress-free (since they are natural worrywarts). They get nervous when strange or unusual personalities attach themselves to them. They may have strange and eccentric hobbies themselves, but they don’t draw a whole lot of attention to themselves or make a big deal about it. They may see themselves as outcasts, but they really wish for their “eccentricities” to be seen as “normal”. They feel too uncomfortable with people that make them feel strange and may try to project their feelings of being odd on the other party to feel more secure. On the other hand, their idea of “strange” can just be someone who they feel is opposite their personality. For instance, if they are girly, they really may feel uncomfortable with someone who doesn’t enjoy dresses and lip gloss the way they do. If they like sports, they may find a girlish girl to be annoying to be around.

These girls can be quirky and they have a dry wit. They are often quite sarcastic and can point out things others miss. These women aren’t loud-mouths or whiners, but they tell it like it is. They will call a roach a roach. They believe in being honest with people. Sometimes, this honesty makes them seem less flattering, but there are many who appreciate this approach to life.

When around their female peers, they are generally quiet, awkward, and shy. They love to tease their friends and can take more sensitive souls off-guard. They can be loads of fun as a wiry mutable sign. Again, they can even be a little eccentric in choosing what to do for fun. Friends may also think they are bossy, critical, and fussy. They hold themselves to strong opinions and if their friends don’t agree, they tend to try to “fix” them. Usually, though, they are right. They are so studious and smart, it’s hard to refuse their advise. Partners may find them to be helpful and down-to-earth. They are quite natural. There is nothing phony about this woman. Partners may not find them to be super glamorous, and may find them to be a little pushy, but they always know that Venus in Virgo has their interests at heart and mostly want to see their loved ones live a happy and healthy lifestyle for as long as possible. Overall, they are simple girls.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

Their most beautiful qualities are their modesty, intelligence, taste in clothes and cosmetics, and willingness to serve. These women work hard and put more emphasis on their service to others than their own worth. They have an understated grace and charm. They are real. Their beauty is hardly ever fake. Many are naturally gorgeous and don’t have to do much but eat right and exercise. They know how to improve on their imperfections to make themselves even more attractive.

Relationships: Being the modest girls they are, they are really simple and realistic when it comes to relationships. They are not interested in “frilly” romance. They not only find it to be unrealistic, they find it to be uncomfortable. Usually, though, these women still enjoy simple luxuries, like being treated to dinner or a movie. They are not largely affectionate, but they appreciate gifts. They enjoy giving and receiving them, if they feel they are deserved. When they think of a relationship, they envision two people working together and helping one another. They want their partners to be dependable and responsible. They like to relax with their partners. Relationships aren’t really a major thing for them. When they really like someone, they are very shy. They often put duty before love. They might love their partners, but they don’t want it to interfere with the important aspects of life, like keeping a decent job instead of running off into the sunset or helping a sick family member even if they have to cancel a date. Even when the situation isn’t important, they are often so shy, they will create something important out of the relationship and focus on it to avoid having to show too much affection. They feel more comfortable just doing nice things for their partners. They even often find it hard to say “I love you” without feeling a little embarrassed. If they say it, they say it simply, in a private setting, without too much drama. They never do anything in a flashy way, not even when it comes to pleasing their partners. They love to tease their partners. Sometimes, it comes across a little critical. They can be fussy. They like things done a certain way and they want partners that are efficient. Because of their natures, finding love feels like a challenge. But it’s not impossible. When they do find the “one”, the person is usually someone they stay with for a long time.

They are constantly falling in love with Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and reason. They can’t resist someone so intelligent and interesting. Mercury is never short of information. He is skilled at whatever he does, which is pretty attractive as well as impressive. Every conversation is rational and reasonable. Unfortunately, Mercury is fast-moving. He has no time to develop a deep emotional bond.

They dress quite understated. They may be fashionable or simple and modest, but it will still be understated and tasteful, never extreme. Even when preparing for a date, they make sure they look nice without looking desperate. They don’t generally focus on their clothes. They tend to focus more on their skin and bodies. They like make-up because it hides imperfections, but they don’t like looking too fake. They prefer a natural glow. Their make-up is usually crisp and tidy. Their make-up usually matches their natural beauty well. Their products are usually organic and natural. They think it’s more important to keep the face clean rather than packed with blush, eye-shadow, and lipstick (though some really like those things, too). Their style may not be loud, but it is quite distinct. These ladies really do know how to dress themselves. They always smell good. And they usually have a nice, toned body, so they generally look good in everything. If they don’t, they will make themselves look good in whatever outfit they choose. Again, they are the queens of make-overs because they pay attention to every detail. When they dress for dates, they care that their make-up, hair, and skin are beautiful. They sometimes even enjoy the process of getting everything done. Shampooing and moisturizing their skin can be relaxing for these nervous ladies. They are very good at using the right products and eating the right foods to make themselves look and feel young and healthy. These women usually have toned stomachs, so they look great in cropped tops. They are drawn to earth tone, solid colors and no crazy patterns. They always look sophisticated. They tend to know how to match their outfits up perfectly. They always wear the right top with the right skirt or pants.

Their idea of a date is really simple, like their personality. They love a nice, quiet dinner. They like chilling at home, watching Netflix and eating pizza. They enjoy being cooked for especially. They even enjoy outings where the two of you are just running errands together. But if you invite them over, make sure your house is neat and clean. A junky, filthy place is a deal-breaker. If you’re driving them around, make sure the car is clean and well-cared for as well. The perfect gift would be something that is both beautiful, high quality, and useful. If it’s cold outside, a nice pair of leather gloves would be nice. Expensive perfume would also be perfect. In any case, they really want something that will last. The perfect compliment would only happen if someone notices the little details. Complimenting a certain twinkle in the eye or how a hair strip is set just right are ways a partner can show they are attentive. They also like their efforts acknowledged. They prefer a “thank you” to random compliments.

Venus in Virgo women are honest towards those they aren’t interested in. They may be critical, but they will try to present their disinterest in a constructive and precise way. They will also not accept phone numbers or give out their phone numbers. They may not even give out their names. The challenge many suitors often face with these women is living up to their strict standards. Their standards aren’t high, just particular. If they are interested, these women will be playful and teasing the one they like constantly, but they will do little odd favors, like being around to help someone clean up or helping a family member. They will be super shy around someone they like and you may not be able to really tell that these women like you. But they do tend to pay a little too much attention to someone they like.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

These women believe that all women are particular and have high standards. They feel that women are stronger than society portrays them. They generally have viewpoints about women that often contrast society’s views on women. They are aware that some women will not agree, but they may not realize that their ideas are not truly the “right” way of thinking and are just their own personal thinking.

Female Sexuality: Venus in Virgos have a madonna/whore syndrome really. Overall, they are very hard on themselves when it comes to sexuality. There are those Venus in Virgo women who see sexuality as a practice that should be controlled and monitored. They may even find the act indecent. They may feel that sexuality destroys society and these ladies prefer love to sex. These women may feel guilty when they feel any sexual desire, especially if that desire is toward the opposite sex. This type may be harder on potential lovers.

Then there are those Venus in Virgos who like sexual encounters and see it as healthy, but they may not necessarily flaunt their sexuality all over the place. In the privacy of their homes, they take great care of their partners sexually, trying to perfect their skills. This type is not likely to have many partners, as they care about sexual health, but they may do it frequently with one partner.

Finally, there are the Venus in Virgo women who are open with their sexuality, being the honest and real earth sign that doesn’t hold any punches, and may choose to use their bodies to get attention from the opposite sex. These women become experts at serving men. Some Venus in Virgo women have low self-esteem and may need the attention of others to make them feel beautiful. Venus in Virgos often feel overlooked in life, so some may pay extra attention that they are noticed and desired. These women could end up working in a job that is “sex-related” like prostitution. Some Venus in Virgos will only have sex with you if you pay them or provide another service (being a service-oriented sign and all).

Still, regardless, these women can be independent of sex. They are perfectly fine with being a virgin or celibate for many years. If they feel it is practical to do so, they will cut all ties with a partner, that includes sex.

It’s not easy to arouse these women. If you want to arouse them, the setting must be just right, their partner has to make them feel extremely comfortable, and they must feel safe. Once aroused, they tend to all the details of love-making. They can play any role their partners want them to play. They can be the one serving their partner or being served. It’s nice for them to get what they want. They hardly ever do, so they appreciate when a lover is attentive enough to try and please them.

If you love a woman that is modest, humble, down-to-earth, helpful, and practical, she’s the woman for you. If you need some excitement in your life, need to be in control, don’t like to be fussed or nagged at, and into a passionate romantic life, look somewhere else. If you have Venus aspecting Mercury, you may relate to this description. Venus in 6th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so your Mercury sign will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Mercury sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Virgo, Mercury in Libra, you can read Venus in Libra to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Kylie Kardashian, Audrey Tautou, Lucille Ball, Mila Kunis, Cara Delevingne, Kate Beckinsale , Charlize Theron , Gillian Anderson , Demi Lovato , J. K. Rowling , Rosanna Arquette , Debra Messing , Alicia Witt , Charlotte Casiraghi , Sylvie Vartan , Melanie Griffith , Sarah Brightman , Lynda Carter, Pixie Geldof , Sophia Loren , Victoria Silvstedt , Evan Rachel Wood , Blake Lively , Ingrid Bergman , Amy Poehler , Luana Piovani, Pink , Rachael Ray , Stella McCartney , Brigitte Bardot , Kim Kardashian , Michelle Trachtenberg , Carrie Fisher , Sarah Ferguson , Catherine Deneuve , Kay Parker , Lourdes Ciccone-Leon , Heather Locklear , Gwen Stefani , Kate Winslet , Michelle Trachtenberg , Julie Andrews , Catherine Zeta-Jones , Nolwenn Leroy , Toni Braxton  Joni Mitchell , Gabrielle Union , Alexa Chung ,  Tara Reid , Tina Arena , Julia Roberts , Sylvia Plath , Lisa Scott-Lee, Julia Roberts, Anjelica Huston, Diana Rigg, Linda Ronstadt, Natalie Wood, Michelle Rodriguez, Mélissa Theuriau, Martha Stewart

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Venus in Libra


Feminine Identity: Venus enters her second home when she comes in contact with Libra, the air and cardinal sign. This means these women have a strong feminine identity, one that most women can’t help but admire and relate to. Libra is the sign of relationships. It’s easy for people to relate to them and therefore easy for them to form relationships with people. They are very charming. This is because they are polite, well-mannered, and considerate.

These ladies can be very feminine, loving all the usual things associated with girlhood like fashion, make-up, and socializing. They love anything that brings pleasure and ease in their lives. From my experience, they especially love shopping. They don’t always necessarily buy clothes, but they love to observe what’s being bought and sold in their local stores. They tend to like cute and cuddly items like stuffed teddy bears, puppy dog socks, and kitty cat purses. They are also really creative. They like to put arts and crafts together. Most importantly, they love any chance to socialize. They are generally the leader in getting their friends together for special outings or they manage all the party affairs. They are generally the person that connects all the people in the room with one another. They are extraordinarily popular, well-dressed, and intelligent. They make great conversationalists. This makes them magnetic. They are usually the diplomat, laughing friends out of their anger with one another. They believe in peace before violence, love before hate.

Though they are generally diplomatic, they can be a little stiff and judgmental. They are quite superficial in their personality, putting on a smile even when they are irritated with someone. Though they treat everyone respectfully and nicely, they tend to have high moral standards and super self-respect. They often strengthen these ideas when others agree with them. They are a mental sign after all, so they have ideas on how they feel life should be run and they care that they have support. If things were left up to them, they would direct people’s lives like they do their parties or gatherings. They believe in holding to social standards of decorum. This doesn’t mean they can’t let go and break the rules every once in a while, but they make sure they help others transition into the changes they make. They expect others to be as courteous about the disruptions they make, but others are not always so careful as they are.

Some Venus in Libras judge people on the clothes they wear. This doesn’t mean they believe everyone should dress as stylish as they do, but they tend to think people shouldn’t show too much skin and should be more modest or they may feel people should practice good hygiene. Some Venus in Libras judge behaviors as well and tend to stay away from people who seem crude, loud, or boisterous. Still, they will never admit this to anyone’s face. Though they like to see both sides of a situation when it comes to others, if they are the ones in an argument, they will debate until they win. They generally don’t like to argue, but they will try to have the last word.

As judgmental as Venus in Libras can be, they are always fair. Most people think they are reasonable. If they can’t tolerate something, more than likely others can’t tolerate those same things. They tend to side with popular ideas, which is why most people always agree with them. It’s difficult to argue with them because they have such a balanced view of the world.

Venus is the planet of refinement; Libra is balanced. These women know how to keep their life balanced. Even though they like girly activities, they make sure to balance their masculine energies with their feminine energies. Some may be both interested in shopping and sports, as well as reading. They never go overboard with anything. Unfortunately, they often seem to lack passion as a result. They generally approach things in a cool and easy-going manner.

Still, they are strong about justice and fairness, as mentioned before. They are strong supporters of feminism. They believe in equal rights. They want to be treated fairly among their friends, lovers, and society as a whole. Of course, their idea of “fairness” may not be the same as everyone else’s. Deep down, Libras can manipulate these ideas about “justice” to suit their own agendas. Libras can turn their charm into manipulation, and they are convincing when it comes to getting people to see only their pure intentions.

Among their fellow female peers, these women are cool, attractive, friendly, and a joy to be around. They are balanced around everyone. They are not too retiring, so they can keep up with lively souls, at the same time they like the easy life. They are not likely to take over, but they know how to be the leader when given the chance. They must learn to stand up for themselves a little more when it comes to their loved ones. They put up with things from their loved ones when they wouldn’t normally take certain things from strangers. Then, there are some women who find them to be too passive when dealing with others or plain out phony. Libras are known to play two against the middle. They don’t do this on purpose. They just don’t want anyone to hate them and try to see everyone’s point of view, even if the two views contrast greatly.

These ladies can be lazy. They have plenty of energy, but they would rather put this energy towards something pleasant. Generally, they hate dirty, difficult work. They would do better in jobs where they can be creative like fashion, art, and music. Otherwise, they would need to be working in a harmonious partnership to enjoy their job more.

Venus in Libras can be superficial in other ways. They tend to be attracted to the pretty, popular, and rich people. Though they like everybody, they take a special liking to these sorts of people as they see a significant social advantage they can gain from hanging with those who have a high social status. They’re not exactly users; they are genuinely drawn to these people and will think of them as best friends-even if these people really don’t treat them right. Sometimes, they care a little too much about their reputation and need to learn to let go of people that they have to put on a fake face for. As Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Eventually, Venus in Libras learn to balance their love of others with their love for themselves. They really work hard to love themselves. They do this by highlighting the good in themselves and staying away from negative thoughts. They learn to love their “haters” with the help of their supporters. They often seek to be around people who like them and find them attractive instead of staying around people who make them feel unattractive in some way. Still, they must be careful of relying on others to boost their self-esteem and give them worth. They must learn to find this worth within themselves, regardless of others’ opinions. They also must be careful of comparing themselves to other people. They often forget to be thankful for the situation they are already in when they see someone doing things they wish to do. They must remember that things are never as they seem.

Venus in Libras can be independent, but they prefer company to loneliness. This is part of the reason they put up with people. They are socialites. You’ll never really find them alone unless absolutely necessary. They need the mental stimulation and they feel insecure when left alone.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

These women embody beauty both inside and out. They are charming, sweet, affectionate, well-dressed, easy-going, and super friendly. They have class and always relate to people from many walks of life. They know how to bring attention to themselves without coming across arrogant. They have a humble beauty that is hard to disguise, no matter what they’re wearing. They know how to bring out their most charming qualities in any situation and they understand what truly makes people beautiful. They are good to people and try to keep the peace. They know how to translate their own beauty to the world around them. It’s infectious.

Relationships: Because they feel so lonely so often, Venus in Libra women really feel they need a partner in their lives to complete them, more than any other planet in Libra. They truly believe that life isn’t worth living if you have no one to share it with. And if their friends are dating, they feel lonelier. They can’t stand to see other couples cuddling up when they are alone. Because of this, they may get in a relationship with anyone, even if they aren’t really in love with that person. They may be entirely superficial about their partnerships, only getting with a partner just to be in a partnership or just to keep up with their friends. In this way, they may use a partner for social status. Still, there are those who do want a partner that is at least compatible with them. They view relationships as something that should bring happiness and peace. They are drawn to sweet, peaceful, and thoughtful partners. They like when people get them gifts and shower them with affection. In a relationship, they like the special attention they can get from a partner. They are really into romance. But they believe in being equal partners. They like to give as much as they get. They keep score in their heads. Heck, they may keep a record of it! If their partners give to them, they will give to their partners. And they generally feel that they do all they can to please. These women hate to be lonely so they try to make their partners feel as comfortable as they can. Still, they want to feel comfortable, too. Special holidays are important to them. They expect their partners to remember them on Christmas, Birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. Never forget their anniversary. They like to keep up with their friends’ relationships. If all their friends got something special on Valentine’s Day and they didn’t get anything, they will not be happy. They want partners that care about their reputations to a certain degree. They dislike being embarrassed. They want people to see the good going on in their lives and they hate to air their dirty laundry in public. They hate drama in their relationships. Their problem is they can be flirty and tend to always think the grass is greener on the other side. They can be indecisive when choosing partners as a result. They always think some other person is treating someone better than their partners are. They are the queens of ‘compare and contrast’. This isn’t always bad. Sometimes, they look at other relationships and draw creative inspiration. They may find new ways to show their love for a partner. Still, they may often have a hard time choosing partners. They are often so caught up in the attention and love from all of their suitors, they are not sure which one they like better! But they better make a decision because no one likes to share.

These women are always falling in love with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and art. They can’t resist Venus’s grace and love of balance and harmony. Everything about Venus seems pleasant and refined. Life with Venus is peaceful and nice all the time. Of course, there’s not much excitement going on. Just a nice easy life, without chaos.

On a usual basis, they dress comfortably and casually. They like to feel comfortable and at ease with themselves. But they do like looking nice sometimes as well. They do everything in moderation. And they love shopping, so they tend to have tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories. For dates, they really make sure they are attractive. They generally don’t like to wear things that are too outrageous, but they make sure every detail is in place. They have a sense of grace about their personal style. Sometimes, they like to match their partners when they go on dates, kind of like prom. They may ask what color their partners are wearing and may find an outfit in the exact same color. They like to look like they are with someone no matter where they go. Most Venus in Libras are natural. They don’t wear a whole lot of make-up. When they do, it’s so subtle, it almost looks like they aren’t wearing any. They mostly like to highlight their natural look. They have so much charm it almost doesn’t matter what they wear! They can wear charm and get away with it. Their personalities make them more attractive than any outfit could. Still, they have a vain side. They still like for people to pay attention to their appearance. They are also trend-setters, wearing all the latest fashions (since they like to shop so much). Some of them are so creative, they are excellent at designing their own fashions. In any case, they have an eye for color. They prefer subtle colors to bold colors. When dressed up, they like for others to pay attention to their back and butt. But they try not to highlight their beauty in an offensive way. They can be indecisive about what to wear, usually having a friend help them decide what’s best.

Their idea of the perfect date is lavish. They want to feel special. They generally like just being with someone, but it’s more impressive when someone adds a sense of luxury to the event. They like to go to the most expensive restaurants. They like to be treated to a lavish breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They like the flowers, candy, and other gifts. They want the night to be something they will never forget. It must be really romantic. They can be idealistic in this way. If it’s not perfect, they will be disappointed. Their idea of the perfect gift is definitely something romantic. They like expensive jewelry, teddy bears with hearts, a dozen roses, sweet cards, or whatever else is sweet and thoughtful. They love compliments. Sweet words work wonders. Still, they don’t like anything too rude. Everything must be said in a sugar-coated way.

These women have a hard time rejecting suitors. When asked out, they try to be considerate. They really don’t know whether they don’t want someone until after that first date, unless that individual has been completely obnoxious. They always give others a chance. If they are dating when asked out by someone else, they try to reject someone as nicely as possible, may try to hook that person up with someone else, or try to avoid them. Some may date two people at once, just to see if they’re missing out on something better in the other. The challenge many suitors face is winning their hearts permanently. It’s hard to get them to focus on one lover because they are always considering whether the grass is greener somewhere else. They expect equality at all times, but this equality depends on their own idea of fairness. Their standards can be high at times because they are easily turned off by crude behavior and ugliness of all kinds. If they like an individual, they will be super flirty and sweet. They may pull out their best manners and charm. They will definitely try to look their best.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

They tend to think all women want to be treated like ladies. They believe that most women care about their appearance, but want to be respected for more than that. They believe most women are softer, more balanced, than men are. They also feel that women are more sensitive to things and more thoughtful. They believe every girl has a feminine side and a masculine side. They would be shocked to find that other women don’t view the world the way they do. In fact, this would make them a little uncomfortable. Still, most women wouldn’t think these ideas are threatening. It would be easy for them to convince other women of their ideas.

Female Sexuality: Venus in Libra see “sex” as a superficial thing. They really like the “look of sex” rather than actually having it. They tend to dress really sexy sometimes (though their idea of sexy is pretty modest) and tend to have a flirty personality. Still, they don’t like being objectified. It may seem a little confusing for some people. How can they both like people paying attention to their appearance and hate being objectified? Does this have to do with their indecision? I think it has more to do with their need for balance and moderation in their lives. They do want to feel sexy to someone, but they don’t want to be treated just as a sex object and not a person who has thoughts, feelings, and the ability to do other things. And really, they aren’t overly sexual. They see sex as a part of love-making rather than focus on the act itself. They often see the actual act as dirty and a little uncomfortable. They don’t really like the wildness and energy that comes with it. They have a hard time focusing on what they desire and have a hard time just releasing their passions. They also focus so much on looking good while doing it, they don’t actually do it. They hate making weird faces during the act as well. These women prefer love to sex. They are really influenced by the need to conform and are far more socialized to translate their erotic yearnings into romantic fantasy. They also care what their friends think of them at the end of the day. I would even say they care how women in the world will view them as they want to be good role models to others. They usually want to wait until marriage to be sexually involved with someone. They believe in doing things “right”. Their elders have a strong influence on them. They keep their legs closed until someone “puts a ring on it”. Or at least they want someone who seems sincerely in love with them before they give up their bodies.

On the other hand, there are the more insecure Venus in Libras that have sex to keep a partner around. If they are in love with someone, they will generally do anything for them. If they feel they are in love, they will be more sexual for that person. Still, they must feel that the person will be loyal to them. They are not the kind of women to like jumping from partner to partner. They are not that loose. Still, they can be a little naive.

In order to arouse these women, their partner must be charming, attractive, smooth, and considerate. A sweet date is likely to arouse them. In the bedroom, they are considerate and soft partners. They like for their partners to pay attention to their bodies. They love all positions, but they aren’t extremely unusual in style.

If you love a woman is charming, graceful, attractive, and modest, you will love these women. If you are crude, rude, not romantic at all, or see women as the inferior gender, look elsewhere. If you have a lot of aspects to Venus, you may relate to this description. Venus in 7th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Venus is rules Libra. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities:Jennie Eisenhower, Susan Saint James, Shelley Long, Beyonce Knowles, Jada Pinkett Smith, Rachel Bilson, Claudia Schiffer, Tai Babilonia, Florence Welch, Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain, Cheryl Tiegs, Hilary Duff, Susan Anton, Rita Hayworth, Elke Sommer, Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh, Lisa Bonet, Kate Capshaw, Calista Flockhart, Anna Nicole Smith, Vera Fisher, Amber Liu (f(x))

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Venus in Scorpio


Feminine Identity: Venus enters another uncomfortable position when she enters the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. That sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. In the watery depths of Scorpio, Venus feels like she’s suffocating. Though Scorpio is subtle on the outside, Venus can’t help but feel there is something not-so-subtle going on underneath. Underneath the quiet Scorpio is a whole lot of passion and desire. Venus is not comfortable with such an extreme energy. She does everything in moderation. Scorpio, on the other hand, is an all or nothing sign. And when it comes to their own feminine identity, they are no different. They can be powerfully feminine or reject femininity altogether. If they are women who are powerfully feminine, they are all about female empowerment. These women may feel more content being single than being with a male partner. These women are fiercely independent, but they still enjoy all the things that make up a girl. In fact, they may feel that more people should honor femininity. These women may put a lot of emphasis on their own individual charms and beauty. They may reject the idea of women having to live up to “masculine standards” and may feel that men should do more to be like women.

The Venus in Scorpio women that reject femininity mostly reject the social idea of it. These women tend to feel they have more in common with men than other women because they tend to want to try things society doesn’t often feel is “suitable” for women. They may not feel like they fit in with anyone. These women don’t like to be classified or defined. They often dislike having to live up to standards and may do the opposite just to get on social conformists’ nerves. It really stems from a deep insecurity. They feel so strongly about being liked that they feel strong rejection when they aren’t liked. This makes them resentful, so they tend to take their disappointment out on the social world in general. Because of their experiences, they have the ability to see the beautiful in the ugly and the ugly in the beautiful.

Regardless of their stand on feminine issues, they are real fighters for whatever cause they believe in. And they all value inner beauty over outer beauty (even if they are also beautiful on the outside). They are never what they seem and they believe in the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. They may seem innocent on the outside with dark hidden secrets. They may seem like a wild child and hold some traditional values. They don’t believe that “looks” can define a person. And Venus in Scorpio likes being this complex. They like being “layered” and having “depth”. These women are anything but shallow. They keep an air of mystery and are fierce about their privacy. Really, they fear being judged and controlled by others’ judgments.

Venus in Scorpio women are always rebels. They may not dress odd or act eccentric all the time, but they always hold contrasting views to everyone else’s. They are true rebels inside, not superficially. Really, they see the world much deeper than others and they value this depth in others.

Around their fellow female peers, they are also all or nothing. Women may be fiercely attracted to them at times, finding them strong and charismatic. Other times, women may find them rude, reckless, and to hold opinions that don’t seem “acceptable”. Sometimes, they seem really shy and quiet. These same qualities can be translated as mysterious and suspicious. They are also always transforming themselves, whether it’s their style or ideas. So for a long period of time, they can be one way, and then suddenly change their whole identity. Still, they always remain the same on the inside. They will always be strong-willed and passionate, no matter where they stand. They seem to be hard to predict among their friends. They can be cutting and sarcastic. Sometimes, they can be devious, playing pranks on friends. Not everyone can handle their intensity. They tend to be very picky about the people they choose as company. They can be ice cold to people they don’t like.

Still, women may be magnetically drawn to them because they will do anything for their friends. They are protective and are not afraid to stand up to bullies.

They attract many enemies as well as friends. Women may find themselves really jealous of them because they are so magnetic. Sometimes, they encourage this competitive attitude in women without realizing it. Venus in Scorpio women tend to go after whatever it is they desire, regardless of the toes they step on along the way. They both hate and love their rivals. While their rivals make life more difficult for them, they feel they push them to be even better as well.

These people like to be in control and to have influence. If they end up around other strong-willed people, there will be a power struggle. They often get possessive and controlling of their loved ones, even if they don’t like being controlled themselves. Well, sometimes. If it’s someone they really like, they can be wrapped around that person’s finger, feeling an intense bond. They tend to have a love-hate relationship with everything because they are so intense. They love so hard they end up controlled, at the same time they hate this feeling because they feel so deeply about things. Their partners find them to be intense but magnetic. They can cause a lot of drama, but they are addicting. They make their partners feel a certain rush, a certain purpose, you just can’t feel with the other women of the Zodiac.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

These women have a way of reversing the “beauty” roles. What most others consider ugly, scary, forbidden, or mysterious, these women can find the beauty within it. These women have a mysterious, magnetic, dark, and powerful beauty. It can attract both lovers and rivals. Their charms are both subtle and loud. They are quiet, but those who notice can’t resist their aura. They truly feel that beauty is skin-deep and only within. They believe that the prettiest faces could hide the ugliest intentions and shouldn’t always be trusted. Thus, they work on being both physically attractive and a person of substance. These women are always respected as a result.

Relationships: That love-hate thing applies to their romantic relationships. They see relationships as nothing but a bunch of drama at times; other times they see relationships as something deep and meaningful. They are looking for meaningful, passionate partners. They want their relationships to have depth. They just don’t want a superficial affair to make themselves look good in front of others or to fit in with friends. They truly want someone that they connect with on a deeper level. They just don’t want to be around someone that has the same hobbies in common, they want someone that understands their deepest fears, their deepest desires, and they want that person to feel the same way they do. For them, it is all or nothing in relationships. Either their partner is completely compatible with them or they don’t belong together at all. This intense view of relationships can be a lot for potential lovers who are not prepared for it. This is why they only want someone who can see below the surface of things. They absolutely HATE partners who were attracted to them only because they were attractive. They want a partner who is attracted to more than their outer looks. And they can tell when someone isn’t being sincere. These women seek to transform in their relationships. They tend to be drawn to dramatic relationships as a result. When these women get into a relationship, they suddenly seem to “change”. Even their family and friends will notice this. This is because they are looking to bring out hidden or concealed tendencies with a close partner. They want a partner that is intelligent, someone that thinks about the world. They tend to be attracted to taboo love affairs. They often get caught up in encounters with people most would think are not good for them. Overall, they do not want love to be shallow. Therefore, they tend to be drawn to people that are both attractive and intimidating. They love when their partners are jealous because it confirms their partner’s strong love and attraction to them.

These ladies are constantly falling in love with both Mars and Pluto, the planet of action, desire, aggression and the planet of transformation, obsession, and power. Basically, the thrill and intensity blows their minds. The passion that they feel in their relationship with these two planets is so intense, it changes them for life. It’s always a relationship full of power struggles, fighting, and drama…yet, they can’t seem to shake themselves out of it. No other relationship can make them forget it. When pulled away from Mars and Pluto, they desire to return. It has control over them in many ways. Mars and Pluto makes them feel dominated, yet they like it because it makes them feel wanted.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

When it comes to dressing themselves, they can be both casual and girly, but they will always have their own unique style. They want their style to mostly reflect their inner nature. They tend to be drawn to dark colors and dark make-up. Ruby reds and jet blacks tend to appeal to them. They like solids more than anything, but they tend to like outrageous patterns sometimes, too. Some reject the superficial and tend to dress more casually and comfortably all the time. Some can be extremely modest, others can be extreme. But they are always all or nothing. And keep in mind, they are constantly transforming themselves, so they constantly change their look every 5 years or so. When dressing for dates, they know how to be both sexy and modest in their appearance. They tend to be fans of mesh or sheer. They like the subtlety of showing a little skin without giving away too much. They always have a magnetism that is hard to resist no matter what they wear. They have seductive eyes and intelligent personalities. Yet, these women always worry about being attractive enough. Because they have such an all or nothing magnetism, some people either like them strongly or really hate them. So, they end up unsure whether they are attractive enough.

Their idea of the perfect date can’t be generalized. It really depends on the woman and her individual interests. They aren’t really romantics. They just like what they like–strongly. If they have a passion for baking, for example, they may consume themselves with it at times. Therefore, the perfect date may be to a baking show or to a restaurant that specializes in deserts. Another good date could be somewhere mysterious, like to a magic show. They may like quiet places like museums or isolated dinners. Generally, the date must pique their interest in some way. This means they are looking for an intriguing partner, someone who goes beyond the normal, traditional standard date. Sometimes, they may be all-or-nothing regarding partners. Either they are drawn to you or they or not. If they aren’t drawn to you, it doesn’t matter what date you take them, they will never be interested in you. But if they are drawn to you, they can go anywhere with you and be happy. That first impression is everything to them. They’ve already investigated everything about a person long before they were asked out. No amount of charm can replace what they have investigated about a person.

The perfect gift for them varies. They really aren’t impressed by material things. Still, if you give them something they really desire, and you constantly shower them with gifts of the things they desire, they will cave. Compliments do nothing to flatter them unless they are really into you. They prefer others to acknowledge their strengths if anything. They mostly want someone who is honest with them. Cut the crap. Whatever their date says must be sincere and not something that person says to any girl who crosses paths with them.

Either they like you or they don’t. If they don’t, they won’t pull any punches. They can be sharp and cutting when rejecting someone. The challenge suitors face is overcoming this woman’s trust issues. They demand commitment. They really don’t trust love. If they like you, they can become a little obsessed. They are quiet and subtle, so you wouldn’t think their feelings are that deep. They may just wear a little smile and show extreme shyness. Yet, the next moment, they will be jealous of any other girl the individual is around! They may spend a lot of time researching the individual, if they don’t already know them well. But no one will know this. They know how to hide their feelings. They often wait until the object of their affections shows interest in them first before revealing their feelings.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

They feel femininity is a deep and personal feeling that can’t be generalized or defined. Therefore, they feel that each woman experiences things differently from one another. They wouldn’t be shocked to find that people disagree with them, as they meet opposition often, but they still may be surprised that some women really think all women are the same.

Female Sexuality: Venus is in the sign of sexuality. Scorpio is well known for being sexy. But their sexuality is not always totally explored or completely open. It isn’t really defined. It’s not that Venus in Scorpio women are unrestricted sexually. On the contrary, in fact. They are ALWAYS in control of their sexuality. Pluto, their ruler, gives them this power. This means that Venus in Scorpio women will either be openly sexual or completely reserved sexually. These women can be so in control of their sexuality that they can go without it for the rest of their life. They see sexuality as a powerful thing. Giving up their sexuality is like giving up their power and control over themselves. This is because they experience everything completely. When they have sex, their emotions pour over, giving themselves completely to a partner. It is a psychological thing. They always try to keep that part of themselves close. So, when it comes to their sexuality, they tend to keep it concealed and hidden until the right partner comes along. With their reputation for being distrustful, this may take a long time. They have no problem with being a virgin or being celibate. In fact, they value being that way.

Of course, there are Venus in Scorpio women who desire to feel power and control over others. In this case, they may be more promiscuous. They may use sex to dominate others and to feel stronger. They may see sex as a tool to get the things they desire. These women may also just want to anger conformists and they may express their sexuality to make a statement. They also are drawn to taboo sexual practices. Think Fifty Shades of Grey.

Scorpios can be contrasting in their effort to prove you can never judge them by the superficial. They may dress really modest, but live an openly sexual life. They may dress provocative and be a straight up virgin, celibate, abstinent, or asexual.

In order to arouse these women, you must consider whether they want you or not. If they want you, it will be easier to arouse them. If they don’t, you’ll never stand a chance. For those she shows an interest in, you must surrender to her or you must convince her to surrender to you. There is always a wall there. If you can break these defenses, they’re all yours. At some point, she must feel in control. After that, you must prove that you can be trusted. They also feel aroused when there is an air of mystery or tension between themselves and their partners. They also desire their partners more when their partners aren’t interested.

In the bedroom, they are passionate lovers. Once they have decided to give themselves up, they give their all and can wear their partners out. Observe their Mars signs and Pluto signs closely to understand what “all” means for them. They like to have a measure of control. They don’t like to feel vulnerable. At the same time, they may also like being completely dominated. They like the struggle. They may like sex to be a little rough and maybe a little taboo. At all times, though, they want to feel something deep and transforming. They are likely to let sex change them and get obsessed with their sex partners. They must be careful to moderate their tendencies. Scorpio is the sign most associated with sex after all. They often get attached to the rush of an affair. It’s easy for them to seduce others, but it’s just as easy for them to be seduced.

If you love a woman that is unpredictable, deep, powerful, strong-willed, and in control, you will love them. If you have to be the dominant partner, looking for sex to be without restriction or weight, not a fan of emotions, and/or dislike drama, these women are not for you. If you have Venus aspecting Mars or Pluto, you may relate to this description. Venus in 8th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Scorpio is ruled by Mars traditionally and Pluto, so your Mars and Pluto signs will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Mars and Pluto signs within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Scorpio, Mars and/or Pluto in Sagittarius, you can read Venus in Sagittarius to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Lisa Scott-Lee, Nicole Richie Naomi Watts, Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Sigourney Weaver, Demi Moore, Brittany Murphy, Winona Ryder, Jodie Foster, Anne Hathaway, Goldie Hawn, Chloe Sevigny, Carly Rae Jepsen, Gemma Ward, Jean Shrimpton, Kris Kardashian, BoA, Teri Hatcher, Katie Holmes, Milla Jovovich, Lara Stone, Felicity Huffman, Jane Birkin, Vanessa Hudgens, Nelly Furtado, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Silverman, Bette Midler, Lucy Pinder, Dionne Warwick, Ellie Goulding, Marianne Faithfull, Carla Bruni, Annie Lennox, Diane von Furstenberg, Holly Madison, Krystal Jung (f(x))

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Venus in Sagittarius


Feminine Identity: When Venus enters Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign, she enters a lucky placement. She doesn’t feel entirely comfortable in Sagittarius, but there are a few things she has in common with the sign. For one, Venus is a benefic planet just like Sagittarius’s ruling planet Jupiter. This makes both energies positive and beneficial all the time. Neither can ever bring too much harm. Of course, too much of a good thing can cause some problems. Still, Venus is different from Sagittarius in many ways. Venus likes that Sagittarius provides a life of ease. With all the luck she gets in this placement, why work? But she may not like the exaggerated nature of Sagittarius. It can cause too much drama.

Venus in Sagittarius women love luxury and beauty. They have a zest for life. These women focus on having a positive view of themselves. Self-esteem is their focus. They work really hard to develop confidence in their own bodies and they encourage other women to love themselves. Sometimes, these women seem a little vain as a result. In the process of loving themselves, they often boast or brag about their “progress”. They try not to let anyone tear them down. Exercising humility is usually the last thing on their minds.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Sometimes, this means these women indulge in their pleasures more than the average. They tend to gain a little more weight as a result. Many of them actually look good with weight! Still, they must be careful of this tendency as it can cause health issues in the long run. No matter what, though, they never let anyone shame them.

These women tend to have a strong feminine side, loving all the things girls usually like. They can be into fashion and accessories and also love cooking and taking care of the home. Really, they have the confidence to do anything they put their minds to! However, they are always independent and freedom-loving. They don’t like to be compared to other women or grouped together with others as a result. They always find a way to make themselves more individual, whether it’s through a unique personal style or deviating principles.

These women have strong moral and ethical values. But their idea of right and wrong is based on their own experiences. Sometimes, their view of what’s right isn’t popular with other people. Still, they fight for their beliefs and can be preachy when trying to tell others about it. They have very strong opinions about femininity, and they expect other women to follow their example. They are also blunt and straight-forward, not caring whose feelings they hurt.

On the other hand, they do more talking than walking. Being freedom-loving, they don’t often hold themselves to their own principles. They certainly don’t want anyone judging them and placing standards on them. They want the freedom to have many experiences. Still, no matter how they act, their advice is wise and always steers others in the right direction. They are quite intelligent, thinking on a higher plane than most people. They tend to be broad in their views, viewing things in the context of the world rather than just their own community. This is why they value having as many experiences as possible. They want to continue to expand.

These women can be really sporty. They are lively and playful at times as well. Though they sometimes like primping and being pampered, they aren’t afraid to get rough and dirty. They love the outdoors and have an adventurous side to them. They are open-minded and love exploring various cultural backgrounds.

Among their peers, these women tend to be both likable and obnoxious. They are fun, funny, confident, and strong. Most women enjoy their company. They are out-going and hate to be trapped indoors. They really inspire the best in women and most can’t help but admire them. And just like women admire them, they always have one female heroine that they admire as well. They always have a teacher or guide in their lives. They have the courage to do things other women fear which makes them exciting company. At the same time, some women may find their personalities to be a little arrogant, haughty, preachy, and dramatic. These women don’t really care what other people think. They try to give themselves space from friends and peers anyway. Those who like them will; those who don’t won’t. Partners may find them to be lively and fun, but hard to pin down.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

The most beautiful quality about these women is their pure love of life! They embrace life with everything they do. Thus, they radiate positivity and life. These women are lucky. No matter what they wear, how much weight they lose or gain, they will always be attractive. They learned to love themselves early in life and this upbeat outlook inspires others to love themselves, too. It makes them ten times more attractive.

Relationships: They are so freedom-loving, they mostly want a relationship without any strings attached. They prefer to have a relationship where they can grow and learn about life. They want to experience a relationship thoroughly. They really want the dating experience. They put their partners on a pedestal and expect their partners to admire them as well. These women let their beliefs influence their relationships, so they are drawn to partners that share the same beliefs. They want distance and acceptance in their relationships because they like to do what they want to do whenever they want to do it. These women do want to have fun in their relationships. They are likely to run away from a relationship that has too many problems. They want to have many adventures with their lovers. These women value honesty and hate liars. They prefer someone who doesn’t beat around the brush or someone who isn’t afraid to speak their minds.

They are always falling in love with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, and abundance. He’s a positive influence in this woman’s life. He expands her life and gives her new experiences. Anything she wants, she gets, and as much as she likes! In her life, Jupiter gives her all the benefits and opportunities she’s looking for in life. He pushes her forward and allows her to reach her dreams. With him, she never feels bad.

When dressing, they can be casual and on-the-go types, but they care about their appearance a lot. They are always concerned that they are looking fabulous and attractive. They want people to see them as the best looking woman in the room. When dressing for dates, they tend to be jaw-dropping. Sometimes, they can be a little extravagant or eccentric in their tastes. They love colors and patterns. They tend to be bold and bright. They don’t mind showing off their shapes and body. They are confident in their skin. Even when they aren’t, they learn to love themselves by highlighting what makes them feel beautiful. They love attention from suitors. They may be attracted to exotic attire, wanting to wear a Kimono if they are black or wanting to wear buckskin even though they are white. These women may have been accused of culturally appropriating at some time in their lives. In this case, they should use their desire for knowledge to do more research on the “costumes” they choose to adorn themselves with. They tend to focus on their legs, thighs, and butt. They may like wearing skirts, shorts, or tight-fitting jeans as a result.

Their idea of a date is doing something fun or adventurous. Take them somewhere amazing, almost exclusive. They love V.I.P tickets to special events or reservations to the most expensive restaurants in town. They want to experience something they can tell others about. They like to share their experiences. They want the V.I.P treatment wherever they go. They don’t mind doing an outdoor activity, but it must be wild and fun, like water skiing. The more experiences this woman has had, the harder she will be to impress. Their partners would have to reach for ‘bigger and better’. The perfect gift for them would be something they can easily carry around, something that doesn’t have too much baggage. But they still like items that are expensive and extravagant. Show them how much they mean to you. They like jewelry because they can easily put them on and keep moving. They actually prefer quantity over quality. They like being showered with many gifts even if the gifts themselves mean little to them. The best compliment for them would be to stroke their egos and make them feel amazing. They like compliments. But they prefer people who are honest and straight-forward. So don’t hold back if you think they’re hot or sexy.

These women hardly ever reject suitors. Every chance is a chance for a new experience. But if they really don’t want to date someone, they will be honest about it. They won’t sugar-coat it. The challenge suitors face is trying to catch and tie these women down. They are so tempted to try everything, it’s difficult for them to focus on one partner. If they like someone, they are open, flirty, and spontaneous about jumping into an affair. They tend to go over-board to impress someone. After all, the expansive planet Jupiter is their ruler. Love is more open in this sign, and they show it in grandiose ways.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

These women believe that all women hold themselves to the same moral and ethical values regarding womanhood and relationships. If they don’t, they feel all women should hold themselves to the same values. They can be really preachy about this. They may clash with other women as a result.

Female Sexuality: These women tend to be really comfortable with their sexuality. They believe in being honest and straight-forward. When they desire it, they just go for it! Of course, this depends on their moral and ethical values. As a mutable sign, they tend to have these conflicting views. While they are unrestricted in their idea of exploring sex, if they feel certain sexual actions are wrong, they will not do it. These women focus on strengthening women and this could be sexually as well. They feel that a woman’s sexuality is a powerful thing. Since they are focused on self-esteem and feeling positive, they believe in looking at female sexuality as a positive thing. Of course, these women must be careful of exaggerating their sexuality and boasting that it is more than what it really is.

The easiest way to arouse this women is to tempt them. They must be convinced that they are going to have a fun time. They are also tempted by partners that offer a new bedroom experience. They tend to bring their own experiences to the bedroom. They are fun partners and a little wild. They tend to like outdoor sex or other such adventurous sexual experiences. They tend to over-indulge in sex at times and should learn to moderate their tendencies (considering Venus combines with Jupiter in this position). Too much of a good thing can be bad.

If you want a woman who is fun, lively, adventurous, with high moral and ethical values, she’s the one for you. If you need commitment, want someone more quiet, someone more reserved, and looking for someone submissive, you won’t find it in these women. If you have Venus aspecting Jupiter, you may relate to this description. Venus in 9th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so your Jupiter sign will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Jupiter sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn, you can read Venus in Capricorn to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities:  Christa Päffgen ‘Nico’, Suzanne Somers, Bella Thorne, Dawn French, Keyshia Cole, Angela Lansbury, Margaret Thatcher, Kelly Osbourne, Kendall Kardashian, Ann Hathaway, Katy Perry,  Sasha Cohen, Nicollette Sheridan, Jean Seberg, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano, Kim Basinger, Beatrice Dalle, Tina Turner, Judi Dench, Julie Delphy, Jane Fonda, Christina Applegate, Amanda Seyfreid, Nicky Minaj, Rita Ora Nigella Lawson, Donna Summer, Vanessa Paradis, Carolina Herrera, Georgia Jagger,  Christian Louboutin, Eliza Dushku, Francoise Hardy, Michelle Stanley, Diane Sawyer Anita Pallenberg, Farrah Fawcett, Emma Bunton, Melanie Safka, Jeanne Moreau, Rosamund Pike, Tatyna Ali, Raven Symone, Meghan Trainor, Dara (2ne1), Song Qian (Victoria of f(x))

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Venus in Capricorn


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the cardinal earthy Capricorn. This sign is ruled by the cold and calculating planet Saturn. There are some things that Venus is comfortable with here, and some things she’s not too keen on. Saturn is exalted in Venus’s own sign, Libra. Therefore, Venus understands Saturn’s need for self-control, modesty, and relationship responsibility. She relates to Capricorn’s reserved nature. But Capricorn can be a little more firm about it.

How these women were raised has a strong influence on the kind of women they are. The lesson in life for most of these women is to learn to love and respect themselves without validation from others.

Venus in Capricorn women are naturally conservative, mature, and sophisticated in their thoughts and ideas. They are cool and try not to make a big deal about too much. They often look really serious and rarely smile. I should say they have that settled sly grin. They are usually very successful and business savvy. They are able to set their feelings aside so that they can accomplish things in the world. This doesn’t mean they are unfeeling, they are just good at channeling their feelings in appropriate ways or saving them for the right time.

As women, they are not afraid of a “man’s world”.

They can be down-to-earth. They are honest and tend to be real about their feelings and thoughts. They can be sarcastic and cutting in their opinions. They don’t have patience for babyish behavior. These women hate arguing, especially over petty things. They especially don’t like cat fights. They really do believe women should learn to respect one another.

They aren’t the kinds of women that expect to be coddled and protected. They are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

They may be into feminine activities, but they are never over-done. Though they like pampering themselves and looking pretty, they are generally practical and may not emphasize these things. They have a natural interest in luxury or big-money items. They are generally classy girls. They seem prim and proper. Even if they have a wild streak, there is always a good girl streak within. They were raised to be well-behaved. They were also raised to be responsible and take care of themselves. They are good at taking care of their homes and balancing their careers, though sometimes it leaves them little time for pleasures.

While they may see themselves as mature, others may not see this in them. Some people may think they care too much about their status. Others may see them as attention-whores because they seem to be bent on doing anything for attention and recognition. Respect for their work and gaining recognition are very important to these ladies. No matter how others see them, though, there is always a reason for their behavior. They are capable of being objective and good at seeing things for what they really are. They also know how to sell themselves and tend to be good at the interview process.

Sometimes, though, they feel like the road to success is much harder for them than for other women. They really want to be successful, but it’s hard for them to work their charms the same way other women can, being so honest, reserved, and sarcastic, among other things. But when people finally do respect them, they always respect them for what they do rather than what they look like or rather than for any “charms”.

Among female peers, they seem like loners. They distance themselves from most people. As a result, they are easily misunderstood. They aren’t concerned exactly with other people’s opinions unless absolutely necessary. The opinions must be constructive or useful. However, they like to be at the top of their social game. They dislike feeling like failures and truly want to be admired. They generally tend to be stylish and sophisticated, so women respect and admire them at times. Other times, women find them to be cold, removed from society, sarcastic, and biting. They can be socially competitive and distrustful. Some people may feel Venus in Capricorns are consumed with their careers and reputations. Their friends find them to be cool to hang around but not the easiest to get close to. There is always a wall there. No matter how people see them, they will work hard to earn respect. They have to be careful not to envy other women who have gotten things much easier than they have. Somewhat, they like being around women who aren’t going for the same goals or women who aren’t as successful. They like to be around normal girls who are down-to-earth and easy to talk to. On the other hand, they may only respect women who have made a name for themselves and are successful in their own right. They must be careful of using friends to climb the ladder. Despite this, they are usually actually fun to be around and they have a great sense of humor.

These women carry a certain strength that is hardly found in the world of women. They are capable of conquering the world if they wanted to. These women want to feel worth it in life. They try to develop a substantial life as a result. As strong as they are, they never seem satisfied with where they are. This is why they always remain ambitious and continue challenging themselves. They always create goals for themselves and enjoy accomplishing things. These women will have accomplished a lot in their lifetime. They start moving upward at a very early age. They tend to seem very mature at a young age. As they get older, they seem younger. It’s possibly because they grew up too fast and so it’s hard for others to understand them when they grow up and change. They often already seemed grown-up to most people.

Venus in Capricorns can endure a lot. Because they try not to take things too personal, they don’t let too much shake them. People can talk about them all they want and it will never stop them from doing what they want. Still, they can get pessimistic and get depressed. They don’t mind people’s opinions, but they hate failure. Failure is never an option for them. They are patient about reaching goals and sure-footed. This is because they plan things very well. They are good at planning parties for their friends because they tend to think practically about how this can be accomplished, budget well, and are very good at turning ideas into a reality.

They are strong about boundaries and privacy. They are always aware of the consequences of their actions at all times. This can make them reserved or open. If they are looking for more results, they know just how to get the results they want. If they are trying to avoid the results, they know just how to avoid making mistakes. Everything they do is intentional because they think before they act. Friends may find them to be the “practical one”. Partners find them to be someone they can depend on. They seem truly faithful, though they aren’t too romantic. They respect tradition and tend to be close to people who are older.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

The most attractive qualities about these women are their class, their independence, their strength, and their endurance. These women are fully developed and in order. They are capable of taking care of their own lives. They carry a certain “mystery” about them because they are so independent. This is alluring to people who want a real and competent person in their lives. There is a certain luxury that follows these ladies. They seem to be of high esteem, so most people try to step to them right. If you get with them, you will have some serious social and professional connections. They usually are respected in whatever career field they get into. These ladies are cool and in control. Even in the most stressful situations, they know how to remain calm. At the same time, they are honest and straight-forward. These women are purely valuable.

Relationships: They are such busy, busy women that they hardly have time to develop a decent relationship. To add, they are so well-developed on their own, they can make their partners feel a little useless. Their idea of a relationship is something really realistic and practical. A relationship must add to their life rather than hold them back. They tend to be either drawn to partners that boost their status in some way or drawn to partners that aren’t related to their business and are someone they can relax with when the job gets too stressful. They want mature relationships. They tend to want commitment. They don’t have much time for game-playing. They also need a relationship that moves slowly and patiently. They like to take their time getting to know someone before diving in. Of course, once they do dive in, they need a clear direction. They can be really traditional in their idea of relationships. Marriage is usually in the plans in the near future. Of course, they mostly want a chilled relationship where they can relax. They have too much stress in the outer world to be dealing with it in their relationships. They like to enjoy simple luxuries with a partner. These women are not extremely affectionate or flirty. When they like someone, they spend a lot of time with that person and try to be reliable. That’s how they show they care.

They are always concerned about the consequences of their actions. Past relationships really affect their current relationships because they focus on learning from their mistakes. They also try not to let others’ mistakes become their mistakes. If they have friends or family members who have suffered poor relations with partners, they will be distrustful.

These women are constantly falling in love with Saturn, the planet of restriction, pessimism, and structure. His reserve, cool, and detached demeanor makes her feel secure and safe. The restrictions may feel suffocating, but in the end, there are no consequences. Boundaries are respected in this relationship. With him, love takes patience. It’s easy for her to feel relaxed because Saturn has everything under control. He is responsible and knows his limits. It can be a bit chilly and distant here, but always trustworthy. Saturn follows the “rules” of courtship and takes her seriously.

Some are generally conservative in their appearance. Others just like to wear the latest fashions. When dressing for special events, like dates, they vary. Some may be very modest and practical in their attire, not showing an ounce of flesh, wearing dark colors, with simple accessories. They are the classier types. Others may wear more form-fitting attire, showing off their petite figures. They may like leather. All of them look good in suits. If they are more practical, they may have more sensible accessories. If they are more luxurious, they are hardly ever seen without a name-brand item. Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein, it will have a famous name to it. They generally like to show off their legs and they wear simple make-up that brings out their pretty smiles.

The perfect date for them is going some place that has a sense of luxury and tradition. They wouldn’t mind going to an old-fashioned restaurant that has a sense of history and style. Of course, they also like modern conveniences. The more socially conscious Venus in Caps may like socially prestigious outings, like tickets to the opera or ballet. Rent up that limo or get your car washed and waxed. They like to ride in style. It’s important for their partners to be excellent drivers. They can be very serious about their relationships and may have a long list of “dos and don’ts” when it comes to dates. The simpler girls wouldn’t mind a nice dinner in a comfortable place. They may feel guilty if too much money is spent, especially if it was out of the budget. They also don’t want to feel like they owe anyone anything. Whatever date you plan, make the plans together with them. They don’t mind surprises, but they really need to know what’s going to happen next and need to be able to fit it in their busy schedules. Save the surprises for the actual date, but don’t pop up out of nowhere to take them out. Though they seem capable of paying any bill, if you ask them out, they expect you to pay. Still, they bring their purses just in case. It’s a deal-breaker if they have to pay a large bill, though, especially if it’s because of your irresponsibility. The perfect gift would be something they like, something that matches their taste, something they will actually use, and something that doesn’t wear and tear too quickly. They like flowers, being an earth sign and all, but they don’t have the time to take care of them. Otherwise, they love sensual gifts that smell good and feel good. They really appreciate items that help them reach their goals. Some of them prefer expensive gifts. Whatever gift you give them must reveal your dedication to them. The perfect compliment would be something sincere, yet nothing too elaborate. Just a simple, “You look nice” or “I admire how hard you work”. Too much flattery makes them question your sincerity.

They are honest about everything. They are comfortable rejecting others. But they are always respectful and mature about it.The challenge many suitors face is living up to her high standards for a relationship. She is reserved, cautious, and doesn’t easily express her feelings. It’s hard to break down her wall. If they like you, they are simple and honest about it. They will more than likely just tell you if they are comfortable enough. They don’t smile much, but when they like someone, those lips will widen into a beautiful smile often.

What Venus Means in Your Chart


These women expect all women to be as strong as they are. They believe that all women are capable of taking care of themselves. They don’t have pity on women who act weak (as they think this is just an act for attention). They also don’t believe in the stereotype that all women are emotional. They have strict ideas on women’s behavior in public. They may be surprised to find that some women don’t think the way they do. Of course, they may just see any other ideas as “unrealistic”.

Female Sexuality: There are three types of Venus in Capricorn ladies sexually. There are the more conservative women who believe women should be modest and proper.  Their parents’ influence is strong. They are cautious about their sexual encounters, even when married. These women consider the consequences of everything, including sex and sex appeal. Sometimes, this makes them inexperienced sexually, which also gives them insecurities. They also have a hard time feeling sexy to their partners. They may not admit this, though, as their social reputation is very important. They also want to respect themselves and want others to respect them, too. These women are the types to promote women being more than “sexual”.

The other type of Venus in Capricorn is very experienced sexually and uses sex to gain more prestige or respect. These women seem to care a little less about their reputations, but that’s actually not the case. These women are usually caught between being honest about their sexuality and being respected by others. They may use their material accomplishments to make themselves feel better about their open sexuality, especially if they receive backlash from others. They may also use suitors as a way to boost their self-esteem. They may use their sex appeal to get ahead in their careers or to reach their goals. They may make a career out of sex or their sex appeal. People may think these women lack all self-respect, but it’s actually the opposite. They respect their sexuality so much, they hope to get others to respect their sexuality rather than hide it to gain others’ respect by hiding who they are. These women often encourage other women to love their bodies and own their sexuality. These women hope to gain a sexy reputation.

The last type is open to sexual encounters but only within the context of marriage and commitment. These women may believe in only sex after marriage. Once committed, they may be really open (even taboo) in the bedroom, though they are the types that are private about their sex lives in public. Just like the first types, they care that people respect them in the outside world and care about their public reputations. They are often well-known in their careers or highly respected among their family members, so they feel like people are always watching them. This is mainly the reason why they respond to sex by keeping their sex lives private.

Overall, all of these women associate their sexuality with their reputations. They want people to think they are sexy and pleasing to their partners, at the same time, they don’t want to seem like sluts or desperate women that rely on sex to feed their egos. This is because they really want others to respect them and they want thriving careers. So, yes, they feel the need to conform sexually in some ways (or to at least hide their dirtier streaks). There are a lot of insecurities and guilt-complexes surrounding their sexuality (It doesn’t matter what her Mars sign is). There are plenty of people who make them feel guilty about their sexuality, too.

If you want to arouse them, just be honest and tell them you want to have sex. Communicate with them. They prefer this to you jumping in with physical touch or flirting. Most of them want someone who prepares them for what’s in store. When comfortable, they have a really earthy, simple presence in the bedroom. It’s raw and lusty. They are an earth sign and quite sensual. They like to perfect and improve on their skills. They can actually be open to many different things, no matter how taboo. They like to add to their experience and become “professionals” at whatever they do. Still, they never kiss and tell. What goes on in the bedroom stays there.

If you like a woman that is career-oriented, chilled and unemotional, strong and capable, loyal and committed, you will love these women. If you want to feel needed in your woman’s life, are super affectionate, and/or unconcerned with your reputation, they may not be the one for you. If you have Venus aspecting Saturn, you may relate to this description. Venus in 10th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so your Saturn sign will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Saturn sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, you can read Venus in Aquarius to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Tyra Banks, Daryl Hannah, Britney Spears, Anna Faris, Miley Cyrus,  Scarlett Johansson,  Kate Bosworth, Abby Clancy,  January Jones, Faye Dunaway,  Dolly Parton, Helena Rubenstien, Isla Fisher Cindy Crawford, Kesha

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Venus in Aquarius


Female Identity: Venus enters the erratic and changeable Aquarius, ruled by changeable Uranus and limiting Saturn. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. In this sign, there are some things that are similar to her nature. She’s an air planet; Aquarius is an air sign. Venus is about close social encounters; Aquarius is the sign of friendships and associations. Both Venus and Aquarius are about fairness and justice. But they have some differences. Venus is partner-oriented while Aquarius is independent. Venus is all about physical pleasures and gratification. Aquarius can live without the material and physical world. Venus likes when things are a little more predictable and pleasant. Aquarius sweeps in with it’s changes regardless of who’s ready for them.

Venus in Aquarius women are female rebels. They rebel against any strict ideas about femininity. These women are progressive and are all about the latest ideas on “female improvement”. They are always involved in movements, clubs, groups, organizations, or religions. Feminism is one movement they support. They are strict about their freedom and independence. They may be open-minded regarding other things, but this they are firm about. Venus in Aquarius ladies want to be free to change and try new things.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in feminine activities. They tend to like the latest innovations in fashion, make-up, and accessories. They are either really trendy or one step ahead of them! They are very good at starting trends because they know both how to innovative and how to appeal to the general social consciousness. Still, they don’t think their feminine interests should define them. In fact, they don’t tend to put a “gender” label on “hobbies” or “interests”. They can like skirts and dresses and still be interested in sports and technology. They may like to look nice, but they want to be respected for their brains rather than their looks. They need the freedom to be seen in many different ways.

As rebellious as they are, it’s mostly on the superficial level. In the outside world, they are open to trying new things and developing wacky hobbies. They like their dorky sides. They can be erratic and spontaneous among peers and friends. But on the inside, in the world of emotions, they have a conservative view of the world and prefer to keep things light and airy. They are all about emotional boundaries and tend to be strict about this.

These women are super intelligent and great conversationalists. They are always aware of what’s going on in the world. In fact, they have plenty of ideas on how to improve the world around them. Sometimes, they seem a little eccentric and crazy, other times they seem like geniuses. They are public-oriented and career savvy.

These women naturally care about the state of affairs in the world. They are natural humanitarians and altruistic. They’ve probably donated to more charities and other causes than any other women in the zodiac. They notice the little things that others miss. They are very observant and they are ponderers.

As caring as they are, they tend to be disconnected from others on a personal level. They often leave close intimates for outer, public pursuits. This causes a lot of confusion from people who know them well and require closer connections. They seem to care more about the world than their loved ones. Some may get the impression that their “humanitarian causes” are superficial as a result because they don’t really take the time to get to know people personally. They are very general about the people they help. As much as they hate labels, they tend to group people together in cliques or organizations with labels stamped on them. For them, who you hang with is a reflection of you. This is why they are careful about the people they associate with.

As careful as they are with their associations with others, they tend to be around the oddest people or people you would never expect them to be around. They tend to be open-minded when it comes to picking friends. They only require that their friends be just as open-minded. They don’t like to surround themselves around people that judge others (though they may be guilty of doing this from time to time).

Venus in Aquarius women are also careful about their friends because they generally like their freedom and hate emotional drama. They may be friendly and polite with everyone, but they can’t spend too much time with people who are emotionally dramatic. They are cool and aloof themselves. They keep their feelings inside. They aren’t afraid to express their thoughts and opinions, but they know when and how to keep these things to themselves. They know how to give constructive criticism without losing control of themselves and their tempers.

These girls aren’t physical fighters. They believe in civil disobedience. They believe in changing ideas through influence rather than force. They don’t want to be forced to change, so they certainly won’t try to do this to others! Still, they have an authoritative way about them that makes them seem like “know-it-alls”.

These women are generally good girls. They have a certain innocence about them. They are actually a bit shy. They can be really sweet and adorable. They have a certain beauty about them that is hard to describe.

They are a tad bit awkward in social situations. Their fellow female peers love being around them because they are so fun, funny, and awkward! Ladies feel like they can let go and be themselves in their presence. Many women may admire them and find them to be progressive and forward-thinking. Their independence is one of the most admirable traits. They are never too attached to things. They also prove to women that it is possible to pick up and move on from hurts, as they do this so effortlessly. However, some women find them to be self-righteous and flaky. As much as they have ideas they stand for, they don’t like being predictable or defined. While it’s hard to convince them they are wrong, they will change what they stand for just to be unique or different. Their individuality is very important to them. They may claim to associate with certain groups and organizations, but sometimes act contrary to what they stand for just to maintain their freedom from being labeled.

For example, a Venus in Aquarius woman may be a part of the Feminist Movement, but be a stay-at-home mom. When questioned, they will often respond, “Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t stop me from wanting to be seen as an equal to a man. My job should be respected just like a man’s.” In this case, though they may support movements, they look at these movements as a way to ensure their freedoms, no matter how they choose to exercise those freedoms. They see freedom in the form of “rights” not “requirements”.

If they were to support female suffrage, they would push for women to have the “right” to vote, not the requirement. Therefore, sometimes, they may not choose to vote at all! And for them, that would be exercising their “rights”.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

The most beautiful qualities about this woman is her individuality, her friendliness, her kindness, her intelligence, and her quirkiness. She’s anyone’s friend. She is attractive to people of all backgrounds, creeds, and colors. She’s open-minded and willing to try new things. Her trend-setting ways make her a magnet. People often want to follow along just to see what she will try to pull off next! She’s an oddball but it makes her even cuter. She can get away with things others can’t because she times herself well. After all, she is associated with the sign of genius!

Relationships: Venus in Aquarius women are truly independent creatures with a traditional interest in romance. They love that “puppy love” kind of romance. They are always teenagers at heart. They love long walks on the beach. They like sweet, maybe quirky, little gifts. They actually tend to have an idealistic view of romance. They crush easily. They really do like to receive special attention. They really want to feel special and unique to a partner. They generally tend to like partners that are more like best friends. Friend-zone isn’t quite that bad for them as for other women. Still, they feel they should always have the choice to date someone or not. They don’t quite often think about their partner’s choices or feelings regarding this matter. As much as they love all the ambiance of romance, they would like it to have no strings attached. They still want to maintain their freedom to roam about and be involved in the public world. They don’t want baggage or drama. They don’t want any commitments that prevent them from living a free or independent life. They don’t want to be in a relationship where there are expectations. They want both partners to be equals and to work together on everything. They are generally drawn to partners that are flexible and open-minded. They are progressive, so they need partners that are progressive. They also don’t like feeling “owned” in a relationship. Even with a partner, they still feel entitled to certain rights and freedoms. They don’t like being told what to do or how to think and feel. They really hate being criticized.

These women constantly fall in love with two conflicting energies: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet of restriction, pessimism, and structure. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, eccentricity, and upheaval. They like an odd mix of both. These women love the respect of boundaries that Saturn offers. There is a cool reserve that keeps their relationship free of emotional baggage. But sometimes, a little rebellion against these rules is nice, too. They eccentric nature of Uranus keeps them free from society’s standards. This lover is never boring. He breaks all the rules. At the same time, Saturn creates some rules that prevent things from getting out of hand. With Uranus around, it can create chaos and instability. Love is full of upheaval with him. With Saturn, love is hardly expressed openly and it takes time. Still, freedom is given.

There are many fashion types coming from this sign. They are unpredictable after all. There are those that have a distinct look. They may be known for wearing jackets all the time or wearing a pink hair bow. They may have an eccentric look, like trying punk or Gothic looks. Their style may be very individual. They may also dress to represent some club or subculture they support. The other type of Venus in Aquarius is always changing their fashion identity. They like trying the latest styles, cosmetics, and accessories before anyone else. Their outfits may seem to come right off the runway! They may even be good at designing their own fashions. The last type may be those that are uninterested in fashion and cosmetics, preferring to express their natural beauty. They may be more conservative and modest, preferring to be known for their brains rather than their bodies. These types reject objectification. When going on a date, expect the unexpected. They may usually look really casual on a day to day basis, and then suddenly look like a bombshell when going on a date. It all depends on the date they go on. If you’re taking them to a ball game, for example, they won’t see the need to wear a dress. They may wear all the sports gear necessary to support their favorite team instead. They are always perfect for the occasion. Still, they always manage to add their own personal touch to everything they wear. They want their partners to think they are both attractive and original.

When it comes to the perfect date…surprise them. They really like to go places at random and spontaneous moments. Kidnapping them from work or school (not literally, but maybe :P) and taking them to the beach or to an amusement park would be the perfect way to woo these ladies. They are okay with the dinner, flowers, and candy, too, but the man that is creative and random will win their heart much faster. They also like to go to new places or events. It’s hard to surprise and impress these ladies. They act like they’ve seen and done everything (some have). The easiest way to get around this is to take them to a newly opened restaurant, a rare event, or some place that is difficult to find. If you aren’t able to take them to any special, new places, it’s up to the partner to make the night full of unexpected surprises! Use your creativity. Even when it comes to gift-giving. Make sure it’s both surprising and romantic. The presentation is probably more important than the actual gift. Placing a diamond necklace in a piece of cake or a surprise visit from a florist with a bouquet of roses from you would be good ideas. They like awkward, cheesy compliments. They like being told they are beautiful and amazing and special. They like when you point out random quirks that you like. They prefer sweet compliments to vulgar compliments. And they like intelligent compliments, too.

If they aren’t interested in a suitor, they will be outspoken but polite. They are generally open-minded, so they may give anyone a chance. But if they’ve observed the individual, and found the person to be obnoxious and mean, they will not hesitate to reject that person. However, it’s not their style to be mean. The challenge potential lovers may face is tying these ladies down and picking the right time to do so. They not only love freedom, they need it. Even if they do like someone, these women are super involved in the world. They have many progressive ideas that they want to implement and don’t really have time for commitment. They are cautious about getting with individuals because they want to be with people who won’t confine them to stereotypical roles. If they like someone, the spontaneous Aquarius suddenly shies away. They have a hard time addressing their feelings. They may spend a lot of time communicating with the individual, trying to drop hints, or slipping in their interests within the conversation. The more outspoken types may find the most random or surprising moments to confess their interest. These girls tend to make friends with those people they are interested in.

What Venus Means in Your Chart

Their beliefs on women are molded by the generation they are raised in. They tend to think that other women are just as progressive as they are. They may feel that all women want the same freedoms and rights. They may not be prepared for women to disagree with them. Still, they believe that eventually, other women will catch up to them in time. They are the outspoken ones that speak out on issues they have. They have to be careful not thinking that their view of the world is for the best of everyone.

Female Sexuality: In idea, Venus in Aquarius women are open to all sorts of sexual experiences and identities. They are open-minded. They have no qualms with trying heterosexuality, homosexuality, or even asexuality. Even if they won’t try it all, they respect others’ stand on sexuality. They aren’t afraid of internet sex or even porn. They may even enjoy erotic literature. But “ideas” and “actions” are two different things. Generally, these women could take or leave sex. They are actually asexual creatures that prefer a good friendship to a romp to romp in the bedroom. They are open to everything when they actually have sex, but they seldom do. If they do have sex, it must have no strings attached. As random as they are in thought, life keeps them conservative in this regard. There are a lot of things about sex that bother them. For one, they hate the emotional attachment some people get after the experience and they are afraid of getting too involved emotionally themselves. They don’t want to feel weighed down with feelings. Second, they hate the idea of getting pregnant when they’re not ready (which is usually never) and they don’t want to feel tied down with a family or extra baggage. Some may believe in sex after marriage, but they also don’t like the idea of marriage too tough unless they are sure the relationship will remain the same it was before marriage (in this way, they hate change just like any other fixed sign). Some may like having a friendship with benefits sort of thing, where both parties agree to stay friends no matter what happens. In this case, they may be very open sexually.

In modern times, Venus in Aquarius women can explore sex without worrying about having children. This is why they love progress! We have more tools to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Venus in Aquarius women also like homosexuality for this reason as well. They don’t have to worry about pregnancy then. Of course, these women always have to live with the fact that people will not accept their open views on sexuality.

Still, there is always emotional baggage when dealing with sexual encounters. They are particular about their sexual partners as a result. They don’t want anyone possessive or anyone desperate for it all the time. They may like to explore sex in a way that doesn’t involve actual physical penetration. Venus in Aquarius women are not the types to dress overly sexual or exploit their sexuality. They don’t really care for a whole lot of attention in that regard. There are some of them that want to be respected for their brains so much they reject sexual expression. They tend to have a lot of self control regarding this. But they are not afraid to express their sexual ideas or tell others where they stand sexually. Sex is more of a mental thing rather than anything physical. And they really dislike sexual partners that are all about the physical.

These women aren’t easily aroused. Their thoughts must be touched first. They are more aroused by someone with an intelligent mind. Spark up an engaging conversation. Offer to try something new. They will be more aroused by someone who is more like a friend than a lover. They will be aroused in a chilled environment. In the bedroom, they are light, fun, and open to new techniques, but they have a bit of reserve and distance. They aren’t extremely emotional or passionate. Believe it or not, they may have a hard time letting go, being reluctant to tie themselves down to someone else and fearing messy emotions. They may love a good conversation even when making love. They may love to play with “toys”. If you want to get them out of their minds and into their bodies, be creative. Let it happen casually without a big to-do.

If you like women who are independent, good friends, open-minded, both sweet and intellectual, you will love these women. If you get emotionally involved sexually, want a traditional woman, looking for a partner you can spend lots of time with, or looking for stability and consistency, they are not the ones for you. If you have Venus aspecting Saturn or Uranus, you may relate to this description. Venus in 11th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, so your Saturn and Uranus signs will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Saturn and Uranus sign within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Aquarius, Saturn or Uranus in Pisces, you can read Venus in Pisces to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities:  Taylor Swift, Ashely Benson, Brenda Lee, Sheila E, Sade Adu, Viveca Lindfors, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,  Melanie Chisholm, Helena Christensen, Sissy Spacek, Janis Joplin, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington,  Marlene Dietrich, Pixie Lott, Kim Novak, Lauren Conrad, Nora Zehetner, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Charlotte Rampling, Chloë Moretz, Sharon Tate, Minnie Driver, Mischa Barton, Mary Quant, Yoko Ono, Sheryl Crow, Ellen DeGeneres, Heather Graham, Sharon Stone, Kristin Davis, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Ivana Trump, Heather Graham, Karolina Kurkova, Karen Carpenter, Vanessa Williams, Tea Leoni, Glenn Close, Olivia Wilde, Kelly Rowland, Nina Simone, Beth Ditto, Christine Keeler, Anna Hutchison, Ali Larter, Sheryl Crow, Elle MacPherson,  Aretha Franklin, Emily Osment, Paris Jackson, Teri Garr, Crystal Gayle, Amanda Peet, Kirstie Alley, Dido, Linda Blair, Alyson Hannigan, Shirley Jones, Gloria Swanson, Amy Lee 

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Venus in Pisces


Female Identity: Venus enters Neptune’s and Jupiter’s sign, her exalted position, Pisces last. Here, she is at her best. She sheds her physical skin for something more spiritual (or rather translucent). Here, love is boundless (they tend to see friendship, family, and romantic love as equal forms of love and they have no qualms with homosexuality and asexuality, seeing both as acceptable as heterosexuality). Beauty is limitless. Friendship is forever. Anything else you can think of that transcends the boundaries of our normal reality relates to Neptune and the sign of Pisces.  Venus can get a lot accomplished in the realm of dreams. Of course, she’s more at home with physical pleasures usually. Here, she’s reaching places she’s never reached before, but not without sacrifice. With Pisces being ruled by Jupiter, the other benefic planet, Venus sees that nothing but good can come from this sign. There is a strong moral and idealistic lean coming from planet Jupiter which makes love seem far more beautiful than it ever does in her own home. Of course, Jupiter is the planet of exaggeration…

The women of this placement usually fit the feminine ideal. The reason for this is not because they care about their reputation or social status. They are actually recluses and prefer to be isolated from others. They are generally really shy. They fit the feminine ideal because they are easily moved and inspired by the women around them. They are always admiring and looking to someone else as a guide rather than seeing their own potentials. These women always have heroines that they look up to. When they want to be like someone else, they will try to embody the qualities they admire so much. Sometimes, they better see their own potentials through other women, almost projecting their own strengths on others. They don’t often have a whole lot of esteem and look for others to empower them and make them feel stronger.

They definitely feel much stronger in numbers, but they are scared of being hated or judged. They are afraid of stronger personalities because they generally like to go with the flow rather than worry about things. They get easily stressed out around “Type A” personalities. Because of this, they tend to be drawn to more easy-going company.

While they get lonely and lost easily and want to connect with someone, they also need quiet time alone and hate drama. Trying to find a balance can be hard for them and confusing for others.

Venus in Pisces women don’t like showing their vulnerabilities, so they may seem a little cold or distant to mask their weaknesses. But they spend a lot of time with themselves because they are so sensitive. They are so in tune with the vibes around them, they often need to take a step back to really understand their own vibes. They can easily understand how people feel and think. They are excellent listeners and they can definitely keep a secret. They really absorb too much around them. This makes them weak physically at times and they tend to tire easily. They often reflect the ideas of someone else rather than their own. They must be careful of repeating other people’s ideas and passing it off as their own.

Some of these women’s favorite hobbies are sleeping and dreaming. They also enjoy reading, watching movies, and surfing the internet. They love to escape from everyday pressures. They have a large imagination. They can also be a little naive. It’s easy to reach their heart with things that sound too good to be true. They are easily drawn into subcultures that provide an alternative lifestyle. Many of them might be interested in Kpop and have a huge obsession with Korea. Some of them might be fascinated with Frozen and anything associated. Venus in Pisces can be impressionable and can find inspiration for their dreams anywhere!

These women make excellent friends when they’re around their friends, but it’s hard to rely on them to do important things. Again, they get stressed out over little things. They might be late for their best friend’s birthday party or they may cancel dates with friends for no apparent reason. This isn’t because they are phony, but they need a lot of time to themselves to build themselves up. Their moods change from day to day. This may surprise people who don’t understand this side to them. They like to relax and take things easy. They don’t want to be around people who don’t understand them.

These women enjoy all the things that make a girl a girl. They usually tend to have strong artistic, creative leans. They see the art in all kinds of fashion, cosmetics, and accessories. Their vibes are tuned into the latest fashions, even if they don’t particularly care to wear them. Venus in Pisces can appreciate the beauty in others without actually seeing that beauty in themselves. Though these women may be girly, they have many different faces. Being the planet of illusion, they can really be any girl they want to be! They tend to change faces according to who they’re around. Again, this isn’t because they are phony all the time. It’s mostly because they want to get along with everyone, and they easily merge with people of various backgrounds. They must be careful not to get with the wrong types of people. They will easily get caught up doing things that prove detrimental.

Venus in Pisces women are often envious of other women who are able to go after what it is they actually want. These tender-hearted, gentler souls have a hard time standing up for themselves and being noticed. They have a hard time making a move. They tend to admire women who can so easily do things they can’t do. What they may not realize is just how many people actually admire them! They don’t generally think too much of themselves and actually consider themselves underdogs. Other people may find them to be sweet, kind, playful, and easy-going. They may not be the most popular women around, but no one ever says they dislike them.

These women may not seem outgoing, but when alone, they can accomplish anything! Without others pressuring them, they are quite independent. They are capable of taking care of themselves when they don’t have to deal with others.

Of course, some of their peers may find them to be deceptive. Some women may recognize their fickleness and wishy-washy nature. They never seem to stick with anything and seem uncomfortable with everything. They may annoy women who wish they would just speak up and do something. They have too much to consider before they act. They have their own methods of doing things and other women may not understand this. They really can’t tell others “no”. They are so deeply in touch with their own inner feelings, they don’t want to do to others they wouldn’t want done to themselves. They hate hurting others’ feelings and creating bad blood between themselves and others. Sometimes, they can be manipulative or play one against another. They may have secret complaints that they tell to one party but may say something different to someone else. They also try to get friends to speak for them rather than saying what they want confidently. Sometimes, they also will deny they dislike someone or avoid people they don’t like rather than tell them they dislike them. They tend to keep their friendship circle tight.

Despite their tendencies, they are genuinely caring and compassionate. They always try to do the right thing by others. If they do something wrong, it’s easy to make them feel guilty about it. They have strong moral and ethical values. They tend to merge their moral principles with others, seeing how all people share a desire to do the right thing.

With the right support and push, they can become excellent leaders because they are good at uniting others under one goal, idea, or principle. They are open to people’s differences, they are good at sharing ideas, and they are creative about putting their ideas out in the public. Best of all, they are generally humble about it. They may need help making things more concrete, but they are good at inspiring others and making them feel more positive about their goals. They encourage people to dream big.

To learn more, The Magnetism, Charm, and Attractive Power of Venus is a good article.

These women transcend the physical realm when it comes to beauty. Their beauty is on a plane us “lower” folks can’t understand or appreciate. They see beauty in terms of the inner workings of the soul, through a beautiful mindset. In other words, they believe many things can be beautiful besides the outer appearance. They truly believe there is beauty in everything in the universe. These women often have many beautiful qualities themselves, whether on the outside or purely on the inside. Their ideologies translate outward towards others. People often have at least one good thing to say about them. They often absorb their environment so well, they can come off different to many people. They are good at projecting an image of beauty towards others through visual art, like through paintings, film, or photography. They best translate their charms through these mediums because they are actually typically shy around others. Not everyone will notice their charms on a more intimate level, but those who get hold of them will realize their luck! No one is as sweet and demure as these ladies. There is a pure quality about them that seems both enchanting and vulnerable. Others just feel a need to jump to their aid and assist them. Their innocent eyes draw others in all the time. There is also a mysterious air about them. They seem both easy and difficult to really tie down.

Relationships: These women love to dream. They are content with their romantic fantasy rather than a real romantic life. Sometimes, they hope their romantic dreams will come true and will go throughout life looking for the perfect partner to fit their love story. These are the types of women that get caught up in literature like Twilight and hope to find that vampire-like man. Or maybe they are interested in Kpop group EXO, dreaming of meeting one of the members and falling in love. Whatever the love scenario, the idea is usually beautiful and idealistic. In their relationship vision, their partners love them always, no matter what. There are no problems, no arguing. They are always attractive and special. Anything they ask for is done without rejection or complaint. They are soul mates. Their partners are never disappointed. Life is always amazing when with their lovers.

Back to reality and we realize that Venus in Pisces seems to always be in their own romantic world. They are always searching for a “Mr. Right”. They are always trying to set love up like a scene in a play. Unfortunately, we can’t pick and choose who we want to love us (or who we love). Sometimes, love comes in unexpected ways. Their problem is not seeing people for who they really are and seeing a perception or vision of them. The reality will reveal real human imperfections. Not everyone will accept everything these women offer. Venus in Pisces women will continuously have to make sacrifices to really achieve their dream. Sometimes, they end up losing those who are really right for them, all while chasing a “dream”. Even when they do reach that dream, sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, either. There are always pros and cons to everything. No situation is ideal. They have to learn that it takes work for all of us to make relationships work. They view relationships in the context of love. For them, love is forgiving, acceptance, kindness, and sincerity. Love is pure and innocent. They are therefore looking for partners without standards, partners that don’t cause any problems in their lives, partners that make them feel like they are strong, amazing, courageous, or anything they dream of being. It’s not realistic at all. They may feel ashamed because of this so they might keep these dreams stored at the back of their minds. They don’t want to to be judged or criticized. They know they can’t help desiring their dream-like relationship.

At the root of their dreamy natures are deep insecurities. They don’t feel that unique or special. They don’t feel like they are able to conquer the world the way they want to. They are hoping someone will come and “save them” from themselves and help them escape what they feel is a harsh and unsympathetic world. Instead of having to change, they just finally want to be accepted for who they are. They are truly tired of molding to please. But the issue isn’t that no one accepts them, but that they haven’t learned to accept themselves. Until they do that, they will always feel like something is missing in their relationships and they will feel insecure. Until they do that, they will always feel like to have to make sacrifices in order to please others. These women may have a hard time feeling good enough in a real relationship. In their dreams, they can do anything. In real life, everyone has limitations and they have many. They are hard on themselves because they expect too much of themselves. And when they are hard on themselves, it makes it harder on their partners as well. Their partners may not be alone, but they may still end up feeling lonely. These women may often feel this way at times, too.

In an actual relationship, these women are playful and sweet and flirty (in a subtle way), but a little distant. They may like to chill with their partners and do quiet activities. Still, they need some time alone with their thoughts. They have a hard time with commitment and are really freedom-loving at heart. Too much pressure is sure to make them run away. They are too sensitive to be criticized. Whatever you have to say, say it honestly but gently.

These ladies are constantly falling in love with Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, and abundance. Neptune is the planet of imagination, dreams, and delusions. These women are in love with the Neptune the most. He’s dreamy! Everything about him seems to have stepped out of her favorite movie, book, and/or music video. He’s everything she imagined a lover would be. He whisks her away from this harsh world. Neptune isn’t always understood by everyone else, but this lady understands him, no matter what anyone thinks. Jupiter makes a great lover as well. His positive spirit keeps her in bliss. There is never anything going wrong in her love affair with Jupiter. He only sees the good in her. He adds so much to her life, expanding her world beyond normal, everyday thinking. He’s her savior. There is much wealth and happiness with Jupiter. They both live happily ever after.

As far as fashion goes, they are actually not superficial women. They tend to dress comfortably majority of the time. But they look amazing in everything! They honestly wouldn’t mind someone picking their clothes out for them. When going on dates, they are usually unsure about what to wear overall. They tend to have a creative and artistic mind, but they have a hard time translating that in their actual wardrobe. Some of them have such abstract visions, they look really eclectic sometimes. Often times, they settle with something feminine and something that may be generally attractive to most people. They especially sacrifice their personal style to be more attractive to someone they really like. Other women influence their viewpoint on clothing, too. If they are currently inspired by women who encourage being modest, they will choose modest looks. If they are currently inspired by a rock star, they may wear punk attire. Whoever inspires their look will have the most influence on their style. Depends on when you catch them. They are generally shy, so they never wear anything too revealing. They tend to be colorful. They have clothes in many colors, patterns, or designs.

Their idea of a perfect date is something that sets them in their favorite scenario. They love just spending time with someone they love. Treat them gently. Care for them. They can go on any date as long as their partners are romantic and sweet. They are not about the money. In fact, they see love as something that goes beyond the material world. Material things do not necessarily impress them. They appreciate anything you give them, but it’s never the fancy gifts you give them or the fancy places you take them. They are just happy to be on their partners’ minds. If they feel that soul connection, like they were meant to be with you, everything will feel right to them. They usually use their vibes to determine whether someone is right for them. They often tend to see things others miss. In this case, they must be careful of seeing things that aren’t there. They may see someone as sweet when they are really evil. They generally want to see the good in everyone, but not everyone deserves their kindness. They must be careful of being used and abused.

As far as compliments, they can take them or leave them. They want to know they are loved more than anything. The most important words for them are “I love you”. They want to feel like their partners have eyes only for them. They want to feel that their partners love being around them. That three letter word is worth more than any compliments. Most compliments just make them shy.

If the person that asked them out seemed really nice and sweet, even if they don’t like them, they will feel bad about rejecting the person. They can easily put themselves in someone else’s shoes. They try to be nice. They may avoid the person or date the person just so they won’t hurt the person’s feelings. If they’ve observed an individual, and found the person to be mean and rude to others, they will definitely reject the person without looking back. They may not be rude, but they will be honest. The challenge many potential lovers face is actually tying them down to a relationship and then trying to live up to their ideal  expectations. They really assume the best in people and see what they want to see in others. It’s hard for individuals to live up to their “perfect visions”. Staying on their good side can seem hard because they are so sensitive to any negativity. While it’s easy to land a date with these ladies, it’s difficult to get theAside from this, they dislike duty and routine, believe it or not. They like to go with the flow and may not be reliable in a stable relationship. They don’t like hurting feelings, so they may not always make a definite choice in love. It’s hard to get them to commit. If they like someone, they are super shy about showing it. They may act more sweet, demure, and nicer than normal. They have a soft flirting style. They may show more of an interest in everything the individual does, asking questions or observing. They tend to dress to impress the object of their affections. They may be a little moody, playing the role of “hopeless romantic”. It’s hard for these shy souls to get their feelings across because they are so often misunderstood.

These women tend to feel that all women are sensitive and more caring than men. They generally do feel that all women have a need to feel understood. But they can understand that not every woman will see things the way they do. In fact, they are capable of adapting new ideas into their own minds.

Female Sexuality: These women aim to please, but they are generally shy of the whole sexual experience. They need a gentle, considerate, and attentive partner until they become more comfortable with their own sexuality. They are more open to alternative sexual practices like phone sex or porn. The actual act is something a little deeper for them. At the end of their fantasies, they are often giving their bodies to their lovers. Many of them fear the experience will not be as they dreamed. They are also afraid for the dream to be over. Sometimes, they feel confusion over their sexuality, not sure what they desire. Many of them enjoy a pure relationship, released from the chains of the physical. If only we could procreate without intercourse! Venus in Pisces women would be all aboard.

Their moral and ethical beliefs influence their sexuality as well. They are usually tuned into current trends regarding female sexuality. They actually like to read books regarding relationships and sex. They often seek advice. Depending on their stand, they may or may not be open to everything. It’s best to discuss this woman’s ideas. Partners may have to help her reveal and overcome her insecurities. No matter how open she is sexually, these women never feel good enough because they are always searching for the ideal sexual situation rather than just letting go and releasing their inner desires. More than likely sex will be pure and looked at in the context of love-making.

Venus in Pisces women can be alluring. They usually give themselves completely to their lovers and let their partners take the lead. Some Venus in Pisces women may act fragile and innocent to entice their lovers. They need to be careful of allowing partners to just do anything to them sexually, even things that are dangerous. When they let down their defenses, they can be extremely vulnerable. These women may secretly like “humiliation” in sex. They may love wearing costumes as a form of foreplay (their ruling planet, Neptune, is associated with illusion). Still, most need to know they are loved. The easiest way to arouse their sexual desire is to keep telling them how much you love them, how much they complete your life, and how much you appreciate all they have done for you. Really boost their esteem as much as you can. Create a romantic scenario.

If you love a woman who is sweet, accepting, forgiving, and dreamy, this is the woman for you. If you’re more physical, realistic, impatient with passive people, and/or looking for someone more open and confident, she may not be the one for you. If you have Venus aspecting Jupiter or Neptune, you may relate to this description. Venus in 12th house natives may relate to it a bit as well. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter traditionally and Neptune, so your Jupiter and Neptune signs will alter your expression. You can read the description of your Jupiter and Neptune signs within this page. For example, if you have Venus in Pisces, Jupiter or Neptune in Aries, you can read Venus in Aries to see if it sounds more familiar to you. Any planets or house placement cusps in Taurus or Libra will be affected by this planet.

Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Obama, Shirley Bassey, Isabel Lucas, Alicia Keys, Natalie Imbruglia, Sasha Pivovarova, Agyness Deyn, Doutzen Kroes, Selita Ebanks, Geena Davis, Vanessa Redgrave, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Palermo, Ursula Andress, Rachel Weisz, Eva Herzigová, Laura Dern, Charlotte Church, Victoria Beckham, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Lucy Lawless, Maria Sharapova, Kate Hudson, Céline Dion, Reese Witherspoon, Kourtney Kardashian, Norah Jones, Claire Danes, Suri Cruise, Joss Stone, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jennifer Grey, Diana Ross, Penélope Cruz,  Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbra Streisand, Bettie Page, Andie Macdowell, Queen Elizabeth, Emma Roberts

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Sorry for the length. :/ But I hope you’re able to understand women and their feminine energy a little more. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Share your Venus sign!

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure


What Does HE See in YOU? By the signs

30 Sep
Venus-the planet of love and beauty

Venus-the planet of love and beauty

Many of my readers may have remembered my original article on this same topic. Several months ago, I accidentally deleted it. 😦

There’s no sense crying over spilled milk, so I decided to re-write the whole topic. This time it will be a revised version of the original. I plan to add a little more “flair” to the article this time.

*WARNING: The Following Article is Lengthy. Sorry About the Length. If you enjoy in-depth information, this is for you.

*WARNING: The Following Article is intended for those 18 years old and older.

Most of you probably know what Zodiac Signs are. Usually when someone asks you, “What’s Your Sign?” People will respond with one of the 12 signs that fall on their birthdays: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces.

But did you know that the sign that falls in your birth month isn’t your only sign? The sign most people are familiar with is the Sun sign. The Sun rules over Leo. It’s natural that this “planet” would get more attention than all the others. People even tattoo these signs on their bodies.

If you know all this, and don’t need an explanation, skip to Venus Signs

The Sun is the central planet in the universe. In astrology, the Sun represents our ego, our pride, our “inner” identity, our basic self. It doesn’t represent who we are totally, but it is our central driving force. It’s our inner core values developed from home, from the person who was in charge of our lives as children. It’s developed from our early childhood living conditions. And it stays within the center of our hearts even as we grow older. When we live life by our sun signs, we feel like somebody in this world. We feel significant. We feel like we’ve made someone proud. We feel content and happy in life, as if life is worth living. This is why the Sun sign is more well-known. To add, it’s easy to find. All you have to know is your birthday.

But have you ever felt that you didn’t really relate too much to your Sun sign? Have you felt that there were just some things that were a little off? While most of us would like life to be like our Sun, other things influence who we are. You ever met two people with the same Sun sign that seem a little bit different from each other? I know two Sun in Geminis who generally like to socialize and talk, but their emotional responses to situations are different, their interests are different, and their goals and ambitions are different. To add, they are from two different generations.

This shows us that our other signs are just as important.

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto signs are all important planets with their own sign.

So maybe you’ve always said “Hey I’m a Scorpio.” Again, that’s your SUN SIGN. Your Moon sign might be in a completely different sign, and would have a completely different meaning in your life.

Sun rules over our basic inner drive to be important to ourselves and others. Usually, developed by the Father or lead provider in the home. Women usually look for this from men in long-term relationships, projecting her own idea of a happy lifestyle, expecting a man to make her happy by taking care of her. Still, the Sun isn’t the most important factor in a romantic sense. It may be associated with individual pride, but the Sun is weak in Libra for a reason: It’s hard to think about the ego, or only the self identity, when thinking of partnerships or OTHERS. Venus is the planet most people should observe when thinking of romantic compatibility.

I’m not saying LIBRAS are weak. But all the planets have signs they are weakest in and strongest, and this has to do with how alike or similar they are versus different or challenging. Everything the Sun represents in astrology is so different from what Libra represents…which can create stress for Sun in Libras sometimes. But it makes them humbler than everyone else at the same time. Still, we wouldn’t want to look to the Sun too much to decide romantic compatibility.

The other planets have meaning and archetypes as well. The Sun sign isn’t the only part of our life.

How can you find these planets in signs? By finding your FREE NATAL CHART online!

http://www.astro.com is the best place.

Step 1: Sign up for a free account!

Step 2: Go to “free horoscopes” at the top

Step 3: Press horoscope drawings

Step 4: Move to the extended chart

Step 5: Press “Edit data”, a small button on the right

Step 6: Enter your data. You may need birth time which you can get from birth certificate or parent, or for now, use 12 noon though not recommended.

Step 7: Press blue button.


This article will be focusing on VENUS SIGNS.

The Venus symbol looks like this:


The sign next to this symbol is your Venus sign. So, now that you have your natal chart and your Venus sign, let’s get started.

Venus is the planet of love (more like instant, superficial romance), beauty, pleasure, attraction, charm, possessions, society, friendships, and our social status. For women, it often reflects her inner “heroine”, the woman she admires within herself and other women. It reflects the woman she hopes to be, the woman she “dresses” herself after. It represents where she stands in society. It’s her ideal.

In a Man’s chart, it represents his ideal, too. But usually he projects this onto women rather than other men. Venus represents the woman that he is attracted to, a woman that turns him on. This is a woman he wants for a friend, a woman he can hang out with. This woman is his “crush”. This woman is often sexy without trying. This is the woman he wouldn’t mind asking out on a date. Whether he will date her long-term or even marry her is a different story, but with Venus, he’s romantically attracted to her. He wouldn’t mind having her around to show off. He wouldn’t mind having a nice time out with her. He would feel physically comfortable around this woman. Even while married, he’d hope to keep this side of her alive otherwise he will develop new crushes.

Venus is very superficial. It’s guided by the senses: Touch, smell, vision, all the physical senses classify as “love” under Venus’s domain. To a certain extent, we do love those people we are physically attracted to. In fact, to a certain degree, physical attraction is how we spot someone we like first. Even though getting to know a person can help a relationship last, you can’t approach people without observing how they “seem” based on your senses first. To a certain extent, how someone appears does count to a certain degree. It’s not possible to see someone from the inside before we get to know someone. The physical senses must take place first in order for us to want to get to know someone more and find what’s inside a person.

Venus represents how a man (or how anyone) expresses love and affection, too. This represents how he shows love. This represents what he would do to show a girl he loves her. Of course, his Mars sign will show his tactic when approaching her, like whether he’s up-front or indirect. But any gifts he gives her or any dates he takes her on will be shown through his Venus sign. His ruling planet influences how this turns out.

You all know all the signs have a ruling planet, right?

Sun rules over Leo

Moon over Cancer

Mercury over Gemini and Virgo

Venus over Taurus and Libra

Mars over Aries and (traditionally) Scorpio

Jupiter over Sagittarius and (traditionally) Pisces

Saturn over Capricorn and (traditionally) Aquarius

Uranus over Aquarius

Neptune over Pisces

Pluto over Scorpio

Look at the sign your Venus is in. If you have Venus in Pisces, for example, you would also look at your Neptune (and possibly Jupiter) sign as well. If your Neptune is in Aquarius, that would influence your Venus in Pisces. Sometimes, the guy’s ruling planet may give more detail into what he’s interested in romantically.

However, though Venus will decide what woman he’s attracted to, he may not feel comfortable emotionally, like he can be himself. Usually, a man has to feel that she can meet his emotional needs before he completely commits to a woman. Men often don’t feel women understand them. The hardest thing for men to do is open up about their feelings. Society often shames a man for expressing them. And they don’t want to appear vulnerable. Some women don’t even feel men should be concerned with their emotional needs, either. But men do have feelings. Feelings can’t be controlled. So if someone commits to him, he needs to be able to know that she will meet his emotional needs and be accepting of them. So, men subconsciously project the Moon onto a woman they desire as well. The MOON SIGNS would better reflect the committed relationship. So if you want to get him to ask you to be his girlfriend, a good start would be to check his Moon sign.

If you want him to marry you, the whole chart must be considered.

Since Venus represents a man’s ideal type, I thought I’d help ladies out. This can apply to you, too, ladies. Venus represents everyone’s “crush” on a physical level, though women may gravitate more to their Mars signs. Mars is the planet of action and aggression. Women may care more about what a man does and how he acts or behaves rather than how a man appears or how charming he is (though women like this, too). Men may equally pay attention to what a woman does or how she behaves, true enough, but they care more about how a woman carries herself in public socially than they do about what she “does”.

Still, Venus and Mars are both important in both charts. It’s just Venus is more instant for men.

Basically, for men, Venus is the first step towards “crushing” on a woman. Mars is the second step towards “crushing” on a woman, but he may not realize it.

Moon is the first step towards committing in a relationship. Sun is the last step towards committing in a relationship, but he may not realize it.

This article will help women get some insight as to HOW they can attract a man they like. But I recommend that you be YOURSELF. You never want to pretend. In the end, it will show whether you TRULY fit his ideal type. Still, it would be useful to know how he views love and women (at least a little bit, since the whole chart gives the complete story). Then you can see if it matches up with your views. You don’t have to have the same Venus signs to be compatible. You don’t even have to have the same Venus signs in order for him to “see” his Venus qualities in you. Remember, he’s projecting his own qualities. He may see sides to you that’s attractive to him and they could be coming from all the other planets in your chart. Or even the houses. Or even the aspects! So, you don’t have to have compatible Venuses in order for him to be attracted to you. This is just what HE likes in his MIND. This is his “ideal”. How it comes about in person is entirely up to him and his experiences with his own planet Venus.

This article can help those who have also been ASKED out. It can show them what he saw in you when he asked you out. That guy that dropped his number when he saw you eating lunch alone? Something about you struck his Venus sign and you may not have known it.

For those of you who are Lesbian, Gay, or Bi-sexual, it depends on the planet you identify with. If you identify with your Mars, you will project your Venus more. Therefore, you may be more attracted to a Venusian individual. Most Lesbian, Gay, or Bi-Sexual individuals that I know are less likely to project either planet. Most own up to all of their energies instead of expecting others to handle them, which is actually good! For you, you should observe both VENUS and MARS signs. The following could apply to both the male and female gay and lesbian community. Unfortunately, heterosexual men are more than likely to project their own Venus rather than own up to it, causing much confusion for women interested in men. For this article, I used the article “he”, but if you’re a woman interested in women or a man interested in men, you could observe these signs, too.

Even heterosexual women should read this because VENUS could even apply to the MEN women are interested in on the subconscious level. Many heterosexual women don’t realize it, but these are the things they’re looking for in men as well!

Still, society is harder on all men and their expressions of Venus, whether Homosexual or Heterosexual. This is why I have to cater this to men mostly.

The archetypes presented in this article come from one of my favorite websites: CLICK ME

Again, this article is not for individuals to start pretending they fit these men’s “ideal”. This is so you can get an understanding of HIS mind, and see if it really is suited to the kind of person you feel you are. If there are things about him that you KNOW don’t feel like you, then maybe you should let him know what you’re about and see if he’s alright with that. But don’t EVER pretend to be someone you’re not. 

I’m going to go through the signs and explain how men’s Venus signs affect their choices in love.

To really learn more about the natal chart, click ME.

Venus signs appear in this order

Venus in Aries

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Leo

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Libra

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Pisces

It’s pretty long, so you can click one of the signs above, which will take you to the Venus sign of interest. I’m really sorry about the length. I still hope you readers enjoy.

To read more about Venus, check out my Which Disney animated heroine are YOU? Part 1 and Part 2

I’ve also completed What Does SHE see in YOU? if you’re interested.


Sun is at home in Leo, exalted in Aries, in detriment in Aquarius, and falling in Libra

Moon is at home in Cancer, exalted in Taurus, in detriment in Capricorn, and falling in Scorpio

Mercury is at home in Gemini and Virgo, exalted in Virgo and some say Aquarius, in detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces, and falling in Pisces and some say Leo

Venus (the target of our topic) is at home in Taurus and Libra, exalted in Pisces, in detriment in Scorpio and Aries, and falling in Virgo

Mars is at home in Aries and Scorpio, exalted in Capricorn, in detriment in Taurus and Libra, and falling in Cancer

Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius and Pisces, exalted in Cancer, in detriment in Gemini and Virgo, and falling in Capricorn

Saturn is at home in Capricorn and Aquarius, exalted in Libra, in detriment in Cancer and Leo, and falling in Aries

Uranus is at home in Aquarius, exaltation is undetermined, but said to be in Scorpio, in detriment in Leo, and said to be falling in Taurus

Neptune is at home in Pisces, exaltation is undetermined, but said to be in Cancer and/or Leo, in detriment in Virgo, and said to be falling in Capricorn and/or Aquarius

Pluto is at home in Scorpio, exaltation is undetermined, but said to be between the signs of Leo and Aries (mostly Leo), in detriment in Taurus, and said to be falling in Aquarius and Libra (mostly Aquarius)

When a planet is at home in a sign, it has entered the sign it rules. That sign is most like the planet.  For example, the Sun and Leo are very much alike in their representations and descriptions. So when the Sun enters Leo, it pretty much rules over the sign.

When a planet is exalted in a sign, the planet works easier in the sign. This helps the planet gain benefits faster, but maintenance isn’t as efficient as the sign ruled by the planet. For example, the Sun can work easier in Aries because they are similar in some ways, and different in beneficial ways. But the Sun can’t operate as consistently or totally in Aries as it can in the sign it rules over. Mars will have the final say because it’s Aries’ ruling planet.

When a planet is in detriment in a sign, that means the sign is totally different from the planet. For example, the Sun and Aquarius often represent too different things. The Sun is about the self and ego. Aquarius is about the group, humanity, and objective truth. Aquarius deals with everything but THE SELF. The Sun, the planet, is ALL ABOUT THE SELF. So when the Sun enters Aquarius (these are usually the people who say their sign is “Aquarius”), the Sun has to find different ways to express itself or risk not expressing itself at all.

When a planet is falling in a sign, it’s hard for the planet to open up in this sign because they aren’t too alike and they don’t agree. Benefits come slowly, but the outcome could be better than expected. For example, the Sun is falling in Libra. The Sun is about the SELF and EGO. Libra is about OTHERS. The last thing the Sun wants to think about is others. So when the Sun is in Libra, the Sun has a difficult time finding ways to properly express itself without losing itself.

Venus in Aries

One word description: Fun

If the man has Venus in Aries, his ideal type is someone who has an animal sexiness. Yes, he likes his ideal type to be wild. He likes someone who is exciting, passionate, and fun. They want someone who is direct, someone who wants THEM. Does she have devious intentions? He doesn’t mind. The thrill keeps him chasing. They really want to feel WANTED. He likes individuals who are decisive and know what they want. They like people who are steamy hot. That hot, fun person dancing at the party? That person is going to be his crush. He’s liking the passion. He’s liking the drive. He loves the desire he sees in this person. He wants someone who connects with his inner man. This man is more attracted to women who own up to their Mars signs, unlike most men. He really likes what a woman “does”. While, many men may see this as a threat, he won’t. This man wants someone who is confident and knows how to work their own charms, no matter how different they are.

Many of these men are also attracted to athletic people. They often prefer thin individuals to thick individuals, but they can dig some booty, too, as long as there are curves in the right places. They tend to like tomboyish women. This man also likes to be around original people, someone who does their own thing.

An individual who is independent and assertive may also be attractive. These men tend to often ignore the shy person for the free-spirited and open person. They just can’t help it. They like the people who are youthful and don’t mind playing laser tag for their first date, or don’t mind playing basketball. He will be drawn to the active types. He’s even attracted to strong individuals. Many of these men take individuals at “face value” (Aries ruling the head), so they are a sucker for an attractive face.

There are some Venus in Aries men that like sweeter and innocent girls though. Aries is a sign that rules over the first hints of spring, a time of freshness and innocence. These men might like girls who have a bit of innocence, possibly in a carefree type of innocence. They also like their egos stroked and like to take the lead in love. They are often drawn to girls who sometimes allow them to do just that. But they don’t care for women who are too agreeable all the time. They like some challenge and honesty.

He expresses his love through sex more than the other men do, so he wants someone who isn’t rigid in that way. He likes the slutty types, even if it’s just behind closed doors. He loves someone with a healthy sexuality. He doesn’t think that’s bad! At the same time, he respects a woman who presents a challenge for him. He may not respect someone he can easily get in the bed with.  Their eyes are drawn to the person that all eyes are on…though all of this depends on his MARS sign. Venus is in detriment in this sign because this sign isn’t usually looking for anything serious. They are impulsive in love. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, aggression, action, and sex. Love is often tangled with sex. Love can be aggressive, active, and a battlefield for this lover. He’s into people that are confrontational. He doesn’t really draw himself to the Mary-Jane types. He wants someone who speaks up, someone who stands up for themselves. Maybe not towards him, but definitely towards other people. He also wants someone who’s open about their feelings and not playing games.

Physically, they are drawn to muscular, healthy, fit bodies. They tend to like individuals who are thin. Aries rules the head, so, again, they tend to like attractive faces and beautiful, distinct hair. As far as clothes go, less is more! They want confident people in their lives, so show off your hot bod! Bold colors really catch their attention, but they mostly pay attention to that individual wearing all the confidence.

Sexually, they are turned on by partners that are passionate and active. They want their partners to show enthusiasm and courage in the bedroom. They like people who can let go, get a little wild, and try new things. They may be initially attracted to a sex partner that submits to them, but if the person doesn’t take initiative in some way, he will grow bored.

If he asked you out, you probably came across to him as sexy and exciting, fun and challenging. You must be one hot fox!

How do I know he likes me? He’ll be straight-forward about it eventually. It will be obvious. He may vocally tell you how attractive you are. If he doesn’t show any signs, other factors could influence his decision not to express it.

TURN OFF: They don’t like stuck-up individuals. They don’t like people who follow the crowd and care too much about what other people are thinking. They like to feel like they can be themselves and have fun. They like people who want to take chances, so too many “rules” will turn them off.

After this Venus in Aries man is done watching you have fun, he may now want to observe how much more “fun” you could be. Now, he’s looking to have his idea of “fun”. Let’s say, the fun has only begun. He wants to see if you can keep spicing up his life. There are so many amazing women out here, and trying to keep this man’s interest is hard. This is when Mars comes into place. This is probably one of the main reasons Venus is considered in detriment in Aries. Mars is considered the planet opposite Venus.

Mars rules over Aries. It is the planet of energy, the sex drive, and the actions a person takes. Men own up to this planet, so he’s looking for a woman who can keep up with him. They are looking for some action in their lives. Read the Venus sign that best fits your Mars sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Mars is in Taurus, read Venus in Taurus.

Male Celebrities: George Clooney, Robin Thicke, Flava Flav, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jack Nicholson, Bob Marley, Robert Downey Jr,  Steven Seagal,  Pharell Williams, Johnny Cash, Jason Aldean,  Gavin Degraw, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Brown, Jay Sean, Akon, Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), MC Hammer, Chris Martin (coldplay),  Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Gerard Way (My Chemical romance), Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas), Miles Davis,  Fred Astaire, Bobby Valentino, Rob Thomas, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Daddy Yankee, Billy Corgan (The Smashin Pumpkins), Gucci Mane, Pierre Charles Bouvier (simple Plan),  Johnny Gill, Cee Lo Greene, Akon

Kpop idols: Jay Park (2 PM), Suga (BTS), Tao (EXO), Soohyun (U-Kiss), Eli Kim (U-Kiss), Max Changmin (TVXQ), Jackson (Got7), Ravi (VIXX), Changsub (BtoB),  Peniel (Btob),  Sungjae (BtoB), U-Kwon (Blobk B), Mino (Winner), Aron (Nu’est)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Aries “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Taurus

One word description: Womanly

These men tend to love beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, but most tend to like a well-formed body over anything.  Yes, they can be very physical and superficial men sometimes. They can’t help it. Beautiful appearances catch their eyes, no matter how much they try to deny it. A well-dressed individual with attractive company goes a long way with these men. His crush is usually the best-looking person in the room, though they may also occasionally be drawn to someone because of their mild spirit. More than likely, they are attracted to that laid-back individual, quietly chatting with friends in the corner. These men are also noticing when you carry name-brand items or quality items.

They are attracted to individuals who are hard to get, usually individuals who haven’t had many relationships with people. There are two reasons for this, depending on the guy. The first reason for this is because they want to feel like that person in their lives will only be there’s. They are possessive deep down and easily jealous. The thought of their crush being only theirs is really enticing for them. Some do have a tendency to see their love interests as objects. Really, they see their love interests as “valuable”. They see them as people who are a prize to be won. And they don’t want to let that go to anyone else.

They want loyalty. A woman who hasn’t had too many partners is proof, for them, that she can be a faithful and devoted partner. They usually end up crushing on people they have spent a lot of time with, which helps them learn of a person’s loyalty. This makes them feel more secure.

They mostly just want to feel special in a woman’s life, as if they are special to someone. They don’t like feeling like they are getting someone else’s leftovers or like they are rebound boyfriends.

The second reason they don’t date a partner that has had too many partners is because it’s a sign their partner isn’t easy to obtain, which means they will be able to take their time worming into her heart. They like to take their time. If an individual is hard to get, this means they aren’t easy with their hearts, either. The idea that their crush wants to take her time is even more attractive.

They love to eat, so someone who can cook is definitely a turn-on. They don’t mind that traditional woman. In fact, they are LOOKING for the traditional partner. They are the men asking, “Where have all the feminine women gone?” This doesn’t mean he likes imbalance. He likes someone who is honest, but respectful. He likes someone who works and takes care of themselves. He might even like a sporty side. But he wants someone who carries those tried-and-true traditional qualities at least a little bit. Yet, there are those Venus in Taurus men that like earthier women, women who don’t put on airs or doll themselves up too much. Some of them prefer someone naturally attractive rather than made-up to look attractive.

He may be attracted to artistic types, especially individuals who can sing. Taurus rules the throat, so he may be mesmerized by someone with a lovely voice.

Physically, again, they prefer voluptuous people. But when I say voluptuous, I’m not saying just a little more weight. They tend to like someone with an hour-glass figure. They like weight in all the “right” places. They may also like muscular, toned individuals as well. Generally, they just like attractive people. They tend to be fascinated by people who wear designer stuff. They mostly like tasteful individuals who don’t wear anything too outrageous, strange, or provocative. They are really attracted to individuals who literally look valuable. Jeweled, rich colors stand out to them. They like fabrics that feel soft to the touch, from silk to lace to fabrics like soft jean leggings that make them want to touch you. Clothes must accentuate the body to grab their attention. Taurus rules the throat, so a nice necklace adds just that pizzazz.

Sexually, they want a partner they can touch. They don’t particularly care if their partners are wild or overtly sexual. These men prefer simple and modest partners that are easily satisfied. However, a skilled but patient partner can make these men very satisfied and loyal mates, as they are directly under the influence of Venus (Venus being Taurus’s ruling planet).

If he asked you out, you are probably all that! Attractive, well-dressed, and down-to-earth. He really couldn’t get his eyes off of you. He sees you as valuable. He won’t want to let you go.

How do I know he likes me? He will buy you things, give you hugs, touch you, and may even try to kiss you, even if it’s just on the cheek. He will show off his money and dress extremely nice around you, smelling good and all. He may get really jealous when he sees you around another guy.

TURN OFF: Drama Queens. They hate fighting. They hate confrontation. They hate bossy, pushy individuals. If you handle anything, handle it with class and coolly. Discuss everything calmly and with a bit of humor.

Venus rules over Taurus, so this is the strongest placement for Venus. These men know what people like and they know how to satisfy. They are looking for someone to match their exquisite taste. These men may seem demanding, and they may not like that if they have other energies in their charts. But this side of them makes them yearn for that traditional person.

When this man finds you beautiful and cool, that’s it. He’s sold for that first date. He’s not looking for anything else until he’s ready to commit.

Male Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, Steven Tyler, Jackie Chan, Kanye West, Prince, Chuck Norris, Charlie Chaplin,  Paul McCartney, Mark Zuckerberg, James Franco, Michael Phelps,   Michael J. Fox, Randy Orton, James Brown, Sam Smith, Ice Cube, Boy George, John Wayne, Princess Diana, Prince William, Bono (U2), Pete Wentz, Jason Mraz, Darin Zanyar, Ralph Tresvant (New Edition) ,  Tyga, Sam Smith, Luis Miguel, Joel “JoJo” Hailey, Big Sean, Chris Brown

Kpop idol: Daesung, Sehun (EXO), Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Siwon (Super Junior), Daehyun (B.A.P.), Wooyoung (2 PM), Bam Bam (Got7), Kim Sung-kyu (Infinite), Hoya (Infinite), JR (Nu’est), Bi-Rain

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Taurus “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Gemini

One word description: Open-minded

These men like individuals who are fun, lively, and crazy! They like to socialize and party. They tend to be attracted to the social butterflies. They love the flirty types. They tend to crush on really cute and flirty girls, girls who are a bit bubbly and maybe even a bit flighty! However, this doesn’t mean they like dumb people. In fact, they want someone who is smart, witty, and funny. Nothing turns them on more than someone who makes them laugh!

They prefer people who are open-minded. They want to be able to do anything with her. He likes someone he can talk to, someone with something significant to say. He likes someone who has their heads screwed on right with interesting thoughts. Of course, his Mercury sign will depend on what interests him. They are looking for someone who is on the same page mentally. They like to have a mental rapport.

They like individuals who are forever young, no matter how old they get. He tends to be attracted to people who are trendy, socially aware, and someone who has tried everything!

This man pays attention to lips. He likes to kiss. This man also pays attention to the hands and arms. But these men honestly don’t care too much about how someone looks. They actually tend to be attracted to people who seem easy-going and easy to talk to. They are attracted to individuals who aren’t afraid to speak what’s on their minds and state their opinions. They are interested in people with ideas.

Physically, this guy, again, is attracted to luscious lips, so make sure those lips are kissable! Lip balm, lip gloss, and/or lipstick do wonders. He tends to focus on arms and shoulders, so off-shoulder tops, tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, and anything else that show the arms would work. These guys like lively, flirty individuals, so they tend to like vibrant or bright colors. As far as physical appearance, generally just someone who looks young or youthful. Wear a smile. But again, these guys are more interested in the mind than the appearance.

Sexually, these men want engaging partners that are flexible and open-minded. They like sweet talk and kissing during the act. They may prefer partners who have youthful energy. They may be drawn to partners that have impressive skills.

If this man asked you out, you must be young, vivacious, and vibrant in spirit!

How do I know he likes me? Well, he flirts. He’s quite verbal and will try to woo you with his words. He may just ask you out or write a letter or note. He may ask for your number, facebook name, or any way he can talk to you.

TURN OFF: Anyone boring or uninteresting. They don’t find much of an interest in people who don’t get their logic, their jokes, their ideas, or those who don’t want to try new things.

After this man has seen how easy you are to talk to, now he’s ready to get inside your head. How do you process the world? How do you think? Where does your intelligence lie? Mercury is going to come into play next.

This sign is ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules over the mind, how we communicate, how we think, how we process information.

Mercury can only be in one sign before the sun, in the same sign as the sun sign, and be one sign after the sun. Because Venus can only be two places before or after the sun, as well as matching the sun sign, not every combination is possible.

For instance, if Venus is in Gemini, more than likely the Sun sign can only be Sun in Aries, Sun in Taurus, Sun in Gemini, Sun in Cancer, or Sun in Leo (Venus enters Gemini when the Sun is in two signs before Gemini, in Gemini, and in two signs after Gemini). Mercury can only be in one sign before, in the exact sign, or after. If Sun is in Aries, for instance, Mercury can be in Pisces, Aries, or Taurus. Why? Because of the rotation of Mercury in OUTER SPACE, which we have no control over.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Mercury sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Mercury is in Cancer, read Venus in Cancer.

Male Celebrities:  Al Pacino, Robert Pattinson,  Russell Crowe, Dave Gahan, Tom Hanks, David Beckham, Tupac Shakiur, Colin Farrell,  Bob Dylan,  Lionell Messi,  Enrique Iglesias, Mike Tyson, Channing Tatum,  George Michael, Franz Kafka, Dwayne Johnson, Ringo Starr,  Malcolm X, Bill Cosby, George Michael, Austin Mahone,  Luther Vandross, Tim McGraw, Maxwell, Turbo B (Snap!), Isaac Slade (The Fray), Kendrick Lamar, Luke Hemmings, Ryan Tedder (one Republic),  Charlie Wilson (Gap Band), Keith sweat, Adam Gontier, 

Kpop idols: Baekhyun (EXO), Ryeowook (Super Junior), Taemin (shinee), Nichkhun (2 PM), N (VIXX), Hyuk (VIXX), Taehyun (Winner)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Gemini “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Cancer

One word description: Nurturing

These men tend to like individuals who are thicker, but not necessarily always someone with a fit body, like Taurus. These men like breasts and thighs. Still, there are also those that like individuals who are super skinny and fragile-looking. They really like their crush to look feminine! Not necessarily traditional all the time, but they are attracted to individuals with feminine physical features. Soft, roundish faces, soft skin, soft eyes, these men want someone who looks like a delicate flower, even if that person’s dressed frumpy and/or boyish. This is the complex part. They may like someone who looks physically “feminine”, but actually dresses casually and comfortably!

They like women who look capable of bearing children. In fact, pregnancy is attractive to these men! They tend to be attracted to those sweet, neighborly types.

They like quiet, shy people. They kind of are attracted to individuals that make them feel really comfortable because they are shy, romantic men. These men prefer individuals who understand them and listen to them, so the more comfortable the person appears, the more they assume that individual will be comfortable enough for him to share his intimate secrets. They don’t always care if someone is domestic, despite what is the reputation of Cancer. It all depends on their home environment growing up, which is reflected by the MOON signs. However, if the person they are attracted to does know how to cook, they are sold!

They always crush on their best friends or crush on someone who has cared for them for a long time. These boys tend to crush on their teachers, nurses, doctors, baby-sitters, anyone who took the time out to pamper them and mend their spirits. Even though they have their physical ideals, they generally aren’t drawn to people for physical reasons. They tend to gravitate to people for their personalities. They are more attracted to someone that feels familiar, someone with similar habits and pet peeves, rather than someone that doesn’t feel close to home. When these men find out they have something in common with someone else, they just instantly connect with them. After that, they can’t get them out of their heads. This depends on their MOON SIGNS as well.  They tend to be drawn to people who remind them of home. They are also drawn to artistic types, especially artsy people who reach them emotionally and captivate their spirits. They are drawn to individuals with a blood-line of beautiful people. I guess many of them figure if the family is attractive, any future kids will be too! He’s drawn to many different types of women just because he mostly loves the presence of femininity. He may even have a lot of female friends!

Physically, this guy isn’t very superficial. Still, he likes the chest area. He may like someone who looks nice but still a bit casual and comfortable. Again, he likes soft or cute features like small eyes, round faces, pouty lips, smooth skin, etc. He doesn’t really care about the body and can be attracted to people of various sizes. He loves underwear and pajamas believe it or not. White and silver are colors that may catch his attention, but generally he likes understated looks. Nothing too gaudy or provocative will really catch his attention as much as it would other men. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like when women show some skin, it just means he prefers not to look at too many patterns on a wardrobe or anything too diva-like. He’s fine with a girl in some fitted jeans and a simple cropped top.

Sexually, these men are looking for a partner that is modest and comfortable, but someone who goes with the flow (he is changeable, may like it gentle at times, may like it rough other times). They want someone they can hug and caress. They will only have sex with a partner they are really attracted to and really in love with. He wants sex to be really intimate. He may like for his sexual lovers to wear lingerie.

If this man asked you out, you are his sweet-heart! He may not just even see you as a passing crush, but he may really want to commit to you! He may see himself spending the rest of his life with you. You are a serious potential for a girlfriend! Unlike most men, he thinks about long-term commitment. He’s too jealous, clingy, and intimate not to expect to keep a girl all to himself.

How do I know he likes me? He’s shy, so don’t look for obvious signs. He may ask you when your birthday is and try to get you something nice. He may try to be nice to your family or he’ll invite you to his house and introduce you to his family as a “friend”. He will spend a lot of time with you. A LOT of time with you. He may also get jealous when you’re around other men. He may go along with whatever you want and whatever you want to do. He’ll even stick up for you all the time. Just these little indirect things will let you know he likes you. He will share some very personal, intimate secrets with you, too.

TURN OFF: Telling him to grow up, treating him inferior as a man, indifferent individuals who don’t know how to nurture or show care for another person

This man is usually ready to commit soon after he’s found his crush. But there are a couple of things he’ll be considering. After he’s seen how caring and kind you are, he’ll start wondering whether you can match HIS emotional needs. Can you deal with his habits and his insecurities? This is definitely where Moon comes in. Generally, all men need the Moon in order to truly commit, but Venus in Cancer men can’t even feel physically attracted to someone they wouldn’t commit to.

The Moon rules over Cancer. It is the planet of emotions, of home, of habits, and of rhythms. It rules over our emotional needs, our personal insecurities. Read the Venus sign that best fits your Moon sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Moon is in Leo, read Venus in Leo.

Male celebrities: Keanu Reeves,  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Affleck, Rafael Nadal, Clint Eastwood, Edward Norton, Carl Jung, Donald Trump, Russell Brand,  Chris Evans, Robert Plant, Shia Labeouf, Lenny Kravitz,  Tom Brady, Dustin Hoffman, Stevie Nicks, Matthew Perry, Rupert Grint, Maculay Culkin, Notorious B.I.G, Buster Rhymes, Noel Gallagher, Jack Black,  Show Luo, Hulk Hogan, Chris Pine,  Kevin Hart, James Stuart, G-Dragon, Steve Martin, Carlos Santana, Christopher Lee, Billy Ray Cyrus, Soulja Boy, Robert Shumann, 2 Chains,  Andre 3000 (Outcast),  Jerry Garcia, Don Henley, Enrique Granados, Carlos Santana, Wes Scantlin, Leigh Nash (sixpence none the richer), Heavy D, Everlast (House of Pain), Jeremiah, Dan Reynolds (imagine dragons), Shawn Mendes

Kpop idols: Taeyang (Big Bang), G-Dragon (Big Bang), Suho(EXO), AJ (U-Kiss), Micky Yoochun (TVXQ, JYJ), GongChan (B1A4), Kyung (Block B), Baekho (Nu’est)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Cancer “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Leo

One-word description: Dynamic

These men do love beautiful women! They love the woman that all eyes are on! If they get with a person, they have to look as good as these men do! These men want a woman that is unforgettable. These are the men that like confident individuals, individuals who have their lives and appearances together. They are not intimidated by a working woman. They want to be proud of the individual they have on their arm! They are attracted to vibrant, sexy individuals, those who know how to turn up the heat. They are attracted to individuals who are fun for them to be around. That means people are more attractive to them when they find the same amusements and jokes as great as these men do.

Though they like confident individuals, they don’t want anyone to over-power them. They tend to also be attracted to individuals that are sweet, generous, and people who give them some attention. Anyone who makes them feel special in any way will be their crush. They want their girlfriend to be their “#1” fan, so they are looking for someone supportive. They basically want an individual who has the full package: Good looks, confidence, and yet a sweet, caring personality, positivity oozing from them, just a ray of sunshine that others always want around them. They are drawn to that person in the corner that people just flock around like bees to honey. These men can be demanding souls, and it may seem they expect perfection. The main thing is they wouldn’t want anything from a crush that they wouldn’t expect of themselves! These men want someone who carries themselves with a bit of pride. The Sun plays a role in this. He’s attracted to individuals who have the same core values that he carries. There are certain things that are very important to him as an individual, and he’s more attracted to someone who finds the same things important. He wants someone who carries a sense of dignity about themselves the way he himself would. He’s attracted to someone who is just like him. These men aren’t intimidated by women who are leaders in the world, as long as they don’t use this dominating spirit to lord over them. They are attracted to honest, sincere individuals, but they are hoping the “sincerity” is positive and not critical. They want someone who sincerely loves everything about them.

Physically, again, this man is looking for the best of the best. He wants someone who looks great! He’s attracted to the best-looking person in the room, so bring out your best, sexiest outfit. Yes, cover up all blemishes and make whatever you’ve got work. Highlights and a nice tan really catch his eyes as well. Bold, bright colors attract his attention more than subtle colors. However, if you wear a subtle color, make sure you add some bold accessories. Elegance, grace, and tastefulness is what he’s looking for. He tends to notice the back, so halter tops, tank tops, or interesting jackets with details on the back really stand out to him.

Sexually, these men want someone that is both attractive, open, and yet, submissive. They are drawn to partners that are playful and adventurous. They may be drawn to individuals who are generous with offering pleasure.

If these men were attracted to you, look out! What they see in you may seem hard to live up to, but they definitely see you as someone special and worthy of attention from them.

How do I know he likes me? He will show off in front of you. He will flirt with you in front of everyone. He will ask you out dramatically. He will buy you many expensive things, get you anything you need, offer to take you places you’ve always wanted to go. He will definitely make his impression unforgettable. He’ll get jealous if you’re around other guys. He will spend a lot of extra time with you making sure other men don’t get too close. He will try to find out everything you like just so he can make sure he impresses you.

TURN OFF: Someone who tries to put them down, individuals who are a little too frank (though they also hate liars). They don’t like when people let themselves go appearance-wise and show they just don’t care anymore. They also dislike negative people.

After they notice how much attention you get from being so amazing, these men want to know who you are. These are the men that truly care about who you are as a person, right at the core, your personality, what you stand for, who you identify yourself as. They want to know what is most important in your life. The Sun comes into play when they are crushing on someone. The Sun rules over Leo. The Sun is the ego, the identity, our basic self.

Venus can only be in a sign that’s two signs before the Sun sign, in the same sign as the sun, and two signs after the sun. So the Sun can only be in five signs.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Sun sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Sun is in Virgo, read Venus in Virgo.

Male celebrities: Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Daniel Radcliffe, Sylvester Stallone, Tobey Maguire, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol, T.I., Hugh Laurie, Tim Burton, James Hetfield, George Sand, Tom Hardy, Stanely Kubrick, Marcus Schenkenberg, David Hassellhoff, Michael Buble,  Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Liam Gallagher, Drake Bell, Ricky Bell, Coolio, Musiq soulchild, Gackt,

Kpop idols: Leetuk (Super Junior), Heechul (Super Junior), Kibum (Super Junior), Key (Shinee), Yoon Doon Joon (Beast), Son Dong-woon (Beast), Mark (Got7), Choi Youngjae (Got7), Sungyeol (Infinite), Lee Sungjong (Infinite), CNU (B1A4), JinWoo (Winner), MinHyun (Nu’est)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Leo “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Virgo

One-word description: Sincere

These men aren’t really romantic types of individuals. Venus is falling in Virgo, and these men feel the affects of this more than most women with this placement do (considering Venus is a feminine planet). Most of these men prefer to be independent. But if they were to be attracted to someone, that person must be down-to-earth, real, sensible, and intelligent. They like people who think about things, people with something significant to say, with something they agree with. They are drawn to people who are honest and tell them like it is. Most importantly, they are attracted to people who are sincere.

They sort of find a bit of teasing attractive. This makes them loosen up a bit because they tend to be stiff in social situations. They don’t mind when someone gently criticizes them. They are happy to be noticed and tended to by someone else.

They are VERY particular. They barely trust love and infatuation. Secretly, though, they just feel really insecure about themselves. They may be crushing on someone and no one would ever know. It may be the littlest thing about the person that makes them crush. It could be the perfect hair, eyes, body, anything. These things may not literally be perfect in accordance with society’s standards, but it may be exactly what they are looking for. When they spend enough time with a person, they begin to notice these perfect imperfections. Still, they may not admit it because they don’t feel good enough to win this person’s heart.

On the other hand, if this guy isn’t too scared to confess his feelings, it may not come out in a romantic way. His words may sound a little too mechanical or honest.

These men are attracted to people for innocent reasons. If someone touches their hand, compliments them, helps them out, or just spends time with them, they can develop a crush. They won’t admit this, but they’re shy with too much attention. So, when they get attention, they can’t forget the person who gave it to them. They like to be appreciated because they often feel they aren’t. Anyone who notices them and takes the time to get to know them is bound to be worth it for these men!

These men like clean and healthy individuals. They do like the idea of their love interest bathing, and being an earth sign, they like the sweet smell of perfume, cologne, lotion, or scented shampoo, which shows them the individual cares about their hygiene. They tend to be attracted to people who eat fresh foods, are vegetarians, or vegans. Some of them just don’t like seeing someone eating food they think is gross. If they find someone who has similar eating patterns to them, they will be more attracted to that person. For instance, if a Venus in Virgo male hates peanuts, he will find it attractive when someone else hates it, too.

He also tends to draw himself to loners. They don’t like socializing too much. If an individual is a loner, he will find it easier to talk to them. He’s generally drawn to people on a physical level and doesn’t care much for intimate personal feelings.

These men do like sexy people. They like people who are straight-forward with their intentions. They may not necessarily like a provocative person, but they certainly like people who are honest about what they want. Still, they’re shy. They aren’t the types to talk “romance” or gooey nonsense. They don’t even see it as real. They are truly attracted to individuals who cut the romance crap and own up to the “realities” of a relationship. They don’t honestly believe any men are interested in that part, which is a reflection that they aren’t comfortable with that. They would appreciate a woman who understands this. An understanding woman would actually be very attractive to these men! Their lack of “romance” has to do with their insecurities. They feel like “idealistic” romances in fairy tales give people unrealistic expectations; expectations they feel are too hard for their perfectionist minds to meet. They are waiting for love to fail them like it has so many times. A lover who makes them feel secure in this regard is a gem. For this reason, they like humble, calm, and cool individuals. That is the most attractive quality of all. Somewhat, they like detached or indifferent individuals.

Physically, he has his particularities. Generally he likes someone who has smooth skin, a fit body, and an understated taste in clothing. He notices every detail about a person. Overall though, individuals are more attractive to him when he likes their personalities. He will suddenly begin to notice just how attractive a person is after he’s fallen in love with their personality. He is often attracted to petite individuals and may like distinct eyes, hair, and defined features.

These men are drawn to partners that are sexually skilled. They enjoy a partner that puts in the effort to serve and please. They are drawn to individuals who smell good, dress nice, have neat hair, and who are clean. They may want someone who appeals to them visually. Though they want someone skilled, their partner must be a little submissive and modest. They don’t like eccentric or wild partners.

If these men are attracted to you, you’ve done it! You’ve broken their strong distrust in love! You’ve managed to appeal to these men someway, somehow. The challenge is just trying to keep their interest without turning them off in some odd way.

How do I know he likes me? He’ll be there when you need his help with anything. He might go the traditional route and buy gifts or ask you out for lunch. Beyond that, you may not know unless you ask. Some Venus in Virgos may be far too shy to tell you his feelings.

TURN OFF: There are a lot of things. Really, love turns them off. They are intimidated by it. Don’t come in with the demands for a perfect romance, and they will feel comfortable. They are already hard on themselves as it is. Let them show you love in their own small ways. People who don’t appreciate this turns them off. They also dislike ditsy, dumb types. They dislike demanding, show-offs. They have a list of peeves. They dislike watching someone eat a food they dislike. For example, if they hate pudding, they don’t really like watching someone eat it. They dislike strange smells coming from a person. There are a lot of examples. It’s just best to communicate with these men to find out what they like and what they don’t.

After you make these men more secure, and after you’ve shown yourself to be cool and chilled in demeanor, they’re going to want to know where your head is. What are your thoughts? What do you notice around you? Mercury signs come into place with these men.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Mercury sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Mercury is in Libra, read Venus in Libra.

Mercury can only be one sign before the sun sign, in the same sign as the sun, and the sign after. Venus can only be two signs before the sun, in the same sign as the sun, or two signs after the sun. This is due to the rotation of the planets in OUTER SPACE.

Male celebrities: John Lennon, Eminem, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Robert Redford, Mick Jagger, Robin Williams, Charlize Theron, Robert De Niro, Roger Federer, Sean Penn, Antonio Banderas, Sting, Blake Lively, Patrick Swayze, John Mayer, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Bruno Mars, Simon Cowell, Jack White, Alexander Skarsguard, Buster Keaton, David Guetta, Adam Sandler, Mika, Chris Hemsworth, Kevin Spacey, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Armstrong, John D. Rockefeller, Will Ferrell, Joe Jonas, Keith Urban, Whiz Kalifa, Bill Murray, Easy E (NWA), Carl Orff, Anton Bruckner, John Cage, John Lennon (Beatles),  Julio Iglesias, David Guetta, Michael Biven, Nick Cannon, Weird Al Yankovic, Teddy Riley, James Morrison, M. Shadows, Stokely Williams (mint condition), Ginuwine,  Tarkan, Marquois Houston,

Kpop idols: Yesung (Super Junior), Lay (EXO), Zelo (B.A.P.), Hoon (U-Kiss), ChunJi (Teen Top), Lee Hong Bin (VIXX), Taeil (Block B),  Seunghyun (FT Island)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Virgo “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Libra

One-word description: Nice

These men literally like the sweet individuals. They like people who are friendly, easy-going, modest, and sociable. They like people who know how to have some good, clean fun. For them, they like to do socially popular things. They want a woman who carries a bit of class and coolness when she’s in public. They like to feel wanted and needed. They generally tend to be drawn to romantic types looking for a boyfriend. They usually notice the quiet, elegant, well-dressed, wall-flower types. They appreciate thoughtful women, women who buy them gifts.

These men are ruled by Venus, so they are always crushing on physically attractive people, and they take a particular interest in the butt. Sexy for them is literally just beauty, inside and out. Honestly, they don’t really care for the overt “sexy” types. They are drawn to individuals who are worth giving up everything for. They want someone that ANY man could want. They tend to crush on the most popular person in the room. Not only does this man like someone who’s sweet, but he also wants someone with a bit of innocence. The idea of the person he’s crushing on sleeping with a bunch of men isn’t their idea of the “ideal lover”.

They generally are attracted to people who share the same interests or they like people who share their interests with them. They like individuals who smile and laugh easily.

They tend to be drawn to flirty types. They can tell when someone is flirting with them. They tend to be attracted to individuals who are unique in their own way, someone cultured and open-minded. They generally like individuals who are fair and reasonable. When they see someone handling a tense situation calmly, coolly, and respectfully, it really catches their interest.

Physically, he tends to like attractive, pretty people. He generally notices someone dressed their best before he notices someone dressed casual, but as long as the face is nice, he will notice. He doesn’t really care for the provocative types or, to the far extreme, frumpy types. Accentuate the butt as he tends to target that body part first and foremost. He’s always attracted to an amazing smile.

Sexually, they prefer partners that are sweet-natured and submissive. They want their sexual partners to look attractive even in the bedroom. They don’t like partners that are too wild and coarse. They like a little balance.

They prefer pleasing sexual partners, to the eye and touch. They like partners who are accommodating and willing to please as well, but they prefer her to be soft and subtle in her actions.

If you are asked out by them, just know that you have attracted one of the best lovers out there! He will treat you well! You really know how to attract the good guys to you, and this is probably because you’re a good person yourself.

How do I know he likes me? He will flirt, act super chivalrous, and will be romantic. He will send you anonymous romantic gifts like flowers and chocolates. He may even give you a cute pet name.

TURN OFF: Mean-spirited individuals. They dislike bullies who always have something mean to say. They tend to be turned off by closed-minded comments. They dislike rudeness of all kinds.

They are not often interested in individuals who have a nonchalant attitude, someone who acts like they don’t care about anything or anyone.

They also dislike drama queens, individuals who are confrontational, and not cool.Generally, they dislike anyone who isn’t nice, calm, and sweet.

Above all, they hate individuals who exclude them from things. These men really do hate inequalities. It’s a turn-off when someone does something and doesn’t invite them or include them, even if what the person is doing doesn’t seem like their cup of tea.

Though it doesn’t turn them off when you have a casual appearance, they do like those days when their crush gets all dressed up.

Venus is at home in Libra, so generally there are no more steps. When they get a load of that sweet personality, they are sold for a first date. They won’t be looking for anything else until they are sure they are ready to commit.

Male celebrities: Freddie Mercury, Ryan Gosling, Sean Connery, Will Smith, Richard Gere, Woody Allen, Paul Walker, Charlie Sheen, Nick Jonas, Miguel, Matthew McConaughey, Viggo Mortensen, Stephen King, Michael Douglas, Hugh Grant, Warren Buffett, Colin Firth, Rita Hayworth, Lance Armstrong, Mickey Rourke, Kobe Bryant, Oscar Wilde, Steve Carrell, Mario, Romeo Miller, Gene Simmons (Kiss), Julian Casablancas, Sean Combs (puff daddy), B.o.B, Miguel,  Ronnie Devoe (N.E, BBD), Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys), Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey, Randy Newman, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Fat Joe, Eric Benet

Kpop idols: Chen (EXO), Jang Hyun-seung (Beast), Jungkook (BTS), Kevin Woo (U-Kiss), Niel (Teen Top), JinYoung (B1A4), Baro (B1A4), Zico (Block B), Eric Nam

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Libra “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Scorpio

One-word description: Thrilling

These men like individuals who are different, unique, bold, and EXTREMELY sexy. I don’t care how nerdy this guy is, he wants a “bad” individual and he wants to have fun. He wants someone sharp, someone who’s independent. They are drawn to the loners. Yes, he likes them mean, though not always in a shallow way. Why? Because he sees it as a challenge. When he can conquer and over-power this individual, he will feel like a winner. This may seem like he’s a power-hungry person. Not necessarily. He just likes someone who takes him beyond the superficiality and the boredom of the mundane world.

He’s drawn to someone with an aura of mystery and intrigue, someone who is a little dangerous, cutting-edge, bold, and spunky. He ignores the cowards. He’s drawn to someone who’s daring and fearless! Still, he doesn’t necessarily like party animals all the time. He’s not completely into that glitz and glam superficial life. He’s looking for someone who’s ready to take life to the next level, or rather who’s ready to dig deeper. He’s drawn to people who are intelligent, who think deeper than most.

He’s drawn to those individuals that are strong-willed and powerful. Yes, he likes to be in control, but when someone controls him, he likes it a little, too. He really can’t forget the one that’s causing so much drama in his life. This guy often forms love-hate relationships with his crush. He wants to own this person and conquer them, but he also feels under their spell and control when he does this. And he’s drawn to those who aren’t easy to conquer, which could drive him to frustration. I know, this all sounds a little crazy, right? But that’s what he likes. He wants to get lost in his own world with someone, and yes, do the craziest things. The fighting both infuriates him and turns him on. The emotional drama both makes him want to quit and makes him want to stay.

This man tends to be drawn to magnetic and charismatic individuals. They like people who know how to influence a crowd, individuals who are a part of something greater in life.

Venus is in detriment if you haven’t noticed. These individuals aren’t the most comfortable in their love relationships. They cause quite a bit of drama in their lives and in the lives of others. Their relationships always seem rocky. But again, this is what he likes, even if he doesn’t realize it. He wants love to mean something. He wants a reason to have someone. The more someone rejects him, the angrier it makes him, yet he wants them more!

They do want someone who is confident, just not someone who shows off. They often like individuals they know nothing about because it keeps things interesting. If they feel they have sized you up, it would knock them off guard when they find there is so much more to you than what meets the eye. They are drawn to layered individuals. Venus is in detriment in this sign because of the amount of drama they need in love to keep it going.

Yet, despite the fact that he’s drawn to individuals that reject him, when someone wants him so badly they are willing to give up everything for him, he will not be able to resist. He’s not usually into the desperate types for fear they may expect something of him or have some other ulterior motive. Still, if he feels you are sincere about wanting him deeply, this may be the most attractive quality of all!

Physically, sexy does the trick. He tends to like people in clothes that accentuate the body, maybe a little see-through, but not gaudy or too revealing. Leave something for the imagination. He likes a cutting-edge look particularly. Tease him just a little. He may also be drawn to someone who looks exciting and different, so own your own unique personal style. He’s drawn to dark, sleek colors, but may also like brighter colors if the clothes are sexy. He prefers solid colors to patterns. Regardless of what you wear, however, wear a sexy attitude. Be fearless. That’s more attractive than anything.

Sexually, these men want a passionate affair. They may be drawn to partners that are difficult to turn on or they may be drawn to individuals with an animal magnetism and raw sexuality. They want everything you’ve got or nothing at all.

If this guy asks you out, you must have a very powerful presence. You are unforgettable, mesmerizing, and deep. There is nothing shallow about you. You are someone that makes him find a reason for living.

How do I know he likes me? You won’t know from him telling you. He keeps his secret feelings to himself. He will never give anyone the satisfaction of knowing he’s interested until he’s sure you feel the same way about him. But he may stare A LOT. He may flirt a LITTLE if you approach him. He may try to get inside your head and understand you. He may stalk you, he may do a lot of research about you. Trust me, his aura will ooze his feelings even if he never says it. You will get the message if you stop to notice. You must solve the mystery of this man. Only then will you find out what he really feels. You must be willing to take the time to. Anyone who does will win his heart anyway.

TURN OFF: Shallow individuals. Boring individuals. Individuals who care too much about their appearances. Vanity is such a turn off…unless you prove you have way more to yourself than that. Socially strict, socially concerned, and gossips also irritate them. They want someone with substance over class. They aren’t likely to notice you if you aren’t interesting. They really want someone exciting and sexy. They really just aren’t drawn to “good people”. They don’t like the goody-two-shoes. They want to be thrilled.

After he’s done with his intense adventures with you, he’s going to want to know what you’re passionate about, what your desires are, and your sexual power. Mars comes into play right then and there. He may also want to know those deeper sides to you, the moments that have changed your life. Your generation will have an affect on his interest in you. Pluto is a generational planet that can last for 10 years or more in a sign.

Mars is the planet of energy, passion, drive, and sex. Pluto is simply the planet of power.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Mars and Pluto sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Mars or Pluto is in Sagittarius, read Venus in Sagittarius.

Male celebrities:Ne-yo, Usher, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates,  Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee, Gerard Butler, Romy Schneider, Zac Efron, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Steven Spielberg, Ian Somerhalder, Louis Tomlinson, Anthony Kiedis, Keith Richards, Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, Snoop Dogg, Jeff Buckley, Till Lindemann, Jason Derulo, Ozzy  Osbourne (Black Sabbath),  Jamie Foxx, Neil Young, Ray Charles, Nelly, Nas, Chad Kroegar,  Kirk Hammett, Tommy Lee, Earl Simmons (DMX), John Legend,  Tyrese Gibson, Little Richard, Frank Ocean,  Shaun Morgan (seether), Rickie Lee Jones, Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down), Fabolous, Mystikal

Kpop idols:  (BTS), Kris (EXO), Donghae (Super Junior), Minho (Shinee), Rap Monster-RM (BTS), Jimin (BTS), Xiah Junsu (TVXQ, JYJ), Jr. (Got7), L. Joe (Teen Top), Leo (VIXX),  Ilhoon (BtoB), Jaejin (FT Island), Ren (Nu’est)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Scorpio “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Sagittarius

One-word description: Free-spirited

These men love their freedom, so nothing turns them on more than someone who’s as free-spirited as they are! The don’t like to be controlled and they don’t like too many commitments. It’s hard enough for them to live up to one. Individuals who are open to an “open” relationship really make them crush hard. They tend to be drawn to individuals who know how to be a friend, partner in crime, someone they can have many different adventures with.

They like individuals who are feisty and independent. They enjoy people who are brave and bold. Like many fire signs, they like the person who gets the most attention. They like those party animals. The difference is that they want to know if the individual is also smart and thinks about the world. They want to know that they can learn something from this person. They tend to be drawn to people who are exotic or cultured. Individuals with a college education may be appealing as well. In general, they just want someone who has a zest for life and has experienced the world or desires to.

Most importantly, they’ll be drawn to people who share their beliefs. These beliefs are usually based on their own moral conscious. JUPITER will decide this. They tend to have strong moral beliefs. Whether they believe it is right to date a party animal or whether they believe it’s wrong to be so loose, it will influence who they are drawn to. On a complex level, sometimes Venus in Sag men will swallow their beliefs to experience and learn new things, if they find someone who is really interesting. Still, their beliefs influence their attraction to someone. If someone fits everything they believe in, they will want them. Still, they can’t help but crush on that fun, lively individual who is looking for more meaning in life. They can’t help but be attracted to a positive, happy-go-lucky individual. They like those individuals who are strong and never give up on what they believe in, and that’s sometimes more inspiring and attractive than holding on to their own beliefs!

These men tend to think a lot about themselves and it’s hard for them to admit when they are crushing on someone. But when they do, they do. They tend to boast around the people they like. Honesty is very important for them. Wisdom is very alluring.

Physically, he may like thighs, hips, legs, as well as butt. He likes hips and thighs that are thick, so a little bottom weight isn’t bad for him. He doesn’t really care what you wear, however he tends to be drawn to casual individuals. He may like individuals in shorts or skirts or jeans that fit the legs. His beliefs, whether religious or ethical, tend to influence his attraction to someone physically as well. Still, he may also like exotic features, features that seem rather foreign and exciting.

Sexually, these men are drawn to partners that are fun, wild, adventurous, and open. They prefer undemanding and uninhibited partners. They want a friendship and a loose sexual relationship. They can’t deal with jealousy or possessiveness.

If these individuals have asked you out, you must seem larger than life and very special! It is actually hard to catch their attention.

How do I know he likes me? He’s pretty straight-forward. He will tell you. He will also boast about himself to make himself seem more important and interesting than he is.

TURN OFF: Jealousy, insecurities with relationships and love, emotional drama, baggage (like extra kids he doesn’t know about, family issues, etc), and someone who goes against everything he believes in. He also tends to ignore the shy and reserved types. They don’t seem like a whole lot of fun to him.

Again, after he’s done exploring and having adventures with you, he’s going to want to talk about the meaning of life, what keeps his spirits going, and what he believes in. For him, this could be the difference between whether his interests last in a person. Jupiter will come into play.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and growth, and beliefs.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Jupiter sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Jupiter is in Capricorn, read Venus in Capricorn.

Male Celebrities: David Bowie, Jay-Z, Jude Law, Jimi Hendrix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Cary Grant, Dean Ambrose, Rowan Atkinson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jimmy Page, Eddie Vedder,  LL Cool J, Eddie Van Halen (Van Helen), Sean Paul, Shaggy,  Kid Rock, Jonathan Davis, Lemmy, Omarion, Sisqo (Dru Hill),  Tevin Campbell, Fela Kuti, Kevin Jonas, Chamillionare, French Montana, Aloe Blacc, Lil Jon

Kpop idols: Henry Lau (Super Junior), T.O.P (Big Bang), Seungri (Big Bang), Jang Dongwoo (Infinite), Taecyeon (2 PM),- ChangJo (Teen Top), C.A.P. (Teen Top), Eunkwang (BtoB), Minhyuk (BtoB), Seunghoon (Winner), Minhwan (FT Island),  Se7en

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Scorpio “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Capricorn

One-word description: Cool

Venus in Capricorn men are drawn to individuals who are strong, smart, and cool. They generally like confident individuals. They tend to like the loners. Despite any other energies in their charts that may move them to want someone who is humble and submissive, they just can’t help but be drawn to the person who stands up to them, to the individual who bosses them around. They crush on those individuals who are in control, those individuals who are firm about what they want. Though they prefer individuals who handle things with a cool head, they really don’t gravitate to people that agree with everything they do.

They tend to be attracted to darker haired individuals. They also like it when that individual wears darker colors. They tend to crush hard on people who are older than they are. They crush on people who act mature and cool. They are drawn to individuals who are all about business. They really can’t help but like individuals who are decisive and serious. Commitment is very important to them. Someone who seems to want them and is straight-forward about it earns this man’s respect.

He tends to be drawn to ambitious individuals who are successful and achievement-oriented. He crushes on the top athlete, the most popular cheer-leader, the lead singer in a band, anyone who shows they want to be a professional at their craft. That is sexy to him. They tend to like people in business suits. Dress like that, and he will fall immediately. They like people who have a sense of power and command about them. They respect boundaries and someone who is wise with finances. They do like individuals who carry a bit of class. They prefer modesty to wildness; On the other hand, they prefer someone who is down-to-earth and cool.

Physically, he’s attracted to individuals who look elegant, sophisticated, and authoritative. He tends to be drawn to individuals in a suit or really sleek and elegant looks. He tends to like a girl in jackets. Dark, solid colors are more appealing to him than bright colors. Carry yourself with confidence and he will find that even more attractive.

Sexually, they want a partner who is cool and straight-forward. A measure of caution or maturity is a real turn-on. They may prefer really experienced partners or partners that are untouched and possibly inexperienced. They may like partners that keep a measure of control even during the sex act. They tend to be sensual, so they like to be able to caress their partners. Soft skin would be a turn-on.

If this man is attracted to you, you are one cool and successful person in his eyes. He feels that if he wins your heart, he will have one of the most valuable women in the world. It may be a challenge, but that’s what he loves. He pays attention to legs and teeth. He likes a bright smile and long, sleek legs. Well-developed individuals are also appealing.

How do I know he likes me? He may be a little nervous. Love is an out-of-character trait for him. When he’s around you, he may suddenly lose his usual cool. He may try to talk to you and get to know you more, but he will feel like he’s doing the wrong thing all the time. He’s generally insecure with his feelings. This guy kisses suddenly, and you may or he may not have even been prepared for it. It’s usually a moment they have decided on, but haven’t fully prepared for the feelings afterward. They tend to try to ask you out or do what anyone would expect him to do when he likes someone: buy her gifts and give her compliments.

TURN OFF: Someone who acts like a spoiled brat, someone who is whiny, clingy, and complains a lot. Someone who is flighty and not serious about anything. Someone without opinions, that just agrees with everything he says. Jealousy and insecurities are not bad as long as they are not handled immaturely. They hate volatile individuals. Standing up for yourself is one thing, but fighting someone on the first date? A turn-off.

Of course, after he’s noticed that you have your life together, he wants to know your struggles and successes. He wants to see how wise you are. He wants to know what’s most important to you or what’s very serious to you. There are certain things he takes seriously and he wants to know if you won’t jeopardize his security. Saturn gives us clues as to what this means for him.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries and limitations.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Saturn sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Saturn is in Aquarius, read Venus in Aquarius.

Male celebrities:  Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Elvis Presley, Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey, Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra, Christian Bale, Taylor Lautner,  Paul Newman, Walt Disney, Adam Lambert,  Richard Burton, RuPaul, Ben Stiller,  Elijah Wood, Owen Wilson, Seal, Trey Songz,  The Weekend, James Blunt, Seal,  Alex Turner, Pitbull, John Mayall, Mike Patton, The Game,  Nick Lachey, Daniel Bedingfield, Psy, Nate Ruess (F.U.N), Cody Simpson, Aaron Carter, flo rida, Twista, Doug Robb (hoobastank), The game, Montell Jordan, Sean Kingston, Silento,

Kpop idols: Sungmin (Super Junior), Chanyeol (EXO), Kai (EXO), Jong Up (B.A.P.), Junho (2 PM), Chansung (2 PM), Jin (BTS), JB (Got7), Yugyeom (Got7), Ricky (Teen Top), B-Bomb (Block B), Jaehyo (Block B),  Hongki (FT Island)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Capricorn “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Aquarius

One-word description: Unique

These men always fall for the reserved individuals with the quirky side. They generally fall for people who aren’t gaudy or flamboyant, but still are different from others around them in some other way. They like the nerdy, geeky types, too.

They easily crush on their friends and are known to have crushes on childhood friends. They tend to prefer a friendship to love, but they fall for friends so fast!

They are drawn to people who are intelligent and lively. They do like individuals who are open-minded, independent, and freedom-loving. They tend like people who have a lot more to them than the superficial good looks. In fact, they like individuals who have their own style, instead of following the trends.

They don’t like to get too close to people for fear of being judged or controlled, so they like someone who is cool and keeps a little distance. They tend to like those individuals who do “their own thing”. They even like individuals who are just completely, insanely wild! They crush on people who are interesting and intriguing. For instance, when everyone is silently and calmly standing in line, and this one person is just popping gum hard and accidentally cutting everybody, that could be attractive to them. For Venus in Aquarius men, that’s cute. Those dorky qualities are tremendously appealing to him.

These men are sexual rebels, so they like people who think outside of the box with their sex appeal. They may be drawn to someone pansexual, asexual, or bi-sexual. Perhaps gender-bending fashion could go a long way with them, too. They also tend to like older people, but only because it’s different. They really like people who are different.

They tend to be drawn to individuals who contribute a lot to the world and do more meaningful things, like organize charities or join a reality show. Just something that seems greater than the usual day-to-day grind. They like people who step outside of the box.  They gravitate to people who are friendly and popular in their own way.

They tend to like individuals who can add something interesting to a conversation, but they like individuals who are intelligent. They really do like when someone holds an unexpected opinion. They like people who think differently more than anything. This man even wants this girl to be cool if he kisses someone else or takes someone else out. To many, this may seem like a super act of disloyalty. Sometimes, Venus in Aquarius men are testing to see how cool you will be. If someone he’s been crushing on doesn’t over-react, and instead reacts unexpectedly, this man will change all of his ways, drop his side lovers, and be stuck to you like glue! This is how badly he really is attracted to someone who is unexpected.

Physically, he may just be drawn to someone with a unique sense of style. He’s not as physical as the other men, but he does tend to be drawn to thin individuals. They like pretty faces as much as the next person, but that person must look distinct in some way. They tend to be drawn to fashion-forward individuals as well. They may like the glamorous types, individuals who are dressed elegantly and attractive, but they tend to like the cute types, no matter what. He pays attention to the ankles and legs. He likes legs, so accentuate them with a nice skirt, shorts, or fitted pants.

Sexually, they may want a partner who is open-minded and experimental, but mostly a good conversationalist. They may want someone who has a strong knowledge about sex or a strong curiosity. They prefer to have no strings attached, including no emotional demands afterwards.

If this man asks you out, you are loved for who you are! Your quirks are what make you charming. Not everyone is so lucky all the time. But you know how to make even your worst days look fabulous!

How do I know he likes me? This guy generally stays cool most of the time. If he lets on his feelings, it will be at some random and spontaneous moment. Possibly unexpected. Your best bet is asking him casually, while talking about a fun subject. They also tend to be a little jealous when they see someone they like with someone else. The usual cool Venus in Aquarius man will suddenly seem grouchy! Usually, though, this guy is a friend first. So technically, ladies, if you want to know who he likes, ask him who his closest friend is at this moment.

TURN OFF: People who fit the mold, who do what is normally expected of them. Individuals who try too hard to fit in and don’t speak up when someone is doing something unfair. They really dislike followers. They also dislike jealous types, individuals who are clingy and dependent, as well as those with nothing intelligent to say. Though they like people who rebel sexually, they don’t tend to draw towards the provocative types.

After Venus in Aquarius men see how interesting and intelligent a person is, they want to know what’s really important to this individual. They may also want to see what limits these individuals aren’t willing to cross. This could make them crush even harder! This will be decided by Saturn. They also prefer individuals from their generation or individuals who are progressive. They are looking for someone who has an open mind and new ideas, someone who’s looking to break away from traditional ways of doing things. Uranus, a generational planet, will decide how this plays out.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries and limitations. Uranus is the planet of freedom.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Uranus and Saturn sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Uranus or Saturn is in Pisces, read Venus in Pisces.

Male celebrities: Bruce Willis, Harry Styles, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Levine,  Nicolas Cage,  Quentin Tarantino, Michael Schumacher, Muhammad Ali, Daniel Craig, Ricky Martin, Elton John,  Tom Hiddleston, Stephen Hawking, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth, Lebron James, R.Kelly,  Bow Wow, Phil Collins, Dido, Dr. Dre, Josh Groban, Daniel Smith (Bastille), Aretha Franklin, Timbaland,  George Friedrich Handel, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Steve Harwell (Smashmouth), Pleasure P, Joel Madden (Good Charlotte),

Kpop idols: Xiumin (EXO), Onew (Shinee), Yong Jun-hyung (Beast), Yang Yoseob (Beast), Lee Gi-kwang (Beast), Bang Yong-guk (B.A.P.), Youngjae (B.A.P.), Jun. K (2 PM), V (BTS), Soohyun (U-Kiss), Yong Jun-Hyung (U-Kiss), U-Know Yunho (TVXQ), Hero Jaejoong (TVXQ, JYJ), L (Infinite),  Hyunsik (BtoB), Seungyoon (Winner),  Jonghun (FT Island), Wonbin (FT Island)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Capricorn “ideal” can be seen below:

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Venus in Pisces

These men do like sexy people, but more on the mystic, enchanting side. Like a sea creature coming out of the water, they care about body language. The individual doesn’t have to say much, they just have to enchant them. Speaking of sea creature, they love bathing suits! They are generally drawn to physically beautiful people. They are not very discriminating about who they like. Physically, however, they are easily enchanted by an attractive, nice, and charming appearance.

Many of these men just love to be in love, and so don’t really care as long as the person likes them. Some, however, are wiser, especially if their hearts have been broken, which happens many times with these guys. After that point, many of these men are drawn to mysterious, quiet souls. They tend to be drawn to people who are accepting, kind, loving, and compassionate. They fall in love with people who actually notice them, especially since most are so quiet. They may like those individuals who need them, those people who are loners.

They tend to fall in love with a dream, which is decided by Neptune. These men are easily drawn to what’s on the TV, in the movies, and in the magazines. In this way, they have many fantasies about the woman they want. They tend to want a dream figure, someone that any man would want. This depends on the generation, but no matter what, they want the ideal. If they see these “dreams” in someone, they tend to fall head over heels! Many times, they are looking for a soul mate, someone who is exactly like them and feels the same spark that they do. These men tend to fall for people who treat them really nice and act really sweet towards them. They tend to crush hard on the most attractive, the kindest, most heroic person in the room. They can’t help it. They are always crushing on a celebrity of some kind, whether it’s a Kpop idol or a famous actor. They crush easily. If someone is presented to them as amazing and wonderful, with flaws made to look like an “asset”, they tend to be drawn to that illusion.

They tend to be captivated by someone that helps them escape the harsh world. They like those individuals who just go-with-the-flow and just enjoy life. In this way, they also tend to crush on people who want to change the world and make it a better place. They tend to crush on individuals who see the good in people rather than the bad.

Overall, they tend to crush on a dream. Real people can be hard for them to handle. Real love, with real world demands, is very hard for them to stomach. It makes them nervous. They would rather dream. If it’s not obvious already, Venus is exalted in Pisces. These men are molded and easily enchanted by beauty and charm. They see it all around them. They are gentle and charming as men! Their only problem is they have a hard time committing. They never know when to say “No” and they have a hard time dealing with the routine of a real relationship.

Physically, he generally likes cute, enchantingly attractive individuals. He’s drawn to individuals who look like their face came out of a magazine or movie. Bathing suits are his thing. He loves individuals with wavy or wild hair. He may like beautiful, petite people in physical appearance, but he may be drawn to people in understated clothing rather than loud clothing. He notices the feet, and tends to like attractive feet. Wear some amazing shoes to catch his eye or make sure your feet are soft and well-manicured. He also likes stockings or silk socks of some sort.

Sexually, these men are drawn to all kinds of partners. He may be drawn to the soft, sweet, and submissive types, as well as the adventurous types. Still, he won’t like a partner that is too aggressive, pushy, or demanding. He mostly wants a partner that fits his ideal or his dream-and that could vary.

If this guy asked you out, wow, I’m surprised. He usually never asks anybody out, even those individuals he likes! If he seems to be showing an interest, there is something about you that seems glamorous, enchanting, sweet, and amazingly charming! He sees you as his savior, as someone who just understands and accepts him, no matter his flaws and differences. I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole lot of men were falling at your feet!

How do I know he likes me? He’s shy, so he won’t show it openly. He will probably try to get you alone. He will send secret, sweet messages in a way that no one else can plainly see. He may tease you and even slip in little comments that let you know. He will dream about you all the time, so when he’s around you, he may stare a lot. He may also drop indirect hints and be a little clumsy.

TURN OFF: He will generally be attracted to all kinds of women, but mostly flamboyance annoys him. He may not say anything, but too much attention makes him nervous. He’s also an easy-going guy, so putting on airs and dressing up for stuffy occasions would make him want to run for the hills. They really aren’t attracted to individuals who care too much about their appearance or social decorum. He also doesn’t like to be bossed around. He tends to be turned off by aggression of all sorts and he hates confrontation.

After this guy has finally drawn himself to your caring and sweet personality, he will be looking to see only the good. He’ll be looking for the good in you. Jupiter would bring him the good fortune. He may also be seeking to be enchanted. Neptune, a generational planet, can help with that.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and growth, and beliefs. Neptune is the planet of illusions, inspiration, hope, and escape.

Read the Venus sign that best fits your Jupiter and Neptune sign and see if it feels more familiar to you. For instance, if your Jupiter or Neptune is in Aries, read Venus in Aries.

Male celebrities:  Ed Sheeran, Martin Luther King Jr, Alan Rickman, Kurt Cobain, Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, John Travolta, Edgar Cayce,  Jon Bon Jovi, Victor Hugo,  Hugh Hefner,  James McAvoy, Jesse McCartney, Brian Littrel (Backstreet Boys), Charlie Wilson(Gap Band), Nick Carter (Backstreet boys), David Gilmour, Rod Stewart, Marvin Gaye, James Iha (The smashing Pumkins lead drummer), Daniel Johns (Silverchair), Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco), Rick James,  Joungyun (shinee), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), David Grohl (Foo Fighters), J. cole,  Kenneth Edmonds “babyface”, lloyd banks

Kpop idols: J-Hope (BTS), Lu-Han (EXO), D.O.(EXO), Kangin (Super Junior), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Jonghyun (Shinee), Himchan (B.A.P.), J-Hope (BTS), Nam Woo-hyun (Infinite), Ken (VIXX), Sandeul (B1A4), P.O. (Block B)

Venus is considered a planet that represents young women. Visual archetypes of the Venus in Pisces “ideal” can be seen below:

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So these are the different Venus types! Later, I may also do the Moon and the Sun to show all of the planets that influence our love life.

Thanks for reading! I worked REALLY, REALLY hard on this one to make up for the one I lost. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Sorry for the length. I just really wanted you guys to get a good picture of the signs.

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure

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