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Youtube Debut: GenNext’s Response to Find Your Love in Japan’s “3 Questions A Japanese Guy Has For Black People in the US”

13 May

Hello readers!

This is GenNext letting you all know that I’ve opened a Youtube channel that puts my words to voice!

My Youtube Channel will not replace my blog at all. I feel the blog is more effective when it comes to getting my words across. However, it will be useful when I’m trying to respond to certain topics or when I feel something needs to be expressed vocally.

Lately, my first video posts have been to a Japanese man named Nobita from the Youtube channel Find Your Love in Japan. Several months ago, he posed THREE questions for black people. Being an African American myself, I felt that I needed to respond.

As a warning, his perception of black people isn’t very pleasant. I believe he’s reacting to some hate comments he’s received from prior videos about black people.

Even though I’m just now responding, I do feel that the delay was necessary. I feel that in order to change someone’s perception and to educate people on who you are and what you stand for, you have to think clearly and thoroughly about it.

As with everything I do, it’s lengthy. XD I felt that I needed to go into detail to answer his questions fully.

Here’s his video:


Here’s MY response:

My Comments Regarding His Thoughts on Black People and Racism…


Question 1: Why are [Black People in the US] So Obsessed with the Past?


Question 1 (Part 2): Why are [Black People in the US] So Obsessed with the Past?



Question 2: Why Do [Black People in the US] Avoid Facing Facts?


Question 3: Why Do [Black People in the US] Threaten People Who Disagree With [them]? Why Do [Black People in the US] Get Violent?


So let me know what you all think about this discussion. If you were able to read and listen, I thank you. You are free to comment and give your thoughts (but of course, I’m free to respond). Open thoughts are welcome!

I may not be able to respond to everyone right away (because of life), but I will eventually get to you, so hold tight!

Top 5 Youtube Comments That Are Annoying

7 Mar


Internet has become the new social hang-out. Many people spend most of their time browsing SNS. Youtube is one of those websites that receives a lot of traffic. I am one of those people who love to spend endless hours watching uploaded videos by both music artists and Youtube entertainers, like Nigahiga and IISuperwomanII.

But you all know that not everyone is mature enough to handle being on such a free website like Youtube. With a “comments’ section” and “reply” button freely available, people can say just about anything. Since just about anyone can have access to Youtube, you’ll find many people talking with one another, no matter the nation, history/background, ethnicity, gender, or age. These factors are also why discussions vary so much in their direction on Youtube.

Well, because of all of these random people on Youtube, there will be idiotic comments. I mean, Youtube is basically where “troll” and “spam” were born.

And as if trolls and spammers weren’t bad enough, some of the other most annoying comments may not be posted by spammers or trolls at all. Some of those annoying comments are by people who believe they are trying to strike up an engaging conversation, but fail miserably. Some of the most annoying comments are made by people who really just didn’t think a post through.

Now, I know all of us have posted something ignorant, something we didn’t really think about too deeply. But isn’t that kind of annoying to people?

With all of that being said, I’m just going to get straight to the point. There are FIVE types of Youtube comments that really ANNOY me (and possibly others).

1) “Well, this is my opinion, so stop talking to me.”/ “Well, that was their opinion, so why are you trying to convince them otherwise?”


Usually this comment is made after someone posted a comment that many people disagreed with. Often, the comment either seems ignorant to readers or is highly critical of whatever video they are watching. Very seldom is the comment a comment of praise. Thus, this comment possibly provokes a negative response from the public.

However, instead of giving more justifiable reasons as to why they did/didn’t like the video (you know, supporting evidence), they would rather retort with “That’s my opinion, so stop responding to me”. And if someone among their posse wants to support them, they’ll say, “Well, that was their opinion, so why are you trying to convince them otherwise?”

Let me let you in on a little common sense. When you post something negative, even if it’s “your opinion”, you should expect it to spark a debate. After all, isn’t that what a REPLY button is for? So people can respond to your comments. If you don’t want people to respond to you, stop posting comments! I look at Youtube “opinions” as persuasive speeches. Why do people post their opinions for the whole world to see it? Why do people feel this is necessary? We post opinions to share ideas with OTHER people, right? We are not sharing it with ourselves, otherwise we would keep it TO OURSELVES. So, if a poster like this is willing to tell OTHER PEOPLE their opinion, those same people will respond to it. If a person posts looking for attention to their ideas, they will get it one way or another. But they shouldn’t expect all responses to be positive.

You know what’s really interesting? Lately, people no longer think that they are RESPONSIBLE for the things that they say. People today feel that they can say just about ANYTHING without anyone responding back, as if there are no consequences for expressing “opinions”. It’s as if they think having an opinion is a good reason why no one should respond to them.  It’s as if they feel they are the only ones entitled to an opinion. But if you have an opinion, shouldn’t someone be able to express their “opinion” about your opinion? And yes, if what you said truly was ignorant, people have the right to prove you otherwise!


This is especially so because possibly what you said was so thoughtless, people might be trying to help you find the “light at the end of the tunnel”. People wouldn’t be responding to you if they didn’t know other sides of the story. Perhaps, in your observations of something, you missed the details that someone else picked up on. How else would you know the details you missed if people didn’t respond to your “opinions”? You would be left in ignorance. We learn by communicating and exchanging ideas with people. If you try to cut that off, guess what? You stay stupid.

Anyone is capable of changing their minds. It takes a mature person to admit they didn’t think a post through, and it takes maturity to actually consider what other people are saying. But again…A mixture of pride and immaturity keeps ignorance rampant on Youtube.

And then what will usually make this comment worse is when you call these people out on how ignorant they are being, and they respond, “Okay, it’s just Youtube, I don’t take internet that seriously.” Which is usually an indication that the person had no business posting a comment in the first place because they had no intention of being intelligent. They are thus letting the public know that the words that they post aren’t meant to be taken seriously, so basically they’re a troll. To me, it just means they suddenly realized how ignorant their comment was, but they didn’t know how to take responsibility for their ignorant comment. Thus, this was their best comeback.

2) “Well, if you don’t like the video, just don’t watch it.”/ “If you didn’t like the video, why did you watch it?”

stupid trolls

This is really one of the most annoying comments on Youtube. It is usually posted by a fan of the video in response to someone who criticized the video. The criticism might have been constructive or destructive, but the response the fan gave was not effective. Why isn’t this sort of comment effective?

Well, for starters, the comment is implying that “disliking” a video comes BEFORE watching a video. How would someone know they don’t like a video if they didn’t watch it first? A person is capable of learning about an artist and song that has just released, giving it a chance to see how it sounds, and then maybe, sometimes, discovering they don’t really like what they see or hear, right? Therefore, these are illogical responses.

Second, people have the right to comment and give criticism if they don’t like what they see or hear. Again, that is what a comments’ section is for. If you don’t agree with someone else’s negative comment, there are intelligent ways to combat it. But the above comments are not some of those ways.

3) “You are just a hater.”/ “You are just jealous.”

dumb pictures

“You are just a hater” is another ineffective response by a fan of a video, usually provided by females under the age of 16, but not exclusive to girls. Yea, there are people of all ages and genders who have responded this way.

Calling someone jealous isn’t always a bad response, especially if you are responding to someone who clearly is just hating or is really jealous of someone else’s success. But more often than not, most people are not commenting out of jealousy. I wouldn’t say everyone has a clear reason for hating something, but everyone has their own taste.

Just because someone criticizes something you like doesn’t mean they are just being a hater or are just jealous. In fact, it’s healthy to see both the pros and cons in everything. Being too negative shows a lack of maturity, but only seeing the good and never seeing the bad could show that person lacks discernment. So if someone says they don’t like something in a video, it doesn’t mean they are being a hater. They may have good solid reasons for why they didn’t like something.

The best response would be to ask why the person did not approve of the video and provide convincing arguments as to why they should reconsider their stand on the issue. If they refuse to see your side of the coin, then let them continue in their ignorance. But don’t stoop to that same level of ignorance with a comment like this.

4) “u is dum i cant beleiv this this why the world mess up”/You are contradicting yourself when you said you see blue as blue, but to some it is green”/”I said Attractive, Not Appealing, don’t put words in my mouth”

i see spelling errors

Don’t you hate those comments that try to call someone else dumb, and yet, the sentence structure definitely looks like a dummy wrote it?  If you are guilty of this, I have a word of advice: If you’re going to call someone dumb, you might want to start with educating yourself first on proper spelling and grammar…

In fact, all three of the above comments are people trying to point out the “dumb” in someone else, but obviously projecting their own issues.

I mean, I can’t say that I have the best grammar and spelling, but I at least try to make my sentences understandable.  And I hardly ever call anyone dumb on Youtube unless they try to attack me with comments like these. And then, I just can’t help myself. XD I’m sure other people feel the same way.

I can’t say that I’ve never contradicted myself, but I try not to use words out of their original context.

The third one is just…A lack of the person understanding how words with the same meaning are interchangeably used…

Therefore, these people irritate others.


This reminds me of a little song called “Word Crimes”…

The second comment emphasizes another language error. The comment “you contradicted yourself when you said you see blue as blue, but some see it as green”. People love to fling around the words “contradiction” and “hypocritical” (and people do not even often know the difference between THESE words). But most people do not have the slightest idea what these words imply, and therefore end up using them way out of context. In a comment like the above, for me to say I personally believe blue is blue is exactly what it means. But for me to say that “some may think it is green” is an implication that I’m speaking on behalf of ANOTHER. A contradiction is for me to make a statement that contradicts or denies another statement made or the current statement being made. To say that “someone else” may think the color is green is not denying the FACT that I think the color is blue. Therefore, it is NOT a contradiction. It is me understanding that others do not see the world the same way I do, and therefore, I’m keeping the possibility open to that fact. But I still think the color is blue. This is just one example of a comment like this. These comments show the ignorance of the person who is using the word ‘contradiction’. My advice is for people to always keep a dictionary handy.

The third comment is just a lack of knowledge about both words. In cases like this, the comment is usually made by a person who is trying to prove that someone else is “trying to put words in their mouth”, BUT the comment fails to comprehend how the two words really mean the exact same thing! The words are interchangeable.




To be appealing is to arouse interest, and to be attractive is to also arouse interest…They are very similar in meaning and can be used interchangeably. To correct a statement like this is petty and will more than likely not help you prove your point any more than you have been trying to.

The moral of the story is: If you’re going to call someone else out on dumb statements, don’t be dumb yourself.

5) “this song sucks. why does it have so many views? Serious delusional fans”/ “this singer (youtuber) sucks how do they have more views than ‘xyz’?”/ “They suck and I don’t have to explain myself”


I do not hate when someone gives an opinion, especially when that opinion is enlightening with useful descriptive details and sources to back it up. That’s fine.

But it gets really annoying when these sort of posters think OTHER people should think the way they do, and when people don’t, these posters want to call those people “delusional”.

As I mentioned before, being too accepting of everything DOES show a lack of discernment. But exaggerating how bad someone or something is, while ignoring convincing arguments that prove contrary, also makes you delusional. Definition of delusional —>Delusional

People are especially more than likely to call these posters haters and jealous (like the comment above) when they don’t give a GOOD reason why something is written off as “sucking”. I hate when someone says, “This sucks” and that is it. Can you provide a little more information? And when I ask that, these posters often say, “I don’t have to explain myself on the internet.” Then why did you post at all? You could have kept two minutes you spent typing two words to yourself…People can’t take these statements seriously, and it’s more than likely considered trolling.

This kind of post is usually provided by a male, but it’s not exclusive to them. Where women usually can enjoy a variety of different artists and can have fun with videos, some males tend to be a little more rigid in their choices. They have a hard time just “having fun” with a video, and tend to be a little mad when they see someone famous (especially when that someone is not them) for something they feel is gimmicky. Why do some posters hate when someone uses gimmicks to get famous? Deep in their subconscious, these posters see themselves in the underdogs, the people who work hard but can’t seem to make it famous. And yet, what the poster doesn’t realize is that as long as they side with the underdog, they will never accept someone who is famous, even if it was their favorite singer once before. The reality is people do not like to see others living a life of fame and glory, while the people who put them there are still on the bottom. These posters have experienced this feeling. It’s easy to tell.

Usually, it’s even easier to tell these comments are made by a male because another comment will be tacked on it: “The only people who like this artist are teenage girls”. Boys are not usually included in this conclusion…And it is used as an insult towards girls…


As if calling someone delusional isn’t bad enough, these posters often go around comparing this video with “xyz’s” (who can be anybody) video, making their whole comment seem like a big joke. It makes it pretty obvious they are trying to promote another Youtube channel by tearing the video down. They make obvious haters and/or attention seekers.

“How does this video have this many views?” If you’re wondering why a video you hate has so many views, ask yourself how you got there…Yea, you just added to the view count, buddy. I’m sure other people got there the same way you did.


So that’s all I wanted to share with you people. I guess I needed to vent. 😛 Leave me a comment and let me know some of the Youtube comments that annoy you. Or have you been guilty of making comments like the ones I’ve mentioned above? XD Please share your stories!


20 Jul

This is my newest summer JAM! Ya’ll can party with me by listening to this new cut by Superwoman and the Humble Poet! She makes some pretty funny Youtube videos, too. So, check her out!


Five Songs, Female Empowerment, Three Messages: Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony: Which do you think carries the STRONGEST MESSAGE?

18 Jul


Here comes “Ms. Controversial” here, with another controversial topic…

Wow. Just came across five songs that seem to all represent the same theme: female empowerment. They didn’t all debut at the same time, yet the message they send is equally strong and relevant for today.

From first glance, you might think these songs are “feminist songs”. But that’s not entirely true of all of them.

Lesson #1: There are three ways women represent female empowerment : 1) Through Feminism 2) Through Chauvinism 3) Through Misandry

What’s the difference?

Definition of Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men

With Feminism, it brings out the idea that women are EQUAL to men, are capable of the same opportunities, whether they try and succeed, or try and fail. It is the idea that women have the same feelings, wants, desires, and need for freedom that men have. It is the idea that women can take care of themselves much the same way a man could.

It is NOT the idea that women don’t NEED men at all, that women are BETTER than men, and that women are exclusively different from men in the fact that they’re prettier, stronger, and have their own interests, desires, and feelings. It is not the idea that women have better thought patterns and views of the world. These ideas are more closely associated with female chauvinism.

Definition of Chauvinism: the denigration, disparagement, and patronization of either sex based on the belief that one sex is inferior to the other and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit

And outright hate for men for any other reasons, a deep prejudice, is more likened to Misandry.

Definition of Misandry: A hatred of men

Dictionary.com’s definitions

Angry feminists, exasperated with the lack of equality, can often turn into female chauvinists in their life-time. Women suffering from break-ups, rape, or other socially harmful relationships often become misandrists. They end up HATING men. Many end up feeling women are superior in what they can do, or rather many result to over-emphasizing their importance in a hetero relationship out of frustration because it may seem like the men in their lives don’t “respect” them as equals.

But what we must understand is that female chauvinists, misandrists, and feminists are not the same thing. In fact, there are differences. Feminism benefits MEN. It encourages men to stay home for a change, cook, clean, sew, wear nice clothing, enjoy ponies, and anything else, even if it’s not stereo-typically “male”. Chauvinism, sets out to make the “lesser” gender look bad, weaker, evil, or just useless. It builds up one gender above another, and encourages the “lesser” gender to be more like “it”. Misandry is just outright hate towards men, and it’s very clear. It is usually evident which message is which by the opposite gender’s responses…

Most men respond to feminist material as “this is cool and dope”, much like the responses towards Mulan and Hunger Games. Men usually end up respecting the women to some degree rather than feeling resentful. However, the response towards chauvinist and misandrist material is usually “I hate women, femi-nazis”…etc.

Misandry just produces an outright war, a complete battle of the sexes, and makes the genders bitter foes.

Which brings me to my views on these five songs by Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony. All five songs represent female empowerment. But tell me, which ones represent feminism and which ones represent chauvinism and misandry?

Destiny’s Child-Independent Women

This song is how many years old? 14 years old! And yet, the message is still strong and clear. Destiny’s Child has always been known for their strong “female empowering” messages. In fact, they created a trend of it, and it just followed Beyonce into the next chapter of her career.

This song focuses on a woman buying everything for herself and working hard for what she gets. It encourages women to contribute 50/50 in a relationship. It even warns women about the sacrifices you have to make in order to be independent by stating that independence is not easy, but emphasizes how women still should strive to rely on themselves, even if the road is difficult. And even though the beginning of the song creates the picture that women don’t need men, it focuses on creating a relationship that is fair and equal, working hard for what you want, and even treating your man to a “watch” every once in a while for a change, though they are reminding the man to appreciate it. I say this song is for Feminists.

Beyonce-Who Run the World (Girls)

Beyonce continues the Destiny’s Child tradition of female “empowerment” in this next song “Who Run the World (Girls)”. Only this time, the language is stronger, the beat is more intense, and the feeling is even more powerful than any she ever created with Destiny’s Child. You can’t ignore the point with this song. It is very controversial in it’s direction.

From the introduction, “We run this Motha”, to the bridge line, “You’ll do anything for me”, it is apparent that this song is showing the world just how powerful women are. This song emphasizes how women can use their power to easily strip a man of his. The “persuasion” a woman has (that apparently, a man doesn’t have) can melt a man’s hate for a woman, even if women come “at his neck”. This song presents the idea that, in fact, men can only admire the strength of women as they bare the children (something a man is incapable of doing), and STILL get back to doing “business”, just like men. Basically, women can have children AND work, while men can only handle ONE of the two.

Gentlemen, doesn’t this song make you a bit uneasy as you listen to it? It’s almost as if someone is trying to threaten you, take something from you, and make you feel weak or powerless. You know what that uneasy, insecure feeling is? Intimidation. This song feels like it is for Chauvinists.

Christina Aguilera-I Hate Boys

Christina Aguilera carefully saved this song for her album Bionic, and quietly slipped it in the music industry without a music video. With a catchy chorus hook, anyone would ignore the hidden message…unless of course, you got wind of Youtube and lyric videos. Well, you can’t ignore the “I hate boys” part. Her other song, “Vanity”, off of the same album, carries the same tone…

The song carries some strong controversial words: “I hate boys, but boys love me” alone states that Christina hates boys, but they just can’t seem to get enough of her. She says she’s just a “tad” bitter towards men in this song. She states that men are only good for “fruit” and not “bananas”. The chorus repeatedly says she thinks boys “suck” and that her “friends agree”. She expresses how happy women would be if men weren’t around, and how boys are so immature, they rarely turn into men, but then again, they are “dogs”. “Inflated Egos”, “Little Dicks”, “Spit-em-Out”, the insults hardly end. She even states that we should “pack them up and ship them out”. WOW. The tones give a slap to the male face. I wonder how many men think she’s so hot now…Probably plenty of men do.

This song feels like it’s for Misandrists.

Little Mix-Salute

Little Mix’s “Salute” has a sick drop and pumping beat with a message that encourages women to stand together in numbers. This song is a chant that can get any woman’s day started.

While the song flows nicely, simply encouraging women to do their best, not really mentioning men at all, aside from the one chauvinist line “we don’t need no man”, which can be taken in any way, this song repetitively encourages women to be like strong, fearsome warriors. It states that women are more than pretty faces, which women are. The song could’ve been categorized in the feminist category if…

…the video wasn’t so derogatory. Having men on leashes? Snapping their harnesses like whips? Let’s reverse roles and put women in those leashes. Oh, what an outcry it would bring! The video is in the chauvinistic category. While the song itself is neutral, the video can and does distort the message. We, the viewers, are left unclear.

This song carries both messages.

Fifth Harmony-Bo$$

Fifth Harmony’s name-dropping song is one of the popular songs of the summer. Their hit adds to the “female empowerment” trend that’s taking over music and movies, one mission at a time.

Fifth Harmony swings between feminist and chauvinist. The song exposes the fact that most people confuse feminism with chauvinism, and it shows how that confusion influences what women expect from the world. The song encourages women to be strong and hard-working, like “Michelle Obama” and “Oprah”, to get paid, and to be confident, which all support feminism. However, the song contradicts it’s air when they ask to be treated like a “lady”, which is not getting the same equal treatment as men (because men can vary in the way they treat each other, and as Susan B. Anthony said to the “bulls” breaking up her organized movement, “Beat me and throw me in jail like you would a man!’), when it says they “run this house”, and when they say they “ain’t thirsty for no bae”, which is different for men. Most men feel like they need girlfriends, and often sing songs about trying to get the girl of their dreams. In fact, name one man who doesn’t have a woman in his video. Lightly, it creates an exclusive difference between men and women, creating a light image that women are slightly better than men in the way they think, which serves to their advantage. When they state that they “run the house”, they paint the picture that the home is not run by two equal partners, but one dominating the other, the dominating partner being the woman.

I’m sorry, it makes it difficult to know what girls want when they demand to get treated like a traditional “lady”, but also expect to be treated equally by men. Do you observe how men treat each other? Can we really have the best of both worlds?

So, tell me what you think. Which song carries the strongest message? A message you won’t ever forget? Can you tell the difference?

Read My Frozen Examination Below if You’re Interested:

Is frozen a feminist movie?

In “Mr. Rodger’s” Neighborhood, We Slaughter People When We Can’t Get Our Way (Save Our Men Part II)

24 May

Mass killings seem to be popular trend among young men between the ages of 12 and 25. For the past decade, I have heard nothing positive about young men. It seems to be the agenda for young men to resort to violence to solve their problems.

Mr. Rodger

The latest attention-seeker is a young man assumed to be Elliot Rodger, who sprayed people with bullets simply because he was a “sexually frustrated virgin”. Basically, he killed six people because some girls on his college campus rejected him. NOTE: He never claimed the lives of the girls inside Sorority house he was targeting. He banged on the door twice, but the girls had sense enough not to open it for his crazy behind. So, he decides to take it out on innocent people outside. It has come out that everyone he targeted were Sorority girls, blondes, and male jocks. Tragic.

His whole idea of college was unrealistic. Several sources show him saying, “College is the time where you have sex, and enjoy your pleasures”. Last I heard, college was to get an education so you can find a decent job. Some people are focused and don’t want to DATE in college. I know I didn’t. I guess he’d been watching too many college movies…

A lot of these kids have unrealistic views of college (and life in general), thinking, “Oh, I’m going to go to a party school and party like on tv”. Then they get there, and realize it’s like LIVING AT SCHOOL. Working all the time, studying all the time, and always tiresome. The parties are only fun if you know someone well enough to get invited. Most Freshmen are lonely. Some Universities won’t even let you drive a car your first year. You have a curfew. The people you stay with may get on your nerves, as well as classmates. It’s no different than a high school you may attend…only some people are stuck there.

Now, I really understand that rejection can be hard. I’ve been rejected several times, as a woman! It’s not easy to take. For some, it’s like a break-up. But men, don’t limit your options, either. This guy was obsessed with supposed “beautiful, blond” girls. There are many other beauties without blond hair. There are red heads, brunettes, black women, Asian women, Hispanic women, many kinds in the world! If you’re that desperate to lose your virginity, explore! Don’t limit yourself to women who don’t notice you, or women who are already taken, or women who don’t want to date or have sex before marriage. And there are some average-looking women who are just as desperate to lose their virginity as you are. Then again, this guy was so racist (according to his book), he probably wouldn’t even give other nationalities a play…

Rodger called himself a “nice guy finishing last” but I don’t believe in “nice guys” because no one is that “nice”. Calling yourself a nice guy is as misguided as a girl looking for “Mr. Right”. There are no “Mr. Rights”. A bit of who you are attracted to is a bit of who you are. He was attracted to spoiled, stuck up women because HE HIMSELF was a spoiled, stuck-up, narcissist that wanted his way. So people, keep that in mind when you choose. If you have a bad temper, more than likely your significant other will, too. If you are selfish, your choices will be selfish. And Mr. Rodger was very superficial. So, he was attracted to superficial people, girls who ignored him because he wasn’t “superficially perfect”. I know I’m not superficial, so when I see any sign of a guy who is, I run the other way. Might be why I’m single…

Imagine how many “nice girls” he might have passed up simply because he wanted a hot, blond slut, instead of an African American or Asian woman?

He was attracted to girls who were dating guys that “bullied” him, supposedly. He was teased for being “scared of girls”. To cope, he would retreat into “violent video games.” WOW. Ironic.

His parents were divorced, and he hated his step-mother. Same old, same old excuses.


You young men need to be a little more like women sometimes and find some happiness in being single. Who says you need a woman to be successful? Men are taught that women are the most important thing in a man’s life, when they aren’t. Women don’t define that. If I were a part of the Men’s Rights Movement, I would encourage men to be more cautious in selecting women. There is a lot at stake. Don’t be so quick to jump in the bed with these sluts. They’re carrying all kinds of diseases and motives. Enjoy not having the headache and the arguing and the mounds of children. Those women are about as crazy as Rodger himself. Men who try to glamorize such a life are really hiding the truth. It’s not as great as they make it. Don’t be so weak-minded as to think you’re missing out on something. You aren’t. You don’t have to live the life everyone else is living, be an original thinker. Start valuing women more than yourselves. Learn to value yourself first.

Too bad I’m a woman.

You men need to be proud of being virgins. Actually, stats show that there are more men who are virgins than women. And women, stop being sluts for these men. Show some respect for yourself. It takes two to create a problem like this. I would date a virginal man in a heartbeat because I would love to be his first. Forget these other bed-hopping men. They are not to be trusted and will probably be killed by some psycho girl who got pregnant by them.

Instead of looking it as weird, look at it as RARE and VALUABLE. These men are valuable, someone that is special. Women, hop on it.

Unless he’s a psycho-maniac…though, I think the boy just snapped.

Don’t listen to men who laugh at you. What do they know? Forget the haters and what they have to say. Don’t be weak to them. Stop trying to be like them, make it so they’re trying to be like YOU.


What is also disturbing about this Rodger fellow is his “racist comments”. I feel these comments and him flashing his money was over-compensating for what he lacked. He wrote a book about his sexual issues, and wrote some pretty racist things about Indian American and African American people. Check this out.

But I don’t fault him totally in his book. As an African American, I know the type he is talking about in his book. That African American male makes our people, African American people, look bad. Our young boys are having sex at 13, and no one is doing anything about it. He hardly seems to take responsibility for his actions. That girl could be pregnant, and what is he doing? Exactly what people expect “monkeys” to do…brag about it and ditch the hoe.

Didn’t Rodger end up killing his roommates or some of these men who were successful with girls? Men, be smart next time. Don’t tell people your business and who you slept with. You might just live.

If he hadn’t died, I bet this book might have been a best-seller…if he wasn’t a psycho.


I already thought something was wrong with our young men, but now I want to take more action. I want to bring this problem to the streets.

I wrote an article a while ago about these young men and their “murder” problems. And since people want to draw the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” card and “video games don’t influence children to kill, they just naturally have a mental disorder”, I decided to start addressing the people responsible, since people want to point to people.

And the people responsible: YOUNG MEN.

So maybe the problem lies with our young men. Read that article below.

Save Our Young Men

This newest young man was a spoiled, well-to-do child, driving a BMW, who was mad because he couldn’t get his way with the ladies like he could with his daddy’s pocketbooks (his father being a director for the Hunger Games). So, he gets a gun and decides to try and kill all the women who rejected him. He didn’t get farther than six people, but he claimed six too many.

This weirdo is a part of a common group of mentally deranged young men who seem to get a kick out of finding weapons, killing someone, and trying to leave an attention-getting message to the public. A self-entitled personality emerges among these men.

Who wants to do the honors of telling me where this trend comes from? If it’s not the video games, what is it? Who’s giving them these ideas? Men of the world, inform me. It seems to me most people who defend guns and video games tend to be, wait for it, YOUNG MEN. Suspicious. But they have nothing to do with the problem?

Maybe the PROBLEM is most young men think of shooting and life as a game. The problem is the way young men view these video games and these guns. They aren’t realistic.

Misogyny Kills

And are we, the people, just going to ignore the REAL issue?

My question is this, for you parents: How are YOU raising your sons? Are you too liberal (not the political side you take, don’t get it twisted) when it comes to how much freedom you give yourself?

How much are you a part of his life? What are you teaching him is important?

The problem I see with young men today is that society is traditional in their expectations of men (he has to have a job, a wife, kids, has to know how to barbecue, fight, and has to have a degree to be successful) while outer circumstances are changing (men can be stay home dads, possibly single without kids, use peaceful tactics to protect his family, can enjoy whatever cooking methods he likes, and make millions without a degree and be successful).

Men get more demands than women do to be the “bread-winner” of a household but jobs are still hard to come by, especially jobs that pay a decent wage.

While women have the option to work or stay home, they don’t necessarily make it easier on men. Women have changed, and they expect the world to open their options. But some women make it impossible for men to change and be open to other options. Just the other day, I was reading a sexist article by a woman called, “What I expect a Man to Know how to do”. She called herself a “feminist” but really, she’s not a feminist, but sexist.

To add, men have pressure from both genders. When a woman says she hates men, women agree, even if men don’t. But when a man says he hates women, guys call him a faggot, and girls get angry and start attacking him. They are not treated equally to women on every occasion, and so the real issues a swept under a rug.

Men suffer from inferiority more than woman do. Women were made to feel inferior by men, but it’s because men themselves have always felt inferior to one another. This inferiority complex comes strictly from their values. They are encouraged to value the same things. Women all have different values, and hardly have anything in common when it comes to values. But men are taught that there is only one way to be successful. Because men have stronger core values and strive to fight to be on the same plain, they are more than likely to murder because of their feelings of inferiority. Women are less likely to kill because they see success as very different from one another. Men have to evolve into the kind of people that recognize that every man can live his own life and choose whatever life he wants.

Then again, people have more to worry about when a male says he hates women. Men are afraid people will laugh at them, women are afraid people will kill them.

On the flip side, some young men honor aggression and sex like it’s their God. They have no control. They think things like this are important. They expect women to give up their bodies, risk having children they aren’t prepared to have, and be happy about it. Or they just don’t care. Perhaps this young man didn’t have a girlfriend because women knew HE WAS A PSYCHO. Guys, if you are in his situation, perhaps you should seek help.

No, pride is the noose that hangs man, so they won’t seek help. Society has to step in and handle these men. These young men WON’T listen, so stop the wasted talk. Action is all they understand. Stop waiting until the next young man murders someone. Let’s get a hold of these crazy kids before it’s too late. We need to be more watchful of these kids.

As a result of all of this pressure in society, along with influences from peers, movies, and video games, we have kids with new-found “mental disorders”. My suggestion is that they all get institutionalized. I suggest their minds be “re-wired” to be a little more “realistic”.

Look at how these men think. Doesn’t this show who the real problems in society are? YOUNG MEN! CODE SERIAL KILLER!

Avoid this man at all costs: https://www.youtube.com/user/SlippaE619/about

He’s a youtube user with the same values as the killer above. He’s racist and sexist. He thinks of women as nothing more than sex tools. Women, stop showing yourselves to him. Boycott your bodies to this filth. I was never against women showing skin until I read his comments. He hates white people and thinks they are inferior to black people. And guess what his age is? Wait for it. 22! Twenty-two! Do we not see a problem here? It’s time to start removing these men from society.

Men who hate themselves end up hating others. Simply put.

Those are just examples. So please, check out your young people, especially our young men. Everyone is right. Guns don’t kill people, young men do. And it’s time for the world to get a hold of them. Stop giving guns to our young men. They are too irresponsible to handle it.

Just How Talented is F(x)’s Amber Liu?

25 Apr

By now, if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been f(x) crazy for the last two months, and my obsession doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. It won’t slow down until my big “promotional move” I have planned this summer. But that will be kept under my hat until then…

Just remember to #bfx2us and put your town behind it to show where your love for f(x) is coming from, if of course, you’ve fallen in love with this group as much as I have.

Well, this article is a part of that promotion. My goal is to push for an f(x) tour for, at least, next year.

To learn more about K-pop group f(x):

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

f(x) Pink Tape Review

f(x) Red Light Review

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is f(x) Victoria?

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Just how talented is f(x) Luna?

To all of you who have watched the music videos, and who doubt the talent of the f(x) members, I will be doing something similar to an artist “portfolio”. In this case, I will be showcasing the musical background and skills of each f(x) artist. This resume “portfolio” of sorts will show all readers why I think these girls qualify to be a part of f(x), why I believe them to be SM’s major female multi-national group, and why I think f(x) has what it takes to make it internationally.

Basically, this is why I think you newcomers should hire them as one of your new favorite K-pop groups. 😉

I will begin the first article with my ultimate f(x) bias, and the most popular f(x) member, Amber Liu!

Amber Liu




Amber Liu is the charming tomboy in the f(x) group. You really can’t miss her. She stands out, not only in the f(x) group, but in the sea that is full of K-pop idols. Amber has a unique appearance, but she also has a very charming personality. She’s funny, friendly, and open-minded.

Amber is boyish, but Amber is also very beautiful, too. Anyone can see that she has striking features: beautiful eyes, lovely lips, a bright smile, and nice hair texture.

But enough about how pleasant she is and how unique her sense of style is. Let’s review her credentials. Let’s look at what makes her a true K-pop artist and musical icon.

Amber Liu Can Sing

If you were to just observe the f(x) music videos, you would mostly hear Amber rapping briefly in each song.

What you may not always hear is Amber’s vocal abilities. And yet, Amber passed through the SM auditions because of her vocal abilities. I would like to share with you a collection of Amber’s vocal abilities:

Amber sings the opening part of “Rocketeer” with Minho from SHINee.

Amber sings “We Belong Together” on Radio Star.

Amber sings “Sadness Guide” on Radio Star.

Amber sang the English version of “Good-bye Summer” that was originally titled “I Just Wanna”. Amber originally wrote this song, along with a friend of hers.

Amber sang Lee Seung Gi’s “White Lie”.

Amber sings Henry Lau (Super Junior-M)’s song “Weibo”.

Amber sang “Talking to the Moon” on Global Request: A Song for You episode 3.

Amber sang a solo song that was never released called “So Good” featuring Chad Future.

Click the link—>“So Good”

Amber sang a song called “Beautiful” for her solo album of the same name.

Amber sang a song called “Heights” for her solo album Beautiful.

Amber sang a song called “Love Run” for her solo album Beautiful.

Amber Liu has a knack for writing and composing music

Amber is a very expressive girl. She is always collaborating with other artists, and she seems to have her hand in many songs floating around in the K-pop world. She makes some pretty interesting songs. She also works with other song-writers, helping them translate English songs into Korean songs.

Amber helped in writing “Beautiful Stranger” for the f(x) EP Electric Shock. She personally re-wrote the song in Korean. The original song was in English.

Amber, and a friend of hers, wrote and composed “Good-bye Summer” for the f(x) album Pink Tape.

Amber, and a friend of hers, wrote and composed “Summer Lover” for the f(x) album Red Light.

She wrote, composed, and arranged the song “Beautiful” for her mini album of the same name.

She had a hand in the writing for the song “Shake That Brass” for her mini album Beautiful.

Amber also wrote the songs “Love Run” and “Heights” for her mini album Beautiful.

Amber wrote the song “I Just Wanna” for her mini album Beautiful and the Korean version for Pink Tape.

Amber Liu Plays Guitar and Drums

Amber has said she likes Rock music, her favorites being Linkin Park and Taking Back Sunday. So, it’s not surprising that Amber has taken up guitar and drums.

Facts about Amber

Amber plays around with drums alongside a Royal Pirates member.

In this song “Someday at Christmas” with Henry (Super Junior-M), Amber shows off her guitar skills.

Amber plays the guitar for the acoustic version of “Nu Abo”.

Amber played the guitar for “Goodbye Summer” on A Song for You.

Amber played the guitar for a song she made up with Eric Nam on One Fine Day.

Amber Liu Can Dance

Amber not only CAN dance, but she ENJOYS dancing as well.

In Amber’s song “Lost at Sea”, Amber showed off her amazing dancing skills.

Amber had a solo dance in the Mnet 20’s Performance “Hot Summer”.

Amber danced to “Disturbia” with her fellow members in pre-debut era.

Amber is involved in three “Harlem Shake” videos.


Amber Liu Can Rap

Despite the brief rap segments she has in the f(x) songs, Amber actually has some seriously amazing skills.

Amber rapped “Believe Me”.

Amber rapped “Me against the World”.

Amber rapped in the song “Baby” along with Henry (Suju-M).

Amber rapped “Where is the Love?” with SHINee’s Key.

Amber rapped “Lose Yourself”.

Amber raps “Caution” with CSJH The Grace members Dana and Sunday.

Amber raps in the song “Airplanes” with John Park.

Amber Liu works really well with People

Amber’s “people skills” are amazing. She not only works well with her fellow members, but she also works well with many other people. She has featured with many artists.

Amber has collaborated with Henry (Super Junior-M) on many occasions. “1-4-3 I love You” was one of the songs she worked on with him. They have a lot of stage chemistry.

Amber has also provided the rap segment for Yuri (Girls’ Generation: SNSD) in “1, 2 Step”.

Amber and Minho had an amazing short performance with “Rocketeer”.

Amber has also performed with Kris (EXO-M) in the song “Thrift Shop”.

Amber performed “Like a G6” with Key (SHINee) and Kris (EXO-M)

Amber was included in C-pop Danson’s comeback “I’m Back”.

Amber talks about her connections on Global Request: A Song for You episode 3.

Amber Liu Speaks 3 Languages

Amber’s first language is English, then Mandarin Chinese, and then Korean. She is also working on Japanese!

Amber films, produces, and directs Music Videos

Amber is also getting all kinds of experience with short film and video production! She has produced teasers for friends and even some of her own music videos! This girl is stretching her hand towards any skills and opportunities available.

She produced a comeback teaser for her fellow SMTown member KyuhYun!

She and her team filmed, produced, and directed several of her own work, including “Beautiful”, “Borders”, “On My Own”, and “Need To Feel Needed”.

SO, this is full proof of her musical skill and range of talents. I hope that I have shown you what she’s made of.

Amber also makes an amazing MC, as people have noticed on Show Champion and We Got Married Global. She’s also doing Youtube videos now!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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USA’s Nylon writes about Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and F(x)’s Krystal, Jungsis!

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f(x)’s Amber in a parody Korean drama for A Song for you!

SM TOWN WORLD TOUR 2014! f(x) will perform!


Adrian Von Ziegler and Brunuhville: Youtube’s Best Celtic Composers

23 Apr

I have always loved Celtic and Medieval music. It does really well for filming soundtracks, and just for some good authentic listening.

Brunuhville and Adrian Von Ziegler both make it to the top of my Celtic music lists. Their music is really touching. I can feel every sound running through me. I get the chills when I listen to their music. Beautiful, magical, and simply EPIC.

So have a listen. It’s quite a cultural experience. I, being the history and culture lover that I am, am always interested in world music on every scale.

“Make Your Move” Movie Review–SM Entertainment’s first U.S. film

19 Apr



Make Your Move was definitely an SM Entertainment movie, and the first one they released in the USA.

At first, I was a little skeptical. Lionsgate dropped this film, so my thinking was that they probably didn’t think this movie was a good one. So, I didn’t come in expecting too much. But after watching it, I was surprised. It was actually pretty good! It was better than the last two Step Up sequels honestly. It got the same reviews…so I don’t understand why Lionsgate dropped this film. I know they merged with Summit, but Summit is doing Step Up: All In, which is due to come out this summer, and I’m sure they’ll be working the same material. The only difference is this dance was unique. I don’t get it…It’s not like critics will be any easier on that movie, and people would’ve enjoyed this movie.

From the director Duane Adler, we get a movie that follows her resume. This movie is very similar to Save the Last Dance and Step Up. In fact, it’s a combination of the two. Combine a classic dance, racial conflict, and some sexy, hip-hop footwork (along with bumpin’ club music) and you get Make Your Move. So if you’re a fan of those movies, this one won’t disappoint.

Make Your Move is the story of a young woman named Aya (BoA Kwon) and a young man named Donny (Derek Hough) who both love to dance. But they both take on very unique styles of dancing: Donny tap dances, and Aya mixes Taiko drumming with tap dancing.

The two meet at Donny’s brother’s club one day, after Aya sabotages the performance on the stage at the time and takes over. Donny then joins Aya in a hot and sexy bar dance. Donny instantly falls for her.

But there’s a problem in paradise: their brothers own rival clubs, and this rivalry is VERY intense. To add, both clubs are threatened by some Wall-Street, rich-guy, douchebag who is obsessed with Aya.

This makes their relationship almost “forbidden” in a sense. This is aside from their own personal struggles and trials (Donny violates his parole in New Orleans to dance in Brooklyn and Aya has to find the money to extend her Visa so she won’t get deported back to Japan).

Inspired from Romeo and Juliet, this story proved itself to live up to former dance movies by the director.

Like I do often, I will review this movie in sections. I don’t want to give too much away. 😉

Story/Plot: I wouldn’t say this had the most unique and thought-provoking story in the world. It was simple enough for the young 10-year old behind me to understand the movie. This concept has been done before. Because it’s a pretty overtly done story, the outcome is pretty predictable. However, the story WAS engaging. You did wonder what would happen next. You did wonder what the two brothers, the rivals in the movie, would do to screw up everything and make matters more challenging. I wasn’t bored watching the movie, but I didn’t leave the movie in contemplation the whole night.

I also applaud the story for being smooth, and not leaving any plot holes. I could keep up. Things didn’t move too fast, but things also didn’t move too slow. I wasn’t confused.

This movie was like a musical, only instead of breaking out in singing, they broke out in dance, often randomly.

The best part of this movie was the dancing. Both BoA and Derek Hough have some SERIOUS professional skills, and it was evident in this movie. BoA and Donny showed off their strong choreography. But hey, this is a dance movie, that’s what they’re supposed to do…though many movies fail in this regard.

This movie definitely brought a new generation of dancing. I learned about a new dance, and saw something that peaked my interest. So I wasn’t disappointed. I was always eager to see how this dance would play out throughout the movie.

This movie seemed catered to tweens and teens, like most dance movies.

Some may be disappointed that the ending isn’t stomping out an opponent, but I think the final outcome of the movie drifts from the way usual dance movies in this day-and-age end…

But honestly, overall, I went in not expecting too much. But the movie was actually better than I thought it would be. Much better.

Characters: While Derek Hough played a very typical romantic interest (an ex-con, homeless man who dreams of dancing), Aya was somewhat different than what I expected of her. For starters, Aya was sexy in a NON-SLUTTY way. I don’t once remember her wearing skimpy clothing, or the camera focusing on her butt, breasts, belly, or anything below her face, though she had some nice outfits in this movie. In fact, she was quite the tomboy. But she owned that tomboy. She made that tomboy look VERY sexy. A new side to BoA stepped out.

Aya was very “gangster” to me. She stood up for herself. I wouldn’t call her a feminist-though those themes seem prevalent in the film. I connected with Aya. She was confident, smart, funny, and daring. She wasn’t sweet and innocent, like I expected her to be.

On the flip-side, I was at first confused as to why it was so difficult for Aya to “find the money” to pay off her Visa. There were easier ways than dancing, but I think that was the point. Aya wanted to get it by finding a job dancing instead of doing something she hated…well, that’s what I got out of it. Maybe Aya couldn’t get jobs easily because she was foreign…But her brother didn’t think it was such a smart idea either, so…

Surprisingly, BoA’s English has gotten REALLY good! Or maybe, it was just the dialogue that was good. But the script was well-suited to the characters’ personalities, and it wasn’t cheesy. Many times when we think of singers acting in movies, we’re often prepared for some poor acting. But BoA was really natural, I have to give it to her. You could tell she was comfortable with Derek.

There were no random filler characters (you know, the random person put in the story for no other reason than to make it funny). Every character served it’s purpose. I wouldn’t call all of the characters unique. The brothers were very typical rivals. I don’t even remember their names, but they served their purpose: to make the two lovers’ lives miserable. I do remember the douchebag Michael, but he’s kind of the main antagonist. Then there are the two ladies who support the brothers’ roles, and they merely serve as people who move the story along.

This story basically focused ON the story and focused on the point: to show a new side to dancing.

I was a little disappointed that Yuhno from TVXQ only made a small appearance, but he danced well, so I wasn’t too disappointed…

Setting: The setting begins in New Orleans, where Donny lives. I wish we could have seen more of him in this place, but I suppose it wasn’t necessary. We see him do his cool tap dance, and then it’s off to Brooklyn…

There were basically two main scenes: the two rival clubs and the abandoned church. Donny was homeless, so he didn’t have a house we could see. Aya lived with her extended family, so I’m sure she didn’t spend too much time at home. Aya did work in a coffee shop…

Of course, the main focus was on the clubs.

OST: The original soundtrack was AWESOME. Yes, we heard songs from American artists, but we also heard songs from some k-pop artists like  f(x), Girls’ Generation, and a nice collaboration with Krystal from f(x), Jessica (SNSD), and EXO-M’s Kris in the song “Say Yes”. So we heard a few SM artists in the mix.

My only disappointment was that we only heard f(x)’s “Nu Abo” over a computer. 😦 I was so hoping they would play it at the end or in a club scene. That song is too smokin’ to just be hiding behind a computer!…

But overall, the OST is fabulous for fans of K-pop and pop or hip-hop music in general.

Overall, on a scale from 1 to 5, I give this movie a 3/5. 1 awful 2  Ok  3 Good 4 Very Good 5 Excellent

On a scale from 1 to 10, I give this movie an 8/10. 1 DON’T WATCH 2 Bad movie, but should watch for laughs 3 had a few good moments 4 I liked just one part of the movie 5 ok 6 It was different and unique 7 Interesting 8 Pretty Good 9 Really Good 10 Go WATCH NOW

This movie was good, it wasn’t boring. It wasn’t the most unique story told, but it wasn’t utter garbage. It was a good movie that I would watch again. Mostly, this movie is good for a DVD release. I wasn’t disappointed, in fact, the movie was better than I thought it would be. The dancing was killer, the story kept my interest, the characters didn’t suck terribly, though many weren’t extremely developed. BoA shined in this movie. This dialogue was to-the-point and not stuffed with crude humor. Every scene was necessary, every character moved the story along. This movie was just like the usual Duane Adler movie.

So, all you lovers of K-pop and dance, this movie is one of the best. I rarely see a good film staring a foreign actor/actress. But this one isn’t disappointing.

Because this is an indie film, I was informed that this movie is NOT showing everywhere. So, check the listings in your surrounding area, particularly, major cities. I had to drive 30 minutes away to see this movie. But that’s better than what others may have to endure to catch this flick…

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!


K-pop Queen BoA Kwon and Dancing with the Stars’s Derek Hough Star in “Make Your Move” + Girls’ Generation, f(x), EXO, and TVQX Songs Appear on the OST

14 Apr


I’ve done a small article on this already, but now, the time is getting close. Coming up on April 18, 2014“powerhouse” SM Entertainment’s K-pop queen BoA Kwon (13-year pop star reign, and only 27!) will be staring in the movie Make Your Move with Dancing with the Stars‘s Derek Hough (7-year performer, Emmy Award-winner, and Mirror Ball champion on the show!). 

The film was directed by Duane Adler, the same person who wrote the script for Save the Last Dance and Step Up.

Singer Yunho from TVXQ will also make a cameo appearance.

The story is Romeo-and Juliet-inspired. The movie is an independent film, meaning it wasn’t produced by a major studio company. To me, this is a bit dangerous, as it’s hard to promote independent films, since there’s not a history or list of films to observe, and there isn’t a fandom (for instance, Lions Gate has a huge reputation for making awesome female heroines…and has acquired a fandom…). Hopefully, K-pop fans, fans of BoA, and fans of dancing help promote the movie. So far, the trailer hasn’t been spreadng everywhere yet, but there doesn’t seem to be much competition that weekend, so who knows…

Another thing is the story. Many times, in these kind of movies, the stories can be weak. That can be one strike against an independent film that already has a hard time being noticed.


“Cobu 3D” tells the story of two star-crossed dancers who fall in love although their brothers have a rivalry over their underground dance clubs. SM Entertainment‘s BoA plays Aya alongside “Dancing with the Stars”‘ Derek Hough who will play Donny.”

The original title was COBU 3D because the rival dance team Aya (played by BoA) dances on in the movie is called COBU.



One major exciting thing about this movie is the soundtrack!


BoA is the long-reigning queen, but today’s generation is more familiar with the infestation of “K-pop groups” rather than the solo artists that were so popular in the early 2000s. I grew up with anime, so I’m more familiar with BoA because she sang for Inuyasha. But actually, the first song I heard from her was  “Show Me What You Got” featuring Bratz and Backstreet Boy’s Howie D! Again, that was made by Avex, the “powerhouse” label in Japan. So, yea, back to the K-pop groups…

On the soundtrack, we are going to get some new and old songs from some popular K-pop groups, including my personal favorite, f(x)!

F(x)’s song “Nu Abo” will be on the soundtrack! YAY!

Girls’ Generation will have an upbeat song called “Cheap Creeper”.

f(x)’s Krystal, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, and EXO-M’s Kris will have the upbeat song “Say Yes.”

Henry’s song “Trap” also appears on the OST.

TVXQ will have a new song called “Running On Empty.”



F(x) Fans concerned: SM Treats F(x) Unfair, and Treats Juniors EXO BETTER?

10 Apr
Help Us! Help Us!

Help Us! Help Us!

f(x) Pink Tape Review 

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

f(x) and Venus

f(x) Around the World

Yes, I know. I posted an article last month about f(x) and how we f(x) fans beg SM to give us more f(x). I ranted and raved (well, not really) about how f(x) is being ignored in favor of their juniors.

I also had a peeve about their talents not being conveyed to the fullest potential possible…which I still have a qualm with.

But this time, I’m going to take a new approach to this whole matter. Squash the old article. Squash it like a bug.

I’ve been thinking a lot and doing more research lately. I was once one of those people who just couldn’t fathom why, after 5 years, a group like f(x) never had a concert tour. Was it…

1) The fact that f(x) isn’t very popular?

2) The fact that SM is just ignoring them for newer, fresher, younger groups?

At one time, in my two-month fandom life, these things were brought into question. But after evaluating both questions thoroughly, I realized that my original conclusions were sorely missing the bigger picture. I decided to do what most people can’t trust themselves to do without feeling naive. I decided to put myself in SM Entertainment’s shoes and f(x)’s shoes. Suddenly, I was no longer a fan, but a true idol…in my mind. In fact, I pretended, in my mind, to be each member.

I found that the first concern holds no base.  F(x)’s popularity has been proven. After all, even I, a simple American, know about this group. Many of their music videos on youtube have millions of views. That’s called popularity. Their albums have made millions. That says popular. Imagine if thousands of people were in your house. That would be a lot of people. Millions of people would be even larger! Artists with half of their popularity have had concert tours, such as Puffy Ami Yumi. F(x) IS popular enough to have a tour. So that’s squashed.

Second Concern: While I will admit that SM is always looking for newer, fresher faces, I can see why they consider EXO a good candidate. I can see why because there is ONE MAIN REASON I think SM is supposedly “ignoring” f(x):


Now, before you strike, let’s consider this. I’m not here to let SM get away with anything. I’m not the hugest supporter of companies, neither do I have blind belief in any business. I know that there are some things that SM has to take responsibility for. BUT humans are irrational sometimes too, and that goes for fans of K-pop as well. When I say that f(x) has too many foreigners, I’m not out to make SM into a prejudice company. When I say that f(x) has too many foreigners, I realize how this affects the way things are done and how much progress the group makes. Here are common complaints:

1) F(x) doesn’t have a concert tour, but juniors like EXO do.

2) F(x) doesn’t have a fan name.

3) F(x) only has one comeback a year.

4) F(x) gets less promotion than other SM artists.

Let’s address issue #1.

Issue #1-No Concert Tour, but EXO has one?

Now that everyone has heard the news about EXO’s tour, f(x) fans go into a frenzy. It seems completely obvious that EXO is getting the “royal treatment” and f(x) is being treated like a second-class citizen. EXO has only been out three years and has a concert tour on the way and an official “fan name”.


But there is a solid reason. They have a slight advantage.


EXO has TWO Versions of itself: EXO-K and EXO-M

EXO has an all-Korean boy version: EXO-K. EXO-M doesn’t even have to work that hard. F(x) is splashed with foreigners, including foreigners who struggle with the Korean language, and they don’t have an all-Korean version of themselves. Creating music takes time, contrary to what most people believe. But imagine a foreigner trying to make Korean music. Songs have to be written, translated, understood, and then MEMORIZED by the members so that they can be performed for all of us to enjoy, which holds the other Korean members back. THEN, after memorizing at least ONE song, they can finally match some choreography with it for a video or performance. This only includes one set of dance moves and one video, by the way…

Now imagine having to memorize new Korean songs AND remember all the old Korean songs for a long, city-to-city TOUR. That would not only take a long time for someone who is clumsy with the language like *cough* Amber *cough*, but also it would slow down promotion.

We have the all-Korean EXO group, whose members were all born in Seoul, who help promote EXO-M. EXO-K speaks the language, they understand the culture, they are hot boys… And we have the quirky, multi-cultural f(x), whose members barely know how to eat with chopsticks *cough* Amber *cough* and aren’t the “hottie” types. Who would you promote in Korea if you were SM?

American companies do it all the time. We have popular foreign artists in America, but the ones that speak excellent English obviously get more attention. Why? Simple. Because Americans understand the language, and companies don’t have to work as hard to assimilate them. EXO-K takes half the amount of time to get an album off the ground in comparison to f(x). They don’t have to translate each song and try to understand it. Memorizing is easy for them because Korean is their first language. So, what do we get? Album after album, music video after video, and a major concert tour. Lucky natives. EXO-M can easily just promote themselves in China…or feed off of EXO-K’s success.

While I would think this would be obvious, most fans don’t see it this way. They often forget that Korea is across the globe and not in their backyards, considering how convenient it is to access K-pop. Some remember how far Korea is but they’re not aware of the foreigners in the f(x) group. Well, I’m here to inform you. At the end of the day, Koreans are Koreans, and they will support their own kind before they support a foreigner. Let’s not live in a bubble. I have to even admit that what drew me to f(x) was the fact that my ears perked up when I heard Amber’s English and realized that I could understand it…It’s going to be the same for Koreans.

If anyone remembers that Korean Festival that was mentioned in Invincible Youth, you remember that they mentioned that the festival was to weed out western influences…To “save their culture”…

AND GUESS WHAT? BoA Kwon, the Princess of K-pop, didn’t HAVE HER FIRST KOREAN TOUR until LAST FREAKIN’ YEAR, and she’s been under SM Entertainment since her debut in 2000!

Next issue…

Issue #2-F(x) Doesn’t Have a Fan Name

Why this is important to anyone is beyond me. Britney Spears doesn’t have a fan name, and she is the Princess of Pop music. I get that most Korean groups have nicknames for fans, but f(x), to me, isn’t just a Korean group. They are an international group that doesn’t need to belch out a cheesy nickname like they’re some baseball team. This is the very thing that makes f(x) unique. Nothing HAS to be official with them, we can call ourselves anything we want to. Now isn’t that more fun?

Issue #3-F(x) Only Has One Comeback a Year

This goes back to what I was saying about the concert. F(x) has to write, translate, and memorize the Korean songs. While three of the members may catch on quickly, two of the members will need more understanding. To sink this in people’s brains, I’m going to post a recent interview with Amber on April 1, 2014. She put it simply: It’s a tedious task. Go on, watch and listen for yourself.

Let’s think about the song “Good-bye Summer”. That song was originally written by Amber. But notice the English title is “I Just Wanna”. More than likely, this song was originally written and sung in English. It had to be translated, re-written, sung, and fit with the Korean language and music sound.

Now, if f(x) members had to go on tour, they would have to memorize a song like this one, along with many others. So now Amber and Victoria would have to learn the pronunciation of this ONE song, and then, once they pronounce everything right, they would have to memorize it, and then see if they can perform it with the choreography… If they had a tour, they would have to go back into the archives and remember old songs, songs that they had a tough time memorizing to begin with! Do we see why they only have one comeback a year? I hope I’m making this clear.

It’s also clear why Amber didn’t sing in “Good-bye Summer”, though she wrote the song herself…

Issue #4-F(x) Gets Less Promotion Than Other SM Artists

This one makes me laugh until I crap all over myself.

We have Amber as the MC on We Got Married Global Edition. We have Sulli, Victoria,  and Krystal filming for dramas and posing for ads. Luna has been on Immortal Song 2 how many times? Everything that f(x) gets involved with has millions of views because they have so much personality.

They just finished a photo shoot recently!

We definitely can’t say they get less promotion individually, but maybe not enough promotion as a group.

But again, promotion as a group requires there to be a song that is written, composed, translated, and memorized in order to be performed over and over again at select venues. How can this happen often at a rapid pace when some of f(x)’s members can barely read Korean, let alone write it? Personally, they might have better success in China! Then again, that’s where Sulli and Luna would struggle. Krystal has been around, and she seems to catch on to languages quickly.

That’s like when the non-English girls came to America. People were so angry that none of the girls interacted with fans except for Amber and Luna. But Amber was born and raised in America. Luna was Amber’s roommate, so I’m sure she’s learned more English than the others. Krystal speaks English well, but she’s been living in Korea since she was six! She was raised there! Her culture is still different. But fans couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that sometimes the idols weren’t being rude, they just have different ways of displaying manners. In this case, they also can’t wrap their minds around the fact that f(x) has foreign members that won’t adapt easily to a new culture.

Look at how BoA was treated when she came to the USA. BoA had a thick accent and barely understood the culture or language. She came out with a USA movie, but how many years has she been working on her American impact? FIVE YEARS. The same amount of time that f(x) has been working on their music. In fact, most of the foreign artists have a harder time coming out with music at a rapid pace and having tours as frequently. Look at Super Junior-M and Electro Boyz. Look at Ailee. Let’s keep it 100% real. EXO-M may eventually suffer the same fate. I don’t honestly think they would be able to stand without EXO-K.

I’ve been watching anime RAW for 12 years now. I’ve learned a lot of phrases, but have I mastered the language? NO. My friends have been taking a foreign language for years, and I have a family member that has lived in Japan for 2 years. Has that family member mastered the language? No. One of my friends is just starting to get the hang of writing the language in it’s actual form rather than with Latin lettering!

So please, before we burst with conspiracy theorizing and flying off in a tangent, let’s step back, and look at the bigger picture.


While f(x) may not come out with tons of singles, albums, and concerts every year, we get the satisfaction of knowing that they will take their time to come out with QUALITY work. What matters most? The quantity of how many albums, singles, or tours every year? Or quality work, where they have months to find inspiration for great albums like Pink Tape?

I would rather take the latter. I also have full faith that when f(x) finally does come out with a concert, they will all be fully confident in their abilities, ready to take on the challenge of traveling from city to city, and it will be BIG news considering how long f(x) fans have been waiting. It will also be a concert that is amazing to see because there will be so many songs to hear and so much time and effort will be put into making it an entertaining time. Just look at the bigger picture, then the present doesn’t seem as bad.

So f(x) fans, this is just some words from Generation Next for you to think about. Okay, maybe EXO does get better treatment. But EXO has a Korean group. F(x) is a bit foreign and strange. But isn’t that what we like about them?

F(x)’s Potential

The one thing SM IS guilty of is not allowing the girls’ talents to shine. The girls all have amazing talents that aren’t being conveyed. I posted some articles meant to put some shine on f(x)’s talents.

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is f(x) Victoria?

Just how talented is f(x) Amber?

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Just how talented is f(x) Luna?

Even though some of the girls struggle with the Korean language, hopefully, the girls’ talents will speak for them. After all, music is a universal language.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your opinions are!

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